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A pat on the back for everybody here who saw the ending coming.
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Late as fuck.
>> No. 22519
>> No. 30595
File 136591320249.jpg - (96.13KB , 717x960 , 543800_483999391664291_1716589026_n.jpg )

File 135486082031.jpg - (2.32MB , 2020x2985 , 1354849735353[1].jpg )
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Guess what's already being made
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File 13884632514.jpg - (341.29KB , 1280x720 , One-Piece-Pirate-Warriors-2-47.jpg )
Did anyone grab this thing while this half off a week or two ago? I'm not sure if its still on sale but its definitely worth it

>tfw using shishi sonson with pre timeskip zoro to finish a boss off
>tfw using trackable lasers and lightspeed kicks as kizaru
>tfw covering the entire field with magma traps as akainu
>tfw grabbing crotches as robin
>tfw leveling a group of enemies with a quake fist as whitebeard
>tfw trapping enemies in law's rooms and spinning them around
>tfw suplexing the shit out of someone as garp
>tfw watching Ivankov run around with his hilarious animations
>> No. 32659
still gets me psyched with just about every combo Garp does. especially when he just turns into a cartoon dust cloud of fists and destroys all he touches
>> No. 32662
Oh man, dropping an Ursa Shock and having it take out not only 100+ goons but the boss?

Beyond satisfying.

File 133749705127.jpg - (64.41KB , 225x318 , 25415.jpg )
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Lets talk about the One Piece movies, shall we?

I just watched the 6th movie again for the first time in a long while. I must say, it's just as good as I remember it.
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>> No. 31814
>> No. 31815
not bad actually
>> No. 31816
Bit short sample of it, but sounds like a good Brook so far.
Keep posting clips if any appear so we may savor the dub Brook.

File 134653338580.jpg - (527.13KB , 1199x1155 , 5_ Evolution of piracy.jpg )
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First thread has hit the autosage >>14966

Has it already been nearly 2 years? Wow...
Stream still running at the same time as ever.
Friday and Saturday at 7pm EST and pre-marathon random show around 5pm EST

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File 140390334153.jpg - (349.72KB , 1200x961 , 21_ Water water 3.jpg )
Personally I don't like the layout of the new boards, but whatever. Bit of complaining ain't gonna do any good at this point.
>> No. 33462
File 14039917735.jpg - (339.30KB , 1200x959 , 22_ Water water 4.jpg )
So last night didn't go exactly well.
Today we continue off from where we would have ended.
>> No. 33467
File 140450758310.jpg - (366.35KB , 1199x950 , 23_ Enies whatever 1.jpg )
Extra long marathon tonight

File 134139800423.jpg - (209.53KB , 800x1170 , one-piece-3426949.jpg )
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The true name of Joker is...
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>> No. 26959
and people say that Oda is running out of ideas
>> No. 26960
Don't forget that same samurai has been just a head most of the time. Oda's gotta be one of the most creative people I've ever seen. I remember thinking One Piece was fairly unusual when I first got into it but looking back East Blue was pretty straight forward and not that weird. The two main villains from that arc were a pirate admiral who used weapons and a merman, pretty tame by comparison to Oars and Moriah or Enel and his priests.
>> No. 33463
Who would have thought the craziness continued in dressrosa?

File 135469980916.jpg - (217.80KB , 1200x885 , 016.jpg )
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And so ends the reign of the king of the land of death (死国).

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>> No. 29284
Yeah and its not like Luffy forgave Crocodile for what he did to Vivi's country either, he was still aggressive towards him when they met in prison and only agreed to letting him teamup with them when Ivankov promised he could control Croc.
And when Crocodile attacked Whitebeard Luffy was ready for him and immediately leapt to the attack.
>> No. 33455

Kuro crushed his chin. That's why he had the metal jaw. If this picture was taken before that encounter he shouldn't have it.
>> No. 33456
who do you think you're talking to there bud?
wow you're in the wrong spot fuckface

File 129680634742.jpg - (140.39KB , 400x398 , Hancocks-breast-size-Oh-shes-a-J-cup.jpg )
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>> No. 30203
youll get the point dont be autistic
>> No. 30204

Haha yeah dude way to give that guy from 4 month ago what for!
High five!
>> No. 30910
File 136709232318.png - (119.03KB , 433x322 , 1337269611118.png )
These things are fun, though this one is more just him reusing an animal design than anything important or noteworthy

File 140096864097.jpg - (123.49KB , 521x454 , 144520a68d5a5cd0e6be1428ce0404f5.jpg )
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so, who do you guys think will be the final antagonist in the One Piece series? this is my top 5 (in order of likeliness)

>> No. 33449
Hard decision, Luffy has a lot of nemesii. I'd say blackbeard is the final 'villain', and maybe Coby is the last fight. Or at least the one that brings luffy in.

File 139946482724.png - (25.16KB , 281x228 , 1016463563.png )
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New Straw Hat tier list
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>> No. 33441
>> No. 33442
The end of an era.
>> No. 33443
If this webite didn't shit itself on a consistent basis with slow as shit posting that often gets errors then this board could have survived

Threads were fairly big and plentiful a while ago

File 139703515736.png - (428.83KB , 739x1082 , sabo_render__2__by_oxoluffy-d6nybh7.png )
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He's all grown up now. ; ~;
and pretty fuggin' sexy
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>> No. 33391
Hahaha are you serious? Yeah man if you guys keep bumping this it'll take 2 months for this to fall off the front page instead of 6 weeks.
>> No. 33392
Stop shitposting, idiot.
>> No. 33414
Put your name back on jim

Yeah, whoa! We're drowning out the super active threads doods, we better stop!

File 139826053833.jpg - (211.44KB , 1158x687 , image.jpg )
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'Mingo, none of that was necessary. I think this song says it best.
Denis Leary - Asshole (Uncensored Version)youtube thumb
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>> No. 33395
>> No. 33396
donwload some OP doujins or come watch the weekly stream on friday/saturday
>> No. 33405
we interrupt this program to bring you


some shitty video i made, since i saw a lot of comparisons being made between bird cage and dangan ronpa (as well as battle royale). this video is super shitty and probably shouldnt be released to the light of day but here it is

now by all means, go back to okama sanji, please

File 138769502919.jpg - (567.34KB , 800x1066 , 40317273.jpg )
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How about a thread for general images, like recent Pixiv pics or particularly cool images that don't really fit anywhere else. The other image threads are about a single focus and are never used.
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>> No. 33402

He had his moments on Punk Hazard but the main cast has gotten so large they've kind of all boiled down to being one or two gags.

To say nothing of supporting cast.
>> No. 33403
>He had his moments on Punk Hazard

Yeah like looking at his boobs and getting his shin broken in half.
>> No. 33404
File 139933470587.jpg - (465.56KB , 1100x634 , 43321957_big_p0.jpg )

File 129575009985.jpg - (137.67KB , 500x416 , he got quaked.jpg )
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Let's have one of them Macro threads for /op/

gifs and that other hullabaloo welcomed.
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>> No. 32948
File 139347622676.gif - (598.06KB , 150x150 , monet_jolly_roger_by_z_studios-d5q6863.gif )
this guy makes some neat animated stuff
>> No. 33116
File 139556500561.png - (47.47KB , 180x417 , 07880354458780.png )
>> No. 33225
File 139673977538.jpg - (91.88KB , 776x241 , Sugar.jpg )

File 139442257694.png - (326.76KB , 640x404 , Buggy_in_Chibi_Form[1].png )
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Was Buggy's cover story the only one to be adapted in the anime? Why? Why would they have so much needless filler when they could've just put in more canon?
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>> No. 33118
You know, I remember really enjoying the Edo-Period One Piece episodes. I think there were only ever four of them, though.
>> No. 33119
Because we're fans who just want to see the best for a franchise we love, not a money-grubbing company.
>> No. 33226
>They weaved together entire episodes and stories from a few pictures Oda drew.

Actually, most of those details came from Oda as well. He had extensive notes on what happened to each Strawhat during the separation, and that was what Toei based its episodes on.

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