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File 134139800423.jpg - (209.53KB , 800x1170 , one-piece-3426949.jpg )
26848 No. 26848
The true name of Joker is...
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>> No. 26850
Nice that he brought some things together, a number of predictions came true today.
>> No. 26851
i really like this arc it's like adventure adventure adventure then plot! outta f@#king nowhere
>> No. 26852

>> No. 26853

>> No. 26854
File 134140876563.png - (8.06KB , 200x200 , Bueno.png )
How does a slime eat a fruit.
I mean, it is solidified gas.
Caesar has such exquisite tastes, a slime salamander (?) as a pet.
I wish to own one, an axolotl.
>> No. 26855

Also I was right about Joker I guess. Wasn't right about Law, though. I thought the Smiles were just a thing that pirates might use as a symbol.

>> No. 26856
You ask this after we've seen a sword eating an elephant fruit and a cannon eating a dog's fruit?
>> No. 26857
Also, wonder how Donflamingo feels about having an ex-subordinate, even possibly ex-cabin boy (Law) as a colleague? Must have pissed him off enough for him to ask Virgo to pay Law a personal visit.
>> No. 26858
I am sorry.
I wish to have some of what Oda is smoking.
There. I fixed my earlier statement.
>> No. 26859
After seeing how he felt about his ex-subordinate Bellamy, I'm pretty sure he wants Law killed as soon as possible.

They all know too much.
>> No. 26860
Lol. Hope that the LuffyxLaw alliance isn't going to end soon, because Monet and Virgo plus third-party Caesar are all going to try their best to make sure that everything gets covered up. Translator's note: No one lives.
Virgo talking to Law sounds a bit like Rayleigh talking to Shanks/Buggy, and last chapter Virgo can cripple Law with seemingly no effort before the use of armament haki (at least senior crewmember of Donflamingo confirmed - especially that line where it's stated how Virgo's Donflamingo most trusted rat inside the government). I also love how he just casually eats the hamburger patty off his face.
I'm amazed how Law didn't recognize Monet though, given how Monet and Virgo both seem to be Donflamingo's underlings. Is Monet Virgo's inside agent? I seem to remember something like that two chapters go, where Law was like "I should have known"?

At this rate, it really seems like Donflamingo isn't just a Shichibukai, but more like Blackbeard, biding his time as a warlord but really having connections, crazy notoriety and inside agents everywhere. More like an almost-Yonkou?

This also explains Law's flag, which looks almost identical to Donflamingo's flag. I'm still surprised as to how Law isn't dead yet, defecting/deserting Donflamingo's crew, seeing how Donflamingo ditched Bellamy's, but Bellamy still used his flag (which means Law really did desert, switching new flags).
>> No. 26863
I've been getting a ransom vibe concerning Law's crew ever since he showed up solo in this arc. Maybe Doflamingo's going after a more fiendish punishment than just offing Law?

Did you notice on page 7, he's got what looks like fries stuck to his face? http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/80016071/7

The way Vergo is treating Law like a child really makes me curious as to how young he was when he was Doflamingo's subordinate. Cabin boy, indeed D:
>> No. 26864
Huh. So Donflamingo is the Crocodile of the New World? I can dig it.
>> No. 26865

>biding his time as a warlord but really having connections, crazy notoriety and inside agents everywhere.

Well he IS a puppet master.
>> No. 26866
No. That would be Big Mom.
>> No. 26867
File 134145087091.png - (2.06MB , 1086x848 , 63 years in ms paint.png )
>> No. 26869
I'm thinking more in the sense that he's got his own network of secret agents working with him. Then again, it doesn't help that Robin pointed out how the last time Luffy was locked in a cell with Smoker was in Alabasta.
>> No. 26874
I just love how nonchalant Luffy's team are about being captured. They simply don't give a shit.
>> No. 26876
Tied up and tossed in an enemy cell is just another Wednesday evening for the Strawhats.
>> No. 26886
File 134163083495.png - (26.83KB , 222x253 , Untitled.png )
Anyone who thinks there's no shipping in One Piece is blind to this pairing right here.

It is a recurring and blatant theme, if a very small one.
>> No. 26887
It takes a hell lot more them some rope and a stranger to nonplus those two. It's the absolute worst pair to try and intimidate.
>> No. 26888
SanjixNami/ChopperxRobin is more blatant, but don't expect anything serious from any "ships" you suspect.
>> No. 26889
That's almost strictly a motherly relationship. Robin thinks Chopper's cute, but so do we and many other people in One Piece land.
>> No. 26890

It's also explicitly shut down because Chopper only likes reindeer gals.

Thanks, Oda!
>> No. 26891
Oda seems to detest shipping as much as any other able-minded individual. Maybe that's one of the more hidden reasons One Piece is so good: Everyone is asexual and the ones who DO lust after others are always shot down. Seriously, it's a recurring theme in most arcs if you notice.
Robin is the "mother" figure, and as such is always tender and caring to the others when not being creepy and cold. That's not out of character.

Who is "those two"?
>> No. 26892
Well, they ARE the Team Mom and the Team Dad.
>> No. 26893
Luffy and Robin. More than any other characters, they never worry or react appropriately to danger or trouble. One through ignorance and the other through morbid experience, they're always keeping calm and carrying on. Just joking that while Nami and Sanji were freaking out when they got captured, those two never give a shit.
>> No. 26894
Like that'll stop people from doing it.
>> No. 26895
File 134165118487.png - (478.72KB , 680x1006 , why are you up there.png )
>Chopper only likes reindeer gals.
Or so he claims.
>> No. 26896
I think the most appropriate ship by a mile is Usopp/Nami. They share a common bond of being relatively normal in a crew of monsters and they have quite a bit of small talk together that ranges from how they think the rest of the crew is crazy to back and forth nagging. Nami shoving Usopp into her tits when she first sees him helps too. Though I'm not saying it should be canon, romance can really ruin a lot of things in a series. Just look at The Legend of Korra
>> No. 26901
File 134167360833.jpg - (61.33KB , 566x439 , 126151679348.jpg )
You need to shut your whore mouth now, shut it and never open it again!

People who think NamixSanji is hinted at need to pay some goddamn attention to the series, Sanji is a pussywhipped horndog who hits on any pretty woman.
Even solely amongst the crew he treats robin the same, the only differance is she doesn't use it to manipulate him.
>> No. 26904
dude, Ussops got a girl at home. He will always be a small town boy with a sweetheart to impress.
>> No. 26905
He was influenced by Usopp, just like Luffy was.

Fucking Usopp man, what an influential pervert.

You know, on another note; Zoro has never been seeing ogling or even paying attention to another woman while pretty much the rest of the male crew has at least made small quips. Could Zoro be gay? Or perhaps asexual-sort of like Luffy? WHO KNOWS!

Also, ChopperXRobin is pedo-furry shit and you should feel ashamed.
>> No. 26906
The only boner Zoro gets is the bone of his sword, romance would only take time away from training and dull the blade.

>>Also, ChopperXRobin is pedo-furry shit and you should feel ashamed.
If anyone is seriously saying there is romantic hints there they should slap themselves.
>> No. 26907
>pays no attention to women
>only person he has shown consistent emotions for is Sanji
>treat each other like the boy who kicks his pre-school crush cause he likes her

Yeah, alright; you ain't slick, bitch.
I bet they go at it hard up in the crow's nest.
>> No. 26908
... Except Sanji goes completely gaga for the ladies.

Shonen rivalry=/= yaoi buttbuddies
>> No. 26909
Sanji is overcompensating, HARDCORE, for his flaming homosexual urges. OVBVIOUSLY.
>> No. 26910
Did you not see that chapter where he started deepthroating a banana while unwaveringly looking Zoro straight in the eyes and moaning? It's like you don't even pay attention to the shit you read.
>> No. 26911
>Shonen rivalry=/= yaoi buttbuddies
Do you mean to suggest to me that you watch sCRYed and don't immediately think "Those two are going to fuck at some point?"
>> No. 26912
Zoro yells at Nami almost as much as he yells at Sanji. He just doesn't try to take her down.
>> No. 26913
People I think it's clear how romance works in One Piece.

Nakama are not romantic partners. As such it's impossible for nakama to be that way with one another.

This doesn't stop Ussop from getting together with Kaya or Zorro with Tashigi (however unlikely that is) but it's pretty clear that once you're apart of Luffy's crew it's Nakama or bust.
>> No. 26914
Actually, out of all "possible" ships involving Zoro, I think Zoro and Tashigi are the most likely. Assuming their rivalry dies at some point.

Anyone else for forever alone Sanji?
>> No. 26915
File 134169882321.jpg - (582.44KB , 797x1072 , IwishIknewhowtoquityou.jpg )
Why must our love be secret?
>> No. 26916
Sanji is indeed too much of a wazzock to actually end up with a girl, Okama end is actually more plausible than him getting a wife.
>> No. 26917
What rivalry?
>> No. 26918
... I for one ADORE these two as a mom and pop sort of scenario.
As far as other shipping goes I don't really care as much.

My secret shame ...
>> No. 26920
File 134171445185.png - (222.62KB , 509x625 , You asked for it.png )
What happened to the last shipping thread? Seems like we have need of one to soak up all this shipping-sap thats appeared out of nowhere...

totes my OTP 4reezy
>> No. 26921
I ship the entire crew together having massive orgys for fun in between adventures
>> No. 26922
Seems like the pirate way.
>> No. 26924
Rum & Sodomy for all!
>> No. 26926
Shame that Brook can't join in with his lack of a penis and all.

Though then again, he can poop without the muscles, so perhaps maybe he could piss without the muscles ???



I mean ....

>> No. 26927

He'd just kill the mood by constantly making boner jokes.
>> No. 26928
It's no shame. Some time I'm going to go back and compile a mosaic of their time together, quotes in their conversation, etc. They're very closely written but as Oda does, it's not any kind of forefront or distracting aspect.
>> No. 26929
I must be pretty unobservant because I fail to feel these vibes you people are getting from between Robin and Franky.
>> No. 26930
Dude the first thing he said to her when they reunited was "Who's that sexy lady there? It's Robin!"
>> No. 26931
Don't forget about Robin groping up Franky in Enies Lobby, painful for him, sure. But you could totally tell she was into it with that grin on her face.
>> No. 26932
She felt his balls at one point, didn't she? That means they're married.
>> No. 26933
*shrug* She is a sexy lady. He's that kind of guy, just not as bad as Sanji or Brook.

I chalked that up to her being morbidly direct in coercing him. And she does enjoy morbid things. Not to mention they were made an easier target. When a someone got you by the balls, how can you refuse?

Maybe my mind is too dead to the notion of shipping in One Piece to let the feels in.
>> No. 26934
Yeah, that's just it: this is a no-hugging-no-kissing sort of story. Yeah, Franky and Robin have their moments of seeming like the Bumbling Dad and Competent Mom for the crew and even maybe saying things that could be taken as flirtatious to each other from time to time, but it's not something that registers as Meaningful Romantic Development. Ship it or treat it as fanon if you want, but if you think they're going to "end up together" in-series or anything, you've forgotten which manga you're reading.
>> No. 26935
I'd imagine the only reason Oda writes Robin and Franky closely is solely because of their similarity in age and "maturity." They're the oldest of the Strawhats. Brook doesn't count cause he's like a retarded 16-year-old

I grope and closely inspect all of my friends' balls upon meeting them. Even smell.
Means nothing.
>> No. 26936
lol I guess I should have said I was talking about the most likely relationship if we were to only take people in the crew together and their chemistry. I do like Usopp and Kaya and if there's a "where is the crew now" after the series ends I'd assume they would be together but I've watched and read this ridiculously long series for so long I kinda forget about the people waiting back home because they appear so little
>> No. 26937
Robin and Franky shared that moment back in Water 7/Enies Lobby where Franky talked about there is nothing inherently evil about existence
>> No. 26938
You can gather a fair amount of 'evidance' for many 'pairings' amongst the Strawhats, but none of them are likely going to happen.
>> No. 26939
The most you can say is that they've good chemistry. And Franky and Robin have good chemistry.

...and Usopp actually has a love interest, but whatever.
>> No. 26940
File 134181514872.gif - (54.33KB , 511x406 , tumblr_m50aknAz7n1qkqsuoo1_1280.gif )
Indeed he does, but she isn't a strawhat.
>> No. 26941
Robin is always ignoring Franky when she's not being outright perplexed by him. Probably cause she's a closet lesbian. So.
>> No. 26942
File 13418197172.jpg - (11.14KB , 82x187 , 34544543.jpg )
>Robin's face when people ship her with Franky and his docking habits
>> No. 26943
File 134182026998.png - (580.92KB , 761x772 , 149555.png )
Robin and Nami actually has validity. Out of everyone, Robin seems to have the most fun with her and they seem to spend a fair amount of time together. I found that before the timeskip she had a closer, more intellectual relationship with Chopper and it seemed like they actually talked and got along really well, but ever since the timeskip all Chopper does is cry and scream at shit and they don't really interact much now.

The fact that they have never shown interest in men besides manipulating them for some purpose also helps the ship. I like to think Robin makes a move on her one day while they're looking through clothing catalogs in the fish tank room alone (which is something they've done in the series)
>> No. 26944
You're silly, stop being silly.
>> No. 26945
All Chopper does is what? If anything he cries and screams less now, he's much less of a coward and so much more sure of himself.
>> No. 26946
Have you never heard of a "older sister" relationship?

By this logic, Luffy is gay.
>> No. 26948
Duh, he's always loved swallowing meat.
>> No. 26949
File 134183486975.png - (111.79KB , 391x339 , chopper meme.png )
This is all I have to say.
>> No. 26950
File 134184200544.jpg - (12.64KB , 180x242 , bloobloo.jpg )
>A handful of posts talking about the chapter
>Dozens of posts full of stupid shipping bullshit

Well, it's been real /op/
>> No. 26951
Okay, okay. Now let's see... Because if I see it correctly. It's up to Chopper to save the caged crewmates alla MR. PRINCE!
>> No. 26954
Zoro and co are still out there too. Not sure what's going to happen to Usopp and Nami. It would be pretty great if Usopp had an anti-logia pop green hidden away somewhere.
>> No. 26955
You must be new here.
>> No. 26956
Proving the point that Chopper's only interesting when he's not Chopper.
Franky is so cool that he makes anyone else cool by being them.
>> No. 26957
I've said this before, but this arc is like taking crazy pills. Did you know doflamingo was going to be involved? I sure wasn't. I thought this arc was going to be mythical animal related, what with the centaurs, fauns and dragon. But the dragon was like an goddamn apetizer. Now we got slimes, a harpy, a vegapunk lab, a gas logia vegapunk number 2, a supernova-sichibukai, an island transformed into fire and ice by two admirals, giant children addicted to candy, body switching, a samurai that can cut explosions, smoker and tashigi, and giant yetis.

If you asked someone normal to read one of these chapters, it would blow their fucking mind at how this wierdness is absolutely normal to us (relatively)
>> No. 26959
and people say that Oda is running out of ideas
>> No. 26960
Don't forget that same samurai has been just a head most of the time. Oda's gotta be one of the most creative people I've ever seen. I remember thinking One Piece was fairly unusual when I first got into it but looking back East Blue was pretty straight forward and not that weird. The two main villains from that arc were a pirate admiral who used weapons and a merman, pretty tame by comparison to Oars and Moriah or Enel and his priests.
>> No. 33463
Who would have thought the craziness continued in dressrosa?
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