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File 135469980916.jpg - (217.80KB , 1200x885 , 016.jpg )
29191 No. 29191
And so ends the reign of the king of the land of death (死国).

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>> No. 29192
File 135470027133.png - (24.21KB , 175x125 , Toothless.png )
Poor Caesar. What is his dental bill going to be?
>> No. 29194
I'm really fucking sick of these chapter endings where it's Luffy charging at and/or punching Caesar with nothing accomplished but cheap hype. How many of those have we had this arc? Easily 4 or 5.

And the Mangapanda idiots replaced this week's colorspread with more stupid fanart that nobody asked for. Outstanding.
>> No. 29195
it annoys me that Luffy spent all this time training and adds haki to his abilities which were already fucking powerful, yet Caeser just takes all this shit and manages to crawl away

If Luffy hits with this HAKIFIED GIGANTO BAZOOKA and Caeser isn't seriously fucked up and gets away again I'm gonna pissed
>> No. 29196
Thats the problem with One Piece often, they keep using massive attacks in close succession and the people they use it on are merely hurt and stunned.

The don't bother with using thier older attacks so the new 'super powered' moves become the standard, and thus spammed to regular effect.
>> No. 29199
I love it when Usopp gives speeches.
>> No. 29200
Wait how many of those HAVE we had? I just remember any of his big shots before only grazing or getting blocked by somebody else. Caesar's been getting fucked up at every turn.

Also yeah, love Usopp here. And Vergo's little predicament is really great.
>> No. 29201
File 135472544649.jpg - (735.04KB , 2649x1078 , fuckpandashit.jpg )
Thanks for the epic for the win memes mangapanda, but how about I really would have preferred this.
>> No. 29202

Damn where did 75% of my post go.
Ah, whatever, the spread is the part people care about.
>> No. 29203
I'm about to choke up looking at this thing. Every single Marine on that page has a name and that is staggering.
>> No. 29204
Garp looks so fucking badass. No wonder him and Roger are so close, they both have the crazy-as-fuck grin.
Kizaru looks like he was high since he was a kid. Doesn't look like he was any different even when Z was an admiral.
And god, Strawberry, what's wrong with your head? WHY WHY WHY WHY?
Sengoku looks like a dork.
Is that X-Drake between Nami and Zoro?
>> No. 29206
This image is super awesome and sweet, but it's missing CP9. Also...fleet admiral kong?

And goddamn it Nami, why were any pants at all? You're not even trying.
>> No. 29207
The Cipher Pols aren't part of the Marines.
>> No. 29208
Cp9 aren't really marines are they?

Young Garp looks pretty Awesome

Z still seems pretty lame

Oh wow, there's Belle-mère even, right beside Nami of course
>> No. 29209
Is that crane next to garp? She looks the same age as hina....

It's like in one piece, you're gorgeous until you're 50, then you're an ancient baba yaga.
>> No. 29210
Just like real life, then?

That spread is amazing in every conceivable way. I feel like I could look at it for minutes and minutes on end and still come back the next day to find someone new that I missed. God damn it, Oda. God damn it.
>> No. 29211
File 135472953458.jpg - (1.34MB , 2649x1078 , names.jpg )
Here you go, I made a thing. There are a few that I recognized but couldn't find the name of, though.


All of cypher pol is a separate organization from the marines. They are out of Sengoku's/Akainu's control, but under Kong's. You can easily tell police and other government agents apart from marines because they wear black suits and more formal hats, while marines wear white shirts and baseball caps.
>> No. 29212

Just looking at it again I can see that the guy between Doberman and Dalmatian is probably Comil, seeing as how all the vice admirals are in that general area. The dude to the right of Sengoku's afro might be Bogart. Also, yeah, that lady is probably definitely Tsuru.

Where are CobyMeppo?
>> No. 29213
Guy to the left of Gorilla is Ax-Hand Morgan. That's also not gonna be Tashigi - looks more like Ain to me.
>> No. 29214
It looks to be a picture of all the Marines in some younger year (probably when Z was around.) Newbies like Coby, Helmeppo, Tashigi and Django don't seem to be there.
>> No. 29216
Tashigi, coby and helmeppo are likely to be too young to be in this photo. This would have been taken, when, during Roger's days?

Also, Hina and Smoker must have been like, 16.
>> No. 29217
File 135473469018.jpg - (623.70KB , 799x1150 , c183d24dd9f74ae7deed29810890928c.jpg )
Libera me mangastream de pandameme

>> No. 29219
File 135473941314.jpg - (2.23MB , 1200x1500 , abnzu8Qn.jpg )
Looks like someone made a thing better than my piece of shit. I think the guy to the right of Sentomaru on this one might be commander overdoes everything from G-5.

Oh yeah there was a chapter released with the color spread uh uh another logia element monster! Neat!
>> No. 29220
Didn't morgan have a chinbutt like hemelpo?
>> No. 29221
Morgan had a giant metal prosthetic jaw. No chin at all.
>> No. 29225
File 135476469442.jpg - (2.17MB , 3440x1400 , even better.jpg )
behold, the ultimate
>> No. 29226
I bet oda has an entire sidestory thought up for the Marines we'll never know. Just for flavor.
>> No. 29227
Nope! Guy you have as Bins isn't Bins. See >>29219, it's another Marine. Bins is the guy with the wild hair under Gorilla.

Interesting that this is what confirmed they were once Marines, though. Him and Ain. It's a spoiler, but a classy, easter-eggy spoiler that only hardcore fans would find.

I love you, Oda.
>> No. 29230
i think he had a chinbutt before kuro got to him
>> No. 29231
File 135478224485.jpg - (35.17KB , 460x786 , 15.jpg )
ah found it
kuro's still my favorite op villian
>> No. 29232
File 135478782227.jpg - (117.18KB , 365x261 , sintitulo1l.jpg )
After seeing this by Oda, I fell in love with Z's design. Before his incident that led to his departure from Marines, he was a normal looking guy like Garp, younger Sengoku or Kong.

He's a dark and twisted version of these three.
>> No. 29233

You and I my friend, we are a select few who even bother to like Kuro.
>> No. 29269
I like to dislike him. He's good at bad. What an evil thing he was. Probably why most people don't "like" him. Villains in OP are always candidates for genuine like-ing. Buggy and Crocodile for example. But not Kuro. That fucker's naughty was too deep.
>> No. 29272
Eh, One Piece has had magnificent bastards. The problem's more that Kuro has been outshined at just about everything, mostly by Crocodile. That includes loving to hate the guy, and even then there was Spandam.
>> No. 29274
When it comes to bad guys that are inextricably bad, I prefer Arlong to Kuro too. Maybe it's just that he was so early but not the first and not as long lasting as the ones proceeding him.
Or maybe he's just a shitty character and that no one likes him is just because of that.
>> No. 29276
Why is Kuro so unacceptably evil, again? I've always seen him as a more tragic villain. The worse he was planning to do was kill Kaya so he could escape his life as a pirate -- which may seem bad, but when compared to people like Crocodile, Enel and Hody who were willing to destroy entire countries full of people, it's not too terribly despicable.
>> No. 29277
Well, I guess part of it is his relationship to her.

Like Crocodile didn't really give a fuck, and Enel had a literal God complex. But Kuro was her only father figure for like 3 fucking years, and he was prepared to off her and the entire town for a slightly more comfortable life.
>> No. 29278
He was a team-killing, little girl tricking murdering monster, there was nothing to pity him for.
Perhaps if he really had been true about only wanting a peaceful life no longer being chased by the marines and legit became her families butler that would be one thing, but he didn't did he? It was all a con so he could kill her and take her money and live like a toff, and he was planning to kill his own loyal crew so there would be no witnesses.
He was scum with no redeeming qualities.
>> No. 29282
Kuro is to be hated. But he's a villain so that's not really a bad thing.
>> No. 29283
Well yeah, that's one of the big recurring motifs about One Piece, isn't it? Even if you're bad, you're supposed to be loyal to your nakama. The thing that makes a character irredeemable in One Piece is when he betrays his nakama. Some of the others have done so (Crocodile betrayed Robin for example--though in that case, at least, he knew that she was planning to betray him first, and they never really had any loyalty to one another anyway), but Kuro was going to betray every single person who trusted him, gleefully and without regret.
>> No. 29284
Yeah and its not like Luffy forgave Crocodile for what he did to Vivi's country either, he was still aggressive towards him when they met in prison and only agreed to letting him teamup with them when Ivankov promised he could control Croc.
And when Crocodile attacked Whitebeard Luffy was ready for him and immediately leapt to the attack.
>> No. 33455

Kuro crushed his chin. That's why he had the metal jaw. If this picture was taken before that encounter he shouldn't have it.
>> No. 33456
who do you think you're talking to there bud?
wow you're in the wrong spot fuckface
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