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File 139442257694.png - (326.76KB , 640x404 , Buggy_in_Chibi_Form[1].png )
33024 No. 33024
Was Buggy's cover story the only one to be adapted in the anime? Why? Why would they have so much needless filler when they could've just put in more canon?
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>> No. 33025
They did the coby/helmeppo training as well

Sadly they obviously have more or less given up on the anime, they don't even add much filler anymore they just pad things out ridiculously long.
>> No. 33027
Well, the whole Strawhat separation thing was also taken from cover stories. They weaved together entire episodes and stories from a few pictures Oda drew.

But yeah, pretty much this >>33025.
Toei just doesn't care about the anime as much as it used to. They scrape by with the bare minimum and that's it. They're also really, REALLY close to the manga like never before. To the point where I'm starting to fear they'll inevitably fuck up something Oda has yet to introduce. They have the perfect chance to adapt that Caribou cover story into a short filler arc and play it now. While they still can.
>> No. 33031
I'm scared of this.

I was hoping that Caribou coverstory would get animated but we got a short filler arc instead. I'm really scared that the anime will go on an original route and just fuck up all the past plot points Oda built up. With One Piece, you can't do that. Early on, maybe. Now? No way.

Either take a hiatus or do some filler arcs. Better yet, animate those cover stories. They were doing just that in the beginning. Canon filler that builds up the world without slowing things down.
>> No. 33032

I read a rumor that the reason why they stopped doing these animated cover stories was because the ratings dropped hard with the Coby/Buggy ones because there were no straw hats.

And they won't take a hiatus because that means zero ratings.
>> No. 33048
I actually just watched the Funimation dub of the Coby episodes. Holy shit, they were fantastic. I never cared much for Helmeppo, but hearing just how upset he was that his father might face execution and Coby caring for him as a true friend...wow.
>> No. 33050
That rumor is false. The ratings were the same.
>> No. 33070
File 139499243521.png - (25.70KB , 189x255 , 1381286478385.png )
Ah, so it was Toei being incompetent shitheads. I've skimmed through a lot of the coverstories and the lore and continuity is amazing. I wanna see Eneru's arc animated for the sole purpose of seeing those space pirates and seeing what could be foreshadowing for a major plot point. I wanna see those moons and satellites expanded on.

But nope, we gotta have those shitty ice flag pirates. Toei's gonna fuck up. Even worse since the anime doesn't take breaks.
>> No. 33074
>watching the dub

I mean really, it's so mediocre and the jap voice acting is just perfect and has actual care put into it
>> No. 33076
The Japanese version is most certainly not perfect. At all. Stop being a pretentious tryhard.

The Funi dub is almost unanimously regarded as great at this point and there are some voices that sound ten times better in English than their Japanese counterparts. Robin being one of them.
>> No. 33078
The Funimation dub is amazing, dude. A few name errors but the voice acting is perfect. I just wish Luffy was voiced by a guy, but that was also Toei's fault. Funimation wanted a dude but Toei refused.
>> No. 33079
File 139504420455.jpg - (151.23KB , 612x827 , 1392505893179.jpg )
>implying the funimation dub doesn't have care put into it
You wanna fight?
>> No. 33093
>since the anime doesn't take breaks.
This shit right here, is the source of most of the terrible shit in the anime.
That and the general greedyness of Toei.
>> No. 33096
How many breakless anime are there anyway? It feels like they've been less popular, but I don't know.
>> No. 33102
The biggest problem with the OP anime comes from Japan itself, and I don't mean Toei. The general OP fanbase over there seems to not have a problem with the anime and the ratings for it have always been solid. Which in turn makes Toei not give a fuck or try. For several years now they've been pushing hard on what they can get away with, and they've gotten away with pretty much everything to the point where the anime is running at a bare minimum now.

The animation for a regular episode is at a DBZ Cell saga-tier era. It's really embarrassing and sad that the most successful manga at the moment has the weakest, laziest anime.
>> No. 33103
Honestly, if they wanted some filler no one would get mad at, just animate the SBSs. I'm sure everyone would get a laugh out of them.
>> No. 33108
Wait, you mean like having Oda's self representation answering stupid questions from fans?
>> No. 33111
File 139529604874.png - (22.57KB , 184x261 , SBS41_1_New_Shichibukai.png )
I want to see this guy animated
>> No. 33113
He obvoiusly ate the Doritos Doritos no mi.
>> No. 33117
That'd probably be much better(and funnier)than what Toei shits out. Hell, put it at the end of an episode like with the Mugiwara Theater. Kids who don't read the manga can find out many things about the One Piece world and its inhabitants.

...why the fuck are western fans giving better content for the anime than the Japanese company that funds it?
>> No. 33118
You know, I remember really enjoying the Edo-Period One Piece episodes. I think there were only ever four of them, though.
>> No. 33119
Because we're fans who just want to see the best for a franchise we love, not a money-grubbing company.
>> No. 33226
>They weaved together entire episodes and stories from a few pictures Oda drew.

Actually, most of those details came from Oda as well. He had extensive notes on what happened to each Strawhat during the separation, and that was what Toei based its episodes on.
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