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33406 No. 33406

New Straw Hat tier list
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>> No. 33407
Faith is fickle indeed.
>> No. 33408

I take it back

This whole Birdcage thing is now the best thing to have happened in this arc.
>> No. 33409
Pfft as if Luffy is actually going to kill Doflamingo. I don't see what Law's worried about.

It would be an interesting twist if Luffy actually did finish off a bad guy for once.
>> No. 33410
Law is worried because he had a Godzilla plan, where you've got these two huge death monsters so you make them fight and one is left weakened while the other is dead, Don was supposed to be forced into a fight with Kido but that's fallen apart now.
>> No. 33411
I love this arc. It's been one fun and or exciting thing after another.
>> No. 33412
I thought all of this stakes raising would cause the arc to peter out.

I'm glad I don't know what I'm talking about.
>> No. 33413
This was a pretty long chapter. And yet not much happened.
>> No. 33415
"The man who made the world his enemy for the sake of one of his friends."

Usopp haters suck a dick. He is so cool.

Now justify Kinemon and Fujitora please Oda.
>> No. 33416
I have no idea what role Kinemon is supposed to play. All he's done the entire arc is wear goofy costumes and run around aimlessly.
>> No. 33417
File 139950543913.png - (160.79KB , 325x720 , op.png )
It's so overdone, but I laugh every time.
>> No. 33418
>All he's done the entire arc is wear goofy costumes and run around aimlessly.
The perfect man.
>> No. 33419
Gotta agree there. I'm hoping that he has a shining moment by the end of the arc by having a good fight, but predicting that his loose plot string is going to actually be a setup to be followed up on later. He really hasn't done anything too important yet.
>> No. 33420
Yeah, seriously, I'm failing to see how that isn't enough to justify him all by itself.
>> No. 33421
File 139960024759.png - (148.95KB , 793x1150 , 01.png )
Can we take the time to appreciate that some person in japan, when asked what he would like the most famous and popular mangaka in the country to draw for him, chose "Law scheming with a grim-looking walrus"? These cover pages are usually completely ridiculous, but seriously, THIS is what you want?

>> No. 33422
It's just proof of what One Piece is really about. Which is to say: absurd situations that more "respectable" shounen series would avoid like the plague for fear of hurting their gravitas. Oda's complete lack of pretension when it comes to his work is one of his most charming features.
>> No. 33423
I'm sure there are amazing requests, like Zoro slicing a planet in half, or Kuzan accidentally freezing a date and yelling "Check please!"

Oda just glosses over and sees, "Choppah-san reraxing on a beachuru."
>> No. 33424
So how do you feel about there being a new site with no /op/ board?
>> No. 33425
File 139966238093.jpg - (9.46KB , 282x179 , sadpanda.jpg )
>> No. 33426

It's great. Finally we can get rid of this junk board and go back to being a happy little clusterfuck.

It's not like anyone really cares about anything but the weeklies anyway.
>> No. 33428
Thank god finally
>> No. 33429
Well you enjoy having all your OP threads drowned out by the Homestuck and Avatar kids.
>> No. 33430
I'm glad, we don't need a board for only /op/, as has become increasingly obvious.

Neither of those series would have threads on /jam/ so it isn't as if it makes a difference.
>> No. 33431
goodbye everyone, i never really liked any of you
>> No. 33432
>implying we're not all gonna still be there

>> No. 33433
just link this place if you're on 4chan and some guys are talking OP on any board

I've seen some pretty fast moving OP threads on various boards and I'm sure they'd migrate here if they saw the latest weekly being discussed
>> No. 33434
also to add to this the site's frequent downtime and slow posting has probably been part of why the posters were leaving

It's been more stable than it has been for a while
>> No. 33436
There's not going to be a new /op/ board on the new plus4chan, just shonen general threads in the new /jam/ which has already been made. And thats more than enough.
>> No. 33437
We all know, thanks
>> No. 33438
Only fitting that the best strawhat get the last thread on /op/.
>> No. 33439
File 139991423626.png - (44.08KB , 720x1280 , Brook Vertical.png )
But that's not Brook.
>> No. 33440
File 139994145110.jpg - (30.31KB , 358x389 , heh.jpg )
What's your point?
>> No. 33441
>> No. 33442
The end of an era.
>> No. 33443
If this webite didn't shit itself on a consistent basis with slow as shit posting that often gets errors then this board could have survived

Threads were fairly big and plentiful a while ago

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