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File 136472828088.jpg - (137.68KB , 800x600 , b&b2.jpg )
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So yeah not sure where to post this. I'd try 4chan if I didn't think they'd make a big deal about it but are there any comics that have a gay couple or that are written well like the authority (on most occations). I'm drawing blanks.

pic unrelated but cute.
>> No. 91442
Young Avengers v1 and v2. Everything else I've read is f/f.
>> No. 91443
X-Factor has Rictor and Shatterstar.

File 135265884099.png - (201.46KB , 549x747 , tumblr_mdb9ndKi721rd5esjo1_1280.png )
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oh the Size Kink
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'Turbo falsifies his sexual prowess. The twins (both male for this) doubt him, challenge him, leading to Turbo getting on his knees, fellating them both at the same time until they either fill the winner's trophy with cum or they cry uncle. What happens from there? up to you.'

Also there's a WiR dreamwidth kink meme that's looking pretty dusty, you could grab an appealing prompt from there.
>> No. 90860
File 135735343836.png - (290.29KB , 600x800 , 1356732947857.png )

UNF. Good prompt. And hey, I had no idea about the kink meme, thanls for the link.
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File 136440883591.png - (236.71KB , 598x678 , tumblr_mk32gx4xLF1ritvzro1_1280.png )

File 131112278852.jpg - (254.01KB , 900x864 , tumblr_ljdez2QL921qcn45ro1_1280.jpg )
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>> No. 85765

I liked it too. Penguin is badass and needs to be used more. Also, more Alfred is always a good thing. I got into it via Batman vs. Dracula, which is an awesome film.
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File 136403273166.png - (152.51KB , 1135x495 , Batman2.png )
In the mood for some villains. Anyone else?
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File 136418922284.jpg - (182.02KB , 841x835 , 122238878753.jpg )
Good gravy, I wrote this one. Long since lost it though, it was like the first things I ever wrote for /coq/.

I have the movieverse version though.

File 131303168179.gif - (498.14KB , 500x200 , gorgeous.gif )
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Old thread: >>75303

Fic recs, anyone?
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File 133347149083.jpg - (169.58KB , 762x538 , 1332694965188.jpg )
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File 136383205332.jpg - (58.74KB , 361x750 , tumblr_mf0sbrPJrj1qh2564.jpg )
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File 136383222517.jpg - (796.72KB , 650x911 , tumblr_mi3wv7aio01qcjb3ko1_1280.jpg )

File 128574456729.jpg - (281.76KB , 643x450 , pchat.jpg )
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Since we've slowed down, I think a general thread is in order.
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>> No. 91368

>> No. 91369


File 136091476445.gif - (1.79MB , 828x621 , 793483%20-%20Shadow_the_Hedgehog%20Sonic_The_Hedge.gif )
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I haven't seen a sonic thread in here before, so...
>> No. 91244
Doesn't Sonic count as furry though? You'll probably have better luck on an imageboard like 7chan.
>> No. 91245
WESTERN. Not Japanese. That's why you've never seen it. It doesn't belong on this board.

File 134905741554.jpg - (47.39KB , 500x520 , mb5fjdJLMS1qc66ffo1_500.jpg )
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Starting a thread since this totally a thing now. Also so I don't clog up the request thread with my dabbles.


“You look nervous Drac.” Frank casually stated his opinion out load while all the monsters waddled, slithered, and floated about the spotless and shining hotel lobby. The Count’s crew of undead bellhops were taking their sweet time hanging out the “Welcome Back” banners perfectly.

The sleek black form of Dracula straightened up more (if that was even possible) when he heard his close friend’s observation. It was true that the Count had been on pins and needles for the last month since he started counting down the days when his perfectly precocious daughter Mavis and her newly found…”friend”, Johnny, were due back to Transylvania. The couple had been gone for almost a year now. Traveling the world, seeing the sights, and from what Dracula could have only guessed from the photos he received by ravens , they were getting to know each other better. They did zing after all, it was only natural that they would get closer through their adventures.

“Nervous? ME? Bah! I never get nervous. What’s to be nervous about? I’m not nervous.” The vampire King trailed off, his eyes never moving from the candle lit ceiling. The moon was high in the pitch black sky, his only kin was bound to come flying threw one of those window at any given moment.

“Cause you look like if I were to give you a piece of coal, you’d turn it into a diamond.”
Dracula raised an elegant eyebrow at the strange saying. All meaning to what it meant flew over his head. Frank sighed when he didn’t get a quick comeback from his fellow monster brother. Frank’s large and stitched hand rubbed his eyes in defeat. “Drac, you have got to get out more buddy.”

Dracula ignored him and looked over his shoulder quickly. Everything seemed to be in place. The banners hung down gently, perfectly centered, colorful streamers wrapped around all the stair cases with care, and the blood stained and puss filled cupcakes were laid out in neat order around the tables. Though it looked like Murray had already helped himself to a few. The C
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File 13519924705.jpg - (341.87KB , 600x607 , draculathan by karnessah.jpg )
>> No. 91089
since the dvd came out, I hope this pics up again
>> No. 91090
since the dvd came out, I hope this pics up again

File 131135637327.png - (400.04KB , 504x572 , dandeliar - Duncan & Trent.png )
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Because after finding it on netflix and watching the first episodes, it isn't that bad.
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>> No. 90482
>> No. 90686
File 135568267834.png - (1.33MB , 1493x1381 , iyumiblue - tdi.png )
>> No. 91069
File 135920767818.png - (472.52KB , 1240x1753 , Purico - day 6.png )

File 135036708513.jpg - (95.88KB , 500x700 , tumblr_m1zoqjXZKA1qen3g2o1_500.jpg )
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I'm amazed there isn't a Team Fortress 2 thread here yet.
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>> No. 90779

Different anon here. I'm not seconding that anon's opinion about Scout/Heavy, but if there's nothing wrong with you posting Scout/Heavy, there's nothing wrong with that anon stating their opinion about it either.

Thanks for posting the Scout/Heavy stuff. I've never seen it.
>> No. 90871
Fair enough. I wasn't arguing with them, merely answering their response. Sorry about that.

Glad you liked. It used to be a really popular pairing, but I don't know what happened.
>> No. 90957
now it seems to be heavy/medic/scout

File 135284116992.jpg - (220.53KB , 900x1000 , tumblr_mddsk8glpc1rdbe4wo1_1280.jpg )
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>> No. 90909
File 135762856079.png - (861.47KB , 702x989 , Silva00Q-hypnale.png )
>> No. 90910
File 135762858075.png - (121.36KB , 500x651 , darklightsnights-fellatio.png )
>> No. 90948
File 135788602257.jpg - (28.39KB , 500x491 , BenderNeat.jpg )

File 135626342883.jpg - (235.56KB , 900x1125 , captain_hook_by_steven_h_garcia-d5kxr74.jpg )
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Does anyone have any saucy Once Upon A Time arts? I'm looking especially for Killian Jones/Captain Hook stuff.
>> No. 90728
Rule #2, Anon.
If you just want to know if content for something exists, or only have 1 or 2 images, use the /r/ thread.

Delete post and ask in Request thread.

File 135513250258.jpg - (239.17KB , 900x715 , BDSM (2).jpg )
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Can we get a general 'good art' thread going? Anything goes, as long as it's made you go 'woah'.
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>> No. 90697
File 135582260589.jpg - (809.09KB , 1440x1886 , d3_006_anonib.jpg )
??? i dont think the above anon was referring to anyone in particular. Dont be so hard on yourself.

An original art thread sounds great. The requests thread is so bloated with stuff now its hard to navigate
>> No. 90701
I once made the mistake of reading some of that Demon Series.
>> No. 90706

Is that comic where the demon with incredibly long claws inserts one all the way into a guy's penis before pulling it out, licking it, then blowing the guy?

(not gonna lie, I enjoyed that comic, but I enjoy terrifyingly shaped monster cocks along with a lot of other /d/ material.)

File 131731276723.jpg - (512.36KB , 1100x1555 , rd-gaang.jpg )
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"FUUUU THIS IS ANIME SHIIII" - no, 50% western

*bing* first interesing thread in /COQ/ *bing*
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>> No. 87904
not allowed on /y/ because western artist
not allowed on /coq/ because japanese shows.

both boards are equally as retarded.
>> No. 90671
>> No. 90672

File 135514419365.jpg - (100.87KB , 816x1361 , 30184843.jpg )
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Thread for anything involving Green Day and their side bands, The Network & Foxboro Huttubs.
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>> No. 90643
File 135518835588.jpg - (84.82KB , 640x480 , 29513411_p5.jpg )
>> No. 90644
File 135518839485.jpg - (93.32KB , 480x640 , 29644007_p1.jpg )
>> No. 90645
File 135518861052.jpg - (77.21KB , 480x640 , 29644007_p2.jpg )

File 135508707991.jpg - (157.91KB , 600x741 , take_it_off_by_paradox_os-d5lc0jf.jpg )
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Hey guys, I'm new here. Excuse me if I fuck something up, I have no idea what I'm doing. Sorry in advance.

I'm also in love with Turbo, from Wreck-it Ralph. Anyone have anything good with him and anyone else? I'll be dumping what I have as I find it.
>> No. 90556
Delete this, there's already a wreck it Ralph thread. Learn to check the other pages.
>> No. 90558
(And, yes, there is a ton of Turbo material).

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