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I finally got around to reading this series. Goddamn, I love it. I sort of spoiled it for myself though, a year or so ago I couldn't get my hands on anything but the third and I can't help but regret reading it then.

The Starks are the fucking best (but Tyrion is great too). Spoiler tags, please.

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Holy shit, fuck you Sansa.

Prepare for a very enjoyable read in which all the good characters you like will get fucked over repeatedly in new and imaginative ways. It is a shame that you read the third book first, especially since you've read about the Red Wedding. That part just destroyed me when I first read it.

Honestly, by the time I finished Feast for Crows, some of my favorite characters were Lannisters. You're already starting to see how great Tyrion is, and though Jaime seems like (all right, is) a major tool right now, he improves dramatically over the series.

And yes, Sansa is a useless bitch for the most part.


Luckily, I was mistaken and it was the second I read so at least I didn't spoil that much though I knew about Robert and Eddard's death, Just as well, the latter may have made me baww if I weren't prepared.

After that, it left Tyrion and Bronn as my favorite characters. Or maybe Arya. Jon still has a few crawlinggg in my skiiin moments but he's shaping up to be pretty awesome.

Does Joffrey get any better? For what I said before, I had hated Cersei but now that I've read the first book I have the truth of it, that is Joffrey was the one who killed Eddard because he was playing at King and his miscontrued concept of manliess. At least Cersei can be reasoned with... Unfortunately the concession Ned made ended in no benefit for him. I have a hard time thinking what could reconcile the uh, good Queen Regent with me though. She's a complex and interesting character alright, but unless her ambition and hunger for power turns out not to be her primary motivation, I can't imagine warming up to her.

I do actually kind of like Jaime, too bad he's a damn cruel sociopath.

Ho shit, glad I didn't say anything more then. The third book is where the series really came together for me, and a lot of big shit goes down in it. The second book is still fun, but a little more inconsequential, so you probably haven't ruined a great deal for yourself.

It took me a while to come around to liking Arya, but she has her moments in the first few books, and then just gets better and better. Jon gets a little less angsty too. As for Ceresi, her pride and lust for power are definitely her defining features, but you could also definitely say one of her primary motivations is love.

>Does Joffrey get any better?
Hahahaha. No.

Hodor is comedy gold.

The scene in the Godswood where he comes out naked with his cock swinging was hilarious.

I just got to the conversation about Sansa getting shipped to Highgarden for Willas. DO EET. Anyway, I bet Loras is a puff-fish oaf >:| and Will and Bran can be CRIPPLE BUDDIES

I like The Bear and the Maiden Fair.

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Catelyn is a useless cunt no matter what she does. I can't stand characters who are just like I CAN BE AS MUCH OF A STUPID BITCH AS I WANT BECAUSE I AM A MOTHER NONE OF YOU CAN STOP ME BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW HOW HARD BEING A MOTHER IS.

Cersi is like... Lady MacBeth crossed with the Snow White Stepmother but most of the other female characters are pretty likeable which is a pleasant surprise in a world like this where women are basically disposable single-use land deeds. Daenerys is fucking awesome. I'm waiting for her to fly in and lay waste to King's landing in a flurry of dragon fire and battle eunuchs. Breanne is great too, I hope Catelyn didn't totally cock her over with her rampant cuntbaggery in that that last book

I spent the entire run of the books waiting for something good to finally happen to Tyrion. He deserves it. I want the story to end with he and Daeny like... running the world together. Sandor's probably turned into my personal favourite, though you have no idea how let down I will be if he's dead for real. I am sorely hoping this necromancer guy experimenting on Gregor has turned him into some sort of horrible tank zombie and Sandor will get to come out of hiding to finish him off

Jaime's definitely become a respectable character. It's like... he and Cersi started on equal moral footing, and as Jaime starts trying to get his honour back Cersi loses hers. She becomes such an irredeemable witch in the fourth book it makes the ending so beautifully delicious.

I don't understand the hate that Jon Snow gets. I mean... he's angsty, but so is every character in the book. I never really feel like characters are complaining without justification. Imagine what being raised by Catelyn would do to a kid's psyche, he's spent the last 14 years being told by the closest thing he has to a mother that he's a waste of a person who should die.

File: 127831874329.jpg-(19.70KB, 333x191, Jon Snow2.jpg)

Ugggh Catelyn and Cersei's stupid fucking bawww my children I will do completely irrational things and be completely justified! Nothing can go wrong except maybe everything! No wonder Rob went and married that lady from the Crag with a mother like that.

Also, whoa, what the fuck Jon is awesome. Just about all traces of angst disappeared partway through the second book. All things considered, it'd be be really bad pacing for his characterization if he hadn't kept it up at least that long. What is he, 16? Most kids are in much worse phases at his age. He does finally fuck Ygritte right?

Damn it, Daenarys' parts of the story makes me miss Mongolia so bad.

>that second spoiler
More like she fucks him.

It's been a while since I read the books, and I read them all in a row, so I'm hazy on what happens when. I really hope Sandor's not dead, because his later sections made me like him a lot more. Once we actually spent time following him around he wasn't quite as terrible as he was made out to be. I mean, yeah, he's got a murder list as long as his arm, but there are some people he cares about, and he does have limits for things he'll tolerate from other people.

And Catelyn only looks normal when you compare her to Lysa. It's kind of a wonder the Stark kids are as sane as they are.

Arya + Gendry = bros forever

File: 127848523571.png-(19.45KB, 300x309, RageFace.png)


>fuck you Sansa
I still feel that way. My friend who got me into the series keeps trying to tell me that she is redeeming herself, but I call bullshit cause I still hate her.

Although Jaime is totally redeeming himself and that bothers me.

I gotta reread these books though. Favorite characters are Arya, Bronn, and the Onion Knight, but seriously, everybody is fucking great.

And Jon is great. And the stuff that happens on the other side of the wall. When Stannis shows up there it helps to pull everything together and makes it feel more like it all happens in the same world really. Is great.

Looking forward to Franken Clegor and WHATEVER THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH ARYA but unfortunately that's gonna have to wait for TWO books.

I really hope Martin doesn't pull a Robert Jordan on us here....

Apparently Martin's said he's going to go into some of the stuff in the fourth book at the end of the fifth book, just so he doesn't leave people with complete literary blueballs

Is this the one where a magic girl can control the elements by singing? Read that years ago.
Found it about 12 times more boring and monotonous than Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders.

The number of random and unpronounceable nouns is directly proportional to the monotony of the fantasy novel. I just wish the author put more work into writing the novels.

No. It's a mixture of heroic and low fantasy with small amounts of magic/dragons mixed in. It's heavily character based and engagingly written.

File: 12805538417.jpg-(148.98KB, 640x480, a sad charizard.jpg)
You know it's weird, but out of all the unbelievable shit the Lannisters have done I hated them worst for reforging Ice.

Why do I not remember this?


Wait, is that where they gave it to that executioner guy whose name slips my mind?

I take it back. Whatever floats your boat.


Oh noooo!


Well they did that first before it was reforged and then when Tywin came to King's Landing he was all hissy and fumey about the Lannisters being the only great house to not have a Valerian steel sword anymore (it was lost with an ancestor who sailed away) so he had Ice melted and reforged into two swords with black and red metal for vanity's sake instead of the pure, utilitarian steel Ice and the Starks had. One was for Joffrey, who thankfully died before he ever really used it, and the other was for Jaime who had become awesome by then so he named it Oathkeeper and gave it to Breanne of Tarth to help her fulfill her oath to Katelyn Stark.

Yeah, I forgot all of that. Time to reread I guess. Also, seconding Askal, that shit is unforgivable.

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