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Why do people waste so much time on writing something that isn't even good?

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To improve their writing abilities.
For fun.

Most writers think everything they do sucks. Its a continual process, and even then, no one else might want to read it.

I don't see why people tend to dismiss fanfiction just because the majority of it is bad. Like everything else, the good stuff is buried underneath the shit, it just needs to be dug up and found

To keep people who like to make fun of crappy fanfics entertained.

Because not everyone who wants to tell an inspired story has the time to become a literary master.

Not every fanfiction sucks, bro... just the majority. I will admit though, that the ones that seem to be kept updated and have the most chapters are generally terrible.

There is a lot of good fanfiction out there, and in surprising series too. Yes, the majority of everything on that site is total shit, and searching for the good stuff really sucks hard.

I'm considered one of the best in my current fandom, which honestly, isn't saying a lot because it's overwhelmed with pure crap. I used to read every. Single. Story. That came out in it, but soon it sapped my will to write.

Yeah, I dunno. Personally, I write Fanfiction to get the crazy ideas out of my head. And then I just post that. Also I don't feel compelled to create my own characters, my own world, and my own set of rules. But if I love the characters that others have created, I usually get inspired to create my own scenarios and situations in their universe, on their terms. That's all :)

Because unless you are publishing the next great best selling novel, all writing is a waste of your time.

You waste your time practicing art by drawing other peoples characters. You waste your time programming in other peoples languages. You waste your time cooking things from recipes created by other people. You waste time contributing to a society that isn't ideal, fair or just.

All disciplines and hobbies are equally worthless and pointless. All disciplines and hobbies are equally worthwhile.

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File: 127450237412.gif-(49.08KB, 300x366, whoa.gif)

Nobody cared about since they canned the NC-17 stuff.

And have you even LOOKED at the M rated submissions? Most of them are porn. There's just no other way to describe some of this fanfiction, they're just pure smut, no story at all.

Ok, I'll admit it, I used to browse this place ALL THE FUCKING TIME before I graduated from high school, which might still be too old.

I only ever wrote three fics, and my account is still up, with two "previews" of things I never wrote but planned too before I got into the real world.

I used to be part of this one guy's forum, who was just supposed to be an professional editor who trolled fanfics during his lunch break.

I think Flame Rising was his name. No idea what happened to those people, that forum, or him.

Ah, memories. I think I remember favoriting a Rasputin Zero fic before I knew he posted here.

I once wrote a Bloody Roar fanfic, lots of people liked it.

Then I grew up and realized it was shit, but then again, I realized I'll never have the motivation to write like I had.

I used to write horrible Sailor Moon fanfiction. I was a kid and hey, it was fun and helped me discover my love for writing.

In elementary school I wrote terrible Gargoyles fanfiction complete with a blue Mary Sue gargoyle named Blade.

I was the nerdiest second grader.

When I was a kid and making up my own little daydream fanfictions, it seems that my Marty Stu was ALWAYS the one that made the heroic martyrdom sacrifice all the time. I had like, this unhealthy fucking obsession with dying gloriously.

...And then I grew up and got boring.

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