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/writ/ We face dark days ahead. Recent intelligence suggests that a new nefarious organization has arisen. They have begun to refer to themselves as The Lords of Pulp Fiction, because they have formed by an alliance of:
Sax Rohmer: The brains of the outfit, he is a criminal mastermind, capable of inventing the perfect crime many times over. Do not let his gentlemanly exterior fool you, or you'll end up dead on a balcony somewhere and no one we'll have a fucking clue how you got up there.

H.P. Lovecraft: An expert on the Occult and powerful sorcerer. Master of a thousand secrets that could each drive you mad. Not that he's a model of mental stability. Be careful, he can be very unpredictable, and wields powers man was not meant to know.

Robert E. Howard - The muscle of the group, he's a former pugilist and bodybuilder. He's also personal friends with Lovecraft, so you know he aint afraid of shit. Known to operate under the alias "Ace Dick"

Your mission /writ/ is to assemble a team of badass writers to combat this team of Superwriters. Choose wisely.

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Done and done.

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