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Okay so I'm writing a "Time travel cold war" story and I need help and critique for the world creation.

The basic idea is that I'm aiming for the soft, space opera style of time travel and having several alternate histories scheming and plotting against each other to spread their version of history. The story will be centred around a new, unaligned entrant to the cold war and her struggle to keep her home time line safe. You can blame GURPS: Infinite worlds for the inspiration.

And here comes the problem, I'm trying to figure out the factions, once I do that I can work backwards for the history that created them. Here's what I have so far:

Time police/knights - A military police organisation with members from multiple backgrounds, they enforce history as it stands regardless of the moral implications. Need a name for them still because "time police" is about as subtle as unobtainium.

Atherium Empire - A time line where colonial Europe was united after a bloody war and then proceeded to discover time travel. Victorian/Edwardian in style, but not in technology.

Nomads - natural time travellers that move in and out of other societies and periods, trading knowledge and goods, sometimes illegally. Believe in paraincarnation, that after death they are reborn in another version of them self at birth once again and suffer a good/bad life depending on actions in the previous. Haven't decided if this is true or just superstition yet.

Martians - Coming from a time line where man was forced to colonise Mars in the distant past, they still travel to Earth to travel through time as well.

And that's all so far. Does this sound like reasonable for a start? Anything seem stupid? I realise its only a limited start but I figure I might as well get criticism early on before I centre too much work on an unworkable idea.

In regard to the name of the time police, you can't go wrong with an acronym, preferably one that forms some word of phrase of meaning, ex: Time Risk United Technologies and Harmonics (TRUTH)

For the Nomads, I think it'd be interesting for you to mess around with whether their beliefs are true or superstitious. They're off the grid, operating on what governments label "dangerous" methods of time travel for "nefarious" or "religiously-justified" crimes. Then show it from their perspective - they've been time traveling for some time now and know not to meddle with certain things, but that others must be intervened upon, etc. None more noble than the nomad and such.

Would an organization dedicated to conserving timelines to their original states need to have a name because that just sounds like a liability waiting to become a paradox. Maybe just have it as anyone in the know just calls them "the law". How do they deal with deviants to the time space continuum anyway?

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