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I feel like the biggest problem with my own writing is I always end up hating it. The more I look at it, the more flaws I see, and it just eventually becomes the most awful dribble imaginable in my eyes.

Anyone else ever feel like that? Does any writer actually LIKE their own stuff?

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Exactly the same sentiments, but I write what I come up with anyways. I have an irrational fear that someone will find my notebooks and share them with the world and everyone will laugh at me, but as long as they're locked in my room I keep writing.

My problem is that I'm writing like fifty things at all times. It's as simple as "pick one and focus," but I can't pick one. That's why there's like fifty.

I used to beat myself up a lot over my own work. Somewhere though I learned to let go, and be more reasonable with myself. I still strive for quality, but I don't drive myself mad trying to reach for unobtainable perfection.

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A lot of the times I think what I've written is unfunny and bland, but then I go back and discover that it isn't all the bad.

Though I have written things that I simply had to destroy. It happens.

Though I am a perfectionist at best (every word must be perfect!), I often look at my work with confidence. At the same time I'm a critical eye, so I'm always working on improving myself. In the end there's a mixture of knowing I have the ability, and being humble enough to know it can be better.

I put a lot of work into crafting my pieces, why would I hate them?

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If you're beating yourself up over it, you're doing it RIGHT.


If you don't keep writing anyway, if you don't set aside old ideas and push on to the new, if you don't go back to those old ideas after time has passed, if you EVER. STOP. WRITING?

Then you're doing it wrong.

Of course, this mentality is also probably why /writ/ gets so few posts: Shits scary to share.



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The great irony of this series is the fact that it's become widely regarded as one of the classic children's book series...when the writing is fairly mediocre, held up almost entirely by the horrific illustrations.

Ughh. For some reason I'm now into science fiction even more than before, to the point where I have to FORCE myself just to read anything outside of that genre. Even then, I usually get bored and build a desire to read something sci-fi.

It's annoying. I blame Phillip K. Dick for writing good books.


Really? Oddly enough, I've been on a non-fiction kick for the last two years for no reason.

I'm kind of direct opposite of you... I can't stop reading fantasy. I've had Stephen Baxter's Manifold trilogy sitting on my shelf for like a month now and haven't even touched it.

Would anyone be interested in IRC? I have the #/lit/ board that no one goes to, the joke being actually talk about books.

Sure. Gonna have to figure out how to use it again, though.

>>4579, ect. The board was originally regged by the cool animu Rizon trolls, but they've more or less stepped down. It's cool to talk about books, man.

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