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A lot of authors these days just aren't well known to generations. Some authors became obscure within just 10 years of their work, and most just vanished into library shelves.

With that in mind, what are the authors you fear will be forgotten?

Pic related, it's Sara Teasdale. A poet who garnered most attention with her love poems~, her worker rivaled other contemporary poets of her time in it's elegant, beautiful mannerisms and subtle notes.
She wrote some good stuff you guys.

I found her rummaging through a library in New Mexico, under a cramped corner stack of musty old poem logs. Her book, A Tree of Night, was one of the most pleasing surprises I've encountered, and I realized that most people will never know of madame' Teasdale. She was never quite renown in her own time, and her work hasn't garnered any substantial representation elsewhere. This is a shame.

C. L. Moore. She's basically the mother of the sword-wielding warrior woman in modern fantasy, yet I only heard of her thanks to a recent publication of her stories about Jirel of Joiry, titled Black God's Kiss. It's one of my absolute favorite reads, yet I might never have heard of her.

Any Golden Age crime writer who isn't Agatha Christie i.e. Georgette Heyer, Ngaio Marsh, Margery Allingham

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