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/writ/efags, I've got a seriously serious issue regarding writing. My brain is filled with countless of ideas which just need to be written down and some people I send the little fragments of my writing admitted that I have real writing potential, but I am rarely in the mood to do so.

Right, I am no Bert Brecht who can turn any current experience into a poem or a Mozard who writes his opporettes while taking a shit. It's really frustrating and it's killing more and less the mood to write.

I tried everything my bias allowed so far, music of all kinds, sitting in front of my desk for 2 hours and focusing on writing, getting high from withering apples and orange skins. The only thing I haven't tried yet was fucking a hooker, but I doubt the muse would come over and say "hi, I am your muse of inspiration, I suck your penis to increase your motivation".

Meh, I still have 3 months until I finished the purgatory called high school, maybe I will get the writing will if I am done with it.

But seriously guys, any hints how to force yourself into further writing?
I promised /co/ to write a fapfic and I want to get it done by the end of the next month. I have the main idea, the dynamics and intropespective shit,yes yes, but how do I get myself to write it down?

Pic related, I maybe don't have a harem full of useless sluts, but this is my constant mood.

You need to take baby-steps. Lines here, paragraphs there. Exercise. Maybe try to find a partner to write with. That helps me.

But really, this is an age-old problem. Everyone has trouble with this. Your own solution is your own.

There really is no other solution than to force yourself to write. Hopefully with time you don't need to force yourself, and you'll do it naturally. It might help to set a time each week(or day), like Thursday 21-22 that you're supposed to write in, doing nothing else. Your mental state may change to such, that whenever it's writing-time, you'll feel like writing.

This is the same problem 90% of aspiring writers have to deal with. Despite having many great ideas and having developed them, the very fact of writing is somehow incredibly tiresome.

It may help to try to understand why you wish to write in the first place. If it's because you think writing is glorious, then there's little that can be done. But if you write to fulfill some objective(whatever it may be), it may help if you reward yourself by whatever when you write a bit.

Join a roleplaying forum.

That way you'll HAVE to write.

Take it slow. Just write a little blurb here and there and read some stuff. A good story can be inspiration in itself.

Know what got me going, OP?

Playing Planescape: Torment.

Sure, it's not an incredible read in book terms but it's an EXCELLENT game, and the writing is very, very, very good.

If you see anything interesting or striking irl, narrate it to yourself in your head. It'll be less than brilliant, but a few phrases and the essential concept will stick in your head and you can go home and improve it.
Always works for me, anyway.
Also, have fun. Pick something unique or interesting to write about. Generate your own concepts. Don't be afraid to limit yourself to a paragraph or even a handful of sentences to work on your craft.
My inspiration was from videogames also, albeit a little less direct- I read The Man Who Was Thursday thanks to Deus Ex and Roadside Picnic thanks to STALKER.

Write something you think it stupid and post it anyway. I mean who cares? Just get the ideas out of your head.

I recommend starting with flash/microfiction.

OP here

Oh u

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