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ITT: We talk about the awesomeness that is Discworld and Terry Pratchett.

I myself have just recently jumped into the series with Thud! being my first book, and I now have a huge man-crush on Vimes.

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Vimes is pretty awesome, yeah. Now read Guards! Guards! and see the humble origins of him and his men.

I just read Unseen Academicals. It's pretty good, but the pacing is decidedly different from the typical Discworld "phenomenon" books, so that threw me off for a while. But my favorite moment was opening the book and seeing that the first page was 50% footnote. I hadn't read any Discworld in over a year; it was like coming home.

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Imagine there was a film about Vimes. A big, expensive Hollywoodish but still amazing film about Vimes being the most badass guy in town. It would be magnificent.

My favourite characters are still the witches and the wizards though. And I have a nerd crush on Ponder Stibbons.

How important is it that you read this stuff in order?
I bought # 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 just yesterday(the store was out of 2), and I was wondering what I would be missing in The Light Fantastic.

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To answer your first question: you don't have to read all of the books in the order that they were published, but there are some that focus on specific characters and can be considered "sub-series." It's best to read the books within such sub-series in order. Have this chart >>3027 it doesn't include the most recent books, but other than that it's pretty comprehensive.

To answer your second question: it picks up on The Colour of Magic's cliffhanger ending. Really, the first two books are only necessary if you want to read the other Rincewind-centric books, which are pretty fun but maybe not as substantive as the ones about the Watch or the witches.

Honestly I think the first one about the dragon or the second about the gonne would be great movies.

  You are now realizing that the big reveal in Unseen Academicals about how orcs were used in battle is probably based on this.

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