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Have you ever read actual good fanfiction? By that I mean stuff that should actually, genuinely be published and established as the main continuity?

(in b4 comics and expanded universes)

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Freak Like Me is a super super fantastic one, and I'd love to see it published, but I think it'd be better as a What If? or so. I can't think of anyway for it to be shoved into the main continuity without it seriously screwing up Spider-Man or without it being retconned in a really bad way.


This is one of my favorites. I have read quite a few good ones, but once again I am thwarted by my tendency to forget to bookmark stuff.

I used to be into it, but too much of it seems to ramp on the raw appeal of imaging your favorite characters in crazy situations.

What little I would term or remember as good hasn't really stuck in my mind, and it was more show/comic specific. So if you don't know the show/comic, then you're gonna miss why shit's immediately good or funny.

I once made a fanfic about Bloody Roar, but it was pretty much about some characters I created, while the rest of the cast popped in once in a while, I set up stuff that was already known like character relationships and shit like that.

And it's funny because I hadn't even played anything else but the 2nd game and I only played it with my bros sometimes, all I knew was from wikipedia and the Bloody Roar website, people seemed to like it a lot.

A few, surprisingly, though I haven't had the desire to wade through all the sludge looking for gems in a long while.

This is a good one if you like Harry Potter at all- though it hasn't been updated in like a year....

This Star Wars one actually has a rewrite, but its honestly not all that different, and its also not complete. I suggest just reading the original. Puts an interesting twist on an old cliche.

The problem with finding good fanfiction is that more often than not the truly good ones get abandoned halfway through.

File: 125986041884.jpg-(21.27KB, 314x300, slowpoke_i see wat u did thar.jpg)
Heh. Just got why you put the Shocker as your image for this thread. SLOOOWWWPOKE.

i once read a fanfiction about Nightcrawler's origins, growing up in the circus. it was awesome. his birth/adoption is a different explanation than is given in the comics, but otherwise it's the best fanfic i've ever read, and the only "long" one i've ever had enough interest to finish reading:

oh man i loved bloody roar when i was kid!


The Shocker: Legit

File: 126021022478.jpg-(275.07KB, 1280x1024, Devil_May_Cry_(DMC)_by_Capcom.jpg)
I read a Devil May Cry one once. In the Mission by Chasm. Was more of a novelization than pure fanfiction but still from the fan's mind. It was well done I had no idea that a game like that could translate into something so...literary...

Hmm. That's surprisingly long... but its on hold and has been since '04.

Yes the author most definitely abandoned it but what's there is stellar.

And if Devil May Cry, a series about killing demons in the most awesome ways possible could be translated into a strong piece of prose anything can.


There was some fanfiction about Twilight Princess that blew my god damn mind for like two hours straight. The last half of it was alive with tastelessness; I couldn't stop reading because the next word was always more angering than the one before it.

But that first half had me. Something about Link finding a way to reassemble the mirror and reunite with Midna or some such romantic nonsense I get lightheaded over because I am a little girl.

This is a really good one.

Don't know how good this is overall, but amazing for the fandom:

The fanfic recommendations pages on TVTropes are a fucking goldmine.


I don't get it.

"Actual good fanfiction"? It's a "shocker". Get it now?

Oh, OK.

...Forgive me if I don't think it's that funny.

I didn't think it was that funny either, I was just laughing at myself for missing such an obvious joke. Thus the slowpoke.

There's a ton of good fan fiction out there. I mean it is not unlike sifting for diamonds in shit, but, man, so's trying any new author. Have you seen some of the crap that gets published?

The Shocker: Legit would have been better if it ignored Civil War, and didn't make Black Cat the love interest.

You have no idea how much I hate you for telling me this existed. Its gonna take me like a month to read all these...

>>Black Cat the love interest
...This sounds like fanfiction.


Seriously, if it wasn't for that, it would have been a lot better.

It's still really good.

Kim Possible:
The crossover bits are a bit odd at first, but ultimately nicely handled. Worth it for cheerleader versus goat man. The fandom itself has a surprisingly decent writing community.

It looks like a typical Eva fic for about a chapter; I won't give away the twist, but stick with it. I dig everything this author does but wish he would go back to narratives instead of short stories.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Yes, really.
Awesome Sonic 2 novelization. The guy's other work can be hit or miss, but he really does well when writing about the connection between Sonic and Tails. ; Shorter Sonic 3 adaptation told from Knuckles's perspective. This guy writes the best Robotnik, period. Read the rest of his stuff, too.


this is the only good fan fiction I've ever read about sonic. It's also the only one, but still.

Huh, I just bookmarked this one today to read later. I'm not into movieverse but the positive reactions on it made me curious.


It never got finished, sadly, but that's honestly the best Danny Phantom fanfic I've read. And it's not even about Danny, but about his grandson.

I'm failing at finding it at the moment but years ago I found a fic that brought John Constantine into the Harry Potter universe that was pretty clever. No idea if it was ever finished, but Constantine ends up becoming Dark Arts teacher, faces off w/ Snape and trades muggle crap to Arthur Weasley for information. Probably takes place after book two or three.

I thought I read some good fanfiction once, but then I realized I read it back when I was 13, and I probably can't trust those memories, given my age at the time. Good then would likely be crap now.

Shouldn't be "actually, genuinely be published and established as the main continuity", but dammit if I'm not enjoying this. Nightcrawler/Scarlet Witch, but the fun is in all of the Avengers and X-Men wreaking havoc.

I like this one, even if it is trolls fuel.
Its made of SCIENTS and Da'www!


I tried following that one once, as I am a HUGE Kigo fan (on a sidenote "Alone Together" is a fucking EPIC fanfic), but got busy with other stuff by the time the kids finally showed, and lost interest, never really getting around to picking it back up.

File: 12793365563.jpg-(134.02KB, 700x592, Means Of Persuasion.jpg)

A geewun Transformers fanfiction with no self-inserts or slash, for one thing. Very well written, well paced, enough action and cliches to pass as something based on an 80's cartoon, but they work and they're fun. Features a huge cast of canon characters, with OC's playing a minimal yet vital role; not too much spotlight, but enough to justify their existence and advance the plot.

TL;DR this is a damn good Transformers fic.

File: 127938169192.png-(56.13KB, 350x350, 0511-0810-2000-3262_Shocked_Man_clipart_image.jpg.png)
"How is it that nobody else has realised the injustice, the tyranny of society's standards of beauty? How is it that nobody else appears to realise the stranglehold the conventionally beautiful hold upon our culture, our thoughts, our feelings? How is it that nobody else has gazed upon these women and realised that they need to be destroyed, that their reign of sameness must be brought to an end if we, the ugly, the undesirable, the un-beautiful, are ever to believe ourselves worthwhile? How is that nobody else in this world sees what needs to be done, and knows how to go about doing it?

How? Simple.

Nobody else in this world is Doctor Octopus."

I shit my pants.


File: 127949990928.jpg-(40.54KB, 200x259, 1279390264637.jpg)
Different Anon here.

>chapter 4

Oh, uh, in that regard, it gets worse.

The last chapter will make you D: for all time.


I finished it last night.

I just... I just...

I'm sad for everyone.

Shhhh. It's okay, anon. I like to imagine Peter, MJ, and Ock all have a happy three-way relationship and go off to live on a cozy tropical island away from all the humdrum of their lives. This is canon to me!

I read this a long time ago and was in love with it, but I don't know how well it actually is because I have severe nostalgia for this story, so I'll let someone who can read it objectively decide. It's Darth Vader's web blog spanning the original trilogy with occasional flashbacks.

Also, pretty much anything by Starhorse. This one's my favorite.

Hey Spider!

Thanks for the read. That was really, really amazing. What was so D: about the last chapter though? I thought it ended perfectly, even if Ock got the death penalty, which I doubt he did.

'Cause it made me go D:, but I suppose it was honestly more of a ;~;.

I have a hard time justifying spending my time reading fanfiction, so I've never actually read anything good, or anything that was more than a few pages of horrible awful shockingly gross/terribad for the lulz.

Naruto: Team 8
A very well-done fic of what would have happened if Naruto was selected for Kurenai's team instead of Kakashi's. It's actually really deep and gets into the characters so well you'll start wishing that's how they were in the actual story.

Bleach: Uninvited Guests
Basically, Kenpachi and his squad burn their barracks and move in with Toshiro and his squad. Things kind of snowball into one gigantic hilarious mess that winds up involving pretty much every main character in the show. Expect plenty of jokes about the Bleach canon and the inconsistencies therein.

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