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One Piece

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First thread >>361

Hey Piggylicious, good job on the "Whitebeard confirms One Piece, triggers pirate boom". Nailed it!

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You'd think the "his" in this case would be Blackbeard, what with his having a hand in... pretty much everything, but the fact that she doesn't straight-out say Blackbeard makes me wonder if there was some other person involved.

File: 127242830113.jpg-(114.03KB, 575x213, HighFiveHowardandWerth.jpg)
Thanks man.

Yeah, I don't know what the deal with that is.

Also, in spite of that scanlation, she's apparently using a gender-neutral pronoun.

Which... probably means it's either a lady or some sort of okama-type person.

Heh, yeah, just ask a newfie.

Or it could be a literary device meant to make the person she's referring to that much more vague.

One Piece is like 90% male. That there would be any ambiguity at all instead of straight out saying "that guy" sounds like lady to me.

I think that might be a language thing. A gender neutral pronoun isn't necessarily just for obfuscation, it could be that said pronoun was just what sounded natural in Japanese.

Theory on Devil Fruit powers: the power doesn't come from "sea devil" in the fruit, but a parasitic/symbiotic organism like a worm or an insect which lives in the fruit until someone eats it, then it travels down into their stomach where it alters their body to have some power but also be paralyzed by standing water.

When a person with it living in them dies, the thing exits the decaying corpse and gets scattered to the wind until it finds a fruit it can crawl back into and make the new fruit of that power.

The reason a power can only be in a fruit or a person at a given time is that whenever a new organism is born it gives a different power.

The reason eating two fruits kills you is that if two of these things ends up in one stomach they fight each other and destroy the person's stomach in the process.

Devil Fruits aren't special kinds of fruit, they're just a regular fruit which looks weird when that thing starts living in it.

Vegapunk probably knows this, and Blackbeard found out too. He took Whitebeard's powers by either removing the thing from Whitebeard's corpse and putting it in his extra stomach or transplanting Whitebeard's stomach into his own body.

tl;dr Devil Fruit are fruit tainted with superpowered tape worms.

Dude, that's just like trying to explain the Force; just don't do it. Some things just need to stay a mystery.

Now if we could just go ahead and get your Midi-chlorian count sir we can finish your application to the Jedi Academy.

Midichlorians do not create the Force!

Sorry, geek pet peeve.

Yeah I know that... and YOU know that, but HOOOOOW did the masses respond to it?

That's not really a good comparison.

The Force is about being all mystical and vague, but Devil Fruits are something that's studied and researched a lot in-series, to the point where they're cataloged and Vegapunk even knows how to give them to animals.

I was just thinking of some science-based but still utterly ridiculous explanation for the weirdness, like an island in the sky being there because of volcanoes or a living skeleton regenerating by drinking milk. I guess I just didn't make it sound weird enough (I should have just left it at "superpowered tapeworms")

Granted, I don't expect them to be "explained" (or not to be), it's just that it wouldn't be out there for how they work to be gradually discovered.

Plus, we are going to need an explanation for the Blackbeard thing, and this might come with it.

Right so we can all agree my mildly terrible joke was actually completely terrible, got it.

But all it takes is one bite to get the power, supposedly. What are the chances that the tapeworm would be in that exact place at the time of biting?

The idea was that it preferred people or animals to fruit, so it crawled down their throat the second they bit into it.

That's still re-taaaaaaar-ded

But Mr. 4 turned his Bazooka into a dog, so how would that work?

Though I've had enough retarded ideas myself, so whatever.

File: 127275873964.jpg-(236.80KB, 887x905, 1272756125375.jpg)
I'm crossposting this from a thread currently on /a/

>You are now realizing the island BrownBeard took over is Crocus's homeland

Brownbeard has been around for all of two panels and already I want to see the Straw Hats cave his face in.

the tips of the feathers are different

but you might be onto something

Capone's ship, I just noticed it's castle themed

Did you notice Bonney's is a cake?

we know how luffy got his hat, but where did Shanks get his strawhat from? I can't help but think there's something special about the hat.

You mean before he gave it to Luffy? I dunno, maybe he made it, maybe he bought it, maybe some other important pirate gave it to him.


Luffy goes back in time and gives it to him. HAT PARADOX.

Maybe Roger gave it to him?

This is probably a dumb idea, but outside of Moria's powers, do you think there's some power out in the New World that can bring people fully back to life?

Again, this ventures into bad fanfic territory, but it might give the crew some reason to go check out the One Piece Afterlife. Of course, everyone on the crew would probably want someone different to be brought back, outside of Sanji, (unless Gin is dead, and even then maybe not him,) and could cause some tension among the crew in case it can only bring one person back.

Revive Revive Fruit. Not only was it done, it was done BY A STRAWHAT.

Oh right. Brooke.

Well, then, besides that too, like some jewelry thing or some shit.

Actually, this is kind of stupid.

you know, all this talk about tapeworm devil fruits and everyone forgets about that gun that ate a dog dog fruit


And the sword that ate the Elephant Elephant fruit.

Or was that an elephant that ate the Sword Sword fruit?

It was originally a sword, now it's a sword with the ability to become an elephant.

A Sword or a Gun that had eaten the human fruit instead of Chopper would be pretty freaky/

File: 127296871790.png-(133.28KB, 400x400, 126955454877.png)
Would that be Mr. 1? Or...?

Ah true true, his abilities would have a great similarity to Mr 1 when a human.
though I imagine him having a pointier head in human guise, and the thought of someone attacking me with a sword that suddenly transformed into a sharp naked man...far more terrifying.

>I imagine him having a pointier head in human guise,
Yeah, but he could always hid as a shinto priest, with on of those tall hats.

What if an axe ate the axe axe fruit?

Oda said that if something ate a Zoan fruit of itself it will enhance whatever talents that species naturally has: a rabbit would become the best jumper, an ox would be the strongest, a human becomes "enlightened" (I'm just guessing with all but the last one when it comes to how it works for a specific species).

So I guess if you apply the same principal to an inanimate object it would make the Ax super-sharp and durable.

File: 127301695230.png-(64.51KB, 315x426, ItExists.png)

>>7293 That looks more like a hatchet.


That statement's got me thinking. Who is famous for being enlightened?

Buddha. Sengoku ate a Human-Human Fruit.

Excuse me but when the hell did he say that?

Oda said that if a HUMAN were to eat the Human Human fruit the effect is he would simply become enlightened and unable to swim.

Impossible, You don't get doublers of fruits in OP so far.

(checking SBS archive)

Oh, right. He only said the thing about a human eating a human fruit, that thing about anything else eating a Zoan fruit of the same species is just speculation.

So, when do you think we'll see Mariejois?

Most definitely. If the Gorousei can actually fight, it's prime territory for a final showdown. If they can't, it's prime territory for a well-deserved beatdown.

Wouldn't it be funny if someone on the Strawhat crew had secretly kept the South Bird in the ship? We didn't actually see it fly away after it got back on the boat leaving Skypeia.

Quite correct. But what do we know about Zoans that none of the other fruits have, hm?

Aren't those kind of... big? How would they even secretly get it onto the Thousand Sunny?

More likely, Luffy had the thing cooked and eaten.

Different models. But Chopper doesn't have a model, so... probably no doubles. Segoku probably ate the Buddha Buddha fruit or something.

What, are you claiming existance of Human Human Fruit: Model Negroid/Caucasoid/Mongoloid?

Which would Chopper even be? He doesn't gain human skin or any different color through the form change.

Well, you'd probably have to shave him to be sure.

He's Canadian, isn't he?



Don't you remember the small one they got in Jaya? That Giant South Bird in Skypiea was just an exception.

But yeah, he probably ate it.

He didn't mean Skypiea large. Even the regular one was like 3 feet tall and thus kind of hard to hide on a ship.

Really? The bird was that big? I thought it was smaller, about the size of a parrot.

It has been about a year and a half since I read that arc though, I could be mistaken. Well, I'm about to hit the Rainbow Mist Arc in my anime catch-up, I'll know by then.

I'll add it here as well - If Sabo doesn't die a flashback death he could go full Oliver Twist and have grown up to be a Tenryuubito.

Sort of real theory: Blackbeard's body can have more than one Devil Fruit power because he has case of fetus en fetu.

Crazy theory: Blackbeard is actually two shorter people glued together.


I have a feeling he'll play some part in the chapters to come.

Why else would they bother with a flashback of Ace/Luffy's childhood AFTER the event?

1. Luffy's character development
2. Sabo plays a part in the coming chapters.

If he's still alive I'm assuming he's a fairly adept fighter like Luffy, except he is also a confidence man, which is Luffy's weakness.

Besides, have they outright killed children in any flashbacks?

File: 127383003131.jpg-(61.06KB, 707x600, sadness.jpg)

>Besides, have they outright killed children in any flashbacks?



Well, Kuina was at least 12, Sabo seems to be only like 7.

Then again, I think the end of the last chapter indicated the next part happens a couple years later, rendering this pretty moot.

Akainu nuked the boat, meaning everyone including Robin's bratty cousin bit it.

First off: BUMP

Second: Looking at the chapter count and I'm calling it now. Strawhat reunion for chapter 600.

So that's fourteen more chapters to go... yeah, I can live with that. I just wonder what they're going to do during that time, since the flashback only has so much steam left.

Two to three more chapters of flashback, Luffy agrees to treatment, then either a small jump in time with discussion about the long-term affects of the severely weakened Marines and the absence of one of the Yonkou and several Shichibukai, OR maybe an study primer of the major players in the New World, such as the other Yonkou and the Revolutionaries.

Hell, I'd kill for some back-story about Monkey D. Dragon and the Revolutionaries, I think it's about damn time.

Yeah, plus I'm calling 600 as the reunion. Doesn't mean we might not see any of the other strawhats again. Hell, I'd love to get another chapter showing us the beginning of their treks BACK to Shaobody Archipelago.

File: 127519312711.jpg-(25.40KB, 349x175, 1275135621683.jpg)


Who's the guy on the right? An extra from the White Beard pirates?


also He-man.

He's one of the many unnamed Division Commanders, so he has substantial rank within the Whitebeard Pirates themselves.

It's assumed that he, along with Flintlock Geisha and Musketeer Trap, will have their info revealed in the next databook.

File: 127547832376.jpg-(54.36KB, 624x782, manji_bw.jpg)
Sounds familiar.

Othar and I were discussing the Rio Poneglyph, and I think that there's gonna be three things about it that we don't know.

1. It won't be on Raftel, it'll be on an island in the Grand Line that doesn't connect to ANY of the Log Pose paths, and therefore can only be found based on clues by the other Poneglyphs, perhaps based on the direction they all face, and where the lines converge.
2. The Rio Poneglyph will have been found before they find all the others, possibly by someone on accident, and its inscription will be given to Robin.
And 3. Upon reading it, Robin will realize that the whole much larger text is full of contradicting facts and statements, that also have been on the other Poneglyphs she's encountered. Then she'll realize that the Rio Poneglyph doesn't contain the true history of the World, but rather what of the other Poneglyphs isn't true.

That way, if someone WERE to find it before reading the others through sheer luck, they'd still not have the truth, and would have to eliminate the matching text on each in order to determine the parts that still remain and are therefore true. In the end, the only way to get the true history is to write down all of the texts in the Poneglyphs, find the Rio, and through a system of elimination, piece together what remains.

What lead you to this conclusion? Was it just so Robin's storyline won't just be effectively stalled until the very end of the series, or so the Rio Poneglyph won't make all the other ones completely redundant?


It's so that the message will be revealed to be be sure to drink your Ovaltine

Right on both accounts.



the world government prefers Nesquick

Wow. They ARE evil.

Now that Blackbeard has a super powerful Paramecia fruit and a super powerful Logia fruit, my guess is he'll try and go after a super powerful Zoan fruit as well to complete the set.

Unless he already has one, per the Cerberus theory.


that cerberus theory is a crock of shit

Zoro's hair isn't naturally green. He accidentally used a hair dye as shampoo once and decided to just roll with it, and has used the dye when showering ever since.

File: 127674428534.png-(69.51KB, 480x640, red haired shanks scars.png)

The final Blackbeard Showdown will somehow have a face-off between Django and Lafitte.

A face off? NO!






File: 127682199455.png-(51.09KB, 480x640, 1251986739392460.png)


I do wonder exactly how Shanks got those scars. They do look a bit like claw marks.

I thought maybe it could have been a scratch from a broken bottle but I don't think Shanks would allow that.

I thought he got those in a fight with Blackbeard


Yes, but what did use to give him those scars?

Blackbeard is secretly Wolverine

Doflamingo is much more important than anyone has guessed so far. In fact, he'll turn out to be one of the most important members of the WG, and one of the primary villains of the series. Consider these points about him:
1. He is only the second Warlord introduced, yet he is the one we know the least about. He has yet to have his character arc, which means he WILL have it sometime in the future.
2. He has the highest bounty seen so far in the series. This is impressive in and of itself, but what's more telling, in my opinion, is that he REMAINS the highest bounty we've seen. every time we have a character whose bounty is said to be higher than Luffy's, that person's bounty is already explicitly LOWER than Doflamingo's. This is a sign, to me, that Oda does not want him topped just yet.
3. He has crazy connections all over the place, and presumably in the New World as well.
4. He wants to end the age of Roger (or should that be the age of Whitebeard now?) and the quest for dreams. This puts him in direct opposition to the Straw Hats' goals and the themes of the series. Blackbeard may be Luffy's dark mirror, but Doflamingo's his exact opposite.
5. Finally, his most recent appearance pretty much outright says it. He reports directly to the highest authority and has the power to decommission other Warlords. And judging from Moria's reaction, not even the other Warlords knew this. Now THAT'S ominous foreshadowing.

So, in closing, Doflamingo is the one character, apart from maybe Dragon, you really need to watch.

Not to mention his decidedly vague abilities. At first, all we knew was that he could control people's bodies with some finger-wiggling (possibly thrown in for theatrics). That was that for a while, but now we've seen him cut straight through a giant giant's leg with some invisible weapon; this leads us to believe that he literally makes his victims into puppets via incredibly thin strings or wires. But is this a Devil Fruit ability that allows him to produce such things, or does he procure and wield them in the same way that Paulie uses his ropes? It's not uncommon for villains to display their abilities in mysterious or misleading ways in their first appearance; Robin and Kuma, for instance. However, Doflamingo has appeared again and again and we still don't know what the source of his power is.

On point number 2, you gotta remember that bounties don't equal power levels as much as they equal levels of brutality and/or extreeeeme lawbreaking. So Doflamingo not being topped by bounty doesn't necessarily mean he's one of the strongest, just that he's a harsh motherfucker.


Doflamingo is an important character, I definitely see a connection between him and Blackbeard. However, the two have conflicting view points, I don't think it was a coincidence they appeared in Mocktown around the same time.

If they are working together I have a feeling they'll try to backstabbed the other.

Oh yeah, that's another thing. He can disable a... whatever Oars is in one hit of... whatever his power is. Just one of these things schooled the entire Straw Hat crew until they managed to freeze him. I doubt they'll be going up against DF for a long time.

It's not just that he has the highest bounty. It's that Oda seems to be making a conscious effort to keep his bounty the highest. We've had several characters who could have higher bounties (Whitebeard's guys, the Level Six prisoners) but they've never been shown. That, to me at least, means something.

I've always thought of it as more of a gauge for how dangerous a pirate was. The bigger the bounty, the more of a threat they are. Hence why Luffy's went up every time he did something significant.

Calling this now: (two predictions Luffy is going to train on Amazon Lily to learn how to use his Haki, then we'll get a timeskip where he rides back to Saobody Archipelago on Jimbei's back. He'll do this just in time to show up for the Straw hat reunion in chapter 600.

It's not necessarily how dangerous a pirate is (although that comes into consideration.) It's how bad the government wants this criminal taken down. Eustass Kid and Nico Robin's bounties are extraordinarily high, but a lot of that is what crimes they commit, not how hard they can punch.

I hope Luffy never fully learns haki.

'Zactly. Kid's bounty isn't so high because of what he's done with his devil fruit powers, it's high because of all the murdering he does.

Eh, I think he'll learn enough that he can control it.

Him 'learning' enough that he can sort of use it to hit things he shouldn't sounds okay, I guess. Haki becoming some new secondary superpower sounds lame.

Well hitting people he normally couldn't is a must-acquire, or how else is he gonna hit Akainu?

Also, I sort of would like to see a form of being able to aim Haki at one person in particular, perhaps if done at close range, instead of an AOE thing Luffy has now, just to see what would happen if that much will was concentrated on one person. My guess is it would make it work on people who aren't usually affected by it, or work so well on one person it causes convulsions.

We get our first real training arc, Luffy learns about Haki and stops feeling "SO WEEEAAAAAK"

During this, we see "GREAT STRAWHAT ESCAPES" cover stories.


"Be A Man" just started playing in my head.


I don't think Doflamingo has a devil fruit power, but rather some other power that we don't know about.

But that doesn't mean he won't spread some misinformation about it, and rather pretend it's a Devil Fruit when people try to fight him with powers that usually work against Devil Fruit users, like pretending to be weakened by Seastone and deathly afraid of water.

>I don't think Doflamingo has a devil fruit power, but rather some other power that we don't know about.

Really strong wires? Because that and sufficient strength and skill with them are really all he needs.

Really... seeing as how he cut off Oars Jr's leg.

Yeah, unless he can use telekinesis or something on really fancy wire there's no way he could have pulled that off.

Yeah, just like Mihawk must have used some sort of psychic power when he cut that iceburg without even touching it!

This is One Piece, people.

>Yeah, unless he can use telekinesis or something on really fancy wire there's no way he could have pulled that off.
>really fancy wire

I'm sure it is.


Is it made with caviar? Does it have bows on it?

It's the property of Doflamingo, you know it'll be fabulous.

Hey, so what happened to the new episode last night? It didn't air, was Japan observing our Independence Day?

Anime is on a break

I hate being the last dude to figure this out.


- Chopper's goin' bird riding back to Shabondy

- It's possible Iva will organize some kind of transport for Sanji when he gets back to Kambaka (which is where he was headed after leaving Luffy with Law)

- Robin can hitch a ride with the revolutionaries (or just MAKE them take her, she can be very forceful when she wants to be)

- Zoro... Is going to need massive amounts of luck or find someone who can navigate worth a damn if he ever wants to get back (It doesn't matter if he has the vivrecard, dude can't even follow the leader)

- Franky's probably going to make himself an awesome new Battlefranky that he's going to store in the extra soldier dock in Sunny once he get's back to it.

- Nami has several options, fucking around with the weather to make the cloud island go faster, taking a cloud car, or providing an island with some weather service and asking for a ship ride to Shabondy.

- Brook... Will probably pull a "Pied Piper" and make the Long Arms his dancin' slaves. He was writing a big damn song last we saw him, and if one song could put people to sleep...

- Usopp has it the hardest, I can't really see any way he's getting off the island short of swimming like crazy using his newly formed fat deposits as flotation devices.

Okay, since we're about to get into the second half of their series, here's a list of how I think the story will progress.
-Crew gets to Fishman Island.
-There will be another war going on now that Whitebeard isn't protecting it anymore with his sheer existence.
-Luffy will prove himself to be a significant factor in the World by filling Whitebeard's Role the only way he knows how, screaming out simple yet shaking speeches, and beating the EVERLOVING SHIT OUT OF EVERYONE FIGHTING, and promising to do the exact same thing to anyone who wants to try it again.
-Sanji will find the All Blue somehow around here. The Red Line is the only thing in this world that all the various seas touch, my guess is there an entire underground ocean pocketed in the Red Line, like Underwater Caves and shit. It's not in the same pocket as Fishman Island, though, which is why no one found it. Sanji will prove it by kicking a hole between the two.
-Vegapunk Sega will be next, covering the fact that the Pacifista were pretty much the only guys on the WG Side of the Whitebeard side that didn't really have a flaw, Warlords had conflicting motives, some Marines were fucking crazy, etc. Sort of a parallel to how OUR government is slowing moving to Robots as the best means of keeping the peace.
-Brownbeard will be in here somewhere, and he will get the shit kicked out of him.
-If we didn't get a new crewmate in Fishman Island, we'll get one here, be it someone we know possibly as a temporary crewmate ala Vivi (Sentoumaru would be perfect for this, he doesn't actually have anything against pirates, respects Kuma more than Marines, would work as a good temporary helmsman, ties in with the theme of this Saga being about Vegapunk's schemes, and you just KNOW there'd be some hilarious conflict between him and Luffy over piles of food.) or a new character that could have some trait that might bring controversy to the crew, (a fishman helmsman would bring a lot of tension in the crew considering the one telling him how to direct the ship has a bit of a prejudice to his species, or that idea that was brought up a few days back about a newly made Logia that unfortunately found Ace's Fruit, which since wasn't stolen by Blackbeard, somehow became up for grabs.)
-Vegapunk's character will have references to Dr. Light and Dr. Wily. And yes, I partly want it because it means someone will do a The Protomen AMV of Vegapunk. And shut up right now, you know The Good Doctor would be fucking great.
-Vegapunk is working with "Monkey D. Dragon". How'd he get the Kuma model for his death bots?
-Vegapunk will try I-Robot style to suddenly switch all the robots from working for the World Government to trying to tear it apart all at once.
-Dragon will suddenly take over the Bots to kill Vegapunk and make them all fly to his island to bolster his forces, notching up Dragon's power for HIS upcoming saga.
-Oh, and if Devil Fruits aren't almost entirely explained in this Saga, they will in the next Saga...

-Oh come on, you KNOW it's coming, it's a manga about PIRATES, of COURSE they're gonna talk about THAT.
-Anyway, this is probably where Oda will if ever skirt around or put a major twist on the resurrection cliche. And BROOKE DOESN'T COUNT, guys. We've only known him dead.
-Strawhats will find that the next island that they have to go to reset the log pose has had all those precious metals and minerals taken from it by a mining team and as such, the log pose is spinning around like crazy. Luckily, there's an eternal pose that'll get them there.
-When they get there, they find that so little to latch onto is left, it takes a good twenty years before the crew can get a new reading.
-There IS a rumor though, that a large collection of the mineral was taken from the island a while back by a massive ship to sell, but said ship was sucked into the ocean by a sudden giant whirlpool in the area so powerful it's said to take ships so low that they're dragged into the abyssal plain of the Afterlife itself.
-Since Luffy is in charge, he decides to take that small rumor and decide the best option is to find it and head straight in.
-Unfortunately, you can't get out of the afterlife once you get in UNLESS you have the tools to do so, namely a rare gem of some kind that allows one soul to return for each soul coming back, which also coincedentally happens to be a bag of rare gems the crew recieved earlier, which ALSO happens to count up to one more than the crew has on board.
-And that's the big tension in this, besides a possible insurance in case one is lost or broken, it means that should they all come out unscathed, the crew can bring someone back. And since EVERYONE IN THE CREW has a lost loved one save Sanji, that means that there's gonna be an arguement over that special guest.(Sanji's position could possibly change with more backstory or maybe that it turns out Gin died, but I'm okay with one guy who doesn't have that issue, he can act as a sole mediator)
-Anyway, they decide to decide later, and make it there.
-The Bad Guys are a pirate crew made of the exact number of gems that want them to get out of death, all with some theme of death to them.
-The crewmates all have their reunion moments, Tom looks over Franky's ship, Rumbar Pirates join the strawhats in the fight against the bad guy, the Ohara scholars share what other information they had to Robin, Luffy sees Ace again, etc.
-But the important part is Chopper, as this is the arc where he gets his "The Fifth" moment. He sees Dr. Hiriluk again, and starts to wonder if he wants to go back.
-Meanwhile, after discussing it, and deciding what is best for everyone, they decide to bring back Ace, simply because he's the Pirate King's son.
-After a fight though, one of the gems is either broken or used by someone other than the crew, which throws that option out. Chopper then, against the crew's wishes, offers to stay behind with Hiriluk to let Ace return anyway.
-Bad guy defeated, yada yada yada.
-Chopper realizes he's still a valuable member of the team, and ends up getting to go with them anyway, as Ace decides to stay behind, and Chopper devotes himself to the crew fully.
-All that's left is Robin's "The Sixth", leading up to...

-Revolutionaries Saga.
-This is where I'm less sure about how things will pay out, simply because at this point there really hasn't been much to know about, so I'll just paraphrase some points.
-Monkey D. Dragon is a Zoan, a Dragon Zoan.
-Blackbeard is "working" for Dragon, although ANYONE who's been paying with the track record knows that this is part of "The Plan" to cripple or destroy the overbearing Forces in the world, and the Revolutionaries are about to be the next tile.
-There will be some discussion of the other Yonkous here.
-The necessity to follow the proper pattern of deciphering the Rio Poneglyph will be explained here.
-CP9 will be courted or have joined the Revolutionaries.
-If the latter, (and I know NO ONE will agree with me on this), Spandam will be seen again, and he will do something AWESOME.
-Speaking of returning villains? Earlier in the New World part, there will be an explanation of where Crocodile and Mr. 1 went, and they'll show up again with a new team to fight Blackbeard team on team.
-Remember all that shit in Enies Lobby and Water 7 about whenever CP9 discussed Robin being some "terrible force that could if awakened able to tear apart the world," Spandam talking about something Nico Robin had or could do to counter Franky's Ancient Weapon? Yeah, go read it again, NO ONE seems to remember that part.
-Anyway, I think it means Nico Robin either has significant knowledge on, can make blueprints of, or is herself, an Ancient Weapon, and Dragon wants that power.
-As to how Robin gets her "The Sixth"? That I cannot say. It depends on the relationship that Dragon will have with her, be it ally, method to victory, or a power he wields, that will make that part clearer.
-The power's too much for Dragon to handle, he wipes out his own forces with it, and Dragon is finished off by Blackbeard to gain his Zoan power.

-After that, really just filling out the dreams and going to the places we were promised, Wano Country, Elbaf, Raftel.
-Just one small note, in Elbaf, I say the God of Giants is actually some ancient furnace or engine that's sort of become like some great revered force, similar to those post-apocolyptic artworks of civilization starting from scratch, treating our technology as some sort of mythological thing or a piece of the landscape, unaware of its original purpose. You ever seen that painting of the people in the jungle living in the crashed 747 Jumbo Jet as a system of caves? Sort of like that.
-Also, Usopp will blow his hand off in the final fight using the impact dial. Remember how the Reject Dial had that possiblity if you used it more than a few times every lifetime or something, and how the Impact Dial's the same thing but weaker? Yeah, that may mean that if won't blow off your hand right away, but look how much Usopp uses it, and how much he's using it on bigger and bigger booms. It'll take the whole show, but all those usages are gonna eventually weaken his hand to the point that when he uses a fully charged one on a Giant's face, it'll most likely get most of his arm blown off. And at that point, Usopp will be the brave warrior of the sea he wanted to be, he took on a giant, won, and has the obvious scar to prove it.
-Of course, he'll get some mechanical arm too so he can still do the slingshot thing...

After that though, I really don't know. In fact, I'm probably wrong about some of this, but whatever, that's my take.

Feel free to tell me it all sucks now.


It all sucks now.

Seriously, though, holy crap. You've got so many speculations I'll bet you'll get one of them right by probability.

I say we'll get a female big bad in the new world, since we haven't had one yet. Big Mom or whatever the yonkou's name was is the most likely candidate to be a girl and boss, so i'm going with them for now.

I don't know, Big Mom is also a likely candidate for a new ally. That one could go either way.

I say she'll start off as an enemy but immediately soften up when she finds out that they're friends with Lola.

After using gear second and 3rd all the time, Luffy's body begins to slowly die and he gives himself to the marines.
He then says at his execution he left his treasure "at that place"
His treasure of course being the journey there.

i've been thinking about this. What if One Piece is just what it says, the ability to bring together all islands into one giant continent?

I'm opposed to any theory in which Luffy is executed by the WG.

Because that means the WG is still around at the end of the series, and does not get the walloping it deserves.

He said the Marines, not the World Government.

Which are an arm of the WG.

Unless Smoker or Aokiji reorganizes them by the end of the series...

alternatively his treaure is his friends, who died during the blackbeard/strawhat battle on Raftel

The final arc will be about the crew rescuing Luffy.

Rayleigh's plan and the thing everyone is freaking out about is that Luffy joined the Shichibukai. Seriously guys it's a OP tradition to guess that Luffy is joining the shichibukai, get on the ball.

Nah, the ending isn't going sad at all.

Personally, I've always seen these as the places everyone will end up:
- Luffy and Zoro will end up just traveling the world. Luffy just wants to get onto the next adventure and Zoro looking to get stronger. Both check in with the rest of the crew every once in a while. Or they both end up being executed. Maybe both.
- Sanji will open up his own restaurant and runs it with great success.
- Nami continues thieving bad guys. She also spends a lot of time at Sanji's restaurant because he makes a ton of money and he lets her eat for free.
- Chopper goes back home and sets up to take over as the head Doctor once the old lady dies (forget how you spell her name and I'm too lazy to google 'dat)
- Franky and Robin go back to Water Seven where Franky sets up shop making boats and Robin runs a library which specializes in history.
- Usopp goes back home and marries Kaya. He also begins to write grand tales and becomes a popular author and writes some of the most well known and beloved tall tales of his time.(His greatest work being the very book being the story of the Strawhats. It's the very book that is telling this story.).
- Brook ends up back at the entrance to the grand line, where he goes on to live the rest of his life with his beloved friend Laboon. He probably outlives the rest of the crew.

And I look forward to none of that coming true and Oda putting out an ending that isn't what I expected and instead something much better!

lol I can tell what you ship

And I agree with the last line fully

I also agree that a "where they are now" ending would be best for One Piece. Here are my theories about where they end up:

- Luffy is given a full pardon by the new government for saving everyone's ass. He returns to Windmill Village, has a son, and promises to be the father to him that Roger couldn't be to Ace.
- Zoro defends his title for years, before eventually losing it honorably to... none other than Tashigi.
- Nami's world map makes her a zillionaire. She becomes a world-renowned surveyor and architect, and her latest and most ambitious project? An amusement park for Fishman Island.
- Usopp is still sailing, operating out of Elbaf with a crew of giants. As a roving hero of justice, he rights wrongs wherever he encounters them. His services are free, meaning his household's breadwinner is his beloved Kaya, schooled to excellence in medicine by...
- Chopper, who succeeds the retiring Dr. Kureha as Surgeon General of the Drum Republic. He mixes miraculous cures from a certain mushroom he brought from Raftel...
- Sanji indeed finds All Blue, but believes that he alone does not deserve it... so he has Baratie moved there! It becomes the most popular (and most expensive!) restaurant in the world!
- Robin is put in charge of re-editing historical texts that the WG butchered. She accepts, on one condition: that she be allowed to do so from Ohara.
- Franky takes over Galley-La from Iceburg, who resigns to be mayor full-time. When he returns to Water 7, he brings Sunny with him, to live on!
- With you 110% on Brook.

>>9571 >>9575
No offense guys but I have to say alot of your ideas are pretty horrible.

Like most fan speculation, it always sounds better in your head.

Also they most likely agree.

Honestly, there's too much shit that needs to happen for me to think much about what happens in the epilouge, save one thing.

The anime better end with the Crew back at the start of the Grand Line dancing around playing's Bink's Sake to Laboon while the credits roll.

we're almost to issue 600

I think thats when the straw hats get back together

I can't help it. I'm a horrible monster.

Yeah, most of it was crap. Only one I could really see happening is the Usopp, Chopper, and Brook parts.

>Luffy gets full pardon
Nah, because Smoker is going to end up chasing down Luffy Zenigata style.

The anime better end with the Crew back at the start of the Grand Line dancing around playing's Bink's Sake to Laboon while the credits roll.

Hells yeah, Grad! >>7943 Hells yeah!

My theory is that, by Rayleigh's suggestion, Luffy claimed he was planning on invading Mariejos to divert forces from the Sabaody Archipelago and Fishman Island so his crew can reunited and head to the New World by the route they originally planned.

The kuma that showed up is the real Kuma and is working with the good doctor to overthrow the world government from the inside.
Or not.

I dunno what Luffy just did, but I'm positive I know what he's going to do next: kick Kuma's ass. The World Government replaced his brain right before the Whitebeard incident, so now that that's over they'll want him to finish his job at Shabondy. When the Strawhats get back to their ship they'll find Kuma waiting for them, surrounded by the bloody and beaten Rosy Life Riders. But thanks to whatever Rayleigh has planned, Luffy will be able to defeat him once and for all (possibly involving a tragic flashback about the old Kuma), proving himself ready to move on to the New World.

>The World Government replaced his brain right before the Whitebeard incident
You believe that propaganda?
It was just another bot.

He used paw-paw powers and was holding his Bible; that's how you tell the original apart from the copies. Also, Kuma went to Rayleigh before he poiped the Strawhats away and said that the WG was going to kill him soon (or something like that).

So, anyone wanna speculate on who gets the three empty spots in the Shichibukai?

Buggy is pretty obvious, and I kinda have this feeling of them offering Eustass Kidd a spot.

Read the last chapter and I'm calling it now: Sengoku is only retiring to free himself up to hunt down the escaped Level 6 prisoners.

For that matter, I have this suspicious feeling that for some reason Akainu is going to replace him as Fleet Admiral instead of Aokiji.

Yeah. Kong may be higher than the Admirals, but the Five Old Assholes are higher than Kong. I fully expect them to overrule him. What's more, they'll probably give the Admiral slot to one of the nastier Vice Admirals, like the guy with the spider Zoan who keeps showing up.

Yeah them overriding his suggestion is one two ways I figured to be the most likely, the other being Sengoku's real suggestion being lied about

I completely agree. Sengoku wants someone fairly reasonable like Aokiji to run shit, since he knows that when push comes to shove he WILL defy the 5 old men in a sort of roundabout way. The question is whether Aokiji will be denied the promotion right away and the job given to Akainu, or if he gets demoted / retired later on after he pisses the 5 old men off.

If it's Akainu, then I'd wish death on him and all above him.

EVERYONE above him? That doesn't include Sengoku, does it?


No, I mean if Sengoku steps down and Akainu takes his place.

Shiryuu will defeat Mihawk, becoming the greatest swordsman in the world. Zoro's goal will become defeating him.

File: 12805397143.jpg-(1.16MB, 1600x756, onepiece41500bby8.jpg)
All right, /op/penheimers, here's a new topic for speculatin' on:

What will the next popularity poll yield?

Personally, I am making the following predictions:

* Whitebeard makes top 10.
* Boa, Jinbei, Ace, Shanks, and Law make at least top 15.
* Law manages to beat some of the Straw Hats again.
* Would not be surprised if some of the non-Luffy Straw Hats move down, as they haven't done much in a while.
* Sabo places relatively high.
* Luffy remains #1.

Yeah, I agree with all of this. I wonder who will rank higher though, Franky or Brook?

When is the next one though? I can never tell what the hell the schedule for this stuff is.

Brook had a clear lead last time, but if Franky's cutaway segments are as popular in Japan as they are here across the pond, that might give him a kick in the votes.

Anyone else think the crew will find the Wano Country in the New World? Maybe some plot point that makes it necessary to go there, like Zoro breaking Wado Ichimonji maybe and there being a blacksmith in Wano can fix it.

File: 128055527048.jpg-(77.70KB, 690x1100, Wano Country.jpg)
It sounds cool in concept, but I kind of doubt it.

Wano Country doesn't really have much in it to do, especially since Ryuma already killed the dragon, and scenery-wise is kind of barren for series about adventure (pic related). Them visiting or any time spent there will probably be fairly short.

File: 128055537911.jpg-(136.74KB, 1332x750, SECOND photo of Eichiro Oda.jpg)
Also, I find the need to post this which I found re-reading Wanted! to look that pic up.

A page containing a photograph of Oda besides the one everyone has seen a million times.

Oda is truly a man of few appearances.

Im not sure if this counts as a speculation, I guess more of a hope for the New World. I wanna see the Strawhats land on a medieval themed islands. Maybe the cliche tyrant king controlling the island, the Strawhats can meet a knight who wants to overthrow the king. It would be a nice arc, Zoro fighting a knight would be cool.

Didn't we do that on Drum Island? And hasn't Zoro fought a knight before when they were chasing after Robin in the Sea Train?


How 'bout a Don Quixote type character who thinks windmills are giants - and is RIGHT?

Well the guy on the train wasn't exactly a knight. I meant a guy who looked just like one, covered in armor, wielding a large claymore. It could possibly give Zoro experience fighting someone with a larger sword, since Mihawk's sword is massive and Zoro has only fought katanahs

Yeah, a clumsy, awkward knight who wants the Strawhats to help him deal with whatever villain is messing up the kingdom, maybe some guy who controls giants and has them disguised as windmills, or maybe a Giant with some transformation fruit or whatever. I imagine a thin, tall guy, the armor loosely attached to him, the visor constantly falling and him dragging around a sword he can barely lift. I don't know, just an idea for a possible, but unlikely arc for the New World.

Sort of like Dalton?

File: 128057189252.jpg-(274.97KB, 559x800, GanFall.jpg)
... Um...

>fat Usopp


It's like tvsBialy came back from the dead. :D

Viz needs to do a release of this stateside. Hell considering that Sand Land, Cowa!, and Zombie Powder have all seen US releases, so it's not like this wouldn't be possible.

As for actual speculation:
- Robin isn't going to be joining the Dragon and his Revolutionaries, but she will keep contacts with them to share the information she finds on the Poneglyphs.
- The Strawhats will team up with the former members of CP9 at some point in the New World, though they probably won't get along too well.
- Spandam might be involved with that last one, but probably not. If he is he will have a new CP9 formed.


The last chapter says that Bonney is using her power to hide her true age, yes?

She'll be the Strawhat grandma to Brook's grandpa. I dunno why, when or how she'll join the crew, but it does seem to make sense in a way, yes?

The new spoilers didn't say anything about that. Just Akainu telling Bonney she wasn't going to run away again and her telling him she hates him.

So what does she do with the crew she already has? And why would she ditch them?

For that matter, what purpose would she serve?

Also she seems to be a very important person to the Marines, as the reason BB captured her was that he intended to swap her to them for a ship (presumably, a ship big enough to transport Wolf). She must be someone they REALLY want if BB thinks they'll deal with a known traitor (ie. himself) for her...


Sorry, I read >>10378 I didn't notice that it said "unconfirmed" spoiler.
But's something to think about, since the crew is a "family". A "grandma" seems the next logical choice, if we do get anymore Strawhats

Luffy is a Paramecia.
Ace was a Logia.
If Sabo is alive, I say he's gonna be some type of Zoan.

Similar line of reasoning:

Blackbeard killed for the strongest Logia

Then he killed again to gain the strongest Paramecia

Who's to say his next target isn't the strongest Zoan?

And let us factor into that the line of reasoning that says Dragon ate a dragon type Mythic Zoan...

Imagine, Blackbeard responsible for the deathes of his "brother" and his father, and equiped with the three strongest devil fruit ever. Imagine then when Luffy beats him...

That's assuming he doesn't already have a Zoan, of course. Luffy isn't nearly as close with Dragon as he was Ace.

Another prediction regarding something from WAAAAY back.

Dorry and Broggy said that there was only one thing their combo attack (the one that killed the giant goldfish) could never beat, and that was the Red Blood Serpent.

Who wants to bet we'll be seeing that when we get to Elbaf?

Akinu capturing Bonney is why he gets the promotion, she's that important. She's not just an ex-noble, she's a Celestial.

Ooh that's a good one and it would make sense.


I thought this meant the Red Line though? Wasn't this confirmed somewhere?

so I just reread the Skypiea arc and here are some speculations I have after finishing.

1. some of the priests lost because they got distracted and lost control of their Mantra. Since it's pretty much confirmed that Mantra = Haki, then I think it's safe to say that Haki battles in the future might involve contests of concentration (which Luffy probably will have trouble with) as well as utilizing haki with DF powers. So hopefully less powerlevel shit.

2. Luffy said he wanted a bronze statue. One of luffy's future crewmates will actually have the bronze DF fruit and his role on the ship will be the statue.

We found four crewmates in the East Blue, and four in the Grand Line.

Therefore, I think we're gonna get four more in the New World as well. Three boys, one girl. Like the last two pairs of four.

and one ship. ;_;

I can't really see that, since the New World is the final leg of the journey. I would imagine we'll have a complete crew before they set out on that.

Besides, Luffy said in chapter 1 he wanted a crew of ten. That means only one member to go (two if Luffy isn't counting himself)

No, he said "about 10 or so".

I predict two more in the New World, a girl and a guy.

The guy will be the last member, a giant from the inevitable Elbaf arc. No idea on the girl, but she could be a mermaid or fishwoman recruited at Fishman Island.

As much as I like Boa and Jinbei, them joining would totally unbalance the crew. They'll remain permanent allies though.

I can agree with Boa not joining, SOMEONE has to stay and rule Amazon Lilly and joining the Strawhats would pretty much resign her to having to give up her Shichibukai title. I COULD however see her sending someone with Luffy to watch over him, but this stems from my secret wish to see Sandersonia on the crew just so she'll get to stick around.

Jimbei, on the other hand...he promised Ace to protect Luffy. Can't do that if your not gonna stick with him. I can see him joining the crew. I won't be shocked if he doesn't, but I still see it as a plausible outcome.

I have a feeling Jinbei is only going to be a temporary member, kind of like Vivi was, but once they get to Fishman Island him and Luffy will someone come to the understanding that he has to stay.

Do yuo think that Inazuma is actually a woman who just spends alot of time as a man thanks to Ivankov's hormones?

I doesn't really dress much like a man trying to be a woman, not like the rest of the okama...

All other characters seem to refer to Inazuma as a man, so he probably started out that way.

I doubt he agrees, but the whole point of the newkama's is pretty much that gender is irrelevant and obsolete, isn't it?

Yeah, that IS the point of Newkama.
My point was just that Inazuma, unlike the rest of the newkama, doesn't dress particularly feminine, so it kinda gave me the idea that maybe "he" started out as a "she" but just prefers to take the shape of a man and be refered to as such.

Ivankov DID say, back in Impel Down, that the population of Newkama Land was made up of men and women who chose to disregard their assigned gender labels. And I'd say Inazuma is the most ambiguous of the lot as to what his true gender is.

I am beginning to suspect Vegapunk doesn't have a body anymore and he's a "Brain in a Jar" type situation.

Sandersonia? Really?
Her head wouldn't even fit through one of the ship doors.

Anyone else get the feeling that there just aren't going to be any new members to the crew? I don't know why, but with the last addition of Brook, the crew just feels full. And all the current members have been through and evolved so much that it wouldn't seem right to add anyone else new to it.
Besides, Oda has always kept a relatively close distance in between the joining of each crew member... It's been ages since the last one joined.

Robin and Franky had Skypiea, Foxy, and Water 7 between them.

Just Skypea, actually.
Since the Foxy thing can barely be counted as an arc and Franky was introduced during Water 7. As opposed to Brook.. seriously.. how many full arcs has it been now since Thriller Bark?

Sabaody, Impel Down, and Marinford.

Also Amazon Lily, but like Longland and Jaya I'm not sure whether that one really counts.

File: 128148872267.png-(3.22KB, 152x163, HBP.png)
Since the length of arcs is incredibly inconsistent, the number of chapters a better way to measure. Robin joined in 218, Franky joined in 437, which means that barely more than half of the entire series at the time (219 chapters) passed between their joining. If you want to argue based on the time they were introduced you won't be helping yourself at all since that gap is pretty similar (and they were both introduced as blatant antagonists which makes it doubly worthless). Anyway, Brook joined 57 chapters later, during 489.

So, a new crew member could join during chapter 707 and the gap between their joining and Brook's would still be smaller than the one between Franky and Robin.

I remember people were actually surprised Brook joined, simply because they assumed that 200+ chapters was now the norm between new crewmates.

You know that whole "the crew gets a new member around the time a problem emerges"? Well, those Orange trees Nami has have probably been through some crazy shit so far, and could use some proper treatment, especially with the lack of proper sunlight when they get to Fishman Island.

Botanist/Gardener, anyone?


Or just a general biologist who has knowledge of animals as well. Or, you know, Chopper once he gets his upgrade.

File: 128154195042.jpg-(125.08KB, 704x400, sandertits.jpg)
I like this idea. I like it alot.

Yes, Sandersonia, really. You can't tell me you wouldn't want to see this as a regular character from now on. I know it won't happen, it has no reason to happen, but I can dream

>You can't tell me you wouldn't want to see this as a regular character from now on.

I wouldn't want to see that as a regular character from now on.

It's decided. The 10th crew member will be Yotsuba.

That sounds good...

OOH! OOH! You know that urban legend about if you talk to plants encouragingly they grow?

Well, how about that's that character's power? He has some form of that Mantra thing that lets him communicate with plants, and now he can make plants grow into armor and weapons for himself.

Better yet, Sogesuba! No really, does anyone else remember that? Because I forgot to save the picture...

You know, they never did give me that Gold Membership from the mascot contest.

Probably because neither of the mascots that won ever really caught on.

Then the next crew member is obviously going to be some new person who will, most likely, be a fishman/woman.

They've been setting up this race for some time now, and since their target seems to be Fishman Island next, I wouldn't be surprised if the whole next arc was.. well.. the "Fishman Arc", which will develop into some other problems as they stay there.
I'm casting my vote right now for a sexy Fishwoman who can kick SERIOUS ass. Make that fgt "deadly trio" a quadruple.

And no, I would most certainly not want to see that thing as a recurring character, I stand by what I said. Aside from the fact the idea of having her even joining is as random as wishing for Tsuru to be the next crew mate.. in a sexy bikini.

>Asspull speculation on One-Piece

File: 128163429137.jpg-(77.27KB, 248x341, sanderloliagavemediabeetus.jpg)
>that thing
>Refering to Sonia as a "thing"

You can just go straight to hell

Okay, I've been holding off on this one, but I think I know what we're gonna get for our next crewmates.

First though, take a look at the last eight. Luffy picked up four of them in the East Blue, and four of them in the Grand Line. BUT there are other similarities as well. Think of how they were picked up. First a boy, then a girl, then two boys, in both seas, with a temporary crewmate picked up before the first crewmate and dropped off after the first is acquired. (Coby for the East Blue, Vivi for the Grand Line.)

Heck, even those picked up in each ocean share similarities with the one picked up in the ocean in their order. Take Zoro and Chopper. Both are unconventional powerhouses, (Zoro weilding three swords, and Chopper a shape-shifting reindeer) both seem to understand the dynamics of the crew better than the others, and they even interact with each other on a more than regular basis, such as with their interactions in Alabasta and Skypeia, not to mention the inherent probability that the guy who keeps getting the stuffing beaten out of him's gonna be spending some time with the doctor crewmate. Even their mentors and rivals, once they died, directly led to pushing them to become the useful crewmates they are now.

What about Nami and Robin? Both joined the crew originally seeming to be only concerned in their own interests, with neither of their pasts fully explained, and seemingly one trick ponies in battles, (Nami could use a collapsible pole, and Robin could make arms grow out of things.) But now, it's been revealed that their backstories affect major events in the world, and still have some things that have yet to be revealed. They both have shown, with upgrades, to become powerful tactical fighters, (Nami with her Climatact and its various upgrades, Robin with her complex uses of her power such as transportation, wings, and even scouting purposes.) And more importantly, they've seemed to have put their past alignments aside to work with Luffy, although it seems with the arcs to come that could change. (Robin's with the Revolutionaries for now, and I don't think I need to tell you the tension that's gonna be present with Nami and the Fishman Island.) And frankly, the two hang out together more than anyone.

Usopp and Franky share similarities too. Both are protective of the ships they came with, are quite possibly the most emotionally volatile of the crew, (Usopp’s a super coward, freaks out about most anything, and shows hints of dissociative identity disorder. And Franky is… well, Franky.) Both have brought much needed firepower to the crew, as well as weapons for the both the ship and other members of the crew. Both have had to deal with, in their introductory arcs, enemies who they’ve disagreed with in the past, but beyond them, have been accepted as friends to the community, while they are considered the outcasts. (Kuro and CP9) And most importantly, when they showed up, so did a new ship.

Sanji and Brooke? That’s easy. GIANT STEREOTYPES. Sanji’s a Frenchman with a passion for fine wines and exquisite cuisine, as well as an obsession for women that wavers often between chivalry and flat out harassment, although mostly leaning to the former. Brooke’s a musician who’s is basically nothing but bones, and I don’t think I need to tell you about the skin and bones norm of rock stars. Well, except for some metal musicians. Also, Luffy’s been pushing for someone in their positions since the beginning.

So, what am I getting at? We’re coming up to a new ocean, and so I think we’ll be following this basic pattern again. That’s right, four new crewmates as well as a temporary one. Luffy did say about ten or so, he didn’t say exactly ten. Perhaps the lucky thirteen (12 crewmates plus him) is the total number. So, here’s my guess of that basic pattern.

We’ll first encounter our temporary crewmate early in the next saga, possibly someone who’s going to tie the other arcs together. And I mean VERY soon, like by the end of the year, we’ll know who it is.

Next, we’ll meet our first crewmate, an unconventional powerhouse. And since the Fishman seem to be up next, my guess is he’ll have something to do with fishing itself. Maybe he’ll be a helmsman, maybe not, but that title FISHER Tiger? Maybe that surname is more important than we think, considering no other Fishmen seem to have one.

Then, that temporary crewmate will leave somewhere here, and shortly be followed by the last girl crewmate, possibly someone to take the grandmother position. She’ll be someone whose backstory isn’t revealed when she shows up, but when she does, it’s gonna be with someone BIG in the New World.

Third, we’ll get a crewmate with some connections to ships, and is quite insane. Also, we might be saying goodbye to the Thousand sunny here too. But what kind of ship could top the Thousand Sunny, something never seen before, something many would consider quite mad? Airship anyone?

Finally… well, I have no idea what to expect for this one, just a very big stereotype, but someone Luffy’s wanted for a while. I can’t think of anything at the moment, though.

Of course I could be wrong about ALL of this, and we just focus on the crewmates now. But I don’t see just adding one or two more, as it wouldn’t really fit with the themes present. So either we’ll be following the crewmate path we've taken already, or the crew is complete. We’ll know soon enough, though, because if I'm right, the last temporary crewmate will be showing up soon.

>losing Sunny

Sorry, not gonna happen, for the simple reason that, if Sunny goes, so does Franky's dream.

File: 128164074691.jpg-(30.93KB, 704x396, Kokoro_mermaid.jpg)

There were actually some pretty logical arguments for her as Helmsman back at Enies Lobby.

Heck, there were logical arguments made for EVERYONE who helped out at Enies joining, and the Straw Hats becoming a fleet like Whitebeard's crew.

So.. there isn't gonna be a new crew member according to you?


There is a difference between looking at the story and finding the basic trends and styles that Oda uses to signal the possibility of some crew members joining and shooting at targets you don't even know exist while blindfolded and using a shitty gun you built yourself.

Well, Jimbei is either going to be the temporary member until they get to Fishman Island, or join up for good as the helmsman. And if he doesn't join, I'm at least betting we're definetly going to get a fishman, which fits in with the next member being a powerhouse. I'm having a hard time seeing him not joining though, seeing as how he's already acting like a crewmember. I don't think he'd unbalance the crew as much as everyone thinks he would.

I love your batshit insane metaphors.

They make more sense than your actual argument, I'll give ya that much.

As much as I love Jinbei, I'm pretty sure he won't join, for the simple reason that he'd unbalance the crew. Jinbei can BEAT SENSE INTO A PISSED-OFF LUFFY, something we've NEVER seen done before and certainly an achievement. Ditto Boa, who, given that she can destroy Pacifistas by herself, seems to be about as strong as the entire fricking current crew put together.


This argument is pretty silly now that everyone is getting a personal training arc!
We don't know how strong the crew will be when they reunite.

Also the pissed off Luffy was literally dying.

Boa isn't just overpowered, her primary power is either an instant victory or mostly useless which just makes for awkward writing in a main character.

However, after thinking about it though, Jinbei really isn't. He has more brute strength than most of the crew does most of the time, but there are many conditions where that won't solve much.

I'm still not sold on him joining though. If nothing else because he's too serious of a character; they already have Robin as a straight (wo)man (though she has some subtler quirks of her own) so unless he starts showing a new side of himself he doesn't have much potential for the comedy most of the actions of the crew members provide.

Yeah, I don't see Jinbei as a crew member just because of his character. It doesn't fit at all.

Yeah, I'm with you. Jinbei is a cool character, and I'd like to see more of him, but he really doesn't seem to be Strawhat material.

I mean, none of the people we know so far seem to be Strawhat permanent crewmate stuff. Sure, there's a few guys I'd like to see be on the team as temporary crewmates, but permanent slots? Nah, they haven't shown up yet.

File: 128172896569.png-(5.57KB, 109x111, jimbeistretch.png)

I see Jimbei's quirk being that he is so unfunny and serious that it's funny to see him put into situations that make him uncomfortable. I can easily see him on the crew being all bug-eyed and flinching in the corner whenever they do something dumb.


here's the problem with this: it would upset the SHIT out of the crew dynamic. Jimbei is simply too strong to be with the strawhats.

>>10776 And on what is this "two strong" argument based?

Maybe I'm overlooking something big, but the only characters we've seen Jimbei lock horns with were one of the Guardian Beasts of Impel Down (which Luffy and Croc were capable of as well) and Gecko Moria (and in that situation, we only saw him punch Moria once, and the next time we see him, Moria is still up and on the go like nothing)

Way I see it, while Jimbei MAY be much much stronger than Luffy, there is nothing to indicate that he definitely is. Jimbei may only be as strong (or slightly stronger) than Luffy.

Plus, training power up arc. By the time they get back to Shabondy, the crew may each be strong enough to be Shichibukai tier


His quirk is being ugly cute, that's what it is. And we already have Human!Chopper for that.

I mean, I'd LOVE to have Jinbei stick around as a mentor for Luffy, but I'm most sure that he's going to be their New World's Johnny and Yosaku, sticking around for an arc or two before going their seperate ways.

I think people underestimate precisely HOW strong the Shichibukai are. The New World won't be challenging if they all end up Warlord level. Heck, Apoo is weaker than the New World's PIGS.

I personally think that, at highest, the crew will come out of the timeskip roughly Lucci/Smoker/low Vice Admiral-level.

File: 128176419429.jpg-(9.03KB, 154x320, hm.jpg)
>"two strong"


he fucking one-shotted Moria and controls the goddamn ocean. Plus in case you forgot HE CAUGHT AKAINU'S MAGMA FIST. CAUGHT IT. HE DIDN'T JUST TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM LIKE OLD ACE HE GRABBED IT WITH HIS HANDS. AND STOPPED IT.

File: 128176939466.png-(266.89KB, 563x516, Jinbeidefend.png)

right here. one handed, forgot about that.

>one-shotted Moria

And Moria got right up again. And then they fought different opponents for the rest of the war. And controlling the ocean only works if the arc takes place in or around the water. That power would have done little good in Drum, Alabasta, Skypeia, on the top floor of Enies Lobby or the centre of Thriller Bark

But I DID forget about him catching Akainu's magma fist, so I'll give you that. Maybe he is too strong to be a Strawhat

I don't think Jim will join the Strawhats.

But damn I would love that.


the fact that he's fast and strong enough to hit moria, moria being the guy who avoided damage for most of the entire arc because of his doppleman bullshit, on his first try should be impressive.

>Thriller Bark

Gonna have to disagree with you there, actually. Jinbei would've been a game-breaker on TB. Remember what the zombies were weak to?

Note that I said the CENTRE of Thriller Bark, where all the actual fighting took place. No water that far in. So unless Jimbei can make an island sinking tsunami as part of his water arsenal, he wouldn't have been much use there. I will readily admit though that if they had kept all the fighting near the shores, Jimbei would've wrecked everyone's shit. It's all about location.

I just came up with a theory on how Doc Q fights. My theory is that he used his mastery of medical science to turn himself into a living disease man, filled with viruses and diseases of various kinds, and he fights by using them.

Jimbei theory that just came to me:

At the end of the Fishman Island arc, Luffy will, after sorting out the chaos on the island, claim it under his protectio as Whitebeard's successor. Jimbei stays behind to enforce that protection.

File: 128188608224.jpg-(137.91KB, 675x900, dog hangs out some more.jpg)

oh, you're just now getting that?

He also has a scythe, apparently.

Complete (hopefully) list of characters yet to become Chekhov's Gunmen:

Non-Buggy, non-Alvida, non-Hachi East Blue villains: I think the Krieg crew has the best odds of showing up, given that Gin said they'd meet in the Grand Line. I'm not sure they'd be able to make it in the New World, though. Morgan (and, in the anime, Kuro) seems to be just floating around in the ocean. I could see the Arlong crew, even if they don't physically appear, playing a role at Fishman Island.

Frontier Agents: Sure, a lot of these guys looked pretty dead, but you never really know, do you? I could see them appearing if Croc and Mr. 1 get a sidestory.

Wapol: Haven't seen any of him apart from some of Perona's toys since his mini-arc.

Skypieans: Probably the hardest to fit into the near future storyline, but also the most interesting. What happened to the Priests? What's the significance of the moonrunes? Will Enel make it back without the Maxim?

CP9: The reveal that Spandine was masterminding the attempt on their lives definitely seems like it was setting up something, as was the shot of a new generation of CP9 being trained...

Absalom and Hogback: A virtual certainty, especially since Moria just "disappeared"...

Anyone else have any ideas on how these characters or others could be used?

>Wapol: Haven't seen any of him apart from some of Perona's toys since his mini-arc.

The biggest theory that involves him being significant again is the Pacifista's turning out to be made of the "Wapol steel" he made his toys out of.

>Skypieans: Probably the hardest to fit into the near future storyline, but also the most interesting. What happened to the Priests?

As much as I want the priests to come back, they're probably dead. Shura took a Reject Dial to the heart, Satori got his neck crushed by Sanji and Ohm got cut open by Zoro. And even if that didn't kill them, they got dumped onto a floating island cloud in the middle of nowhere. They're probably done for.

I know we loved Enel and everything, but he isn't coming back guys, he has no reason to. He has fairy vearth and a loyal legion of followers.

Then what was the point of giving him a cover page arc? Oda only does those when he's setting something up. He obviously has something up his sleeve for Enel, or else he wouldn't have wasted time.

>Non-Buggy, non-Alvida, non-Hachi East Blue villains

I hope so. Kuro and Krieg's shenanigans were what got me hooked on the series in the first place.

I also think it's a good bet that Morgan will be back, because while it could be argued that his escape was just a device to facilitate Coby and Helmeppo becoming bros and Marines, Oda DID make a point of having him cross pathes with Jango in his cover arc. Seems like a pointless thing to to unless he had a good reason to establish for us that Morgan was still on the lam...

"Then what was the point of giving him a cover page arc? Oda only does those when he's setting something up."

And on what grounds exactly do you go about saying that? Name one cover mini-story which has directly influenced the plot down the road. And don't even mention the Baroque Works one, cause aside from the ending consequences to some people in it (not much of a genius move on Oda's part, just common sense), that mini-story had nothing to do with anything other than a conclusion to old characters.

Mini-Buggy, Hachi, Coby and Helmeppo, Jango and Fullbody, Ace's Blackbeard search, and of course, the Strawhat seperation serial.


Name one, except the one that's the best example? lol k

Buggy's adventure directly resulted in him teaming up with Alvida and set him on route to try to execute Luffy at Loguetown.

Coby's adventure led to him and Helmeppo joining up with Garp to train, which I will remind you kinda-sorta was directly responsible for saving Luffy's life in Marineford by buying Shanks a few seconds to stop the war.

Hachi's adventure had him meet up with Caimie and start a takoyaki shop, which gave him an avenue to reconcile with the Strawhats. He then leads and introduces the crew to Rayleigh, who was once again responsible for saving everyone's lives.

In fact, every single cover story besides Gedatsu, Wapol, CP9 (which is guaranteed to become relevant because it ended on "You're going down/No YOU'RE going down/I'mma get youuuuu") and Enel at the very least filled what would otherwise be niggling plot holes.

I expect Enel's story to be relevant to Vegapunk if nothing else. Remember, Vegapunk's from the same island where the scientist built robots using moon technology.

File: 12820484138.jpg-(115.20KB, 1280x720, Karakuri_Island.jpg)
What? Where did that idea come from?

Vegapunk is from Karakuri island, a very cold place that Franky just blew up by accident.

File: 128204873236.png-(188.04KB, 681x561, Tsukimi.png)
You're probably thinking of Tsukimi from Machine Island who built his own Spaceys.

Yes he probably was a member of the winged people from the moon who had also built Spaceys who were sitting inactive on the moon.

Tsukimi's dead though so... yeah.

File: 128204962066.png-(25.20KB, 176x127, Ancientraces.png)
And look, there's no way Enel's cover story won't be relevant later on, an advanced ancient civilization that ventured from the moon and split into 3 tribes leaving behind an army of mini androids.

What caused their mass exodus? How did they get to Earth? Could one of their ships be the "ancient weapon" the World Government is terrified of? Hey, Uroge is Bilkan, does he know Enel blew up his home? Does Uroge even know he's Bilkan?

So many questions! Oda isn't the type to not answer at least most of them.

If CP9 return, I expect them to be allies. Reluctant allies, but allies nonetheless.

>In fact, every single cover story besides Gedatsu, Wapol

And if the "Pacifistas are made of Wapol steel" theory is true, then his story is relevant.

And Gedatsu's story? They established a network of underground tunnels between their hot springs to connect various countries, perhaps a way to allow Vivi to meet the Strawhats again? She WAS featured in that arc as visiting one of the hot springs.

All arcs have a purpose even if it isn't an immediately obvious one.

I totally forgot about the tunnels! Those could definitely be important if Akainu becomes Fleet Admiral. Given that the WG considers building a ship that just happens to be used by a criminal a capital offense, if Akainu takes over, then everyone who has ever helped the Straw Hats is a target.

Oh God please no.
The whole 'ex-villain' reluctantly turning good thing has now gotten very old within OP. Especially when you consider the fact the entirety of the Impel Down arc was basically this.

So if CP9 does come back.. let's.. not make them anti-heroes.. please. I'm fine with them staying villains.. if it's so necessary for them to come back at all.

CP9 better not come back unless they plan to play on the copious amounts of Zoans and steal the Rumble Balls from Chopper. Bunker Buster Arms Sabertooth man, for example.

But even without water Jimbei is a master of Fishman Karate and is generally superpowerful

Wasn't a good part of that the fact they were programmed to see her as an ally because of her Warlord status and didn't defend themselves at all against her though?

This has probably been discussed already but Strawhats vs Blackbeards.

Most of the match ups seem obvious (to me anyway)
Zoro vs Shiryuu
Usopp vs Van Augur
Chopper vs Doc Q
Franky vs Avalo Pizarro (he seems to be a cyborg too)
Brook vs Lafitte (this may be something of an asspull, I base it on both being scrawny and weilding canes)
Full crew vs. San Juan Wolf

But there are a couple of holes that need filling. Who does Sanji fight, Vasco Shot or Jesus Burgess?
And who fights Catarina Devon, Nico Robin or Nami? My money is personally on Robin since she's the higher bounty and more dangerous of the two Strawhat girls, but on the other hand, Nami has historically always been the one to fight the "token chick" on enemy teams. (excluding Perona)

Brook and Lafitte may have more connection than that. Both were mentioned as being former law enforcement officials from West Blue. I'm betting they worked for the same person/organization, and the top hat and cane are part of the uniform.

As for the other fights:

Nami vs. Catarina. Robin would probably fit better, both having the 'most dangerous woman' thing but we need to make room for...

Robin vs. Vasco. She usually fights the biggest opponent, and Vasco fits that (biggest human, that is). Vasco doesn't really fit anyone that well apart from that part about his size, so he may well fight the tenth member.

Sanji vs. Burgess: Careful martial artist vs. wild brawler. No problems here.

Assuming the BB Pirates are a Mirror darkly of the Straw Hats vastly beefed, so I figure if Chopper's analog is Stronger then wouldn't it be logical to assume the Straw Hat's crew will gain 11 members as well?

Actually.. I'd say Chopper's match is Sanjuan Wolf. Monster Chopper will be back.
to get stomped on, at least

Like I said before, it's gonna be Usopp.

David and Goliath parallels and all.

Don't you think it would make more sense to have Usopp against Augur?..
Come on, now. You know they put him in from the beginning just for Usopp.



These matchups are not intended to taken seriously, I'm just tossing them out for the purposes of consideration:

Nami vs Lafitte. They're both the navigators. Considering that most of the other Strawhat v Blackbeard fights are based on their jobs, it's a decent enough fit

Robin vs Jesus Burgess. What's the logic in that you ask? Burgess is a wrestler, and Robin's fighting style is based on submission holds. For pro wrestling fans, think of it like Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit, who will tap out first?

Sanji vs Vasco Shot. Sanji has a habit of fighting hideous opponents and then kicking their faces into something handsome.

Sanji vs Catarina Devon. Once Sanji finds his "maiden's heart" from Kamabakka Kingdom, he'll get over the handicap that kept him from fighting Kalifa.

Reluctantly turning good? Who turned good in Impel Down? Nobody I can think of.. What? Buggy? No Buggy is just as much an asshole as he's always been, pressing whatever advantage he could. Mr. 3 was the same way and now he has a new buddy to chill with being on Buggy's crew.

Every former villain teamed up with Luffy because he provided the best route out and could help keep them alive. Crocodile and Daz Bones haven't changed a bit.

So yeah, Really the only bad guys turned good I can think of are Gedatsu who's running some kind of spa now, Hachi and his Takoyaki stand, Bon Kurei (but he did his turn AGES ago and was a pretty nice guy to begin with when it came to the Straw Hats), and um... Want to count Helmeppo? I let you count Helmeppo since he was going to shoot Coby in the head.

Sooo who else is there?

Buggy's turn from villain to asshole stems from his first defeat by Luffy waaay back in the East Blue. Remember "Chibi Buggy's Adventures"? But yeah...

I'm almost tempted to include CP9, though that was more of a revelation that for all their murderous ways they maintain a sense of brotherhood and loyalty to each other and Lucci's still the same sadistic bastard he always was. Still, I can see them aiding the Strawhats should a situation arise; they're fun-loving, somewhat honorable individuals who consider assassination to simply be a job. Bon Clay has a similar case. He was already a self-sacrificing soul and friendly to the Strawhats, simply fighting against them because circumstance dictated it as his job... though he's proven his "good guy" status several times over.

Foxy... wasn't evil. A jerk, yes, but never evil. Same goes for Perona, Duval, Gin, Helmeppo, and Hancock. Gedatsu and Hatchi were just well-meaning, clueless minions who wandered off into their own sidestories.

I'd guessed from fairly early on in the EL arc that CP9 were basically normal people with a nasty job, and was absolutely sure of it when Spandam had his rant abut how he'd let them all die if it'd get him a promotion. The events of their mini-arc were entirely unsurprising to me.

Of that group, the only true monster was Spandam.

>Of that group, the only true monster was Spandam.
I dunno. I still see Lucci as a total monster. The rest, yeah, they were cool guys, but Lucci is one of these "Absolute Justice" fags. That's kinda synonymous with "evil" in my eyes.

>Foxy... wasn't evil. A jerk, yes, but never evil. Same goes for Perona, Duval, Gin, Helmeppo, and Hancock.

The same could be said for a good many other "villains". Don Krieg was just a jerk trying to make it on the Grand Line and wanted to steal a ship. Gecko Moria just wanted to make an invincible crew and beat up Kaidou. Sure, he stole some shadows, but he didn't kill anyone, did he?

I think the only truly evil villains we've had are Kuro, Arlong, Crocodile, Enel and Lucci. Maybe Wapol

Wapol and Enel learned their lesson (or at least picked up some morality pets) in their coverstories.

And what about the Nobles? They're pretty evil.

Well, Krieg did order his second-in-command to take off his breather mask before flooding the area with poison gas...

Moria condemned at least 1000 individuals to a state of instant death should they be exposed to sunlight, effectively enslaving those who were physically trapped on Thriller Bark, all while facilitating Hogback's sick fantasies and building an undead army. He was batshit insane, yes, but if that excuses his behavior than Enel should get the same treatment.

Well, Spandam and Lucci. But yes, that's mostly a true statement.

>And what about the Nobles? They're pretty evil.

You know, I didn't even consider them. I was thinking along the lines of the Big Bads for each arc. But yeah, the Nobles are pretty much the evilest group we've had.

I see the Nobles as the Big Bads of the Sabaody arc, given that the other, stronger opponents were basically doing their dirty work.

Nobles are an entire race of Spandams.

File: 128237032692.jpg-(290.53KB, 551x800, 6562392.jpg)
And your ultimate point on all of this is?

Perhaps I should have been a bit more specific in my post. By "good", I meant a willingness to collaborate with the protagonists. So, yes, the Impel Down arc was entirely made up of that.
Will it be good to have CP9 come back as "good" collaborators or even some anti-hero group? Like I said before, Hell no. It's way too overplayed.

Oda shits out fresh ideas for breakfast, so people need to stop looking to the past and praying for old characters to return in old overplayed ways, and look forwards to the new characters that will be coming up soon.



If you define 'good' by if they support the protagionists, then you are a bloody fool.

Oda even had someone point out that Luffy is not a source of unwavering morality when he was raiding the world's most terrifying prison and through his actions releasing horrible monsters upon the world to terrorise the innocent, and he didn't care about any of that as long as he saved his brother.

If bastards help the strawhats because it plays into thier own agenda's that doesn't make them 'good', it just means the enemy of my enemy is capable of deriving mutual benefit from an alliance.

And if CP9 came back into the main story, which is your major beef, there are more positions than -Strawhats best friends / villians- for them to fall into, don't be so damm quick to decide you know how Oda would do it.
The guy's good at surprises.

Can anyone remember of any of Usopp's stories/other lies that have yet to come true in some way?

Guess I'm a "bloody fool" for having you completely miss my point in two of my rants now.

Moving on.


-Giant goldfish

I know there's at least one more, but I can't for the life of me remember what that is.

No no, he said lies that haven't happened yet.

The cerberus, incidentally, came true TWICE.

I predict that at least one of the remaining Yonkou will be an utter bastard, and I think it'll be Kaidou. It's just basic probability, as far as I see it.

Kaidou is gonna be a big meany head. Big Mom is gonna be a big softy (also Lola's mom).
I'm also gonna go ahead and say those giant things at the end of Thriller Bark are somehow related to Big Mom.

Anyone else think that if Kaidou IS a villain, that it will result in a team up of the Strawhats with X Drake and/or Gecko Moria?

When the strawhats finally reach Raftel, they will learn that One Piece has always been in their hearts. The crew laments this (Nami doesn't get treasure, its not the rio poneglyph, etc.), except for Luffy. With an obviously strained expression on his face, Luffy suddenly disappears into thin air. Followed shortly by the rest of the crew with looks of realization on their faces.

Let the adventure on Sniper Island begin!

We need a sun-powered villain in this. No, not someone powered by THE sun like Nuclear Man or some shit, like has a miniature sun for a fucking heart or something.

Hell, no, he IS a sun, whatever persona we see is just energy burning in odd temperatures and gases to give the illusion of shape and color.

Sogeking confirmed for FINAL BOSS FIGHT

More poll predictions from me:

The Impel Down escapees will all move up. Particularly interesting to watch will be Mr. 1's rating; he was the absolute least popular character last time, ranked below even Absalom! Will he get a boost from his role in this arc?

* At least some of the Whitebeard commanders make it on, as well as Oars Jr.

* Moria will take a hit in the ratings. Being pretty much confirmed as the weakest member of a given group can't be good for a shonen character's popularity. Doflamingo will move up.

* Akainu is hard to predict for sure, but I think it'll be in the extremes, either very high or very low depending on whether the Japanese fandom generally sees him as a badass or a complete bastard.


>Moria will take a hit in the ratings. Being pretty much confirmed as the weakest member of a given group

Easily the weakest

How is he weaker than Crocodile? Hell I could make a case for him beating Hancock as well

Hey! Doflamingo said it, not me.

Back on topic please.

Hamburger Time, I was not aware you visited this forum.

You a Troper, too?

I can definitely see Sengoku teaming up with Magellan to hunt down the escaped prisoners. Impel Down now being in the hands of Hannyabal (WHOO!). This does beg the question, though.. what role would they play in the New World?

Admirals are all Logia.. so that tradition has to stay. Which means... Aokiji, Kizaru and Smoker~

Sengoku isn't a Logia. Nor is Garp, who was offered the position.

Go away. Your sound logic has no place here.

Admiral Smoker >>> anyone else you can come up with.

Sengoku = Fleet Admiral, not regular Admiral
Garp = Vice Admiral, not full Admiral

There are three regular Admirals
All are Logia

But before Sengoku was Fleet Admiral, he was a regular admiral.
Also, they wouldn't make Smoker an admiral because he's probably not obedient enough.

Smoker is in no way or form capable of being an Admiral at this time.

Maybe not now, but you know, maybe in TWO YEARS and all

My guess for a New World arc scheme:

Fishman Island arc
Elbaf arc (Usopp spotlight arc)
Robin and/or Chopper spotlight arc (could be one arc or two)
Doflamingo-related arc
Mihawk-related arc (Zoro spotlight)
Kaidou-related arc
Final war arc (World Government vs. everyone!)
Raftel (final battle with Blackbeard)

Probably totally wrong and kind of stupid. There will probably be arcs between FI and Elbaf, depending on how the Log Pose sets.

After hearing how Oda has stated some non-giant humans being upwards of 7 meters is simply natural variance in height, I am now expecting to eventually run into a duo of The World's Largest Man and Smallest Giant who are each others' approximate height.

Someone's been reading Phantom Tollbooth.

File: 128315526061.jpg-(120.32KB, 569x412, Watchdog.jpg)

Shalulia has pink hair too, doesn't she? I wonder if they're the same shade.

Here's a theory passed from the Giant in the Playground forums: the reason the World Government wants Bonney (alive) is because her ability to change age doesn't just "wear off" and can thus effectively grant immortality, which the Five Elders want.

As an extension of that theory is that this has what the Five Elders have always been doing since the World Government was founded 800 years ago, and Bonney has either always been the one to do it or she's just the latest one with the fruit's power they been searching for (either way, she could be way older than she looks).

The following theory is totally baseless.
Suppose that little girl who started the fight between Dorry and Brogy went back with the giants to Elbaf, along with a few other humans.
I can't think of a good reason why they would but that's not the point. Now suppose while there she has some children,. Children that grew up as warriors of Elbaf, humans with the heart of giants.
Now lets say one of this girls grandchildren happens to be a little girl living on Elbaf who just happens to be a complete coward.
Now lets just suppose she meets Usopp and decides to change her cowardly ways, so she joins the Strawhats and inevitably defeats the largest man to ever live, San Juan Wolf.
How you ask? Hito Hito no Mi: Model Giant, she has a normal loli form, a giant loli form, and a super giant loli form. The Oda-esq twist is that the maximum size of her giant form (and thus her maximum strength) is proportional to the size of her heart. Who has a bigger heart than a little girl?


What's to night's quick pick?

It'd be interesting if the marines created a strike force to recapture all the level 6 escapees in Impel down. My composite team would be:
- Sengoku (Captain)
- Smoker (Retriever)
- Lucci (Tracker)
- Magellan (Guard/Submission)

File: 128419600619.jpg-(108.86KB, 640x480, i_support_this_post.jpg)
...With the stipulation that the thought of the girl getting pregnant while on Elbaf brings up all kinds of terrifying imagery.

CP9 don't work for the marines anymore.

And you need Magellen or someone else incredibly leathal and powerful staying at the prison to discourage another attempt at breakout.

Here's my reasoning for getting those two members to join:
In order to get Rob Lucci, the Marines would make a deal where they call off their warrant for CP9. And Magellan would join in order to redeem himself after letting all those prisoners escape under his care.

But then the CP9 going rogue has no actual bearing on the plot.

What's the point you are trying to make?

That simply shows the CP9 going rogue, not the consequences thereof. If the first thing that happens upon their return is rejoining the WG, then there will have been no point to their ever leaving in the first place.

Okay but then WHO GUARDS THE PRISON? The only one who really makes a lot of sense there is Smoker, who was already doing that job.

Sengoku resigned his comission to go hunt them down, so he makes sense as well.

The other two choices are nonsensical though

File: 12842403185.jpg-(23.83KB, 573x421, Hannyabal20yearsago.jpg)
>implying it isn't MY Impel Down


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