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One Piece

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Greetings /op/, I come bearing gifts.

As you might know, the current scanlations available for the early One Piece volumes are pretty horrendous quality. Me and my translator, Nep Ece, have decided to change this. As such, we've begun re-scanlating from chapter 42 (Aosh has done decent quality releases up til here) and we're gonna go up to 20-25 ish somewhere.

Today we finished volume 6. You can grab it at
Raws courtesy of #lurk, although we've excluded them from the credits page by one of their op's request as it's a rather high profile project. You know, since One Piece is licensed and popular.

Feedback and constructive criticism would be appreciated, just throw me a mail. The same if you find an error somewhere.

Pic goddamn related, Mihawk is so pimp Oda gave him his own DON-font.

Thanks, bro.

Please tell me you kept it "Dracule Mihawk". Juraquile or whatever some people use it not nearly vampirey enough.

Danke mein freund.

Are you Aosh? Either way, thanks a lot!

You are a damn hero, man. That is the one thing keeping my brother from the series, those early issues. It's the one thing keeping me from re-reading!

So genuinely, from DEEP INSIDE OF ME... Thank you.

We went for Juracule. If you have a good linguistical reason as to why it should be Dracule, official statements or whatever, feel free to post your argument. I'll forward it to my translator.

...why Juracule? He's pretty obviously based on Dracula.

Because it's the most straight-forward translation. As far as I know, while the name contains part of Dracula's spelling, the beginning of his name has a fairly clear Ju. Supposedly, his name could be a mix of Dracula and Jules. I'm no expert though, I can barely read moonspeak as it is.

Again, if you have an argument beyond "because it should be", I'll forward it to my translator.


His name in japanese sounds nothing like how dracula would sound, guys. Viz went with it because it's probably the easiest way to do it, but Juraquille or any of the weird ones with j do work better from a translator's standpoint.

The only way to spell "Dracule" in Japanese would be "Jurakyuuru" or "Dzurakyuuru," since there's no "du" sound in Japanese.

If I were trying to translate the name "Dracule" to Japanese, I'd probably go with the "Ju" variant rather than the "Dzu" one, but that's just a matter of personal preference. "Dzu" is a dumb syllable.

This is wonderful. I've seen a lot of people turn down the series just because of the general lack of quality in earlier scans.
Hopefully this'll help out a lot with folks trying to get into the series.

Seriously. And if you say "Jura" as quickly as you can and you'll get the dr sound anyway.

I actually had a similar idea to this (Mine was to just re-write the existing scanslations to suck less) so it's awesome someone's creating better translations.

One Piece volume 7 done now. Same link as earlier,

You are a gentleman.

You are good people

You are the best people.
Just downloaded 'em all yesterday. I will be reading them when I get home.

You made my week.

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