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21-year-old branded 'animal' by tot's father after being sentenced to a minimum of 13 years
An 'animal' who killed his girlfriend's 13-month-old baby by stamping on her stomach because she was crying has been jailed for life.

Oliver Longcake, 21, was stepfather to little Alisia Salter and her half-brother Harry, four, and was trusted by the pair's mother Liane to look after them while she worked in a nearby bingo hall.

But in a moment of rage, Longcake rammed his foot into the baby's chest and later told shocked doctors at the hospital he 'couldn't cope' with her crying - admitting 'it's my fault, I stood on her, I stamped on her'.

After the hearing, Alisia's natural father Gary Miller branded his daughter's killer 'sick' and 'an animal' after Judge Jeremy Richardson QC told Longcake his murderous actions 'almost defied description'.

'Sick': Unemployed Oliver Longcake, 21, admitted killing on 13-month-old Alisia Salter while babysitting for his girlfriend who was working a shift in the bingo hall

He was jailed for life, with a minimum term of 13 years.

Jobless Longcake had been with Liane Salter for nine months and had accidentally dropped Alisia the previous night, March 21, bruising her forehead.

After explaining the injury to Liane, the baby was left in his care the following morning when he killed her a single stamp.

Sentencing Longcake at Hull Crown Court, Judge Richardson said: 'You lost control of yourself, and acting with extreme violence murdered her by cruelly stamping on her defenceless body. She was very vulnerable, it almost defies description to stamp on a baby as you did.

'You momentarily lost control of your temper when you were in a stressful situation.

'Many parents and step parents are faced with very difficult situations and are placed in stressful situations while looking after very young children.

'I do not underestimate the stresses involved in taking care of babies, but many parents have faced much worse than you ever faced that morning.

'I have little doubt you were a wholly unsuitable carer for a baby and should never have been left in charge of Alisia.'

Prosecuting, Simon Waley said that Longcake had been looking after the two children on the evening of March 21 this year at the home they shared in Hull, East Yorkshire, but had accidentally dropped her while carrying her.

He admitted this to his girlfriend but had not taken her to hospital because she 'appeared ok' and Miss Salter left for work as usual the next morning.

Mr Waley said: 'At 11.02am on March 22 the defendant made a 999 call and told the operator Alisia was floppy and lifeless and did not appear to be breathing.

'He was talked through mouth-to-mouth resuscitation but with no success.'

The baby was rushed to Hull Royal Infirmary but was pronounced dead later that day having suffered massive internal injuries, including abdominal haemorrhaging and a lacerated liver. She also had bruising to her forehead and fractured ribs.

Mr Waley continued: 'At hospital he said Liane had gone to work that morning and he had been unable to stop Alisia crying.

'He had changed her nappy but had got stressed and stamped on her stomach. He had then put her in the bath and gone to get a towel. When he returned she was not breathing.

'He told a doctor "It's my fault, I couldn't cope with it anymore, I stood on her, I stamped on her". He was arrested but made no comment in any of his police interviews.'

Defending, Malcolm Swift QC said: 'This case demonstrates a tragic outcome after a momentary loss of self control and temper. He could not cope with episodes involving repeated diarrhoea and crying.

'"He does express his deepest remorse for what happened, but accepts this is a case where the aggravating features are the breach of his position of trust and the vulnerability of the victim because of her age.'

Outside court, Mr Miller and Miss Salter - who are separated but clasped hands during the hearing - voiced their anger with Longcake.

Mr Miller said: 'There's no other way to put it, he's sick and we're never going to get over it. He's an animal.

'She was a much-loved, adorable little girl and we are completely devastated by her loss. No sentence is ever going to make up for the loss of our beautiful baby girl.

'13 years is effectively one year for every month she was alive.'

Miss Salter, who wept briefly during the hearing, added: 'She was perfect, she was all smiles.'

Det Supt Dina Fleming from Humberside Police said: 'This is a particularly tragic case, and the saddest thing is that if Oliver Longcake hadn't come into Alisia's life she would still be here today.

'The internal injuries to this baby were particularly horrific. How many people would stamp very hard and very deliberately on a child's stomach?

'Longcake was a troubled child, had a troubled upbringing and had behavioural problems and problems with anger. He wasn't the right person to look after a small baby.'

Longcake had two previous convictions arising from an incident in which he threatened two women with a knife demanding they repay a debt owed to his friend in May last year.

He was charged with affray and having a bladed article in a public place.

He was given a nine-month prison sentence suspended for two years and ordered to attend an anger management course.

Longcake, sporting shoulder-length hair and dressed in a smart suit and tie, initially denied the murder of Alisia but pleaded guilty today.

They should have him give lessons to that chav with 14 kids.

Why do women shack up with homeless/jobless men?

Things have really gone absolutely backwards during the last few generations.

It used to be sane, women, naturally monogamous, so their families will pay a dowry for a successful man to take them as a wife. Now it's the opposite, men are supposed to pay women whenever she decides to up and leave. Lunacy.

>Why do women shack up with homeless/jobless men?

Because at first it sounds "exciting" and "adventurous." But then it turns out that he's just mentally unstable.


Because the state provides the financial support the woman needs, meaning she has no need to cohabit with a man in order to raise her bastards. This means men who would by rights be excluded from reproduction (such as jobless losers) are suddenly on an equal footing with productive males, and in fact have more opportunity to reproduce (since the working man spends most of his time at work).

This has lead to two generations of single mothers raising children with no decent male role models, leading to the infestation of chav scum that has reduced the British 'working' class to the status of niggers.

tl;dr- Socialism doesn't work.


Fun fact: Women have been hooking up with jobless losers (or "bad boys" as they like to call them) throughout human history, and then finding some stable, hard working, but unattractive male to marry and raise the other guy's children.

Welfare has just cut the second part of that out. Now the smart and hardworking don't even get the leftovers.

>This means men who would by rights be excluded from reproduction (such as jobless losers) are suddenly on an equal footing with productive males

Cool, so I do have a chance :\


Sorry, but uggos are still doomed to die virgins.

Jesus christ UK!
13 years? That's all?

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