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  How do you feel about the "gaming media"?

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Fuck it.

Ever sense G4 and Tech TV came together to make Spike 2, I've lost interest.

File: 128493560949.jpg-(14.98KB, 682x307, nolife-tv-restera-gratuit-presque-L-11.jpg)
It's not bad... if you're French.

Otherwise, it seems to suck.

its crap

this has it right

be warned he is a dick

I've never watched it but I can't imagine it's anything worthy of watching anyway.

Who was asspained enough to make a compilation of screw ups of GT?

And as for Uncharted vs MW2 was it even the same guy who reviewed both games? (though he is right UC isn't very original. I also can't stand how lots of reviewers praised it for being more movie like than game like. Hell that's what the US ad was about some guys girlfriend thinking it was a movie)

As for OP, gaming media is good. They provide information and clips and previews that help tell you what's up. I don't pay mind to reviews but GT and Yahtzee are entertaining with how they present said reviews.

The only information they give is dependent on how much their paid to praise something or how many people are going to care or buy it regardless of any input on their part. Any other form of media may not be much different than this but it is extremely obvious of how incredulous game journalism is to the point that it's part of what people pay for in their subscriptions. To just eat up the opinions of critics they've never heard of or will see anywhere else and hope that their words will mean the same as what happens when you the player sit down with the game for a period of time. It may have not have the time to prove itself any more than a joke but what they've done so far doesn't give me any high hopes for any of them in the foreseeable future.

  1Up is usually pretty good. Not as much nowadays since Ziff Davis crapped out...though Co-op is a nice successor.

Kudos to Giant Bomb for only taking it as seriously as it needs to.

CVG was good. N64 magazine was good. BITS was good.

Since then I havent been impressed. Having no professional requirements to work on internet sites has led to a low standard of gaming journalism. Instead of good writers you just have fanboys. Meh.

GameInformer was here
every other magazine is small print time

  I've always liked Tallarico.

>Gametrailers screw-ups
Oh boy~

File: 128501457378.jpg-(55.36KB, 730x411, vanquish-01.jpg)
Eh, Vanquish is not original in the least, in fact its as generic as you can get nowadays. Hell, its basically Gears of War: Halo Edition with some Max Payne slow motion and dives thrown in there for good measure.

But that doesn't mean the demo was not fun, and the story and character enjoyable in a super cheesy 80s movie sort of way. Not every game has to be original or groundbreaking, let alone take itself seriously.

I think Mikami hinted somewhere that it's more serious than he wanted it to be.

Wait, why are you talking about this in this thread?

File: 128501866752.jpg-(102.70KB, 800x960, Lara_Croft_-_Tomb_R_288491g1.jpg)
Because people are bitching that Uncharted is not original at all?

I actually don't hate G4, but their podcasts are infinitely superior to the actual television stuff. Other than that I really only go to Kotaku.

Electric Playground was a pretty awesome program, but goddamn did he have some ridiculously stupid review scores.


why are her fingernails so long? for someone who climbs as much as tomb raider does surely shed want them cut so she doesnt tear them off

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