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What's the opinion on Sly Cooper? And anyone looking forward to the HD Collection?

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I thought it went downhill from the first one, but that first one was brilliant.

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THIS for me as well. Look I like playing as Sly as he has a great balanced set of skills. Murray and Bentley in Sly 2 were just nowhere near as fun to play as compared to Sly's gameaply. Plus they damaged playing as Sly with that stupid pick pocketing crap.

Sly 3 made the ultimate mistake. MORE characters to play as aside from Murray and Bentley. This in turned made the game feel like mini game central rather than a platformer. It also got rid of secret bottles. Plus the story was real weak in Sly 3 even for a platformer.

About the only thing that stayed good was DAT Carmelita.

I vastly preferred the original to what I witnessed in 2 and 3. I never played the second or third, but I watched playthroughs.

They should've spent more time working on the solid, wonderful platforming elements of the original game. Some of the mini-games made me want to break the controller. Like, Murry racing. In truth, the thing preventing me from replaying Sly Cooper more often is I can't stand the racing minigames. Or the 'pick up TVs while battering ramming monsters with your car' level.

It is a fun little world, though. And I'm very disappointed his sendoff is apparently going to be that stupid Sly/Jak/Ratchet/SomeOtherPutz game. I would've liked to've seen a forth or fifth where they learn from past mistakes.

I thought 3>1>2 personally. I LIKED having a lot of characters to play, but think that 2 didn't quite know what it was doing.

What prevents me from enjoying Sly Cooper as much as other platformers is that the games feel flat and constricted.

I'm more of a Banjo Kazooie and Mario type of platformer fan. I can't help but feel claustrophobic when playing these games. The worlds are so small they automatically feel unfun.

Plus not too fond of the sneaking around element being a defining aspect of the Sly Cooper gameplay.

I thought 2 was the best cause I liked the mini open world levels for each of the characters. Yeah Bently and Murray weren't as fun to play as Sly was but I don't think they were boring. 3 is where I thought it took a dive though because it was just mini game after mini game.


Why did they mess with her voice, though? It sounded fine in the first one.

I didn't mind playing as Bentley or Murray, but thought it should have been scaled down a bit. Sly's the main focus of the game, he should be the one you play the most.

I heard that the Sly 1 VA was sick during the voicing of Sly 2 which is why she got replaced. Don't know about Sly 3's story with voice acting. But I'm surprised by how BAD Carmelita's voice was in the third game.

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