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What's your opinion on save scumming?

Personally I believe it's the truly strategic and rational way to play computer games.

Agreed. It also messes with the game experience. You're going to lose a measure of enjoyment either way.

In other words, it's poor game design.

I'll do it for things that are entirely percentage based. Like trying to get a specific drop from a special enemy. Depending on the game, save scumming can really destroy the fun and sense of accomplishment.

The heck is save scumming?

It's where you save the game and if something you don't like happens, you reload the save and try again.

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Oh. Since its an option, and not usually a forced element? I guess its state dependent.

I think its more a result of the hightened complexity of games, and the fact that they're not Quarter Farms in most cases. Thats why you couldn't 'save' in arcade Pac Man. But if you're just trying to complete something, or figure something out? Saves prevent fustration.

I can't think of how it's really used in a bad way. But I can't really think of a game that has it built in and doing so would be considered cheating.


I can think of only one example: The last piece of evidence used against Godot. Because the result looks like a game over and the dialogue is exactly the same for a good long time, meaning you've probably missed it twice because after awhile you just went "Fuck it, I don't need to reach the game over screen to see how this ends."

This assumes you played the game save scumming, of course.

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