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91925 No.91925

Yep Disney's little Japanese project couldn't stop them pirates.

Enjoy and Kingdom Hearts General

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File: 128356499615.jpg-(263.38KB, 700x577, Trade_06___KH_BBS__Aqua_by_mazjojo[1].jpg)
Do you think that this leak will prevent the game from selling as well?

I sure hope so. I can't stand the series at this point and wish it to die.

File: 128356585994.jpg-(38.99KB, 650x366, kh-3ds[1].jpg)
Kingdom Hearts 3D is the next of the series.


I just want my ACTUAL SEQUEL so I can see some goddamn character development or die waiting for it. If Sora and Kairi aren't reconciled in sweet mutual heterosexual romantic attraction, I'm going to burn someone alive.

...yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath. I'd be satisfied if we just never heard of Org. XIII again. They were boring in everything but Chain of Memories.

Yeah, well...good luck with that.

And ironically COM featured mostly the non core apprentice members.

Nomura said that the Six Apprentices still aren't finished in their role of the story.

...what the FUCK is going on in this video?

I don't know, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to find out.

I could attempt to explain, but it would take TOO much time. It would also be too much of a hassle and I doubt you'd pay too much attention.

So go to KH wiki and be done with it.

File: 128357536943.png-(2.89MB, 3008x3224, Kingdom Hearts Xehanort:Riku chart.png)
Don't know where I put the Sora chart

How do people play these games without bursting out laughing at the dialogue, again?




Wait...there's an actual story?
And people can follow it?

I have it but it's not letting me upload it for some reason. So here it is uploaded on imageshack.

Square has said that KH3 won't be coming out anytime soon cause the team is working on Final Fantasy Versus XIII which also isn't coming out anytime soon.

Laughter? I facepalm at the pure STUPIDITY of the plot and story concepts for the KH series. Only KH1 had a whimsical Disneyish type of feel and tone mixed with just enough Japanese flare to not be too bad.

But the rest? Constant melodrama over the darkness, constant mind erasing plots, constant clones, clones made of memories (something that has no physical form and much less is it explained how memories are given physical form) Xion, clones made of half hearts of Darkness (Vanitas), Data Clones, the virus bugs in Coded are made of Sora's memory loss from Chain of Memory, retcons like the keyblade magically having the ability to get rid of the impassable walls from KH1 early on in KH2 just because, etc.

The series is piss poor horribly written. And the level of international multi million SE Third Pillar appeal that it has gained IMO is highly undeserved.



Don't forget trailer descriptoins for >>91933 have stated that there's a LITERAL rain of Soras.

This is one thing I hate about Kingdom Hearts, among many other things, the over use of clones type characters. Doesn't help that the afore mentioned clones are BETTER developed than the original Sora himself.

>Only KH1 had a whimsical Disneyish type of feel and tone mixed with just enough Japanese flare to not be too bad.

Not quite so.

Even as an 11 year old, that whole "KINGDOM HEARTS IS LIIIIIGHT" speech followed by the revelation that it was actually filled to the brim with Heartless made me want to chuck my controller out of a window.

I liked the first 3 games, I'm not going to lie. Days sucked except for confirming that yes, everyone in the Organization can't stand each other. That was mildly amusing for five minutes.

Birth By Sleep had fun combat and Aqua, but otherwise sucked.

>I liked the first 3 games, I'm not going to lie. Days sucked except for confirming that yes, everyone in the Organization can't stand each other.

Does Days ever get into some sort of point? I forget what day I was on but I put a decent chunk of time into it and it never felt like anything was happening that felt important.

File: 128361472883.jpg-(25.08KB, 512x384, vlcsnap-2010-09-04-10h53m03s61.jpg)

I DARE you to make less sense!

Eventually. It's plot is stupid and uninteresting. It also appears to have no connection to anything aside of a few mentions of Xemnas looking for something in Castle Oblivion.

File: 128361751192.gif-(67.84KB, 313x429, Doctor Hal - MY BRAIN!.gif)

He's looking for the Chamber of Awakening which was first heard of in Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ which we didn't get.

Inside the said chamber, Xemnas aka Terra will find his missing comatose friend Ven who became the sleeping beauty of the KH series at the end of BBS cause his heart was crippled after beating Vanitas (his literal darkness giving form).

I decided to do a little, well, let's just say I zoomed right through the story because I wanted to check out the new Keyblades.

I beat VLS in Proud mode in Last Episode. I saved after I fought him and even though I probably didn't have to I beat the final boss and saved again.

Void Gear is the Black and White version held by VLS, not the colored one.

Now, when you load up any of your (i guess cleared) saves the Land of Departure reappears on the map for you to land and take on the Mysterious Figure. I recorded his intro/outro (but not the actual fight) which I will see if youtube will allow me to upload a little later, although there isn't any sound I will add some music (suggestions?). Don't ask me what the music sounded like though as I was too busy trying not to get my butt kicked as much to listen to it.

And man, even though I was cheating (yes I will admit it as I really only wanted to see the new Keyblade) he was difficult to beat, if I hadn't been cheating I would've been completely gone because he moves so fast. If anyone wants me do I'll try do describe some of his moves (and maybe, later, record a fight to show off his moves). Anyway, there is no dialogue or anything between Aqua and MF (just Aqua going Hmm or huh or whatever), and he has no battle cries. And after finally beating him, I received the No Name Keyblade.

Wait, Xemnas IS Terra? That doesn't fit. Wouldn't he be Master Xeanort, since he's born from the Apprentice Xeanort who is Master in Terra's body?

Wait... wha... huh? So is Xenmas supposed to not be evil now? Wasn't Roxas Ventus anyway?

Well now I'm just that much more happy that I quit after KHII. And then I keep remembering that this was almost a game about Donald Duck using a chainsaw sword and I die a little inside.

No, Xemnas is very much still an evil fucker.

Apprentice Xehanort has a fused heart. Xehanort and Terra's. Both of them are struggling for control.

Apprentice Xehanort has personality traits of both Xehanort and Terra. This habit continues even as Xemnas. So even if he seems to have a humane side, he does the most ruthless things for it while not giving a damn. He's still evil and needed to get beaten.

File: 128362139688.png-(39.28KB, 480x272, 201009041141290[1].png)
They say that the Mysterious Figure boss is a time traveler because the weapon you get has time elements like the key chain being an hourglass and the blade has a clock with hands on top.

Great, more convoluted story coming ahead for the Kingdom Hearts series.

After seeing that I can't wait til KH3 so I can drop the series. It's still the final game, right?

>this was almost a game about Donald Duck using a chainsaw sword

What. WHAT?!

Why... Why didn't we get this game?

Because it's not true. The original intent was for Sora to be some kind of lionboy and he fought with a really stupid-looking sword thing.



When it feels like it, KH can make some real good melodies. Too bad the soundtrack is mostly shit.

No, it was Donald with chainsaw, then lionboy with chainsaw, then the Sora we got.

Wat. KH's soundtrack is one of the few consistently good things about the series.

Here is my problem with KH's writing:
It just lacks development. I don't care that they want their own villains, worlds, and organizations separate from FF and Disney. After all, most writers would like to expand their mythos, give it their own meat and flavor. This is a natural desire and I have absolutely no problem with it. What I DO object to is the fact that instead of adding to the development of their existing cast and expanding from that, they just add more characters, none of whom have weight.

Let's look at Days for example: now I didn't hate the Organization like a lot of people seemed to, but all of them except Roxas and Axel are one-note characters. The only one who even comes close is Xemnas, who was just Ansem with all his lines changed from "Darkness" to "Nothingness," which I suppose was the point but you know what I mean.

All the others have pretty much 1 personality trait, and then everything about them is their boss fights. Days to me, was their chance to remedy this, give them some real backstory and make them each of them a real character instead of couple snide remarks, some flashy moves, and and a health bar.

INSTEAD we get some new 14th member whose exact nature marks the point where I finally stopped being able to understand how KH's mythology works, and more motivation for Roxas. EXCEPT it wasn't MORE motivation at all, it was pretty much everything we already knew from flashbacks in 2, plus a little bit of extra stuff THAT HE GETS ERASED FROM HIS MIND AT THE END, RENDERING THE WHOLE GAME POINTLESS.

tl;dr I don't mind the OCs or any of that, I mind that the devs seem to try to make up for lack of development in some of the characters by adding MORE characters and further confusing the nature of certain already existing ones.

Oh and whatever else may be said about the series: Jedi Ninja Mickey is one of the best things anyone has ever put on a disk, and I will hear no bad word against him.

Indeed. It also doesn't help that the character development seems to go ass backwards.

Axel debuted as a manipulative bastard. Come KH2 for no reason he's a clingy pedo faggot. They decide to justify this change in personality with Days which came out THREE years after KH2.

Saix debuted as cold bastard, come Days and randomly out the ass says "He and Axel used to be BFFs" and there's no real proof of this. Then comes the other prequel Birth by Sleep and shows teenage Isa/Saix being friends with Axel.

This kind of backwards character development is fucking obnoxious as it gives leeway to Nomura invent any damn shit he wants and people still not see the aweful writing that's being applied with this method.

The only character who seems to have a steady straightforward characterization with no prequels involved is Riku.

Riku is pretty gay brah.


Not a link I expected to come across via a Cracked article, but who cares.

No he isn't. If there's a problem with Riku it's how Nomura mishandles him. Just when he was on the road to settle his issues with the darkness and Ansem SOD Nomura re-gave him emo baggage for no reason other than to have it. Making his characterization somewhat worthless in COM.

What's this and what happened with Cracked?

It sells so they'll twist as much tripe as they can out of the story.

Could I get a link at this Cracked article?

You guys DO know that Nomura doesn't actually write any part of Kingdom Hearts, right?

If I remember correctly, they're all pretty much written by freelance writers, with some creative direction by Nomura.

I'm still blaming him, don't you try and stop me.

Some? Every single concept for the original story is all Nomura.

I heard Nojima is the one in charge of making the original story mesh well with the Disney worlds at least for KH2.

Nomura was also stated to be on record the one who fully wrote the entire script of Days.

As for BBS I heard the COM scenario writers who did the original story were the ones in charge of BBS. Don't know whether that means just the original story or the original story AND the Disney worlds.

But anyways core concepts and directions for the series is all Nomura and it all starts from him. So if people don't like the way the story is playing out it's accurate to pin the blame on him.

At times I wonder if this is intentional on his part, that for some reason he wanted to kill Kingdom Hearts after either seeing the fanbase or success and love the first had by writing over some of his most iconic concepts. Is it because all of the Disney characters are western that he wants to slowly mutilate everything into a bland JRPG? At what point did he look upon something at was so easy to slightly improve and milk out a few series and just lose the formula entirely?

Who knows, but the idea of scattering a series that has a continuing ever expanding story through multiple consoles and handhelds does indeed reek of inside job sabotage.

Problem is that the fanbase keeps eating the side games up.

For your other point, I think he went the route of generic bland JRPG because if they kept on just "cross over with Disney and some FF" it wouldn't be too different and refreshing from KH1's story so he had to add new elements I figure to give the series more substance.

I still think some of this comes from a weird case of xenophobia and imbalance with things becoming more final fantasy then Disney. The first was a seemingly perfect mixture of the two; the plot had central square elements with a few cameos that didn't serve any real purpose but to either villains or be beaten up while the rest of the show was stolen by Disney themed worlds and their specific characters. I still remember all the buzz of KH1 and even a little in KH2 being shit like “OH MY GOD TRON WORLD”. Then you had the several games off the main Sony console at the time and you had these increasingly by the book final fantasy like characters doing nothing but baiting the more unhinged sections of the fandom and inserting the pseudo philosophy we all love to hate by going backwards into the story. By the time of Birth By Sleep its almost entirely these weird sub characters in a wholly square setting that seem to be produced to do nothing but slow down and remove themselves entirely from the story started by KH1 and lesser Disney characters.

Disney still makes money so they'd go with whatever from this but I wonder if this push to remove pieces of Disney in KH is what started the idea to make their own solely Disney game in Epic Mickey, besides it being Warren Spector’s baby.

Kingdom Hearts was deliberately designed by Disney as to have a franchise to appeal to the Japanese and weeaboos. Even with the shift of focus to Original Characters, that's fine with Disney because they own all the original content in the series.

I read in an artical in LEVEL that Nomura think games today have too simple storys so he trys to make up for it with his own games.
You know, "keep em guessing"!

So... he's the M. Night Shyamalan of video games?...


I find that REALLY hard to believe.

I don't quite buy that. I heard Sakaguchi, before he left SE, told Nomura that if a game is too simple it would not sell which is what has made the KH series so congested and convoluted in the present time.

Anyways another factor that I don't dig about Nomura is how he said:

"Kingdom Hearts is a series where you don't always get the answers."

To me that translates into "Leave it vague enough because I don't know how or simply can't provide the answers" as this series has a lot of random contradictions and even retcons.

Also the Keyblade was origanly a chainsaw, but they thourted that it was dumb idea.


Yeah, also originally it was supposed to star either Donald or Mickey, and Sora was to be a furry.

The design for it WAS a lot worse than you're thinking. I'll tell you that much.

Perhaps the sarcasm wasn't clear enough.

I haven't played any of these since the first one. Who's voicing that old bald guy? He sounds familiar. And where are the Disney characters?

File: 128391144967.jpg-(71.32KB, 720x906, 127138756288.jpg)
I can tell you one thing...

The KH series would have NEVER become as popular as it did if the OCs were all anthros like in the beta concept.

Melodrama with anthros doesn't work, just ask Starfox.

I think we dodged a major bullet.

Does the game even HAVE Disney characters anymore?

You did not watch the review I just posted did you.

That was a nice watch. BUT here's the thing....

I know BBS is a decent addition to the series and frankly the only good one in YEARS as Days and Coded are shit. But I simply do not have any faith in Nomura period.

Games' plot is way too convoluted, the idea of time travel being involved doesn't make me smile as I know that's the easiest plot element to fuck up, and game ideas like 3DS where we see Nobodies from KH2 with KH1 Riku and Sora make me wonder "what's this? Alternate dimensions?"

I simply do not like the direction of the series. A single gem is not worth the travesty that it has become.

>But I simply do not have any faith in Nomura period.
In regards to Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, that's justified. But as a counterpoint: The World Ends With You.

File: 128397340849.jpg-(45.67KB, 852x480, Miss-Kitty244[1].jpg)
I wouldn't mind certain anthros making it into the KH series...

>Final Fantasy
Nomura has nothing to do with FF beyond character designs. Kingdom Hearts and TWEWY are the only games he has had control over, at least until Versus 13.

If Sora got kissed by Miss Kitty, you as the player what's your reaction to that? Would you feel repulsed or have no issue with it?

File: 12842692191.gif-(6.78KB, 650x450, gun.gif)

File: 128426928490.gif-(4.89KB, 650x450, gun2.gif)

Don't get this one.

Long story short, it's a suicide stump.

>If Sora got kissed by Miss Kitty, you as the player what's your reaction to that? Would you feel repulsed or have no issue with it?

If done right, could be one of the most amusing scenes in the series.


Enjoy, that is if you can with this series at this point.

Watching Birth by Sleep's cutscenes, I gotta say that it's pretty damn good. Has more of the feel of the original game, integrates the Disney into the plot much better then KH2.

It still doesn't compare to the original Kingdom Hearts when it comes to using Disney right.

And the original characters get really grating in there as well. I only like Vanitas and Terra. The rest suck and I'm not cutting them any slack because they got famous VAs.

Was Xehanort too Obviously Evil for you? Because I think it helped make him feel like more of an actual Disney villain alongside the hamminess

More like I don't care for Xehanort. Frankly I think he's piece of shit villain.

>Vanitas more than Aqua
You must be shitting me.

Let's see a Sora clone (or Ven/Sora hybrid clone whatever) who DOESN'T bitch and moan about his existence and just gets a kick out of tormenting a dumbass like Ven and just has fun with it or Sora With Boobs. Gee that's a hard choice.

The reason I don't give a shit about Aqua is because she can't shut the fuck up about idealistic childish speeches like about faith, unity, and belief in her friends. She may not be the first one to do this crap, but just because she's the first female fighter with notable boobs in this series it's no excuse for such a shitty personality. For that matter she obsesses over Terra and Ven so much it's hard to believe she's a character. She behaves and frankly acts like Terra and Ven's babysitter or maid as she literally cleans up the messes they leave behind in the worlds. There is not a single thought in this girl's mind that isn't dedicated to her desire to be and protect Terra and Ven and much like Ven's annoying obsession with Terra himself, this kind of flat characterization HURTS the fucking character especially if there's nothing else to enjoy from them.

The fact that Aqua can fight is a fairly superficial aspect of the character as it is EXPECTED that she can fight given that she's a CONTROLLABLE character to begin with. She'd be more impressive if she was an NPC who did all that she did without any player input. But alas you control her so it's expected that she wins her battles. It would suck if you played as Aqua and even though you beat the bosses the cut scenes just show Aqua losing time and time again. But anyways that's not the case.

Also while I'm at it, Aqua's voice work is hollow and wooden her lines like:

"I am Master Aqua give my friend his heart or pay the price!"

Lacks punch and impact that the Japanese version had which removed the "or pay the price" part and implies that there's no choice in the matter, Aqua is simply going to MAKE Xehanort give Terra back his body.

You people seem to be so hungry for a passable female in the series that you overrate the first one you see as if she's Grade A material. Hate to break it to you, but Aqua is Grade C. Alright, but nothing to get crazy over.

PS - And if you think you're getting some decent KH porn merely because of Aqua's existence, then you're more ignorant and naive than the idiots who didn't see the Birth by Sleep Final Mix coming.

U mad?

File: 12847047938.jpg-(119.32KB, 1024x1088, khbbs__so_it_begins_by_kitten_chan-d2yv5qj[1].jpg)
This is why I hate yaoi fanbitches. The best art is by them. But turning AQUA into a yaoi cunt? I want them to eat horse shit and die for that. It's only slightly less worse than Sakura from Naruto being a yaoi fangirl because Sakura's deal is canon.


The comments are even worse. The only good one is the guy who bolded spoilers to troll the artist who admitted she didn't want any spoilers. Good guy.


Another Final Mix another kick in the busted blue balls of loyal US and EU fans by those motherfucking shit eating bastards at SE.

PS - Don't bitch about the quality of the trailer you know how SE is with their CLOSED MEGA THEATRES. So shut up and appreciate it.

Seriously, a Final Mix with an entire world attached to it is just a dick move.


Miraculously SE decided to not only share the trailer for TGS, but put it on their website. Doubtless it's because the game already exists for their cellphones.

It actually looks BETTER than Days like its closer to the console gameplay or at least BBS. Too bad the plot is filler shit and nowhere near enough to warrant this game's existence.

And I'm getting real sick of Simple and Clean.

While BBS is overrated it offered more new stuff. This looks like another rehash. It even copies and pastes the same battle system from BBS.

SE is getting lazier and lazier.

Come to think of it, did they put out any Versus 13 info?

They showed off a Closed Mega Theatre trailer that had to be camcorded illegally. It used to be Youtube, but SE forced to remove it yesterday. Don't know if someone re-uploaded it or if it can be viewed elsewhere.

You can't see everything as its at an angle and what we little there is to see (its a minute long trailer sharing the other half with Agito) doesn't look too impressive.

In fact it looks sluggish and slow like the original Kingdom Hearts rather than easy flow and such.

Why do people still put up with SE's shit again? Can't be the quality of the games, especially not as of late.

>Can't be the quality of the game as of late.
I guess it's because as bad as it is, it's still better than it used to be.

Used to be here meaning FF6 and FF8.

You know what the deal is as far as I'm concerned?

I simply do not buy SE's games factory sealed and new. I buy all my SE games used (after searching for ones in good shape). I refuse to give SE any of my money after the trainwreck of the KH series or games like FFX and FFXIII.

Even if by some miracle they make games as good as I remember I still would refuse to legally support them and buy their games new as it could potentially put right back on track of behaving like spoiled brats who sell based on name brand and company logo.

PS - The fact that there are TOO many fanboys for the company means I can get away with such tactics as me not buying the games new won't affect their sales. They got more than enough sheep to keep them afloat. So buying used, piracy, etc I don't care and don't look down upon those who do this with SE games.

Did you hear those Japs are getting a NEW Secret Episode to play through which has story elements. No doubt said story elements will be used in a future KH game. Too bad we won't see them.

You're missing the point.

They keep making terrible games like KH: Day and pay no attention to their other series BECAUSE NOBODY FUCKING BUYS THE OTHERS.

Most people just thing "FF, KH, DQ, that's all they make." I'm actually amazed that Front Mission keeps getting new entries, and not surprised at all that Wada told Nomura "lol no" when he tried to make TWEWY 2 BECAUSE NOBODY BUYS EITHER.

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