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Well, this should be interesting. I have no idea what type of game it's going to be.

Hopefully, one that will not suck eggs.

>>will not suck eggs
Terribly sorry, then.

Not an MMO, well, not really, in all honestly I don't know how to describe it.

>We also have these open spaces, public space, and privatized spaces. They aren't instances, and it's not an open world

Pffft, who cares about Forgotten Realms?

Sounds like it's an Online Gauntlet Legends using 4e rules.


That sounds way better than the WoW clone I assumed it would be.

It's like 5 man WoW.

They have to be careful with this game. If they make it too bad everyone will hate it but if they make it too good it will completely replace playing D&D offline.

If they ever figures out how to make a video game that can fully recreate the creative freedoms of tabletop RPG's, let them.

Well, since you CAN create your own content and add it to the world, it might be interesting.


> make a video game that can fully recreate the creative freedoms of tabletop RPG's

Seems kinda impossible if you ask me. Tabletop RPG's require as much freeform and on the fly acting as they do careful planning. Something that's impossible to do with a videogame hub. The closest that games have ever come to it has mostly been Bioware RPG's and even then those are incredibly limited in comparison to the possibilities one can do at a table and in front of actual people telling the story.

The closest, CLOSEST, I could see for what you're suggesting would be if someone could make an RPGmaker type game for Bioware WRPG's. And even then I don't think it'd really be as good as what you're suggesting as I doubt you could have more than 3 or more paths. And they'd have to be paths because a computer cannot respond to the spontaneity of human players like that of another human. Maybe in the future when programmable AI's are created for the sole purpose of running adventures will we be able to have vidya RPG's similar to PNP games but until then, imagination will always triumph it.


The Lord British DnD games were things of Epic insanity if his Ulltima Stuff is any indicator

>Seems kinda impossible if you ask me.

Yeah, that was my point.

Or maybe if a game could break and switch around any piece of its massive assortment of coding and not just randomize certain variables like dice rolls, which I have no idea how it could be programmed to function if it had sorting access to any information within it.

I think there are two options for making something that approaches the tabletop experience as a video game.

The multiplayer option is to essentially keep improving the technology of virtual tabletops like MapTool, and leave everything in the hands of the Dungeon Master.

For single player, the only option is to develop true Artificial Intelligence.

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