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File: 128094011486.jpg-(22.43KB, 307x431, buuuuns.jpg)
88789 No.88789
Some of us in /coc/ have gotten into the Wakfu beta. Somehow. I don't know if it had to to with the What a Beach! contest or not, but I'm playing it. Ginger suggested a separate thread for MMO discussions, so I'll take the first step.

This page is to telecharge the client. C'est Francais for 'download'. Click the big blue Telecharge Wakfu button, give the suspicious pop-up your Ankama account and password(Maybe it needed to verify that my account had been cleared for access? I'm not sure. I haven't gotten any information from Amkana, so I have no idea who can or can't participate.), download, install, and use the client to download the updates. On your first time playing, it will run 5 tests to see what sort of hardware you're playing on; just give it a minute. Then you should be on the log-in screen. If everything's in English, good; I made the mistake of fiddling with some options in the top-left corner and now it's stuck in Spanish(What little of the game is actually translated from French). Re-installing didn't help, neither did installing it on an entirely different computer.

I'm just going to list some observations I make during my adventures, mostly whatever comes to mind in a stream of consciousness. It might become something of a walk-through or Let's Play.

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File: 128094084394.png-(132.91KB, 328x482, cyberdemon107.png)
MAKE SURE YOU MAKE YOUR CHARACTERS ON THE ISLAND OF SEVAMOR. That's where all the English speakers are.

Useful links:
any skill info you may need
item database, with very helpful search queries. Essential if you want to know what your character needs.

My account name is cyberdemon107 but you can only add me to friends while I'm online. So that's a bit problematic.

File: 128094369449.jpg-(7.14KB, 176x120, fighty_numbers.jpg)
So. The client has downloaded all the updates. You should see a 'Play' button. Click it. Log in. There's only one server, Tiva. Create a character, whatever class you feel like. Enutrofs and Sadidas have not been implemented yet. Sorry. Pick your colors, give yourself a name, and click the check mark. Now click 'play'.

Welcome to Incarnam. It's the floating tutorial island in the sky. This is where you'll learn to kill, practice your professions, and... Some stuff I still haven't figured out yet. As you come out of the Zaap gate, you'll see some stairs. Go down. There'll be some glowy bits to the southwest. Walk into them and you'll be teleported to a smaller island a few feet away with a treasure chest. Right-click on the chest, then left-click the lock to open it. You got your sword! Press I to open your inventory, then just drag it from your backpack to your main hand slot. Cross that rickety-ass bridge to the south and you should see a blob of semen being terrorized by a cat. Right-click the cat, left-click the sword icon that pops up.

Oh fuck, Iop-brain, did you actually just do that? Now you've just pissed it off. Choose your starting location(Possible starting points are in blue), and click that little turn-around arrow in the picture; well, it should be a couple of crossed swords; this means you're ready for the fight. Your health is the red numbers, blue is Action Points(Imagine them as how much time it takes to do something), aqua is... Wakfu? I guess? I imagine it's like Magic Points, I imagine some attacks will take Wakfu to use, in addition to AP or just by itself. Green numbers are Movement Points; how many squares you can walk in a given turn. Now walk up to that cat(Or have it walk up to you if you lost the initiative) and hit it with your sword. How? Just click the small sword button on that tiny toolbar at the bottom of the screen, then click on the cat. Keep doing this until it dies.

File: 12809462029.jpg-(30.62KB, 475x407, crazy_bitch.jpg)
Good job, asshole, you just killed a cat.

This talking ball of spunk should start saying 'merci je suis un dicksucker' or something and following you around. He's supposed to be an assistant of some sort, but I have no idea what he's saying.

Anyways, you can use this other Zaap now. Not the one you came out of. Just right-click, then left-click the icon(You should really be getting the hang of this by now.). This should take you to another, larger island where some lumberjack she-Iop will scream at you for some reason. Clearly, the most sensible thing for you to do at this point in time is to kill her too. She's a little tougher than that cat was, but it doesn't take much strategy for you to just stand there and click on eachother. You'll get an axe, which now lets you cut down trees(To cut down a tree, right-click it and then le- Oh fuck it.). You don't even have to equip it or anything, just as long as it's in your backpack. This is the first step on your journey into the various Professions of Wakfu; extra grindy things you can do to make Kamas, equipment for yourself, or healing potions for later. The professsions are divided into gathering and crafting; this is simple enough.

You can hang out on this island and kill some more baby animals and destroy forests like a Captian Planet villain, but you can do that on the NEXT island as well.

This next island is the... 'Mainland' of Incarnum. Expect to see lots of other newbs running around. The mainland is attached to the areas you just came from along with three other areas; the Kanojedo, the Crozolis Prarie, and Chochquette's Inn. The Kanojedo is to the northwest, the prarie is to the northeast, and the Inn is to the southeast. That morbidly obese Ecaflip is giving directions if you speak French. Ignore him for now.

...and then you are free to go anywhere and have no idea what to do cause half of the game is in french thus you dont even know goddamn spells do!

or you could try clicking the first link I provided. It has full explanation, translation and description of every skill at any level

File: 128095656743.jpg-(22.50KB, 240x203, Wakfu_10.jpg)
dont worry, its just ssendas being all emo about stuff.

whats your sac built ginger? any tips for newbie wakfu sac?

also Gobballs fucking.

File: 128095970648.jpg-(17.25KB, 274x385, in_the_flesh.jpg)
First, the Kanodejo: I have no idea. It's some Pandawa dojo, but I don't feel like I accomplished anything talking to everyone and opening every door. Dofus had Kanodejos as well, but I still couldn't find their purpose, even with an extensive wiki.

The praries: This a good place for just killing stuff and practicing your resource-gathering. Some Big Bad Wolf will try to teach you something about the ecosystem; en Francais. I didn't understand a word, so I looked up some stuff on the DevBlog; Wakfu uses an ecosystem... System... to simulate real-life environments; everything from wind to temperature, rain to shine is represented in-game. It's as complicated as it sounds; it's trying to be realistic. All those Gobbals you kill? All the trees you cut down? They have to come from somewhere. Remember what I said about being a Captain Planet villain? You can do that. Feel free to drive species into extinction, it just takes some effort.

Chochuette's Inn... This is probably my highlight of my time spent in Incarnam. Here you learn the Crafting part about Professions. Right-click-left-click the big bag of grain next to Chochuette, RCLC the door, then the table, then the big vat of pink stuff, then the big vat of water, then the oven. Click the bread to select the recipe, then click the check mark button to bake it. You should get some Bakers' equipment like a shirt and a hat or something if you bake enough bread and talk to the right people, I didn't bother.


I think he's mad that he didn't get in. And there's no Polish option. Thanks for posting the hot Gobbal sex, I really needed to see this.


I find it somewhat disconcerting that that picture hasn't changed since I saw it posted about a month ago...

for the "every sacrieur ever" build, max mark of power, get stone skin to level 3, get action man and an item of +1ap (either xelor amulet or collier bouton)

The strategy is easy. Mark of power, then use flagellance to activate it 3x. Then attack with frenzy to heal, while the mark is active. Maxing punition gives you a very good desperation attack, since it is bar none the strongest skill in the game

But that build is used by every sacrieur and their mom. Earth sacrieurs can stun with madness... Air sacrieurs are pvp rape with their ultra long range teleport spam and vortex traps. There are many marks, power is the most straightforward. Forget agility and regeneration, they suck. Resistance is extremely useful if you have a feca with you, you can pump up an enormous level of protection. Maladraise was heavily nerfed, but it will still inflict a sizeable CF, especially to quick attacking enemies. Godly, if you have an Ecaflip that uses rough tongue in your party.

File: 128098234147.jpg-(260.24KB, 1920x1080, blah.jpg)
you want an update? here. It's a pain in the ass to level those two, partly because:
1) server wipe is coming soon
2) railgun is a craft char, her main level is practically meaningless
3) Doomguy earns ~30 000 exp per boowolf, but 200 000 per pack of blops lvl60. He also loses almost 230 000 per death... If I had an alt eniripsa (hint hint to my friend Anthrocat) of a comparable level, I would steamroll him to 99, then go harass those funny sounding europeans.


me emo? yeah a bit. but anyway if you ever come back to dofus come for a friendly duel... random people suck at it.

File: 128102337984.jpg-(19.74KB, 327x297, cooluselesshat.jpg)
server wipe you say... soon do you think this is coming?

hey i still hang out in dofus, i just started playing wakfu like...yesterday.
i think its that our timezones are kinda out of wack so when i play you are sleeping or something like that.

also forgot to ask.
how the hell do i enter merchant mode? i can enter my heavenbag , and i place all my stuff in the little table to sell...but then i have no idea what to do

File: 128104513282.gif-(3.09KB, 204x116, ginger.gif)
Now that you've visited the different parts of Incarnum, it might be best for you to leave. Click on the fat cat on the main island until you get to choose an island. First choose Amakna, then I STRONGLY RECCOMEND Sevamor; that's where all the English-speakers are supposed to be, along with Dleeb and I(And Ginger, but why would you want to play with him?). You're out of Incarnam, you shouldn't need anyone holding your hand by this point.

I was right about the Wakfu Points; some spells use them in place of or in addition to Action Points. WP doesn't come back every turn, so the attacks are generally better. Save them long enough and you could spend them on a bonus like an extra turn or something(All my options are in French still, and I think your options vary from class to class).

It is IMPRESSIVE how often this game crashes for me; every 5-30 minutes depending on how intensely I'm playing. That other computer I mentioned seems to be a lot more stable for some reason. I think it has to do with my video card(I'm not a big enough /g/eek to get into specifics).

I think Wakfu has a lot of potential compared to its predecessor, Dofus. I look forwards to what Ankama has in store for us. I'll still be playing Dofus whenever my fellow P2Pers are on.

This server wipe Ginger mentioned... I don't know why he'd lie to us, but I'd like to see a source for that.


i think traffic plays alot into the crashes , i was playing earlier today and went ...seeding some tofus, and fight random piwis and i didnt crash at all, and the place was pretty empty .

lol @ pic
I would like to explain. Look around the island. You will barely see 10 people. My whole guild is offline all the time. The reason is obvious: whether truthfully or not, Ankama leaked info about a server wipe coming with next patch. Why they didn't affirm or deny it is beyond all words, since they effectively made 90% people give up, but nevermind.

Ask me for builds/strategies, I'm always here. Or check on the official forums


As for crashes, lower resolution, and drop detail if your videocard sucks. Shift L
And restart the game as soon as it gets jittery. Even losing a dungeon key is preferable to dying in the dungeon and losing exp.

And again, those builds that are good for team players. If you have a friend, negotiate to have a compatable partnership. They are also not that weak alone...

Earth Feca with healing armour, terratransfer, feca's armour and feca's shield, and a fire sacrieur with a mark of protection. Ridiculously potent pair of tanks that become indomitable together. Can stack ~300 resistance on the sacrieur, the feca will not take damage for as long as Sacrieur can keep spending Wakfu points every 3-6 turns. And the Feca will weaken the enemy with terra... while protecting the Sacrieur with Armour of Feca. It's defense is proportional to caster life, and, if caster takes no damage, it's astonishing. Dont forget healing armour...

Some others I mentioned:
agressive shield feca with regenerating glyph and an air iop

Fire and water xelors in pairs. Their abilities stack with devastating results

Sacrieur with mark of malady and a water Ecaflip with rough tongue. Disgustingly cheap combination, dealing out enormous amounts of critfailure, but eca needs a high level to be 100% effective... Also can heal if maxes crits, fairly easily

will post more as I remember them


When is this patch supposed to come? How long has it been the way it is? Have there been wipes before? Is the world really going to end in 2012?


What's the worst that could happen? I mean, I guess the FBI could come knocking, but I seriously doubt that.

Not like I'd have the oppurtunity to tell people about the subs

>since they effectively made 90% people give up


Blabbing about it took down the last wiki. Kaoly is either playing dumb or really is. If someone tells her she can find the whole fansub group by searching for, say, "frenchy anon" (who appears in credits) on google, we are fucked.

And yes, it's only a rumour so far. No source. But unfortunately, that's what cleaned out the servers...

File: 128107608229.jpg-(23.26KB, 347x330, 3.jpg)
>go on to fight spiders with Killbeard
>kick a lvl 43 spider's ass
fuck yeah
> see a lvl 30 blob
fuck yeah lets kill that fucker
>blob cast suicidal miniblob
>killbeard is dead, and im left with 70 hp

though the fight with the big spider latter on made up for it.
> 3 hp left
>bonus time, choose extra turn
>fuck spider up the ass

File: 128110283523.jpg-(39.87KB, 872x280, Untitled.jpg)

I also hit a new record for accidentally crashing; 10 seconds.


>big spider
>I die
>Dleeb doesn't
>I'm still penalized
>I miss Dofus

Still, I keep staying up until midnight playing, despite how much I should be sleeping instead.

Reminds me of fighting Crackrocks until 2 AM with five other /co/mrades, sharing our ancestors' war stories and talking about action movies. Those were the days. ;_;

i had better
>doomguy goes on a spree through spider dungeon
>final boss time
>beat off escort
>knock out black widow
>one spider is on a column, out of reach
>suicide, lose exp AND not get drop
>all my rage

Or a better one:
>misclick, walk into a wrong cell
>one red spider stuns, rest pour in
>pass a turn
>second red spider stuns, pass one more turn
>everything on eight legs whales on me in the meantime
>down to ~200hp before landing a single punch
>crack open a crit potion
>dook dook dook
>open up a truck full of rape
feels good man

Didn't know this was known or played outside of my country.


i played it before co/mrades translated first episodes of wakfu.

File: 128124642676.jpg-(57.30KB, 762x448, Wakfu_9.jpg)
oh look, it dleeb's first week in college :D... crates as furniture and books stacked in the corner ...
all i need is some cable drum as a table and a tv .

File: 128149270550.jpg-(42.92KB, 470x368, generous_rewards.jpg)
In Dofus news...

File: 128149316243.jpg-(32.45KB, 468x320, engrish.jpg)
And this.

They really translated Engrish?

What's 'Engrish' in French? 'Flancaise'?

File: 128149351259.jpg-(118.74KB, 1071x838, whoo_yeah.jpg)
And the Brotherhood of Derp going through the Scaraleaf dungeon with a level 150 group.

Took us a couple tries though.

In the original version, Lenalds have a language disorder (they replace all "R"s with "L"s).
Wabbits have the same problem with "R"s replaced with "W"s.
I think they tried to keep that in the english version while making tiny adjustments so that it stays understandable.

Hint : farm this dungeon for your eniripsas, the golden scaraleaf set is awsome for healers, especially once you max out the stats with a magecraft (or whatever they called it in english to adjust item stats)

File: 128154930216.jpg-(24.39KB, 363x258, Wakfu_11.jpg)
so i got busted ...fuck...had to do some mining to pay for my release.

File: 128154936966.jpg-(28.08KB, 478x384, Wakfu_12.jpg)
oh also, jails in wakfu = serious business
they'll fucking cut your head off and hang it in a giant spider web.

File: 128157772816.jpg-(7.05KB, 281x82, achievement_unlocked.jpg)
Does this mean what I think it means?

Of course it does.

File: 128157785298.jpg-(52.38KB, 977x508, beards.jpg)
One spot left for an Enutrof alt, whenever they finish tweaking everything.

Of course I have an -eel/-ill name for him too.


how did you ended up in jail, anyway?

There is no word in French to describe "Engrish" UNLESS it's having a bad English because of your French native language, then it's "Franglais" (which translates by Frenglish)

File: 128164877813.png-(210.46KB, 536x599, Foxo_the_Crowfox.png)
i like this guy, he reminds of someone.

(dofus monster.)

File: 128165562559.jpg-(18.95KB, 307x249, Wakfu_2.jpg)
i was accused of sex harassment a ghost ecaflip.

nah just reality it involved some gobbals ...and me killing the shit out of them too much.( enviroment = serious business )
so i got a bunch of negative point things, and became a bandit , which lets people attack you ( you are an enemy of the nation) ...if you die, you get sent to jail instead of your temple/gate .
in jail you can spend an amount of time (i got like 20 minutes) or farm some minerals for a bit, forge them into crappy metals, and then turn them in.
that clears the time and gets a bunch of those points i mentioned earlier taken off.

lets see... now i have lvl lumberjacking, so i can plat lvl 45 trees, so i can make my own little private map areas .
also lvl 20 something in wood carving, so i can make shelves and other shit for my haven bag to store shit in.

and lvl 25 in general so i can wear my gobbal hat

well i think when enus and sadida come into the game it'll come with the patch...and maybe the wipe(very likely) you wont have to worry about the spots :| .

File: 128166079661.jpg-(71.30KB, 500x551, ghostblowjob.jpg)

Given my aptitude for farming and herbalism, I'll probably turn into a chef or alchemist later on.

File: 128167636090.jpg-(9.77KB, 236x180, trollboar.jpg)
you should start from the get go,
the first few recipes are usually just one ingredient or 2 and those help you boost and built up your craft job, so latter u wont have to go back and farm low lvl things to lvl it up.

also fucking troll boar

File: 128200019847.png-(178.40KB, 390x312, Mike_rowe_plays_wakfu.png)
This new laptop seems to handle Wakfu quite well.

It hasn't crashed after hours of playing.

Or maybe I'm just lucky.

Anyways, I've been working on my professions quite a bit. I'm trying to collect a bunch seeds from all the different plants and animals. Then I'll build a big boat so I can survive Ogrest's chaos. You guys can totally be on my boat.

stop handjobbing animals !

File: 128208143759.png-(167.92KB, 323x469, MMM_MMM_GOOD_EATINS.png)

It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.

File: 128208190558.png-(541.32KB, 574x449, farmville.png)
I found a field where anything grows. So I'm planting one of everything in it.

That way anyone can get any seeds they need in one place!

File: 128208194924.png-(62.77KB, 277x263, the_game_is_trolling_me.png)
I spent 900 Kamas on this friggin' basket. Lousy piece of crap.

Wow, that's a pretty screenshot.

File: 128208308776.png-(138.34KB, 263x356, golden_friggin_wheat.png)
I've only been able to find ONE Golden Wheat plant, luckily I've gotten the seeds from it, but it won't let me plant them for some reason. Golden Wheat will sit in my pockets until its time comes, at which point I will farm in secrecy. And of course one plant for all to enjoy in Noah's Field.


I know, I know, I'm quite handsome.

File: 128208730216.png-(23.13KB, 249x678, im_not_going_to_explain_the_joke.png)

File: 128209303314.jpg-(47.36KB, 438x437, Wakfu_9.jpg)
...but thats not milk...

also have a random pantie placed by ankama in the game.

File: 128210306473.png-(309.71KB, 351x447, teamork.png)
Gang up on someone in the same Bandity Boat as we are because we can.

We are truly warriors of justice.

I was hoping it would've lowered our own bandit scores or something, but whatever. It was fun.

Dleeb didn't want to run to the jail with me to laugh at him afterward though.

In Dofus news...

I haven't had internet for a couple days, so my subscription has ran out(Well, this doesn't really have anything to do with my Internet access being limited, but it's still a bummer!), so my pets are starving and I can't feed them. I can name only three other active Dofus-playing /co/mrades(Deelb sort-of counts). Wakfu is pretty fun, or just as fun as Dofus. I've suddenly come into a great amount of Better Things to Do.

I won't be resubscribing to Dofus. Not any time soon, at least. To the three of you who are sticking around longer than I am, it's been a lot of fun, but I don't think worth paying for and I don't have time to play.

so they added pets which are boosted on firigost.... interesting strategy.

File: 128284100845.png-(133.82KB, 414x546, decisions_decisions.png)
So, what should I spend all these points on?

Putting everything in French is sort-of confusing me.

Shieldblock, Jump, and Aura of Vitality are my favorites.

That "Master of Earth and Air" thing sounds good since they're my two best elements, but I don't know what they do.

Or I could use all 150 on +1AP so I could use Iop's Wrath.

to be perfectly honest, unless you use the mastery stack, two element builds usually tend to suck. The fact that you put points into fire, probably makes it worse. (they promised to increase multispell build's exp rate in the next patch)

What the mastery does is, it gives you a chance to inflict a vulnerability state. Example: you hit with an air attack, target gets a state "weakness to earth". If they are hit with an earth spell within the next turn or two, they gain the state stun+ (ap cost goes up by 2). There is a discrepancy, where using the opposite element may dismiss it (ie hitting with air might take away the stun. This is confirmed for water/burning and fire/frozen), but that's easy to avoid by simply using the elements one at a time

My reccomendations are as follows:
air/earth Iop with the intention of inflicting stun. You can use 8ap for air attacks for jabs (4 hits at 30% guarantees you to get the sensitivity state), followed by an earth attack the next turn. The reason I say 8ap is because you can sneak a parry in there.

As for auras... they're all useful. Vitality increases life, compulsion, damage. Although, since you rely on states to kick your enemy's ass, I reccomend Bravery guide. It increases willpower. That's very useful against, for example, dungeon bosses, who have upwards of 200 will.
I don't main Iop (i know, ironic)
see for yourself

File: 128302414895.png-(104.50KB, 236x264, dleebs_jelly_thing_is_watching_and_waiting.png)

I don't like the way your blob-thing is looking at me, Dleeb, keep it on a leash.

File: 128303367634.png-(255.84KB, 328x505, trolling_is_a_art.png)
Did you know you can enter backpacks diagonally but only begin walking away strictly in the cardinal directions?

Neither did I. 10/10

Dleeb, if you see this, could you cut down the brambles locking me in, please?


Today I learned about the /suicide command.

you know .... for kids ...

File: 128304697486.png-(344.26KB, 449x366, trollchnid.png)
>Hmm... Using all three of my Uppercuts, two Jabs, and one Parry, I should be able to do more damage per turn than a Treechnid and I have almost as HP
>Fight a Treechnid with this strategy
>AP-stealing powers I couldn't have accounted for
>Win anyways
>Okay, just as planned. But they always beat me in the initiative, so I'll start far enough away so that I can land the first blow
>Start four squares away
>Okay, not far enough. Their attack has a range of (at least) 2 and they have three MP
>Start six squares away
>He'll move three towards me and I can move another three to close the distance
>He summons a big-ass spider
>They rape me to death




File: 128304874129.jpg-(65.59KB, 582x427, Wakfu.jpg)
take it like a man.
TAKE IT LIKE A SAC, then turn around and punch the fuck out of them.

also you know trollchnids always will find a way to fuck you up.

you forgot to mention getting into a fight with a know cuz he was only lvl 50 ...
then finding out he had 2000+ hp , and an AOD attack that raped us and our future children .

and that to fight him i had to pay 7777 ...
so i got raped...and paid for it .


>so i got raped...and paid for it .
Which means somone get paid t rape people
... best .. job ... ever !

File: 128305253948.jpg-(28.66KB, 419x407, trollchnid.jpg)
trollchnids gonna troll

File: 128305605550.gif-(3.49KB, 140x120, shockers.gif)

I just thought a local sports mascot looked eerily similar.

File: 128305777299.png-(234.11KB, 642x228, obvious_references.png)
The minions are named after movie characters.

Figure them out.

File: 12830998258.jpg-(43.92KB, 328x420, batWakfu.jpg)
i fucking hate grounan and his stupid stunt ap stealing attack.

I am the night.

>hang around in mork
>kill shit in the forest, run into some guys around my lvl, but they just do their thing and dont fight me
> some bunny equip wearing newbie cra runs by... comes back and starts a fight
> he has a total of 80 hp , i have 624
>hit him one with frenzy and once with my blood whips

seriously...why would you start a fight when you are like lvl 9?

Well, when you begin in a game, your cluelessness makes you do stupid things.

File: 128311817391.png-(15.34KB, 278x208, paper_shirt.png)
Let's just hope you aren't caught in the rain wearing it.

File: 128312232218.png-(238.76KB, 428x371, wakfu_beta_in_a_nutshell.png)

for female characters know... for kids.

File: 128313502897.png-(328.39KB, 446x321, 1.png)

File: 128313506888.png-(193.34KB, 486x252, 2.png)

I'm standing in the same space as this minion or something?

Glitches and boars.

File: 128314083739.jpg-(22.20KB, 400x300, a_bunch_of_sacriers_using_stoney_skin.jpg)


File: 128320543881.png-(25.63KB, 282x130, hat.png)
I don't think the flavor text translates well.

You won't get the reference if you're not french and at least 25+ years old. It's from an old stop-motion kids show :

File: 128330537692.jpg-(28.12KB, 460x276, castro.jpg)
>Fighting level 120 mobs
>I'm only level 42
>30,000 XP

Games get boring once I get good at them.

Do the ridiculous amounts of XP translate well into a level 89 character like Doomguy? They're four-man mobs of minions like in >>91361


>translate well

Mmmmaybe not.

It seems to have gone down to 26,000 XP.

Could anybody upload the installer, or better yet, an already installed folder (as I don't use Windows)?

I have a Wakfu character (I was playing back when the show started airing), but the website doesn't let me download the client now (I'm pretty sure I erased it ages ago, so they cancelling my access to downloading the client sounds normal).

I wanna try and see if, even if I can't download the installer, if I can still play with my old character...

Basically, if your accont is not activated to allow the download, it won't be activated to allow you to play in the closed beta.

There are two ways to get into the beta :
- You had to have at least one existing character on the server before they went from open to closed (about 10 months ago or so) AND you had to log at least once with this character in the last 4 or 5 months before the switch to closed status.

- Your Ankama account gets beta-activated for participating in various events, such as the beach-design contest last month (yes, you just have to participate, not win it). Can't tell when the next one will be though, but just check Ankama's website from times to times.

File: 128337009196.png-(944.29KB, 809x542, lol.png)
So I can plant trees to force enemies to fight me one at a time.

But the area I was in was overgrown, so I got a little bit of Stasis for it.

So I tried to cut down the trees afterwards to get my Wakfu back.

But it gave me bandit points for it too.

What the fuck.

At least I got some Wakfu for stomping on those imps.

dofus ogrines are out!

that means we can farm ourselves ? o.o

File: 128344384114.png-(217.99KB, 403x289, master_troll.png)
If you're bandity enough to be attacked, please don't go AFK.


I was really looking forward to these! I thought you were supposed to be able to buy them in-game with Kamas from people who already bought them with cash... But I don't see anything like an "Ogrines Market" in-game.


just click the tab. you will find what you are looking for.


>700 Ogrines for a one-week subscription
>452.4 Kamas(Average) for one Ogrine
>316,680 Kamas for a one-week subscription

I was hoping that it wouldn't be too good to be true... Even the best price, 426 Kamas for one Ogrine, puts me back quite a bit. And I still can't afford enough for one week at that rate. With all the Kamas I have, Ogrines would need to sell at... 269.5 apiece. Maybe the price will drop.


oh come on. that's why you become baker or wand carver. it's still better than nothing.


If that Smoked Tigerfish**** I have laying around actually sold at the prices the other Tigerfish are listed at on the market(400kk? For +1 Wisdom? I seriously doubt it), I would have enough for a week subscription.

I was saving it for a special occassion; I think this counts. I've put it on the Astrub market for 350kk; when(If) it sells, I'll have enough for a one-week subscription at the current exchange rate.

Can you afford a one-week subscription too?

naw, i'm currently playing Disciples 2. rise of elves.

playing two turn based games at once can be disasterous for gameplay..

i may return there in a month or 2.


I consider this a step in the right direction.

Here is something to add to that.

I also agree this is a great step in the right direction.


oh. that's interesting... i changed my server to Zatoishvan and saw the average price there for 1ogr. is about 200k...



It's probably also harder to earn Kamas there.

File: 12837829185.png-(431.83KB, 509x452, bird_brained.png)
Won a few PvP fights last night.

This Iop in the Tofu gear assumed I had just died because I was outside of the Iop Zaap.

He quit when he realized I was twice his level.

File: 128378298895.png-(349.25KB, 459x326, noob_bandit.png)
I just attacked this guy because he was a bandit.

He didn't know what the fuck was going on, so he quit the battle like he'd quit any other battle.

So he died and went to jail.

Justice is served.

File: 128379231149.png-(187.84KB, 312x275, Marshall_Killbeard.png)

File: 128379245398.png-(1.16MB, 1351x552, bandity_asshole_cras.png)
One bandity asshole Cra and his Cra friend to came to help him.

I got the big friend of his.

The other one killed me with 30 HP left.

Things would've turned out differently if I didn't have Wolf AIDS or used an extra Jab instead of blocking.


>If you create your Ankama account now, you will be able to access the Wakfu open Beta, forums and websites straight away.

Legit? As in, "You're in, no questions asked, just make an account." Some small blue print at the top says

>If you create your Ankama account now, you will be able to access the Wakfu open Beta, forums and websites straight away.
>You will be able to access the Wakfu open Beta straight away.

I think it is.

Now you have no excuse.

What if you already have an account?

Then you get an alt. Having your own private healer can be pretty tits. I know a guy who would solo the strongest blops/crawlies since his sacrieur could tank em, and when he couldn't, his eni would revive him with over 50% hp and painkiller words

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