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Are you excited?

I'm excited.

Do you know why I'm excited?

I'm excited because they released a full trailer.

And it looks amazing.

I can't find it on YouTube yet so you'll have to make due with a link. Sorry.

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I'd like to be excited but after Champions I can't bring myself to be pumped for MMOs, superhero or otherwise. I wonder how many Marvel or Trinity rip-offs there will be in this game.

I'm not so much pumped as THIS BETTER FUCKING WORK.

How are player characters going to work in this thing anyway? Just people with powers coming out of the woodwork like always or Future Lex making metahumans out of the population or what?

I was excited when they were thinking about not having it have a monthly fee, but since they nixed that...

This didn't tell us anything...

I wonder why Superman said 'Batman' as though he were angry at him?

As a long time player of SoE MMOs

It'll be awesome at launch, but SoE will run it into the ground over time.

You know, watching that trailer I have expected a legion of poorly designed generic super heroes with names like XxXDarkSoulXxX to show up to help Superman and pals.

He says "madman."

Geoff Johns and Marv Wolfman are working on the story and how so many metahumans are coming into the DCU.

I have a beta key.

Ah, yes, he does.

Thanks for clearing that up!

How so?


File: 128008702745.gif-(788.78KB, 247x166, 1276448617417.gif)
This was my reaction after watching this.

>I was excited when they were thinking about not having it have a monthly fee, but since they nixed that...

Wait...what?! God dammit.....


$14.99 a month.

I refuse to buy pay-as-you-play games on principle, myself, so I'm a little sad that I won't be getting this.

I hate pay to play too...but it looks so awesome. So conflicted!

Everquest - Getting rid of travel by implementing instant transportation stones. Deciding to give up on developing interesting expansion content after the second expansion, and instead constantly pumping out new expansions (at one point 2 $30-$40 dollar expansions per year) with almost no story that just raised the level cap causing weeks of more grinding while leaving the old fun zones empty. Essentially transforming the game into WoW to try and save a dwindling userbase that only played Everquest because it wasn't like WoW.

Star Wars Galaxies - Taking an original concept that people enjoyed and completely revamping the gameplay system for no particular reason despite the ire of the userbase. Focus on a bitchfight between Jedi and Bounty Hunter over who is more overpowered, constantly nerfing and buffing them in a constant cycle while other player classes remain broken and half-finished thanks to the combat update that no one really wanted. Then they decided to say "fuck you" to the userbase when right before their expansion that would allow people to travel to Mustafar was released, they completely revamped the gameplay system a second time, getting rid of several popular classes like Creature Handler and getting rid of the class mixing thing (you could train in being a fencer or a martial artist while also being a smuggler or a musician and stuff like that) using the generic class system of just pick the class in character creation and you level up as them the entire way. What was a real slap in the face was when they made Jedi a starting class and got rid of the ability for player bounty hunters to hunt them. So the only interesting endgame was gone. People spent years working to unlock the ability to become a Jedi, and hunting Jedi as a bounty hunter was pretty much the only endgame there was aside from sitting in a Cantina and roleplaying with some fat neckbeard playing a Wookiee who spends plenty of time typing out detailed explanations of what his character does and how soft his fur is, but feels that using "u" instead of typing out a word only two letters longer. Fuck you Chuubak I hate you so much

I could go into EQ2 and Planetside too if you would like.

You know what the best part about it is?


Yes, please.

I can... feel your anger.

And I can see your boner.

Son of a cockhungry bitch.

>Future Lex making metahumans out of the population or what?

I think that's what he did when he pointed his hand at the planet and there was that little shockwave.

File: 12801243845.jpg-(145.67KB, 768x1024, mark hamill.jpg)
I was at the panel where they premiered the trailer.

I'm pretty sure they said it would be free to play, you just had to buy it. But I'll pay for it. I'll just switch some shit up.


He's from the future. He used Braniac technology that he supposedly acquired while he was hiding and growing stronger. He pretty much gave EVERYBODY superpowers.

Hmm. Wikipedia says the following:

>DC Universe Online or DCUO is an MMORPG being developed by Sony Online Entertainment - Austin. Jim Lee serves as the game's Executive Creative Director, along with Carlos D'Anda, JJ Kirby, Oliver Nome, Eddie Nunez, Livio Ramondelli, and Michael Lopez. EverQuest developer Chris Cao is the Game Director and Shawn Lord is also involved, and Geoff Johns is the principal writer. As of E3 2010, it has been revealed the game has a $14.99 per month subscription fee.

Or, in the case of heroes without powers, the intellect and ability to make do?


If you want to be technical.

File: 128016804637.gif-(37.28KB, 100x100, 1280105659206.gif)

All 4 of those games were crap -- to the mass market, myself included -- from the gate.


ITT: people who only have experience with micro-transactions from Korean MMOs.

You're not going to be able to go in and pay for fucking gear. No game lets you do that except DDO, and even then you have to grind to the level required to buy the gear, and even then -- who cares, grinding for gear is for retards.

Whining about micro-transactions is the same as whining about episodic content, shut your whiny crybaby whore mouth, if you don't want it, don't touch it.

Everquest was insanely popular when it came out. It did set records for subscriptions and that it was the most popular of the MMO to ever be released before WoW came out. Star Wars Galaxies was also insanely popular when it came out. Sure not everyone liked both games, but the problem with SoE is that they have a habit of completely changing games to try and expand their fanbase when all it ends up doing is alienating the people currently playing it.


>ITT: people who only have experience with micro-transactions from Korean MMOs.

Some people are bothered by the idea of having to spend extra money to get items or to get certain content when they are already paying a monthly fee.

>All 4 of those games were crap -- to the mass market, myself included -- from the gate.


I almost bought it but then I realized you are toxie and you are trolling.

Toxie never trolls.


Are you kidding me? Trolling? Name 5 NORMAL people you know who ever played Everquest. Everquest has a disclaimer: for aspies only. It's a fucking chore to play that game and the entire internet knows it, that's why people play WoW, because it's simple, accessible and -- while some people do -- you don't have to starve your children to craft dumb shit all day to level your retarded in-game job.

Star Wars Galaxies is Everquest in Space, hence why it never had player retention, I am willing to put all my chips in on the fact that people bought it because it's (here's the shocker) a Star Wars MMO. Not because it's QUALITY entertainment.

Everquest 2 is Everquest Lite.

And we don't fucking talk about Planetside.

Yes, I disagree, so I am trolling, you people on this site are real winners sometimes, you know that?

File: 128023572270.jpg-(80.25KB, 742x462, coolflooc.jpg)
>you people
>on this site
>That entire post
The alternative is that you were being serious. Both make me lol.

I gave both FF11 and Champions reasonable shots when they came out and played a considerable amount of Ultima Online back in the day, so my MMO perspective may be somewhat skewed.

When you buy a regular video game, be it SMB3 or Mass Effect, you are essentially paying for a finished product; a game that is now yours. While the developer and/or fan community may choose to continue supporting the game by way of expansions, DLC, patches, or new content to bolster the overall game experience or correct unforeseen problems, the core game may be experienced as it was originally should the player so prefer. Ultimately, anything past 1.0 is simply an addition to an already complete experience.

MMOs, on the other hand, are quite a different creature altogether. The graphics and gameplay often feel about 5 years behind the release's offline contemporaries due to programming limitations, but that's perfectly understandable. No, the real problem lies in the game's reliance on its players; an MMO requires a large number of players of various skill levels to be both enjoyable to its audience and profitable to its developer, but while a game with less than spectacular sales or low replay value can survive long enough to evolve into a franchise (ICO and Beyond Good & Evil come to mind) and live on for decades to come in the hands of those wishing to play it, and MMO ceases to function without an exorbitant number of players constantly funneling money into it. New content must regularly be added to keep veteran players engaged. Competitive advertising must be used to convince players that they game they are buying for full retail price yet remains unplayable without an additional monthly fee is superior to a non-MMO experience. Even in the sanctum of private servers, outside support is necessary for any player to participate in a game that is, quite often, a slightly more tedious RPG than its contemporaries with the added bonus of being a joint experience.

An MMO is by its very nature expensive, restrictive, and ultimately ephemeral. Honestly, the value of a large-scale dungeon crawler co-op played by thousands of strangers simultaneously and may be subject to redesign at any time and playable only in its short timeframe of developer support is lost on me.

Oh, what I wouldn't give for another Phantasy Star Online...

The trailer was neat but Superman was the worst part of it.

Although the entire time I watched it I was just going "OH MAN WONDER WOMAN IS SO COOL when I grow up I wanna be just like her"

That said, the gameplay is looking to be what I've wanted in an MMO for a while. A whole lot of running around pseudo platformey button mashing, instead of menu selection. I've been playing LEGO Universe which pulls that off decently, so I can only imagine it'd work even better with super heroes.

>My CG teacher worked on this
>They give him only one Beta Key that he's going to give to his brother
And after all that sucking up.

>Name 5 NORMAL people you know who ever played Everquest.
My father, my childhood friend Edward, R. A. Salvatore, Curt Schilling (He also played EQ2), and I had a Math teacher in Highschool that used to play Everquest.

The criticism of people playing EQ and neglecting their actual life duties is true, people have done that, but there are also plenty of stories of people who played WoW that did the same thing. It doesn't matter if the game is accessible or not, it has happened in pretty much every MMO game ever made. People do treat WoW as a job just as people used to treat EQ as a job.

And you are right, SWG did get a lot of people playing it because it was Star Wars, but the thing is that the fanbase it did bring in stayed. The population for SWG for the first few years was solid and quite large. When SoE started making immense changes to the core gameplay, the population started to collapse.

Just because you didn't like the game doesn't mean there weren't a lot of people that did like the game. And yes in the case of SWG a lot of people probably tried it because it was Star Wars, but that doesn't explain why SWG kept an established fanbase for as long as it did. And it also doesn't explain while there was a huge collapse in the population when SoE implemented the sweeping changes to the gameplay.

And the reason why I accused you of trolling is because you claimed that
>All 4 of those games were crap -- to the mass market ... -- from the gate.

I could care less what you think about the games, but that claim just isn't true. Sure, you may have thought it was crap, plenty of people did, but the very idea that the mass market cast the game off as crap just isn't true. Before WoW Everquest was the most popular MMO ever made. It was the first game of it's genre that proved that a monthly fee MMO was not just a viable option for developers, but an option that could yield an immense return.

The point I'm really trying to make is not that they were good games that SoE ruined, good is entirely subjective, the point I'm trying to make is that SoE has a habit of releasing a game that establishes a fanbase, and then they implement huge changes to the gameplay that more often then not alienates their fanbase.

>R.A. Salvatore
>A math teacher

No math teacher is sane. They think math is fun.

My math teacher used his powers for evil. He made some pretty good money with math-related jobs on the side and used the money to own sports cars and date younger women; some of them fresh out of High School.

yeah, Salvatore is a giant muscular DnD player that writes fantasy novels. I don't think he quite qualifies as "normal".

File: 128034854373.jpg-(757.65KB, 858x1743, Weird.jpg)
What is "normal"?

What ever is done most commonly by the majority of society.

Bad kNOWREDGE, don't use pretentious comics to ruin good retorts.

It didn't come across as pretentious to me. Does the author have some sort of history for wearing a beret and speaking only in buzzwords?

Which society? And are we talking about things done publicly or privately?

Usually it's national society though sometimes it can be State/Provence wide. And it's things done publicly because it's society.
Social, not Personal.

He is a successful individual who is independent and whose works are enjoyed by many different people.

He is also a nice guy with a good sense of humor and is far more normal than Ed Greenwood.

He also used his money from selling books to go back to college to get a degree in how to write books.

You know, when he already had a contract to write books.

At least that's what it said on his bio page last time I read it.

Yes I own his books shut up.

Apparently (according to Wikipedia, so take this with a grain of salt) the beta starts this week.

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