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  This is a Dragon Quest topic in celebration of July 11th's release of Dragon Quest 9.

So use this thread to talk about your favorite Dragon Quest game, share hopes and observations on the latest game, or just spam fan art.

Enjoy this North American commercial that shows Nintendo is actually finally giving the series the advertisement campaign it deserves.

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Too bad I hate Seth Green so much I won't own it even if they paid me to.


I ain't a fan of him either but it's actually a pretty decent joke in the commercial.

I want this game so badly. You have no idea. It looks like so much fun.

You know that he's not actually in the game, right?

At least it wasn't Jack Black. Still not sure why they hired Seth at all though as DQ doesn't have that much competition on the DS.

Still can't wait for Amazon to send it my way on the 11th.

  That was cringeworthingly awful

This was the best one

Im sure they gave him a copy.

I'd prefer Jack over Seth.
Still getting the game regardless.

The fact that he's associated with it ruins it. Forever.

Don't even joke about that. If you like Dragon Quest you'll love this.


File: 127825896415.png-(488.77KB, 1093x690, hurp.png)
>"Hows the pie, Seth?"

What's with all the Seth Green and (to a lesser extent) Jack Black hate?

Do you people hate fun?

Pffft...that commercial became an in-joke between me and my brother.


The only reason I hate Jack Black is because people like to point out to me that I look like him. Other than that he's just mildly annoying at times.

I don't hate Seth. I just find him to be annaying at times, but he's fine in this comercial.
For some reason, jack dosn't bother me at all.


Are.. Are you my older brother? He has the same exact problem.


You just don't understand Seth like I do.

Guess I don't.

File: 127842136352.jpg-(183.68KB, 1000x630, dq9-illust01.jpg)

File: 127842138512.jpg-(139.90KB, 750x1100, dq9-izayar.jpg)

File: 12784214129.jpg-(98.93KB, 600x1100, dq9-mage-female.jpg)

File: 127842142355.jpg-(96.29KB, 600x1100, dq9-mage-male.jpg)

File: 127842143697.jpg-(100.92KB, 980x920, dq9-main-player-male.jpg)

File: 127842145532.jpg-(126.12KB, 600x1100, dq9-minstrel-female.jpg)

File: 127842147059.jpg-(105.35KB, 600x1230, dq9-monk-male.jpg)

File: 127842148250.jpg-(93.34KB, 600x1100, dq9-priest-female.jpg)

File: 127842150011.jpg-(93.71KB, 600x1100, dq9-warrior-female.jpg)

File: 127842153823.jpg-(116.35KB, 600x1100, dq9-warrior-male.jpg)


Chainmail Bikini wins again!

Oh Toriyama, never change.

File: 12784505602.jpg-(66.03KB, 720x480, 1198381812587.jpg)
I think that kid might be the Avatar!

File: 127845138123.jpg-(56.73KB, 750x600, 1195957472549.jpg)

Why is Satan helping this kid?


Help the kid fulfill his hedonistic desires and later punishing with ...either a priapism and a bit of homely women priapism and a bit of eager presenting men or complete flaccidity and a pit of attractive easy women or it could be raging priapism and the uptight yet attractive librarian..hmmm many different ways this boy could be punished

File: 127921033850.jpg-(200.28KB, 1440x900, ()1221781597021().jpg)
You let me build my own little crew of adventurers who I can customize a great deal. It's just like when I was a kid and I'd build little cities out of wooden blocks and have m action figures roughhouse there.

I bought it yesterday and so far so good.

Dragon Quest VIII is my favourite RPG. It is the one I've spent the most time on, become immersed in, and actually cared about. It was simple, back-to-basics, and I loved the Tactics system.

The voice acting and DAT SYMPHONY was amazing.


Yeah, completely customizable group is awesome. I've got myself Kuririn with snikt claws and priestess Bulma on my team. Fuck yeah!


Dragon Quest is for weeaboos, but I'll probably get this game because I love Seth Green so much.

That's why I'm getting it.




I hope you guys are trolling

File: 12793008817.jpg-(8.09KB, 200x211, 200px-DanteHicks.jpg)

Why would you say that?


No offence to either Dragon Quest or Seth Green, both are pretty good, but buying a game because an actor is in the commercial? Really?

File: 127930263177.jpg-(485.33KB, 1024x768, god bless america.jpg)

That’s your joke?

... SO! How's everybody with a copy of IX doing so far? I'm up to the Coffingwell Dungeon.

I'm just past there, and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do next.


Why does everything have to be a joke to you? Can't you be serious for five minutes, Anonymous?

And now, piggy, you and I are in the same boat.

well you go back to town, find out Cathrine is dead, funeral, cheer up the doctor by making him talk to the people he (and you) helped save, I got as far as heading back to the Starlight express having it turn back on and seeing a lonely girl ghost walk away from you.

Oh wait, all that stuff is at night mind you, so stay till evening in the inn to get to happen. After just head for the starlight express and go back to the observatory.

>Dragon Quest is for weeaboos
May I ask why?

Is it possible to master every skill in this game?

Where the shit is the doctor guy? I can't find him anywhere.

File: 127934378668.jpg-(15.53KB, 300x400, DrEvil__orig.jpg)
The NBA plays Final Fantasy XIII...

Scotty don't.


Well, personally, I'm buying the game because I think Seth Green is one of the greatest actors of our generation.

His performance is so nuanced and articulate in Austin Powers, as Doctor Evil's estranged son, Scotty. The frustration of growing up without the love or attention of his father, and then meeting the Ego-Maniacal mad-man. He is berated, insulted,k ignored, and deprived by his own father. Truly, a tragic character, the spirit of which was brought to life by the artist known as Seth Green.

We take that into account, along with his role on Fox's Greg the Bunny series, Oz on Buffy, Chris on Family Guy, Joker in Mass Effect 2, Robot Chicken, Party Monster, and the numerous other movies, shows, and humanitarian works, makes me really respect, and more importantly, trust his opinion about what videogames I may, or may not like.

Just got the game, and recently started a party (main character is still a minstrel, recruited a female thief, and used the female warrior+male priest that were randomly generated): I have no idea where the hell I'm going or what to use these skills points on (other than not having someone with a sword as a primary weapon), but I'm still enjoying the hell out of it.


My good man, I feel that you are in error of this opinion.

I would like to propose that you fellate the members of many ebony skinned men.

Good day.


Well in the town at night you talk to the ghost of his wife and then head to his lab again.

>error of this opinion.

I invite you to consider that you're "doing it wrong", so to speak, and to cordially invite you to climb a wall composed of male genitalia.

>Well, personally, I'm buying the game because I think Seth Green is one of the greatest actors of our generation.
Odd reason to buy a video game. But if it gets more westerners to play Dragon Quest, I have no qualms with it.

I knew Seth Green would never lie to me. It's fun and cool to look at thus far.


Annoying sidequests for new jobs FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

File: 12794492646.png-(3.53KB, 502x275, blank.png)
I'm at Porth.
I just now realized I could have made more team members.
I feel so...silly.

My Priest is now wearing a speedo because not only does it have considerable defense benefits but also it give him more healing magic power.

From a blue speedo.


My Priest is wearing blue jeans because they provide more protection than pants with iron-platted knees.

My Minstrel is wearing those iron-platted ones because the female Warrior can wear the fishnet stockings from a bunnygirl suit for equal protect (and doubtless a greater amount of style points though it never tells you how much an individual piece of equipment gives you).

I LOVE THE ASSASSIN'S DAGGER! So many one hit kills.

Alrighty, so I beat FAKE LEVIATHAN and am now building up funds before heading back to the sky place and then heading out to sea on a ferry.

Yeah, my Martial Artist is wearing blue jeans and a bright pinkish robe and my Priestess is wearing shots and knee socks under her robes. This shit is pretty crazy.

Can't wait to change my Minstrel guy into a something else. Think I might trade in my Martial Artist for a thief and my Dark skinned warrior chick for a Mage temporarily. Figure it can't hurt to have as many different various allies as possible (though my poor wallet might not like it.) Also, I'm loving how even weaker characters are formidable members of the team as long as they have the right equipment.

S'why my mage is a knife wielding little sauce pot.


Only the advanced jobs.

Gladiator is easy to unlock, and awesome. But I'd recommend leveling in thief or martial arts to get some agility bonuses going.

Yeah, think I'm gonna change my character's job to thief and THEN add a Mage to my part for a bit. Not sure if I'll (temporarily) get rid of the Warrior or the Martial Artist, though.

>Martial Artist
Man, the Martial Artist I've got in my party is a fucking beast. Guy is always the first person to attack in any situation, and he's powerful to boot, but he can also knock down or frighten multiple opponents. If I'm facing enough of the same formidable monster, the battle suddenly becomes easier as I can keep them attacking for 2-3 turns most of the time (which is usually all I need). It's not a bad class to consider.

This has the basic JRPG combat system right? Your guys on one side, monsters on the other, one guy chooses an option, runs out onto the middle of the field and makes some motions then runs back, repeat until the monsters die or your team does.

>runs out onto the middle of the field and makes some motions then runs back
No, the characters actually move around the battlefield to follow the orders you give them, though I'm not sure if placement affects battles in some way or is just aesthetic.

When you're selecting actions to take it shows the enemy team in a line, but that's just for the sake of convenience.

Cool. I think I'll go pick up a copy.

I can assure you, the fights are always fun to watch.


God yes, my martial artist is like ridiculous. She takes a TINY bit more damage than my minstrel, but not enough to make her worthless.

Gets her ass slapped by magic though.


I've noticed monsters will attack people who are closer at least some of the time.

Got the game yesterday.

Oh Seth Green, you've never steered me wrong!

Also, how the hell do I change classes?


You have to complete the mission involving Jack of Alltrades in Alltrades Abbey.

Just got it.
>No random battles
YES!!! I think that may leave only Pokemon being unable to finally get with the times.


You might actually have unavoidable battles though. Sometimes monsters chase you if they think you're a pushover. Not too bad though.

Actually, the game has a lot more cheap tricks to force you into battles: they'll suddenly spawn in front of you as you're walking forward, block important narrow passage ways, spawn at the entrances to dead ends after you've entered them, see you when they're facing the exact opposite direction, or come running at you from offscreen in areas where you can't adjust the camera angle.

Yeah, the fat enemies are annoying in caves haha.

and then GOLEMS!

The puns! I'm drowning in puns!!!
Also the Gooey Garb. God damn this game is pants-on-head retarded. In the good way.

You guys should check out wireless mode, it's so fucking fun. I spend all day playing it with my bro, and it's how I wished all RPGs were ever since I was a kid.


That would require people I know to own the game. It doesn't work over internet.

File: 127965105129.jpg-(74.91KB, 640x480, 017eggman.jpg)
>None of my friends have a DS
>even if they did they're busy with work and college

So how far do you need to get before you start getting more dudes?

You need to progress through the story when you've set everything up in the second town (the game holds your hand for a while) and then after you're done helping to set up the Inn there you get to make yourself some minions, or use the random builds the game gives you.

The first castle town at the inn.
The girl on the far left at the counter.

File: 127965257138.jpg-(8.77KB, 385x185, 1246941145477.jpg)
>Has no friends to play with
>Has no friends

Yeah, it's pretty lame knowing that you can play multiplayer on the DS, but you don't have any friends who have a DS AND this game :/

Also, that fucking online shop, holy shit.


Did they ever make DS wifi less horrible? I know the Lite was incompatible with most routers


Got a +70 str sword for 18,000 or somewhere abouts earlier today from that. Dwarfs anything I can get at this point.

I have no problem accessing the internet with my DSi, so I guess?

I got some great alchemy items. Used and agility ring with that red bandana you find in the Wight Knight's castle to make an even better Bandana, and then I bought a strength ring.

Also, the shanty town priest is officially the best priest ever.

>Also, the shanty town priest is officially the best priest ever.
Do you mean the actual priest, who sold all his shit for booze money, or the guy he sold them too that takes over the chapel?

Is a mage even worth having in the long run? I've got one in my party and on top of the expectedly shitty armor and HP his spells do crap for damage and he seems to level up slower than everyone else to boot.

My mage is doing the most damage out of all my characters and is my main offensive party member. No idea what you're doing wrong. Maybe it's because I don't give a shit about defense stats in her armor and go for the armor that boosts magical might. Also does wonders in boss fights when you have a minstrel. Egged on mage rapes face. Just have to closely watch her health and buff her defense with my priest.

Also, monsters are falling in love with my party members left and right. Is that because I have an all female party or is that happening to anyone else, too?

I had a Mage for a while but mostly just used it to lower boss's defenses. I probably shouldn't have tried to have her use a knife from when she used to be a Thief. It's just not a good cross-classing.

It's because you have have a high Style score, which is determined by your character's Charm+whatever clothes they're wearing. Gender doesn't matter.

If you look on the Attributes for an individual character it's the last thing listed.

Nothing compared to the guy in Batsureg. I give nothing away because you'll laugh when you see him. In a cave.

I just got there! I'm also sure the Almighty always has my back, yo.


Why are your spells doing crap damage, my mage regularly does 100 damage to bosses that are close in level. He also puts up reflective shields, buffs and debuffs. He may not take a punch all that great, but as long as you TRY to keep him in the back, and you have at least two non-magic characters, you should be dandy.

Protip: Attacks meant for multiple enemies deal more damage the fewer enemies they are. You also want equipment that will boost his Magical Might (mine is over 200 @ lvl 30, if that helps)

I just beat Equinox. I feel like I ruined the main quest for me now. Everything seems so utterly easy and unchallenging all of a sudden.


I still don't have any maps to grottos. :(

>Attacks meant for multiple enemies deal more damage the fewer enemies they are.
I did not know that. So using Crackle instead of Crack against one enemy wouldn't be a bad idea?

>You also want equipment that will boost his Magical Might (mine is over 200 @ lvl 30, if that helps)

That's probably the biggest thing. Even with Mages Magical Might is really low unless you dedicate most of their equipment to boosting it. Notably, wands do not boost it (or at least most of them don't), but rather give you extra MP (if you spend some skill points) and help you recover MP.

So, unlike in most games, mages aren't vulnerable just because they can't equip decent gear but because them having a lot of power requires them to use gear that doesn't provide much protection.

Try changing all of your team members to classes with much lower levels.


Yes, Crackle will deal more damage 1 on 1 than Crack. But for me Crackle deals either around the same damage as my minstrel or less depending on how many enemies. Wizards also learn crazy OP spells in their later levels.

Try to get a prayer ring (use it as an item on a turn, regain upwards of 20 MP in one go, in case you run out in a boss fight), then devote more equipment to might. I think it also adds Might and Mending, but I can't really remember. It's served me well up until this point. Also double check things you equip, because some equip deftness. Deftness is useful, I guess, but I'd rather him take less damage than land crits more often.

I have only dumped my skill points into the vocational skill pool as well. I think early on, I put 3 points into wand for the MP boost, but since then everything's gone into the vocation. So, I have Might +60... and MP +10 (I think), and next time I earn skill points, I will have MP +60.

I'm no expert, I'm just trying to make the case for the wizard, cos I think he's a cool guy eh.


I forgot to mention that you should gauge your spell damage / mp cost in any given fight. Some monsters will resist stuff, and you'll deal less damage, so the if you use a higher level spell and it doesn't deal too much damage, try the lower level version, and you might get more longevity out of your MP.

Did you ever get any success with using the wands as items for pseudo-spells? Obviously not for bosses, but for battles on the way to the some place where you need all your MP.


I had some lightning enchanted one and I only tried to use the spell once. It worked. But I think those are meant for the clerics that you don't want using actual weapons mostly, since any of the wizard's spells are more powerful, at least than the one I had. Might be a good idea to pick up some enchanted stuff if a monster buffs his physical defense and you can't debuff him, I guess? Mostly I hit stuff until it dies.

I'll let you know if I figure anything out when I get into crafting, I'm trying to tank through the game as quickly as I can, so I can get to all the neat side quests and DLC and crafting and OH GOD THE CONTENNNNT.

I'm not very far in the game (average party level 15, just beat the ragin' contagin') so my guys natural stats aren't very high and my choice of equipment is limited but even with the max amount of Might I can give him his spells are only doing on average as much as my priest is doing by whacking guys with her spear.

>But I think those are meant for the clerics that you don't want using actual weapons mostly, since any of the wizard's spells are more powerful, at least than the one I had. Might be a good idea to pick up some enchanted stuff if a monster buffs his physical defense and you can't debuff him, I guess? Mostly I hit stuff until it dies.

Yeah, my Priest was pretty similar--he had a stave and was the second hardest hitter on the team for a while. The wand spells were way too weak since a Priest's Magical Might is only going to be boosted incidentally.

Granted, my Priest was on a way higher level than anyone else since I was afraid that if I switched him out or changed classes my party would be screwed because they lack a medic. I have a Ranger as a cleric now, though she's not nearly as good and I need to finish battles quickly or I'm kind of screwed.

That reminds me: is the chance of Whack working based stats the user and target have (and if so which ones) or is it fixed unless altered during the battle?

The guy who took over. His dialogue is great.

Am I the only one just taking my time with this game? Not that I don't get excited to play it, I just don't want to burn myself out on this like I do with most JRPGs. Though I do try to check the DQVC every chance I get.


I am absorbing and delighting in all the sights and accents and stupid random encounters on a boat, but the dungeons aren't the content I want. I'm rushing my grind and going through the story at my own pace, but I'm way over-leveled.

I want to get down to the grottos and treasure maps, tbh. Has anyone got the "extra" mission, 121 to start? Whaddaya have to do?

Did you get the map from the guy in front of Zere Rock? Or am I talking about something completely different?

Did anyone make up little histories for your team mates?

I only have a martial artist, a mage and a priest.

Martial Artist (Quartz)- A young monk left his order because of his unpious ways of vices and now seeks to gain enough money through adventuring to open a dojo for more money and bitches.

Mage (Brie)- A foreign girl who seeks to escape her fate of following the family business by learning magic and taking her skills farther than she could imagine.

Priest (Ford)- A young boy wanted to be a soldier much like his late older brother but when he entered into the military he learned he had skills for medicine. Though he enjoys healing he still wants to be like his older brother.

God damn, even bosses fall in love with my team! I have no idea what I did, but apparently my style stats are ridiculously high for this point of the game.

File: 127981767167.png-(132.63KB, 1280x480, 1278344510886.png)
>finally being able to accept new quests again

Hye guys.
I haven't played Dragon Quest since...That one where you wish for your sister to come back to life.
This any good?

It is pretty good. Probably the best RPG available for the DS, though I haven't finished it yet.
What you really should be playing, however, is Dragon Quest XIII. It is a fucking masterpiece.

you mean VIII?

roman numeralzzz

Yes, I mean VII. My shame knows no bounds.

Man, how awesome are metal slimes? Sure they're hard to hit and take like no damage but they only have like 5 hit points and give a shitload of XP.

Wait until you get to the quests that involve any kind of metal slime or its variations. You will hate them like you have never hated anything before.


You mean VIII, right?

Eh, I've had decent luck with them. It definitely helps that you can't usually avoid most of the encounters unless you know it will have a Metal Slime in it.

Yeah my Priestess and Warrior keep having that happen. Warrior ended up seducing the gaint poison spider from the bandit's cave.

Also, changing classes and then regrindan takes up too much time. Think I'll just stick with my team as is for the moment, they've got a decent balance. And did I mention how much I love the alchemy pot?

>Get boat and set sail
>Head north and almost get completely raped by sea monsters.
And now I know not to wonder too far on the Mother Fucking Boat. And seriously, a guide for the alchemy pot and ingredients needs to exist.

File: 127986561110.jpg-(1.00MB, 2688x1354, Dragon Quest IX Materials Map.jpg)
>Also, changing classes and then regrindan takes up too much time.

Yeah, I decided that I'm not going to do that again unless I max out their vocation's skill set.

>And now I know not to wonder too far on the Mother Fucking Boat.
I'd say stay in the area you're suppose to go to next but the difficulty of the encounters at sea seems to be completely random. And even if it isn't, it seem counter-intuitive for the worst places to be the ocean right next to village you'd already been to.

>And seriously, a guide for the alchemy pot and ingredients needs to exist.


Hope these help.


File: 12798680071.gif-(819.70KB, 227x170, sogood.gif)
I'd give you money... BUT I SPENT IT ALL ON DRAGON QUEST IX!

also my girlfriend would disapprove of you doing the things you'd have to do to earn that money

My character looks like he came straight out of Angel Densetsu, and that is frikkin' awesome.

>I'd give you money... BUT I SPENT IT ALL ON DRAGON QUEST IX!

I'm going to find you, rape you, skin you, wear you like a suit, and then take your copy of Dragon Quest IX and lose myself in an RPG bliss that is not unlike post-coital glee. Prepare yourself.

Also I'm taking all your food because my apartment has none.

just emulate it if youre broke sheesh


Yeah, I think your girlfriend would object to what Dr. Nurse would do.

I'll probably buy it tomorrow. Been awhile since I enjoyed a good RPG.

I already told you I didn't have any money, unless you're offering that as a freebie. In which case... Rawr. >:3

I'm beginning to think it might be worth the repercussions.

Figures it shows up after I stopped looking, thanks.

Nurse, if you still don't have it and I get this jorb, maybe I can hook you up.

If you have really good gear (whoch shouldn't be a problem if you alchemize a lot) you don't need to grind your new vocation characters that much. From level 10 on you can pretty much take him/her with you on the main quest without problems.And it would be a shame if you miss out on the vocations unlocked during the game as some of them are utterly overpowered (Gladiator).

Yeah, that's the one thing I keep thinking about with all of this. The Gladiator sounds so damned awesome that I really want to unlock the class for my Warrior at some point. But I just got the boat and there's two whole continents I have yet to visit and I have so much left to make with the alchemy pot, so once I get to a point where I can know all of that I'll sit down and get started on taking up more of the classes. Because I really want to see what all the classes have to offer.

File: 127993127758.jpg-(433.94KB, 980x1120, f23606999b5b676b243e3e9fbb233add.jpg)
Alena, and her gear, are now available on DQVC! I don't know how long it will last, however, so get your asses online!

>Alena's Dress: She'll give you this when you first speak with her to commemorate the occasion. Just take the Lift in the Lobby up to Alena's Room.
>Alena's Hat: Speak to her on your Birthday. You can set your birthday by the "My Profile" section of the Misc menu. You can set it to whatever today's date is.
>Alena's Tights: Speak to her while your main character's vocation is a Martial Artist
>Alena's Gloves: Speak to her once you've opened all the areas in your Inn. This requires tag mode.
>Alena's Boots: Speak to her after completing Quest 157. This quest is a Wi-Fi quest and has not been unlocked yet.

How do I access DQVC?
>tag mode


Talk to Sellma (the blonde clerk) at Erinn's Inn.

How far in the game do I have to be?


I'm not quite sure, but I believe it's after helping the Wight Knight.

>Try to get a prayer ring (use it as an item on a turn, regain upwards of 20 MP in one go, in case you run out in a boss fight)

However, do not use the Prayer Ring regularly because you'll get like three uses of it before it disintegrates and they're kind of hard to get for most of the game.

You do not want to find this out the hard way.


Funny, in DQIV, my Prayer Ring never broke if I used it in battle.

Must have been an oversight.

Man, grinding for alchemy ingredients would be next to impossible without a thief. And even with one, it annoys the fuck outta me.

I hear that. I don't know where I'd be without my thief looting and my priest divining.


Yeah, mine never broke either. I think I have a stockpile of 3 of them somewhere though, so even if it broke.

>ally caster's antimagic spell only targets one guy and never hits
>enemy caster's antimagic spell targets my entire team and always hits

My thief has yet to successfully steal anything, but he's a total bro so I'm okay with that. Seriously, between him and my main character, encounters usually don't last long enough for my slow-ass warrior to do any damage.


He'll always be slow, too. Just for shits and giggles, after beating the game, I used an Action Replay to max out Martial Arts and Thief before turning him back into a warrior, turns out he's still slower than my martial artist, mage, and priest.

Which isn't actually that bad since it assures he always does maximum damage at the end of a chain.


True. Reloaded before the boss, cheated, did a 2x combo, 800 damage to final boss, first form.

My Prayer Ring disintegrated after a single use :/

Tactics are nice

Protip: have everyone in the party change to Thief class temporarily, gain 10 skill points either before it after the change, put 10 points into Litheness to teach everyone Half Inch, then just change them back and have your whole party try and steal stuff every turn.

They won't be as good at stealing as Thieves (because no other class is nearly as good at whoring Deftness), but it's better than having your other teammates defend every turn.

This is why my Warrior has a spear instead of a sword. Mercurial Thrust makes sure she can always get a hit in before the enemy, letting my beat most encounters before they attack.

I'm guessing it's either a chance of happening each time or a set amount determined when you get the ring.

This is the most depressing Dragon Quest ever. Jesus christ, I'm killing more people then I'm saving.

Well, most are already dead. You only help them move on. That said, the quest to get the boat still made me shed a single bitch tear.

I knew things would be depressing when I gave my main character a pompadour, named him Presley and the first thing he does after I hit finish is turn into and angel and fly up to heaven.

File: 128006171530.jpg-(238.23KB, 556x544, no_image_macro_feeling.jpg)
>Battle against Shogum
>Priest has no more MP left and I'm out of Magic Waters
>Bastard got completely healed by the third King Cureslime he called in this battle and got rid of all of my status changes again
>my Gladiator goes last and does a Coup d' Grace
>raises tension to 100
>next round: Fuck it! All or nothing!
>Falcon Slash, Half-Inch, Oomph, Half-Inch
>Mage casts Oomph on my Gladiator
>Thief manages to steal Platinum Headgear! Oh shit!
>Shogum attacks
>Shogum attacks! OH SHI-
>Falcon Slash! Gladiator one-shots the fucker!!
>Shogum drops a treasure chest. It contains Miracle Sword.
>Shogum drops a treasure chest. It contains Apprentice Gloves.
>Did not even know a monster can drop two treasure chests until now.

So, I know that Extra Quest 121 involves Upover, and I think I know how to complete it. But where do I go to accept it? It just shows up all question marks, and says I haven't accepted it.

I know bosses are supposed to be challenging and all that jazz. But that Disruptive Wave bullshit is starting to make me lose it!


Anybody know?

File: 128023676486.jpg-(163.84KB, 804x450, Autographs.jpg)
How many different release events does Nintendo World Store have?
I wish I lived in the area.

Apparently it's in Upover, but not available until you've seen some scene that involve white and black dragons near the end of the game (but not, as some people think, beating the final boss).

Turns out you can only access the DQVC after you get the train working.

>still nobody to do Tag Mode with


I guess there must be somebody to talk to who I just missed.

>Feel the Burn + Whipping Boy
I... I think, I broke the game...
>Disruptive Wave
>Disruptive Wave
>Disruptive Wave
Oh wait, nevermind.

*New Special Guest from connecting to the DQVC
*Dragon Quest Meet and Greet event at Best Buy tomorrow

Anybody going? If it's anything like the Gamestop one, it's worth it for the swag, and for finally being able to connect with people.

What? like ALL best buys everywhere?

I think their website has a list. And it's not just Best Buy.

I don't think the one here is holding an event, though, which makes me kind of sad. I wanted another slime t-shirt.


Might go to the one in Salem NH.

I just picked DQIX up yesterday. I have to hurry and get to the part where I can connect to people before the best buy thing today.


Grind a team of 4 up to 15. It'll be easier once you get to the catacombs, then just hunt down metal slimes. You'll prolly need to be around 10-11 to get to that point, I think.

Thanks for the tip. I have about 6 hours before the event. I hope I can do it.

I got to the emperor the night before last. He beat the shit out of me, but I made it to his second form only to have my healer die and my entire party follow. Haven't touched it since out of fear. It's no VIII or V, and the story's not too solid, but I still love it.

What was your level and equipment.

File: 128118604862.png-(119.95KB, 248x908, baaaaaaaawwwww.png)
>My face when Bloomingdale
"It's not fair."


I restarted and got up to that point, to try to figure out if I was just screwing up with the DLC. I think my save file's much earlier in time than that, but I also rushed everything, since I beat the game.

East of Gleeba is an island where you can farm Yggdrasil Leaves. Just give some to your fastest character in case of your healer dying, if that is your only problem. Otherwise, start alchemizing for better equipment. At this point you can easily have the Über Falcon Blade, which is possibly the best sword in the game.

Well I was unable to get past the Wight Knight story before the dead line (fell asleep). Still going to go to the best buy event to see how it is and if they have some cool stuff to give away.

Lv 33 Armamentalist
Lv 17 Warrior
Lv 20 Martial Artist
Lv 20 Minstrel
Lv 19 Paladin
Inferno Blade
Dark Shield
Platinum Headgear
Fencing Jacket
Dragon Warrior Gloves
Swordsman's Slacks
Dragon Warrior Boots
Agility Ring

Lv 35 martial Artist
Lv 25 Warrior
Lv 20 Priest
Lv 11 Gladiator
Stellar Fan
Alena's Hat
Dragon Top
Silver Bracelets
Slick Slacks
Kung Fu Shoes
Mighty Armlet

Lv 34 Priest
Lv 17 Mage
Lv 22 Martial Artist
Lv 14 Minstrel
Lv 16 Armamentalist
Lv 15 Ranger
Storm Spear
White Knight's Shield
Hermetic Hat
Alena's Dress
Magic Mittens
Seabreeze Skirt
Frugal Footwear
Prayer Ring

Lv 35 Thief
Lv 17 Mage
Lv 17 Martial Artist
Lv 23 Gladiator
Fenrir Fang
Disturbin' Turban
Dragon Mail
Nicker's Knickers
Galvanised Geta
Holy Talisman

>Log onto DQVC
>Very special guest has arrived
>Go to elevator

It turned out kind of bad. They had three shirts all large, though they may of had a few more to give out later in the day. Five people showed up. No one even made eye contact let alone talked. So I just got some stickers and left.


I slept through mine. lol

File: 128122589470.jpg-(36.91KB, 500x500, Makin_Apus_Proud_by_Eggels.jpg)
I was able to break the ice at mine, although I'm not sure that was entirely a good thing, given the circumstances. This one guy was like the entire D&D club rolled into one fat Asspie with an underbite. All his characters were level 99 and he kept putting his DS in front of me to show me his awesome items. THE SCREEN WAS FILTHY, WHY WOULD ANYONE LET IT GET THAT BAD? WHY?

File: 128123257477.png-(362.48KB, 638x479, FUCKYOU.png)
>Spend an hour or two grinding money to buy the shades from the store
>Get enough money
>The shop cycled, all the new items are crap

Once you get past level 40, grottos start being actually fun. Actual rare ingredients and equipment in treasure chests. Regular fights get somewhat challenging. And finally some variety when it comes to bosses.
I'm still not able to beat even the first Legacy Boss, however. The random critical hits fuck me over big time.

File: 128201929484.png-(88.63KB, 444x444, ohmygod.png)
>you can move the menu button around

So uh, I got this game and I sorta wish I had gotten Monster Rancher instead
i just got back from the landslide, is this game going to get better soon?


Seeing as that's just the fucking tutorial, yes.

That's weird... I didn't get a Meteorite Bracer from the Mini Medal guy.

And now I didn't get my brainy bracer from a quest.
What's going on?

Is your inventory full?

I'm not sure it that's possible. Before I quit, I was able to buy new equipment from a shop.
Regardless, I quit without saving as I only got as far as completing the two quests. I attempted a diffirent quest where the reward was another set of hand gear and I got that, so it seems to have just been a glitch or something.
I havn't tried the same quests yet, so I don't know for sure.

OK. Wow. I'm a huge idiot.

Meteorite Bracers and Brainy Bracers are accessories, not arm armor.
Please laugh at me.

File: 128301097524.jpg-(6.49KB, 215x256, tom hanks is a cowboy.jpg)

File: 128528257215.png-(10.47KB, 145x145, 1211309805048.png)
I just beat the game and got control of the Starflight Express. What do?

>Train hero in Warrior with hopes of him becoming a Paladin.
>Train in Swords.
>MFW Paladins can't use swords.

File: 128529754774.jpg-(741.10KB, 1219x821, 17271cff732fd0fab3e6ee7e5bda46e6.jpg)
Get him to lvl 100 in sword skills and you'll unlock Omnivocational Swordmaster, which allows you to equip them on any class.

As for the post-game well... you've got the Tower of Nod, randomly-generated grottoes, free weekly DLC quests, fights with every single villain in the Dragon Quest franchise, Slime Hill, tons of new side quests, and the opportunity to add Patty, Erina, Sellma, and Aquilo to your party.

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