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2003 No.2003
Let this be a general thread about OUR food!
Dishes we made.
Simple tricks or recipes we discovered.
Problems we face.
Maybe a general thread like this will make the board a bit more active. Picture related. It's a chili I just made. Simple but oh so delicious!

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Chicken Almond puffs one of the best things I've ever made. I can never get cream sauces right!

> I can never get cream sauces right!
Preaching to the choir, man. The first one I ever made was miraculously flawless. But since then I will always screw it up. And it makes me rage so godamn hard, because I actually did it right once!


The usual rule is just simmer any sauce until it's as thick as heavy cream, since when it cools down it'll thicken to the appropriate degree.

I just made French toast for the first time in forever. I don't know why I don't make that more often, it's simple and delicious.

I burned my oatmeal cookies ;_;

Help me /ck/, I feel like I accidentally drowned a baby.

>>2019 maybe you're using an older oven? If that is the case then it could be part of the reason. As ovens age their temp reaeding e deteriorates in quality which can cause issues with when the heating element shuts off. So you may want to go 10 or 20 degrees lower than what the recipe says.

Sorry about grammar on a phone


To expand on an earlier comment:

Ovens generally are set to a particular temperature, but that doesn't mean it sustains that temperature throughout the baking process. It's actually routine for the oven to dip back and forth about 20-30 degrees depending on the age of the oven, which is the reason I mentioned lowering your baking temperature that you set the oven to.

Another thing to try out, is refrigerate the cookie dough. It helps to allow the dough to retain more of its moisture. For that matter, you may be mixing the ingredients strangely. After mixing about the wet ingredients and dry ingredients separately, you should only spend something like 30 seconds mixing them together yourself, keeping in mind that you'll be mixing it further as you're actually taking it out of the bowl and placing it on a cookie sheet.

These things may help slightly.

File: 12577359111.jpg-(72.64KB, 599x599, cheesysquash1.jpg)
Just made this. Pic from the site I got the recipe off of. I checked caloriecount, turns out using spaghetti squash rather than actual spaghetti saved me like 200 calories per portion. That's a savings of about 2400 calories in the entire dish. I'm still crazy full, too. Feels good, man.

aww, that is sad
this problem can be remedied by cooking them less. you heard it here first.

Also, please please please tell me you didn't throw out all the cookies! Scrape/pick off the non-burnt parts of the cookies and save them in a bag (I put mine in the freezer.) Use them as a topping for ice cream and yogurt or add them to cereal (they're a little too sweet on their own.) Don't waste them, they are still good unless you've blackened the entire cookie.

I like adding cinnamon to tuna salad. But every time I mention it to people, they give that funny "what the fuck did you just say" look.

I'm not too weird, right?

I'd like to say no, but that look you mentioned came across my face when I read the first part.


Many people have no idea about what sort of herbs or spices they can add to any meal.

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