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File 138922191995.png - (2.46MB , 1060x1500 , DBZ-Battle-of-Z.png )
86359 No. 86359
Battle of Z demo out now, try out the co-op team combat.
Still no news on a Battle of Gods dub.
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>> No. 86360
I think you're the only one who cares.
>> No. 86361
File 138922220417.jpg - (495.36KB , 775x555 , Dragon Ball Heroes.jpg )
Dragon Ball Heroes has reached end of GT content and naturally started on Dragon Ball content.
>> No. 86362
>bottom right
How come I don't remember this guy on the manga? It's a pretty cool design.
>> No. 86365
File 138928134264.jpg - (62.68KB , 500x375 , 8173509619_7dde9b59ea.jpg )
What, you don't remember the Pirate Robot?

Pfft, casual~
>> No. 86367
File 138929748921.jpg - (130.10KB , 535x500 , toriyamadb3.jpg )
Toriyama always did like robots.
>> No. 86369
You think Android 8 ever met Android 18? I mean they have no real reason to, but since they're technically family do you think Goku would mention him and 18 would go out to meet him?
>> No. 86370

To be fair, odds are good that neither does Toriyama.
>> No. 86371
File 138930299726.png - (332.06KB , 640x480 , FriezaThirdFormNV.png )
And Xenomorphs.
>> No. 86461
Oh, and the GT Gotenks animations in case you were interested in that
Dragon Ball Heroes Gotenks Adultoyoutube thumb
Dragon Ball Heroes Gotenks Adulto SSJ3youtube thumb
>> No. 86462
Baffled and Intrigued by this mash up.
>> No. 86488
They're my favourite part of Heroes.
They're surely get more interesting as the need for more original campaigns rises
Here's the rest of Galaxy Mission
Dragon Ball Heroes Galaxy Miss…youtube thumb
>> No. 86492
AH HA HA! I get to post it this time.

>> No. 86493
Don't we have a thread specifically for abridged videos on this board?
>> No. 86546
File 13902440812.png - (2.55MB , 1920x1080 , 1388894714_2.png )
Oh, let him have his moment.
Incidentally, Funimation is putting out new blu-rays.
Unlike the previously cancelled season sets, they are in cropped widescreen.
So that's a thing.
>> No. 86680
File 139087481271.png - (432.74KB , 340x497 , bardock_heroes_ssj2.png )
I guess Heroes is giving Bardock Super Saiyan 2.
Surely 3 is just around the corner.
>> No. 86681
File 139087492149.jpg - (86.11KB , 340x500 , bardock transform.jpg )
Frankly I was disappointed that the Super Saiyan transforming Bardock card only turns into the normal ape and not the golden one.
>> No. 86682
Man as if supersaiyan with a number after it is even worth shit any more
>> No. 86687
Dragon Ball Z really was a bad series for many of the reasons we despair over when it comes to the likes of Naruto or Bleach.

But most recently looking back it annoyed me that like those shows there are so many interesting characters with potential in the series but they get shoved aside into the shade so the Saiyans (and frankly a fair amount of the time just Goku alone) can take the limelight with their supersaiyan POWER LEVELZ.

Goku isn't quite as bad an MC as Naruto or Ichigo but he's not a great character, especially when it has to come at the detriment of everyone else.
>> No. 86715

Given that Dragonball established character archetypes that DEFINED the shounen genre, manga that have come after have used those basic types as mere bases to create their characters. Thus, newer manga have characters that are more complex (and arguably more interesting) than the characters in Dragonball.

Also to note is, as the series moved on, the characters that got shoved into the background lost all their individuality and became nothing more than their flat archetypes.

And I don't care what you say about Goku. He's one of the flattest, most boring, most terrible characters in the history of storytelling. He eats and he fights and he can be arsed to "protect" his friends/family when it relates to the above, but he doesn't care about anything else, nor does he do anything else. You might be willing to argue that Vegeta's feelings for his family are the same way, but they are not. Vegeta had a dramatic change from fighting for himself to fighting for his family during the Buu saga. He blew himself up with full knowledge that his soul was going to be "cleaned". Goku never changed; he was always fighting for himself. When he died fighting Cell he knew he was going to get to go play in Heaven. Sure, seeing a loved one made him angry, but he didn't change for it. He made the same, selfish decisions about fighting Frieza at his full strength, and fighting Buu by himself that Vegeta made letting Frieza and Cell transform. Worse yet, he abandoned his family frequently just so he could go fight new people.

Goku can be distilled down to one single trait: selfish. He does what he wants, when he wants, how he wants, without caring how it affects anyone else. He loves his family and friends, but only when it is convenient for him and doesn't supersede fighting. He dodges any and all responsibility, and the universe constantly rewards him for it. Every other shounen MC has to face consequences when they are selfish; Goku never does.
>> No. 86745
File 139101757055.jpg - (294.70KB , 784x1145 , spare vegeta.jpg )
That's Goku for you.
They say he never kills anyone because he's such a saint, but really he never kills anyone because he'd hate for a good fight to end.
>> No. 86746
I think his worst moment was where he made his son fight Cell... but instead of letting Cell go into the fight drained from his bout against Goku he actually HEALED HIM WITH ONE OF THEIR VERY LIMITED AMOUNT OF SENZU BEANS.

This is the guy who has already murdered thousands and was a threat to the Earth, and Goku cared more about having a 'fair fight' than his son or the fate of the world.

Goddammit this series is so fucked up how it jobs everyone just so a shitty guy like Goku can be the one that saves the day and gets all the praise, with everyone calling him such a hero.
Even when Gohan defeated Cell he needed his Dad to 'hold his hand' and thus share the moment.
>> No. 87226
I'm a dbz fan who's love of the series has decayed into disgust, but is "Battle of Z" any good?

I'm downloading the demo to give it a go but I don't know if its worth splurging so much money on.
I certainly like the idea of massive energetic team battles with everyone on the field at once, heroes fight side-by-side (Though on that note is the roster all that great in this one?)
>> No. 87227
File 139256908359.jpg - (465.70KB , 935x653 , Dragon-Ball-Z-Battle-of-Z-Characters.jpg )
It's different that what you might be expecting.
It's very teamwork oriented.
And there's no transforming in-game, which seems to turn a lot of people off for some reason.
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z: Gi…youtube thumb
>> No. 87228
>>Goku in Naruto's outfit
...there's so many things that could said regarding this...
>> No. 87229
File 139257097659.jpg - (253.28KB , 640x506 , naruto dbz.jpg )
It was a trade
>> No. 87247
File 139268181085.jpg - (267.13KB , 784x1145 , Saiyan Saga.jpg )
Aw, for some reason I was hoping they were going to continue running colour dbz weekly for the whole thing.
Oh well.
>> No. 87405
File 139354717718.jpg - (742.17KB , 780x583 , ss3 heroes.jpg )
How long until literally every saiyan has Super Saiyan 3?
>> No. 87417
File 139357148312.jpg - (307.80KB , 780x682 , ss3 vegito.jpg )
The answer is not very.
Also Kai is coming back, that's a thing.
>> No. 87635
File 13946532916.jpg - (276.32KB , 339x500 , jm3sec_a.jpg )
DBH JM3弾 スペシャルム…youtube thumb
>> No. 87639
SSJ3 has become as worthless and played out as the original SSJ.
>> No. 88101
File 139690848790.jpg - (275.42KB , 784x1145 , bardock family.jpg )
Goku has a mom!
>> No. 88103
tell me more.
>> No. 88105
File 139691843583.jpg - (251.46KB , 784x1145 , 235.jpg )
They're in love, which is unusual for Saiyans.
>> No. 88107
This isn't real isn't it. It's that alternate reality comic right?
>> No. 88108
Come on, be the savior of Mankind Kal..er Kakarrot
>> No. 88110
File 139694794344.jpg - (177.35KB , 784x1145 , 239.jpg )
Nah, it's legit from Toriyama himself.
He did a bonus chapter for the home release of Jaco, which Viz isn't localizing until next year, but was thoughtful enough to run in their version of weekly jump.
It leads directly into the beginning of Jaco.
>> No. 88111
>Also Kai is coming back, that's a thing.

I really liked how the opening theme basically summarizes the entire Buu saga in 90 seconds, so you don't need to watch the episodes themselves. I was really REALLY excited for some reason because Dragonball = nostalgia, but I realized about 30 seconds in that I've seen this shit probably fifteen times in the last fifteen years. Mr. Nostalgia doesn't know whether to like the new opening or cry because it's not "We Gotta Power". It doesn't even look like they bothered cleaning up or prettying up the animation or anything like before. I can't tell if they redubbed it. At least the music is new. That's... something?

Why, tell me guys, why do I still bother watching Dragonball when there's so much better stuff out there?? It's like 30 years old; it's just one step away from the caveman drawings that started the shounen genre.
>> No. 88113
The dub needs Kai more then the Japanese version does.
They did a really good job with it, I'll await the English version of Kai Buu eagerly.
Dragon Ball Kai 2014 saga BUU …youtube thumb
>> No. 88114
That's why you just watch DBZ abridged, 10-15 minutes every month or so and better written than actual DBZ ever was. Feeds your nostalgia, is watchable by modern standards, and doesn't waste time.
>> No. 88118
Eh its okay but nothing amazing as time goes on, but the group behind it are getting way too big-headed.
>> No. 88119
I think the show is amazing and that the team is a little too big for their britches.
>> No. 88120
How did that happen?

They make a bunch of repeatable memes that get alot of attention and this is the turning point that causes their egos to start growing? They all had abridged series of their own before this point didn't they.

Its not like writing a spoof script over a proper animation makes you a genius writer. Writing a funny internet parody makes it alot easier for people to overlook the need for a strong well-written plot.
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