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77863 No. 77863
Or, "I Did it for a Girl"
The last thread: >>73025

Even if you give it a fancy name like "Chaotic Dance of the Exploding Winds", it doesn't change the fact that Katon is still relatively useless in this universe.
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>> No. 77865
Naruto is a bad manga.
>> No. 77866
So the big-bad is Obito, who somehow DIDN'T die when the boulder crushed half his body, and now wants to Tang the whole world EoE style just so he can get with the girl he was too much of a beta to woo when he was a kid (Does it tell you how she died?)

Is that about right? I don't want to actually get back into reading this nonsense just to find out how bad it is
>> No. 77867
File 134695088493.jpg - (47.23KB , 392x512 , 18_987.jpg )
This was literally the only good part about this week's chapter.
>> No. 77868
Hinata is waaaaay too good for that wanker, if he wants to be the ninja-messiah so badly he can remain celibate.
>> No. 77869
oops. made a good villain shitty.
Pain 2.0

villains i still care about include: orochimaru...



>> No. 77870
Isn't she pretty flat outside of that weird obsession?
>> No. 77871
Still too good for him.

Also 'flat' and 'Hinata' are two words that don't mesh...
>> No. 77872
File 134695316225.jpg - (91.12KB , 405x547 , i made a boob joke.jpg )
>Isn't she pretty flat

I'd say she's a very well-rounded character
>> No. 77873
>> No. 77878
>> No. 77892
Maybe his not a rule 88 person.
>> No. 77894
Hinata, in universe, is not rule 88, thanks goodness. Tsunade might barely qualify.
>> No. 77895
I know Hinata's tits are on-...two of the major redeeming features of the series, but surely there must be more to talk about?
>> No. 77896
Well, the main villain has been revealed as Obito. And Naruto's got some crazy attitude. And an Uchiha is cocking everything up.

So. . .no.
>> No. 77900
File 13471242131.jpg - (186.20KB , 800x1137 , naruto-3572233.jpg )

Is Kishimoto going to ignore it and hope people forget about it? Say he was brought back from the dead with a different version of Impure World Ressurection? "The Sharingan did it"!?
>> No. 77902
I took it as ghost shenanigans tied to ninjitsu vows, like by failing to uphold the promise he made with Kakashi he was resurrected.

or something dumb like that.
>> No. 77903
Why do Naruto threads on this board always start with images that look like "safe" pages from really weird porn?
>> No. 77907
>"The Sharingan did it"!?

Yep! It's the same reason that Madara is magically able to resist Kabuto's shutting down Edo Tensei; same reason that Itachi was able to defy Kabuto completely; same reason that Shisui's eye can do basically whatever the fuck and control minds.

I'm hoping that Madara decides that he didn't LIKE being impersonated by the weakest Uchiha in history (who was still stronger than the 4th Hokage, natch...) and the two of them get into a gigantic Sharingan battle. Gai and Naruto and Bee can grab some popcorn and take a load off, while Kakashi can provide a play-by-play (as I'm willing to bet the fact that Kakashi and Obito share a set of Sharingans will somehow lead to them being able to see each other's field of vision or some shit) for the times when they're just standing in place and spamming genjutsu at each other.

Then Naruto can go up to the statuefied pair and do mean stuff like kicking 'em in the nuts or doing a kanocho or whatever — see if it affects their concentration.

But more likely, Madara is just going to inform Obito that he's basically a zombie clone built out of the pieces that were left in the cave (probably by Orochimaru/Kabuto) which will lead him to break down both figuratively and literally as he disintegrates, his last words being to apologize to Kakashi for being a douche. Then the battle with (real)Madara and Naruto can commence, just in time for Sasuke to show up, WTFPWN Madara with a Super Hyper Mangekyo Sharingan Complete Susanoo Plus jutsu of his own invention and announce that the REAL Slim Uchiha has just stood up.
>> No. 77909
I thought we established that an epic sharingan battle looks like a staring contest to the casual observer.
>> No. 77919
The sharingan is the cancer killing Naruto.
All this game-breaking wank he keeps adding to it, allowing it to do anything, if this was a fanfiction it would fit right in as the overpowered creation some brat gave his OC so he could tromp all over the established characters and fuck all thier bitches.
>> No. 77922
Inb4 Madara/Tobi's ultimate move is shooting plot warping lazers out of their Sharingans.
>> No. 77923
Oh, whine whine whine, people in the thread. You're all going to keep reading it.

I for one am curious at to how this is going to play out; even if we figured out the Obito thing years ago. At the very least, it's making me hope that Kakashi will get his moment to NOT suck.
>> No. 77934
To be fair, I'm only still reading it to see how bad it actually gets before it's over.
>> No. 77944
File 134724559111.jpg - (19.60KB , 340x240 , You can just take it.jpg )
I don't actually read it, I just check this thread and sometimes hear about it on 4chan, so, yeah-
>> No. 77946

I don't think he's really setting out to intentionally make the Sharingan so overpowered, it's just added up to this slowly like an snowball into an avalanche. I seriously doubt he plans ANYTHING more than, say, a few chapters in advance. His plots are too full of WTF for that. I suspect he's a seat-of-the-pants, one-chapter-at-a-time manga artist just like Toriyama was when writing Dragonball; and at the same time probably never suspected Naruto would go on for SO DAMN LONG. So whenever he paints himself into a corner or needs an instant plot stimulator, he invents a new Sharingan technique. Same way Toriyama would just pull something out of his ass that Goku could suddenly do just because he's Goku. Can't defeat Frieza? Super Saiyan!! Itachi can't defeat Kakashi? Mangekyo Sharingan!! It's the same kind of thing.

I hate how he actually forgets important shit, though. Not those silly things he does as throwbacks like the half-a-tiger-seal thing that the statues of Madara and Hashirama are doing at the Valley of the End becoming the signal of a traditional ninja battle taught to everyone since childhood, or the infamous Crowjob, or throwbacks to characters not mentioned for a two-hundred chapters. Not that junk; I mean REALLY interesting shit. Like how, for the first half of the series, 99% of jutsu had to be done by a (sometimes rather lengthy) series of hand seals, but Haku could do them ONE HANDED. I mean, that largely became irrelevant because most jutsu nowadays just... happen... without any supposition of chakra manipulation whatsoever... but it was still really cool, and yet nobody since has ever been able to do that, nor was it even mentioned HOW it happened. Naturally, it was just another asspull to make Haku look extra-dangerous (because, honestly, a teenaged super-trap behind a mask wasn't giving anyone the chills), doing something so incredible even the mighty Kakashi: Copier of a Bazillion Jutsu had never seen or heard of it before. But still. It was pretty cool, and then never heard again. Why??
>> No. 77952

Because you're still trapped into thinking that only the first arc in Naruto was any good, maybe?

Because hey, lets face it, none of your other thoughts on him hold water; why was everyone so disappointed with the Obito reveal? Because we figured it out over a hundred chapters ago. Meaning he laid the clues out and had it planned over a hundred chapters ago.

Certainly, if Oda did something like this (lets assume his surprise would be better for sake of argument) no-one would doubt that this was intentional, but ohhh nooo, because it's KISHIMOTO, and we HATE dumbass Kishimoto, he's obviously just been flailing around screaming like a spastic for the past couple of chapters and let the mad swipes of his ink-brush dictate who the character was going to be.

I'm not saying he's great, but it seems to me that people often can't look past their own seething dislike of the man to give credit where credit is due. Even guys who follow Bleach give the occasional thumbs-up to Kubo's plus-points, if and when they appear.
>> No. 77953
>> Same way Toriyama would just pull something out of his ass that Goku could suddenly do just because he's Goku. Can't defeat Frieza? Super Saiyan!!

Soooo... Muffin Button then.
>> No. 77957
>why was everyone so disappointed with the Obito reveal? Because we figured it out over a hundred chapters ago. Meaning he laid the clues out and had it planned over a hundred chapters ago.

WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Reuploaded)youtube thumb

A small group of fans had 'figured it out'. Do you know what the whole basis for their figuring it out is? If you take the name Obito, drop the first O (which is a common honorary prefix in Jpanese), and switch the syllables around, you get Tobi. That's it. That is the whole of the 'hints', apart from the fact that whoever it is possesses a Sharingan (and who doesn't, really?) and as of a little while ago is not actually Madara Uchiha.

And before you say anything - yes, there was a whole storyline these fans concocted amongst themselves to explain how it could happen. But this was not based on real hints scattered throughout. It was an ex post facto argument: here is the conclusion we've reached (Tobi is Obito), how can we make the facts fit this conclusion? It was just another example of the fandom throwing shit at the wall . People were guessing literally every possibility; sooner or later, one of them would be right.

The actual reason most people are down on the reveal? Is that those theorists were widely derided because their theory makes no sense and in fact has made even less sense with recent flashbacks. Not only would Obito have to go from being a shit-tier ninja to being an UNSTOPPABLE FORCE that even Minato didn't feel he could win against in (and this in less than a year! not to mention that the Tobi depicted in that flashback is clearly a grown fucking man), we now have record of Tobi as active long before that. In order to be Tobi, Obito would have to have been mind-controlling the Mizukage from the age of nine onward. Before he ever even had a Sharingan at all.

If Oda made this kind of reveal we'd call it bullshit too. But that doesn't really matter, because Oda wouldn't make this kind of reveal, because he is actually a good storyteller with a head for his timeline. Kishimoto isn't.
>> No. 77959

Mmm, no. There was a little more than that I think. Obviously nothing more than hints, but his personality, his mask, stuff like that served as clues. That you didn't think those clues were credible is at this point your own fault, because, as it turns out, those theorists were on the money, and the hints they saw were the ones that bore through. (And yes, right now I'm thinking the name *was* one of those hints)

Also; consider that Madara knows who Obito is. I am thinking that perhaps you do not have enough pieces of the puzzle to make a judgement call on how hashed out this plot is. It could well be that Madada WAS Madara for a span of the history, or any number of things happened. We've yet to get the tragic villain flashback.

Of course, we may still end up with plot-holes and you can complain then. But currently it's a bit premature to do so unless you reeeeaaaalllyy just like having a dig at him.
>> No. 77961
Seriously? He friendzoned her? The NaruHina ship is sunk?
>> No. 77962
Nah its just a joke how even after she sacrificed herself to try and save him back during the Pein(is) arc he barely gave her the time of day, she doesn't show up in the latest chapter
>> No. 77964
Honestly I think the only way I'd be happy with this is if, like someone suggested, it's not Obito in control, just some bodysnatcher, and he's just fucking with Kakashi to kill his morale.
>his personality
...What about it?
Tobi has never acted like Obito.
>> No. 77968

His personality? Do you mean the goofy, happy-go-lucky Tobi, or the stone cold killer Tobi, neither of which behaved like Obito at all? His mask, which means absolutely nothing except 'probably a character we've seen before'? These are things that don't contradict him being Obito, but they aren't hints.

The only people who really called it on the merits are the people who just looked at Kishimoto's writing and guessed what he'd do, with absolutely no mind paid to whether or not it made any sense. "Even though it would make no sense at all, Obito is probably it, because that's the most Kishi thing to do". When that, rather than the 'what would make sense' test, is the most reliable predictor of where the story will go, you have a problem.

Also I think we can justifiably say that this presents various plot holes and problems on its own, given Kishimoto's record and the fact that the flashback in the reveal chapter created all sorts of timeline problems even if you pretend Obito wasn't in it at all.
>> No. 77969

I happen to believe that Oda is only marginally better, and that it's also completely impossible to plan out more than just a very rough plot-outline for a weekly-serialized manga of such length. It would be like a novelist trying to write a cogent novel, releasing each chapter one-by-one to the public, and never getting a chance to edit or revise anything. Plot holes, inconsistancies, and just plain dumb mistakes are inevitable. Toriyama (and I suspect Kishimoto) just decided that, being human, it's just impossible to avoid, and so pretty much do not try. Maybe Oda tries a little harder, but it's irrelevant. Unless he wrote out the ENTIRE PLOT before starting the first chapter, and stuck to it like glue, he'd screw up eventually. Fans are rabid and pay way too much attention to detail. Suppose he'd drawn this one guy, say, missing an important article of clothing? Fans would notice, and suddenly: Plot Hole! A novelist, through the course of several edits may discover that he's accidentally left out a key word, or once described a character he had a long while back as with hair, even though he was previously bald. He'll have the chance to fix that; but a manga artist does not have that chance. If he discoveres that later on, he has to invent some cockamaime plot device to repair it in the eyes of the fans. Such things tend to snowball out of control, and before long the plot has spiraled into something totally different than what he first intended.

And the reason why so many people thought Tobi was Obito was because they had become familiar with Kishimoto's "style" with mysterious character reveals, and because there frankly was a VERY SHORT LIST of people it could be. It had to be an Uchiha whose body was not recovered and confirmed dead. That left Shisui and Obito and I suppose some random unnamed Uchiha (but again, that's not in Kishi's style!). And given that we had been previously led to believe that Itachi murdered Shisui to gain his Mangekyo Sharingan, he was out, too. So Obito was literally the only logical choice as to his identity, besides his claimed identity of Madara. Once the "real" Madara was revealed, the alternate choices became zero.

Oh, and his "personality"? Pfft. There are precisely four base personalities in the Naruto verse. For girls, we have Tsundere and Ultra Shy. For boys we have Class Clown and Emo/Serious. Sometimes we get split-personalities that combine them in various ranges. Yes, Obito and Tobi were both of the "Class Clown" variety, but so are Naruto and Jiraiya and Konohamaru and Chouji and many others.

I mean, it was like the Republican party nomination of Mitt Romney. Everyone who had half a brain KNEW DAMN WELL that it was going to be him, since freaking January at least. Does that mean that the Republican party had been leaving "clues" as to that decision? No; it was just the only choice that made any sense. Even when all the choices sucked, it was the one that sucked the least.
>> No. 77970

His personality? Do you mean the goofy, happy-go-lucky Tobi, or the stone cold killer Tobi, neither of which behaved like Obito at all? His mask, which means absolutely nothing except 'probably a character we've seen before'? These are things that don't contradict him being Obito, but they aren't hints.

The only people who really called it on the merits are the people who just looked at Kishimoto's writing and guessed what he'd do, with absolutely no mind paid to whether or not it made any sense. "Even though it would make no sense at all, Obito is probably it, because that's the most Kishi thing to do". When that, rather than the 'what would make sense' test, is the most reliable predictor of where the story will go, you have a problem.

Also I think we can justifiably say that this presents various plot holes and problems on its own, given Kishimoto's record and the fact that the flashback in the reveal chapter created all sorts of timeline problems even if you pretend Obito wasn't in it at all.
>> No. 77971
>It had to be an Uchiha whose body was not recovered and confirmed dead

Not strictly true, actually. You don't need to be an Uchiha to have a sharingan. And we know that Tobi had a big stockpile of sharingans lying around.
>> No. 77972
I wrote a big, long post about Obito and Kishimoto and it making sense, but then realized that was distracting from what I really wanted to point out.

Which was that Kishimoto does plan things out. And y'all know he does, because somehow y'all KNEW it would be Obito as Tobi. You can say it was just looking at Kishi's style and guessing from that if you want...but that in itself means Kishi's style serves as a hint or a blueprint toward his choices. So you're going to have to admit that Kishi had made his choice and made it a long time ago if you're prepared to say something like 'The only people who really called it on the merits are the people who just looked at Kishimoto's writing and guessed what he'd do' or 'And the reason why so many people thought Tobi was Obito was because they had become familiar with Kishimoto's "style" with mysterious character reveals'. Even if you're not willing to accept any other possible hint or clue, those statements in themselves mean there was something about Kishimoto's writing/art/whatever, that made Obito a plain choice, at least to some people.

Regarding the latter part of DWM's thing, saying it's a problem if it doesn't make sense...currently, we are not in a position to so boldly claim that it does not make sense. We can say there are time anomalies, certainly...however, that means one of three things to me: That Kishi either had a plan in place already to explain these; or that Kishi, upon noting people were guessing right, came up with a plan later so he could throw some curveballs to make it seem unlikely. The third option is that he's falling over his own pants...but simply jumping straight to option three and disregarding the others when we haven't even got to the to the tragic villain backstory (tm) yet is not only unfair, but makes the claimant look a bit of a twat; hating because it's easy to hate Kishimoto and the many things he legitimately HAS fucked up, like the Deidara bomb, without actually thinking if he has done Great Ill or not this time around. It becomes easy to just dislike every twist if you expect every one of them to be shit.

So really, what's the beef here? Why rag on a man who currently hasn't done anything wrong in this reveal beyond maybe try and throw on-the-ball readers off the scent? And can you at least admit that Kishimoto does, infact, remember stuff?

Oh, and on the subject of characterization, I think you're doing Kishi a massive disservice regarding characters Candlejack, considering that's probably the only reason we're all still reading this (Ooo~ Rock Lee fap fap fap). Kisame just for one wasn't 'stock', unless we're going to start getting really general with our descriptions- There've been plenty enough unique and interesting characters that are separated by their quirks; which makes sense because quirks and little things like motivations are what give a character substance. I mean, there's not a wide range of characters archetypes as-is; no reason to pull Kishimoto up on it when you can pull pretty much everyone up on the same charge.
>> No. 77973
So what your posts basically boil down to is-
-Etc etc

When you write a bad series people will say less than flattering things about it. Thats all there is to it.
>> No. 77974

I'm not exactly his biggest fan, but I'm not about to give him minus-points on things he doesn't deserve them for. More annoying to me is how eager people are to leap on bandwagons both praising an author or reviling them. In those instances every new chapter that comes out is somehow proof of how they've failed and will always fail (or are some Ink Messiah- I'm looking at you fellow One Piece fans), when that's not the case.
>> No. 77977

Kishimoto is not entitled to the benefit of the doubt. That level of trust from the reader is not assumed, it must be earned. To use the example used throughout this thread, when Oda writes something that strikes me as stupid or contradictory, I do reserve judgment until I see where he goes with it. This isn't because I think Oda is some sort of do-no-wrong god, but because history tells me that if I stick with it, I'll be rewarded for my patience. He's earned my trust as a reader with fifteen years of consistent quality.

Kishimoto has not earned that trust. Actually, he's actively earned my distrust, by consistently going with the the stupidest possible route available to him. Assuming the best of Kishimoto is a sucker's bet - remember how many people swore up and down that the Itachi flashback was a lie? That new information would make it less dumb? NOPE, it's only gotten stupider and stupider with time. Remember that time it looked like Naruto would have to accept that Sasuke had gone cartoon-villain on him, and deal with it? NOPE, now Naruto's bound for mutual suicide. Etc. Etc. Assuming that Kishimoto will do something stupid instead of something reasonable is just basic pattern recognition.
>> No. 77978

>Kishimoto has not earned that trust. Actually, he's actively earned my distrust

>> No. 77979
I have to agree. And I usually like the guy getting the legitimate nice girl over the tsundere bitch. I seriously want Hinata to be NTR'd off the dating pool and for Naruto to permanently lose her. I'm not even talking about Naruto "suddenly realizing he has feelings for her" kind of BS because no one would buy that. Simply for Hinata to find another guy and be happy.
>> No. 77980
Whine we shall, but money wasted on this manga? We shall NOT. Anyone else refuse to buy manga even if they enjoy it?
>> No. 77981
What? No. Why would you refuse to pay for it if it's good?
>> No. 77982

I gotta admit, both of those wish-fulfilling examples sound like it'd be even worse edgy-teen bullshit than what actually happened. Naruto's defining character trait is that he has the will and belief to be able to break the cycle of revenge and killing; I don't see how finally 'manning up' and killing Sasuke wouldn't completely undermine that position. Sure, it's annoying that Naruto DOESN'T have an answer (I quite liked Pain's 'nuclear deterrent' plan) but hey, that's no excuse to destroy his character and undermine the main theme of the entire manga.

For me personally, I don't expect Kishimoto to do stuff the way I think he should all the time, because he hasn't. But I'm not going to castrate him over stuff that might still pan out, because he's shown he is capable of doing good stuff- and has actually been on fairly good form recently. It's not a matter of trust for me, it's a matter of not taking it too seriously and hoping for the best. He didn't drop the ball with Kisame at all, and undead Madara's been really fun to read so far, and some of the other undead fights have made for some good reading despite my initial concerns over them...though Naruto being so brokenly powerful (not to mention the whole 'you can be good through hard work not magic genes' shtick being thrown under the bus) is a downer. I'd say he's hit about as much as he's missed.

The problem is that the things he's missed are usually central things, or stuff that's hard to put aside in your mind when considering the series over a number of issues.
>> No. 77983

>Naruto's defining character trait is that he has the will and belief to be able to break the cycle of revenge and killing; I don't see how finally 'manning up' and killing Sasuke wouldn't completely undermine that position.

And promising to die together with Sasuke for no goddamn reason is better? Look, he doesn't have to kill him, but at some point he has to acknowledge that his stupid fantasy of bringing Sasuke back to the village and everyone welcoming him with open arms and everything going back to the way things were is never going to happen. And he sort of did that I guess, but then he went full retard on it. And no, basically nothing could be worse than the plot tumor the Itachi flashback has turned into.

>Kisame was good

Kisame was the only bright spot in years. And he lasted like three chapters.
>> No. 77984

I don't know, Mifune vs. Hanzo was pretty amazing, short as it was.
>> No. 77987

Eh. I know a bunch of you here liked that, but I wasn't big on it. Better than what was happening around it, pretty meh in comparison.
>> No. 77988

...and by 'in comparison' I mean 'on its own terms'.
>> No. 77990
File 134738632296.png - (291.00KB , 916x1300 , 1347381194575.png )
Why is the the current crop of Hokage's so weak?

What happened to newer generations surpassing those who went before them?
>> No. 77991
File 134738649649.png - (1.68MB , 1456x2174 , 1347383503877.png )
>> No. 77992
Doesn't apply to Uchihas.
Or anybody by this point, really.
>> No. 77993
Yeah, wasn't the 1st Leaf Hokage now meant to be THE ultimate badass (Apart from the Sage who introduced ninjutsu to the world of course) that even the most overpowered sharingan-techniques can't defeat, with his unique treegrowing power and regeneration techniques far superior to Tsunades?

He must have been holding back ALOT when he was summoned by Orochimaru to fight the Third alongside the Second.
Well, either that or Kishimato has lost all control of the power levels in his shounen action series.
>> No. 77994
Nah, he got caught off-guard and had his soul condemned to oblivion.
This is why the kages are failing; none of them have the guts to condemn their own souls to oblivion.
>> No. 77995

That's never been how things worked in Naruto. Oh, they pay lip service to it, but when the rubber hits the road the best you can ever hope to be is a made-in-hong-kong version of your parents, teachers, or both.
>> No. 77996
File 134738991232.jpg - (143.38KB , 900x653 , 1347385903855.jpg )
>> No. 77997
I approve of this!
>> No. 78008
This is the best of the best.
>> No. 78019
Wait so this is Bleach now?
>> No. 78025
not unless a sharingan user flash-steps behind someone's back and cuts them down with a single strike

and not unless someone is essentially cut in half and then revived later

and not unless they remove all personality in time for people to fight with what could have been an interesting rival

and not unless backgrounds were forcibly removed to make way for speed lines

and not unless naruto is trapped just outside of nameksico
>> No. 78026
Wasn't Tsunade crushed in half and revived?
>> No. 78027
Aaaaand let's not forget what happened to half of Obito's body.
>> No. 78031
nah its cool brah, Obito is just SHARINGAN GHOST-ZOMBIE!
>> No. 78043
Is it just a phrasing that got lost in translation, or is it kind of funny that Oonoki crows about the five kage that "stand together", when he's floating in the air like the pompous douche he is?

(Also, if he was strong enough [through whatever handwave mass/gravity-manipulation jutsu] to carry the entire freaking turtle-island on one hand WHILE FLYING, what was stopping him from throwing entire mountains at whomever they're fighting? Did he try that strategy and I just forgot? Why didn't he just change the enemy's mass to close to zero and then let them float helplessly into the upper atmosphere? I think that would have been hilarious. Zombie balloons!)
>> No. 78044
Madara would simply look at the falling island/the fundamental force of gravity and it would know not to fuck with him like that, or he'd reveal a new ability of the Sharingan.
>> No. 78045
The zombies seemed kind of stupidly overpowered... all the skills/abilities of the ninja while alive + Regenerating even if blown to ashes? + Unlimited Chakra that comes from nowhere? What the hell man.
You'd think there'd be alot more dead ninjas on the hero side when the zombies have all those advantages, they could just use suicide bomb or nuke technique after nuke after nuke.
>> No. 78046
if the zombies had downtime between regenerations that would be a different story.
>> No. 78056

Madara is a one-man Chuck Norris joke.


I always hated the "chakra out of nowhere" bit. It didn't make any sense where the energy (in the most basic sense) was coming from. With a living person, it's a combination of some kind of "spiritual" energy and basic calories, and it would eventually run out. I suppose that the souls do have spiritual energy just the same, but their bodies are made of dust and crap that forms around the sacrifice body. Really, I think it should be the reverse. The zombie should be able to use the powers of the BODY, while having any soul be the "sacrifice" to power it. It makes no sense that the "soul" somehow remembers how to do stuff like curse seals and bloodline limits when it's an intangible entity; but the dead body would be able to do all the stuff it had previously done. And either way, they still shouldn't have unlimited power unless that power is coming from somewhere else.

Which, actually, I kind of suspect! Something like a power from the Earth itself (like in FullMetal Alchemist) which is also where the sharingan also gets all its hax abilities. I'm giving Kishimoto the benefit of the doubt of actually coming up with something like this, something that would explain a great deal of unexplained "power from nowhere" instead of just handwaving it all. For example, sharingans seem to be able to be used all the time without any chakra drain... except for Kakashi's. Itachi went around using his all the damn time. Sasuke has several times (most notably in the end of the battle with Deidara) gotten chakra from nowhere. If the sharingan (and probably rinnegan, possibly byakugan) were somehow able to tap into this natural, exterior energy source, it would actually explain why it is so damn hax, why it's able to defy logical chakra limits.


The zombies DID have downtime. Whenever they were seriously damaged, they would take a few moments to regenerate, during which time they were motionless and could be sealed up with those weird mummy seals.

Wait... you have to do critical damage... and then you can capture them. Holy shit. THE RESURRECTED NINJA ARE POKEMON!
>> No. 78060
You'd think if the sacrificial bodies were destroyed utterly that would finish off one of the zombies. It would mean they could continue to operate with horrific damage since they aren't 'alive' but no coming back from being completly disintegrated.
>> No. 78062
>Something like a power from the Earth itself

They have that. It's called nature chakra. It's what Naruto (and presumably Kabuto) use to use sage mode. It is a totally different thing and operates on totally different rules. And it turns you into an animal.
>> No. 78063

No, not from the plants and animals; I meant the Earth itself. Magnetic fields, plate tectonics, stuff like that. Something a lot DEEPER than that silly Sage Mode which doesn't do anything that: A) Naruto can't do on his own using Kyuubi chakra or his own natural chutzpah as the Main Character. B) Sasuke or any other Uchiha can't do with the power of sharingan hax. C) The zombies can't do with their mysterious infinite chakra.

Basically, Sage Mode was a failed experiment in the course of the manga, and ended up being discarded as quickly as possible. You'd THINK that an energy source from the entire planet's gaia would trump an energy source from a single person or a single tailed beast... but no dice. I mean, in its debut appearance, Jiraiya vs. Pain, it LOST. That's not a good start for something that's supposed to be the protagonist's ultimate power. It would be as if Vegeta was the first to turn Super Saiyan, and was still killed by Frieza, and then Goku also did it... and we're expecting him to do better. Naruto has already SURPASSED it by two more transformations. It's done with, and Kishimoto probably wants us all to forget it, so this would have to be something else entirely.
>> No. 78067
Phrasing it that way it reminds me of Naruto's whole training nonsense in regards to the Timeskip.

He spends years on a training journey, and yet soon after the timeskip he needs to go off on ANOTHER training trip with Kakashi because it turns out Jiraiya didn't teach him much of anything at all.
Its not like I'm asking him to have learned a hundred super techniques, but if he'd just demonstrated something basic like Naruto had become able to form a basic Rasengan without using clones or something.

What really irked me about the Kakshi training in particular was the sudden addition of 'Chakra types' which sounds like an incredibly basic concept that had never even been hinted at before.
Even if it wasn't taught to Genin's at the acadamy you'd think at the very least Jiraiya would have mentioned it and tested Naruto with one of those special bits of paper to better plan out training him to be able to play on his strengths.
With the reveal that in this all new system Wind beats Lightning but strengthens Fire it actually seemed like it was introduced SOLELY so Naruto could get philosophical about beating the 'bad' part of Sasuke and breathing life into the 'good' part.
>> No. 78088
I wish Onoki didn't make all those inspirational speeches, cuz this is just anti-climactic.

How do you get cut in half by a giant branch?
>> No. 78089

Sage mode wasn't abandoned as an idea or power-up, considering that Kabuto used it himself to great effect.
>> No. 78110

You mean the Sage Mode that bore absolutely no resemblance to what Naruto and Jiraiya did, and instead seemed to have a lot more to do with the fact that Kabutochimaru was 95% snake? I mean, honestly, if he hadn't gone right out and SAID it was Sage Mode to Itachi and Sasuke, could you have guessed it? Because I know I couldn't have.

(And need I mention, this version of SM failed in its debut appearance, too.)

Don't get me wrong, Kabuto's entire backstory and everything related to that fight was actually a highlight of the series in an arc otherwise full of disappointment; the artwork was great, too. But I don't understand why it was made so much effort to connect Kabuto's snakey abilities to Sage Mode, when it wasn't anything like what we had seen before. It's not as if there has never been another time when a person got a power upgrade without a reasonable explanation.
>> No. 78119
Jiraiya's version of sage mode gave him some frog features, so I wasn't all that surprised.

For some reason, Kabuto didn't retain much of his human features, but I take that as his choice. All it does is make me wonder if Naruto has the ability to do frog stuff (like Mario in the frog suit in SMB3). WOOHOO
>> No. 78121
Any animal sage probably has their own sage mode.
>> No. 78131
This is what I was thinking.
>> No. 78135
File 134768938194.png - (1.14MB , 929x934 , Sage_of_White_Snakes.png )
Uh, isn't this basically stated to be the case?
Naruto and his teacher learned it from the frogs, they become more frog-like when they use it, Kabuto learned it from the Pimp-Snake, ergo....
>> No. 78140

Suddenly, ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE gets an off-panel Sage Mode upgrade as long as they're associated with an animal. Sasuke gets Hawk Sage. Tsunade (maybe Sakura) gets Slug Sage. Gaara gets Tanuki Sage (lol, Mario Tanuki suit!). OhgodwhatthefuckhaveIdone?!

Also, I guess this can have the entire deal make a little more sense. Perhaps each specific Sage Mode only draws on the chakra from that SPECIFIC species (err, family rather) instead of the entire planet. So Naruto and Jiraiya were only sucking chakra from all the toads all over the world, which explains why they would develop toad-like features if they did it wrong. Just like Naruto drawing on the Kyuubi chakra made the Kyuubi draw on his, it might work both ways for this as well. It also explains the limits. Drawing energy from the entire planet may be a LOT, but if it's only from a very small <0.1% of the world's biomass (whether toads or snakes) — which, being non-human, do not have much chakra individually — it wouldn't add up to much at all.

I highly doubt Kishimoto came up with this rather than just handwaving the whole deal... but props if he did, because it actually makes good sense looked at this way.
>> No. 78141
File 134769824159.png?spoiler - (225.12KB , 900x600 , Slug.png?spoiler )
>>Tsunade (maybe Sakura) gets Slug Sage

...slug girls?
>> No. 78153
File 134775139145.png - (266.36KB , 840x547 , Picture 3.png )
I really like Tenten now that she has a legit personality.
>> No. 78154
File 134775288942.png - (362.54KB , 894x1300 , 0b554477e4760e468831e9ca3b942928.png )
I guess you could say Neji didn't see that coming YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
>> No. 78175

Also, I find OP's pic quite disturbing.
>> No. 78178

Kakashi/Naruto fanservice... freaking everywhere.

Not that I — personally — am complaining; but it was still unexpected.
>> No. 78201
It's freaking me out a little too.
>> No. 78219
>Obito and Madara
>Their first conversation begins with Obito subtly asking Madara if he wants a handjob...?

Well, I guess Obito was still Obito, at least for a little while. Oh, but this is great! It turns out that there is yet ANOTHER man behind the man. Madara was manipulating Obito who was manipulating Pain who was manipulating the whole of Akatsuki... except for Itachi who may well have been manipulating THEM ALL. Pfft.

This backstory really works, though. Hashirama is an impossible badass, and fusing Senju with Uchiha is a one-way-trip to godliness. So it makes sense that a loser 12-year-old could stand toe-to-toe with the Fourth shortly after getting half his body replaced with Hasirama's flesh/chakra.

(It still doesn't explain why he was apparently adult-sized at age 14... but whatever.)
>> No. 78239
With the infinite number of insta-win techniques the fully-evolved Sharingan gives you, how can anyone else compare?

And if Hashirama is such a god-like badass who's stronger than basically every modern ninja put thogether you'd think when he was brought out to fight the 3rd hokage he would have had a more impressive showing.
>> No. 78280
File 134829467185.png - (129.70KB , 800x600 , 48119668d32d1cda4239d5841b069b27.png )
I'm honestly regretting it. I'd just like to say though, if we have to make another of these topics soon, I'm hoping the first post will be some quality Breast Hammer fanart.

I swear, Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth is pretty much everything I could have ever wanted out of a Naruto manga. Even putting aside the lampooning of its source material (pretty excellently, I might add), it's been taking jutsu to their logical (and comical) conclusions, giving us the character building we've wanted from certain characters as well as closure for their assorted arcs, and has just been fun all around. And anything that gives Tenten some spotlight is a-ok in my book.
>> No. 78285
The only way to salvage the not Spring time of Youth version is to have this guy show up who has a power that only defeats Sharingan. Like literally, all it can do is cancel out or fuck over anything a eye swirl does. And as soon as that person is done they just walk out into the sunset - for there is always someone who figures out a way to out ninja and kill your technique the more famous it becomes.
>> No. 78301
Even better. Make it a final power of the byakugan. Cancel doujutsus.
>> No. 78305
>Byakugan can cancel doujutsu.

Neji attempts to use it in Springtime of Youth... accidentally cancels his own byakugan. Hilarity ensues.

But seriously, SO MUCH effort and plot has been put into the Sharingan, that having something just up and stop it besides another Sharingan is pretty much impossible. At this point, it's literally become the most important, most developed thing in the entire Naruto universe. So just brushing it aside — even if that would be for the best — is not going to happen; no author would do that over something he's spent so much time on.

But that's okay, because Naruto can defeat anything with the power of Main Character. Having Kurama on his side means he's now immune to any genjutsu, and he's badass enough on his own to handle the ninjutsu aspects of the Sharingan. I'm waiting for Madara to attempt to drop another meteor on Naruto, only to have him blow it to a rain of fine gravel with a bijuudama or something, a "Please take me seriously" look on his face.
>> No. 78306
That's why it has to be a complete non entity. Someone that we have no way to tell who they are, if they are hard working or super bullshit bloodline, possibly even male or female. A complete deus ex bitch slap to the Sharingan that the author can't defuse. No explanation of the attack or anything, just someone trained to kill Doctor Snakes doing their job.
>> No. 78379
Well then, looks like Kishi's gone and explained why it seemed Obito had an adult body when only being 14.

But don't worry folks, you've still got a lot of things to complain about. Don't feel disheartened.
>> No. 78380
obito proving the joker right since he was babby
>> No. 78385
So if the white zetsu are all just extensions of the Gedo Mazou (somehow) and also infused with Hashirama's flesh/charka (somehow) what in the world is black zetsu? Just another dude that fused to the white stuff until he started to resemble it?

I get the feeling that he has a larger part to play in all this, seeing how he is basically the only member of Akatsuki NOT DEAD besides Tobito.

Also, despite what he may have been talking about and being on his side, Obito most certainly DOES NOT want the same thing as Madara wants (IE the Moon's Eye Plan) or at least not exactly. It just makes no sense. He was shocked and upset when Kabuto revealed that he had found Madara's body, which indicates that he did not want Madara revived in the first place. Also, he immediately started the "process" as soon as he found out that the Edo Tensei was undone, and assuming that Madara had gone away.

Perhaps he might be doing the same thing, but wanted control over Instrumentality -excuse me, The Moon's Eye Plan- because his reasons are different from Madara's, or possible he just want to be in control of ALL REALITY, rather than let someone else be in control, in a typical "I'm the real villain, here" way.

Or maybe he's just setting us all up for an epic heel-face-turn by betraying Madara and handing control of Instrum- damnit, the Moon's Eye Plan to Shinji, I mean Naruto, to decide whether humanity will live in an illusionary happiness or retain their original lives.

Which wouldn't be too bad, I guess.
>> No. 78408

Have Hinata using it and we have a deal.
>> No. 78493
Has that movie with the slutty hinata and friendly sasuke came out yet?
>> No. 78495
File 134921239657.png?spoiler - (444.88KB , 1749x1300 , 60703a5a7df9a3e1b675ebf546bbb59f.png?spoiler )
Okay, I'll admit, I didn't see this coming.
>> No. 78498

Thanks for putting that in spoilers... I wasn't aware that this week's chapter was out so quickly. And I didn't see that coming, either! There's definitely going to be a good explanation, maybe... probably...

Also, Obito could see out of Kakashi's eye. WHO CALLED IT?!

>CandleJack 12/09/08(Sat)19:46 No. 77907
>(as I'm willing to bet the fact that Kakashi and Obito share a set of Sharingans will somehow lead to them being able to see each other's field of vision or some shit)

Yeah, that's right.

>> No. 78514
File 134927858098.jpg - (79.04KB , 329x347 , wrath didn't expect that.jpg )
. . .Okay, this was much better than I was expecting.

Nice to see Kishimoto still had a card to play.
>> No. 78516
Going to assume Kakashi had to kill her because she went to work for another village or was plotting against Konoha. Don't think Kishimoto would make Kakashi a bad guy at this point, especially with how he's crying about it (unless those are Obito's tears).
>> No. 78518
File 134928282493.jpg - (75.30KB , 482x307 , Onani hoshit.jpg )
>Obito's Tears
. . .OH.

>> No. 78519
There's of course the very real possibility that this is all some sort of genjutsu created by Madara to get Obito on his side.
>> No. 78529
Today's the 10th anniversary of the first airing of the Naruto anime.
>> No. 78530
omfg no i'm so old
>> No. 78531
Wow, I'm actually anxious to see what happens next.
>> No. 78532

In Japan, perhaps, but the dub was only aired in North America in September of 2005. Considering that youtube didn't yet exist and most other streaming sites... frankly sucked... most people probably saw it first, there, unless they had connections to people who knew about these kinds of things, back in the days when the internet was young.

I remember, I accidentally stumbled upon the midnight repeat of the very first episode, and my life was forever changed. Possibly for the worse; I'm not sure.
>> No. 78533
For me, it was Shonen Jump USA Issue 0, back in Summer of 2002.

I'd say most of it's initial popularity came from that magazine.
>> No. 78541
Urrgh I know right

Fansubs were already strong enough, I figure a lot of anime fans watched soon after Japan, even played in conventions and stuff. Then again I don't know how it is in the u.s..
>> No. 78560

I suppose it depends on the age and obsessions of the person in question.

With me and my peers, we were still in high school and generally didn't have the freedom to request magazine subscriptions or internet connections decent enough to stream fansubs. The only things we ended up seeing were whatever Cartoon Network bothered to show us. Several people I knew did not even understand the fact that it wasn't produced in the USA at all; the idea that something could exist somewhere else in the world and only end up being shown in the US many years later was an odd and foreign (pun unintended) concept to a teenager.

Furthermore, before Naruto, all any of us "normal" kids knew was Dragonball, because freaking EVERYONE loved that and it had wide appeal. Anyone who watched much of anything else, even those on Cartoon Network (like Sailor Moon, Outlaw Star, Big O, etc.) was definitely a "nerd" and a "fanboy" or whatever, to say nothing of actually attending conventions or subscribing to magazines. I personally entered that club of nerds when I contacted a friend to get access to epically-crappy VHS fansubs of later DBZ movies that didn't get official DVD releases until up to five years later. That was what someone had to do to get fansubs, in those days; you generally had to know someone.

Still, I suppose, if someone had been college-age or older in 2002, and actually been into that whole thing, they might have been able to get Jump subscriptions or fansubs over the internet. But from my (admittedly quite limited) perception, anime hadn't yet entered the mainstream until Naruto aired and the surge of free fansubs became available over fast internet connections, in the mid/late 2000's.
>> No. 78562
Shonen Jump was like crack for me in high school. Shonen Jump, a Cherry Coke, and a few movies/vidya from Blockbuster on the second or third Friday of every month.

Also, I found a single bootleg DVD of the first few episodes at my local GameStop for $3 when I was 16/17. I watched the shit out of that disc. I still have it to this day.
>> No. 78564
Of course there's a reason for Kakashi's actions, the question is what is that reason? He looks angry, so I'm guessing this wasn't an accident.

Why would Obito be clearly crying out of his left eye and not his right?
>> No. 78579

Obito said he "let" Rin die, not "killed Rin" so I'm assuming that something fucked and difficult to deal with popped up, and Kakashi saw this as the only option available to him. Maybe Obito figures that Kakashi could have done more, but was too weak or not thinking quick enough to have prevented this our found a new solution.
>> No. 78580

Fun fact: in Japanese, the same conjugation is used for 'to allow them to do ____' and 'to make them do ____'. ____ in this case would be die. It's only distinguishable by context.
>> No. 78589

>How did they know?
>How did they find them just in time?
>It's almost as if this is just a scheme hatched by Madara or something.
>> No. 78599

Yes, because this is clearly the only time a contrived, convenient coincidence of shared fate has befallen a set of important protagonists, in the entire history of fiction.

Next, you'll be telling me that Naruto's improbable shounen powerups are all part of Madara's plan.

(In all seriousness, I agree with you. It's Naruto convention to control someone by murdering the people they care about, to then lead them on a rampage of revenge.)
>> No. 78603
File 134952812040.jpg - (161.10KB , 1035x1600 , happy_4rth_by_funkymonkey1945-d565ocp.jpg )
>> No. 78608
No, I'm reacting to "Why did Kakashi have a long-running trait of crying from his left eye and not his right."

I kinda want to reread the series now, see when exactly that happens. I mean, just. . .the whole implication that 1: Obito was watching the whole thing and crying, and 2: that Kakashi WASN'T, hell maybe didn't even really care.

Likely wouldn't be that cool in practice, but in theory, man.
>> No. 78609
This picture is way too cool to be naruto related.
>> No. 78616
All of my freaking d'awwwwwww.
>> No. 78698
File 134987387322.jpg - (41.70KB , 603x315 , e31.jpg )
>This chapter

Dayumn, Obito.
>> No. 78706
File 134988455542.jpg - (20.64KB , 250x242 , L considers this.jpg )
Huh. Nice to be able to take Naruto's final villian seriously.
>> No. 78707
>> No. 78713
File 134989532996.jpg?spoiler - (185.86KB , 800x1161 , naruto-3634075.jpg?spoiler )
>Wait, why didn't he have this until the timeskip?
>> No. 78714

>You get the Mangekyo Sharingan from killing your best friend.

Suddenly makes sense.
>> No. 78718
So... the reason Obito became an instant powerhouse is because...

...the Mangekyo Sharingan that he magically got when Kakashi got his from killing Rin because of Sharingan-quantum-entanglement, apparently, reacted with the Senju DNA in the Zetsu body and allowed him to instantly develop the most incredible space-time ninjutsu in the world and tear 1000 highly skilled ninja limb-from-limb with tree limbs in a roaring rampage of revenge... is all explainable by saying that...

...he's just "special".

I'm so tired of this bullshit. This is the ninja version of the fucking LOTTERY. We've already proven that it's not working hard or being talented, because Rock Lee (and, increasingly, everyone who's not a jinchuuriki or an Uchiha) ain't got shit, and it's not really genetics because Obito was a crybaby failure of an Uchiha, it's actually just dumb luck. It's the unholy crossing together of two long-separated bloodlines that somehow do the freaking DNA fusion dance and make the person in question an impossible badass INSTANTLY, which only happens by random chance because everyone that's tried to force the issue (Orochimaru, Danzo) failed.

I hate this so much.
>> No. 78723
It finally happened: even CandleJack will not defend Naruto.
>> No. 78724
Uh, I think candlejack has given up on defending the series for awhile now? I'm pretty sure a number of his more recent posts have been him dispairing at the awful and nonsensical writing.
>> No. 78727
Could Rin have a bloodline limit?
>> No. 78728
Well I assume there's some reason that isn't readily apparent for why Kaka felt the need to fist her in that situation, but that begs the question why it wasn't more apparent.
>> No. 78733

I want to say something to the effect of "well, Lee might be irrelevant at this point, but at least Gai is still kicking ass". And then move on to some point about how those without bloodlines can still contribute, using Gai as an example. But that would be bullshit and I know it. At this point even Gai can't salvage this manga.
>> No. 78737
Keep hating, stupid hater.
Tobi is right because of people like you.
>> No. 78741

I think it was a mercy kill and partly protecting Konoha (recall how big he was on "duty" back then, because of the suicide of his father). Probably, they were surrounded by enemy ninja with absolutely no hope for escape, and Kakashi killed her to spare her from being tortured at length by the Mist, which also might have caused her to reveal important information. Presumably, he then either: A) Somehow knew about the Mangekyo and hoped it would give him the strength to defeat the enemies or escape, or more likely, B) Kill himself similarly, right when he instead fainted because of overuse of the Sharingan.

'Cause that's just Kakashi's thing. He's found a way to go toe-to-toe with the big villains, but only for a very short time before getting knocked out of commission for a few weeks. And people complain about Naruto and Tsunade shortening their lives, holy shit! Poor Kakashi has got to be shaving five years off his life every time he pulls that craziness.

>Could Rin have a bloodline limit?

Ah, why not? Everyone else is "special" in some way, and she WAS a jounin at the age of ten like everyone else in that generation.
>> No. 78743
...why DIDN'T he have this until post-timeskip?

Apart from an answer like "Kishi only thought this up after the timeskip" or "Kishi pulled this out of his ass to explain where Kakashi's MS came from because he didn't have a firm idea when he gave him it for a powerup"
>> No. 78755
File 135009168032.jpg - (0.96MB , 1815x2029 , af951e991338f826a7c6875931c6f63f.jpg )


>> No. 78756
>> No. 78757
Just means they're from the same clan. Nagato was one too.
>> No. 78758
Why didn't she just die? She's such a shit character. I don't expect much to come from her escaping jail due to those inept guards who don't know how to do their jobs well. If she aims for revenge, I hope Sasuke raikiris her through the cranium.
>> No. 78799

I'm ok with that.
>> No. 78843
uzumaki clan, not remarkable except for their ability to hold large foxes
reminds me of the haruno clan, except they can't even do that.
>> No. 78853
and with enough glue, tailed beasts, senju, and uchiha, we can explain every dangling plot point.

surprisingly not annoyed by this chapter. surprisingly.

the flashback story-telling style was rather jarring. had to read it twice to figure out what happened when.
>> No. 78857
Badly written. So much wrong with this like Obito not blaming Kakashi......but evidently blaming him in the present. I find it hard to believe that someone so enraged could simply turn off the rage and spare the person who pressed the insanity button on his mind.

Allso if everyone is stuck in Dream World.....then won't they die of starvation after like a week? Some utopia.
>> No. 78858
Uchiha Morpheus: This is the Construct, Obitoneo. Notice how it's all blank and white. And look at me. The wrinkles on my face, the plugs in the back of my head are gone — even my hair is different. This is what we call the mental projection of my genjutsu self.

Into this genjutsu construct I can load anything I want to. Zetsu! Load the "Juubi" program.

Obitoneo: Whoa! Kung-Rinnegan. I know Kung-Rinnegan.

Uchiha Morpheus: Show me...

(And I was SO DAMN SURE that Obito was going to intangible-ify his hand and reach into Rin and try to restart her heart. It would complete this No-I-totally-didn't-rip-off-the-Matrix thing we had going.)


In just base tsukuyomi, the user can cause a person to perceive 3 days in about a second. Given that, the time it would take for everyone to die of dehydration, about three days (72 hours times 60 minutes times 60 seconds) multiplied by the 72 hours of the genjutsu, equals 18,662,400 hours, or over 2100 years.

That's long enough, I think...
>> No. 78868
I liked it better when it was called the Human Instrumentality Project. The AT-Fee-ru-dos of the tailed beasts is the only thing keeping them from uniting with their source inside the moon. We just need to combine the children of both the Senju and the Uchiha to control the tailed beasts in their true form and create a shockwave that returns mankind to a state of eternal bliss.


My only question is will Naruto be able to single-handedly defeat the plot to NGE without choking Sakura?
>> No. 78871

A little correction. Obito didn't developt the space-time ninjutsu when he exploded with revenge after the MS, he used first when he was about to get crushed by the rocks.
It was after all the way in which he found Madara, by slippin through like two hunred meters of rock layers until stopping inside Madara's cave hideout.

Still irrelevant though, since it's still a case of Obito being super special and winning the superpowers lottery.
Maybe even more so, since he developted the ninjutsu before the ungodly Senju-Uchiha fusion took place in his body.
>> No. 78872
So... how did Madara put his eyes into small Nagato without them noticing?
Surprise midnight eye surgery?
>> No. 78873
An just like that, he was ready to face Minato right off the bat.
>> No. 78899
plot hacks for obito
let's not forget the mizukage thing, as well.

pretty much if this was all planned as early as the kakashi gaiden, this was pretty piss poor.
>> No. 78990
File 135109471911.jpg - (22.43KB , 800x1148 , CRAWLING IN MY SKIN.jpg )
I can't believe its not Bleach!
>> No. 78994
I'm going to be honest. I don't care for Naruto, I'm just reading it to get closure. No more no less after all the time invested.

I hate the protagonist himself. Hell I hate Naruto proclaiming that his dad is the fourth Hokage. So what? His father didn't last long on the job. In fact he chose to die and left his son's fate entirely to luck. Minato is a piece of shit deadbeat motherfucking bastard of an asshole. Even Kushina was calling him out on his lazy way out since he was still fresh as a daisy during the Kyuubi and Obito incident.

Naruto proclaiming such pride in his dad when he was a bastard disgusts me. Same shit with Gohan and Goten who respect their dad despite Goku irresponsibly leaving his kids to fend for themselves. Not to mention he didn't do much to provide for them either.

But back to Naruto, while he keeps going on about how proud he is of Minato as if he was some big shit, I hope Naruto never becomes Hokage. Being so naive, childish, and outright stupid tells me he's not fit to lead. It would be nice if reality destroyed Naruto.
>> No. 78997
Whoa whoa whoa.


Goku did the best he could to raise his kids in a series of INCREDIBLY ODD SCENARIOS. Goku didn't go about training Gohan between classic and Z because of Chichi. Then he died. Eventually came back to life. Had to be hospitalized after the hardest fight of his life, find his son on an alien planet, make his way back to earth after all that (I'll stick buy Goku deserving a vacation after totally beating the hell out of Frieza)


Granted. He could have come back with the Namek Dragon Balls after cell but... Okay you got me there. Also got me with the leaving with Uub (but that was supposed to be like, for a year or two to train him or something.)

... Wait this is a naruto topic... The hell am I doing?
>> No. 79044
Avoiding actually talking or thinking about Naruto; even in the thread specifically for it, MOST people don't want to actually bring up the fact that it exists outside of getting momentarily angry at the latest Dr.Snakes or plot issue.
>> No. 79045
Yeah no. Cell Games proved that Goku was actually a really crappy dad. He kept scratching his head going "Why isn't Gohan having fun getting pounded by Cell?" and Piccolo of all people had to explain that Gohan WASN'T like Goku and didn't love fighting, and was probably just in there wondering why his dad wasn't doing anything while he was getting pulped.
>> No. 79060
In fairness, this was a guy who thought marriage was some sort of food, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that he's an idiot.
>> No. 79061
Well the whole reason he's a hero in the first place is because he's braindamaged, from when he fell off a cliff as a baby onto his soft babby skull.
>> No. 79091
To be fair Gohan is pretty much the first person Goku has ever known that didn't enjoy a good scrap.
>> No. 79295
File 135232212188.jpg - (127.59KB , 504x1308 , 1352321267686.jpg )
Don't we already have a DBZ thread?

(though Goku IS a retarded deadbeat dad)
>> No. 79297
DBZ relates to everything
Battle Stadium DON Introyoutube thumb
>> No. 79302
>> No. 79307
This chapter made me hate Obito and Naruto more. The series just sucks. Now. How many are reading it just cause you want to see the ending to this trainwreck? Its terrible.
>> No. 79308
>> No. 79316
I stopped reading it yonks ago man. The only way I hear about it getting worse is what I see in places like this thread.

On that note how have Naruto and Obito gotten worse?
>> No. 79320

obito - my motivation is to save the world from wars by no-more-ninjas illusion-no-jutsu. human instrumentality is way better than not being able to protect rin war.
naruto - i'm like you before linkin park, obito. i have that fire and the promise of saving all my bros. my solution to war is... to... save... everyone?
kakashi - what naruto said. he's totally gonna convert you to his side with his genki, the same genki you used to be.
obito - why i oughta! enough talk. more space-time shuriken slashes.
madara - what the fuck am i even doing here? let's waste time by showing off uchiharashima powers and hug the shit out of the jinchuuriki

>> No. 79333
This is exactly why Naruto sucks as a character. He doesn't grip nor understand details of how politics and cultures work and his take on that is "I'll save everything cause I am a protagonist dammit and I'm coddled, spoiled, and privileged and shielded from any failure or consequences! Remember my dead village? They were revived and I still believe in Sasuke being able to be saved! And in war people do not have to die!"

All this naive overly immature shit is why Naruto has become so obnoxious. I wouldn't mind if the ending of Naruto is for him to be brutally and murdered by anyone. I don't care if Kishimoto needs to introduce a Mary Sue to do it, just have a character out of nowhere be stronger than Naruto and slowly kill his ass. How other characters who SHOULD realize Naruto is full of shit agree with him like Pain or even Kakashi in relation to Obito with what's going on, only hurts the manga even more IMO.

Its funny, but at this point the most interesting part of the manga is Sasuke and Orochimaru's crazy side adventure. Orochimaru also became a solid character by merely saying what many readers feel about this war: "I do not care about this war."
>> No. 79341
File 135241065022.jpg - (116.97KB , 600x750 , naruto_is_ninja_jesus_by_hergman-d51vg2y.jpg )
but Naruto is ninja-Jesus

do you think you know better than ninja-Jesus?

you're going to ninja-Hell for that
>> No. 79348
Ninja hell is filled with pirates, right?
>> No. 79349
Hearing about what Kishi has done, I'm okay with still following the anime slowly. At the least, some of the fights have really awesome animation. I'll just turn off subtitles and let the characters yammer on until someone pulls a shuriken.
>> No. 79351
File 135242969314.jpg?spoiler - (28.65KB , 298x484 , jackdaime.jpg?spoiler )
So who's the bigger douchebag of a Dad,

Goku or Minato?
>> No. 79352
File 135243061433.jpg - (345.80KB , 890x1267 , hunterxhunter-325_18.jpg )

>> No. 79353
I'd say Goku on the simple basis that even if he spent time with his kids he's too retarded to be a good meaningful father. Same goes to Luffy from One Piece who is modern Goku. Really, when all these guys know about life is fighting and eating, they are shitty fucking fathers. End of story.

Minato had a job, was educated, matured and was ready for a family. He had the aptitude for it while Goku on the other hand.....wow some honeymoon, I imagine Chichi must have hit a brick wall repeatedly at realizing her husband is so ungodly stupid that she needs to essentially rape him to have a kid.

Minato's biggest crime was making a shitastic decision which warped and scarred the life of his son all out of pure lazyness and idiocy. Goku even if present would probably still be ineffective as a dad. I hate Chichi, but even I agree with her telling Gohan "Study cause being a brute doesn't make you money nor put food on the table." Sure in the world of DBZ you CAN make cash by being a brute, but typically its not the best advice in life. Muhammad Ali the famous boxer lived such life and ended up with brain damage for it.
>> No. 79354
EXcept going by your logic it would be the 4th hokage who is the 'bigger douchebag', no?
Like you said, Goku is braindamaged from an accident in his childhood, he's not solely at fault for his mental issues.
Minato on the other hand has no such issues and still did the stupidest thing ever that screwed up his son's life to a massive degree, perhaps even more stupid than Goku tagging in Gohan to fight Cell.

Also I have to say...you are tarring Luffy with the same brush as Goku too quickly.
Goku is retarded and a semi-messiah, while Luffy has more...chosen his outlook for life (he was much more serious as a child), and is capable of being surprisingly insightful even though he prefers to refer to complicated things as 'mysteries' since its easier/more fun and face most of his challanges head-on
>> No. 79355
>>Muhammad Ali the famous boxer lived such life and ended up with brain damage for it.

Uh... Muhammad Ali wasn't a superhuman alien fighter with access to magical healing...
>> No. 79358
Quite honestly, Naruto has the same problem as the protagonist in any other very-long-running shounen series. They remain the protagonist and have lucky shit happen to them just because they are the protagonist. In order that they remain the "best", they usually have to gain the most ridiculous ass-pull powerups; and to justify those powerups that NOBODY ELSE HAS, they usually get their ancestry retconned several times over.

Goku was revealed to be an alien.
Yusuke was revealed to be half-demon.
Naruto was revealed to be of Senju blood.
Ichigo... yeah whatever the fuck he is by now.

It's the same pattern everywhere. Shounen is very formulaic with its protagonists and its main plots, which is why lesser characters and side-plots tend to be the most interesting and unpredictable. With HunterXHunter, on the other hand, (not to derail the topic or anything) Togashi decided to make EVERY character a minor character (members of the main foursome can disappear for several chapters or even an entire arc) and EVERY arc a side-plot that bears little continuity from one to another. The result is either genius or ridiculous, depending on your point of view. The only reason it's still shounen is because the protagonist is a (generally) upbeat young boy, and the fights are based around a systematic application of internal life-energy.

But honestly, you can't blame Naruto for being exactly what it is: a brilliant shounen manga that then became mediocre and later arguably bad as it went on and on and on long past its "fresh" date, as the protagonist gets more and more ridiculous powers piled on top of him for no reason while he tries to "save the world" with an optimism that defies sanity. It's the current poster-child for its genre, nothing more.


I'd say Goku. At least Minato had a REASON to die and orphan his son. Goku did it (for seven years, at least) just because Earth had become too boring and he wanted to fight people from OTHER galaxies, as well. Also, Minato would probably come back permanently if given the chance; Goku left for seven years, came back for ten years, left for six years, came back for a couple years, and then left for A GODDAMN CENTURY, leaving all his friends and family to die before deciding to poke his head back around these parts again.

Actually, Goku was just a terrible person in general; when he was around he dabbled in parenting at least a bit. The worst FATHER award I'd have to second Ging from HunterXHunter.

(Seriously, guys, am I MISSING something? I was under the impression that Minato had no fucking choice with regards to sealing the Kyuubi into Naruto. 1) The Kyuubi had to be sealed into someone immediately, or Konoha was going bye-bye. 2) Pretty much nobody who isn't an Uzumaki can have the Kyuubi sealing inside them. 3) Besides his dying mother, Naruto was the only person around with Uzumaki blood. Again... am I missing something?)
>> No. 79360
>Seriously, guys, am I MISSING something? I was under the impression that Minato had no fucking choice with regards to sealing the Kyuubi into Naruto

That's how Kishimoto presents it. But when you actually think about it for more than five seconds, you find that actually, he had plenty of choice. In fact, his dying wife was presenting one, and he turned it down for no obvious reason.
>> No. 79361
File 135244232857.jpg?spoiler - (62.69KB , 719x652 , 106cx0l.jpg?spoiler )
Too many old farts, not enough attitude
>> No. 79490
File 135289853133.jpg - (347.56KB , 1280x1022 , 127031839422.jpg )
>>Goku was revealed to be an alien.
>>Yusuke was revealed to be half-demon.
>>Naruto was revealed to be of Senju blood.
>>Ichigo... yeah whatever the fuck he is by now.

Following this pattern I wonder what luffy is going to be then, the reincarnation of Gol D. Roger?
>> No. 79496
As it stands, Luffy is the Grandson of a top Marine officer, the son of "The World's Most Dangerous Man", the brother of Gold Roger's son, AND somehow connected to the mysterious "D" legacy.
>> No. 79498
Well shit, guess you just can't make it on your own merit in a shounen these days.
>> No. 79500
File 135290592165.jpg - (124.53KB , 800x700 , Pirate logic.jpg )
Well as long as Luffy the Pirate refrains from becoming a messiah I'll take it.
>> No. 79501
Really the three things that make him important are upbringing (a terrifying one that forced him to be strong), inspiration (Shanks) and eating a rare metahuman fruit. The Will of D hasn't amounted to much itself.
>> No. 79502
The thing is, only the Will of D actually affects HIM. One Piece makes it clear that legacy doesn't carry over from generation to generation. Only the World Government cares that Luffy is Dragon's son, it's not the source of Luffy's power or anything.
>> No. 79503

Well, yeah, Luffy ate that fruit, and THAT is why he is the protagonist. He's not special because he earned it, exactly; he's special because of circumstance.

What would Goku be if he wasn't Saiyan? He'd be Yamcha.

What would Naruto be if he didn't have the Kyuubi? He'd be Rock Lee.

It's kinda like that. Shounen is filled with secondary characters whose ENTIRE POINT, it seems, is to demonstrate that hard work will get you fuck-all nowhere if you don't also have the lucky circumstances surrounding yourself. If you're just a plain, ordinary human... woe is you, because humans are the mere "default". Besides occasionally having traits of being utter stubborn bastards, whether by hope or love or pride or anger or whatever else, they really don't have any distinctive traits. Oh sure, ADDING human to something else is somehow a recipe for godhood, but on its own, "human" is useless.

Then again, I suppose luck plays role in everyone's existence, to a certain degree.

And in case nobody seemed to notice, OMFG THE JUUBI GOT REVIVED!!!!!111oneonetwofivegoogol

That's, like, a surprise... right? I mean, was there anyone who didn't totally see that as inevitable? Anyone? Tell me Naruto isn't THAT predictable. Really?

Nah, I thought so. Carry on, then.

Next episode on NarutoBallZ: Shippuden Hakusho Piece - The Juubi refuses to be hypnotized by the Sharingan, because, well fuck that noise. Madara cannot take control of him! The Rinnegan is useless! The Byakugan was always useless!! What will our heroes do?! Can Kurama and Octo-dude convince the rampaging monster to give up his evil ways and just go back to the moon like a good boy? Will Obito quit whining long enough to assist Naruto and Madara with defeating the Juubi and preventing destruction of the entire planet? Will Kakashi continue wasting oppourtunities to disembowel Obito with Raikiri when in the other dimension? Did Tsunade find a way to save the lives of the other Kage who should have all bled to death ten chapters ago? Does anyone really give a crap about this manga anymore? ... Whose eyes will bleed this time? Find out next episode!

>> No. 79504
The fruit helped, but being "just human" in no way makes a person useless. To say that he could never have received a lucky break at all or absolutely none of his achievements are his own is pretty pessimistic.
>> No. 79505
>>Well, yeah, Luffy ate that fruit, and THAT is why he is the protagonist. He's not special because he earned it, exactly; he's special because of circumstance.

Okay, you don't read One Piece, thats pretty obvious, but I have to correct you here.
The powers of the Gomu gomu fruit are cool, but thats not why he's strong

1) Having a devil fruit doesn't make you superior (If you get one of the Logia/elemental types [Not the kind Luffy has, which is Paramecia] you get a pretty major leg up on others, and maybe if you can swing a ha><>< power with one of the other types, but just because you have a fruit doesn't make you instantly stronger than other kinds of fighters.)
2)Luffy had to train having a rubber body (for years pre-series) because it was originally useless, when he tried to pull off stretch punches as a kid he'd end up smacking himself in the face, he regularly lost fights to his slightly older 'brother' who had no superpowers whatsoever

It doesn't apply to something so minor as his DF.
If you actually wanted to make a point with any ground to stand on you should look into the subject of 'Haki'... and not just Haki itself either.
>> No. 79506
> Does anyone really give a crap about this manga anymore?

Not really. I just want closure. The only thing I want is to know abut Orochimaru and Sasuke's crazy side story. I just don't give a crap about this war business. And Obito is just too much of a pathetic fuck to be of any worth. Kakashi not killing him in the pocket dimension when he had a cheap shot in was a colossal disappointment. Also Madara sucks because for being as strong as he is he refuses to kill off even side characters. What good is strength when you don't use it? Curse the Shounen Villain Arrogance cliche.
>> No. 79509
It's worth noting that Luffy states that he spent years just perfecting his "Gum Gum Pistol" technique.
>> No. 79515
But Luffy's heritage doesn't have jack squat to do with his tenacity or fighting ability.

Without the fruit, Luffy would be a lot like Shanks, Raleigh, or even his crewmates Zoro and Sanji.
>> No. 79521
Additionally, while Luffy is pretty damned strong and can take out mooks without batting an eye, he's explicitly a lot weaker than most of the Big Bads he ends up facing, and manages to get by because of (once again) tenacity and teamwork. One Piece is very heavily about teamwork, and pretty much every arc (or sometimes every other arc, for some of the less battle-oriented crewmates) gives each of Luffy's crew a major and important role to play without which the Strawhats' goals wouldn't have been able to be achieved.

Luffy's biggest strength is his ability to gather strong and competent teammates and win their loyalty. Now this is a trait that most shonen protagonists share (though the degree to which they owe their victories to it varies from series to series), but it is a trait that is about the person who has it, not about the superpowers they inherited. And when the author goes out of his way to make that more important to the character's victories than their superpowers (which I think One Piece has a good track record of), it makes for a more satisfying victory than the ones in which the good guy wins because he got the best superpower.

(Incidentally, on top of not being as strong as a lot of villains, Luffy's powers are pretty far from broken compared to some of the amazing powers that One Piece has shown off. Mr. 3's Wax-Wax Fruit was cooler than the Gum-Gum Fruit, for example. Hell, Kaku's Giraffe Fruit might've ended up being more awesome than the Gum-Gum Fruit.)
>> No. 79522
Yo, this isn't a One Piece topic, back to Naruto.
>> No. 79524
Obito's probably still being dumb? I honestly started reading Naruto just to enjoy this little trainwreck, but it's gotten boring.
>> No. 79525
I remember CandleJack saying One Piece is ONLY margianlly better than Naruto or Bleach, so yeah that really shows him not reading it.

One Piece is the one manga were you can be a plain boring human and work your way into demigod-ness. As it stands now Gold Roger, the one and only pirate king was a normal human.
Haki? That stuff developts only with extreme dedication, experience and will, yes even the Emperor's haki.
Devil Fruits? Yeah a good number of times you get a huge advantage above everyone else, but they are actually fairly common AND never guarantee you a victory, a well trained human can always fuck your shit and most of them start at a very useless state, if you don't train your body rigurously that ultrarare devil fruit you found would only ammount to a cheap circus trick.

Compare that to Naruto, where one moment you are a ten years old boy and the next you are going through walls literally JUST because. Oh and after you got your wood transplant at the hospital you fully became a killing machine.

Even whitout counting the many aspects of One Piece narrative, flow, fun and engaging characters, and crazy world, I'd say that counts for a bit more than just marginally better.
>> No. 79526
I, for one, chuckled when Kurama threw Kakashi directly towards Tobito.
A lil' bit of fun in the middle of all this is always welcome
>> No. 79528
The ten rear-ends beast reminds me of the tektites from Zelda.
>> No. 79536
File 135297007068.jpg - (34.53KB , 350x336 , polls_SharinganPictures_4813_621186_poll_xlarge.jpg )
Obito and Madara are eyesores, the Sharingan is such a cancer.

Woo, 10-tails?
>> No. 79549
Wait. Read it on manga stream... Were their pages missing?
>> No. 79554

I laughed, and then I was disappointed. I was expecting something along the lines of Kyuubi-is-a-jackass-and-doesn't-care, so he tossed Kakashi in there just because he was in the way. Then it was revealed that he'd actually given Kakashi a lot of chakra so he could attack Obito from the other dimension, because Kurama-is-a-nice-fox-and-a-good-strategist.

I miss the asshole, obstructionist, I'll-give-you-some-chakra just-because-I-like-to-see-you-suffer Kyuubi. I always felt this change of heart for the bijuu, and for him especially, is really freaking weird. The shift from "giant sentient masses of chakra and hate" to "kinda abused grown-up pets of the Sage" never sat well with me. I preferred Kyuubi as an antagonist.
>> No. 79566
Eh, I'm cool with it. Can't be an asshole forever.
Plus, that was a creative strategy.
>> No. 79568
File 135307723781.jpg - (947.03KB , 2195x2469 , 1353075293698.jpg )
So...how about that upcoming naruto movie?
>> No. 79573
>flat chested Tsunade
>fragile-looking Ino
>super busty Shizune
Is this some sort of mirror-world movie?
>> No. 79574
Yes. It's about some big genjutsu that changes everybody but Naruto and Sakura, giving them everything they want.
>> No. 79575
File 135308982117.jpg - (46.76KB , 446x479 , tumblr_m5lxc419gh1r319c7o1_500.jpg )
Well yeah, we've known that for awhile.

There's also a happy, flirty and nonevil Sasuke, and an angry slutty Hinata
>> No. 79576
File 135309000148.jpg - (263.20KB , 1200x862 , road-to-naruto-the-movie-3461845.jpg )
Really? Some of them don't seem to fit that.

Does Ino really want to be so meek?
>> No. 79578
I don't like slutty Hinata. Who knows how many dicks she's sucked.
>> No. 79579
Ah shit. So Sakura is still a colossal flat chested bitch hungry for Sasuke.
>> No. 79581
>> No. 79582
Given Naruto's smile and shadow clone jutsu I'd say millions, all of which Naruto.
>> No. 79587
>Skimpy-clothed bitch Hinata
>...not sure if want...
>> No. 79591
File 135316495343.jpg?nsfw - (922.40KB , 1250x1534 , 906247 - Hinata_Hyuuga Momoko-Kawase Naruto Naruto.jpg?nsfw )
What if the Slutty Hinata from the alternate reality appeared in the regular reality and started making out with Shy Hinata?

I feel this would be a major improvement for the quality of writing.
>> No. 79598
You can tell how crappy Naruto has gotten when the best, most interesting thing that the franchise has done is an alternate universe story where almost everything is its complete opposite.
>> No. 79599
File 135319684941.jpg - (64.09KB , 640x480 , Thumbs-Up-Lee-rock-lee-8026550-640-480.jpg )
Everything apart from Rock Lee.

Because he's already perfect as it is,
>> No. 79602

Is Naruto about to nosebleed or throw up?

I wish Sasuke wasn't in the movie at all, and Sai was there instead. He's a much more interesting character not to mention better-looking, in my opinion...

And what about Gaara?? I want to see a version where he's ridiculously happy and going around smelling flowers and singing while skipping through the village and telling everyone what a nice day it is, even if it's the middle of a sandstorm.
>> No. 79605
Lee may be TOO optimistic, but dear lord he embodies the true spirit of an underdog as opposed to Mr. Ninja Jesus. I always hate it when they make protagonists supped up elites because of the sperm and eggs that compose them. Look at Luffy from One Piece. The retard who didn't even know he had a father (yes Luffy is that stupid, he thought he merely just existed out of the blue), turns out to have the most powerful man on the planet and most wanted than even Black Beard or White Beard for a dad.
>> No. 79606
You couldn't even wait for a new thread to make that shit fresh, could you
>> No. 79613
I have to disagree, I find the idea of a Sasuke who seems to be a carefree flirt and not an evil emo wanker most amusing.
>> No. 79615
File 135323887026.jpg - (507.12KB , 600x750 , Clones Jupitrie.jpg )
Eh, its been done alot
>> No. 79623
And that STILL did absolutely nothing for him, why don't you get that? Everything Luffy's done has been by his own merits. His dad didn't give him super strength, he earned that through living in the wilderness.
>> No. 79626
File 135326069345.gif - (107.30KB , 500x300 , is this proof people.gif )
Apparently the single differance between the alternate and normal versions of Lee is The Alternate dude enjoys wearing ladies underwear beneath his bodysuit

And apparently the Naruto of the alternate reality had blackhair and is named 'Menma'? Tobi ends up fusing with him and in-doing so he gains a Sharingan apparently, so the movie isn't going to be all fun and awesome
>> No. 79630
File 13532637813.gif - (128.26KB , 600x454 , Himbo and the Beast.gif )

>>"lol, u mad brah?"
>> No. 79638
Here's how I see Bizzaro Hinata. From that color spread cover I could assume, along with the plot description of Naruto being the same, Hinata was more 'proactive' about how she felt about him and his plight. Just picture this brazen girl standing up for the boy she loves telling the rest ofthe world to fuck off.

It's interesting, but needs a better base for it to play out though.
>> No. 79645
She did that against Pain. The problem is that Naruto doesn't acknowledge she exists. Even now in the middle of the war Hinata is being honest and wants Naruto.

Naruto doesn't deserve her because he flat out refuses to deal with her. She's not a bleep on his radar even after that Konoha Nuke incident and that makes him kind of a douche. Even if its to turn her down, he need to speak with her, but he doesn't do that either. Not even a passing thought.

Its all about Sasuke and to a lesser degree Sakura.
>> No. 79654
File 135333118918.jpg?spoiler - (50.74KB , 700x379 , tumblr_mczqsdtWo01rta0omo1_1280.jpg?spoiler )
Okay, now take this with a grain of salt since I can't vouch for the sources and beware of RtN spoilers:

Apparently most of Road to Ninja comprises of Sakura being a bitch to Naruto, because she's upset that her parents are too constricting and the whole reason she ends up in the otherworld dojutsu to begin with is because she was hanging out with and bitching to him, the orphan without parents, about how much her parents suck, so now the fantasy otherworld needed to be adjusted to be a paradise for her too which means her dad was the Hokage and her parents are dead (also she's now famous with all the little girls wanting to grow up to be just like her, and the flirty Sasuke and so forth).

At the end of the film once they've escaped the otherworld Naruto, that masochist with bad taste, asks her out on another date, but she shuts him down saying they were just already on a 'really long date'.

Naruto has really bad taste in women , and men, he really doesn't deserve a chick like Hinata who would take on Pain for his sake, when he won't even give her a response either positive or negative.
He should just spend the rest of his life chasing after Sasuke and Sakura, while continuing to be rejected by both of them.
>> No. 79658
Like I said

>It's interesting, but needs a better base for it to play out though.
>> No. 79662
If this is true, then it honestly doesn't surprise me. Because Manga Naruto is not exactly far off from this. Its hard to like this little douchebag because he's so....stupid, overly masochistic (with BOTH sexes), too fucking gay as well, naive overly childish even for his age mixed with WILLFUL ignorance (he loves to stay an idiot by choice).

The only time I ever understood and felt a male protagonist obsessing over his male friend was Sora from Kingdom Hearts or X from the Megaman X games. Why? Because though their best friends did awful things their friendship was indeed legitimate and sincere. So it made sense that they held hope for them.

I can't say the same about Sasuke. And Sakura? God she's just a bitch. An unattractive self absorbed self entitled colossal cunt. If the movie is going to be about her getting what she wants even though she doesn't deserve shit, then I'm not watching. I was hoping the movie would be a fun little What If Romp, but from what I see Sakura hogs too much of the focus and if this is it, then screw it, not watching it. Manga Sakura has yet to TRULY get chewed out for how nasty she really is as a human being. I don't know if Kishimoto expects us to care about her, but to me she really should at least grow old unloved and die alone like Jiraiya did as a failure.

As far as Naruto goes, it would be hilarious if Naruto tries to talk to Hinata, but after putting her to the side for so long it turns out she found another guy who does like her and whom she's fallen for and Naruto is NTR'd out of Hinata's life. Its a fitting fate for him.
>> No. 79663
File 135334516958.png - (245.27KB , 640x520 , tumblr_m7sbjqpYNV1rv9hmfo1_1280.png )
Well... Sakura did at one point have the potential to be an awesome/strong person/character, round about when she fought the puppet-dude.

But then came her obviously false 'confession' to Naruto as a half-assed attempt to stop him self-destructively chasing Sasuke (Made worse by the fact that not long before we had witnessed Hinata's dramatic deceleration of her feelings.)
Then she went off by herself to try and kill Sasuke and completely choked, which ended up in Naruto getting poisoned by her blade meant for Sasuke.
Then we got...this chapter...where Sakura lost pretty much all of her remaining credibility.

Though I have to ask, what IS the deal with her obsession with Sasuke? They were never romantically involved, hell... they weren't even true friends, why is she carrying a crush so far?
Its not like such obsessions are impossible in real life but they are deeply unhealthy even when the person you obsess about isn't a complete psychopath and wanted criminal.

All these things together do sort of make her come across as a pretty awful person...
>> No. 79665
There was also the scene where only Sai had the brain cells to tell that Sakura was a terrible friend and told her "Yo, the reason Naruto is in mental torment is because of YOU and the promise YOU make him keep." This was what led to the half assed lie of a confession which was so out of the blue and poorly assembled even Naruto saw through it. I mean traveling to a snow country just to say that out of nowhere? That's nonsense.

As far as female characters go obsessing over guys. Others do it in a fun way like Amy Rose with Sonic. Sonic is the Too Cool For School guy who wants to roam free with adventure, he is the Anti-Mario who rescues damsels (Peach and Daisy), so he has no time or interest in Amy. But Amy likes him because he's an admirable hero to the world.

Lola Bunny is also attracted to Bugs since he's handsome (something similar to Sakura's attraction to Sasuke), but Bugs hasn't tried to kill her and they've even had some minor fun times with each other like the Paris vacation. This fuels their relationship.

Sakura just has nothing going on with Sasuke. It almost sounds like she's got dementia and is overly self deluded.
>> No. 79667
Eh, I feel like the root issue with how Sakura & other gals in Naruto are written is more a Bechdel test thing. Their motives, drives, all the meaningful things that have happened to them, nearly all of it revolves around their relationships with the male characters in the story.

. . .In fact, I'm not sure I can name a single female character in the series with a Meaningful Background Flashback that doesn't hinge on The Guy They Liked. Tsunade, Hinata, Sakura & Ino, Kurenai, the one MEEEELION origami bombs lady . . .Anko's fixation on Orochimaru could technically be argued as an exception? Because IIRC it was something he implanted as a false memory and the truth was she just thought he was an evil asshole.

Does Temari ever get a flashback? I mean I assume it'd still revolve around a guy (Gaara), but at least it wouldn't be one she had a thing for.
>> No. 79668
Careful there, you are on the verge of saying the truth which is misogynistic and as such a horrible offense.
>> No. 79672
stop posting
>> No. 79679
File 135336706464.jpg - (40.46KB , 480x453 , The confession of Hinata.jpg )
I'm still sort of at a loss at the aftermath of this.

She wasn't speaking poetically, very straightforward, but afterwards she might as well have said she loves ukuleles.

Did Naruto's memory take a hit when he freaked the fuck out and went Super kyuubi 2? That would be an explanation for why he gives no indication in the slightest of remembering her busting out a love confession to him.
>> No. 79683
Mix of bad writing and Naruto's already unpleasant personality IMO.
>> No. 79686
File 135337115496.jpg - (116.33KB , 600x824 , naruto_the_jerk_by_drunaway-d5gc033.jpg )
>> No. 79687
By this point Hinata's starting to look just as bad for being so obsessed with a character everybody hates.
>> No. 79688
You can't really blame her, everyone is falling over themselves to love and worship Naruto in one way or another. All it takes is a shallow speech from him and even his enemies do a 180 and hail him as the messiah
>> No. 79690
I don't think everyone hates Naruto.....but I am one of those who does hate and resent him. Hinata doesn't do herself any favors by being obsessed with a guy who obviously doesn't even like her. I mean Sasuke at least gives Sakura negative attention, but Hinata and Naruto? To Naruto Hinata is a big literal NOTHING in his life. That's way worse.
>> No. 79692
I don't understand why there's so much hate for Naruto not going with Hinata. I mean, yeah sure she likes HIM, but that's no obligation on his part for any reason. Quite frankly, either Naruto is functionally asexual (just like Sasuke and most of the character are) seeing how his puppy-love crush on Sakura was meaningless to the plot when he was 12, and was thrown out the window completely by the time he came back from the timeskip; or he's just uninterested in her because she's TOTALLY not his personality type, but doesn't know how to tell her that and figures it's somehow better to just ignore her.

Or, you know... he's an idiot shounen protagonist that doesn't give a damn about anything except Plot-Relevant Goals.

>I'm not sure I can name a single female character in the series with a Meaningful Background Flashback that doesn't hinge on The Guy They Liked

I immediately thought of Guren (from the only filler saga I actually thoroughly enjoyed) but she was technically involved with Orochimaru. This was more because she wanted his powers more than HIM, but I'm not sure how well that counts. There's still no female character I can think of that has significance and/or motive completely outside another (male) character.
>> No. 79699
Jackie-boy, you don't get it.

The most pressing issue being e><pressed in this thread is not Naruto getting together with Hinata.

Its the fact after she gave her life fro him while everyone else was sitting back and watching him get assfucked by Pain, and dramatically [and finally] declared that she was in love with him.... he afterwards acted as if she had said nothing.

That is not how a respectable man acts, you don't just ignore a girl who did all that for you and act like nothing happens.
You at least take 5 minutes to stop and clear things up, along the lines of either "Yes I accept your feelings", "Sorry I don't feel the same way" or maybe "Things are hectic right now... we'll talk some more after all this is over?"

Simply put It makes him look like a major douchebag to ignore her e><istance in the way he has done so
>> No. 79700
Your X key broken?
>> No. 79702
Yup, PC's gone, forced to use my old broken laptop.
>> No. 79708

Anon-chan, you don't get it, either.

Naruto isn't a respectable man. He's a broken 15-year old with a minor messiah complex, who spent his entire childhood without parental supervision, and his pubescence being trained by three men (Kakashi, Ebisu, and Jiraiya) each more perverted than the last. Where in the world do you think he should have gotten the education on how to properly treat women? Or even people in general? His idea of a "friend" is someone that you're willing to die for. Not hang out with or talk with or watch TV with and have a mutual respect for, nope; it's this silly "nakama" ideal/obligation and that's all.

And besides, what Hinata did was stupid stupid stupid, and everyone knew it. She even admitted that she was "protecting" Naruto for selfish reasons, despite having no chance to win.

And how do you know Hinata even WANTED a resolution? She busted out with the confession because she was quite sure they were both about to die at the hands of Pain. You know... status quo is good. With Naruto (Hinata, frankly, never brought it up again either) ignoring what happened, it allows both of them to just keep up the silly little charade they had before. Hinata can keep on pining endlessly for Naruto, never having to face the reality that he might reject her advances, which would leave her with no real meaning to her life or reason to strive for excellence. You think it's unkind for Naruto to string her along and not tell her his true feelings for her? I think it would be unkind for him to crush her love to dust beneath his foot by admitting that he's really not interested, before she's had a chance to form her own individual identity.

At least this way, nobody gets hurt; nobody has to face the truth; nothing has to change.
>> No. 79709
>>At least this way, nobody gets hurt; nobody has to face the truth; nothing has to change.

AKA: Kishimoto is a shitty writer
>> No. 79710

Aka: The underlying problem with the entire series.
>> No. 79717
It could be worse, Kishimoto could be like Tetsuya Nomura from Kingdom Hearts whose plot became a Shounen since KHCOM.....oh god.
>> No. 79726
Will say this much about the new chapter

Bee's line at the end is fucking HILARIOUS
>> No. 79732
I can't help but be completely underwhelmed by the Juubi's design. It looks like a giant mound of mashed potatoes with teeth and a ShaRinnagin. This would be the one time in Shounen when I wouldn't at all care to find out this isn't it's 'final form'.
>> No. 79735
Might be because all it has of the 8 and 9 tails are a tentacle and a few bites of stomach lining.
>> No. 79736


But seriously, I wish (I can't hope, 'cause I know it won't be the case) that the thing would have a "final form" that is human-sized. I'm rather tired of seeing freaking kaijuu battling each other in place of the ninja controlling them. Since freaking Shukaku came along, there have have to be contrivances written into the plot to allow Naruto to have control of something large enough to fight against whatever bijuu happens to be in focus. The reason why Naruto had to make friends with Kurama (and the reason why he suddenly turned into a nice guy — and now a freaking BRILLIANT strategist — in the first place) was so Naruto would have something to fight against the Juubi. I suppose it would just look stupid to have him punching at the thing like a flea fighting an elephant.

(After re-reading the Pain arc, I've become convinced that that is where the series was originally supposed to end. Naruto finally achieved the recognition he wanted; he mastered the Rasengan and Sage techniques; he surpassed all his previous teachers; he beat an enemy with the ultimate eye technique; Akatsuki was all but destroyed; there was a love confession from Hinata to cement the series' OTP; there was even a wraparound callback to the first arc when Inari and Tazuna showed up to help rebuild Konoha. But then Sasuke.)
>> No. 79737
File 135354837424.jpg?spoiler - (356.69KB , 612x696 , tumblr_mcmnkiygfP1qi9y6co1_1280.jpg?spoiler )
I'm here to improve the new Naruto movie a hundredfold.
>> No. 79743
Well it could be like God of War or Kingdom Hearts where characters like Kratos or Sora can beat gigantic opponents.

But yeah, you know which other anime ruined itself via having giant colossal battle forms? Shaman King. I can't stand giant battles. They annoy me.
>> No. 79744
Oh boy, THIS. Specially comparing to the early series.
>> No. 79752
Agreed my friend. Shaman King's best fights were around the second phase of the series. The first phase fights were boring and kind of dull (spirit possesses the Shaman and controls their body). The second phase fights were the spirit possesses the shaman's weapons which gave us cool more entertaining fights........then came the third phase power up of gigantic battle forms which felt horribly slow lame and very impersonal and as such unsatisfying.
>> No. 79753
In the manga, they go past the giant stuff and everyone starts tromping around in crazy power armor.
>> No. 79763
I actually liked the first stage. It was pretty down-to-Earth in a way, plus the necromancer characters manipulating corpses with spirits was a cool thing... not to mention DAT badass fight with Faust VIII. Just, WOW.

I actually have the manga (the mentioned Faust fight was even more hardcore in it), and even read the kanzenban ending online, but I have this tendency to forget how mangas end. I remember vaguely the fight against the UFO judge, and I remember how the characters crashed each other's Over Soul armors.
>> No. 79765
Isn't it amazing how, evidently, Naruto is so boring these days that people will go into discussions about other manga/anime at the drop of a hat?

(Personally, I'd love to discuss HunterxHunter, but nobody seems to care when it's on hiatus. Which sometimes seems like always. Even though there's the new anime. That isn't really very good. Are we at the Chimera Ant arc yet? Damnit...)
>> No. 79767
Eh sorry, I haven't read Naruto in like, 2 years (they were kinda in the middle of the living dead war and stuff?), I just follow the thread to know what's going on... and then I saw the Shaman King thing mentioned. But yeah, since people don't seem to mind it that much...

And I only watched the Hunter x Hunter first series and OVAs. How's the manga now? Does Hisoka still kick ass? Did the boss of the Jinei show up again?
>> No. 79770
>Adult Swim, announced on Thursday that Naruto will run on Adult Swim's Toonami block on Saturday, December 1 at 12:30 a.m. EST/PST (effectively Sunday, December 2 in the morning).
>The anime will run uncut, starting from the first episode.
Gee, Adult Swim, welcome to five years ago. "Uncut" means, what, we get the Sasuke/Naruto kiss in the first episode and a bit more blood?

But then they're also running an hour of Inuyasha. Still. Oh well, at least they're kind of trying.
>> No. 79771
Dammit I was waiting for FMA:B to start another run so I could introduce my dad to it. This better not interfere with that like how the recent schedule change got rid of Ghost in the Shell.
>> No. 79773
>we get the Sasuke/Naruto kiss in the first episode
Not sure, but if the 10-years old memory serves right, you'll find out in the uncut anime there are TWO episodes before that one! So... profit? Kinda?
>> No. 79777

Hisoka always kicks ass, but Kuroro really hasn't been around much because the big focus in the last (major) arc was on Gon and Killua. So much so that, hilariously, neither Leorio nor Kurapika made an appearance for like 100 chapters. But it was an excellent arc, arguably the best of the series, arguably one of the best in the history of shounen manga. A lot of people thought it was a little... much... but that was possibly because it took like five freaking years to get through that arc with its length and all the hiatuses as well. Read all together, it's amazingly cogent and deep. A bunch of great new characters get introduced, too; and thankfully not all of them die! In all seriousness, I can't recommend it enough. HxH is like Naruto, but actually good, and seems to be getting BETTER with time, instead of worse.


You do realize there are like five people left on the planet that watch TV shows on the TV. There's a billion unofficial sites with anime sub streams; and because of FMA:B being so recent and popular, I'm willing to bet money that there's a partnership between FUNi and someone like veoh or hulu to stream the dubs in HD quality on the official site as long as you're willing to sit through a minute of commercials in the middle of the episodes.
>> No. 79778
Whenever it was, it's been ages since I watched stuff that early. It has to be really early on, though, because I remember watching the premiere on old Toonami and they took the kiss out; either Ep 1 or 2.

Why does it have to be an hour of InuYasha? Why not both InuYasha and GitS:SAC?

So do they have more than something like three recurring females now?

>internet videoz
Hulu did FMA:B subbed then dubbed; I think the dub is now behind Hulu Plus. Crunchyroll is supposedly good, but my Hulu queue is so large that I really have no need for any other site until the number of ads becomes too much.
>> No. 79779
File 135365424334.jpg - (119.38KB , 800x1163 , hunter-x-hunter-1310712.jpg )
>Chimera Ant Arc
>"arguably one of the best in the history of shounen manga"
>"seems to be getting BETTER with time, instead of worse"

Hahaha...okay then.
>> No. 79782
I can respect the argument that that arc was something great. It did some really interesting things, no question.

But it's clear the author was struggling to stay the course, HxH still isn't One Piece.
>> No. 79788

It started off really good, got pretty meh towards the middle, and then got profoundly, profoundly stupid at the end.
>> No. 79789
Yeah then I'm one of the five... Why the hell does it matter to you if I choose not to use online streaming and want to watch something on a weekly basis with my father on the big screen in the living room without having to buy more shit to view streams there.
>> No. 79870
So whats up with the latest chapter, 10 tails being a blob monster? Obito being tiresome?
>> No. 79882
It would be hilarious if Naruto was killed. His whole "I'll be Hokage damn it cause I am the main lead of this fucking manga!" shtick has made him way too damn annoying lately.
>> No. 79883
Hail, hail, the
gang's all here,
We're a bunch of
live ones, not a single dead one;
Hail, hail, the
gang's all here,
Sure I'm glad
that I'm here, too!
>> No. 79888
"Oh hey other people exist in this universe...and they do stuff too I guess."
>> No. 79897
this is going to be stupid hard to choreograph fight scenes. there's no way this is going to work out without bullshit no jutsu and a mile of over-powered everyone gets knocked the fuck out no jutsu.

naruto is going to cheer everyone up and save everyone. be prepared for hinata to be ignored as all fuck.
>> No. 79898
File 135416906039.gif - (461.50KB , 250x133 , tumblr_me60ocuk9s1qzzm3z.gif )
>mfw you guys treat Naruto like I treat Mass Effect.

At least I have a place to talk about everything wrong with Naruto without rubbing elbows with hambeasts and madmen or being downvoted into the shadow realm.
>> No. 79903
Mass Effect is even worse than Naruto
>> No. 79904
Oh please, even with the shit dialogue, nonsense endings, wacky lore-breaking tie-ins, and general apathy of every writer involved, Mass Effect can never be worse than Naruto has been the past few yea-

Mass Effect 3 Omega - Aria Kisses Shepardyoutube thumb

>> No. 79908
File 135419446171.jpg - (219.08KB , 800x577 , image04308.jpg )
Hey Moe whats with all the swords in the later segments of the Mass Effect series, both energy blades and weeaboo?

Sort of odd for a game thats first entry was very sci-fi and tacticool with all its focus on guns and railguns that had lengthy backstory detailing from an in-game encyclopaedia.
It seems to have almost as many blades and ninja as Naruto does. (But will Naruto die at the end? At least Kishimoto can't force you to buy dlc to see the real ending eh?)
>> No. 79909
>Implying Mass Effect had any real ending
>> No. 79910
File 135420071191.jpg?spoiler - (12.56KB , 264x320 , ngbbs47e573a87103c.jpg?spoiler )
Hey now-
>>"All your efforts and choices up to this point through three different games were utterly useless, now choose the method in which the plot will crudely sodomise you"
sounds plenty real to me.

I guess you are just not DEEP enough to appreciate it.
>> No. 79911
"Knocked out" and there's the big problem with this fucking war. No one dies.
>> No. 79913
If Naruto turned into Gantz, I'd lose my shit.
>> No. 79915
File 135425101548.jpg - (132.69KB , 500x633 , plinkett.jpg )
I'm not really sure what that means since I've never seen or read Gantz. So I don't know if that's a good or bad thing. However, I will say that while I don't think anyone wants Naruto to become a Berserkish bloodbath of horrors. It does kind of take any and all the tension out of the story when your completely aware that there's absolutely no consequences whatsoever. Which was pretty much the precedent established during Pains invasion of Konaha, wherein everyone that died during the battle was magically brought back to life.

Losing characters in that conflict, especially fan favorites like Kakashi and Hinata, would have at least established the basis of some kind of consequence. Leading to a certain degree or tension in the main conflict of the war. If Kishi actually had the balls to off two fan favorites, then who the hell else is on the chopping block? But lo and behold, not only has no one actually died in this entire war (we keep hearing about casualties, but haven't seen a single one), but because of that, and because of the Pain invasion, I know no one will.

I'm always forced to go back to storytelling 101 with these fucking prequ... I mean Naruto comics. If I'm already well aware ahead of time that there's absolutely no sort of consequence's then there's no tension and no reason for me to care. This story is so flat and dry and uninteresting at this point that the only reason I'm sticking with it is because I feel some kind of stupid obligation to see it finished. I know it's gonna suck, but I still wannna see how it ends.
>> No. 79917
Though if those fan favorite characters had stayed dead, it would be a huge boner-killer. Fans would probably lose the interest on having favorites. I mean, Sasuke turning sides, Kakashi and Hinata dying, other characters becoming irrelevant or useless? Add it to the fact the big fights are focused on giant monsters, and there isn't much to look forward to.

Either way, everybody having resurrected didn't take away the emotional charge from the death scenes. And as far as I know, the former Hokage is still dead? (Sorry, I haven't read in a while)
>> No. 79918
File 135425705755.png - (458.30KB , 1021x597 , Naruto Onsen.png )
It's either my inner shotacon coming out, or thinking about Sai's jokes from early in his appearance, but for a few seconds in this scene I didn't think the boys were admiring Naruto's ability to stand on the water while staring at his naked front and being so amazed...

And once again, the damn filler sagas, no matter how poorly-composed, seem so much more interesting than whatever is going on in the canon. Perhaps that's because I don't already know what's going to happen from reading the manga, or perhaps Naruto is really gotten that bad. Dunno.

Is it just a perspective issue, or is the size-difference between the Juubi and Hachibi radically different between scenes in the last chapter? It seemed to me that when the Juubi blocked Hachibi's bijuu-ball-o-doom that he was the size of an insect compared to Juubi, but a couple pages later they seemed about the same size. I thought maybe it was because Kyuubi/Hachibi were in the foreground, but it's still weird looking because the featureless desert ground gives no sense of distance.
>> No. 79930
Kowtowing to fans is why Sasuke took over the series. Screw the fans.
>> No. 79931
Do you have to mention your pedophilia all the time?
>> No. 80012
>this is going to be stupid hard to choreograph fight scenes. there's no way this is going to work out without bullshit no jutsu and a mile of over-powered everyone gets knocked the fuck out no jutsu.

I'll agree with you on that possibility of bullshit-no-jutsu coming up eventually, but the way the allied shinobi force used a perfect combination of like ten different jutsu to blind Obito and Madara's senses and then seal the Juubi (albeit temporarily) in quick-dry cement was pretty freaking cool. The best part was that none of these were jutsu we've not seen before, and thus they were not ass-pull techniques. And I can't wait to see a bunch of them basically Zerg-rush Obito for a span of five minutes until he exhausts his teleport ability. Madara still gives no fucks, however, so he's probably just going to spam Susanoo at everyone. For once, I'm actually looking forward to the next chapter. I'm glad the manga can still occasionally impress me; otherwise I'd probably just stop reading it.


Yes, as a matter of fact I do. It's a condition of my parole.
>> No. 80014
I agree, this week's chapter was nice.
So was Bleach's, really.
This week in Shonen Jump: Normally terrible things are actually pretty OK.
>> No. 80024
That actually sounds interesting I guess I'll give this chapter a read.
>> No. 80112
Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth continues to be way better than the original manga.
>> No. 80199
>Last chapter

Well. Shit...
>> No. 80200

I am an idiot. That should be >latest chapter
>> No. 80206
i've always been a fan of the Nara clan characters
>> No. 80207
.....am I the only one who doesn't buy for a second that they died? Its a modern shounen and all modern shounens do wars where no one dies. They are soooo alive its not even funny.

And so what if they actually live through that? To tell you the truth the way it was done lacked impact and felt disjointed and impersonal. Its like Kishimoto is just bored with this arc.
>> No. 80208
good point. there was barely a send-off.

no-one-dies shippuden

still... i wanted to believe that kishimoto would care enough about his characters to let them go. ...

oops. my mistake. that's just me.
>> No. 80222
I'm sure Naruto will just bring back everyone who's dead at the end of the war with some Jutsu, to cement his messiah status.
>> No. 80224
People, people, keep that stuff in spoiler tags for a few days, would you?

Not for me (I know well enough to avoid this thread until I read the chapter...), but for others who might now know yet.

Juubi's one-winged angel transformation is pretty good. Much better than before, anyway. The hands on the ends of its tails reminds me of Gluttony from the FullMetal Alchemist movie. However, I also do not believe that the characters at HQ are dead (the main reason is because I know this manga is Naruto, and nobody had a flashback to their academy days). Probably, we'll find out in a chapter or two that some character protected them by either sheer badass or by sacrificing their life.

Come to think of it... this would be the perfect time for Sasuke to show up. He blocks the Juubi-dama with a perfected Susanoo, saying something Vegeta-ish like, "Nobody kills the people of Konoha... EXCEPT FOR ME!" and then he'll join the battle because only an Uchiha can beat an Uchiha... or some such bullshit.

>> No. 80227
File 135537492987.jpg - (82.18KB , 317x415 , Horror_Yankee.jpg )

>that spoiler-text
>> No. 80229
that certainly would tie up some ends
and possibly change the purpose of the moon illusion into something even more devious for no bloody reason other than to escalate the fight
>> No. 80246
File 135541083255.jpg - (28.44KB , 640x480 , naruto_shikamaru0003.jpg )
>Denial <------- You are all here.
>> No. 80248
I'm not in denial of them being dead (I could care less), I'm just in denial of Kishi actually having the balls to do it.
>> No. 80270

You 'couldn't care less', if you could care less then you could care less than you currently are.

I'm somewhat confused on how people mangle this phrase.
>> No. 80274
Maybe it's short for "I could care less, but it would make the Average Apathy Level of the Universe become so high that no one would ever able to be enthusiastic about anything again?"
>> No. 80279
The phrase is "I could care less". It's commonly accepted vernacular and as such its true meaning is clear to native English speakers. Regardless (and irregardless, which is just as valid so suck it) of its non-vernacular inaccuracy, it's here to stay. Language evolves and it evolves in roundabout ways. It is hardly the first inaccurate phrase to become accepted in to a language, and it won't be the last.

People who do the whole "weh weh i'm a grammar nazi and proud of it" act need to take their hands off their e-cocks for a while.
>> No. 80282
That makes you the nazi-squared

You're worse than grammar Hitler
>> No. 80287
>It's commonly accepted vernacular

YOLO is also commonly accepted vernacular. That doesn't mean it doesn't sound fucking stupid or mangled.
>> No. 80296
File 135551961928.png - (90.59KB , 432x673 , but sasuke it's taco night.png )
this fucking manga
>> No. 80297
File 135552196499.png - (193.82KB , 886x1300 , 604515b1fc24b5935a35a83fb62509b6.png )
I think they had fun translating this week.

Is it just me or were they going for that Creepy Sasuke face...?
>> No. 80309
Anyone else not able to enter the new thread or is it just me?
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