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File 135139066179.png - (81.37KB , 400x304 , Pearlie1.png )
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1) Check http://rule34.paheal.net/ (when it's back) before requesting a series in general, and glance through this thread to see if your request has already been posted by someone else.
2) Any discussion that does not directly contribute to getting a request fulfilled (details, reference images, "me too" posts (limit those)) will be deleted.
2a) Failure to shut the hell up if you violate 2 will be grounds for a ban
2b) Complaining about your request not being filled fast enough/at all will be deleted & grounds for a ban. Shit, I just might delete your request, too.
3) Stupid requests (i.e. anything non-western) are grounds for a ban.

If you are an artist, try being a name/tripfag to make it easier to have requests directed your way.

Can someone make some large insertion sex with Pearly?
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>> No. 11193
File 140692376075.png - (10.44KB , 123x219 , S2Nicole.png )
Requesting BBW Nicole Watterson in ill-fitting clothes.

File 140523528537.jpg - (75.94KB , 574x863 , young1a.jpg )
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Boards are now in full archive mode and will be slowly closed off over the next week or so. Please visit our new boards for more information!

New board: https://boards.plus4chan.org/cod/

More information: https://boards.plus4chan.org/baw/t392658.html

File 134556859712.png - (170.72KB , 1238x903 , johnnytest-d01.png )
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Welcome, pervs, to your own private lair. This board is for western promotions of the deviant sort, akin to the motherboard's /d/.

Posting Guidelines:
1) Content not allowed: guro, scat, beastiality. (Again, this is similar to /d/'s rules.)
1a) Because of the nature of western promotions, furry is allowed on any of the promotion boards
1b) Lesbian and straight shota are still considered /pco/ material
1c) Everything else is fair game
2) Content shall be of western properties (inc. Avatar, Wakfu), western origin/"style" (Ganassa, Lemonfont), or with a broad Western interpretation (Sonic, Transformers).
3) This board is slow, look through each page to see if there's a thread for your fetish before making a new one.

1) Don't bitch about someone's fetish. Saging a thread because of its fetish or posting in a thread just to complain about the fetish will result in a ban according to the ban guidelines. There is a "hide thread" button, use it.
2) Posting content out-right disallowed in Guideline 1 will result in a week's ban (first offense).
3) Continual begging (especially for paywalled sites) will result in a ban.
4) General requests go in the request thread, be it existing content or new content.
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>> No. 3
File 134556882954.jpg - (46.48KB , 500x500 , 132696326614[1].jpg )

- MILFToon
- Jab Comix
- John Persons (The Pitt, etc)

Failure to follow this rule will result in a month's ban. This list will be updated as need be.

Furthermore, threads dedicated to Palcomix sites and images are not allowed. For some reason, these lead to a lot of begging and non-western material, so we're just going to avoid that altogether.

File 13457662055.jpg - (468.64KB , 747x900 , 12909381850102.jpg )
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pegging/futa on male/male receiving thread

why should chicks get all the fun
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>> No. 10652
File 139959313379.jpg - (435.33KB , 1275x2115 , 1f377ee1fe4e5934a4a4ce7e112c73325c1bc03c.jpg )
>> No. 10934
File 140253093210.jpg - (266.05KB , 800x800 , 8CommissionFutaSonIncest3.jpg )
>> No. 11004
Where can I find his new work?

File 134861713139.jpg - (77.54KB , 506x664 , Sunset.jpg )
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Sexual arousal from the display of feet? Surely these internet dwellers must be deviants of the highest order.
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>> No. 10936
where is he posting these?
>> No. 10952
What do you mean? Here, obviously.
>> No. 11205
File 140763163971.jpg - (62.58KB , 850x460 , candace_by_mojot-d7udzf2.jpg )

File 137487153072.png - (470.22KB , 800x1028 , 1374715462520.png )
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A thread for gals with colossal craniums
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>> No. 10938
File 140258279529.jpg - (672.56KB , 1344x2489 , lbhku.jpg )
So,who would you want to see get their brain bigger?
>> No. 11052
all cute ladies
>> No. 11202
You know, there's not that much weird stuff going on with Lois Lane. Let's say Lex Luthor tries combining her with Brainiac because he knows she's Superman's real weakness.

File 136123849541.jpg - (110.05KB , 700x963 , Drunk_Tink.jpg )
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I've never seen one of these threads here before, so I thought it'd be cool to give it a shot. Post any /co/-related ladies that have had one too many drinks.
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>> No. 11093
File 140405389657.png - (408.73KB , 368x616 , 10_by_vulcanusbellator-d6uylhw.png )
>> No. 11200
File 14074734606.jpg - (114.84KB , 670x1146 , AnouskaHiluxLR.jpg )
>> No. 11201
File 140747402219.jpg - (101.38KB , 736x992 , HILUX-Intox.jpg )

File 138603466438.jpg - (1.41MB , 1000x1550 , za66.jpg )
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Ackanime & Dr.Graevling

now with Tim Buckley on story
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>> No. 11122
Even though the woman doesn't seem like she's all there and she's screwing her fans over, she is still one Hell of an artist.

I just wish in that picture it was Zaela with two of her slaves rather than that blue haired guy.
>> No. 11197
Drawntobondage is back up. Apparently we can buy her old content.
>> No. 11198
Just trying to milk as much money as she can without having to do any work. Typical.

File 139120886093.jpg - (2.45MB , 1275x1650 , 1391155976878.jpg )
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Finally starting a new thread. Cats. Fetishes. COMBINE.

Apologies for starting with a Serioja pic, but I'm making do with what I got.
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>> No. 10809
File 140091983453.png - (183.41KB , 914x665 , malk.png )
>> No. 11195
File 140725989373.png - (1.58MB , 3500x2650 , 14katia_quill_futa_small.png )
Haha, time for cats!
>> No. 11196
File 140725998876.png - (1.61MB , 3500x2650 , 14katia_quill_futa2_small.png )

File 139288763983.jpg - (279.94KB , 1024x1495 , 1392867735189.jpg )
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In this thread we discuss one of the newest fan concepts to have turned up on 4chan's /co/ board; Dextra's Laboratory, which started when someone was looking for sauce on what turned out to be a Dexter's Lab based TG bimbofication comic.

Thread turned into a discussion about an expanded Rule 63 Dexter concept which has grown to include the majority of the sexy ladies which appeared in that show, from Dexter's Mom to Agent Honeydew, and so far we've gotten a decent amount of art out of this concept starting with this piece by ICS

Thread 1

Thread 2

Video that inspired this whole thing
Mako's Collection: Dee Dee Tra…youtube thumb

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 11186
File 140652310520.png - (131.65KB , 467x700 , 0197.png )
>> No. 11187
File 140661433725.jpg - (696.53KB , 2338x1700 , Dextra doodles.jpg )
>> No. 11188
File 140664436586.jpg - (326.75KB , 1130x1700 , DeeDee doodles.jpg )

File 139535221383.png - (645.18KB , 2292x1667 , Alpha-242169-livestream_vamp.png )
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It's been a long time comin', but it finally came. /cod/'s very own Vore Thread! Same Size, Micro/Macro, F/M, M/F, Oral Vore, Anal Vore, Digestion, Absorption and everything else! We'll cover the entire spectrum!

Just so we're clear, this thread will be for any picture where there's a clear pred or prey. Any picture where it's not clearly indicated that there's prey involved (x-ray shot, bulges, dialogue, etc.), or isn't pre or post vore, please find the most recent Fatty Thread and post there.

Also, make sure that you adhere to the "No Scat" rule. If there's a picture in a sequence that involves it, please link to it offsite instead.
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>> No. 10739
File 140010388988.jpg - (283.21KB , 1920x1520 , drKZvyM.jpg )
>> No. 10821
File 140099976030.png - (1.70MB , 1280x1280 , 1399612503_strega_godzilla_railways.png )
>> No. 11166
File 140513334246.png - (1.23MB , 1000x1200 , 1392817660_kitnip_my_amulet_3.png )

File 139251824590.jpg - (514.45KB , 800x1280 , 1392235997_megadrivesonic_claire_wheeler_tease.jpg )
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It begins again.
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>> No. 10251
So I can get magic turning them into something like that. But what would their personalities be like in this new form and what is their new purpose?
>> No. 10286
>> No. 11160
File 140509104130.png - (195.79KB , 450x750 , tumblr_n8j3yi3yJ71shihw4o1_500.png )

File 139964309585.jpg - (339.41KB , 520x1070 , irma_comic_thing_by_ssakurai-d7hcuzb.jpg )
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Since the last one's dying, and is becoming a long bitch fest over stuff that really shouldn't be in these sorta threads, have a new one.
With some fatty Irma.

Mmmm, fatty Irma...
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>> No. 11204
People are paying money for this?
>> No. 11206
good job taking them down prick
>> No. 11207
Oh boo hoo

File 140425837653.png - (1.18MB , 1280x1187 , tumblr_n81mc8V7ob1qj4glgo1_1280.png )
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Post fun-sized girls here!
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>> No. 11107
File 140427709765.png - (344.65KB , 1096x842 , Magee and Holly Lingerie.png )
>> No. 11108
File 140427727478.png - (248.00KB , 501x1021 , 1385348545483.png )
>> No. 11109
File 140427743190.png - (1.28MB , 983x4198 , 1386753041111.png )

File 134766086857.jpg - (266.11KB , 900x675 , 134150075481.jpg )
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Thread V, Thar she blows.

Okay, here's the bare-bones rundown: Some of the female Teen Titans and a couple of villains are somehow stranded on an alien planet. They're taken in by a jungle tribe known simply as the People (who look kind of like the Qunari from Dragon Age 2) and worshiped as sexual goddesses. Two of them run off and join the Beast tribe, where they become goddesses of a much more feral variety. Over time they develop new abilities to fill their respective roles, and kinky fun ensues ad infinitum.

Raven, the Goddess of Motherhood. Associated fetishes: pregnancy, lactation, general MILF-y proportions.
Starfire, the Goddess of Love Twofold. Associated fetishes: bisexuality, threesomes with couples, long tongue.
Bumblebee, the Goddess of Growth and Change. Associated fetishes: loli/shota, age change, size change, body part growth.
Jinx, the Goddess of Celebration. Associated fetishes: gangbangs, penis/semen addiction, near-infinite orifice capacity.
Blackfire, the Goddess of Domination. Associated fetishes: futanari, bondage, punishment, dominatrix, incest (with Starfire).

Terra, the Goddess of Nature. Associated fetish: bestiality.
Pantha, the Goddess of Strength. Associated fetish: musclegirl.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 11070
Do you need some additional help if you do decide to go through with this?

How about making her Goddess of mind and have her powers be thought related?
This is a step in the right direction.
>> No. 11072
If anything, weight gain would probably fall under Bumblebee's territory as a form of growth.
>> No. 11094
imagine Argent coming for nude modelling of a lonely blocked artist and as the colors swirl on the canvas, colors appear on her gray skin- vibrant patterns and beautiful tones come to life as if she were the material upon which he was unleashing his creativity.

Also when it's done she's all worked up and needs to release so the sex would be almost to beautiful to watch.

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