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File 137487153072.png - (470.22KB , 800x1028 , 1374715462520.png )
6433 No. 6433
A thread for gals with colossal craniums
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>> No. 6435
File 137487217249.jpg - (198.32KB , 1770x1452 , 1374863531515.jpg )
>> No. 6438
File 137487473565.jpg - (219.90KB , 700x700 , BigBrainDaphne.jpg )
>> No. 6439
File 137487550219.jpg - (181.28KB , 600x600 , velmabigbrain.jpg )
hi dustin thanks for drawing the bigheads you did for me
>> No. 6441
File 137487686445.jpg - (350.93KB , 1024x1416 , Raven_Brain_Expansion.jpg )
>> No. 6442
File 137488097026.jpg - (113.56KB , 701x1200 , 1374631937537.jpg )
>> No. 6443
File 13748822161.png - (810.34KB , 1016x732 , 1374130459964.png )
>> No. 6444
File 137488222524.png - (279.67KB , 750x667 , 1373009955199.png )
Ah that's the ticket for me. That sudden rush of knowledge and power giving pleasure.

Here's one of Tambry using a brain drain app on her phone.
>> No. 6445
File 137488225579.jpg - (327.74KB , 2140x1610 , 1374488204228.jpg )
>> No. 6446
File 137488229159.jpg - (124.82KB , 579x844 , 1374715717985.jpg )
>> No. 6447
File 137488248861.jpg - (387.74KB , 2334x3220 , 1374448322510.jpg )
>> No. 6448
File 137488334987.jpg - (144.16KB , 1720x1376 , 1374881428850.jpg )
>> No. 6449
>People finding big heads sexy now

There really is a fetish for everything.
>> No. 6453
File 137489585553.jpg - (461.12KB , 3256x3000 , 1374278109437.jpg )
>> No. 6455
File 137492162899.jpg - (434.71KB , 800x800 , VelmaBrainCorruption.jpg )
>> No. 6456
File 137492720690.jpg - (476.37KB , 2895x2918 , 1374924278268.jpg )
>> No. 6457
File 137492908051.png - (546.03KB , 800x1035 , Gravitina.png )
dear Mr. Dustin, could you please draw an aftermath pic of Daphne and Velma completely transformed and completely naked with their heads now the size of Gravitina's and their breasts and hips MILF sized?
>> No. 6462
File 137494104135.jpg - (79.84KB , 497x785 , 1374618089411.jpg )
Why am I so turned on by this?
>> No. 6465
for me it's because i like smartypants dames and also chicks with superpowers like psychokinesis is pretty rad

plus i like round objects, those are the best
>> No. 6468
Say Dustin, can I toss some money your way and get an idea or two done myself?
>> No. 6470
Sure, shoot me an e-mail!
>> No. 6475
File 137497216140.jpg - (1.83MB , 2230x2826 , 1374623374696.jpg )
>> No. 6482
File 137498879760.jpg - (239.41KB , 1280x1607 , Head_Increased_Harley.jpg )
>> No. 6490
Well, hell, if there can be fetish-oriented "porn" sites dedicated to pics of fully-clothed women popping balloons by sitting on them and for videos of never-seen-above-the-knee women pumping car accelerator-pedals, I guess anything's possible
>> No. 6492
File 137506066413.jpg - (682.65KB , 1300x1000 , VelmaDaphneFullBrained.jpg )
>> No. 6505
File 137521474296.jpg - (147.00KB , 960x1280 , 1374799716200[1].jpg )
Shot ya an email. Hope to hear back soon.

Let's not forget Talia. She sort of counts, right?
>> No. 6506
of course she counts. There's just not many cone heads smarties out there
>> No. 6507

No idea if it's the art style or just the way the heads shape outwards but it does seem to me like the next progression would be some kind of telekinetic mind octopus or something.
>> No. 6508
File 137522355289.jpg - (108.96KB , 254x315 , Hydra_(Earth-9997).jpg )
Sort of like the Hydra Queen from Earth X?
>> No. 6509
of course she counts, not all bigheads are spheroid

you got your spheroid bigheads like gravitina, then you got your taller, sometimes oblong bigheads like The LEader or Big Brain Lois Lane, then you got your almond heads like Thalia

and sometimes you get girls with kinda lobed heads with a crease in the middle

theres tons of varieties in this whole thing
>> No. 6522
Yes, but tentacled limbs as well.
>> No. 6523
Yes, but tentacled limbs as well.
>> No. 6524
Yes, but tentacled limbs as well.
>> No. 6525
Yes, but tentacled limbs as well.
>> No. 6546
File 137539514987.jpg - (235.13KB , 872x1200 , superluminous_ether_by_zdemian-d2zes6t.jpg )

sent ONE reply from my mobile and now i feel bad that i've somehow triple posted with no content. so here is some content
>> No. 6636
i like this picture except for her amputations amputees make me sad
>> No. 6710
File 137602694660.jpg - (128.06KB , 1420x1695 , Bulba.jpg )
Say hello to this fetish's mascot Bulba
>> No. 6714
i don't think she should be the mascot cuz of cross-fetish pollination with the vore
>> No. 6717
Seriously I just want a big head not some stupid ass corruption hypno vore fetish freakjobs.
>> No. 6722
What do you think the inside of her head would feel like?
>> No. 6725

I think she should be the fetish's 4chan mascot, since all those fetishes combined are very /d/ . Gravitina is more appropriate for the fetish on other websites.
>> No. 6726
Well Bulba isn't really consuming and digesting people. She just converts them into more bigheads.
>> No. 6727
bighead harem slaves or mindless zombie cockpuppets

hey im all for freedom but i just don't want everything to get muddled and have side fetish take over the bighead, like how GTS threads are nothing but fucking poorly veiled feetcrush threads nowatimes.
>> No. 6728
File 137609069033.jpg - (219.08KB , 700x700 , 1375422940849.jpg )
Here's some more colossal cranium goodness from Dustin
>> No. 6756
File 137623023268.png - (928.55KB , 1097x950 , Dat Talent.png )
Bulba again, but it's Bulba drawn astonishingly well.
>> No. 6792
File 137644106948.jpg - (221.60KB , 1967x2517 , Want to cum inside.jpg )
>> No. 6802
File 13764809859.png - (788.47KB , 2271x2204 , Bulba_slurp.png )
>> No. 6823
File 137664759065.png - (545.45KB , 1808x2476 , Tiem for an upgrade.png )
>> No. 6826
So who is Bulba and where do I find more of her?
>> No. 6829
She's an OC created by a drawfag on /d/ and you can find more of her here

>> No. 6872
File 137696987626.png - (345.32KB , 1676x1692 , Telekinjob.png )
>> No. 6914
the thread on /d/ got deleted :(
>> No. 6932

/d/ has been really inconsistent on big head threads. Sometimes they go real fast, other times they last forever.
>> No. 6942
New one is up:

>> No. 6944
File 137729204654.jpg - (87.15KB , 786x1017 , sakuraexpansion_by_hocuspukeus-d6cfo13.jpg )
>> No. 6953

>> No. 7036
File 137778924721.jpg - (119.96KB , 579x837 , 137106977824.jpg )
>> No. 7074
File 137791025773.png - (237.59KB , 1470x1809 , 1377909857899.png )
>> No. 7315
some stupid nigger keeps deleting the big head threads on /d/, what a closet case.

hope he gets gay aids in his shitskin asshole
>> No. 7317

We just need to keep trying. Persistence will win us acceptance.
>> No. 7318
no that'd make us furries
>> No. 7337

While we're still working on getting through to 4chan, I think Deviantart might make for an ideal spot (in spite of its policies on adult stuff). Get some big head art posted there and actually have it stay up. I know there was some big head content posted on it in the recent past.
>> No. 7338

While we're still working on getting through to 4chan, I think Deviantart might make for an ideal spot (in spite of its policies on adult stuff). Get some big head art posted there and actually have it stay up. I know there was some big head content posted on it in the recent past.
>> No. 7484
File 138051018994.png - (788.52KB , 1636x2432 , Big Cranium Clover.png )
>> No. 8154
File 138482415914.png - (125.25KB , 938x1500 , 1384583005539.png )
>> No. 9940
are there still any dudes into this or is it just me again
>> No. 9941
It dried up from the lack of content and I guess the baldness felt homogenizing to people, which is why I wanted stuff with hair/ponytails in the first place to mix things up.
>> No. 9946
It's a tough fetish to make sexually appealing. I think a thread on /d/ would help drum interest again and help come up with ideas for drawings.

That could work too.
>> No. 9949
hair is no problem

i just hope we can move away from all the vore and femdom and just get back to what is important

big ooooooole nogginsssssss

theres a bighead in the titty thread too
>> No. 9950
I don't really consider Bulba to have been vore. After all, there wasn't really any digestion of whoever got in there, just conversion into other bigheads.
>> No. 9952
still weirded me out personally but no one gives a shit about my opinion so i'll shut up i guess
>> No. 9954
I could make a thread but I'd need help dumping some pics and to discuss drawing ideas.

Well did you have anything in mind?
>> No. 9962
Here's the new /d/ thread

>> No. 9964
i like girls with kinda more oblong craniums than spherical but its okay its just nice to belong
>> No. 9978
Reality of something like this is, it's not gonna catch on unless there's more and more content, and the only real way to make that happen is to get artists to produce it. Which basically means commissions, so y'know. It's a weird thing to ask, but I've talked to some artists who say it's no weirder than anything else they would produce.
>> No. 9983
Well we could try the drawthread on /d/. I noticed that some of them don't have much restrictions when it comes to drawing depraved fetishes. But the downside to that would be the artists' backlog might mean they don't have time to draw it and it gets ignored
>> No. 9995
Is DustinDemon still into this? It'd be nice to see some more Brain Growth art from him again
>> No. 10001
Aw that'd be great. That Daphne/Velma set is the hottest thing to come out of this fetish in my humble opinion.
>> No. 10062
File 139640524077.png - (1.06MB , 1796x1765 , 1396392468565.png )
>> No. 10141
AAhhh thanks you guys, it means a lot! Maybe I'll try to whip up a little something later.

Which do you guys like better, the longer heads or the spheroid heads?

I kinda prefer the long ones like >>6455 but both are great.
>> No. 10142
I have a preference for sphere heads, but I think the whole ponytail idea could look interesting on the more conical ones.
>> No. 10146
i like the longery oblong ones personally duston
>> No. 10166
I agree, I like the longer ones. Seems more natural.

I also really like it when the hair is spread out across the head, like with >>10062
>> No. 10168
File 139681579532.png - (119.53KB , 583x838 , DextersMomBraind.png )
Here's something quick, looks like Dexter's mom stumbled upon one of his inventions...
>> No. 10170
You know, this fetish could really go with the Dextra concept pretty well.
>> No. 10177
I agree with you, both are good in their own way.

Mind elaborating a bit more on how to work this in?
>> No. 10178
File 139690089913.jpg - (89.98KB , 750x1065 , dr_vivienne_cordwell___the_brain_girl___commission.jpg )
the /d/ thread fell off the board but that's okay

did everyone snatch up the content that was there?
>> No. 10181
There's no need. There wasn't any new OC in the thread.
>> No. 10182
Just seems to be the sort of "sexy results" experiment Dextra would try on herself.
>> No. 10183
Oh man that's amazing. Please do more of this fetish.

I can see her putting it on Dee Dee and the both of them psychically draining whatever smarts Dexter has left.
>> No. 10184
I have an idea for a sequel to this drawing of yours if you're curious enough to bring to life >>6728

Seconding this maybe have Mom and Dee Dee both nude?
>> No. 10203
File 139706143437.jpg - (954.40KB , 1462x1918 , Sfan.jpg )
>> No. 10299
File 13976645206.png - (604.70KB , 1280x894 , 3490250u8.png )
>> No. 10361
Great stuff as always, you seem to do a lot of my favorites. A lot of sudden influx of knowledge causing growth, to a more oblong head. Great stuff
>> No. 10375
Go ahead and share your idea with us
>> No. 10377
A naked Candace with a bigger brain from last time absorbing knowledge from Vanessa
>> No. 10392
Something similar in concept to the Velma/Daphne thing with a big brained Mezmerella expanding and twisting Violet's mind.
>> No. 10396
I've had the weird idea that Helen could stretch her own brain given her powers and then snake her fingers into Vi's head via her ears and nose, inflate her fingers to push out her head, and then once she's lucid enough to the idea, Violet could use her own forcefields to hold her expanded cranium in place.
>> No. 10398
Could have something with big-brained Helen finding a way to alter Violet's genetics to gain some of her stretchiness and ease the transition.
>> No. 10399
Could have her fingers flatten to microscopic size with the help of her increased brain power and then rearrange Vi's molecules to that effect.
>> No. 10400
I know when I was tossing around the Vi/Mez idea on /d/, I had the idea of it involving some power-enhancement treatment based on the superpower virus from the comics. Mez steals a sample, expands her head and alters the serum in such a way to retain the "contagious superpower" angle of the original virus and warps Violet from there. Also throw in some other idea I've had bouncing in my head about Violet and power-enhancement where the increased power of her forcefield energy turns her skin purple.
>> No. 10858
Does anyone have the Princess Bubblegum brain expansion from the /co threads?
>> No. 10859
File 140135559998.jpg - (262.55KB , 600x600 , bubblebrain.jpg )
i have this thing dustin drew me
>> No. 10870
Sexy Kelly Brook, Carol Vorder…youtube thumb
>> No. 10927
File 140244873164.jpg - (141.69KB , 577x998 , 59c6ac40b55902d9e25ac1fbebb07016f83f4444.jpg )
>> No. 10938
File 140258279529.jpg - (672.56KB , 1344x2489 , lbhku.jpg )
So,who would you want to see get their brain bigger?
>> No. 11052
all cute ladies
>> No. 11202
You know, there's not that much weird stuff going on with Lois Lane. Let's say Lex Luthor tries combining her with Brainiac because he knows she's Superman's real weakness.
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