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  • 08/21/12 - Poll ended; /cod/ split off as a new board from /pco/.

File 135139066179.png - (81.37KB , 400x304 , Pearlie1.png )
1733 No. 1733
1) Check http://rule34.paheal.net/ (when it's back) before requesting a series in general, and glance through this thread to see if your request has already been posted by someone else.
2) Any discussion that does not directly contribute to getting a request fulfilled (details, reference images, "me too" posts (limit those)) will be deleted.
2a) Failure to shut the hell up if you violate 2 will be grounds for a ban
2b) Complaining about your request not being filled fast enough/at all will be deleted & grounds for a ban. Shit, I just might delete your request, too.
3) Stupid requests (i.e. anything non-western) are grounds for a ban.

If you are an artist, try being a name/tripfag to make it easier to have requests directed your way.

Can someone make some large insertion sex with Pearly?
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>> No. 1735
File 13514376093.jpg - (207.08KB , 992x1262 , pearlie copy.jpg )
I'll give it a shot
>> No. 1736
File 135144625447.jpg - (161.51KB , 400x309 , YoungAllies_01_Cover.jpg )
I'd like to request Arana/new Spider Girl, and possibly Nomad (the two in center just in case you don't know) strapped into a brainwashing machine. Use your imagination for it, could be as explicit or as tame as the artist wants it. It could be one of the myriad of villain organizations, like maybe Hydra, seeking to make them into loyal agents.
>> No. 1739
File 135145643117.jpg - (422.34KB , 1860x2622 , pearlie2 copy.jpg )
>> No. 1742
File 135146390644.jpg - (179.03KB , 1023x729 , LOK-Family-Tree-avatar-the-last-airbender-30095039.jpg )
Copy/pasting this here since the /pco/ request thread's about to expire, and this request has incest, cuckoldry, and conception, technically (BTW, do we have a definitive list of which fetishes belong here and which belong in the other? Are there fetishes that could legally be asked for in either, or is it always a strict dividing line?)

Anyway, I realize the chances are almost nil because it's so elaborate but I don't care.

Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra bridge comic.

9 panel comic, 3 on each line
line 1:
panel 1:
Adult Aang getting on Appa. "Okay, I'm off to visit Fire Lord Zuko! Sokka, take care of Katara for me!"
panel 2:
Sokka and Katara having just finished sex. "You were supposed to pull out!" He shrugs guiltily.
panel 3:
Katara having just given birth to a dark-skinned baby girl, Aang watching over, Sokka grinning wildly. Aang: "Wow! I'm a father!"

line 2:
panel 1: Katara playing water bending games with Kya. Aang and Sokka talking, he's packed up to leave again. "Are you sure you can't come with me, Sokka? It would be just like old times!" "I wish I could, buddy, but... my work's at a critical stage."
panel 2:
Sokka and Katara fucking again. He's excited. "See, Katara! I told you, otter-penguingut condoms are my best invention ever! They can't fail!"
panel 3:
Katara having just given birth to another dark-skinned child, she's glaring a bit at Sokka, over Aang's shoulder, while Aang introduces the kid to his 'uncle' Sokka and sister Kya. "Sokka, Kya... This is Bumi!"

line 3:
panel 1: Sokka's the one packed for a trip, an overly familiar goodbye hug between Katara and Sokka, Aang waving while trying to teach little Bumi bending. "Have fun on your fishing trip, Sokka!"
panel 2:
Aang and Katara fucking. He's super excited and into it, she's outright bored, maybe looking out the window towards the sea.
panel 3:
Katara holding light-skinned baby Tenzin. Aang saying, "I really have a feeling Tenzin's going to be an airbender!" Sokka considerably less excited than the first two times. "Yeah, yeah, another baby, congratulations."

Dialog and exact directions are mostly suggestions, it's getting the idea across that's important. Picture included for reference of relative ages of Bumi and Kya compared to Tenzin, as well as... well, you can probably see what inspired the thought.
>> No. 1743
File 135146486092.jpg - (34.38KB , 340x355 , 1900193-wasp_animated_aemh.jpg )
Wasp shrunken down and gleefully and messily fisting a guy's cock.
>> No. 1744
File 135146496626.jpg - (21.47KB , 400x570 , Death_of_the_Endless(1).jpg )
Death of the Endless, knocked up, nude and masturbating.
>> No. 1748
File 135149405263.jpg - (18.88KB , 325x360 , Quarry frontart.jpg )
About time this gets something.
>> No. 1760
File 135153305644.jpg - (289.81KB , 989x1107 , 873296 - Ben_10 Ben_Tennyson Kai_Green Lascar.jpg )
I'd love to see a pic with Ben when he was a half wolf fucking and impregnating Gwen, Kai or Charmcaster(there can be a threesome witch Benwolf, Gwen and Kai), witch his blue wolf babies/pups. That can be ever comic, where for example Kai will be saying to Benwolf to cum inside Gwen and make her pregnant.
Of course it can be only a pic witch Benwolf fucking Gwen or Kai or Charmcaster.
>> No. 1772
File 135157816417.png - (1.99MB , 1280x991 , MabelDemon1.png )
Monstergirls are /cod/, right? Can someone draw Demon Mabel knowing the joys of being cummed inside of?
>> No. 1777
File 135162566052.jpg - (150.16KB , 1748x1240 , death bearing life.jpg )
>> No. 1780
File 13516302079.jpg - (290.02KB , 1240x1748 , devilmable copy.jpg )
>> No. 1781
File 135163321110.png - (643.92KB , 750x1476 , kizati_zombie_time_by_drakeford-d5hstms.png )
i request some zombie catgirl porn action
or some zombie girl in general
i fuckin love zombies
>> No. 1782
Hnngh! Thank you!
>> No. 1802
If that isn't the best damn filename ever, I don't know what is.

Repeating some of my requests from the /pco/ thread:

-Male character in a dress, being pegged by a female character wearing a men's suit.
-A very tall, burly guy fucking a short, demure-looking woman (should look 18+) with glasses. Preferrably consensual. I don't see enough size kink anywhere. Bonus points if she's a doctor, teacher, or librarian.
>> No. 1810

Wouldn't zombies count as guro? I got a zombie thing I want to request too, but I just want to make sure I don't break any rules.
>> No. 1811
File 135171034252.jpg - (167.76KB , 640x360 , gt_dishonored_party_int_1280x720_3500_h32.jpg )
I know its a masquerade mask but she would still fit right into the bug girl thread.
Its all in how you draw it.
>> No. 1813
Maybe she could be a human disguised as a bug-girl in order to have sex with another bug-girl? (I haven't played Dishonored yet, so I'm not sure if they have actual monster girls in the game.)

Heck, masks in of themself are a relatively common fetish and could be used to that advantage. Perhaps crossover pairing her with a Splicer from Bioshock?
>> No. 1816
File 135172261381.jpg - (587.64KB , 630x840 , the_buzz_on_maggie_by_rongs1234-d4yx1p2.jpg )
i request some /34/ of maggie
enjoying some ride or givin a blowjob or both
whatever the artist decide
>> No. 1817
I second Maggie porn
>> No. 1818
File 135172568610.jpg - (149.52KB , 894x894 , request__humanized_vinyl_scratch_and_octavia_by_pl.jpg )
Human Vinyl Scratch and Octavia pegging some guy.
>> No. 1825
File 135177917883.jpg - (162.62KB , 868x1224 , maggie_pesky.jpg )
>> No. 1827
thats fuckin awesome
thanks man
>> No. 1837
File 135181813774.gif - (857.98KB , 250x176 , 11463634.gif )
REALLY been craving some Georgette and would be very appreciated if anyone could help out. Anthro'd up or not. She is my secret shame.
>> No. 1844
File 135182824442.jpg - (160.49KB , 875x1000 , sphinx_by_genzoman-d3ha46d.jpg )
can i have a lamia having some sex fun ?

also where can i see the rules ??
is animal /furry /monsters requests allowed here ?
>> No. 1857

The rules are in the thread RIGHT BELOW THIS ONE. Look a little harder, next time.


Also, thanks for doing the Pearly and Mabel pictures, guys.
>> No. 1861
ups sorry
i only watch this thread
>> No. 1881
Sgt. Calhoun/Ralph, with Calhoun being a chubby chaser.
>> No. 1886
File 135197273935.jpg - (116.48KB , 868x1224 , poodlypoon.jpg )
There you go.

You're welcome
>> No. 1889
That is... more than I was ever hoping or dreaming of! It's fantastic!
Thanks a ton! With how little she has, something of this caliber is guaranteed to stand out.
>> No. 1896
File 135210737126.png - (899.99KB , 958x942 , 958px-TD080.png )
If anyone's interested, I'd like to request a sketch of Tammy the rabbit chick from TUFF Puppy regressed to a young girl (about 11/12-years-old), looking embarrassed because her now-oversized lingerie is falling off her body.

(I was disappointed that Tammy wasn't regressed in that "Pup Daddy" episode, so I based this request on wanting to see that happen.)

I included the reference image that was posted on the expired thread, and I'd prefer the design on the right. Thanks, and have a nice day!
>> No. 1899
File 135215586386.png - (446.96KB , 1000x563 , 1000px-Trish&Penny(AD).png )
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this (it's furry/anthro-related) since the boards split, but I want to request a sketch of the two dog-girls seen at the end of that one episode of American Dad where Stan visits "Dog Heaven."

Basically, I'd like to see the two dog-girls sunbathing in the nude next a swimming pool.

Thanks in advance, and sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place!
>> No. 1900
>Basically, I'd like to see the two dog-girls sunbathing in the nude next a swimming pool.
>next *to* a swimming pool.

Sorry 'bout that.
>> No. 1903
File 135217308081.jpg - (70.09KB , 720x406 , littledipper.jpg )
How about hijinks between Dipper and Mabel using the size flashlight?

Maybe Mabel uses it on Wendy to tease Dipper?
>> No. 1912
File 135221777779.gif - (2.69MB , 240x180 , bitch tits.gif )
Poodle pussy 2-fer by chance?
>> No. 1927
File 135230025767.png - (192.84KB , 447x576 , 132987297472.png )
Requesting someone to draw Ms. Fortune from Skullgirls (www.skullgirls.com) making some interesting usage of her dismemberment abilities:

- her decapitated head giving head
- another one where a guy is shoving his duck up her esophagus so it pops up out of her mouth
- one where she's double teaming herself with her severed legs
- one where she's eating herself out with her severed head
- another while she's licking her cunt while she gets fucked

(seriously; they took guro and made it cute somehow then slapped on a catgirl theme and some puns and she ended up being enjoyable as hell)
Feel free to get as bloody/ sticky as you want as long as it's in good fun and she looks like she's enjoying herself (part of her charm).

Cheers and thanks to anyone willing to do one of these!
>> No. 1932
guro cannot be posted on plus4chan

> a guy is shoving his duck up her esophagus so it pops up out of her mouth

you sick fuck
>> No. 1934
is it me or is this pasted right out of the other thread that if i recall was partially fulfilled...
>> No. 1939
File 135234044344.jpg - (456.84KB , 1800x2160 , wasp's sting.jpg )

Shit in progress
>> No. 1947
Weird request, posting this here because it seems to be an uncommon thing, but: crackships. Specifically, two characters from completely unrelated series with unintentionally similar character designs. I saw something of that vein once before and I wish I'd saved it.
>> No. 1950
File 135244136770.png - (79.81KB , 960x720 , PacificasPet1.png )
Femdom and roleplaying are /d/ fetishes, right?

Can anyone draw Pacifica on all fours, with Dipper fucking her like a dog? Dipper would have a dog-ear headband, a collar with a leash Pacifica is holding in her hand and yanking on, and a tail.


Crackships aren't really a /d/ fetish. You'll want to take that request to /pco/ and at least specify which characters are in your crackship.
>> No. 1956
Ahkay. I just figured it's something I never see, and tbh, some of my fetishes are things I see so infrequently that I don't care who the characters are, whether I know who they are or not, or in some cases, the genders of the characters.
>> No. 1967
File 135256283285.jpg - (127.14KB , 1185x1358 , Brenda Springer copy.jpg )
There you go. I must say, drawing her was a real bitch.
>> No. 1971
File 135258234175.jpg - (131.53KB , 618x800 , IMG_4930.jpg )
the Monsters thread needs new life. Requesting a Human humping this mutant xeno queen concept art.

size difference essential. feel free to add more hips and play with the proportions in general.
>> No. 1983
File 135262618726.png - (425.78KB , 647x980 , 134381982480.png )
Seems a better fit here: Wonderella getting a golden shower, because canon-based pr0n is rad.


>> No. 2012
File 13527609763.gif - (2.00MB , 320x280 , 1352756118798.gif )
i request nessie
giving a blowjob while se masturbate
Winnie the Pooh Bonus Feature:…youtube thumb
>> No. 2014
Is bisexual stuff allowed here? Like a guy with another guy but also with a girl only the main focus isn't on the girl being dp'd or something.
>> No. 2016
File 135277148293.jpg - (40.67KB , 1280x760 , 1352765584385.jpg )
a better pic of her
>> No. 2022
File 135294717226.jpg - (344.49KB , 1800x2160 , wasp's sting.jpg )

More work to be done
>> No. 2032
File 135301306583.jpg - (40.35KB , 449x300 , MTV_Downtown_547.jpg )
I'd like to request the following please.

Mecca (Delicious Brown Skin Purple Chick) riding Alex (Skinny main character) anally, cowgirl style. He would be blindfolded and strapped down. She would already have cum pouring out of her pussy. She tells him that "She can be Serena for him in the game of pretend."

In the corner, Serena (Goth Chick) and Jen (Asian best friend, chunky) watch disapprovingly.
>> No. 2033
File 135302309131.jpg - (454.03KB , 1600x1200 , bridget_tony.jpg )
I would humbly request Tony Toponi receiving a blowjob from Bridget
>> No. 2034
File 135302492034.jpg - (13.38KB , 200x183 , Tak.jpg )

Pretty sure that request belongs in /pco/ Just because nobody filled your request, doesn't mean it becomes /d/ material. Unless Bridget was the one with the penis getting a blowjob from Tony.

As for requests....

Maybe Alien Form Tak having doggie style sex with a generic human?
>> No. 2036
File 135302757770.jpg - (94.90KB , 470x342 , naz.jpg )
i second tak porn
but instead a lesbian scene with gaz
< better pic of tak (alien) and gaz (human)
>> No. 2049
File 135308929724.png - (833.13KB , 1280x800 , briannaandhoney.png )
Hey, could I request something on Honey Buttowski from the show Kick Buttowski? She barely has any art at all, let alone /cod/ related, would be awesome to see anything though.
>> No. 2052
>>The reign of the terrible Fetish Poster has begun, and now no heroine is safe! Already /Co/lette and Ladybug have been hypnotized and made to catfight in a giant pool of goo while transforming into human-cat hybrids. And only more dire fates await! Can /Co/nrad and Chaptor put a stop to this madness before someone farts superbad?

I posted this as a joke in a thread about fetish stuff on regular /co/ a while back, but thinking about it, it could be funny prompt on the off chance that some artist was interested.
Other than that, what about an artist's conception of what a "Fetish Poster" 4chan villain, or a personification of this board would look like?
>> No. 2068
File 135324110762.jpg - (636.54KB , 1102x800 , Steven Hughes- Lady Death Animation Study.jpg )
Huge-titty Lady Death, bound and hooked up to a milking machine.
>> No. 2069
File 135324113819.jpg - (114.25KB , 689x522 , LadyDCards.jpg )
>> No. 2192
I don't know if this is weird enough to incorporate into a request, but some belly focus. Rubbing, petting, even kissing it. I generally see it restricted to pregnant and plus-sized characters, but I don't think that always has to be the case.
>> No. 2323
File 135392964057.png - (39.65KB , 750x494 , PacificaTummyRubs.png )

Seconding. Could it Dipper and Mabel with Pacifica? One twin is kissing Pacifica's belly, while the other twin is sucking on her breasts? You can have Pacifica's expression being a bit tickled/turned on, or malevolent as if she was forcing them to do it, or embarrassed, in ecstasy, or whatever you feel would be best.
>> No. 2333
Not really what I had in mind, but whatever floats your boat, I guess.
>> No. 2336
misha pls, you already asked for one
>> No. 2381
File 135424854623.png - (595.10KB , 1276x720 , vlcsnap-2012-11-28-04h22m39s136.png )
Could we get some super buff Eileen? Preferably in this outfit.
>> No. 2388
File 135432419971.jpg - (562.51KB , 1280x1543 , tumblr_mdvib5Rnwu1qhf7gjo1_1280.jpg )
Okay, so it was just on fandom secrets today, but Demon Knights has implied herm/intersex Ystin and Big muscley amazon Exorists, and there is no porn of this. I have no idea how, except probably nobody knowing Demon Knights.

I mean, big giant muscle woman, herm, sexing together? This seems to belong here. Hoping somebody with talent more then my stick figures agrees.

Reference pics




>> No. 2390
File 135435672527.jpg - (110.52KB , 450x736 , anemia_the_goth-cat.jpg )
I guess this request goes here since it's furry/anthro-related:

Anemia, a goth-styled catgirl from an obscure KaBlam! short called "Anemia & Iodine," doing a cute pose (like she's modeling herself in front of a mirror) in nothing but her hair scrunchy and a pair of lowleg panties.

As far as I know, there's absolutely NO rule 34 images of her. The one good reference image I found of her was actually a cropped fanart picture of her and a couple of other obscure characters (hence the stuff behind her in the attached image).

Thanks, and here's the short if you're interested in watching it:

Anemia &amp; Iodine Kablam! Shortyoutube thumb
>> No. 2402
File 135448824325.gif - (245.00KB , 640x360 , BiskitsHypnotized3.gif )
Sunil (the blue mongoose) using his mind control powers to make the Biskit Twins strip for him.
>> No. 2403
So there's a character with mind control powers? Well shit, I'm pretty much obligated to watch this now. What episode(s) do we see this in?
>> No. 2405
File 135450465783.gif - (1.45MB , 640x360 , BiskitsHypnotized7.gif )

Episode 4.

Littlest Pet Shop (HD) S01E04 - Gailbreak!youtube thumb
>> No. 2406
File 135450472047.gif - (1.57MB , 640x360 , BiskitsHypnotized1.gif )

Frontal view of the twins.
>> No. 2407
YES! There's pretty much nothing on her, so it'd be pretty awesome to see that get drawn.
>> No. 2408
File 135455304556.png - (134.41KB , 600x1417 , 2333.png )
/r/ the obvious.
>> No. 2473
I've apparently got things messed up.
I shall move the request I made just a little while ago here.


I'll admit this might seem a tad much, but I was wondering if anyone had all of Dustin's artwork gathered in a simple to view archive, or some of his rarer or older stuff?
Also, I was wondering if I could extend this to another artist as well, in specific someone called "Blackmage", and tends to draw fatties just like Dustin does.

Hopefully this is within the rules.
Also, the picture is not related to anything, but I couldn't think of an appropriate image to post.
>> No. 2728
File 135558055243.png - (329.36KB , 295x607 , Jinx 16.png )
You know what I wanna see, Jinx from the Teen Titans cartoon, fattened up to massive proportions(Pear-shaped of course) by both Starfire and Raven.
>> No. 2806
File 135588178566.png - (372.69KB , 744x424 , Ester.png )
Hullo, my request is for this character from the new Ben 10 show. I've been going board from board trying to get as much R34 of her as possible, so I haven't come empty handed.
>> No. 2807
what, no Princess Looma?
>> No. 2850
File 135603920283.jpg - (716.08KB , 1920x1200 , 602537.jpg )
requesting a nude drawing any female Spinnerette character. I don't care which one.
>> No. 2854
seconded it's about time we got some good Spinnerette porn
>> No. 2938
File 135687339280.png - (402.58KB , 711x398 , LookAtSchembulock.png )
A heavily pregnant Mabel, tied down with ropes, laying eggs while gnomes feed her, I dunno, grapes or something.
>> No. 2945
Another sort of vague request-- apologies in advance.

I'm looking for any art of a character who is already chubby/overweight in canon. Doesn't matter who, I actually can't think of any specific characters who fit into this! Just art of her looking cute, doesn't even have to be overtly sexual.
>> No. 2951
Gert from Runaways, Grenda from Gravity Falls, Velma from Scooby Doo all spring to mind.

My preference would be Gert, Velma's overdone and Grenda's too on the ugly side.
>> No. 2956
I always thought most of Velma's "weight" was really just an overly baggy sweater, but I could be wrong.

I'd be okay with any of the three. I've never seen Grenda, though. I think I have a fetish for characters as they are, if that's weird to say? Like keeping a flat-chested character flat, keeping to canon proportions whether the character be chubby or skinny or otherwise, keeping glasses and buck teeth in tact if that's how she looks, you know?
>> No. 3010
File 135703512296.png - (50.76KB , 800x474 , ref_for_anon.png )
I looked through the rules and I am assuming that vore requests are allowed here? I was hoping for some soft vore between these two if anyone feels like making my day.
>> No. 3026
File 135709652877.png - (429.82KB , 2400x1800 , maggie.png )
Gave it a go, but not quite as awesome as the one made by
>> No. 3030
Thanks Bro!
Very hot!
>> No. 3032
File 135712988861.jpg - (338.13KB , 620x874 , anemia copy.jpg )
On it
>> No. 3035
Thanks, I'm eager to see the finished version!
>> No. 3117
File 135744645192.jpg - (66.30KB , 640x480 , 119865394718.jpg )
theres an episode of fosters where frankie licks her own foot. im pretty much requesting that, just more organic and sexual. GFD are you here?

>> No. 3128
File 135749581897.jpg - (144.59KB , 620x874 , anemia copy.jpg )
>> No. 3135

If it's cool, could you put nipples on her chest, and add wine spilling out of the glass on the table like there was in the WIP sketch?

Thanks again, and sorry about nitpicking.
>> No. 3136
File 135750914948.jpg - (149.21KB , 620x874 , anemia copy.jpg )
There you go
>> No. 3137
File 135751620361.jpg - (143.79KB , 620x874 , day made.jpg )
>> No. 3139
File 135752068578.jpg?spoiler - (171.22KB , 620x874 , Honey Buttowski copy.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 3150
this is a "I've seen it but can't find it now" request:
there are at least a couple drawings (possibly more anime than cartoon) of chicks with vaginas tucked under their boobs. like, the guys they were with tit-fucked them, but into an actual vagina inbetween their tits (not into the breast via the nipples)
anyone know what I'm talking about?
>> No. 3156
I actually should have said that i wanted same size vore but i still really like this. thank you!
>> No. 3162
File 13576042336.jpg - (181.20KB , 699x620 , Untitled-2 copy 2.jpg )
This'll take some time.
>> No. 3164
Humbly requesting Linda from Rio getting anal from an anthro version of blu, while making out and fingering an anthro version of jewel
>> No. 3165
File 13576124518.jpg - (11.96KB , 400x330 , RIO50.jpg )
>> No. 3166
File 135761249023.jpg - (505.89KB , 1900x1200 , Blu-rio-20942064-1900-1200.jpg )
>> No. 3167
File 135761253517.jpg - (155.00KB , 1024x768 , 1600_jewel_rio.jpg )
>> No. 3171
I know there is a lesbian pic of two of those characters, somewhere.
>> No. 3175
File 135763679659.png - (968.48KB , 2400x1800 , teaser.png )
I'll try to finish this soon as I can (be arsed).
DLing the movie for better screencaps, that image of Linda was bit small and google was about as useful as a rusty bucket.
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