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File 134766086857.jpg - (266.11KB , 900x675 , 134150075481.jpg )
1004 No. 1004
Thread V, Thar she blows.

Okay, here's the bare-bones rundown: Some of the female Teen Titans and a couple of villains are somehow stranded on an alien planet. They're taken in by a jungle tribe known simply as the People (who look kind of like the Qunari from Dragon Age 2) and worshiped as sexual goddesses. Two of them run off and join the Beast tribe, where they become goddesses of a much more feral variety. Over time they develop new abilities to fill their respective roles, and kinky fun ensues ad infinitum.

Raven, the Goddess of Motherhood. Associated fetishes: pregnancy, lactation, general MILF-y proportions.
Starfire, the Goddess of Love Twofold. Associated fetishes: bisexuality, threesomes with couples, long tongue.
Bumblebee, the Goddess of Growth and Change. Associated fetishes: loli/shota, age change, size change, body part growth.
Jinx, the Goddess of Celebration. Associated fetishes: gangbangs, penis/semen addiction, near-infinite orifice capacity.
Blackfire, the Goddess of Domination. Associated fetishes: futanari, bondage, punishment, dominatrix, incest (with Starfire).

Terra, the Goddess of Nature. Associated fetish: bestiality.
Pantha, the Goddess of Strength. Associated fetish: musclegirl.

If you're new and you want more details, check out the last thread: https://plus4chan.org/b/pco/res/103214.html

Now ready, set... contribute!
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>> No. 1010
Oh shit, I had forgot about this
>> No. 1077
I'll be working on new pics to go with this soon
>> No. 1166
I found this with google!
I <3 archives.
>> No. 1355
The new thread is looking kind of bare, what with not having any new content, so let's try some discussion, instead.
How about the male Titan's roles, and which ones we even want to have?
My suggestion for Robin/Nightwing was >>>/pco/108171
If we're going by the fic Spookshow started, Cyborg is the God of Artifice (and possibly Rock or "Stone")
>> No. 1358
Well I think we were planning to have Aqualad being the god of watersports and stuff like that and Beast boy being a demi-god/courtesan for Terra and her animal thing. Not sure what other roles there are to fill unless we did not mind mixing some of the roles of the male titans with those of the females.
>> No. 1378

Last I'd heard it being discussed, we were going to leave the boys out of it, out of worry it'd just gradually become a standard shipper-fic with a different coat of paint slapped on, rather than the creative and unique setting we'd done so far.
>> No. 1388
Well it's either that or let this awesome thread die. Besides, there are some kinks that people want to see that are not covered by the female titans that the boys can cover
>> No. 1391
Really? I swear that atleast some of them were going to be on another continent. Infact Cyborg had his own island in one of the later stories we had going
>> No. 1394
Here me out here, but anyone else think we should give Terra another fetish like transformation?
>> No. 1398
I think that's something all the Goddesses can do.
>> No. 1421
It was based on their themes though if I recall.
>> No. 1429
To be honest I was only here for Terra's bestiality, but since's that's a no-go on +4 it makes the whole thing rather impractical. So it wouldn't be much of a loss at this point.
>> No. 1430
Exactly, most transformations would be covered by the other goddesses. Unless you're thinking of turning people into inanimate object, which I think clashes with the theme of the project.


I think as long as we keep them alien enough we can loophole them as xeno or use spoilers.
>> No. 1443
Well seeing as how Terra's the Goddess of Nature, It's meant more along the lines of anthro animal transformations.
>> No. 1445
File 135024505171.jpg - (103.69KB , 900x695 , 134779151810.jpg )
>no goddess of weight gain/gluttony/BBW

Fuck it, I'm out.

The idea is pretty cool though.
>> No. 1447
Pretty sure weight gain would fall under Bumblebee's domain. She kind of covers all the major expansion/growth fetishes save pregnancy (which is Raven's gig) and inflation, since they all tend to occur to some extent during the course of growing up.
>> No. 1448
I might be alone on this but I always thought Panthra should've been written out out of the story and Terra be given muscle growth
>> No. 1449
I could see Raven gaining more of a BBW figure as part of her whole fertility goddess thing.
>> No. 1452
While I can see Terra as a lean muscle girl, Pantha is still a better fit for muscle growth
>> No. 1454
Yeah, I always pictured Terra as lean and wiry, while Pantha is just massive.
>> No. 1495
I just hope any new stories are different then the standard 'titans wind up having sex with lolis/shotas' that happened with most of the stories.
>> No. 1499
BBW Raven?

>> No. 1963
I just want some new content to be honest
>> No. 2030
So has anyone come up with any new ideas for Tribal Titans yet?
>> No. 2045
Unless you want kaiju forms then no.
>> No. 2427
Should we add Kole and Argent to the cast?
>> No. 2428
Should we add Kole and Argent to the cast?
>> No. 2429
It's been discussed, and I believe it was determined the cast is large enough as-is.
>> No. 2512
So has /co/ pretty much abandoned this project?
>> No. 2513
I might be new here, but I think they abandoned it because of the lack of weight gain.
>> No. 2907
hardy har har, /co/ hates weight gain these days. Projects lose steam all on their own.
>> No. 2908
hardy har har, /co/ hates weight gain these days. Projects lose steam all on their own.
>> No. 2909
hardy har har, /co/ hates weight gain these days. Projects lose steam all on their own.
>> No. 2957
I love this, so obviously I have to find it after it dies. Fucking wonderful.
>> No. 2990
Nah, there is one fat phobic guy that goes ape shit in the threads and posts over and over trying to start flames. And one guy that spams futa in any thread he wants the mods to delete.
Aside from those two /co/ still loves fatties as it always has.
>> No. 3022
It's not dead, it's restin'.
>> No. 3803
any new stories?
>> No. 3845
File 136045951875.jpg - (0.97MB , 3200x2394 , star_raven_inked.jpg )
Just a pic to bump!
>> No. 4007
File 136127459933.jpg - (109.56KB , 624x946 , 13044861841.jpg )
I only have a few pictures from the previous threads
>> No. 4456
New stories WILL BE COMING SOON. Life has just been throwing a lot at me.
>> No. 4477
Hot damn!
>> No. 4486
File 136603000561.png - (159.72KB , 841x753 , jinxgoddess.png )
>> No. 4487
File 136603021499.png - (29.41KB , 284x370 , Blackfire.png )
Proposed Blackfire symbol from previous thread
>> No. 4507
I thought this project died out years ago?
>> No. 4513
Silly anon! Nothing dies on the internet!
>> No. 4523
IS there an origin story about how the girls ended up on the planet and how they their sexual powers?
>> No. 4569
I haven't been keeping up with the story side of things, but I would assume it's on this wiki if it got written:
>> No. 4570
I don't think we ever got any farther than a rough order of events in regards to the origin story.
>> No. 5951
Would anyone be interested in drawing some Tribal Titans fanart in the TTG animation style for shits and giggles
>> No. 6504
So is this project officially dead?
>> No. 11009
File 140308990155.jpg - (787.09KB , 1580x1420 , 1400267764343.jpg )

The base concept of this was just too good not to get into. I'm working on a reboot of this as a multi-path TWINE game (so, yes, you can play it in your browser).

In essence, it's going to follow the girl of your choosing as they wake up on the new world. Your actions will determine what domain she ends up the goddess of; Raven is going to be the first playable character, by virtue of being the only character I've written things for so far.

Once I've finished some more, I'll post a link up here so that it can be added to by anyone.
>> No. 11017
I look forward to seeing it.
>> No. 11032
You mind telling us a bit more about how the game will play out story wise and gameplay wise?
>> No. 11059
File 140372041364.png - (673.12KB , 1590x1530 , Fill her Up.png )
I know it's a bit late to ask but shouldn't we add another girl to make the total number of goddess an even eight?
>> No. 11060
Yeah, just round it out with Argent and there you go.
>> No. 11063
But what fetishes are left for her to be associated with?
>> No. 11064
Not related to her specifically, but we could always give her the fat fetishes. BBW, feeding, slob, weight gain, etc...
>> No. 11065
Argent could play a muse role, shaping those around her much like her power in the cartoon was a red green lantern (not red lantern) she can bring inspiration and other things to those struggling to create.
>> No. 11067
It'd be easier if we knew what she could be the goddess of. That way we can segue it into her new powers.

I think Raven covers the BBW and weight gain categories.
>> No. 11069
Not really. Raven's powers don't really cover weight gain, as it's not a huge part of pregnancy. I'm talking about getting really big and fat. Like huge-belly-flabs-of-skin-jiggling-all-over-and-eating-a-ton-of-shit fat.
>> No. 11070
Do you need some additional help if you do decide to go through with this?

How about making her Goddess of mind and have her powers be thought related?
This is a step in the right direction.
>> No. 11072
If anything, weight gain would probably fall under Bumblebee's territory as a form of growth.
>> No. 11094
imagine Argent coming for nude modelling of a lonely blocked artist and as the colors swirl on the canvas, colors appear on her gray skin- vibrant patterns and beautiful tones come to life as if she were the material upon which he was unleashing his creativity.

Also when it's done she's all worked up and needs to release so the sex would be almost to beautiful to watch.
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