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/tv/ and /rad/ have been merged in hopes that they will (as they were once before) be stronger together.

The old boards will be up, locked, indefinitely, so you can still link to old discussions on either if you feel the need. ( >>/rad/2876 and >>/tv/9815 for example.)

(Post count here is a combined total of the previous two boards; links will be updated shortly.)

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I'm in the mood for a Halloween-themed/Monsters-And-Ghosts-And-Such-related mix, so LET'S GET SOME HALLOWEEN MUSIC UP IN HERE.

So far, I have compiled:
Mamushka [Extended Version] - The Addams Family
Over At The Frankenstein Place - Alkaline Trio
In The Dark Of The Night - Anastasia
Vampire - Antsy Pants
Sweet Transvestite - Apocalypse Hoboken
Science Fiction Double Feature (Reprise) - The Ataris
Once In A While - Big D & The Kids Table
Bark At The Moon - Black Sabbath
I Miss You - Blink-182
Don't Fear The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
Ghost Riders In The Sky - Blues Brothers 2000
American Werewolf In Calgary - The Browns
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"Dark Eternal Night" by Dream Theater
"The Turning" by Symphony X
"See You In Hell" by Grim Reaper
"Number of The Beast" by Iron Maiden
"Fear of The Dark" by Iron Maiden (actually, a number of things by them)
"Thriller" by Michael Jackson (c'mon!)

13 Ghosts, American Werewolves, Black Rose Phantoms, Blitzkid, Boney Fiend, Calabrese, The Creepshow, Cryptkeeper Five, Deadbolt, Deadcats, Demented Are Go, The Epidemic, The Escaped, The Fiends, The Fleshies, The Frankenhookers, Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13, Gein & the Graverobbers, The Ghastly Ones, The Ghouls, Ghoultown, Hellbillys, Hour of the Wolf, Johnny B. Morbid, Koffin Kats, Left for Dead (not the shit band, the good one, check on Dr Cyclops for the good one)...

Too lazy to keep going, but I have a lot more. Just check these bands out to begin with...

  Best answer

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Blockbuster, Hoping to Reinvent Itself, Files for Bankruptcy

so think it was just that they were behind the times?

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Mine at least had some Godzilla movies and some other stuff.

theyve been running on empty for the past decade, im surprised it took this long.

they spent a lot of money on stupid shit, its a really badly led company.

Nobody rents movies anymore, and the few times they do they like to use the hole in the wall ATM like machines or mail order services

An actual store has been redundant for years

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The Metal thread.

Ask me anything about metal, Doom metal, and heavy-ass rock'n'roll.

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  I've been revisiting Type O Negative pretty hard lately.

  I always like me some Hammerfall

  In one week: High On Fire and Kylesa.
Fuck yea.

HammerFall is for moonstars.

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Haven't had one of these threads in a while.

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lolno. The author himself said that it was a perfect adaption, exactly the way he wanted the story to be imagined as a film.

File: 128529089550.jpg-(127.24KB, 1008x403, prince of persia.jpg)
I think he said that more for the advertisement than anything else. I don't know anybody who felt the same things reading the book and watching the movie. They both had a very different tone. If that's how you were supposed to imagine it, I'm glad I didn't and the author is messed up for writing depressing children books.

  i'm getting a huge Steve Brule vibe off him

like the author's opinion has ever mattered to anyone

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Seriously, I went four pages in, no reaction thread?

>Tim Curry on Criminal Minds

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File: 128528454778.png-(42.08KB, 600x354, I'm just OVERWHELMED WITH EMOTION.png)
>season premiere of The Good Guys tomorrow

File: 128529179053.jpg-(12.73KB, 227x227, KelseyGrammer.jpg)
>Frasier reruns

Maybe it's botox, but his reaction faces are eerily emotionless.

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This thread is about the adventures of Doc Draper: Med Man

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Just watched it. And you're right. If anything he's probably just gonna fade away retire.

I've been thinking the same, and seeing his performance in the latest episode only reinforces it. Give it two buffer episodes. The later introducing it at the end.

They couldn't retire him. That's just silly. He'll probably have a stroke and have to give up the business.

that makes me a sad man.

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Sunny is back bitches, now let's get discussing before I punch all of your faces off.

File: 128521179453.jpg-(152.11KB, 624x352,


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  It's stuck in my head and won't come out.

ITT post your current earworm.

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  I blame Rowdy Toxie Piper.


You're welcome.

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  so how bout dat morrison

The panel Grant and Gerard shared was one of the highlight's of last year's SDCC.

File: 128526885740.jpg-(72.63KB, 523x489, 12509083174392.jpg)

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I am moist now.

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Oh how I missed it. And her in particular.

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File: 128379759393.gif-(422.62KB, 300x169, w13claudia19.gif)

File: 12851423292.jpg-(17.90KB, 500x366, dexter-jaime-murray-x[1].jpg)
Thoughts on the final?


Interesting to say the least. I really wanna know how much deeper this rabbit hole goes since we gotta a lot of depth and it feels there is a lot more to hit. Damn hard lot of heartbreak.

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  Real or Fake?


I thought this whole "Dead Bart Lost Episode" bullshit was completely resolved a looong time ago.

There is no lost episode. The original "clip" that was supposed to be part of the lost episode was just this clip without sound. It's from a spanish language comedy show.

It's fake.

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  Spoiler: It's shit.

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File: 128510727069.gif-(2.64MB, 350x268, 128475343778.gif)
That was awesomely horrible.

Thought it was fun, though I liked the concept better when it was called There Will Be Brawl

File: 128520405122.jpg-(28.08KB, 604x459, 5376_580833049028_27701536_34452185_6768211_n.jpg)
The horror.

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ITT: good music
i'll start

  Every thread needs Man Man in it.

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