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As is indicated by the original, Victorian-England set comics series, and its successors in the form of "The Black Dossier" and the upcoming "Century," Leagues of (to our eyes) literary persons - not authors - have existed in every era within memory to aid Albion in defense against her enemies, going indeed through the twentieth century to the modern era. But what of the other island empire, far into the rising sun beyond the lands of Cathay? The ambitious nation often regarded as Britain's twin and counterpart in the region, so famous for adopting so much of British science and strategy as a prelude to its own attempt for world power? With such a wide variety of able and notable persons at its disposal, might a similar league have existed - and exist - to employ them in defense of Emperor and country?

TL;DR: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Animu edition. Spawned during a thread speculating on modern sources for the glorified mass crossover fanfic's new edition, Japan's contributions to fiction were inevitably brought up, and most of the thread's posters agreed that a Japanese League operating around the mid-2020s would be at the crossroads of enough really good settings (Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and Evangelion to name a few) to qualify as "fucking awesome." If it gets through to the 4chan archives, the original /co/ thread will be linked to here, if not, screencaps will be posted. This has, to put it mildly, Epic potential.

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>>11614 >>11615
I like your story, Dr.
I took some ideas from it for the Battle School concept, OK?

>>11642 >>11658
That's what I'd like any of you /co/mrades who knows something about ancient Japanese folklore/literature to add to our Leagueverse.

According to the timeline I made, he's in the future

Okay. Here goes...

2020s League (~2022-2028):
"Yotsuba" Koiwai [Real First and Last Names Unknown] – a strange girl (in her 20s) with strange green hair and unknown, but implied abilities. She was found as a child on a small island in the South Pacific; later she was brought to Japan after her first adoptive mother left her. She is energetic and imaginative and ALWAYS WINS. Nothing in the world can let her down ^_^ (The Leader)
Motoko Kusanagi – a promising police officer. (The Brawn)
Shotaro Kaneda – 1960s League member Shotaro Kaneda's grandson. He's just a juvenile delinquent with a moderate ability to resist superpowered attacks. The League rescued him from being abducted into Takashi Kamiyama's battle school. (The Brains)
Suisei Seki – That doll-like cyborg survived everything: her sisters' assassination attempts, all the wars and cataclysms of the early 21th century. Not to mention that she hosts a dangerous memetic virus. She must be pretty deadly. (The Wild Card)
Blues – a prototype cyborg, constructed by Dr. Thomas Light. He was stolen by the League from the professor's lab, and became their temporary member. At the end of our story, he will be left dying, with his energy system malfunctioning. Seconds later he will be picked up by Dr.Albert Wily... (The Big Gun)
And maybe, someone else?
2020s League's "M" is Gendo Ikari – the Puppet Master. His various projects to revive his late wife have turned out to be not in vain. Among them was his research in the field of artificial intelligence. Before dying, Gendo managed to transform his own consciousness into a high-level artificial intelligence, which he named accordingly – the Puppet Master. Now, having become the God of the Wired, he serves a an "M" figure for the 2020s League.

2000s League (2008-2010):
Haruhi Suzumiya – duh. (The Leader)
Rock & Revy – two pirates/smugglers operating in Vega-ruled Thailand (The Brains and The Brawn)
Ryu [Last Name Unknown] – a mighty martial artist with psychokinetic abilities (The Big Gun)
Hikaru Ichijyo – a promising teenage pilot (The Scout)
Usagi Tsukino – a formerly famous Sailor Senshi, now in her 20s, who still believes in her dream... (The Elder)
The 2000s League's HQ is the large mansion called Hinata House. After the untimely death of her husband, the widow Naru Urashima decided to rent the mansion to lodgers and organizations. The League quickly jumped at the opportunity.

1960s League (~after 1966?):
Ultraman (so, the League must be set not earlier than 1966)
Atomu (Astro Boy)
Go Mifune (Speed Racer)
Gojira (duh) (after 1964)
Tetsujin-28 (operating since 1945) & Shotaro Kaneda (30+ yrs at the time)
Lupin III – grandson of Arsene Lupin, member of Les Hommes Mysterieux

The Battle School idea:

After Takashi Kamiyama became the leader of Yakuza, he decided to create a battle school to train teenage delinquents into powerful fighters for his underground army. He bought a large patch of land and built a large school/camp. Then he ordered his underlings to abduct promising teenagers, boys and girls alike, and preferably with unusual powers. When delivered to Takashi's school, they were given two things: a headband and a drug. The drug ensured they thought they were in some happy happy magical world, training to be magical ninjas or some stuff. The headbands... would detonate if the trainee decided to disobey or leave. Mr.Kamiyama didn't want disobedience in his educational institution.

The teaching staff ( = Takashi's Yakuza Lieutenants) would mostly consist of Cromartie characters.
Is Kunio from Nekketsu (and his friends) a member of Mr.Kamiyama's organization, or an enemy crime boss?
The teenagers would include most of the cast from Naruto, + Negima, Rival Schools. Other series?

Or, as another idea, maybe make all characters from shows about delinquents grow up into warring crime organizations by the 2020s?
Would be pretty noir and interesting imho.
But I still like the Naruto + Battle Royale crossover...

The New Kira murders concept:

The "New Kira murders" were a series of mysterious inexplicable killings in 2008. The victims of "New Kira" were mostly young beautiful girls and women, which sparked some controversy. The first victim was one Sakura Kinomoto, the others soon followed (including Mai Tokiha, Nagisa Misumi, Honoka Yukishiro, Yohko Mano and some others). The mysterious disappearance of junior high school girl Kagome Higurashi was first thought to be one of New Kira's acts, but later it was proved to be unrelated.

The 2000s League started investigating the murders and quickly discovered the motive behind them – someone was killing all the skilled magic-users. Using Usagi Tsukino as a bait (Haruhi's idea – she loved to tease the young woman), our heroes managed to capture the Kira. He turned out to be a young man called Manta Oyamada, who was killing his victims with the help of the shinigami Ichigo Kurosaki, whom he controlled with spirit powers. Manta's plan was to eliminate anyone who could rival him in magic...

...Or something like that. It's still a draft.
I'm still not very satisfied by it.

Hentai idea:

In LoEG, Moore used themes and characters from vintage erotic literature – e.g., Mrs.Coote's school in LoEG 1, Fanny Hill and that Tijuana Bible in Black Dossier, etc.
I say, chaps, what if we go the same way and add concepts from some of the most known hentais? The likes of La Blue Girl and Urotsukidoji.
Though, I haven't seen these, so help will be appreciated!

The parallel world and underground lands:

Medieval world (MW) (it's just a temporary name) – a parallel world, contains most of the anime/manga/JRPG worlds based on European Medieval Fantasy.
Compare how Moore fused all Mars-based fictional lands and peoples into one Mars divided into "parts" (there are rumours that he intends to do the same with the Moon in LoEG3). I propose the same with MW.
Main theme – Berserk. In our Leagueverse it's just a part of MW. Though over time Griffith could take all of MW under his control and turn the other parts into Berserk-like grimdark places.
Other parts of MW: High Rule (Hyrule), Ivalice, Mist Continent, other FF (medieval) worlds, Dragon Warrior worlds, World of Mana, etc. etc.

Underground – there seem to be at least several known underground lands near and under Japan.
- Mushroom Kingdom - it once was a normal peaceful kingdom, but then it was overrun by mutated monsters
- Terranigma's underworld (long before the events of the game)
- The land of the "Kappas" (from Akutagawa Ryunosuke's novel)
- Also, after the Gate Disaster of 2022 many people went to leave underground. By 2070, few people remain living on Earth's surface.

Dunno what we should do with futuristic fantasy worlds like in FF7, FF8, FF10 etc.

The monsters/mutants/talking animals/animal-men:

Pokemon, Kaiju, Nekogirls, Kappas, Koopas, etc. etc.
They need a pretty serious thinking through.
When did they start appearing? Probably, ancient Japan, if not earlier.
What's the reason of them appearing? I have an idea.

My idea:
The American 1945 bombings are not the cause.
The British Doctor's experiments are not the cause.
The global cataclysms of the 21th century are not the cause.

The cause is... well, it's Japan. It's East Asia, right? And monsters often come from the ocean, right? The Pacific ocean? And... what's down there, under the Pacific ocean?...

And, as an illustration, a draft for a little tale:

In the beginning of the 21st century, the monsters are being captured.
They are mostly stored in sub-space containers, the same Americans used to store ectoplasmic entities.
But the more human ones suffer another fate.
Their minds are uploaded into virtual realities, where they are kept in virtual communities.
Virtual cities or villages.
One cat-man decided to break free, to escape his virtual village.
He was joined by a pink cat-girl, with a pretty bow in her hair, and a deadly bow in her arm.
...She died, sacrificing herself for his freedom.
Not in vain. He broke free.
He woke up.
He was in an empty concrete cell, with thick metal bars built to keep him inside.
Suddenly another monster entered.
It was that rabbit-girl, he remembered her.
She used to chase him all the time back in Seoul, wanting him to be her mate.
It looked like she didn't remember anything at all. Damn those human experiments.
We should break free out of this hell, thought he.
...And they did.

Sorry for the crappy writing, again, it's just a draft of an idea, nothing more.

Ye Leagueverse Japan Timeline: B.C. – A planetoid called "Black Moon" crashes into Earth and becomes the Earth's Moon.
170.000.000 B.C. – Evil witch Bandora causes the extinction of dinosaurs.
Somewhere in between – The Silver Millennium. The events of Dragon Warrior 3, Illusion of Gaia.
Ancient Japan – Help me here!
1927 – The underground land of "Kappas" discovered by accident. The man who made the discovery returned back completely insane. His ramblings contain accounts of a strange place where "everything is turned upside-down" (Akutagawa Ryunosuke's "Kappa")
1900s-1930s – Help me here!
1930s-1945 – Help me here!
19??-19?? – Eastasia, the Big Brother-like state (G.Orwell)
1960s – 1960s League created to battle a yet undefined (by me) menace.
1969 – Catlike robot Doraemon arrives from the future.
1972-1974 – Operation period of giant mecha codenamed "Demon God Z" (Mazinger Z)
1973-1974 – Operation period of powerful cyborg codenamed "Cutie Honey".
1975-1977 – War against the evil Vegans! (Grendizer)
1992-1993 – Evil witch Bandora released from her confinement. Zyurangers defeat her and the "Great Satan" himself, and then go to Heaven.
1999 – Zentradian spaceship crashes on an island in the Pacific. Scientists begin to study it.
2000 – A scientific expeditions in the Antarctic discovers a strange elder powerful being, whom they call an "Angel". Suddenly, the future 2000s League appears in Tokyo. For some reason I still don't know, Haruhi unleashes her powers. This causes the Second Impact, which destroys the Antarctic, and forces severe climate changes. WW3 breaks out. Tokyo is destroyed by what officials say was a "nuclear explosion".
2001 – WW3 ends, though local wars continue to 2005 or even to 2008 (which is why some consider these dates as the end dates of WW3). Earth population is halved. Haruhi's unconscious body is kept under Ground Zero, and is only referred to as "Akira". Note that by the 2030s, after the years of research and experiments, her body will undergo serious changes in form and appearance. Ryu, Rock and Revy, having also survived the Second Impact, are captured, too, and undergo similar experiments. They are given aliases "Masaru", "Takashi" and "Kiyoko".
2003-2006 – Neo Tokyo built. A wave of strange murders by a serial killer the press calls "Kira" shocks Japan.
2005 – Another spaceship crashes on Earth, absorbs machines into itself and vanishes. Japanese government creates GGG – an agency against alien threats. They use giant mecha to battle alien called "Zonderians", who are in fact Zentradian sabotage drones, with the main goal to prepare the forthcoming invasion.
2008 – New Kira murders. The 2000s League is summoned by a bored Haruhi to investigate them. New Kira found, case closed.
2009 – After 10 years of research, scientists found a way to get the Zentradian ship to work. During the ship's first test flight, an invading army of Zentradians arrives. The war with Zentradians starts, with League member Hikaru Ichijyo captured by the enemy. The remaining League gathers again to find a way to battle the alien menace.
2010 – To prevent the Zentradians' invasion, the 2000s League (sans Hikaru and maybe Usagi) travels 10 years back in time to 2000 AD using Timerangers technology (well... I've got another idea as well... Kyon's pseudonym is John Smith, right?..). The war with the Zentradians ends (still dunno why, maybe like in canon – because of Hikaru).
2012 – Colonization ship Megaroad-1 leaves Earth. Time-Space Administration Bureau created somewhere at that time.
2015 – The events of NG Evangelion and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers (damn if I known how they fit together).
2016 – End of Evangelion. Causes massive destruction on Earth, including earthquakes destroying Japan and much of America. Probably also causes the disappearance of the colonization ship Megaroad-1.
2017-2020 – Japan and the rest of the world rebuilt using nanotech (called "micromachines" by some). Virtual technologies, mostly developed by NERV, play a much more prominent role in this new Japan. 2ch merges with 4chan into a neoimageboard called "Walled City". Virtual pop idol Rei Toei gains popularity. Just for comparison, a few real (non-virtual) Japanese pop idols of the 2000s who may be mentioned somewhere in the story: Gorillaz (they love performing live), Ami & Yumi (I mean, those two cartoony teen girls), Hatsune Miku (she's virtual in our world, but should be real in the world of fiction), Minako Aino (in her 20s), Lynn Minmay (performed 2010-2012).
2021 – The first Astral Gate is built. The events of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Force.
2022 – The "Gate Accident" happens. Earth is bombarded by shards of the destroyed moon. In the subsequent chaos, WW4 breaks out. Some people move to live underground, or on other planets.
2022-2028 – Defences against the lunar shard rain have been built. Somewhere during this time, the 2020s League is created, I still dunno why. Some events happen. Rei Toei's v.2.0 called Rei Rei creates an even bigger fan following than the original's – mostly due to a memetic virus being made part of her program (maybe, the League even battles her).
2029-2040s – The events of GiTS.
2030s – The events of Akira.
2031 – Historical romance movie "Do You Remember Love?" becomes a hit.
2050 – Inbit invasion (Mospeada) (Dunno much about this series; just added the date to fill the gap between GiTS and CB).
2070s – The events of Cowboy Bebop. Earth's surface is nearly devastated by the still continuing lunar shard rain and the nuclear war against Inbits; few people still live there (Fist of the North Star, Nausicae). The underground dwellers have by this time formed large cities and nations, and bore the ground with huge drills (guess).
2101 – War was beginning.
XXII century – After the War: the events of Appleseed. Catlike robot Doraemon created and sent back in time as a desperate attempt to create a better future.
Somewhere in between – The events of Terranigma.
XXX century – The New Silver Millennium is predicted to start, centered in the city of Crystal Tokyo.
3000 – Timerangers sent 1000 years back.
Undefined (yet) future – The events of Captain Harlock, Gatchaman, Voltron, Metroid, My-Otome.
Dunno if ancient, modern or future – Dragonball Z, Kamen Rider, Howl's Moving Castle
Fuck if I understand anything about its timeline – Gundam

If you've noticed, I tweaked the Akira timeline a little.
I made all the events happen ~12 years later.
That was done to avoid a similar global crisis in 1988.
After all, Moore too made Big Brother's government happen in 1948, not in 1984.
However, I'm still trying to figure out an explanation for this timeline change...

Gaps unfilled, themes untapped:

- I don't know much about ancient Japanese myths, folk tales and literature. So – help very much needed to create the history of the Leagueverse Japan! Were there any Leagues before 1960? Or were there just random extraordinary events?
- Most of the shows I mentioned I know only a little, many (gasp) only from Wikipedia. So, ideas, corrections and suggestions are welcome from those who know them better than I.
- In general, any feedback, ideas, critique, suggestions etc. are welcome! Let's keep this project going, /co/mrades!

If One Piece didn't take place in some parallel fantasy world, then it would probably have occurred at some point after Japan came into contact with the West. The Grand Line is a long stretch of ocean in the Pacific, and it could be used as a place to stick any setting that doesn't fit in elsewhere and can be reworked as an island. Maybe that's where Yotsuba's from!

Hmm... After reading the Wikipedia blurb (I sadly didn't watch the show), I think it could take place in the Medieval World.
There are too many fantasy names mentioned + there is a "World Government" who tries to eliminate the pirates.
Could it be Griffith's government?
Then the pirates could be one of the last groups opposing to Griffith's rule, kinda like the Rebellion in Star Wars.
I dunno, just an idea.

Yotsuba... Maybe she's from there (in MW many people have coloured hair). Or maybe she's just from an island in South Pacific... you know... above a certain sunken city...

Oh, what have I found!!!

>There are two Japans. Maybe more. There is comfortingly strange, exotic and familiar Japan, the Japan that’s a member of the G-8. The Japan that is a financial and cultural powerhouse; the Japan that exports high end electronics and anime culture. The Japan of bullet trains, a planned space port in Tokyo bay, the Japan that anxiously watches the toddler princess grow into a young woman. The real, 21st century Japan.

>And there is the shadow Japan; the dark reflection. The flawed, cracked, bloody mirror held up to Japanese society. Japan has a mystic and sexual underworld hiding in its neon-splashed shadows. This is Black Tokyo.

>Black Tokyo is the Hentai-Inspired D20 Modern setting offered by the Otherverse Games imprint headed by Chris Field. In these pages you will explore territory uncharted by any other RPG product. You will combat deamons and monsters with potent magic’s fueled by lust, love or hate. You will see the underbelly of modern Japan as only Hentai can capture it.

>Black Tokyo focuses on one particular sub-genre of Hentai: supernatural horror and bondage. With visually spectacular demon lords, stunning action scenes, virginal heroines, hyper-sexualized magic rituals and psi-talents and cunning modern demon-slayers, horror Hentai makes the most ‘gamable’ background for a Hentai flavored setting.


>This setting is intended for ADULTS ONLY.

>If you are easily offended you do not want to purchase this product.

>If you are hard to offend you still may not want to buy this product!

>(I’m serious; we have plenty of other offerings for "mainstream" gamers.)

And, an attempt to add Big O to the Leagueverse:

Since memories are a part of a human "self", maybe the Event which caused a global memory loss would be the End of Evangelion?
Fast forward to 2022, and we have another cataclysm (Gate disaster) which devastates the Earth's surface severely.
These two could be remembered by Paradigm City dwellers as "the Event".

As the events of Big O happen 40 years after "the Event", then it places them in... somewhere between 2056-2062
The same time the Inbit invasion happens?
Big O happens in America (Paradigm City = Neo New York, rebuilt in the same time as most of Japan, with the use of nanomachines - 2017-2020), so maybe the invasion didn't happen there.

Or maybe just scratch the whole Inbit invasion at all?

- Revolutionary Girl Utena takes place in the Medieval World
- How do we fit the Megami Tensei (e.g., Persona) series into the setting?

Also, one of the 2020s League's contacts may be the 50-60 year-old leader of 108 Dragons, a chinese mafia, known only as "Crying Freeman".
Or maybe he's the rival of Takashi Kamiyama's crime syndicate?
Or a contact for Rock & Revy from the 2000s League?

>>Big O happens in America (Paradigm City = Neo New York, rebuilt in the same time as most of Japan, with the use of nanomachines - 2017-2020), so maybe the invasion didn't happen there.
I'd use Gotham. Gotham is Canonically a part of the LXG universe. This would also maybe give a chance to throw McGuinness in there if we want (Combine it with "The Near Apocalypse of '09" and change the length of memories missing?). That way we can save New York for anything else we want to include, which I think is inevitable, as even if we focus on Japan, this is no longer a world in which Nemo's submarine is the fastest form of transport the world is all alot closer.

I may regret this, but... Where do Black Jack and Franken Fran fit into all this?

And now that I think about it, Terry wouldn't fit too badly into Big O's Gotham. Created by a government program to synthetically reproduce the original Batman? He'd probably have the memories of the real batman, instead of/in addition to being a genetic copy.

Well, first of all, Gotham was historically used as another name for New York.

I think Terry might fit very well into the world of Big O.
But... I'd rather not go into 20th century American fiction too deep...
Too many fiction, too many timelines...

My vision of Leagueverse 20th century America is that it's a land of time-space paradoxes and changes, resulting in a myriad of coexisting worlds, universes and timelines. Kinda like Gotham in Planetary/Batman. It's a weird place, really.

Err... please elaborate.
I sadly didn't watch/read these.

Black Jack is pretty much a Japanese Dr. McNinja. It was written by the same guy who did Astroboy. Think medical drama mixed with crazy action-adventure.

Franken Fran, a more modern example, is basically what happens when you combine moe cuteness with enough nightmare fuel to keep Detroit running for a year.

I'll let TV Tropes explain:

>>Well, first of all, Gotham was historically used as another name for New York.
But not in LXG. In Black Dossier it says Quartermain visited America, including New York and Gotham, implying they're separate entities.

Okay, how about this: Black Jack worked alongside the League starting in the 1970's. He never joined their ranks, being too much of a "loose canon," but he aided them with his medical skills and often followed them on their adventures. However, after the recent "apocalypse," he has disappeared from the face of the earth. He is either dead, retired, or secretly spreading his particular brand of humanitarianism throughout the ravaged world.

The government needed someone to replace their miracle-working surgeon. They found Madaraki Fran, the supposed daughter of Madaraki Naomitsu, who had worked for Japan in both World Wars. However, though her skills were quite satisfactory and she was perfectly willing to help, they quickly realized that having such a person around would be far too dangerous and unpleasant. So she continues to work from her private estate, with the government only approaching her when they are in dire need. Pretty much exactly like Moreau.

Thanks for the links!
The 70s and 80s are a somewhat blank spot in my version of the timeline.
So... maybe Black Jack is even a member of a 70s-80s League?
Who would be the other members then?

Franken Fran - I couldn't find when the events of this series are meant to take place. The '00s?
She may be a Moreau-type character who may help the 00s League at some point then.
Or maybe just a random '00s denizen.

Oh, OK.
Different cities, then.

Please... don't use this abbreviation.
It brings back painful memories :)

File: 124110478990.jpg-(50.93KB, 448x457, Eroica.jpg)
The Seventies and Eighties are full of classic manga. For example: From Eroica With Love.

>>The series revolves around the adventures of Klaus Heinz von dem Eberbach, an uptight NATO major, and Dorian Red Gloria, an openly gay English lord who delights in bothering Klaus. Dorian is also an art thief, known as Eroica, and states in the first volume that he makes it his purpose to pursue and capture beautiful things...and people. After developing a certain fondness for the uptight Major, Dorian flirts with him incessantly and ends up interrupting many of Klaus's missions, much to Klaus's dismay.

Imagine Lupin III, but gay. No, gayer than that. AS GAY AS YOU CAN IMAGINE.

That said, it's surprisingly funny and the main character is actually pretty damn good at what he does. I'm not sure which of his deeds are more impressive: stealing a tank or kidnapping the Pope.

File: 124110833046.jpg-(33.97KB, 315x346, castAppleseed.jpg)
Where does Appleseed fit in?

I tried to imagine a team of this here Dorian, Mazinger, Cutie Honey and Black Jack.
Weirdness... overload.
Please post more info about 70-80 mango/animu.
We need to choose the best candidates for a 70-80s League.

>Appleseed takes place in the 22nd Century, after the non-nuclear Third World War decimates the Earth. (Wikipedia).
The World War that began... in 2101.
Near about the same time the robot Doraemon was created.
See timeline (near the end of it).

Are you trying to tell us that... in AD 2101... war was beginning?




It's a part of Japanese modern pop culture, too, after all.

>>11700 >>11701 >>11702 >>11703 >>11704
Srsly, gaiz, take an effort and read these if you're interested in the Japanese League idea.
There are many of your questions answered - at least, that's how _I_ propose to answer them; you may choose to correct me at any instance.
I'd actually like to hear comments or objections, it would make it better to move on with this project.

>>70-80s league
Bond. Bond should lead the 70s and 80s team.

kinnikuman for the 70's and 80 team!

>>11906 he would make a good muscle for the group

I'm almost more interested in the post-apocalyptic far-future league, where Alita (an amnesiac Motoko), Kenshiro, D, and Nausicaa work together to investigate the mysterious entity known as Toha Heavy Industries.

Though I'll admit that that's rather missing the point of having characters from the time periods where they were being written.

Regarding the school plot: It might be worthwhile to look at Tenjo Tenge, which has turned out to have a rather epic background plot about. . .well, it's kinda complicated, but IIRC the school was actually at the center of a hexagram larger than japan, deliberately augmenting the ki power of the students there, who were in turn encouraged to become excellent fighters in an attempt to create a modern incarnation of the "ultimate warrior", with tons of backstabbing among the people behind the project as each attempts to twist it to their own ends.

I'm probably getting it wrong, but hey.

Also, I want an older, seasoned rock in 2020. See, in Black Lagoon he starts as a hapless civilian in bad circumstances, but steadily grows a spine while using a knack for observation and negotiation to become a serious asset for the pirate crew. It'd be great to explore where he goes from there.

One last thing. Video games. Specifically, Metal Gear Solid.

Also Video Games: Especially nightmare fuel Mario

Oh wow
This idea still gets interest?

See >>11701 .
I envisioned Mushroom Kingdom as a peaceful underground kingdom which was finally overrun by eldritch abominations, which were spawned by the sheer power of the Old Ones' unholy city R'Lyeh, sunken deep beneath the Pacific Ocean's sea bed. R'Lyeh is also the cause for kaiju, many monsters/pokemon/etc. in Japanese culture, etc. etc.
The "koopas" are basically the same thing as "kappas", an underwater/underground race of seemingly intelligent bird-beaked monsters. The eerie rules and customes of their unhuman society were first desribed in the 1920-30s by a man who went completely mad after the experience.

Should include Donkey Kong rape, To be true to the spirit of the original.
In fact, there's a shortage of rape in general in this discussion.

>In fact, there's a shortage of rape in general in this discussion.

It's little moments like this that remind me this site can still be considered an affiliate to 4chan...

File: 124556589979.jpg-(144.90KB, 550x736, kenshiro.jpg)
Needs moar of this guy.

I assumed that he's wandering around in the wastelands.

This is the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
Rape is expected to occur at least once an issue.

File: 124705328520.jpg-(457.52KB, 1300x916, ultra_anatomy.jpg)
I've actually had this theory floating around my head for a while now, but what the hell, it's tangentially related and there's little to no discussion about the ramifications of Evangelion's premise and backstory here so...

In Hideki Anno's Nadia: Secret of Blue Water, we learn towards the end that the ancient Atlanteans were originally from Nebula M78, and they are briefly shown having giants in their "basement" that look a lot like Evas. Nebula M78 was home to the Ultramen of the original Showa series from 1966-1980, which all existed in a single timeline.

By the modern era, the "light giants" that the forebearers of Atlantis used as guardians, created using unfathomably alien super-science-mysticism, had evolved into even more radically powerful beings, self-aware, composed of flesh, metal and pure energy intertwined in perfect tandem. Think of them as the rarely-seen angels to the Lovecraftian demons of the universe. In the late '60s, one of these beings tracked a cosmic horror to our planet, where it bounded with a human host/partner, Shin Hayata, member of the Japanese "Science Patrol". This "Ultraman" took it upon itself to protect Earth, and Japan in particular, from giant monsters both terrestrial and otherwordly in nature, but due to the relatively frail limitations of the human body, its human host could only manifest its power for five minutes at a time; any longer, and it would quickly "burn out". And even then, any given human being could only endure about a year serving as the Ultra entity's host without eventually succumbing to the overwhelming power and ceasing to exist. Thus, Ultraman bonded with numerous hosts over the years, remaining in each for only a year at a time (these of course are the various Ultramen of the 60s and 70s; its appearance altered slightly due to the different human hosts, but remained generally the same). 1980 was the last year it was seen active before it, for reasons I'm at a loss to explain as of yet, essentially curled up into the fetal position and hid itself away in something called the "White Moon", buried underneath Antarctica - presumably undergoing some sort of necessary hibernation cycle for one reason or another.

In 2000, the Nerv-funded Katsuragi Expedition unearthed the White Moon, and decided that the logical thing to do was to poke the dormant "light giant" within with a giant mystical tuning fork and see what happened. Everyone knows the results of that (I'm not sure how to reconcile this with the Akiruhi theory - maybe the bad juju of poking Ultraman caused a great disturbance in the force so strong that, in addition to fucking up the Earth's axis, it also caused her psychic powers to "hiccup". If this is the case, then the same thing likely happened to other psychics worldwide - the effects just weren't as catastrophic in their cases because they weren't as ridiculously overpowered as Haruhi.

Now, on to NERV itself - this is where things get a little more tied into the League-verse - NERV is not based around some clinically depressed Japanese man's misunderstanding of Judeo-Christianity with the intent of bringing about a New Age concept of Nirvana. It's based around some insanely brilliant Japanese man's misunderstanding of the teachings of Oliver Haddo/Aleister Crowley, with the intent of bringing about some New Age concept of Nirvana through an artificially-concieved Moonchild. NERV and SEEL were both offshoots of the cult that Haddo/Crowley led, but NERV under Gendou's leadership went in a radically different direction, seeking to fulfill the Beast's prophecies through means not magical but super-scientific (so their plans run separate to the conception of the presumably mystic-basedMoonchild that will be the focus of LOEG Century Vol. 3). This is why Gendou concieved Shinji within hours of Second Impact - he was trying to father a Moonchild. And that's the beautiful truth of a character who many consider to be failure incarnate - he literally is. He's a failure, a botched attempt to create a Moonchild that Gendou didn't even spare a second thought until he needed him to fight off the Angels.

The Angels are cosmic horrors that were caught and sealed away in interdimensional prisons by the Ultras eons ago - powerful and alien beyond your average rubber-suit-monster-esque "distant nephew of Yog-Sothot twice removed", they are your classic "Dirty Dozen" story - paroled from their infinite imprisonment and forced to attack Neo-Tokyo, site of NERV's hidden underground base, to free the body of Ultraman (Codename: Adam) contained within. The Evas, are bastardized clones of Ultraman that used a butchery of super-science to mimic the Ultra/human partnership, and like Ultraman, can only operate for about five minutes without external support from NERV power supplies.

The REAL Moonchild born out of Second Impact is one Kaworu Nagisa, an albino born at the exact moment of Second Impact, and the reincarnation of the soul of Ultraman, which left its body due to being pierced by the Lance of Longinus. He was found and raised by SEELE, and when Shinji crushes Kaworu to prevent him from reuniting with his original body, this brings down the wrath of God upon Gendou's organization, even as he scrambles to force the obviously unsuited Shinji to bring about Third Impact - that is, Human Instrumentality. Per the text story of LOEG Century Vol. 1, we know that the black monolith on the moon from Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey is of some importance, and likely tied to whatever it is that the "Moonchild" is supposed to bring about. And what does the monolith do in 2001? Point to yet ANOTHER monolith that transforms Dr. Bowman into some sort of energy being, the next step of human evolution. This is what the Instrumentality Project aims to do, but on a much grander scale - forcibly evolving the entire human race en masse. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, Shinji once again proves his failure to live up to his father's insane dreams by rejecting Instrumentality.

Also forgot to mention somewhere in that gloriously huge monstrosity of a post - Marc Cerasini's novel "Godzilla At World's End" also involves a human expedition to Antarctica unearthing Things Man Was Not Meant To Tamper With(tm) and indirectly causing worldwide catastrophe - in this case, it was awakening a city of dormant "Elder Things" at the South Pole (going back to the Lovecraftian well that is "At The Mountains Of Madness"), who in turn release an army of monsters of their own creations, including Gigan, Hedorah, Battra, Manda, Megalon and Biollante. The book, not having to worry about things like budget, doesn't skimp on the mass-destruction and global all-out chaos that giant monsters would cause, nor does it confine them to attacking major metropolitan areas in Japan. Or so I've heard... I've yet to find and read the book myself; can't even find an e-book.

Me again, once again failing to note in my pointless ramblings the very reason I brought this up - the book takes place in the year 2000 as well.


Reminds me of the Nausicaa god warriors.

Lest add some those things:
- From Yu-Gi-Oh!: Ancient Egypt was almost destroyed by mysterious Shadow Magic, that was sealed in five Millenium Items. Inf far future card game based on mosters from Egyptian Myth become popular and allowed users of Millenium Iteams to summon powers of Shadow magic once again, and even after spirit of the pharaoh Athemu destroyed powers of the iteams, id didn't stopped strange forces connected to world of monsters from playing with our world. I think that YGO and GX should take place in the past, but 5D's is just lighter vesrion of Akira with cards, from what I'd heard.
- Code Geass: After World War III USA turned into Holly Empire of Britannia, that conquered Japan and occupied it for over seven years, before events from both series of CG happened. This allows to use Geass cult, and C.C, immortal witch with power to give people Geass.
- JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Didin't know world to well, but adding vampires, especially Dio Brando (MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA! ZA WARUDO! WRRRYYYYY! - that's all his), and powers of STAND would be hailrous.
- Shaman King: Once for 500 years happens a tornamet between Shamans, people able to combine with ghost of the dead, and it's winner becomes omnipotent, and can do whatever he want. Many fraction joins the turnament, like servants of two ancient gods, and Hao Asakura - powerfull shaman, who reborns for each tornament trying to become Shaman King, and whipe whole humanity for the sake of Earth, but is stopped by his descedants.

What about Negima? At this point, Negi probably has a small army backing him, the best of which coming from his long-graduated class...

I'm wondering if we could sneak GANTZ in someway, with it being the "future" version of Battle Royale

>>18068 Fag.

Baccano would fill up the 20s-30s period quite nicely, add some new characters, and the Elixir of Life could play a part too.

The issue there is that Baccano! takes place in Prohibition era America. Though characters could move to Japan because they planned to join the league.

Could Darker than BLACK fit into this?

Yeah, old stuff is old, yadda yadda. Anyway, I was re-reading this thread for lack of better things to do and a thought occurred to me: Did they do anything with the old Super Sentai and Kamen Rider series?

I mean, when you think about it, each of them could be a specialized unit in a city's police force. This allows them to interact with one another but still remain independent. Heck, Tokyo's multiple districts could contain any number of these guys.

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