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File 130881996486.jpg - (126.59KB , 860x679 , serenity.jpg )
96818 No. 96818

A Fundie Christian Manga from circa 2006 about a rebellious teenage girl being brainwashed into becoming Christian.
Best known for the phrase quoted in this thread's subject.

The comic lasted for 10 issues.
But during a recent storytime on /co/, someone suggested that we, with the help of our trusty draw- and writefriends, create Serenity #11:

>there should have been a volume 11 about everyone's ascension to full on bad girl slut.

Let's do it!

Cast list and ideas to follow.
Feel free to join, brothers and sisters!

Vol 1-6
Vol 7-10
Real ending
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>> No. 96819
tl;dr Main Idea:

Porn comic about the female (maybe male, too) cast of Serenity becoming huge sluts
>> No. 96820
Main Cast:

Main character, newly-converted Christian
Wants to bone Derek

Serenity's friend, closeted lesbo
Wants to bone Serenity

Cute dark-skinned petite girl who loves fun and puns

Bitch, Derek's GF, Serenity's archrival
Probably wants to hatebone Serenity

Kim's BF
Probably wants to bone not only Kim, but Serenity and Terry as well

Stoner, Derek's friend
Probably wants to bone Derek

Porn lover, chantard, banged his babysitter when he was 11
Wants to bone everyone

Fat black guy with low self-esteem
>> No. 96821
I wonder. In the process of becoming huge sluts, should they remain Christians for some Ted Haggard-style humour or should their faith become less... extreme?
>> No. 96822
My two cents:
1. Have them think of themselves as Christians (for humor)
2. Not show them doing actual Christian-y things like Bible club etc like the original comic does all the time (would be boring)

As an alternative,
they may suddenly join some unknown sex/fertility cult, and start converting each other to join it

>> No. 96823
So... what we need now, is a scenario ...and actual people willing to contribute :)

Is anyone interested in making this happen?
>> No. 96824
I can write a bit, but before I did that I'd probably have to read Serenity without my brain shutting down in self-defence.

So I'm probably not gonna be that much help.
>> No. 96825
She will keep those thoughts out of her head. She will.

She will, she will, she will.

Which is why she had her old posters of pretty girls covered up with new ones of... well, boys. Boys of some sort or another, who Kimberly had assured her that lots of girls her age found 'cute' or 'hot'. Lori was certain that if she just looked at them long enough, she'd feel something special for them.


As it was now, she wasn't even looking at them. She was just looking at her computer, which had the internet loaded into it. That dangerous, sinful internet. The kind where you could find porn just by typing 'women' into google. Could probably even find porn by typing 'monogamy'.

Lori had been tapping her foot, crossing her arms, and staring at the screen which she had stuck on a Christian forum for the last hour. Sometimes she got up, ate a snack, came back, and stayed right there. Trying to resist the temptation to use a machine in her room with a door she could lock and look at all the pretty ladies she wanted and delete all evidence afterwards and never be caught because her parents were terrible with computers and maybe go back to that one site she found with the really sexy Russian lady with the short hair and.


"Fuck it." Lori huffed out, then nervously checked the room to see if Jesus had heard that. When she was certain the messiah had not teleported into her room to shake his head disapprovingly, she immediately set out to go on a porn bender.

Which was promptly interrupted by an IM from Serenity.

cantshowthat: hey lori!
unhealthydenial: oh hi serenity
unhealthydenial: what's up
cantshowthat: not much, i was gonna ask you the same thing
unhealthydenial: well, uh, to be honest, this might be a bad time
cantshowthat: huh? why's that?
cantshowthat: got a cute boyyyyyyyyyyyy over there? heheh

Lori bit her lip, tensed her fists, and took one long wide-eyed inhale. Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh. And she was just about to give herself glorious relief after managing to hold back for a whole week this time. And Serenity, of all the people, had to be the one talking to her now. The one she thought of every time she closed her eyes. Where she would just lean back, press her hands into her jeans, finger rubbing up against her sensitive clit, moving in circles, as she imagined Serenity taking the load off her shoulders and making a move on her instead of the other way around.

Having that dark, mischevious smirk on her lips, as she'd take her trembling but welcoming body into her hands, sliding underneath her shirt, biting on her ear, breathing into it before saying the words that made her melt.

"I can show you how to be a bad girl too, Lori."

And from there it was just a fuckfest.

When Lori looked back at the screen, 12 minutes had passed.

cantshowthat: hellooooo?
cantshowthat: did something happen? you there?
unhealthydenial: oh yeah, sorry, i just had to take care of
unhealthydenial: business
cantshowthat: business? what kind of business?

And she found herself feeling utterly blunt. Shoving herself into silence around Serenity all the time, she felt so backed up, and so needy right now. Here, on the internet? It felt so much easier. She could say what she felt and there'd be no one to eavesdrop on it and tell Kimberly and get her in trouble and all that other crap.

Here, she could be honest with Serenity.

unhealthydenial: serenity i am really really really horny right now
cantshowthat: oh uh
cantshowthat: wow
cantshowthat: i was just teasing you about the boy thing, you know
cantshowthat: i never see you around any!
unhealthydenial: that's cuz i don't like boys
cantshowthat: oh.
cantshowthat: OHHHHHHHHHH.
cantshowthat: well a lot of things make more sense now!
unhealthydenial: you don't, you know
unhealthydenial: think that's bad?
cantshowthat: hahaha, what? why would i do that?
cantshowthat: you're my best friend!
cantshowthat: plus, i don't wanna be like that bitch kimberly

Lori's heart, understandably, was racing. She had told somebody. Not only had she told somebody, it was her closest friend, and the one she wanted most.

And she didn't mind!

Her head throbbing, her urges overtaking her walls of resistance, the only sensible thing seemed to be to take it to the next level.

cantshowthat: so, should i just... leave you be till you're done with business? heheh
unhealthydenial: actually this is going to sound completely weird
unhealthydenial: but i was wondering if you could help me out?

Hands shaking. Sweat forming on her neck. This could go horribly wrong, but her body cried out for it. Needed it. Just a little attention, a little servicing of the lust crawling around inside of her.

cantshowthat: well you were right, that does sound weird
cantshowthat: but y'know, why not? i'll try anything once
cantshowthat: (though this wouldn't be 'once', haha)
cantshowthat: anything to make you happy, you know!

Lori grit her teeth. Her eyes popped wide.

She shook off her pants as fast as possible, locked the door, pulled down the blinds, and started typing up a nasty schoolgirl scenario to pitch to Serenity right the fuck now.

She would not hold herself back. Not this time.

Besides, it was just the internet. What harm could it do?

(tl;dr - a setup for serenity and lori cyberfuckin', lots of solo masturbation material, lead into more)
>> No. 96828
>there should have been a volume 11 about everyone's ascension to full on bad girl slut.

If we're talking full-on degradation/depravity/netorare/etc like a good Japanese manga I might be interested. But if it's boring lesbian crap, no thanks.
>> No. 96829
Something incredibly hot about a goody-goody Christian girl turning into a lesbian slut.
>> No. 96833
...that works.
>> No. 96857
That was fucking amazing.
Get the fuck out.

Though if we want to bring penises into these stories I can't say I'm opposed to that.
>> No. 96861

>Though if we want to bring penises into these stories I can't say I'm opposed to that.

Decide who the lesbos and who the straight chicks are, and we can go from there. But none of this "lol they're all bi", that's lazy.
>> No. 96863
Lori is a lesbian
Serenity and Kim are bi
Eddie will fuck anything that moves
Sally, Derek, and Tim are straight
Willy loves huffing paint
>> No. 96864
I like the idea of Serenity reverting and getting revenge by "converting" the prayer group from the inside. This leaves plenty of wiggleroom for the story either being full of mindfuckery or just straight up porn.
>> No. 96865
File 130889115369.jpg - (206.76KB , 792x1146 , 64.jpg )
I really need an artist to get on this:

"People are full of surprises, don't be so quick to judge!" Lori turns to Serenity, seeing the beautiful glow of her soft skin, her makeup glistening under the colorful lighting of the rave. "I'm your Christian friend and I want to save you," Lori's hand moves to Serenity's cheek, softly cupping her dainty chin, "and then once you have been saved, we'll go on little mini-crusades of intolerance and bigotry against anyone who is even slightly different from us! HOORAY!"

"But Lori," Serenity's soft eyes stare gently into Lori's own, her lips glowing under her lip gloss, "I just wanna put my fingers in your butt!"

"NO!" Lori, horrified, staggers back, but Serenity's arms grasp her at the waist, holding her fast. "No, that's BAD and WRONG, Serenity!" The taller girl seems to visibly slump, weak from the exertion of fighting her needs. Her eyes closed, her head gently comes to rest against the forehead of the smaller girl. "So... so bad and wrong, to feel your sweet, gentle lips pressed against my own." Serenity holds her tight, and soon Lori's hands join Serenity at the elbow, slowly moving upward along the soft curves of her arms.

"Such a sin," her throat dry from fear and heat, Lori subconsciously bites her lower lip and continues, "to have your hands caressing my supple flesh..." Her arms wrapping against Serenity's back, Lori brings herself closer to those beautiful lips, "That hot, tingling warmth spreading through my dainty nethers..."

"Lori? LORI!" Serenity worriedly snaps her fingers over Lori's eyes and brings her friend back to the rave. "Are you okay? I kind of lost you for a minute there."

>> No. 96866

See, that's what I mean, only one of the girls is straight. In a population that size it makes zero sense, and that's bad writing. You can't just hand-wave it with "it's just porn" because even porn has to make sense or it becomes funny instead of arousing. That was the problem with that "Camp Whatever" over at 7chan. It read like a virgin nerd who got his ideas about sexuality from women-in-prison movies on Skinemax.

Last comment I'll make about it, but it's my stance.

Alternate idea for Serenity: make her slowly turn uber-xian and act disgusted by the increasing depravity in her formerly chaste friends, but then reveal it's because the youth group leader/teacher (I can't remember, is that one of the character's father?) is banging her like a screen door after school while telling her it's God's will.
>> No. 96868
If you want Kim to be straight, fine, but it will still be a 50/50 split. Throwing a lesbian into a porn and then not giving her someone to fuck is bad writing as well, it's essentially the whole "gun on the table that goes unused" scenario.
>> No. 96869

One lesbian and one bi girl would work fine too. Serenity doesn't work as being either because it's pretty clear she wants teh cock. The whole "they're adversaries who become friends = SCISSORING IMMINENT" is cliche anyways.

Ugh, I'm going to have to read it again because it's been so long since I read it, and I think I only got to the fifth or sixth volume.
>> No. 96870
According to some sexologists a majority of people are bisexual but either aren't open about it to themselves and/or others or are only attracted to people of one gender under certain conditions (for example, I remember a femanon on /co/ who was entirely straight except for redheaded girls).

Also, you can't really apply those statistics to groups like this. The composition of a club isn't necessarily going to reflect that of the population at large, especially if it attracts and/or drives off certain types of people.

I don't particularly care about this project, but I just wanted to interject with some logic of my own.
>> No. 96871

Personally I don't care who's gay or straight just as long as there's some lesbian sex somewhere in there. Let the ones who that bothers stress over that. I'm a lot more easy going.
>> No. 96893
OP here

Nice story!
Though I doubt some parts of it (e.g., the characters' thoughts) could be safely converted into a graphic medium. But that's OK, since non-comic write/drawfaggotry is welcome here as well! Keep it up!

Oh and btw, a minor note, if I may. Personally, I would like it even more if the depiction of internet were closer to Serenity!canon: remember, that corny graphic interface chat with chibi avatars? :) (Though I'd keep the screen names from your story, anyway) But that may be just me, of course; I like my porn canon-faithful :)

Don't be so quick to judge. Lesbian porn is full of surprises, etc etc :)

>If we're talking full-on degradation/depravity/netorare/etc
Hm. I'm personally okay with stories like these (I'm a rather perverted person, lol), but I guess we need other fa/pco/mrades' opinions on this matter, since I've met a lot of people who aren't comfortable with that kind of porn :(

As a matter of fact, if the opinions were too split, we could even create two different stories - one soft and lesbian, the other perverted and full-on depraved. And I would fap to both :D

Heh, that's why we're all here in this topic, lol :)

Actually, for me it's more like
>Something incredibly hot about a goody-goody (any kind of) girl turning into a (any kind of) slut.

I know what you mean. It's lazy writing when any person in the story suddenly becames "lol bi" regardless of their biography, psychology, upbringing, sexual preferences etc.

But what if a person who thinks of themselves as straight, would be seduced into a homosexual one-night stand by a combination of moral confusion, peer pressure, alcohol/light drugs, and a charismatic and insistent seducer? Could happen. And would be hot, imho, if written well.

As for the characters and their sexual preferences... let's see:
Likes cock, sure. But she had a shady past, and we don't know what that shady past included. So she may be bi, with a preference for males. Besides, if we made her 100% straight, that would mean abandoning any hope of Lori's lesbian feelings to her evolving into anything more than unrequited love or rape. And that would be sad :(

Lesbian. I guess, 100% lesbian, even. She lusts over Serenity, but maybe she'll try to seduce some other girls, as well? She wasn't against spending a night-out with Sally in the original comic, for example...

Well, she's a cute cheerful loli virgin who's never even kissed, and a conservative father who watches here every move and grounds her for wanting to wear a costume with bare knees. She's like, the perfect corruption material. Doesn't matter which corruption, imho - straight, lesbian, bi, group, or all of the above :)
Maybe we can also explore the possibility of her father molesting her? It's pretty plausible, imho - his wife is paralyzed from the waist down, and he's pretty jealous of Sally wearing anything more revealing than a nun's habit for her friends. Though, if we decide to explore this scenario, I'd like to ask not to make it the only (or the first) Sally's porn scene, since I don't really care for incestous rape/molestation.

I agree, she look predominantly straight (and for that matter, predominantly monogamous). But, well, the only person she could interact besides Derek - is Serenity. Yeah, hatesex is cliche, but cliches can be fappable, too :) Of course, there's also her father, who's also their Prayer Club leader.

He's straight for Kim. As other possibilities - there's Kim's mother (come on, we can't have a no-holes-barred depraved material without at least some MILF). There's also his stoner friend (is his name Willy? I thought he was called Terry, lol) - and we would have probably the only plausible gay pairing in this comic!

Omnisexual :D He could also be in some of the more "perverted" acts, like BDSM (as both a maledom and a malesub), voyeurism, etc. etc. He's just fits the "sleazy pervert" stereotype too well :)

Dunno about him, really. He looks like a socially stunted person, to me, and I dunno what to make of him. Maybe he could be the "socially stunted guy, but has a huge cock, and thus the ladies flock to him" stereotype? That'd make him a double stereotype! :D (with the "all black men have huge cocks" included)

There's also this problem. What fetishes would our characters get *after* they become depraved sluts? BDSM (sub or dom)? Exhibitionism? What perverted things could they start doing? Maybe someone starts to seduce random people in church? Someone could Or someone else could become a stripper, or even a prostitute? Who would get which fetish / do which thing?

Both scenarios for Serenity are OK. But this leads us to the need to define Serenity's character? Is she the same "bad girl", who has just donned a guise of a "good girl" to have a better chance of escaping other characters' religious clutches and "corrupting" them? Or is she really a reformed person, who becomes more saint than the Pope, while other characters start slowly corrupting (like in Serenity #10, when Kim decides to dress slutty)?

Haha, that's funny :) And pretty hot. But... a bit short :) Keep it up!

Sorry for the tl;dr post :)
>> No. 96896
File 130891617372.jpg - (108.33KB , 858x1200 , 2011JUN23_serenity.jpg )
Cock goes where?
>> No. 96904

So "lesbians or bust" isn't really my thing, and you seem to want a whole bunch of them in there regardless of what anybody else thinks, so have fun with that.

>> No. 96905
Who do you take her for?! She's a decent, religious girl!

...Everywhere, of course :)

Come on, don't get upset, they just want some lesbian sex in there, is all – and I don't see our story can't have both things that you enjoy and things that they enjoy... and things that I enjoy, too :)

And as I said, we could even create two different stories (or more!)
>> No. 96914

Just ignore my bitchiness, I'm still trying to learn to not be an asshole without the use alcohol.

>And as I said, we could even create two different stories (or more!)

I can stay on board with this. Should I start a different thread? I should start a different thread.

Serenity: Set Sail For Cocks: >>96913
>> No. 96925
needs a followup
>> No. 96929
File 130896486683.jpg - (265.52KB , 792x1179 , 62.jpg )
Can I make a request for any drawfags?

It's based off this picture, except in this one, Serenity isn't shying away. She's taking off her towel, mildly drunk and chuckling at the bible club while she gets into the hot tub, saying "Shoulda known you Christians would wear SUITS in a hot tub!" Meanwhile, the bible club looks on in shock, while Lori's right hand mysteriously disappears underwater.
>> No. 96942
File 130900940081.jpg - (175.84KB , 807x1192 , alt_cover.jpg )
Well, since having a second thread for alternative ideas would completely swamp a board that gets five posts a day, I'm back.

Still not interested in doing Scissorfest '11, so looking for artists/ideas for the hetero version.
>> No. 96986
File 130907109326.jpg - (72.87KB , 706x1000 , 2011JUN25_serenity.jpg )
>> No. 97012
Not sure what's going on between her light leg and vag there. Still sexy, though.
>Still not interested in doing Scissorfest '11
I don't understand you.
>> No. 97015
>Light leg
I am assuming you mean her right leg? Our right or her right?
>> No. 97016
Her right. See what I mean? Between the leg and vag?
>> No. 97024
File 130911710372.jpg - (72.82KB , 706x1000 , 2011JUN26_serenity_revised.jpg )
I see it now. Its suppose to be Labium minor protruding wrapping around, but now I look at it, its probably too much. lol.
>> No. 97037

I know.

Agree to disagree?
>> No. 97060

I'm sure there's a world where dicks and lovely lovely scissoring can live I harmony. So let's just get on with it shall we?
>> No. 97070

Since it's not like we're doing this for anything besides smut value, how about an anthology-style edition of whatever stories people want to add instead of only continuing the storyline? Some parts can stick close to the canon if the creator(s) want, others can go off and do whatever. Sort of how anthology porn comics in Japan are done? Just riffing off a common theme, in this case it being Serenity.

Then put it up on lulu and send Buzz a link :3
>> No. 97090
MUCH better.
This. Let's get with the smut-producing!
>> No. 97100
Why not just enjoy whatever free smut you get instead of trying to browbeat the issue?
>> No. 97102

Because I draw/write and these projects nine times out of ten go off the rails with no direction, so I want some concrete guidelines to go by. Sorry if I come off as brusque.
>> No. 97107
Needs more anal...
>> No. 97112
Good idea! :D
>> No. 97175
I just started reading this to familiarize myself with the setting/cast.

...30 pages in and......I think it gave me brain cancer.

Why you give me brain cancer /pco/? What did I ever do to you?
>> No. 97179
Because they want you to suffer like them?
>> No. 97188
I don't care if they eventually find they can't get enough cock and are just gurgling sperm for weeks on end-- there needs to be an intense scissor-fest first.

It's true that the ratio of women who are actually lesbian/bisexual/bi-curious doesn't nearly match what porn would have you believe, but these are impressionable teenagers with raging hormones. Perhaps we could give them some sort of catalyst-- I haven't read the actual manga yet (not sure I want brain cancer :P), but I get the impression one of the characters is a "new" Christian? Like, she used to be a dirty heathen but is getting used to this new wholesome life? If that's the case, maybe she invites her new friends over to smoke some pot, eventually twists their arm enough for them to try it, one thing leads to another and in the morning they wake up in each other's crotches?

Replace pot with alcohol if you think that's more believable. Just saying these girls should get inebriated and fuck each other like rabbits. Who's with me?
>> No. 97190
>they can't get enough cock and are just gurgling sperm for weeks on end--

And as long as we get to see this part, I don't card if it starts with an intense scissor-fest.
>> No. 97191
That's what I'm talking about. True unity in the pervert community, lol.
>> No. 97203
You should keep reading, Serenity is actually a somewhat likeable character( especially compared to the religious drones who "befriend" her) makes it even more depressing when she....well read on to the end and see for yourself. Also repressed lesbian girl is cute.
>> No. 97238
To heck with scissoring, lesbian oral is the only true answer
>> No. 97240
>implying it wouldn't be both
>> No. 97278
so does the download of volume 1-6 stop at 10% for anyone else? This is driving me crazy.
>> No. 97326
File 130943304387.jpg - (285.92KB , 864x799 , 2011JUN30_serenity_sketch.jpg )
>> No. 97676
File 130988502397.jpg - (65.61KB , 707x1000 , 2011JUL05_serenity_tim.jpg )
>> No. 97680
That's fucking hot, man! Love the look on her face in this pic, great work!
>> No. 97701
Good stuff dude.
>> No. 105842
File 131951009310.jpg - (666.61KB , 1280x1965 , Strange_#004_008.jpg )
Bumping. Can we have Serenity seducing Dr. Strange?
>> No. 116791
File 133421288933.png - (46.33KB , 1120x600 , magi 133258086586.png )
I'm bumping this thread, BECAUSE.

hey you, that thing you wanted, something LIKE that is being drawn now by magi.

There's more Serenity porn over in /coc/ than there is here.
>> No. 116792
File 133421493381.jpg - (90.46KB , 602x850 , 2012APR11_badgirl_instructors_model_study.jpg )
You know, I haven't done much on that front lately, mainly because I have started too many projects. Recently I am mostly working on PULP. In the meantime here is a study of some side characters... for, well, something. lol
>> No. 116829
can someone please reupp 1-6?
>> No. 116830

Yeah, that really seems like it's taking off.
>> No. 116857
thanks anon.
>> No. 123450
File 13448274481.png - (198.52KB , 1120x600 , 2012AUG12_serenity_hottube2.png )
Here is the hot tub pic colored.
>> No. 123480
Good job guys. Porn is cool, christianity is boring.
>> No. 123577
What about Christian-Porn?

Along the lines of Christian Rock and Christian Rap, the modern faith now moves into a new area of popular culture for thier worshippers to enjoy.

A pair of newlyweds having sex in the missionary position for the purpose of procreation with the lights off while reciting bible verses, that's my fetish!
>> No. 123589
I love your work
>> No. 123760
File 134518295423.png - (234.39KB , 853x1200 , 2012AUG16_hentai_study.png )
Hey thanks, I am glad you like it.
>> No. 123766
I really like that bottom right piece.
>> No. 123773
File 134524102236.png - (281.68KB , 853x1200 , 2012AUG17_hentai_study.png )
Here have some more.
>> No. 123781
so, so good!
thank you.
>> No. 123789
Different guy, but loving the expressions, especially the ones at the top. And the creampie, obviously. Call me crazy, but it's nice to actually see pubic hair for a change. Bald is getting old.
>> No. 123883
File 134547198696.png - (84.53KB , 846x1195 , 2012AUG20_warmup_2.png )
Hey you are welcome, I am glad you enjoyed it.

hey thanks. hmm, I think having the pubs sort of helps it along in terms of getting that rugged edge that connects it to reality. Its less "plastic" if you get what I mean. To some people it might be a bit gross, but I think it helps it along because one can imagine how it feels.
>> No. 123887
I always enjoy your work.
>> No. 123889
You forgot to color Lori's nosebleed. Seriously, dude
>> No. 128629
File 135183628672.jpg - (60.25KB , 577x774 , 2012NOV01_bad_girl_キタ━━━(゜∀゜)━”.jpg )
Eh, from what I am seeing, its not a nose bleed, its drooling.
>> No. 128708
nice work
>> No. 132680
File 135867908458.jpg - (64.57KB , 637x900 , 2013JAN19_serenity_wip2.jpg )
>> No. 132702
I like the armpit hair
>> No. 134574
File 136340656329.png - (27.90KB , 579x484 , 2013MAR15_serenity_doodle.png )
>> No. 134715
god bless you, magi.
>> No. 134807
File 136368782349.png - (120.44KB , 846x425 , 2013MAR19_serenity_wip.png )
Thanks man.
>> No. 143035
File 137636456253.jpg - (51.96KB , 904x1200 , fanart_serenity_lori_doodle_2013AUG12.jpg )
>> No. 147876
based magi
>> No. 147961
very very nice
>> No. 159955
>> No. 161901
Giving this a nostalgia bump
>> No. 163744
I never knew this existed. Now I plan to hate it as much as possible. Fucking Godbotherers.

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