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File 128733574844.jpg - (358.22KB , 635x900 , serenity1.jpg )
32925 No. 32925
Okay. Bit of an explaination required here. /co/ recently finished storytiming "Serenity", a Christian manga series about a girl named Serenity getting into trouble before cleaning herself up with the word of God. While nowhere near as offensive as the Chick tracts, it's still a poorly written and drawn series with flat characters and a character who is, for all intents and purposes, brainwashed into her school's prayer group.

Serenity is such an interesting trainwreck that there's been a ton of fanwork pouring out as the result. Writefaggotry, drawfaggotry...there's even now a TVTropes page for the manga. Someone suggested we collect all of the fanwork into a single thread on plus4chan, so that's what I'm doing here. If you haven't read Serenity yet, go check out /rs/ on 4chan - the recent volumes should be there, at least. It's worth it to understand why such a weird fandom has sprung up.
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>> No. 32926
First up is my contribution, and the thing that really got the train rolling, I think. Close to the end of volume 2, I decided that the manga was terrible and only horrible fanfiction written by me could make it better. What resulted was something pretty unexpected, even to me.

IE, this is a story where a depressed and angry Serenity becomes a Red Lantern.
>> No. 32927
God damn it.

Serenity knelt in front of her bed, tears coursing down her face, her head buried in her arms.

God DAMN it.

She didn't care anymore. She didn't care about the Lord or saying his name in vain. She didn't care about anything right now.

How could she have been so stupid? Derek hated her now. She tried to seduce him, lure him away from that bible thumper Kimberly...it didn't work. It never worked. And now he was going to strut around school, tell everyone that Serenity Harper was a giant, fucking skank.

"It's not fair," she managed, her voice and mouth awash in sadness and tears. "Nobody loves me. Nobody will ever love me."

Serenity titled back her head and screamed. "WHY?! What the HELL am I doing wrong? It's NOT! FUCKING! FAIR! Why the FUCK are you torturing ME? I DON'T DESERVE IT! I NEVER DID!"

Her shoulders trembled as she hollered, and the familiar feelings came rushing to overwhelm her. Hate. She hated her mom. She hated this house. Hated the school, hated the people. That bitch Kimberly and her nigger friends. Hated them. Hated them so god damn much.

She swore, to fucking God, that if she had never sold those bullets, she'd find a gun and end all of their fucking lives. Fucking end the pain. Right here. Right-
>> No. 32928


Serenity gasped as the voice reverberated in her mind. She turned towards her bedroom window, saw the streaming, red light coursing towards her, and she screamed as it burst through her window, shattering it into uncountable pieces.


The light swung towards her finger, sliding past her knuckles, and immediately Serenity's mind burned. The anger intensified. Red. Painful. Unyielding. Her vision seemed to darken to the color of blood, and her throat swelled with something vile.

She coughed in an anguished, vengeful scream, and blood escaped her throat, splattering against the sheets, dissolving anything it touched into hot steam.

>> No. 32929

She was messed up. He knew that. But it was inexcusable.

Derek spun around a bit in his chair. Hands folded on his lap. Not praying, but almost getting there. No, right now he'd rather think.

Serenity liked him. A LOT. And it was clear that she'd do whatever she could to steal him from Kimberly. He'd need to keep an eye out from now on. But...

"When did your project become a career?"

It stung a little coming from Kimberly. She sounded a bit jealous. But justified. Serenity was a massive troublemaker, out for her own interests. Most people would've left her to her own devices by now.

But Derek knew there was more to her. Underneath all that anger there was someone better trying to get out, smothered by all those defense mechanisms and defiance. Heck, even he felt that way every once in a while, when things went wrong and he felt snippy about it. He could definitely relate.

If he turned away now, it was over. Serenity would never recover from the black hole she was falling into. And he would never forgive himself for letting someone sink when they could swim.

Maybe God wasn't the only answer for her...but it was an answer. And that was better than nothing.

Something shone on the edge of Derek's vision. It looked red.

And it was getting brighter.
>> No. 32930
The brightness swelled, and Derek turned towards his window.

His eyes widened as red light swelled to overtake the world, tearing into his room with a resounding boom.

Derek cried out as dust and rubble cascaded around him. He hit the floor hard - his head and arm cried out in pain. He had to squint to try and make sense of the inorexable red light blinding him. What in the WORLD-?

Almost on that thought, the red light dulled to a large shimmer. Still strong, but enough for him to see. Shielding his eyes, Derek raised his eye and looked into the light, determined to face it.

The figure the light was surrounding caused him to gasp. "S...Serenity...?"

A skintight red and black suit hugged her form. Red power coursed off of her body, her fists clenched, like squeezing the life out of the air itself. Her teeth ground against each other, stained by blood trickling down her cheek.

But that didn't scare Derek. Serenity's eyes scared him the most. Soulless, deranged eyes that stared at him, framed by her blue hair floating, lifted by her sole power.

"...Serenity?" Derek asked again.

"RAGE," she hissed, and it sounded like the worst thing Derek had ever felt. "RAGE."
>> No. 32931

"What HAPPENED to you?" Derek asked. He planted his hands against the floor, about to push himself up. Too slow - Serenity's hand shot down and yanked his collar. Unnatural, unexpected strength dragged him up, out of the massive smouldering hole in his wall, and pulled him to the sky.

Derek panicked. Screamed as Serenity flew him up, up into the sky, high above the suburbs at lightning speed. His life thundered before his eyes. The clouds zoomed closer until he and Serenity passed through and above, where darkness and stars surrounded them and the moon lorded overhead.

Serenity held him out at arms length, and Derek made the mistake of grabbing her hand. It burned like touching a volcano. "GAHH!"

"RAGE," Serenity cried. "RAGE!"

"Serenity, it's ME!" Derek said. "It's Derek!"


His feet swung, tried to find solid ground and failed. "I don't know what's happened to you, but you've GOT to fight it! Please, you HAVE to fight it!"


Derek's eyes bugged wide more than he ever thought possible.

>> No. 32932
"I don't hate you!" Derek said.

Serenity pulled him closer in a rush of cold wind. "DON'T LIE!" she screamed. The blood spotted his cheek, and it felt like dipping into lava.

"GAHHHH!" Derek cried out.


Derek grit his teeth, trying to ignore the incredible pain. "Please...don't do this! I don't hate you! No one does! It feels that way, but it's NOT, trust me!"

"NO MORE!" Serenity said. She shook Derek around, and his heart raced at the fear that she would release him. "STOP FORCING GOD ON ME! I DON'T CARE! HE ISN'T REAL!"

"This isn't about God anymore!"

The pure hate on Serenity's face eased a single inch.

"I'm sorry for insulting you!" Derek said. "I'm sorry for trying to force you into our prayer club! But I want to help you, Serenity! I want to help you so bad because I'm afraid of what you're doing to your life!"

Serenity said nothing.

"I don't even care if you become a Christian anymore! All I want is for you to have a reason to live and I want to help you find it! I want you to feel like you've got a reason to keep going because NO ONE deserves not to have one! No matter what religion! No matter who we are!"

His breath was almost lost, suffocating in her powerful aura, but Derek did not stop. Not then. Not now.

"I want you to be HAPPY AGAIN!"
>> No. 32933

She just dangled him above the earth. Derek waited for her grip to release. Waited for death.


He saw her face, burning, as a tear trickled down, washed with the blood. "...I...I..."

She pulled him into a crushing embrace, immersed him in the aura that didn't burn anymore, and she bawled.

Derek rested his head on her shoulder and closed his eyes, her anguished sobs resounding through the night. The hug squeezed his ribs, like she was accidentally going to grind him into powder. He knew she wouldn't.

"It's okay," he said. "I'm here. I'll always be here for you. No matter what."

>> No. 32934

The police asked Derek lots of questions. Very specific questions. He figured they'd be interested in what happened to him, but, somehow...he thought they were actually BUYING it.

"So, lemme get this straight," the overweight detective said, grinding on a toothpick between his teeth. "A girl surrounded in red light busts into your room, flies you up into the sky, and is about to drop you, but you talk her down. Then she cries, sets you back on earth, then buzzes off."

"Yeah," Derek said. "I know it sounds weird."

"I've heard weirder. Seen weirder." The detective pulled out the toothpick, flicked it into the waiting trash can, then drew another from his pocket. "You're lucky I buy your cock-and-bull story, kid. Anyone else...they'd laugh you out of the station, guaranteed."

Derek looked up at the big man, feeling pretty pathetic. "Is there anyone you know who can help her, Mr. Bullock?"

Harvey Bullock nodded. "Yeah, I know a guy. He'll call another guy, then another. It'll work out."
>> No. 32935

A week later. The rest of Derek's house survived Serenity's entrance, thankfully. He was sleeping on the couch but at least they still had a home. Though it WAS the hardest, most uncomfortable couch to sleep on in existence...

"Derek!" Kimberly's voice rang out as soon as he returned to school and approached his locker.

He turned to face her, and he knew that he looked exhausted. "Hey."

"What happened?" Kimberly asked. "I've been trying to call you for a week! Where WERE you?"

Derek just sighed. "I'd rather not talk about it. It's been a crazy week."

Kimberly stepped in close and hugged Derek tight. He always thought she squeezed hard, but after that one night, not anymore. "I'm just glad you're okay! I thought something terrible happened to you, and I...well, you know." She released her grip and backed away. "Although..."


"Serenity's also been gone, too," Kimberly said. "And even though she's trouble, she NEVER skips school. EVER. And she disappeared the same day you did." Her eyes narrowed. "Was she in the same trouble you were?"

"What? No!" Derek yelped as he opened his locker. There goes that smooth lie he was building up.

"What's the problem now?" Kimberly asked. "Do you know anything? Anything I should KNOW about?"

"No, I don't!" Yanking his chemistry text out of the locker, Derek slapped it shut and snapped the lock back into place. "Look, I gotta go, Kimberly, let's talk about this later, okay?"

He bolted into a run down the hall before she could answer. Oh, man. That was too close. But no matter what he said, he doubted she would buy it. She seemed too suspicious, like always.

And she was getting even more suspicious about Serenity...that girl he now knew he had to save, more than ever.
>> No. 32936

"Are you Derek?"

Good thing he wasn't driving, because the sudden appearance of a man awash in green light definitely would've sent him off the road. Instead here Derek was taking some groceries back to the car when the man appeared, hovering down to earth to speak with him. Like Serenity, he wore a skintight uniform. But it was green on black, and his aura felt calming. So calming, that Derek felt the initial surge of fear wash away.

"Who are you?" Derek asked, feeling calm but very small all the same.

"Kyle Rayner. I'm the Green Lantern." The man landed on the ground and his aura faded away. "I heard about your friend. Sorry it happened. I know what it's like to have your friends turn on you like that."


"Listen, Derek. Your friend...Serenity? She's a Red Lantern." Kyle held up his hands. "I know it sounds pretty bad that a Green Lantern is helping you against another Lantern, but trust me, Red Lanterns are bad news. They're beings of pure anger and they'll destroy anything and anyone."

"How did she become one?" Derek asked. "Can you cure her?"

Kyle nodded. "There's a way. Don't worry. As for the other question, well, Red Lantern rings seek out people who have a lot of rage in their heart and corrupt them. So...well, I'm assuming that Serenity..."

Derek looked down at his cart of groceries. "...yeah."

"Man. I'm REALLY sorry for you, then." Kyle laid a hand on Derek's shoulder. "But like I said, there's a cure. And I need your help to give it to her."
>> No. 32937
File 128733768054.jpg - (82.36KB , 465x448 , 1287103044720.jpg )

"Me?" Derek asked. "Why?"

"Apparently you managed to calm her down all by yourself," Kyle said. "You know how rare that is? Normally Red Lanterns are blinded by rage...but somehow, you got her to see past that. And since I don't want to hurt your friend, I'd like to see if I can use you to calm her down long enough to cure her."

"Yeah, I'll do it!" Derek shouted, something which he immediately regreted, bringing his volume back down. "She's my friend, I can't say no to that!"

Kyle smiled. "Good man. It'll be dangerous, so don't try anything stupid, okay? Just stick with me and do what I say, and we'll get her back to normal in no time."

"Then let's go." Derek suddenly remembered the cart. "Wait. What about the car? And the groceries?"

"Load it up. I'll take you home."


And later that day, any bystander in the street could easily see a red car flying through the air, dragged along in a green aura eminating from a costumed hero flying overhead.


Beneath the ruins of the destroyed, blasted Harper home, Tinkerbelle struggled to survive.

One leg, then two. A crack of light. Finally the tarantula scrambled free of the massive chunks of rock sandwiching her and felt the sting of sunlight once again.

Serenity? Were you there? Anywhere?

Just once she would see you again before...before...

Tinkerbelle felt her movements slow, and she knew the end was near. The battle to escape had completely drained her.

At least...she was free.


Green light awashed the tarantula's eight eyes.

>> No. 32938



Kimberly Calvin paced her room, hands folded behind her back. There was no denying it. She wasn't dumb. She may SEEM dumb, but it was actually a trick to convince others that she was, in fact, smart!

At least, that's what she told herself.

She loved Derek but now she DIDN'T TRUST HIM. He was hiding something from her. Something involving that girl Serenity! Derek wanted to help her a lot. TOO MUCH A LOT. And for him to disappear in the same week that Serenity also disappeared? Watson, she had SOLVED THE MYSTERY.

It was obvious. Serenity wanted Derek badly. Kimberly could see it in her eyes after she had met Derek. Somehow this was a plan to get him away from her. She wouldn't be above trying any trick in the book to steal Derek away from her! Well, it wasn't going to happen. Derek belonged to Kimberly, forever and-

Kimberly stopped pacing and let out a huge sigh. No. She was freaking out. Derek wouldn't betray her like that! And he definitely wasn't "hers". That was just...jealousy talking.

Calm down. Kimberly adjusted her necklace. Okay, just reread those passages you selected. Mediate on them. Then everything would feel all better. You're just being paranoid.

"That necklace is mine."

Orange light washed over Kimberly's world as she turned towards her window, towards the ugly, tusked creature floating beyond the glass.

"I'LL BE TAKING MY NECKLACE WHICH YOU STOLE SOMEHOW!" the alien shouted, as the massive orange lantern he held glowed even brighter.
>> No. 32939

The green light keeping Derek afloat felt strong, powerful. It was amazing.

And it kept him from panicking as Kyle Rayner flew him over housetops and the tips of leafy trees.

"Here's how it's going to work," Kyle explained. "We're going to find her, and you start talking her down. If she attacks, I'm taking you away from the fight. Don't be a hero. Red Lanterns WILL kill you."

"Yes, sir." Kyle was only a few years older but he commanded like his dad would. And if it would help Serenity...

"She's close." Kyle paused in the air - now they hovered over downtown, and Derek kept his eyes forward, pretending there wasn't a ground hundreds of feet below. "We're lucky. I thought she'd be causing a scene again, but it looks like she's calmed down again."

"Again?" Derek asked. "You mean-"

"You've been watching the news? She's been attacking several buildings nearby. That one we passed was wrecked by her."

Derek fell silent. No way he would admit that his dad didn't allow the news to air on TV in HIS house. And at the worst time, too.

Kyle pointed at a building, towards an alleyway. "Down there. Lemme bring you down easy."


Kyle swung around, and as he did, Derek's stomach lurched as he was pulled around as well. Floating before them was a...hideous thing. Like a warthog who lost a fight with a lawnmower. It, too, wore a uniform like Serenity and Kyle, but with orange on black.

"Aw, no," Kyle said. "Larfleeze, what do you want?"

"Everything!" the thing called Larfleeze said, clenching his fist.

Kyle smirked. "Forget I asked, then."

"More importantly, I'm looking for one of my rings!" Larfleeze pointed at Kyle, his other hand clasped around a shining, orange lantern. "And you look like someone who would STEAL from me! Rings, virginity...you'll take ANYTHING that's MINE!"

"What's going on?" Derek asked. Big mistake - Larfleeze glared at him now with his burning, greedy eyes.

"That's mine, too!" Larfleeze said. "Give it to me! That's MY boy-flesh!"

This was getting REALLY uncomfortable. "Larfleeze, if I help you find your ring, will you leave Earth?" Kyle asked. "We really don't want any trouble and-"

"Leave Earth? Leave the planet that should rightfully be MINE?" Larfleeze rocketed towards Kyle in a burst of unreal speed. "You presume too much, Lantern"
>> No. 32940

Kyle burst away from Larfleeze, shrieking through the air at top speed. Derek screamed in full panic, Kyle's aura the only thing keeping him safe from falling to his end. If Larfleeze didn't catch him first.

"You're MINE!" Larfleeze threw out his fist, and from the orange ring on the end, a massive burst of light exploded that transformed into a monumental, metallic safe that opened up, threatening to engulf them. It was still orange light, and Derek could see Larfleeze directing it, but either way, it was going to capture them.

"Hang on!" Kyle said, soaring up even faster. The safe's door snapped shut just as Derek lurched up and past it.

"What're we going to DO?!" Derek screamed un a very unstrong, unmasculine way.

"When I tell you, start rolling!" said Kyle.


"I'm gonna fly down and let you go along the street!"

"I'll DIE!"

"I'll cushion your landing! Now get - "

Larfleeze suddenly howled in pain. At least, it SOUNDED like Larfleeze. Definitely not him or Kyle. But how did-


Derek's eyes widened as Kyle halted, spinning around.

Serenity Harper the Red Lantern smashed her fist into Larfleeze's face, her mouth expelling a gout of blood.

"SERENITY!" Derek shouted, smashing his palms against the green bubble surrounding him.

"Don't make her more angry!" Kyle said. He soared down to the roof of a nearby building and burst the bubble. Derek fell out and landed on his butt with a thud. "Stay here and go downstairs! DON'T do anything else, just RUN away!"

"SERENITY!" Derek shouted again as Kyle soared off to confront Larfleeze. He clenched his fist. He agreed not to interfere, but...he couldn't just RUN! Not now! Not when she needed him the most!

He looked up at the aerial melee. Things went south quickly - Kyle attacked Larfleeze with a giant construct that looked like a mechanical arm. Then Larfleeze whipped Serenity into Kyle with a coil of power.

"Stop it!" Derek shouted as Serenity struck Kyle with another punch, following up with a clawed construct that whipped Kyle into a nearby 'scraper in an explosion of rubble.

"I bet you stole my ring too!" Larfleeze snapped at Serenity. "Everyone wants to steal my rings! And for that, you'll pay the ultimate price - MY PRICE!"

Serenity just roared at him, rushing at Larfleeze and smashing into him, battering him with fists and feet and anything other part of her body within swinging distance.
>> No. 32941


The blue cat coughed a tongue of blood at the tarantula, who leapt up in the air to dodge the attack. The tarantula surrounded itself in green light and smashed into the cat, and the two rolled across the ground before the cat kicked off the spider. It went in for the kill with its fangs, but one leg extended and fired a blast that sent the cat reeling.

Dex-Starr landed on all four feet and regarded Tinkerbelle, the latest Green Lantern to enter the ranks of the Corps.

That was gonna be ONE TASTY SPIDER when he finally ate it.
>> No. 32942

Constructs of red and orange light dueled. Kyle was still out of action.

Sorry, man. He had to do something.

Derek took a deep breath and yelled, as loud as he could. "SERENITY, LISTEN TO MEEEEEE!"

The Red Lantern kept swinging, kept lashing at Larfleeze. If she heard him - probably not - by now it was drowned by her fury.

No. No.

Derek sank to his knees, his fists tightening. No. This shouldn't be happening. He just wanted to help her. Just wanted to save her from what she was becoming. Now she was even more of a monster than before. An actual, literal monster. And all he could do was watch.

Nothing. Else.

"Please, God," he whispered. Tears crawled down his cheeks. "Please save her. Somehow. I don't care anymore. Please save her from this thing and save her from herself."

He kept faith. He always did. God never spoke to Derek directly but He always made his influence known somehow. Derek knew he was watching, helping in many unknown ways.

This time, though...God was more direct.


A bright, indigo light shone down from above, and as Derek looked up at the force zooming towards him, a brilliant staff appeared in front of him, the tip embedding into the concrete.

>> No. 32943
File 128733839943.gif - (11.46KB , 650x450 , ThisIsIncrediblySilly.gif )
"DESTROY the Red Lantern!" Larfleeze screeched, pointed a crooked finger at Serenity Harper. The lantern he squeezed close to his chest shone, and suddenly, constructs appeared around him - figures of various shapes and sizes, some human, some of vastly different creatures and races.

Serenity just roared back at the Orange Lantern as his constructs swept towards her, and she went to town, blasting and crushing with constructs and sprays of acid blood. But it wasn't enough - the legion of energy soldiers soon captured her limbs, restraining the mad Lantern as they pounded her body and smashed her stomach with their fists.

Larfleeze laughed, tilting back his ugly head. "Yesssss! "What hope did you have to challenge me without the rest of your Corps, Red Lantern? Now..." He clenched his free hand, and his orange aura coiled up from his body like an inferno. "Your life is MINE."

His eyes widened as he suddenly became quite aware of something, and his gaze spun around. "Wait...that's...no! Impossible!"

Taking the staff, Derek rose to his feet as indigo power transformed his body. His Earth clothes faded away, replaced with ragged tribal robes that laid open at the chest and flared outward from below his waist in a tattered sash. Blue and black tattoos traced over his flesh, trailing under his eyes and across his pectorals and abdomen. The gel he had used to stiffen his hair this morning loosened, and soon his hair swayed in the wind as nature intended.

"Larfleeze!" Derek shouted, and the new Indigo Lantern floated into the air.

"ANOTHER Lantern?" Larfleeze cried out.


A moment ago, Dex-Starr was fighting Tinkerbelle, a tarantula given the incredible power of a Green Lantern.

Now they were fighting zombies.

Black Lanterns they weren't, thankfully. Still, nothing really explained why they suddenly appeared. Now the living dead crawled the suburbs, driven to attack the two Lanterns who had postponed their fight to drive them off.

Dex-Starr coughed blood onto a zombie's leg and it burned clean away. As it fell, Tinkerbelle's green light construct - just a big, blunt block - smashed into the zombie and swept around, clearing out the zombies that immediately surrounded them.

Dex-Starr looked at Tinkerbelle. For a tasty spider...it sure could fight.

As Dex-Starr raised a paw at Tinkerbelle, the tarantula extended one of its legs to touch it in a gesture of temporary loyalty and the promise to defend each other until the end.

Apparently, Dex-Starr thought, the humans called it a "brofist".
>> No. 32944
"Let her go!" Derek shouted at Larfleeze.

Struggling to break free, Serenity's gaze fell on Derek, softening a tiny bit.

"Her life is already mine, Lantern!" Larfleeze jabbed a finger at Derek, and roughly half of his current constructs broke away from battling Serenity. "And I'll take YOURS as well, while I'm at it!"

Derek's eyes narrowed as he focused the light of the Indigo Tribe through his staff. It fired a powerful beam that tore into the constructs, knocking some of them aside during their charge. The uninjured ones swarmed Derek and snapped, clawed, slashed...anything to crush him for good.

Like he'd let that happen. Derek whipped his staff around, cracking a construct in the forehead, then swinging it around and firing another blast into the ranks. He wasn't going to give up. Not yet. Not ever.

A green flash of power carved through one of the more brutish constructs about to smash his head in. Derek caught a glimpse of the source through the new gap - Kyle soared back into the brawl. "Kyle! Help me!"

"I'm working on it, calm down!" Kyle said. Casting a chain of light from his ring, he captured a construct and whipped it into the others, clearing some room for Derek to fly free and shoot his own construct at the Orange Lanterns harassing Serenity - a strong, wizened hand smashing into the Lanterns, picking them off and throwing them away from their target.

"NO!" Larfleeze snapped as Serenity used the distraction to break free from the other Orange Lantern constructs. "You DARE defy ME?" Larfleeze shot out a fist and unleashed a coiling, draconic serpent-shaped construct towards them. It was answered with a massive floating claw construct from Serenity, snarling, letting the anger overwash her.

"Back off, Larfleeze!" Kyle said, and fired an energy blast that hit the Orange Lantern, sending him careeing into a bank below in an explosive impact.


Dex-Starr was surprised that he could drive a motorcycle.

The Red Lantern ring DID give him added knowledge on how to operate certain vehicles, but...well, he was a cat. He figured operating a motorcycle would be too much for him. Yet here he was, hauling down the streets on the Harley Davidson he had discovered. Tinkerbelle hung on tight, firing energy blasts and constructs at the zombies.

Somehow the zombies had also learned how to drive motorcycles.

Dex-Starr stayed focused ahead. They needed a way to move even faster, or those zombies would catch up.

Wait. Was that...?

Dex-Starr revved the engine and the motorcycle sped up, towards the plank of wood someone had laid across the hood of the truck.

For a brief moment the motorcycle was airborne as it coasted up and off the ramp, the sun sparkling high in the sky. The engine roared in triumph.

So...this was what humans meant when they called something "jawesome".
>> No. 32945

"Serenity, are you okay?" Derek asked.

The Red Lantern turned to face him. Her face was contorted in fury, and she looked like she was struggling to erase the expression from her face. Her blood gurgled from her mouth.

"It's Derek," Derek said. "You remember me, right?"

"...YEAH." She barely even managed that word.

"Listen," Derek said, "my friend Kyle knows a way to help you."

Kyle waved a little. "Hi."

"He's a Lantern just like you," Derek said. "He knows another Lantern who can safely remove that ring from your finger. Then you'll be normal again."

"...WHAT ABOUT YOU?" Serenity asked.

Derek smiled. "Hey, I'll lose the face paint if that means helping you out. Deal?"

Serenity didn't reply. Just clenched her fist, trying to resist the urge to hit something. Then: "DEAL."

"Come on," said Kyle. "We'd better fly fast before Larfleeze-"

A shining burst of orange light streaking high into the atmosphere cut off Kyle's sentence. And it was flying up from the destroyed bank. Larfleeze hadn't been defeated after all!

"LANTERNS!" Larfleeze shouted, as Kyle flew in front of the two teenagers in a defensive position. "Your lives are MINE! It's only a matter of time!" As Larfleeze soared down towards them like a burning hawk, he spread his free arm. "Aid me, my Corps!"

Once again the constructs manifested about Larfleeze and surrounded him like multiple shields. Derek seemed to recognize them all now - the power of the Indigo Tribe was like opening a new world of possibilities, releasing all the power in his brain that he never thought he had before. He connected each familiar face to its construct in a matter of moments.

But then he saw the construct leading the charge along with Larfleeze, and it was familiar for a whole other reason.

"KIMBERLY?!" Derek cried out.


Jumping off a ramp always worked in the movies! But the zombies quickly overshadowed whatever speed advantage they got, and their motorcycles showed no signs of slowing down. Dex-Starr couldn't even help Tinkerbelle fight them off - as a cat driving a motorcycle, he probably needed all paws available to keep it steady.

Dex-Starr looked down at the gas dial. It was almost empty! Then, if the bike had to stop, it needed to be in front of the best place possible.

A catty smile crept on Dex-Starr's lips as he saw the gun shop approach rapidly as the motorcycle barrelled up the street.

Dex-Starr turned around, scooping up Tinkerbelle in his paws, and leapt into the air. His Red Lantern power kept him flying as the motorcycle charged ahead, right into traffic, where it detonated in an incredible explosion that ruptured gas tanks and caused other cars to explode into a gigantic inferno. But Dex-Starr just ignored this and crashed on through the gun shop's glass door.

"Hey, you don't have opposable thumbs!" the shop keeper shouted at the intruders. "You don't belong in here!"

Dex-Starr promptly smashed into the guy and knocked him unconcious. Landing on the counter, he set down Tinkerbelle.

Rows of automatic rifles, shotguns, and pistols lined the walls.

Dex-Starr and Tinkerbelle looked at each other and nodded.
>> No. 32946

"KIMBERLY!" Derek shouted, as Kimberly Calvin, now an Orange Lantern construct, collided with him.

"Damn it!" Kyle said, whipping about a massive spiked mace construct into Orange Lantern constructs. "FOCUS, Derek!"

"DEREK!" Serenity shouted and shot towards the construct bringing down the Indigo Lantern. Grabbing Kimberly's shoulder, the Red Lantern pulled her off Derek and landed a fist in the construct's face.

"NO!" Derek shouted. His gaze whipped at Larfleeze. "What did you DO to her, you MONSTER?!"

Larfleeze sneered as well as an ugly warthog alien could. "She had something that belonged to me. As usual, these pathetic humans would keep what rightfully belongs to ME! So..." He lovingly caressed the Lantern he carried. "I took her identity. Now she is MINE! FOREVER!"

"You...you MURDERER!" Derek rocketed at Larfleeze with the full, bright fury of his light. "YOU MURDERER!"

Larfleeze answered the attack with an energy blast. Derek rose his staff to counter...and nothing happened. Before he could cry out in shock, the blast engulfed him and he spiralled down, his body smouldering from taking the full brunt.

Kyle broke off from the fight and arced down, catching Derek in his arms. "Derek! Speak to me! Come on, buddy, don't die on me yet!"

Derek's eyes shot open. "He...he..."

"You're an Indigo Lantern now!" Kyle said. "Your powers won't work unless you focus your mind on your compassion! You CAN'T let revenge blind you!"

"But...he can't get away with it! I CAN'T let him get away with it!"


The zombies who hadn't crashed their motorcycles (zombies have no concept of braking, you see) lumbered towards the gun shop and clawed at the windows. They didn't care how small the cat was. They would eat it. Enjoy it. Love it.

Suddenly the door shattered as a battering ram of red light smashed through it, squishing any zombies that had clamored around it. The others turned their rotting faces slowly towards the disturbance.

Out floated Dex-Starr and Tinkerbelle, propelled by the power of their rings. Each ring had created a multitule of energy arms and hands.

These arms each held an automatic rifle with ammo fed to it by an ammo belt.

The zombies all made a pained noise of hunger and rushed the two Lanterns, and the guns rang out, emptying round after round into the rotten bodies of the zombies. When the rifles were empty, the hands snatched shotguns from the wall and blew off the zombie's heads, which exploded into geysers of blood and gore. When the shotguns were empty...

Well. Out came the machetes.
>> No. 32947
File 12873391321.gif - (40.26KB , 650x650 , ThisIsStupid.gif )

"The Indigo Tribe can copy the power of the other Lanterns!" said Kyle. "If you can't feel compassion...get greedy! Think about how much you want to live and to save your friends!"

"I can save Kimberly?" Derek asked.

Kyle's face wrinkled. "I don't know, but now's not the time to think about it! You've got to help turn the tide, NOW!"

Derek nodded. "I'm ready, let's do it!"

Soaring back up, Kyle released Derek just as the other Orange Lanterns moved in on Serenity, who was still fighting with Kimberly.

"MINE!" Kimberly laughed, tearing at Serenity's hair. "MINE, MINE, MINE!"

"RAGE!" Serenity shouted back, socking Kimberly in the gut.

"LARFLEEZE!" Derek shouted. "I want to stop you! And I want to save my friends! You want everything in the universe...but you haven't wanted anything as much as I want to save them RIGHT NOW!"

The light within the dome of his staff shifted to a bright orange, and the construct that erupted from it was a gigantic serpent straight out of Greek myth, zigging and zagging past the Orange Lanterns, knocking them astray. Larfleeze created a shield to defend himself, but the snake smashed so hard into it that it sent him flying back.

"And now it's time to finish the job!" Kyle said, summoning up his own construct - this one even bigger and mightier than anything before. It took the shape of a huge semi truck, zooming through the sky, crashing through Orange Lanterns like they were planks of wood.

Larfleeze aimed his fist at the Green Lantern's construct.

Which unfolded, transforming into a large, mechanical-looking robot.

Kyle smiled. "Transform and roll out, Larfleeze."


They had run out of bullets. The machetes were thrown into zombie heads. Resorted back to using their Lantern powers. Still more came.

Dex-Starr felt the unmistakeable toll of his power slowly decreasing to zero. He needed to recharge. He looked over to Tinkerbelle and imagined she was feeling the same way.

They had to escape the burning city. Recharge their rings. Did they have enough power to fly to a safe place? Maybe -

Suddenly a red semi-truck barrelled out of nowhere down the street, smashing through the zombies, spalttering blood all over the paintjob.

And then, before Dex-Starr's amazed eyes, it unfolded, parts changing into legs and arms, forming a robot that towered over them all, shooting the zombies down with its massive battle rifle.

"Dex-Starr!" the robot said, when all the zombies were finally slain. "You must come with me. The fate of the universe depends on it!"

Who was this robot, Dex-Starr wondered. And, amazingly, it answered his question.

"My name is Optimus Prime. Leader of the Autobots, and protector of this planet."
>> No. 32948
The giant robot aimed its massive battle rifle at Larfleeze and pulled the trigger.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" Larfleeze shouted. The blast crashed into him, hurtling across the landscape. So powerful was the attack that the Orange Lantern constructs fizzled before abruptly vanishing, and suddenly Serenity wasn't fighting with Kimberly anymore.

"KIMBERLY!" Derek shouted. He flew over to where she had appeared previously. "Where did she go? Kyle! What happened to her?"

Kyle soared over. "Derek..." He laid a hand on the Indigo Lantern's shoulder. "Larfleeze wasn't lying about it. The Orange Lantern absorbed her and her identity. She's nothing more than one of his constructs now. She's...technically, not even alive anymore."

Derek's eyes widened.

"I'm sorry," Kyle said. "Really, I am."

No. This couldn't be real. She couldn't...she couldn't be gone for good. Not after all he tried to do. Not after...

Derek squeezed his eyes shut. "No." He tasted the new tears as they ran into his lips. "Kimberly...no..."

A new pair of hands gently took him by the shoulders and pulled him into an embrace. Derek opened his eyes, and found himself once again in the arms of Serenity Harper.

"I'M...SORRY, Derek," Serenity said, the edge in her voice draining away. "This is my fault. Too much anger. Anger caused...this." Her blood bubbled through his robe.

"...no," Derek finally managed. "Don't blame yourself, Serenity. No one could have prevented this."

No matter how much he wished it to be true.

"You win THIS round, Lanterns!" Larfleeze suddenly declared, and the others all watched as he flew around them within speaking range. "But make no mistake...I WILL return and find my ring. And then..." He splayed opened his fingers, crushing them into a fist. "Then you will be MINE. Make no mistake of that."

Derek craned his head up as the sole, physical Orange Lantern exploded towards the sky and towards space.

"We have to stop him," he said after a few moments. "As long as he's around...more people will suffer like Kimberly did."

"We've been working on that." Kyle folded his arms. "It won't be easy, though. He's a one-man army. Literally."

"What if you united the other Lanterns?" Derek asked. "The Indigo Tribe, the Red Lanterns -"

"The Red Lantern Corps would never work with the Indigo Tribe or the Green Lantern Corps," Kyle said. "Not unless they thought Larfleeze was threatening them."

Derek's frown deepened. "Then...it's up to me, then."

"Up to us," Kyle said. "You're not alone. And hey..." He looked at Serenity. "For now, you've got one Red Lantern to help, at least."

"We have to cure her first. At least I can save her."

Serenity had turned away from them, looking out across the city landscape. The red aura surrounding her was tame now, but Derek figured at any moment it could flare up again. "...are you still with me, Serenity?"

"Yeah," she said. She turned back around. Her fists struggled not to attack. "Let's go."

Kyle waved a hand over his shoulder. "It's going to be a long ride, so we'd better get moving. We'll send a message to your folks along the way, Derek, since we can't exactly break now to go seek them out."

"Okay," Derek said.

The Lanterns shot off together at the clouds gathering in the distance. They began white, mixing to grey. Flashes of white rumbled within them. Derek found himself trying to ignore them and focus on the white and the sun still shining. Trying to drive Kimberly from his mind.

God had a plan. But he'd work as hard as he could within it. He'd save Serenity. Then Kimberly. He'd bring it all to rest.

But he still felt weighted down as he stared towards the light.
>> No. 32949

Dex-Starr had travelled to many galaxies as a Red Lantern, but even he hadn't seen anything like this - a massive robot capable of transforming into a common Earth semi-truck. Now he and Tinkerbelle rode within the alien being's cab - the Green Lantern crawled on the dashboard while Dex-Starr curled up in the driver's seat. The steering wheel rotated on its own accord.

"I am from Cybertron," Optimus Prime explained, his voice reverberating from the walls of the cab itself. "Our people have been divided into two factions. As leader of the Autobots, I have dedicated my life to defeating the Decepticons, who want nothing more than to conquer the entire galaxy.

During our conflict, our most prized possession was lost - the Allspark. For many centuries we've hunted for it through the stars...until now. The Allspark is here, on Earth. We must prevent the Decepticons from capturing it...or all is lost."

If this Allspark was as powerful as Optimus Prime said...then the Red Lanterns had to have it, Dex-Starr concluded. With it they could easily become the most powerful Corps in the galaxy.

But Optimus Prime's next statement seemed intended to counter that. "I know that you are a Red Lantern...but I have been seperated from my Autobot brothers. If the Decepticons were to get their hands on the Allspark, they will easily have the power to crush the Red Lantern Corps, or any Corps they may encounter. If you wish to save the future of your Corps...we must work together, for the moment."

Dex-Starr glanced up at Tinkerbelle. He was fine with that. For the moment.


The Orange Lantern construct formerly known as Kimberly Calvin soared above the city. Larfleeze had ordered it to search for the ring he had lost, and the construct followed dutifully, searching nooks and crannies most humans wouldn't bother to acknowledge.

Finally, the construct noticed it - a spark of orange light darting in the distance. The ring. The construct flew towards it at top speed.

The ring arced away from the construct, who in turn sped up to match its flight. They danced around the sky, bobbing and weaving, the ring eluding capture as if driven by a supernatural mind of its own.

The construct extended its hand, spreading thin fingers to gain extra reach.

It proved to be enough - the construct's middle finger slid through the loop of the fleeing ring, and it immediately quit struggling.


A shining orange light geysered from the ring, engulfing the Orange Lantern construct and briefly casting the entire day in the colors of sunset.
>> No. 32950


Laserfire suddenly rained on both sides of the truck as Optimus Prime drove through a city street thick with dry brown buildings and cafes. Optimus swerved, turning around mid-skid, and the cab door flew open. "Go! Quickly!"

As Dex-Starr leapt out of the truck cab with Tinkerbelle on his back, Optimus unfolded once again into his towering humanoid form. "Show yourself!"

"PRIME!" a raspy voice intoned, and from the roof of the tallest building on the street, another huge robot leapt down - silver and black armored, with a gigantic cannon attached to its right arm. Its feet embedded in the road as it landed with a force the size of an instant earthquake.

"Megatron," Optimus said.

Megatron sneered at Dex-Starr and Tinkerbelle. "Escorting housepets, Prime? You'll do anything to suck up to the humans."

"If it's a fight you want, Megatron," Prime said, "you'll get it!" His arm reached up for the battle rifle holstered on his back.

Megatron laughed. Even his laugh was rotten and rough. "It seems like you've forgotten to bring your troops, Prime! Fortunately...I didn't make that same mistake."

He raised a hand, and suddenly more robots emerged from hiding places, a multitude of different designs and weapons. "Decepticons...ATTACK!"


When Derek was five, he told his mom that he wanted to be an astronaut. As he got older, he let that idea go. Kids said that all the time - they wanted to be an astronaut or a doctor or the president. It was just a thing kids do.

This was the fourth time Derek looked back the Earth behind him.

"I never dreamed I would be able to do this," Derek said. The energy of the Indigo Tribe wrapped around him as he flew with the other Lanterns in space. Their own auras gave them protection from the vaccum as well.

"My friend Hal always wanted to be an astronaut, you know," Kyle said. "He didn't get into the program, but...well, let's just say he got the next best thing."

Derek looked at Serenity. She had just wiped the blood from her mouth, though it wouldn't be long before it began trickling down her lips again. "Gorgeous," she said. Still one word, but it was a quiet one. Looked like she would remain calm as long as Derek remained by her side.

"Anyway." Kyle turned back around and began flying, and as Derek and Serenity followed, the stars streaked by. "We're almost at the rendevous point. We're just lucky Saint Walker is in this sector right now. He'll remove the red ring, I'll catch Serenity, and then I'll take you both home."

"Thanks, Kyle," said Derek.

"Just part of the job. Now let's..."

Kyle suddenly turned around, pointing his fist at the Earth. "...something's coming."

"Who is it?" Derek asked, tightening the grip around his staff.

"...an Orange Lantern."
>> No. 32951


"You're MINE, Optimus!" one of the robots cackled. He aimed his arm-mounted laser at Optimus and fired, striking the Autobot in the chest before he could squeeze off a shot.

Dex-Starr and Tinkerbelle burst away from each other in a stream of light, charging towards the Decepticons. Dex-Starr landed on the robot's arm and vomited acid blood which bubbled as it ate through his metallic skin.

"M-Megatron!" the robot shouted. "These are no ordinary housepets!"

"Then quit whining and KILL them, Starscream!" Megatron said. He fired a massive blast of purple energy at the soaring Tinkerbelle, only for the Green Lantern to avoid it and cast a giant spider construct to tangle with the Decepticon leader.

"Laserbeak, eject," a blue Decepticon said with a synthesized voice. He pressed a button on his shoulder and his chest opened, firing a flat block of technology that unfolded into a robotic bird. "Operation: pursuit." Laserbeak swept towards Tinkerbelle and the two took their battle to the air, Tinkerbelle firing blasts of energy to counter the gunfire Laserbeak shot at her.

As Dex-Starr sent his roaring constructs into the Decepticon ranks, Optimus Prime confronted Megatron. They fired their weapons at each other until they had both rushed into melee range, resorting to grappling and trying to throw the other down.

"You...won't WIN, Megatron!" Optimus said.

"Make no mistake, Prime!" Megatron replied. "Today...you DIE!"


"Get ready," said Kyle, floating in front of Serenity and Derek. "It's approaching fast."

Derek brought his staff before him. Serenity moved up to his side. Her aura felt warm, like always, but now he felt even warmer. He would protect her. No matter what.

They heard something as the pinpoint of orange light swelled towards them. It sounded like...

"mine, mine, mine, Mine, Mine, MINE, MINE!"

"I know that voice," Derek said. "But...that's impossible. She's dead. You said she was dead!"

Kyle's brow furrowed. "I don't get it either. But it looks like we're about to find out how it happened."

The orange light burst up towards them and spiralled about like driving through a cylinder before the streak floated down in front of them and the aura faded in intensity.

Impossible. It was impossible.

"Derek!" Kimberly Calvin snapped. A copy of Larfleeze's Orange Lantern uniform stuck to her hips. "How DARE you? After all I've done for you, you run off with that...that HUSSY!"
>> No. 32952

Serenity growled and hunched over, rearing to attack. Derek's staff barred her from approaching. "You're alive," Derek said, staring at Kimberly. "I...I thought you were gone. How did..."

Kimberly held up her hand, revealing a glistening orange ring. "This ring brought me back to life. Don't know how...but it doesn't matter." She floated towards Derek, ignoring Kyle. "I've got a new lease on life again. And I want you to spend it with me, Derek. You...my fiance."

She hugged him. "My fiance. MINE." Her squeeze intensified. "Understand? MINE. No one else can have him! Not you!" She jutted her chin at Kyle. "And especially not YOU!" she said to Serenity.

"Get...OFF HIM," Serenity said.

"Serenity, no!" Derek said.

"He's MINE," Kimberly gushed. "And YOU can't have him. Oh, I've ALWAYS known you've wanted him, Serenity. But you can't. I'm the better woman. I deserve to take him from everyone else. Especially you, you troublemaking SCUM!"

Serenity roared and tore Kimberly free from Derek, smashing her in the face with a barrage of punches.



The Decepticons were powerful, but even the small force Megatron had gathered was no match for the Lanterns. Dex-Starr constantly pounded away with raging constructs while Tinkerbelle harassed Starscream and the other flyers resembling him.

"Keep it up!" Optimus said. He fired a blast at Megatron, who ducked into a nearby alleyway.

"Constructicons!" Megatron shouted, shaking his fist. "Combine!"

Six yellow-green construction vehicles of different types drove into the street and changed shape...but not into robots. Two became massive limbs and the others stacked onto them.

Dex-Starr's yellow eyes widened. They were forming an EVEN BIGGER ROBOT.

"I am DEVASTATOR!" the combined robot shouted, raising its huge rifle. "All Autobots must be DESTROYED!"

Tinkerbelle immediately attacked with a black widow construct, but even as it tried to attack Devastator, the immense robot simply ignored it. Instead it fired a blast at Tinkerbelle, splashing over the barrier the tarantula had erected and knocking her away.

"Not even your superpowered allies can stop Devastator!" Megatron declared. "You're DOOMED, Optimus Prime!"
>> No. 32953
File 128733967435.jpg - (100.48KB , 600x750 , green-lantern-optimus-prime.jpg )

"Serenity, NO!" Derek shouted as the Red Lantern hammered on Kimberly.

"You can't have him!" Kimberly shouted. She kneed Serenity in the gut and she doubled over. "He's MINE! ALL MINE!" She reared back, summoning a massive, spiked mace construct. "I'll teach you to take what's MINE!"

The construct swung down, smashing into a shield made from indigo energy. "Don't hurt her!" Derek shouted, forcing the shield out to knock Kimberly back.

"Why are you defending her?" Kimberly demanded. "You don't want her, you want ME!"

"Not like that!" Derek said. "I'm trying to cure Serenity of the Red Lantern ring. If you take yours off, we can all go home! We can forget this whole thing had ever happened!"

Kimberly gasped. "Take it OFF? WHY? It's MY ring. No one else is getting it, especially not to YOU! In fact, you OWE me a ring if we're going to marry!"

"She's consumed by greed!" Kyle said. clenching his fist and flaring his aura. "We have to remove the ring if we're going to help her!"

"YOU WANT MY RING TOO?!" Kimberly snapped. She shot back, readying another construct. "You're all THIEVES and BETRAYERS! If you won't give me what I want, I'll just have to KILL you!"

Derek let out a long yell as Kimberly lashed her construct at them - a massive, streaking fighter jet. Immediately Kyle shot a blast to counter it, and with Serenity's own red blast, the construct scattered away. Serenity charged in soon after and tackled Kimberly again with a flying, double-fisted attack.

Derek charged in as well. Hang on, Kimberly. You're almost free. He'd see it through.



Devastator quickly turned the tide of battle. Dex-Starr's aura was able to withstand the brunt of the robot's laser, but too much of those blasts and he knew it would be over. It became a game of hit and run, and with the other Decepticons bearing down on them with gunfire, it was a losing run.

"Decepticons superior," the blue robot monotoned. "Autobot inferior."

"Give up, Prime!" Megatron laughed. "It's over! You've lost!"

Optimus Prime squeezed off another shot and ducked behind his soon-to-be-unsafe corner of cover. "It will never be over, Megatron. Not as long as I or any Autobot stands to fight against you! Not as long as the promise of a peaceful future exists!"

"Very inspiring words. But foolish." Megatron pointed at the direction of the battle. "Finish it, Devastator."

Devastator roared and aimed his rifle right at Optimus Prime's hiding spot, ignoring the attacks of the small Lanterns.

"Don't give up!" Optimus said. "Keep fighting!"

Devastator pulled the trigger and fired a lancing beam of power at Optimus Prime.


A pillar of blue light smashed into Optimus from above, diverting Devastator's attack into two stray beams.

"WHAT?" Starscream shouted.

The light faded, and Optimus Prime stood to his full height. The red and white portions of his body had shifted color into blue and black, respectively. He clenched one fist, burning with the power of a blue aura that surrounded his entire being.

>> No. 32954
Derek attacked Kimberly in unison. As Serenity punched Kimberly across the face - Derek winced at that one - the Indigo Lantern summoned chains to constrict around Kimberly. "Serenity, get the ring off her finger!"

But the Red Lantern wasn't listening. She struck Kimberly again, pummeling the Orange Lantern with blows.

"NO!" Derek shouted. "Serenity, STOP IT!"

"Get AWAY from me!" Kimberly said, lashing out her foot to catch Serenity in the midsection, forcing the Red Lantern to double over. With another shout she stretched out her arms, bursting free from Derek's chains. "After everything I've done for you and you let that scumbag ATTACK me, Derek? You OWE me for that!"

With that Kimberly swiped the air, summoning a construct - this one expanded into a large, sweeping dragon that charged at Derek. But a mighty blast from Kyle repelled it, and the Green Lantern flew to Derek's side. "Derek, you need to use the power of hope!"

"How do I do that?" Derek asked.

"Just...be hopeful for something! Anything! It's the only thing that can stop an Orange Lantern's greed, so maybe it'll calm her down, too!"

"You'll PAY for that!" Kimberly shouted, her dragon construct swirling around again as she fed it more energy. "You'll ALL pay! Starting with YOU, Serenity!"

Serenity reared back with a battlecry and fired an angry blast at Kimberly.



Megatron took a step back as he beheld the burning force rising from Optimus Prime. "This power...it's nothing like anything I've ever felt before!"

Optimus took a step forward, and the remaining dust from Devastator's attack parted when confronted with the aura. "Megatron...it's over. You'll never defeat us. Not while we have a bright future to work towards."

"Crush him, Devastator!" Megatron commanded.

The massive Decepticon aimed his rifle again, but as Tinkerbelle swarmed around Optimus Prime with her own aura shining, the power invigorating the lone Autobot intensified. He raised a fist and unleashed a wide, blue burst at Devastator, the force enough to actually cause the great beast to stumble.

"Impossible!" Megatron said. "Soundwave! Deploy all of your cassettes! The rest of you...ATTACK!"

"Ravage, Frenzy, Rumble, eject," the blue robot called Soundwave said. More flat boxes shot from his open chest and unfolded, one into a panther-like robot and the others into smaller robots. "Operation: assault."

Dex-Starr flew back around to Optimus Prime's side, staying close to his shoulder. He never thought he'd see the day where he was working alongside a Blue Lantern again, not to mention a Green Lantern. Fate had strange companions, that was for sure.

Optimus Prime's hand flared open. "Lanterns...ROLL OUT!"
>> No. 32955

Serenity's energy blast crashed into Kimberly, staggering her. Once again the Red Lantern burst at the Orange Lantern, and the two erupted into a frenzied melee.

"I'll get that dragon!" Kyle said, soaring towards Kimberly's construct. "You get that ring!"

"Got it!" Focusing on Kimberly and Serenity, Derek shot towards them. He summoned a wall of force between the Lanterns that expanded and spread, forcing them apart.

"You again?" Kimberly fired a blast at Derek, who flew to the side to dodge it. "WHY are you helping her? She just wants you all for herself! Don't you SEE that?"

Derek charged the end of his staff, pointing it at the Orange Lantern. "Maybe she does, but I don't care! All I want now is to free you both from those rings! And if you won't take it off willingly...I'll snatch it by force!"

Kimberly spread her arms out, glaring at Derek. "You're really doing everything possible to tick me off today. If you weren't such a hunk, I'd get rid of you in a heartbeat."

That wasn't really her. The ring was just making her act that way. Derek tightened his grip, sized her up. The power of hope...what could he hope for that would be strong enough to save Kimberly?

The hope of saving her. The hope of helping Serenity make a better life for herself. The hope of becoming a pastor, helping others who came to him try to make peace with themselves. The hope of a happy life.

He had tons of stuff to fight for.



The Decepticons had no defense against the attacks of the Prime Corps. Ravage, the panther-robot, was quickly swept aside by one of Dex-Starr's wildcat constructs - something he relished. Starscream careened into a water tower from the blow of one of Tinkerbelle's constructs. And Optimus Prime himself took to the air, littering Devastator with energy blasts that the giant couldn't handle.

"DIE, Autobot!" Devastator roared, swinging his gigantic fist at the Blue Lantern. Optimus easily arced over the swing and raised his fist, firing up a blast that reformed into a towering construct - another massive robot made out of others like Devastator, but with a fundamentally different shape.

"SUPERION!" Devastator brought up his hands and grappled with the airborne construct.

"And with that taken care of..." Optimus looked down at Megatron. "It's time to finish this, Megatron."

"This changes NOTHING!" Megatron fired his arm cannon over and over, blasts harmlessly bouncing off of the Blue Lantern aura. "I am MEGATRON! I will not fall to the likes of YOU!"

Optimus Prime chambered his fist. "In fearful day, in raging night...with strong hearts full, our souls ignite..." His blast sliced through Megatron's arm cannon with ease. "When all seems lost in the War of Light..."

Optimus Prime raised his hand and unleashed a magnificent field of blue energy, engulfing the surrounding area. Details vanished within its field. "Look to the stars - For hope burns bright!"
>> No. 32956

Kimberly gestured - the dragon Kyle struggled with vanished as she casting a row of warhammers, all aimed at Derek. "Last chance, Derek. Stop this now and we can go home. And I'll even let you buy me lunch! Even though it's MY money we're using anyway."

Just ignore her. Focus on the goal. "Bring it on," Derek said.

Kimberly scoffed...and then was promptly tackled by Serenity again. It was enough for the horde of hammers to shoot directly at Derek.

The Indigo Lantern flew towards them, even as they arced to hunt him down. Hope.

He soared up and over one, winced as another grazed him. Hope!

He shot towards Kimberly and Serenity brawling, even as one of the hammers coursed into his leg and pain exploded up towards his knee. Hope!

With a battlecry, he forced the staff at the two fighting Lanterns, and it shone a brilliant blue, bursting out into a field of raw blue power.

For a few dragging moments, all Derek could perceive was that blue power. He couldn't make out the stars, the Earth...Kimberly or Serenity or Kyle. Yet he felt a great sense of relief wash over him, his body tingling, then relaxing to total calm.

It lasted until the light faded and reality remained standing.

"Derek!" Kyle called out, and Derek glanced up at Kyle. "Quick, catch them in a force field!"

Derek spun around and fired a beam from his staff, which wrapped around the comatose Kimberly and Serenity, creating an atmosphere that would help them survive in space.

"Not bad," Kyle said, flying back down to Derek's side. "You're a natural. Some Green Lanterns wish they were as smooth as you are."

Derek smiled. "Thanks." He looked at Kimberly, floating on her side. "Now, lemme just get this ring while I can..."

He passed his free hand into the aura and cautiously placed his fingers on Kimberly's ring. He expected her to leap up at any moment like one of those screaming horror movies. Back and forth he managed the ring off of her finger. Careful. Careful.

Finally his hand broke free, and the ring burst up with a flash of power, soaring out into the cosmos of space. "Got it!" Derek laughed. "Hey, Kimberly!" He passed his hand back into the aura and nudged her on the shoulder. "Kimberly, wake up! I got the ring off! It's over!"

Serenity's eyes flashed open and she tensed, rearing to strike. Then she saw Derek's face and the rage surpressed itself again. "...what happened?" she asked.

"I got the ring off Kimberly!" Derek said. "She's gonna be fine! She's alive again, Serenity! She's alive!"
>> No. 32958

"I am glad you have resolved the situation. I feared I would be too late."

Derek turned around as a blue light sparked close to them, revealing another Lantern. He was pole thin, his dull white head ending in a curving tentacle that flowed behind him. He cropped his fingers near his waist, hands upside down. "Greetings, Lanterns."

"Saint Walker." Kyle flew up to the alien and briskly shook his hand. "Glad you could make it."

"I was approachng just as this Indigo Lantern cast an aura of hope," Saint Walker said. "I was told that you were with a Red Lantern that needed to be cured...but I never expected that you would be battling Larfleeze."

"It's not Larfleeze." Derek floated to the side, revealing Kimberly. "It's...my girlfriend. Kimberly Calvin. She somehow got her hands on one of the orange rings."

"Unexpected. Has it been removed?"

"Yeah. It sped off before I could catch it."

Saint Walker floated closer and brought forth his ring - the Blue Lantern ring, Kyle had told Derek. Derek let his Indigo Lantern power fade from Kimberly as Saint Walker cast a new force field around her.

"Kyle said you could heal injuries," Derek said. "Can you heal hers?"

Saint Walker's wide lips sank. "...she is already dying, Lantern."


"Her body has suffered far too much damage to sustain itself for longer," Saint Walker said. "She is not long for this world."

"Th-that's impossible!" Derek said. "The ring brought her back to life! She shouldn't be dying AGAIN!"

Kyle raised a finger. "Wait. Walker...before Kimberly became an Orange Lantern, her body was absorbed by Larfleeze's battery. Somehow the ring gave her her body back. You think there's a connection?"

"I believe so," Saint Walker said. "Perhaps the ring returned her physical form, but was the only thing keeping that form sustained. Without it...she will cease."

Derek laid his hands on his face. His body quaked, his fingers twitching, his skin suddenly feeling cold. "No...not again...not again..."


Derek gasped as Kimberly's eyes batted open. "KIMBERLY!" His hands forced through Saint Walker's aura and took Kimberly by the shoulders. "Are you okay? Speak to me!"

"I can speak...but...I'm not okay," Kimberly said. "I heard everything...and I feel it happening."
>> No. 32959
File 128734045468.gif - (35.01KB , 650x450 , 02022_2.gif )

"Hang on!" Derek said. "We'll find you someone that can fix this! Saint Walker's a healer, or maybe Kyle can find someone who can save you! Just HANG IN THERE!"

"...don't bother," Kimberly said. Her voice got quieter by the second. "It's too late, Derek. I'm a goner. Nothing...nothing anyone can do about it."

"Don't talk like that." It was all Derek could do to hold back the building sadness. "Please. Don't talk like that."

Kimberly tilted her head with obvious effort, to look at Serenity. "Sorry...for everything I said. Everything...I thought about you. You're...not scum. You're...you..." She paused for a long moment and Derek thought she had passed right then and there. "...you deserve better."

Serenity said nothing. Just lifted a hand, pressed it against the aura surrounding her, palm facing Kimberly.

"...I love you, Derek." Kimberly wasn't crying, but she seemed like she was about to.

Derek bent forward, his head and shoulders passing coldly into Saint Walker's aura, and he brought Kimberly into an embrace. "I love you too," he said. He stroked her hair. "So much."

He could tell her body was slowly dissolving into dust. Dust tipped his fingers until it blew free by some invisible wind, escaping Saint Walker's aura and floating into deep space. He looked once, then closed his eyes, continuing to hold her.

He held her even after she had completely disentigrated, his arms still locked in place, like he was trying to hold onto her memory.



The Decepticons lay scattered. The buildings surrounded them were cracked and bruised, but they still stood. Devastator lay in pieces, the robots making up his limbs blown aside by Optimus Prime's ultimate attack.

Optimus Prime's aura calmed down as the Autobot leader landed on the street. "It's over." He looked to Tinkerbelle, who settled on his boxy shoulder. "You fought well, Green Lantern." Then he looked to Dex-Starr, who landed near his feet. "You as well."

"Optimus Prime," a voice intoned. The Autobot turned around to see a thin alien floating down before him in a blue and black uniform. "I am Saint Walker. Welcome to the Blue Lantern Corps."

"Are you the one who gave me this power?" Optimus asked.

"Yes," Saint Walker said. "Normally there is an evaluation, but time is of the essence. You must come with me. After you speak with the leaders of the Blue Lantern Corps, we will help you find your Autobot brothers and locate the Allspark."

"Thank you, Saint Walker," Optimus said.

"Dex-Starr," Saint Walker said to the Red Lantern. "I realize we are enemies, but judging by your actions here today, I would like to part as friends. At least for the moment."

Dex-Starr meowed.

The Red Lantern flew up and began sailing into the air. This changed nothing. He still hated the enemy Lanterns. Atrocitus would find what he was looking for...and then he would crush them all. It was only a matter of time.


Dex-Starr soared back down and lifted his paw to Tinkerbelle. The tarantula touched it with the end of her hairy leg.

One last brofist for the road.
>> No. 32960

It should be raining during a funeral. It felt appropriate.

Not a cloud lined the sky today. The sun hammered down as Pastor Calvin spoke, then the others in the prayer club. When Derek spoke he saw Serenity in the back of the audience, her eyes focused on something in her lap. She didn't own a single stitch of black clothing - the black dress Lori gave her fit like a garbage bag.

It took until the reception before Derek could approach her. She hung near the edge of the patio, hanging onto a plastic cup of water. Her mom dropped her off but didn't stick around. "Hey," he said.

"Hey," Serenity said.

"How are you holding up?"

Serenity took a small sip of her water. Her middle finger was bare again. "Felt sick for a few days but it cleared up. I didn't think how badly that ring could mess me up. Good thing Saint Walker removed it when he did."


The pause stretched beyond comfort.

"Look," Serenity finally said. She reached out over the grass and poured out the cup. "I've been thinking a lot ever since I came back. I've been meaning to tell you something, but with all the cleanup and the funeral, it's been hard."

Derek knew she was living at a hotel until the government could rebuild her house - Kyle helped convince some people, he was told. "What is it?"

"I'm fucked up. Uh...screwed up. Sorry."

"It's okay."

"Point is that I need help." The girl faced Derek - that dress was probably the most feminine thing he had ever seen her wore, and it looked out of place. "I...I want to clean up. Start over. I don't know if God's the answer, but I don't even give a shit. I want to change."

Serenity looked away from Derek, batted away a strand of hair. "And I wanted to know if you'd help me. I'll join the prayer club if it's what it takes, but I just want some help...figured you were the guy to go to for that."

For the first time in weeks, a smile crept onto Derek's face. "You don't have to join the prayer club, Serenity."

He held out a hand towards her. "Last time I checked, you don't have to be a Christian to help someone. You know?"

Serenity matched Derek's smile. "Thanks, Derek. I knew you weren't such a bad guy."

"No problem."

Derek walked out to the patio's edge with Serenity, and they both looked up towards the sun, always burning bright. Even now, the power of the Indigo Lantern churned through him, ready to leap into action at a moment's notice. God had given him a powerful gift. He would use it to fight for Serenity, for everyone else that needed a guiding light in the world. No matter what threatened them, no matter how dark it got...he would be the torch that saw them through.

He raised his cup to the sky, then took a drink. It finally felt warm again.

"See you soon, Kim. I love you."


>> No. 32963
File 128734519495.jpg - (500.10KB , 1200x900 , EmtpyExploitable.jpg )
Here's an exploitable drawn by a drawfag. Yes, Serenity has "HOME DEPOT" tattooed on her arm. Why? Who the hell knows.
>> No. 32966
Lori sat on the right side of Serenity’s bed, while Serenity herself reclined in the centre, her back propped up against the headboard with a pair of pillows.

“Why does this always happen to me?” groaned Serenity, her right hand cupping her forehead as if she was in pain.

“What do you mean?” Lori asked.

Serenity gestured to the bandages wrapped around her ankle, which masked the place where seven stitches had been required to close a nasty gash.
“This,” she said. “It seems like every time I try to go out and do something with the prayer group, I end up getting hurt. Is this God’s way of punishing me?”

Lori shrugged.

“Why does this stuff keep happening to me? I’ve been trying so hard to be good—giving up swearing, paying for Kimberly’s car, even reading the bible by myself—but it’s never enough. If that mysterious man hadn’t pulled me out of the river today I would have been a goner.”

“Sometimes life doesn’t work out the way you want it to, but you gotta keep praying,” said Lori, forcing a smile.
>> No. 32967
“That’s easy for you to say—your life is perfect. You and everyone else in the club are perfect Christians with perfect happy families and perfect happy lives.”

Lori frowned.
“That’s not true at all.”

“Oh?” said Serenity, raising an eyebrow. You’ve got two awesome parents that love you, tons of friends, a head for math, and you’re a star athlete. And you’re pretty.”

Lori’s cheeks flushed slightly at that last addendum.
“Sometimes it seems like that on the surface, but there’s a lot more going on than you know. Take Kimberly for instance—she’s got everything, but she gets crazy jealous when another girl even looks at Derek.”

“I guess you’re right,” said Serenity, as she leaned back. “But that still doesn’t contradict what I just said about you.”

“I—I have issues too,” said Lori, as she turned her face away from her friend’s and gazed blankly at one of Serenity’s many band posters.

>> No. 32968
“You don’t know what I have to go through, Serenity! You don’t know what it’s like to have these feelings, to not be able to control your own emotions! I...” Lori paused in the middle of her tirade, obviously flustered.
‘How much should I tell her?’ she thought.
“Whatever, just forget I said anything.”

Serenity turned to look directly at her friend, wrinkling her brows in confusion as she tried to decipher the emotions that fluttered across the brunette’s face. There was anger there and hurt, and something else too. All she knew was that this was the first time she had ever seen Lori so worked up about anything.
“If something’s bothering you, you know you can tell me. That’s what friends are supposed to do, right? Share their feelings and stuff.”

“Friends... I suppose we are friends.”
Lori sighed then inhaled deeply, mustering up the courage for what she was about to say next. She had held her secret for so long, knowing that if she revealed anything to her family or peers that she would be reprimanded harshly, given the silent treatment, or possibly worse. But Serenity was different; she wasn’t like everyone else that she knew. Serenity was a sinner too (well, reformed sinner) and thus more likely than anyone else to understand or at least accept deviation from the standard of perfection which everyone else seemed to measure her against.
“You have to promise never to say a word of this anyone.”
>> No. 32969
“I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die.”

“Serenity, I’m serious!”

“Okay, okay! Just spill it already.”

Lori took another deep breath.
“I think... I think I might be gay...” she stammered, squeezing her eyes shut and bracing for impact.

A few seconds of silence passed, which seemed to Lori like an eternity. She felt the bed shake gently, and then suddenly she was startled by the sound of a snort that erupted into peals of laughter.

“Is that it?!” Serenity howled. “You sounded so serious that I thought you had like, murdered someone.”

Lori sat in shock. Of all the reactions she had expected, casual dismissal wasn’t one of them.
“It’s not funny! You—you don’t know what it’s like around here. Everyone treats being gay as if it was a disease, like leprosy.”

Serenity attempted to control her laughter for the sake of her friend’s feelings, but still continued to shake with mirth.
“I’m sorry, but your set up was just too funny. I had a couple friends who were gay at my old school. It’s not the end of the world you know.”
>> No. 32970
Lori was still mystified, but at the same time she was beginning to feel immensely relieved, as if a massive weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Tears started to roll down her cheeks as she learned toward the blue-haired girl and gave her a nearly suffocating embrace.
“Oh my God, Serenity! Just having someone who understands... I can’t describe it!”

“Ouch! Hey—watch the ribs! Anyway, we don’t even know if you’re really gay yet.”

Lori pulled herself back and looked questioningly at her friend.
“What do you mean?”

“I mean, how did you know? Have you ever even kissed a girl before?”

“No! Of course not! But I’ve thought about it. Sometimes I look at girls in the locker room while they’re changing. It makes me feel weird—excited even—like there are butterflies in my chest. I’ve never had that reaction from seeing a guy before.”

“Well then I guess there’s no other option, considering how straight everyone else in this town seems to be. We’re going to have to make out.”
>> No. 32971
Lori’s face blushed a deep crimson.

“You don’t want to?”

“That’s not it, I mean...” she stammered. “I thought you were into guys, the way you kept hanging around Derek.”

“Pfft, I am so over that guy! Anyway, Kimberly’s got him so whipped that he would never even think about another girl without her permission.”

Lori giggled.

“As for the making out, girls experiment all the time. I’ve done it a few times myself, it’s no big deal.”
This was true, however, Serenity at least for the moment neglected to mention the time that she had woken up naked in another girl’s bed after a night of heavy drinking.
“Just close your eyes and part your lips a bit, and I’ll show you how it’s done.”

Lori swallowed nervously but nodded. The butterflies and excitement were rising in her chest as she realized that what she had wanted for long, the fantasy that she had secretly dreamed about, touched herself to, was coming true. She was going to kiss Serenity! Silently she did as she was told.
>> No. 32972
At first, she felt a puff of warm breath on her cheek. Then soft lips gently pressed up against her own, sucking gently at her lower lip. She inhaled deeply and was intoxicated by the sweet scent of Serenity’s freshly washed hair and the dab of perfume on her throat. Too soon it was over, and she opened her eyes again to see the other girl’s face held a short distance away from hers, grinning impishly.

“How was that?”


“Then I’d call that a successful start!” Serenity grinned.

“Start? You mean there’s more?!”

“Well I think we have to get at least to second base.”

Lori’s heart pounded hard in her chest, as she looked incredulously at her friend.
“You mean like, use tongues?”


“But I’ve never done that before. I—I don’t even know how!”

“Serenity sighed. Just start off the way you did before, okay? I’ll do the rest.”
>> No. 32973
Hardly daring to breathe, Lori closed her eyes once more. This time the kissing seemed to last longer. A deep feeling of arousal and need welled up in her chest as she felt Serenity’s tongue slip into her mouth, gently massaging her own. She shivered and let out a small moan as warm fingers caressed the back of her neck and traced softly along the length of her jaw. When she began to feel the other girl pull away, her immediate reaction was to put her own hands around Serenity’s neck and back, pulling her deeper into the kiss.

Initially Serenity was surprised by the brunette’s insistence, never expecting her to be so bold, but it also thrilled her and urged her on. She could hardly believe how easily Lori had fallen for the “all girls experiment” routine, but it signalled to her that her friend was definitely ready and willing. Reciprocating her friend’s touch, Serenity slid her right palm up along the other girl’s side until she reached her breast. Once there, she began to slowly tease the nipple that pressed through the cotton t-shirt by circling it with her thumb.

This elicited another moan from Lori, who found herself to be especially sensitive. Many years worth of pent up sexual frustration were at the moment taking their toll, pushing the doubts and fears out of her mind and replacing them with a lust that could only be satiated by more of what Serenity was doing. For this reason she gave a pained look when Serenity pulled away, but the temporary disappointment gave way to glee as she felt herself being pulled onto the other girl’s lap, and then hands tugging up the hem of her shirt. Getting the message, she pulled the shirt over her head and flung it off to the side. The spandex grey sports bra that she wore underneath was the next to go.
>> No. 32974
“Wow,” Serenity exclaimed, staring blatantly with wide open eyes at the sight before her.

“What’s wrong?” Lori asked, suddenly feeling very self-conscious.

“Nothing, I’m just surprised. Your breasts are so big!”

Lori smiled nervously, pleased by the compliment but also feeling exposed. “I usually wear sports bras because of all the training I do. I guess that makes them usually look smaller?”

“Would you mind if I—?” Without waiting for an answer, Serenity began to stroke the other girl’s breasts, bringing her mouth to suck on the pert nipples.

Lori gasped and sighed into her friend’s touch. “Oh God, don’t stop!”

Serenity grinned, elated by the breathy moans and squeals her actions elicited from the other girl. Silently she slipped a hand into Lori’s pants and predictably found the crotch of her grey cotton panties to be soaking wet.
“These will have to come off.”
>> No. 32975
Lori, too horny now for reservations, obeyed by stripping quickly. With Serenity’s deft fingers tracing her wet folds, penetrating her and massaging her clit, it didn’t take her long to be brought to a shuddering, screaming climax. Collapsing, on top of the smaller girl, she panted and closed her eyes.
“Fuck, Serenity. That was amazing!” she breathed.

“I didn’t know you could swear,” Serenity laughed.

“I didn’t know I could either, but it seemed right somehow.”

Serenity smiled, thinking that there really was hope for this poor girl yet.
“Next time you can do me, alright?”

“I’m looking forward to it,” and with that she gently kissed Serenity on the lips and snuggled up beside her, still naked, and pulled the covers up over them both.

Serenity slid herself down until she laid next her friend, returning the kiss and placing arm protectively over her. Exhausted by the day’s events, soon enough both girls were fast asleep.
>> No. 32977
File 128736490639.jpg - (204.71KB , 860x679 , serenity2.jpg )
Here's some porn. I wish we had more drawfaggery.
>> No. 32980
BTW, here's the new TVTropes page for Serenity:

>> No. 32982
File 128740933222.png - (735.10KB , 1200x900 , TattooExploitable.png )
Here's my take on the exploitable.
>> No. 32983
File 12874093927.png - (1.02MB , 770x639 , OtherExploitable.png )
And here's another exploitable.
>> No. 32990
So as I storytimed Serenity (and even as the first few storytimes before I picked it up were going on), I, and probably some others, knew that the end of Serenity would blow ass and would need to be salvaged somehow. And so I wrote the GOOD END. I'm satisfied with it, though maybe it feels a little preachy toward the end. I never really like the notion of sticking original characters into fanworks (not that this is particularly "sacred"), but I just felt that our characters here should probably hear everything wrong with the situation that we've been screaming through the computer screen for a week. So, I present my gift to you, the ones who sat through the storytimes of a painfully mediocre Christian manga, and grew attached to certain characters, even though you probably shouldn't have. Myself included.
>> No. 32991
What are you supposed to do when what you believe conflicts with who you are? It’s a question Lori Martin has asked herself several times. Yet no matter how often she asks or how hard she prays, she can’t reconcile it. It has been eating away at her for so long that she thinks she is going to have a breakdown soon.

So, Lori finds herself at the office door of Pastor Calvin, Kimberly’s father and the head of the church’s youth group. If anyone can answer this question, it would be him.

“Okay, deep breath.” Lori has never been so nervous in her life. She has never told anyone what kind of person she is, not even her mother. How could she? No one would ever accept her. She knocks on the door.

“Come in.” Another deep breath.

She opens the door to find Pastor Calvin talking to Kimberly. Ah right, the two came here after the meeting to discuss something.

“Ah, hello Lori.” Pastor Calvin puts on his usual smile. “Is there something you needed?”

“Y-yes. There was something I wanted to…” She’s beginning to feel sick with nervousness. “to talk to you about.”

Calvin’s face becomes more serious. He can clearly see something is bothering Lori. “Kimberly, can you step out for a moment?”

“Uh, sure.” Kimberly obliges her father’s request, but there is no hiding the curiosity on her face. She steps out of the office and closes the door behind her.

“Now, what’s the matter, Lori?”

Lori’s heart is beating faster than ever before, her sweat is ice cold. “I…I’m…” There’s no going back now. “I’m g-g-gay…”
>> No. 32992
There is none of the relief she expected from getting it out of the open. No weight lifting from her shoulders. Now, all she can think about is what he has to say.

“I see.” Calvin breathes a deep sigh. “And how have you been dealing with this?”

“W-well, I’ve been trying not to think about it. But when I do, I always pray to God to take those thoughts away from me,” Lori appears to be on the verge of tears. “To…to make me…normal...”

“So you’ve been trying to change your behavior and stop having these sinful thoughts?”

“Yes! Of course!”

The smile returns to Pastor Calvin’s face. “Then you needn’t worry, Lori. God loves you, as he loves all of His children, and he’ll be with you every step of the way. Just keep at it, and I’m sure you’ll change for the better. Now, I have to attend to a few matters at hand, but if you need any more help, just come to me.”

The weight is gone. A relieved smile fills Lori’s face. “Thank you! I promise I’ll do my best to change!” Lori strides out of the office with a newfound confidence. She heads to exit the church, but before she makes it to the front door, someone calls out to her.

“Hey Lori, wait up!” It’s Kimberly. She has a serious look on her face.

Oh no, she’s heard everything, Lori thinks. “Uh…hi Kimberly. What’s up?”

“I just wanted to talk to-“

“You heard everything, didn’t you?” Lori’s eyes are welling up with tears. She’ll never be able to live this down, not with Kimberly knowing.

Kimberly shifts her eyes guiltily. “I just want to talk, okay? Are you going to be online tonight? I don’t think we’ll be able to talk here.”

Lori is ambivalent, but she convinces herself that she might as well hear what Kim has to say. After all, she’d never be able to get through this without support from her friends. They were able to help Serenity, right?
>> No. 32993
When Lori gets home, she takes a shower, then immediately starts her computer. Once again, she is incredibly nervous. What would Kimberly want to talk about? Lori sighs.

“Well, at least she didn’t seem totally disgusted with me.”

She logs on, only to find Kimberly already on.

K: Hey Lori
L: Um, hi
K: I’m sorry for eavesdropping. I was curious…
L: It’s okay. What did you want to talk about?
K: I sorta figured you were, uh, gay, awhile ago.
L: What? Really?
K: Yeah. You like Serenity, right?

Lori’s heart jumps straight to her throat. How did Kimberly find out? Was I really that obvious?

L: Erm…yeah. How did you know?
K: You barely hid it, honestly.
L: Ah…
>> No. 32994
If there was one thought she wanted to drive out of her head, it was her feelings for Serenity. She didn’t expect it to happen, but the more Lori hung out with Serenity, the more she liked her. Lori genuinely cared for her, and underneath her rough exterior, Lori saw something beautiful.

K: I don’t mind at all. You’re my friend, and if that’s who you are, I’m okay with it.
L: Geez, I didn’t think you could be so heartfelt :P

Lori’s relieved at this development. “But does this mean Kimberly doesn’t want to change me?” she thinks aloud.

K: I…just want to make up for the kind of person I’ve been. Especially to Serenity. I don’t think what my dad told you was right. You shouldn’t have to change who you are. God still loves you.
L: But I thought it was a sin to be like…how I am.
K: Look, there’s someone I want you to talk to. Serenity too. I don’t think she should be a part of my dad’s group anymore. You know the big community center?
L: Yeah
K: Go there and ask for Julie. She’s helped me out a lot lately.
L: I’ll check it out thanks.
K: Also you should tell Serenity how you feel
-Kimberly has signed off-
L: Wait what?

“Agh, dangit Kimberly!” Lori has absolutely no idea how she’s supposed to do something like that, or even if she should.
>> No. 32995
What is it about doors that make a person want to throw up? Lori ponders this as she wills herself to ring Serenity’s doorbell. All that anticipation. Who would answer the door? Serenity? Ms. Harper? She hopes it’s the latter. It will give her just a little more time to compose herself. But then she’d have to go up to Serenity’s room. Another door. Ugh. Lori has been incredibly nervous all day long, to the point of avoiding Serenity at school.

Her hand moves practically on its own out of impatience. Ding dong. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Lori mutters to herself. What am I doing to do? What am I going to say? Oh God I hope I’m not sweating too much. The door opens.

“Oh, hello there, Lori.” It’s Ms. Harper. “Come on in. Serenity’s up in her room.”

It used to be that Lori was always nervous about coming to Serenity’s house. Her mother was always touchy and tended to fight with Serenity a lot, but it seems that the two of them helped each other become better people. Lori now quite likes coming to Serenity’s house. She could even see herself spending the ni-

Her face is now bright red.

“Serenity! Lori’s here!” she calls to Serenity.

“Okay!” Serenity pops her head out of her room. “Heya Lori.”

“A-ah…hey Serenity.” There’s absolutely no way Lori can hide her nervousness. So much for composure.
>> No. 32997
As Lori heads up and into Serenity’s room, Serenity cocks her head quizzically. “What’s been up with you today? You were acting totally weird at school, and you sounded really shaky over the phone.”

“Oh…d-did I?”

“Uh, yeah. You sound shaky NOW, too. What’s the matter? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Serenity closes the door behind Lori. “You uh, didn’t see a ghost, did you?”

“Wh-what? No, of course not.” Is she…scared of ghosts? Ack, no, that’s not important! “There’s just been…something on my chest lately, and I just wanted to let it out…”

“Oh! Is there a guy you like or something?”

“Er…not exactly.” Did Serenity really have no clue? Was Kimberly setting me up? She had a tendency to be mean to Serenity, but Lori doubted she’d involve someone else.

“So what is it? You’re getting me all worried.”

Deep breath. “You’re my friend right?”

Serenity seems pretty startled. “What kind of question is that? Of course! You’re like, the best friend I’ve ever had!”

Deep breath. “And if I told you something…weird about myself, you wouldn’t be really creeped out?”

Now she’s looking fairly concerned. “Unless you stabbed someone or something, I think we’ll be alright. C’mon, what’s wrong?”

Deeeeeeep breath. “I’m gay.” Lori braces herself. There’s no way she’ll be okay with this. She’s going to think I’m such a weird person. I’m going to lose my best fr-

“Oh. That’s it?”

-iend. Wait, “That’s it?”
>> No. 32998
“Uh, yeah. That’s it. Compared to the kind of people I hung around with before I moved here, that’s probably the least weird ‘weird’ thing you could’ve told me.”

Lori breathes an unbelievably huge sigh of relief. “You have no idea how much this has been bothering me lately. Thanks for being so cool with it.”

A bright smile spreads across Serenity’s face. “Like I said, you’re my best friend. There’s no way I’d let something like that change anything.”

“But it’s a sin, right? I shouldn’t be having these sorts of thoughts, right?”

Serenity thinks for a moment, then responds, “Hm. I usually ask Pastor Calvin about this kind of stuff.”

“I did go to him, actually. He told me that as long as I want to change, and keep trying, God would be there to help me.”

“Yeah, well…It’s not like you’re hurting anyone, right? I mean…I dunno, it just doesn’t seem right. This crap’s really complicated sometimes.” Serenity’s now in deep thought.

“Well, there’s someone else I can talk to. Er, Kimberly recommended someone to me.”

And now Serenity’s genuinely surprised. “Kimberly? What?”

“Yeah. I guess she’s been having issues with her dad lately. She wanted you to come too. I think she feels bad for being so mean to you.”

“Huh, weird.” Serenity still seems a little confused. “I guess that makes sense. She HAS been acting nicer lately. Hmm…” After a moment of awkward silence, Serenity’s face lights up, as if she’s remembered something.

“Oh! So, uh. Is there anyone that you, er…like?”

Lori’s face immediately flushes red. She quickly breaks eye contact, and the only things coming out of her mouth are a series of stammering syllables. After Serenity watches for a moment, a white sheet of realization hits her face.

Ah, now there are two red faces.
>> No. 32999
And so Lori and Serenity are driving to the community center. It’s an awkward drive punctuated by awkward glances and the sort of awkward small talk typical of these awkward situations.

After arriving at the community center, the two head inside. It seems like today’s activities have mostly ended, as it’s mostly empty inside, and those who are still here are packing up to leave. They approach a man tidying the area up, since he seems like he works here.

“Uh, hi. Do you know someone named Julie?” Lori asks the man.

He turns to face them and responds “Julie? She’s out grabbing some food. We’re usually here pretty late helping clean up, and if you’ve eaten the food here once, you’ve eaten it a million times. She should be back any minute though.” He suddenly smiles and snaps his fingers. “Oh! You must be Lori and Serenity, right? She told me she was expecting a couple of young ladies.”

“Yup, that’s us.” Serenity answers. “Er, who are you?”

“My name’s Thomas. I head the center’s religious group. We’re a little…unorthodox, in that we accept pretty much anyone in. Of course, it’s mostly made up of Christians, but since there aren’t any synagogues in this town and the local mosque is like a half-hour drive out, I wanted to create a place where other religions are welcome also. We do a lot of debates and discussions, and you tend to learn a lot. It’s a lot of fun, and I think the two of you would enjoy it.”

Before either of them can respond, a girl somewhat older than them enters holding a couple of bags.

“Jesus, Tom. You don’t waste any time trying to recruit them, do you?”

“It’s my job, deal with it,” he says jokingly.
>> No. 33000
“Hello there, girls. I’m Julie. I understand Kimberly wanted me to talk to the two of you, so let’s get right to it. I actually just graduated from your high school last year, so I think I know a little bit about the situation there. Let’s start with you, Serenity. From what I’ve been told, when you showed up, you were pretty much a textbook ‘bad-girl,’ right?”

“Yeah…but thanks to Lori and the others, I’ve really improved myself a lot! They got me away from a lot of awful things that I used to do.” Serenity has always been grateful to her friends for helping her to be a better person.

“And you know what? That’s fantastic. I’m honestly happy for you. But the problem is how they go about trying to change people.”

“What do you mean?” Serenity can’t exactly think of anything wrong that they did.

“When you first arrived, how did they go about trying to improve you?”

“Hmm…” Serenity tries to recall the events of the past year. “Well, after they saw how obnoxious I was, I guess I became their ‘pet project.’ I think that’s what they said.”

“Pffhahaha oh wow. Oh man. I’m sorry.” Julie tries to stifle her laughter, mostly succeeding. “NO ONE does that. From my experience – and really, I thought this was just common sense – if you’re trying to improve someone, all you need to do is be a good friend. It doesn’t have to be a project or something. Keep going.”

Lori seems noticeably bothered by Julie’s reaction. I was just doing what I thought was right…right?

“Let’s see. The next big thing was after I wrecked Kimberly’s car. I didn’t want to pay for the damage so…they gave me the silent treatment for four days until I came around.” It appears that even Serenity can see the problem with this.

“Uh. I’m not even sure what to say to that. So, did this get you to help pay?”

“Uh, at first I tried to find another group, but none of them would have me since I was ‘with those Christians,’ so after that…well actually I talked to Mr. Grandy and he ended up convincing me I should pay.”

“Yeah, talking tends to work pretty well.”

And now Lori’s starting to act fairly fidgety.

“I guess what really got me to change is I was told that they loved me – as Christians, I guess – but they didn’t really ‘like’ me.”

Julie is completely caught off guard. “Ouch, jeez! Who says something like that?”

Lori’s eyes are firmly rooted to the ground. She’s able to squeak out an “I’m sorry,” but not much else.
>> No. 33001
Julie sighs. “Look, I know you all just wanted what’s best for Serenity, but this is the kind of stuff that can really mess a person up. Not the least of which is trying to force a definite part of yourself away, might I add.”

Looks like it’s my turn now, Lori thinks. “I’m just trying to be a better Christian! I just want to live according to God’s word, so I pray, and I try to change myself –“

“And you’re miserable. All you’re doing is hurting yourself.”

Lori can’t hold back anymore. She’s sobbing uncontrollably. “I j-just…don’t know wh-what I should do…” Serenity puts an arm around her to comfort her.

Julie continues, “Do you know why God hasn’t been answering those prayers?” She puts her hand on Lori’s head and offers a warm smile. Lori tries to settle herself and looks up. “It’s because God loves you just the way you are. This is how He created you, and you can’t change that anymore than you can change the color of your eyes. Sure you can hide it, but it’ll always be there.”

“I…I don’t know. It’s all so confusing…” Lori has mostly settled down.

“Just give it some thought, alright? I’ve seen plenty of people in your position who completely broke down, and I don’t want that happening to you. Sleep on it, and if you’d like, you two should come to a meeting tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow’s Saturday, so we have a meeting at noon,” Thomas adds. “We won’t hold it against you if you don’t come, but I think it’d be nice to have you girls here.”

“I’ll…think about it. Thanks for talking to us.”

“Not a problem. You’re welcome here any time.”

Lori and Serenity leave the center to head back home.
>> No. 33002
“Well, that was definitely interesting.” After a mostly silent drive, they arrive at Serenity’s house.

“Y-yeah.” Lori forces a smile, but what Julie said has been bothering her. “Hey…um, I’m really sorry for how we treated you in the beginning…and later on…”

“It’s fine, really. I’m totally okay now, and you’ve been my very best friend ever since.” Serenity gives Lori her brightest smile. “And I think we should go back tomorrow.”


“Yeah. I mean, when I’m talking to Pastor Calvin, I’m always kinda confused, and sometimes his explanations don’t really make any sense. But the things they were saying probably made more sense than anything else I’ve heard since I started trying to be a Christian.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. I don’t think I’d mind going there again.”

“And, uh…” Serenity gulps. She’s looking uncharacteristically nervous. “I was wondering…if it was okay with you, if after the meeting we sorta…um…went on a date. Or whatever…”

Lori’s face quickly reddens. “Wh-what!? I-I mean…y-yeah! If…if that’s wh-what you want, er, I mean…uh.”

As Lori fumbles around with her words, Serenity takes a deep breath, puts her hand around the back of Lori’s head, pulls her closer, and presses her lips to Lori’s. After lingering for practically an eternity, Serenity begins to pull away (after planting one more quick kiss). She smiles and says, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Uh…y-yeah. S-seeya…tomorrow…” Serenity exits the car and heads inside, though not before turning around and flashing one more smile.

Lori spends the next five minutes composing herself in her car. She can barely overcome the wave of bliss in order to put the car back in gear.

Lori is happier than she’s ever been in her entire life.
>> No. 33003
File 128746474098.png - (31.19KB , 852x688 , 1287364561025.png )
And just posting this little work to cap it off. Credit goes to some Anon who is not me. Hope you folks enjoyed it. Until the next storytime!
>> No. 33472
File 128925295120.jpg - (42.13KB , 207x297 , xenu.jpg )
So, when does she turn into a Scientologist?
>> No. 33477

That would definitely be an...interesting turn.
>> No. 33496
She should have joined the cult of Cthulhu.
>> No. 33544

Now THAT would've been interesting to see!
>> No. 33695
I actually wouldn't mind seeing a countinuation of this.
>> No. 33741

Ah, maybe the next time this is storytimed, we can get a continuation of this after all.
>> No. 39758
File 130885051090.png - (275.48KB , 2416x796 , SerenityNOOOOOW.png )
Made this. It's shitty, but I felt it needed to be done.
>> No. 39786
Saint Young Men is an awesome manga.
>> No. 39884
File 130946963381.gif - (208.61KB , 500x759 , serenityvol2.gif )
I still believe that Serenity was a rip off of Serenity Rose by Aaron Alexovich.
Serenity Rose was released in 2003 by Slave Labor Graphics about a witch with blue hair, with a violent past, and believed to be sexually ambiguous.
Buzz Dixon attempted to rip off Serenity Rose by taking a character that didn't belong to him, put her in a broken home, label her a paganist, druggie, and whore who hangs out with atheists, converts her to Christianity, dressing her up to be more conservative, and as the ultimate insult, dyes her hair brown.
Let me know when she decides never to leave the kitchen and only fornicates for procreating a who mess of rotten God-fearing children where the boys go to war, the girls surrender to the will of their husbands and don't vote or go school, and everyone votes for Ronald Reagan as a write-in Tea Party candidate for President, Governor, Mayor, and Dog Catcher so as to ward off the Liberal Devil candidates who will be left behind in the Rapture.
>> No. 39993
Jesus christ, that's a lot of loaded-gun bullshit to drag into one thread.
>> No. 40019
Do tell?
>> No. 40021
Hey, I like Serenity Rose too, but don't you think you're reaching a bit? It was an obscure SLG comic eight years ago and it hasn't exactly skyrocketed in popularity since then. It's unlikely that the guy behind vanilla Serenity has ever heard of Aaron A's work. He doesn't strike me as a man who walks in those kinds of circles.
>> No. 42693
File 132489665246.jpg - (112.56KB , 412x662 , Red Lantern Serenity.jpg )
Drew this for a recent Serenity dump. It's okay but I couldn't figure out how to do the whole glowing aura thing so I left it out.
>> No. 42694
File 132494344756.jpg - (134.92KB , 412x662 , serenity lantern.jpg )

If you have photoshop, the quickest way to create a glow is to combine your subject layers into a single layer, then clicking the "f" (add layer style) from the menu along the bottom of the layers palette, and selecting outer glow.

This is fast & gimpy version I did with about a 13 pixel diameter. I put the ring on a separate layer but the effect didn't show up very well, even after playing with the colour saturation. You'd probably have to draw a circular path around the ring and stroke it with an airbrush the same colour and diameter as the outer glow. I don't read/watch any lantern stuff, so I don't know how the effect is really supposed to look.
>> No. 43109
There's porn of "Serenity". There isn't porn of Serenity Rose.

Your argument is invalid.
>> No. 43122
File 132730471070.jpg - (218.48KB , 1048x1397 , 1327297647893.jpg )
Dumping more Serenity art from the recent /co/ storytime.
>> No. 43123
File 132730479582.jpg - (513.63KB , 1048x1398 , 1327303997822.jpg )
>> No. 43125
File 132730538960.jpg - (281.55KB , 1831x1478 , 1327304891587.jpg )
>> No. 43126
File 132730752076.jpg - (46.23KB , 634x893 , 2012JAN23_badgirl.jpg )
I guess I'll post this here too.
>> No. 43174
File 132738353219.png - (16.74KB , 1120x600 , 2012JAN23_serenity_and_lori.png )
for a request.
>> No. 43177
File 13273884918.png - (134.49KB , 922x602 , 1327387471577.png )
More depressing Serenity fan art!
>> No. 43178
File 132738855547.jpg - (300.86KB , 1461x1417 , 1327379465235.jpg )

Quickly countered by more awesome Lantern art.
>> No. 43179
File 132739091190.png - (203.56KB , 611x1823 , 1327390447144.png )
no more sorrow.
>> No. 43180
File 132739144849.jpg - (185.61KB , 800x1384 , 1327391009582.jpg )
Happier days.
>> No. 43182
File 132739312753.png - (212.79KB , 466x433 , HitsAndMissesNazca2.png )
While Serenity got the /co/ treatment with Lanterns, Hits and Misses, another manga from the same company, got the /m/ treatment with Kamen Rider. It was boring and the storytime was never finished, but Serenity inspired me to buy and scan it, so thanks anyway, I guess.

Here is Mrs. Hobbs, a character from Hits and Misses, using the Nazca Gaia Memory.
>> No. 43183
File 132739343137.jpg - (596.91KB , 1048x1398 , KimCalvinOrangeLantern.jpg )

>> No. 43216
File 132762400212.png - (50.29KB , 627x600 , 2012JAN24_serenity_doodle1.png )
What's that about?
>> No. 43220
Please, tell me more about this "Hits and Misses".
I'm curious about it and about the Kamen Rider treatment it received.
>> No. 43232

After a Serenity storytime concluded, we were talking about doing the same with the other Christian mangas the same company published. One was Hits and Misses, a story about a Christian all-girl boarding school forced to field a softball team and win the championship to keep the school. I bought it for /co/ and scanned it, thinking it would be great. It wasn't. Hits and Misses is very mediocre, and while there were some things people could pick on - some of the girls and the main antagonist were total bitches - it was pretty boring overall and /co/ didn't pounce on it. So I dropped it.

Still, when I bought it and read it, I liked Mrs. Hobbs enough that I decided I wanted to make her the star of the awful fanfic that would be so stupidly awesome to go alongside the storytime. In the story, she was mailed the Nazca Gaia Memory and a belt so she could become the Nazca Dopant, and began using it to protect the school. After beating a Hopper Dopant with the help of Kamen Rider Accel, she was to work alongsiide him and help defeat the Dopants showing up around the area. Of course, the evil lawyer bitch antagonist would've been the one responsible flooding the area with Gaia Memories, and she would have become the Quetzalcoatl Dopant, requiring Accel Trial and Red Nazca to finish her off for good.

Essentially, it was supposed to be more stupid fun, but after Hits and Misses tanked, I quit writing it. If someone ever scans the surfing Christian manga though, I'll do my other story idea - Batman shows up and has to learn how to surf in order to foil the Joker.
>> No. 43233
File 13277338457.jpg - (268.36KB , 639x899 , 2012JAN23_lets.jpg )
Hrrm. One would have thought a all girl school would have been fodder for some shipping. I thought /co/ would have love that shit.

Got some more picture of the characters? Let me see what I can do with it, no promises though.
>> No. 43242

I've scanned Books 1 and 2. (Don't ask for the rest - I chucked it a long time ago.) Would you like them in a zip or something? I didn't cut them up so they're still in two-page images. (The margins aren't my fault, though - they came like that in the book. It was poorly formatted.)
>> No. 43244
File 132778319584.png - (60.63KB , 1120x600 , 2012JAN24_badgirl_doodle2edit.png )
well, either way it works for me, although I don't really need the whole thing, just shots of characters and some context.
>> No. 43248

Here's both of them anyway, as I now remember there are other softball teams that could be exploitable. Just do something cool with 'em, okay? :V

>> No. 43251
File 13278202713.png - (79.37KB , 554x600 , 2012JAN28_hit_and_miss_ms_hobbs.png )
Mild manner Mrs. Hobbs is a woman with a past. After escaping a life time worth of danger, she settled down in a small town far away from her former life and become a teacher.

After successfully organizing a sports teams for young women and prevented the shutdown of her school, their story was printed in the local news paper as a human interest story.

Of course, trouble wasn't far behind. Mysterious man show up in school one day and demanded them handing over Mrs. Hobbs, or they will burn down the building. Students rallied around the teacher, and forced the man to leave.

That night, a monstrosity show up, at the school dorm, blocking exists and set fire to the the building. Mrs. Hobbs throw herself into the danger and was able to evacuate all of the students trapped inside the building, but herself was seen buried by burning derbies.

The monstrosities, after recovering from unknown traumas, return to menace the student gathering outside of the burning school building. Just as all seems to be lost, a lone figure emerges from the burning dormitories. Partially transformed, Mrs. Hobbs took off her glasses, and crashes it with her now armored hand.
/cue Dark Knight Theme
>> No. 43252
File 132782474011.png - (38.28KB , 1120x600 , 2012JAN28_hit_and_miss_mrs_hobbs2.png )
You know what, you are right, this shit is boring. Its not hilariously bad, in fact, I think its art is a lot more consistent then serenity's, but its just so mediocre and tedious to read. It can be cringe worthy at some point, but its just not outrageous as part of serenity can be.

Mrs. Hobbs isn't a very interesting character, and almost everything they do is predictable and tedious. Although I suppose it is something that is made for children to push a message, its not design to entertain someone who is expected be challenged by the art they consume.
>> No. 43255

I agree it's super boring, but man magi, you are fucking metal for making such cool art. I only picked Mrs. Hobbs because she was a little sympathetic and could easily rise to main character status - in the Kamen Rider story I gave her more of a personality, giving her some anger issues and selfishness, though she was trying to bury those parts of herself so she could be a good person. Still, holy shit! Your version is fucking COOL.
>> No. 43271
File 132790181390.jpg - (147.25KB , 710x1000 , 2012JAN29_secrets_of_the_mild_mannered_mrs_hobbs.jpg )
"The Secrets of the Mild Mannered Mrs. Hobbs". :p
Man, I put too much thought into this, maybe its got enough stuff that I might as well make it its own thing. lol
>> No. 43274
How about Serenity and the prayer club on a bus, on the way to an ice rink or something... But their directions seem off. They end up in the wrong town...

Silent Hill
>> No. 43277



Seriously, if you were to consider it, I've already begun kinda writing it in my head :V Maybe take some cues from the Guyver, the original Kamen Rider...nothing huge, just a short origin story. The monsters would attack, she'd fight them off, explains her origins to the students and promise to protect them, then a cliffhanger with the leader of the monsters promising to capture her once and for all.
>> No. 43301
File 132797939963.png - (54.71KB , 209x213 , carl.png )
You want a request? I've got a request.

A scene of Carl telling Serenity to ditch those judgmental assholes and come with him to drink beer and eat nachos.

Then another scene, with Serenity doing just that, commenting how this is much better than her prayer group, while Carl serenades her by doing this:
Carl - I wanna rock your Body …youtube thumb

This was brought up in the last story time of Serenity and I found it hilarious.
>> No. 43303
File 132798326118.jpg - (73.73KB , 639x899 , magi 1327351790581.jpg )
Last storytime we all agreed that a motivational speech from TOM is it would take to change her life for the better. (I love the Serenity and TOM pics you did, Magi)

There are so many ways to make things better for her. One idea I had:
TOM bringing Serenity with him to have tea with Chaptor so she can bring that strange cult in her town busy brainwashing young people to his attention.
>> No. 43308

Serenity - so far the only acceptable case for fanfiction.
>> No. 43323
A long time ago I saw a post on a /co/ thread that perfectly described the manga, I had saved it but I've formatted.

Basically the story is disguised as christian propaganda but if you look deeper it's really a warning. You slowly lose yourself, everything unique that defines you dies and you're replaced by a hollow shell that has nothing to live for. That one picture where she's dressed "properly" and looking blankly into infinity at the end says it all
>> No. 43341
File 132812462733.png - (365.77KB , 855x2774 , serenity saga part 1.png )
A reply to an email sent to Buzz many months ago has finally been received. It's a very interesting read and the conversation is not over yet.
>> No. 43344
File 132812474269.png - (336.00KB , 855x2843 , serenity saga part 2.png )
Part 2. Notice the tl;dr if you aren't game to read the whole thing.
>> No. 43345

Thanks for posting. This has really shed a new light on the story.

On an unrelated note, would anyone read the whole Guyver-Kamen Rider-Hits and Misses thing if I wrote a little story about it? I've just got so many damn ideas churning for it. I wouldn't post it in this thread, but still.
>> No. 43351

I... whoa.

This -- she...


..fuckin' whoa.
>> No. 43385
File 132829619260.png - (42.79KB , 1120x600 , 2012FEB03_serenity_sketches.png )
>>"Serenity was suppose to bring a worldiness to the other kids that would bolster their faith..."

Then this particular fiction exist in something of a paradox, because that is precisely the point of Christian Medias in general: to insulate christians from the secular world.

While his conception of the story does put Serenity (The book) above something like ChickTract, I am not sure it is really that different in terms of substance then our own conception before, as it is our concern with Serenity (the person) herself and the destruction of her personal identity.
>> No. 43426
File 132858049642.png - (65.03KB , 1120x600 , 2012FEB07_badgirl_doodle.png )
>> No. 43428
File 13285868861.png - (79.95KB , 1120x600 , 2012FEB07_badgirl_derek_kim.png )
>> No. 43430
Damn, magi, you're a machine on this stuff :V
>> No. 43435
File 132860984273.gif - (13.48KB , 633x758 , 1328597512894.gif )
>I want to see Serenity in a ringleader outfit standing in the middle of a circus tent with her arms outstretched like she's introducing a show, with an entire audience of >that feel guys in attendance.
>> No. 43447
>> No. 43481
File 132884767721.png - (86.91KB , 1120x600 , 2012FEB03_serenity_sketches_colored.png )
>> No. 43524
Thank God the much-neglected Serenity porn industry is finally doing well.

Lantern sequel to come soon.
>> No. 43527
File 13289386254.png - (88.18KB , 600x1120 , 2012FEB10_badgirl_type1_001.png )
Careful what you wish for. lol
>> No. 43605
File 132916863495.png - (230.25KB , 1066x1499 , 2012FEB13_Serenity_and_tim_makes_a_porno.png )
An update.
>> No. 43610
You're a riot, magi :V
>> No. 43637
File 132927630021.jpg - (21.62KB , 480x162 , 1327029293762.jpg )
Magi, you're doing God's work.
>> No. 43711
magi, please do no stop.
>> No. 43716
File 132946790768.png - (39.19KB , 1120x600 , 2012FEB17_serenity_type1_002wip.png )
Can't sleep, doodle a bit, a bit of an experiment.
Been making them, just unhappy with it generally.
>> No. 43718
sweet, this is still up? Righteous. Too bad I have nothing to contribute. That red lantern story was the best thing I've ever read.
>> No. 43729

I'll be making a sequel as soon as I finish the script I'm writing for /co/'s Pulp! magazine. Expect the same level of goofy shit.
>> No. 43781

Bust a Groove 2: Here Comes Troubleyoutube thumb
>> No. 44526
File 133168563517.jpg - (291.95KB , 1461x1417 , Serenity-Lantern-Faceoff-ColorWIP.jpg )

>>43183>>43123 here.

I just recently found my psd of the color-job I was working on for that pic - sorry I got so sidetracked!

I set up a dA a few days ago, and I'll post my WIPs there, but of course, I won't leave you guys out of the loop.

>> No. 44539

Thanks for finishing it! I still have a sequel planned - when things die down a little, I can hopefully write it. Maybe I'll do it as a day-off project for fun. That's a good idea, actually.
>> No. 44542

Oh, it's not finished JUST yet. I'll keep you guys posted.
>> No. 44586
we really need some pics of Serenity boldly going into the hot tub nude, not giving any fucks what they think, while Lori unsubtly has a hand down her swimsuit.

Why it hasn't been done yet, no matter how many times it gets brought up, is starting to vex me a little.

glad to see you're still around.
Any plans to color >>43125 when you're done with that one?
>> No. 44594
File 133258086586.png - (46.33KB , 1120x600 , 2012MAR23_serenity_doodle_wip.png )

>> No. 44612
>> No. 44630
File 133334755041.jpg - (29.42KB , 613x280 , Coolest thing to happen all week.jpg )
I know, I know, not my personal blog, but I just saw this, and I had to share it with someone.

Seems Buzz Dixon's taken notice of us.

Now, seriously - whose linework was that I colored? I'd really like to know, so I can tell him.
>> No. 44633
I'm assuming he saw it on dA rather than here - otherwise I wonder what he thinks of all the porn in the thread.

Either way, glad for you.
>> No. 44662


>> No. 44663
oh wow, well if no one comes forward just explain that the line work was done by an anonymous person.
I don't think whoever drew it will object to it ending up on his site though.

Oh, and tell him that she's red since this is from before she calmed down.

we're all partially responsible here, I'm the one who put the request in the drawthread for these a few months ago.
Just about all the Serenity lantern fanart was requested by me or started being made once I sent people who wanted it to the right places...
>> No. 44664

But what if he wants an explaination about why they're Lanterns? I was just having fun messing around when I wrote that, I don't think I could DEFEND it.
>> No. 44665
Does it matter? Mind you, I don't know anything about Lanterns or Serenity, but people are turning everything into ponies these days, so I figure Lanterns are a lesser evil.
>> No. 44666
If he asks for a reason why they're lanterns then just tell the truth that it's based on a funny fic, or that making EVERYTHING into lanterns is "trendy".

I don't think I ever want to see Serenity ponies, but now that you've said it, someone's gonna do it.
>> No. 44669
I'll do that, then. But I shant be held resposnbile if it goes tits up!
>> No. 44681
File 133411979245.jpg - (139.59KB , 618x800 , 1334118580742.jpg )
We now have a Star Sapphire!
>> No. 44682
File 133411999591.jpg - (164.52KB , 612x792 , serenity 1334119043164.jpg )
I was just about to post that and got the duplicate error.
So sketch version time for posterity.

Tell me who is going to be yellow and let's see if this odd phenomenon of me requesting stuff and it actually getting drawn continues.
>> No. 44683

Ms. Baxter, the atheist teacher. I was thinking giving her outfit something like an open skirt with a jagged hem, like spikes.
>> No. 44685
File 133417186540.jpg - (130.34KB , 515x796 , 1334171339517.jpg )
OK, no idea if this is what you envisioned, but it's what we got.

We're having good luck today it seems.
>> No. 44686
File 133417516087.png - (310.20KB , 618x800 , 1334174353899.png )
I'm hoping I can persuade the artist to finish this since they got discouraged by being beaten to it.
>> No. 44687
This one is fucking awesome. >>44685 is good too, but the other is superior.
>> No. 44688
I don't think the anon who drew it will finish it though. Said he wasn't gonna add color since >>44685 already did the request.

Hey, Art-Anon?
Wanna take a stab at finishing it if the original artist decides not to?
>> No. 44689
File 133418449217.png - (364.36KB , 612x792 , serenity 1334182850751.png )
please disregard
asking nicely worked.
>> No. 44714
File 133443802361.jpg - (102.02KB , 609x627 , Screencap02.jpg )

Gah! I need to be more diligent about checking this board! It's faster than I expected!

He sent the screencapped note shortly after I posted his first one here: apparently he is aware of this site and the fanart.

My response was as follows:

"Let me first say that it's a surprise and an honor to hear from you - I think this is the first time I've had a professional contact ME, let alone one from the animation/comics field, both of which I'm strongly interested in someday working for.

Anyway, of course you can post the pictures - although I do not currently know who the the line-artist is, and only did the coloring. Part of the reason it's taken me so long to respond was that I was trying to find out; it didn't feel right taking all the credit when I only did half the work. If I find out, I'll get in touch with you again and let you know - will dA work, or do you prefer other channels?

PS - I just posted a more "complete" version of the "Faceoff" picture the other day; you may have already seen it.

PPS - I know exactly how you feel, concerning people trying to make T-shirts of your work, as much as I wish I didn't."
>> No. 44715
File 133445029919.png - (32.77KB , 1120x600 , 2012APR08_serenity_doodle.png )
>> No. 44716

Well, I still don't know how to feel, I mean part of the story was melodrama and the other part was fightin' zombies with Optimus Prime so I don't even think we can accurately judge any quality it might have. At least he's fine with it, I guess. And it HAS spawned some great fan art all the same, so I'm glad I made it.

So, Buzz, if you ever read this, I'll be honest. Serenity isn't very good, but I don't hate ya for doing it. And I respect what you've said about it. That being said, Serenity's created far more interesting things for me than just terrible Lantern fanfiction. My upcoming original work "Kabuto Silver" was actually inspired, in a very indirect way, by Hits and Misses. Long story for that one, but if you want, I'll link you to it sometime when it comes out.
>> No. 44717
File 133445375993.png - (67.80KB , 1120x600 , 2012APR13_serenity_doodle.png )
Welp, if anything, being a cool cat about it definitely earn him some internet brownie points.
>> No. 44718
huh, well at least he's being cool with all the stuff in this thread. Gotta give him credit for that since other artists and writers have taken it a lot worse.
Sorry if this sounds like I'm being full of myself, but it feels kinda strange that the majority of Serenity lantern art came about because I posted a bunch of requests on a whim.

hey magi, why don't you try that challenge?
>> No. 44719
File 133447900288.png - (184.65KB , 1120x600 , 2012APR14_badgirl_doodle.png )
Considering my body of works on that subject matter, I don't think that's a good idea. lol
>> No. 44729
It's not like you haven't drawn SFW stuff before.

If you're worried about virgin eyes finding their way to your NSFW stuff, consider submitting under a different name.
>> No. 44731
File 133463513946.png - (86.62KB , 1120x600 , 2012APR16_badgirl_doodle.png )
Well... beyond that, I don't know what purpose this would serve. Frankly, the premise of the challenge isn't something that particular interest me, since I am not big fan of divine command.

Although when it comes to 10 commandment, for some reason the only think I came up with right away has to do with tenth, which in part says "You shall not covet your neighbor's :snip: ...or his ass". The image comes to mind is she thinking of Derek while masturbating furiously.

Well I suppose there is a PG13 version of that where she is just day dreaming.

I never saw what she seen in Derek, he is such a dorky kid.
>> No. 45603
File 134481696134.jpg - (212.52KB , 1120x600 , fixed.jpg )
I hope you don't mind.
>> No. 45825
File 13484637647.png - (158.06KB , 600x1120 , 2012SEP22_serenity_doodle.png )
I suppose I'll put this here as well. I wish there is a way to retroactively tag those NSFW.
>> No. 45833
File 134850369064.jpg - (228.03KB , 742x1246 , 1348465052233.jpg )
Another request done from last night's storytime.
>> No. 45837
File 134851562278.jpg - (85.76KB , 800x450 , serenity 1348450368693.jpg )
I'll just link to this from the board-tan thread if I can remember.

other new stuff includes CONGRATULATIONS
>> No. 45838
File 134851568221.jpg - (178.41KB , 919x1300 , serenity 1348450406994.jpg )
"thank you all!"
>> No. 45839
File 134851577631.jpg - (94.59KB , 623x750 , serenity 1348455895174.jpg )
and the return of the tattoo.
>> No. 46033
Lori sighed as she lay in bed. What was wrong with her? She had helped Serenity through a rough patch in her relationship with God and now Serenity was back to the being the little bundle of blue haired energy Lori and the rest of the Prayer Club had known. So why did Lori still feel miserable? She saw Serenity at her worst: the color drained from her hair much like the spirit and zest for life had been drained from her very being. It made Lori miserable. Seeing her friend reduced to that state, trying to be something she wasn't... and it was all Lori's fault! It was, wasn't it? She's the one who told Serenity that the group loved her but didn't like her, the one who gave her advice that ultimately led her down the path herself and Sally had to help bring her back from.

It pained Lori so much to see Serenity like that. This wasn't the girl who had caught her attention on the first day of school, the girl she had many late night chat sessions about faith with. The girl that she... Lori sat up in bed. The girl that she what? The girl that she... no. No not that. Those thoughts were there once more, the thoughts she had been taught by her parents, by Pastor Calvin, by the word of God itself that would make her shunned. An outcast. A sinner with an express ticket to Hell.

She sat up in bed remembering what Sally had told Serenity; that God doesn't want you to not be you. Actively suppressing that energy, that spunkiness, that quality that made Serenity Serenity had turned the poor girl into a moping, dour shell. And Lori realized that she was no better. Were Sally's words right? Would God want her to be who she truly was It was a part of her that had become impossible to ignore since meeting Serenity. It was a part of her she could no longer ignore. It was a part of her she had to confront.

She looked at the alarm clock: 9:17 PM. Not particularly late plus it was a Friday. Serenity wouldn't mind right? Lori grabbed her phone and looked through her contacts list until she found Serenity's cell number and gave her a call.

She arrived at Serenity's house not long afterwards. She had told Serenity she had things she needed to talk to her about. Things she had needed to get off her chest. Serenity, perhaps showing a bit of wisdom, suggested Lori come over and stay the night so they could talk at length about what was bothering her in a way that was more in-depth than a simple phone call, online chat or even a visit. It was a bit of a sell to Lori's parents but they relented.

She was pleasently surprised to see Serenity greet her at the door and invite her back to her room. She was glad Lori called, she said. Her mom was working late and she had nothing to do so she was feeling a bit bored. As they sat on the bed in Serenity's room Serenity looked at her with those large, soulful eyes. Eyes so full of light, of life... of love. She asked what it was Lori wanted to talk about.

Lori, almost as if unable to control herself, began spilling her guts about the things she had said to Serenity. About the things she and the rest of the Prayer Club had done to her. That she knows she had hurt Serenity and caused her pain and grief and that it was a feeling that still haunted her. Serenity just laughed and shook her head. Lori had nothing to worry about, she told her. She knew that when she truly needed it Lori had been there for her. The past is the past and what's done is done. Serenity had to experience the lowest of lows to emerge a better person and with the help of her faith and her friends she knew she would be able to do it.

Lori breathed a sigh of relief happy that Serenity felt no ill will towards her. But there was something else she needed to talk about, she said. It was about feelings she was having for another person. Feelings she was having trouble denying. Serenity perked up at this. Who was the lucky guy, she asked? Was it someone from their group? Another boy at school? Ooooh maybe it was some hunky college boy!

Lori laughed but shook her head. No no, this was nobody that they knew, no other boy at school, not even a college boy. It was feelings that she had learned to repress. Feelings that she was told would get her in trouble. But much like Serenity, she realized that some times you have to walk through Hell to reach Heaven. That you could be yourself while still living your life in service to Him.

"I think... no, I KNOW I'm in love, Serenity." Lori stated, firm in her belief. "Serenity Harper, I'm in love with YOU."

Serenity was taken aback. Had she heard her friend right? She was in love with... HER? Lori noticed Serenity's reaction and blushed furiously. Had she messed up? Had she ruined her relationship with Serenity? She apologized profusely to Serenity but to her surprise the girl just started to laugh. That was it? THAT was her big secret?

Lori didn't understand. She wasn't uncomfortable? She wasn't surprised? Serenity shrugged her shoulders. People are gay. It happens. She knew gay people back in L.A. She'd even experimented a few times herself during her wilder days. It was Lori's turn to be taken aback. To drop such a thing so casually... was Serenity really this brazen? And what about Derek she asked. Serenity waved the question off. Derek was exclusive, she knew that, and she knew that getting over him was the first step towards getting on good terms with Kimberly.

But what about... what about what the revelation, Lori asked? She was sure Serenity was straight and if she was it would be alright but it was something Lori had to tell her. She had to come to terms with it. Serenity just shrugged. She'd experimented with girls, never said whether those experiments were successful or not. This didn't change things between them, however.

Serenity grabbed the remote and flipped the TV on to one of the movie channels. A goofy romantic comedy. It'd make good background noise. She laid her head on Laurie's chest and smiled. It didn't change anything between them for now. In the future though who knows? You've got me, I've got you and we've got each other she said with a yawn, her eyes slowly closing.

Lori smiled. Serenity was right. Whether friends or whether more the two of them had each other and that was good enough for Lori to know that she had done the right thing. That God truly did love her for who she was.
>> No. 46034
File 135192398650.jpg - (109.02KB , 800x778 , serenity 1344828420511.jpg )
and now that anon who wanted this can't call me a lair later since it's in this thread now.
>> No. 46044
File 135249899962.png - (21.60KB , 102x106 , Screen shot 2011-09-03 at 3_18_34 PM.png )
>>comic book artist makes a Christian comic with a "pray the gay away" storyline
>>fans respond with porn, including lesbian porn
>>artist sees and is actually okay with it and not mad at all

I am liking this reversal of opinion.
>> No. 46045

All things considered, Buzz has been pretty cool about all this.
>> No. 47742
Even if it would seem to have the relevance of a lone voice screaming in the wilderness, I need to point this out. The comic never, ever, ever has any expressed opinion on Lori's sexuality beyond a single scene played for comic relief. Serenity has been wearing a leg cast for weeks, and finally has it removed. She makes insinuations about needing "release" and Lori's mind goes to the gutters, but Serenity is just talking about scratching her itchy leg. You can interpret that as a nod to a secret lesbianism in Lori, but this could just be a play on innuendo for laughter, rather than character development. We never learn what secret "thoughts" go through Lori's head that she prays over. Could she be secretly depressed? Harboring suicidal thoughts? We don't know. /co/ ran with the idea that it was lesbianism because that's what /co/ wants, but this shouldn't be taken as a case of a Christian comic encouraging the "pray-away-the-gay" agenda, and if Buzz is really as cool with sex as he seems, this may not even be his position. I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt, now that we know a little bit more about his original intentions behind this comic. If Serenity's worldliness was going to be the salvation of the prayer group, that's only the tip of the iceberg of how badly the comic conveyed the author's themes. Buzz may have had a totally different idea going with Lori.

If /co/ wants to imagine Lori is a closet case bisexual or lesbian, I actually like the idea myself. It gives her more pathos than anything we got out of the real comic, where she's as poorly developed as the rest of the characters. However, I won't suggest that was ever Buzz's original intentions. We should really dispense with that illusion.

tl;dr: Lori was never explicitly a lesbian. /co/ just wants it to be that way. It's still a good idea and makes her more interesting, but don't suggest it was Buzz's idea to create a "pray-away-the-gay" narrative. We just can't know that.
>> No. 47755
There were three "hints" that /co/ latched onto actually.

You covered the leg cast and praying to get "those thoughts" out of her head ones.
The other one comes from the pages before that rave or party when Serenity says something like "I'll just go with you, it's not like we're dating or anything".

You want to scream into the wilderness, you still have to deal with the echo.
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