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>> No. 162452
The Naked Life Of Madame Gymos: An Erotic Slice-Of-Life comic Idea

A boy living in an orphanage named Robbie gets adopted by eccentric millionaire Madame Gymos. As her name suggests, she (along with her servants) spend all of their time (when on her property) naked. The boy tries to adapt to his new naked lifestyle. Sex and possibly some hilarity and heartwarming scenes ensue.

Arc Summaries

Arc 1: Robbie gets adopted by The Madame and tries to get used to his new naked lifestyle

Arc 2/3: Robbie and The Madame go on vacation to Brazil. The Madame adopts a street girl named Francisca

Arc 3/2: Robbie and The Madame go on vacation around the world

Arc 4: Francisca settles in The Madame’s mansion. Final chapter has Jessica, a girl from the orphanage where Robbie used to live who has a crush on him, become a member of the “family”

Arc 5: Jessica tries to get used to her new naked lifestyle. Final chapter has The Madame adopt Robbie and Jessica’s closest friends from the orphanage (3 boys and 3 girls)

Arc 6: Robbie and Jessica’s friends from the orphanage get used to their new naked lifestyles

Arc 7: All of the characters that only appeared in one or two chapters (like all the people that Robbie and The Madame met during their vacations) come over to visit Robbie and The Madame at the same time. Final chapter is a giant orgy (with more than 60 participants)

If anyone wants to make some character sketches, here are the characters that are introduced in the first 2 chapters

-10 to 13 years old
-Skinny but not boney
-Short Black or brown hair
-When flaccid, he is of normal size for someone his age, when he's erect, he is around this size http://rule34.paheal.net/post/view/1212120

Madame Gymos
-In her late thirties/early forties
-Her hip size is a little bigger than average
-D cup or higher
-Blonde (with long flowing hair)
-When she goes out, she wears nothing but a large coat (to get naked easier when she gets home) and also a wide brimmed sunhat and sunglasses (mainly for cosmetic purposes)
-This https://plus4chan.org/b/pco/src/139425387852.jpg and this https://plus4chan.org/b/pco/src/139425881243.jpg could be inspiration (only The Madame is thinner and has smaller hips, breasts and thighs)

Christine: The Maid
-Sweet natured
-Quite immature (like a big kid in a lot of ways)
-Has a thing for Robbie (It’s because he reminds her of a boy she knew in school that she had a crush on)
-Jenny from The Bellybuttons (or the animated Starfire) could be inspiration
-18 to early twenties
-Long flowing hair that could possibly be red
-Smaller hips than the Madame
-B to D cup (but smaller than the Madame)

Belinda: The Cook
-Big beautiful black woman
-The oldest (and wisest) of the Servants
-Robbie often asks her for advice
-In her late thirties/early forties (but she’s older than the Madame)
-Has a larger bust size than the Madame
-Shorter than the Madame
-Leshawna from Total Drama could be inspiration

William: The Butler
-Well kept and has no body or facial hair (except for a well trimmed patch of pubic hair)
-In his twenties
-Between average and skinny in body size
-Of average size

Harvey: The Gardener
-Has tanned skin from being out in the sun and is slightly muscular from all of the manual work
-In his twenties
-Jameson seen here https://plus4chan.org/b/pco/src/136877606930.jpg should be inspiration (credit for picture goes to Jmendura)
-Of average size (but less endowed than William)
>> No. 162467
>> No. 162468
If you want to see my older Madame Gymos story ideas, check the old thread

>While in a small European nation, Robbie and The Madame meet the nations’ young princess (who is the nation’s head of state) guess what happens

>While on vacation, The Madame and Robbie get stranded on a small desert island

>The Madame and Robbie go to The Madame’s home town so she can reconcile with her parents
>The Madame’s parents are delighted to meet their “foster grandson” (The Madame doesn’t tell them that she and Robbie are lovers)
>The Madame’s parents tell her that even though they view her as a “perverted sodomite” they still love her
>After this, The Madame tells her parents that even though they didn’t support what she wanted to do, she wants to support what they want to do (to prove that she’s better than them) and she gives them a large sum of money to do whatever they want

>A long time ago, The Madame (in her late twenties/early thirties) was skinny dipping in a lake when a 10 year boy sees her, guess what happens
>The boy, now in his twenties sees a 10 year girl skinny dipping in the same spot, guess what happens
>> No. 162469
They both get busted by Chris Hanson from Dateline NBC?
>> No. 162477
Do you have more character details or is this all of them so far?
>> No. 162490

Yes (these are just the first 6 characters introduced)


Maybe in a dream sequence
>> No. 162507
What are Robbie, Gymos, William, and Harvey's personalities like?
>> No. 162514

Nothing really set in stone

>Robbie is just trying to adapt to his new naked lifestyle and some times the voice of sanity
>The Madame views being naked as the purest form a human can be in and possibly views lovemaking as the purest form of showing someone you love them and is often a good natured tease (usually to Robbie)
>William is in a way a "covert pervert" (on the outside, he is a passionate lover and in the inside, he loves animalistic raw fucking)
>I'm not sure on Harvey though (but he's at least good natured)

The Madame, her servants and the other inhabitants of her mansion are like one big happy family
>> No. 162516
When do you plan on revealing more of the characters?
>> No. 162517

I posted most of my character ideas in the old thread
>> No. 162534
Just make the dam comic already and quit posting whatever you fap to.

Have the decency to at least make it a prose series or something, since you probably can't get an artist.
>> No. 162576
I agree, how do you plan to make this happen if you can't draw, can't write, or commission somebody to draw or write it?
>> No. 162577
More pics, less talk
>> No. 163037
File 140165270386.jpg - (344.91KB , 1280x1067 , 393j5.jpg )
>> No. 163301
Anybody know the name of this artist?
>> No. 163308
Artist of that is Muttonfed. Does mostly straight shota & some loli. Haven't seen a lot of new stuff, though.
>> No. 164256
i figure this would be the best place to ask, but does anyone know where contingencys hentaifoundry went?
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