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File 138756579862.png - (883.62KB , 866x670 , [metabooru] 2680103 - straight_shota pandora'.png )
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>> No. 150463
File 138756613876.jpg - (348.19KB , 1280x1705 , tumblr_mxynejUkCd1ria7oko1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 150494


"The Naked life of Madame Gymos"

A boy gets adopted by eccentric millionaire Madame Gymos. As her name suggests, she (along with her servents) spend all of their time (when in her mansion) naked. The boy tries to adapt to his new naked lifestyle. Sex and possibly some hilarity and heartwarming scenes ensue.

Here are her Servants

The Maid (female)
-Sweet natured
-Quite immature (like a big kid in a lot of ways)
-Thinks the Protagonist is adorable (it might be because he reminds her of a boy she knew in school that she had a crush on)
-In her early twenties

The Cook (female)
-Big beautiful woman who might be Non-Caucasian
-The oldest (and wisest) of the Servants
-The Protagonist often asks her for advice
-In her late thirties/early forties

The Other Maid (female)
-Deadpan Snarker (think Raven)
-Has a secret crush on the other Maid
-In her early twenties (but younger than the other Maid)

The Financial Consultant (female)
-Well educated woman who not only helps the Madame with her finances, but tutors the Protagonist
-In her late twenties/early thirties

The Personal Trainer (female)
-Well built woman (like Gogo)
-In her late twenties/early thirties

The Masseuse (female)
-Of Japanese descent
-In her twenties

The Butler (male)
-Well kept and might have no body or facial hair whatsoever
-In his twenties

The Gardener (male)
-Has tanned skin from being out in the sun and is slightly muscular from all of the manual work
-In his twenties

The Chauffer (male)
-A possible servant idea
-In his twenties

The Security Guard (male)
-A stereotypical big black guy
-Very intimidating, but has a heart of gold
-I might make him the least endowed of the male Servants
-In his thirties/early forties

The Meditation Specialist (male)
-New age type
-In his twenties

The Other Security Guard (female)
-A stern, no-nonsense woman who takes her job very seriously
-Has red hair that might be short
-In her late twenties/early thirties

The Cook's Aides (male and female)
-A young couple
-One of them is The Cook’s adopted sibling
-In their twenties

The Handyman (male)
-A possible servant idea
-In his twenties/thirties

The Other Butler (male)
-A possible servant idea
-In his twenties

The Sex Guides (male and female)
-A possible servant idea
-A young couple
-One or both of them might be of Indian descent
-In their twenties/thirties

The Scientist (female)
-A possible servant idea
-In her twenties/thirties
-Invents stuff for her employer

The Errander (male or female)
-A possible servant idea
-In his/her twenties

The Stable Hand (male or female)
-A possible servant idea
-In his/her twenties/thirties

The Zoological Caretaker (male or female)
-A possible servant idea
-In his/her twenties/thirties
-Might take care of the Madame’s private menagerie

The Medical Practitioner (male or female)
-A possible servant idea
-In his/her twenties/thirties
-The Madame and her servants’ private doctor

I might have The Madame and her Companion go on naked adventures around the world (think Ducktales)

And here are the first two stories

The Protagonist gets adopted by Madame Gymos, a beautiful woman wearing a large coat, sun hat, sunglasses and high heels. While driving to her mansion in her limousine (being driven by an attractive twenty/thirty something man) she asks him what is his opinion on nudity, he says he hasn't thought of one (mainly because he only had to get naked when he took a bath) Before they enter, she takes off her coat and reveals that she's wearing nothing underneath it (the servant also gets naked, but that's not really important) She tells him that her mansion is a clothesfree zone and if he doesn't get naked, she'll take him back to the orphanage. He reluctantly and slowly takes off his clothes, the Madame gets impatient and she forcefully takes off his clothes. While giving him a tour of his new home and introducing him to one of her butlers (another attractive twenty/thirty something man) and one of her maids (who is sweet natured but ditsy and thinks the protagonist is adorable) she tells him how much she loves to be naked and the benefits of being naked at home. The protagonist gets an erection and tries to cover up, but she stops him and tells him that pretty much everyone here views that as a complement. After meeting the cook and having dinner, the protagonist goes to bed, he asks Madam Gymos if she can sleep with him, she replies "I'd thought you'd never ask" One sex scene later, he fall asleep in her arms and she gives him a kiss on his forehead.

The Protagonist wakes up in the morning to find that Madame Gymos is gone and decides to look for her. Looking through a crack in a door, he sees her having sex with two or more of her male servants. He runs away crying after seeing this. While sobbing somewhere, the cook finds him, she asks him what's wrong and he tells him what he saw. She tells him that Madame Gymos has had sex with all of her servents because she loves them like family (and maybe tells him a tragic story about Madame Gymos' past) she sees the Protagonist is still sad, so she decides to tickle him to make him feel better, he tickles her back and guess what happens next. The protagonist then reconciles with the Madame, afterwards the cook nearby winks at him. Madame Gymos sees this and then says to the cook "I never knew you were so foward" then the ditsy maid complains that she wanted to have sex with him first.
>> No. 150499
heh noice
>> No. 150501
Do you plan on fully developing the story and characters first before making this a fapfic?
>> No. 150505

Sorry to say this but it won't be a fapfic (I can't write erotica to save my pitiful life) what I'm hoping for is that an artist makes it a comic

More summaries

Madame Gymos and her companion go on a vacation to a South American country and they go to a nudist beach, guess what happens. After that, while shopping in a town, they meet a street girl around the same age, maybe even a little older (16 or less) than the protagonist (maybe she tries to pickpocket/steal from the Madame) guess what happens, when they leave for home, the Madame adopts her

The Madame introduces him to her live-in masseuse (a Japanese woman) she gives them both a regular massage, then a genital massage, then a Nuru massage, then guess what happens next.

The protagonist finds out about the snarky maid's crush on the ditsy maid and helps her reveal her feelings, a threesome then ensues

The ditsy maid is cleaning, when one of the male servents sees this, he fucks her doggy style on the spot, afterwards, she complains that it wasn't the protagonist

The Cook makes the protagonist a bowl of home made ice cream, she then puts dollops of it on her erogenous zones, guess what happens

While exploring The Madame's mansion the Protagonist finds her private gym and meets her Personal Trainer. One workout later, guess what happens

The Madame introduces Protagonist to her Financial Consultant and tells him that she'll be tutoring him. After a while of tutoring him, guess what happens

The Interview: The Madame interviews a would-be employee (the meditation specialist) guess what happens

Brains and Brawn: The Financial Consultant goes to her employers private gym, guess what happens between her and the Personal Trainer

Another character idea is a girl who lives in the orphanage the Protagonist once lived in (and has a crush on him) worried about him, she leaves the orphanage at night to see if he's okay, after a while she finds the Madame's mansion. After trying to sneak in and being found out by The Madame guards, guess what happens. After this, the Madame adopts her.
>> No. 150507
File 138760447890.jpg - (485.76KB , 1526x1053 , 312903 - El_Cerdotado Jersey Polo-Jasso Rompompeyo.jpg )
Thanks for reminding me of Polo Jasso, Jinmen.

Not sure if they're brother/sister or mother/son but they are apparently related.
>> No. 150572
That reminds me.

I'm looking for this one /ss/ comic by Pandora's Box. Basically it was a parody of zombie movies, except the disease effects women and apparently the cure was /ss/ dickings. It's set in a city that's being blockaded and quarantined by the government.

Anybody know the title of it?
>> No. 150588
File 138768886585.jpg - (0.96MB , 1860x1805 , 0245272.jpg )
So will there be a love triangle between the boy, the orphaned girl, and the street girl?

There will be a part two to this BTW
>> No. 150589

That's a good idea, but they learn to share him in the end with the Madame and her female servants

Ages for non-servants
The boy and his friend from the orphanage: 10 to 12
The street girl: 13 to 16
The Madame: late thirties/early forties

I might include a third maid

My main inspiration for the Ditsy Maid is Jenny from The Bellybuttons (or the animated Starfire)
>> No. 150627
Isn't it about time you gave your characters names?
>> No. 150630

I know, I'm just not good with naming characters (though I am thinking of naming the Cook Belinda)

>Another character idea is a girl who lives in the orphanage the Protagonist once lived in (and has a crush on him) worried about him, she leaves the orphanage at night to see if he's okay, after a while she finds the Madame's mansion. After trying to sneak in and being found out by The Madame guards, guess what happens. After this, the Madame adopts her.

Here's a more detailed summary

The girl from the orphanage is worried about her crush, so at night, she sneaks out of the orphanage to look for The Madame's mansion to see if he's alright. She finds The Madame's mansion and trys to sneak in, but the guards catch her. The Madame tells her that her property is a clothesfree zone and she'll have to be naked in order to see if he's okay, she gets naked and is glad to see that the protag is okay. The Madame tells her that she'll take her back to the orphanage tommorrow and tells her that she'll have to stay the night in her mansion. After showing her where she'll sleep for the night, the girl asks The Madame if she can sleep with the protagonist, she replies "I'd thought you'd never ask" After a bit of cuddling (and nothing else) the girl tells him "I wish it could be like this forever" The protagonist replies "I'd like that" then the two friends fall asleep together in eachothers arms, The Madame sees this and smiles (while the ditsy maid says that she's "wasting it") next morning the two friends see The Madame on the phone talking to the orphanage, after putting down the phone she tells the girl that she's now part of the "family" overjoyed she is about to hug the protagonist, when the street girl (who is still a bit sleepy) appears and flirts with the protagonist, his friend from the orphanage furiously asks him about the "other woman"
>> No. 150631
File 138775199242.jpg - (97.04KB , 746x974 , [metabooru] 2239133 - batman_beyond pandora's.jpg )
I'm trying to develop my own /ss/ story, but it'd be a short piece in the style of Heavy Metal.
A boy athlete named Elias has cybernetic legs and competes in off-world sporting events. He hears about a clinic that can use gene therapy to give him real legs, but doing so would cost him his sponsorship deals, and pressure from his parents to compete.

Datura is a journalist that uses nano-machines to alter her appearance to get close to people for a good scoop. But the stress of never being able to just let down her guard and just be herself has gotten too much, and she hears about a clinic that can remove her modifications.

Now the two meet at this clinic where they get to know each other at this crossroads point which leads to a night of... well you know.
>> No. 150634
It can't be that hard to name someone. Besides you could always
ask us for advice.
>> No. 150636
I like /ss/ with the younger lad and older more experienced girl/woman and all getting it on, but I can't say I'm fond of the pics that take it in the Incest direction personally.
>> No. 150637

Here are some possible names

Michael/Robbie: The protagonist
Jessica: His friend from the orphanage
Christine: The Maid
Terri: The Second Maid
Delora: The Financial Consultant
Ai/Aiko: The Masseuse
William: The Butler
Harvey: The Gardener
Milton/Quentin: The Security Guard

The Street Girl needs to have a Portuguese or Spanish name and The Madame's first name is Ruby
>> No. 150639
File 138777109449.gif - (345.84KB , 500x479 , 4b4b9e3c4d31d4877530a755cf8b1e26.gif )
How about naming the girl Francisca? It means free which fits the theme of the story.

Also would the madame have a body like this woman here?
>> No. 150641

>How about naming the girl Francisca? It means free which fits the theme of the story.

I like it

>Also would the madame have a body like this woman here?

Sorry but no, she'd be of average build with C or D cups (I would like the proportions of the characters to be realistic)

Also this pic should be how endowed Michael/Robbie should be

>> No. 150643
Sorry to be blunt, but you're going to have to comission someone to do that, man.
>> No. 150644

I know (but I'm too cheap to)

I need new names for The protagonist, His friend from the orphanage, The Financial Consultant, The Personal Trainer, The Butler, The Gardener, The Meditation Specialist, The Female Security Guard and The Cook's Aides
>> No. 150647
K, how bout this.
I draw up a bunch of concept art, and if you like it, you decide to comission me, or get some friends to bunch up some money.
>> No. 150650

Thanks for the offer, but due to personal reasons, I can't commission you (and I'm above begging people for money for something this superficial)
>> No. 150652
Well the least you could do is get some concept art for your characters. After all, if you do plan on getting someone to draw them you'll need references
>> No. 150653

If you want to make some concept art (for free) I can't stop you (I'm sorry if I'm offending you by saying this)
>> No. 150659
File 138780515289.png - (392.14KB , 1215x610 , tumblr_mt8wrktd8u1rpeq1jo1_1280.png )
>> No. 150660
File 138780520576.png - (495.35KB , 832x1109 , tumblr_mt8wrktd8u1rpeq1jo2_1280.png )
>> No. 150661
File 138780525611.png - (610.30KB , 1280x1079 , tumblr_mt8wrktd8u1rpeq1jo3_1280.png )
>> No. 150662
File 138780530273.png - (669.62KB , 1150x1115 , tumblr_mt8wrktd8u1rpeq1jo4_1280.png )
>> No. 150663
File 138780535812.png - (690.23KB , 1097x1008 , tumblr_mt8wrktd8u1rpeq1jo5_1280.png )
>> No. 150664
File 138780540844.png - (609.82KB , 915x1120 , tumblr_mt8wrktd8u1rpeq1jo6_1280.png )
>> No. 150665
File 138780550697.png - (389.13KB , 918x800 , tumblr_mt8wrktd8u1rpeq1jo7_1280.png )
>> No. 150666
File 138780555476.png - (526.40KB , 971x941 , tumblr_mt8wrktd8u1rpeq1jo8_1280.png )
>> No. 150667
File 138780559528.png - (710.13KB , 1030x1200 , tumblr_mt8wrktd8u1rpeq1jo9_1280.png )
>> No. 150668
File 138780573727.png - (241.45KB , 523x589 , tumblr_mtrngsZbfm1rpeq1jo1_r1_1280.png )
>> No. 150681

If you still want to do concept art, here are the characters attributes

The Protagonist
-10 to 12 years old
-skinny but not boney
-Short Black or brown hair (your choice)
-When flacid, he is of normal size for someone his age, when he's erect he is around this size http://rule34.paheal.net/post/view/1212120

Madame Gymos
-In her late thirties/early forties
-Her hip size is a little bigger than average
-D cup or higher
-Blonde (with long flowing hair)

Christine (the ditsy maid)
-18 to early twenties
-Red long flowing hair
-Smaller hips than the Madame
-B to D cup (but smaller than the Madame)

Belinda (the cook)
-Late thirties/early forties
-Big beautiful woman
-Has a larger bust size than the Madame
-You can make her non-caucasian

Terri (the deadpan maid)
-18 to early twenties (but younger than Christine)
-Short black hair (Maybe in a goth-esc hairstyle)
-Smaller bust size than Christine

The Butler
-In his Twenties
-Between average and skinny in body size
-Well kept and has no body or facial hair (except for a well trimmed patch of pubic hair)
-Of average size

The Gardener
-In his Twenties
-Has tanned skin from being out in the sun and is slightly muscular
-Jameson seen here https://plus4chan.org/b/pco/src/136877606930.jpg should be inspiration (credit for picture goes to Jmendura)
-Of average size (but less endowed than the Butler)

Ai (The Masseuse)
-In her twenties/thirties
-Of Japanese descent
-B to C cup
>> No. 150687
What's wrong with naming the boy and girl Robbie and Jessica?
>> No. 150688

Nothing wrong with it, I just feel that I (or one of you) could think up a better name

Quentin: The Security Guard
-In his thirties
-Sterotypical big black guy

The female security guard
-In her late twenties/early thirties
-Short red hair
-No. 2 from Motorcity http://motorcity.wikia.com/wiki/No._2 should be an inspiration

Francisca (the street girl)
-13 to 16 years old
-Of hispanic/Latin American descent

The Friend from the orphanage
-10 to 12 years old
-Long flowing blonde hair (but a different tone of blonde than the Madam)

The Financial Consultant
-In her thirties
-Has brown hair in a proper bun

The Personal Trainer
-In her late twenties/early thirties
-Well built woman (like Gogo)
>> No. 150692
Have you figured out the characters' sexual preferences yet?

It's not much but I was thinking about naming the financial consultant Gina and the gardener Walter. How does that sound?
>> No. 150694

I like Gina, Walter no so much

All the females are bi and possibly the males

The Meditation Specialist
-In his twenties
-New age type
-Possibly Bald (he's a practicing Buddhist)

The Cook's Aides
-A couple in their twenties/thirties
-The woman is the same ethnicity as Belinda while the guy is a totally different one (ex: if you made Belinda black, the guy would be a blue-eyed blonde/Middle Easterner/Maori)
-The guy is Belinda's brother by adoption
>> No. 150695
File 138785682916.jpg - (371.96KB , 1050x875 , xqh2wm8zn1rbtt7.jpg )
>> No. 150700
File 13878581253.jpg - (561.45KB , 828x1280 , 1366445677493.jpg )
>> No. 150701
File 138785818068.jpg - (700.67KB , 864x1280 , 1366445758135.jpg )
>> No. 150702
File 138785827541.jpg - (642.84KB , 864x1280 , 1366445831339.jpg )
>> No. 150703
File 138785832663.jpg - (612.29KB , 864x1280 , 1366446260164.jpg )
>> No. 150704
File 138785838151.jpg - (324.72KB , 864x1280 , 1366305289857.jpg )
>> No. 150706
File 138785844028.jpg - (168.45KB , 864x1280 , 1368311478599.jpg )
>> No. 150707
File 138785851643.jpg - (173.69KB , 864x1280 , 1368311538326.jpg )
>> No. 150708
File 138785856694.jpg - (170.62KB , 864x1280 , 1368311578689.jpg )
>> No. 150709
File 13878586046.jpg - (171.85KB , 864x1280 , 1368311638499.jpg )
>> No. 150716
File 138786235058.png - (193.10KB , 710x434 , tumblr_mpy7oyvYSc1qfugwzo1_1280.png )
>> No. 150718

One last thing for the guy who wanted to draw concept art (if you're still around) all of the characters have to be an 8 or higher
>> No. 150743
File 138789626650.jpg - (465.29KB , 915x1250 , 1383021349689.jpg )
>> No. 150744
File 138789637173.jpg - (441.41KB , 915x1250 , 1383021468634.jpg )
>> No. 150745
File 138789642433.jpg - (398.51KB , 915x1250 , 1383021597470.jpg )
>> No. 150746
File 138789646712.jpg - (438.42KB , 915x1250 , 1383021700507.jpg )
>> No. 150747
File 138789653385.jpg - (374.04KB , 915x1250 , 1383021787086.jpg )
>> No. 150748
File 138789657890.jpg - (388.64KB , 915x1250 , 1383021948113.jpg )
>> No. 150850
So what type of luxuries does the Madame have in her mansion?
>> No. 150851
Here's two more Madame Gymos summaries

>The Madame is interviewing a new servent (a maid)
>The Maid is very shy and is very uncertain with taking off her clothes
>She reluctantly and slowly takes off her clothes
>We find out she's actually a he
>The Madame is okay with this
>One sex scene later, he is part of The Madame's workforce

>The Madame shows the Protagonist several films she funded
>All of them are about people getting naked and fucking for no apparent reason
>> No. 150858
File 138806693041.png - (321.44KB , 614x541 , 246249.png )
New Bellend.
>> No. 150866

In her large mansion she has lots of bedrooms (for the inhabitants of her mansion to sleep in) and quite a few bathrooms, a large kitchen, dining hall, home entertainment system, private gym and library, possibly an indoor pool, lots of other rooms and on top of her mansion there is a large room where the guards lives (so they can look around the Madame's property from above) She also has a large outdoor pool, a giant lawn, a garden, several game courts and possibly a private menagerie (but probably not)

I need help with the attributes/personalities for The Handyman (who's job is to fix anything that's broken in The Madame's mansion) The Errander (who's job is to go out and buy supplies for The Madame and the rest of the inhabitants) and The Sex Guides (a couple who's job is to each The Madame and the rest of the inhabitants about various exotic sex acts)
>> No. 150871
How about making the errander a submissive type guy, the handyman muscular and well endowed, and the sex guides very flexible and the kinkiest workers in the house?
>> No. 150872

I was thinking of making the Errander a female, I'm thinking of giving the Handyman a mustache similar to the one the Village People's Leatherman had and I might scrap the Sex Guides idea.
>> No. 150873
File 138810840389.jpg - (240.92KB , 1265x1650 , Power-Job by Jeezits page 05.jpg )
PBX is working on a comic based on Geezits Power Girl fic, but he's looking for a colorist and letterer.
>> No. 150877
>PBX is working on a comic based on Geezits Power Girl fic

While this sounds and even looks awesome, I have doubts as to whether it will be ever finished.
>> No. 150890
Hah, really.

Did that Goof Troop camping trip comic ever get finished?
>> No. 150896
File 138815104491.jpg - (244.60KB , 1265x1650 , Power-Job by Jeezits page 02.jpg )
But I heard that the reason the Goof Troop comic never finished was because some guy commissioned it, but stopped paying PBX at some point.
Whereas this comic is just a pet project.
>> No. 150897
Well, he's got Amanda Conner's style decently down. Let's hope it's not fucked up by his Usual Coloring.
>> No. 150899
Which story is this based of off?
>> No. 150902
File 13881644523.jpg - (190.83KB , 791x1200 , 1268416738.jpg )
In Palmiotti and Gray's Power Girl comic, a kid finds out her secret identity and blackmails her going to the comic shop.
>> No. 150948
Not offending.
Just don't expect me to be finished anytime soon.
>> No. 150950

Don't worry, the fact that you offered to do it in the first place is good enough for me.

For now I've decided that the characters here
Are gonna be the only ones
>> No. 151000
So what type of setting does this all take place in?
>> No. 151002

Modern Day, but it might (and it's a big might) change

Sam: The Third Maid
-In his twenties
-Body type is what you'd expect from a trap
-Alex seen here https://plus4chan.org/b/pco/src/136877606930.jpg could be inspiration (credit for picture goes to Jmendura)

The main problem I have with the Handyman is that I can't think of a way to make him different (body type wise) than the Gardener
>> No. 151062

ohgod I swear I'm still working on this, I just haven't had the time...
>> No. 151069

Sweet Jesus please post the other three, or tell us where we can find it. You say it's PBX but the /co/ archives say Jeezits, as do your filenames.
>> No. 151070

I've decided that The Butler will fill the niche that The Errander would've filled and both The Butler and Gardener will fill the niche that The Handyman would've filled
>> No. 151072
File 13883829805.jpg - (242.52KB , 1265x1650 , Power-Job by Jeezits page 01.jpg )
Here are the remaining pages, but I'm afraid they're all set up and no pay-off.
They're from the WWOEC forum. The reason the filename has Jeezits in it is because he wrote the story.
>> No. 151073
File 138838312264.jpg - (240.10KB , 1265x1650 , Power-Job by Jeezits page 03.jpg )
>> No. 151076
Damn, they really nailed Amanda Conner's art style.

Anyway, link to that story?
>> No. 151089
looks good but i think pbx is just copying faces from the amanda conner art, peeg makes the same face twice in these pages:

>> No. 151093
i'm going to be working on colors (maybe letterings too, but if so it'd just be using photoshop's text tool... anyone got a good font for it?). i've already got the flats for the first page just about done, going to start on the shadings and details tomorrow.
>> No. 151103
Do you have any pages that haven't already been posted?
>> No. 151236
File 138870947928.jpg - (354.19KB , 800x1040 , 5a5fb2cabc3ca08026210f7d10cb0ec810e73582.jpg )
A cheeky pic of Catwoman and Robin.
>> No. 151290
File 138873695379.jpg - (58.98KB , 674x588 , peej.jpg )

PG: Okay, kid, you got your peek. Now you better hold your end of the bargain.
Kid: Actually, I changed my mind. There's something else I want to do.
>> No. 151305
Great pic
>> No. 151314
Holy shit PBX is still alive?
>> No. 151318
File 138878478855.jpg - (484.76KB , 846x1098 , 146.jpg )
He has been pretty consistently active for a while now. It's just that almost everything he does is just for paysites now.
Though if it's true he lives in the Philippines it is fairly surprising he got through those hurricanes/typhoons in one piece.
>> No. 151319
So...any idea where I can get me some of that?
>> No. 151323
Look up Milftoon stuff on a site like 8muses or 420chan.
>> No. 151360
Does anyone have a collection of Roadkill's works?
>> No. 151395
This is asked all the time. And nobody has any fucking clue where the source for his stuff is.
>> No. 151403


(sorry if this doesn't help)
>> No. 152152
shouldn't that be "gymnos" not gymos
>> No. 152156

You're right

In my view, Gymos rolls off the tongue better
>> No. 152335
File 139007454830.jpg - (600.56KB , 1265x1650 , Power-Job by Jeezits page 01fixedtext.jpg )
not in the main story, though he sent me some drawings of pg in various poses that might be used for the next pages, but i won't be sharing those, sorry.

also here's the first colored page.
>> No. 152336
File 139007463020.jpg - (597.46KB , 1265x1650 , Power-Job by Jeezits page 02colored.jpg )
and page 2.
>> No. 152339
Ahaha wow, what the shit, he's literally tracing faces. And probably bodies too.
>> No. 152356

hahaha what the fuck

Holy shit, I had no idea this was even happening.
>> No. 152755
I really miss seeing Sue Storm, She-Hulk and Franklin Richards together.
I wish artists and commissioners would get back to this threesome.
The dynamic of this love triangle is super hot and unique.
>> No. 152760
More Madame Gymos info

-I've decided the protag's name is Robbie, his friend from the orphanage is named Jessica and the Madame's first name is Henrietta
-I want to include a second butler, but I don't know how to make him different from the other male servants
-The reason why the Madame adopted Robbie is because she was close friends with his parents (but they didn't know about her naked lifestyle)

And here's a possible idea for one of the final chapters

The Madame, Robbie and Jessica go to the orphanage and Robbie and Jessica introduce The Madame to their close circle of friends (around 5) she adopts them.
>> No. 152766
By different do you mean design wise or personality wise?
>> No. 152767
What kind of scenario would you like to see them in?
I don't have an artist in place but I'm mulling over a few poses.
>> No. 152768
Sue and She-Hulk arguing over wo gets to be Franklin's first.

Sue and She-Hulk reading a inappropriate sexy bedtime story to Franklin while feeling him up.

Both giving him a footjob together.

The three watching a movie together with Franklin doing the "arm around shoulders while stretching" to one girl and the "hole in the popcorn box" to the other.

Looking for more good scenarios. Let's thorw around some ideas.
>> No. 152773

>> No. 152789
Well in terms of personality, how about having the first butler behave like a traditional butler while the second is a bit more laid back but is still responsible to his duties? As for the design, maybe give him darker skin, some body hair, and have him circumcised?
>> No. 152790

its always fun when someones having sex but the other person only sees just the regular person.

like franklin is sitting at his desk doing homework and parent asks him if hes ok and he says yes. but then you reveal she hulk under the table blowing him.

or she hulk sitting on a couch saying goodbye to someone and it just looks like shes watching tv. but camera pans around to see her giving a handy to frank.
>> No. 152791

its always fun when someones having sex but the other person only sees just the regular person.

like franklin is sitting at his desk doing homework and parent asks him if hes ok and he says yes. but then you reveal she hulk under the table blowing him.

or she hulk sitting on a couch saying goodbye to someone and it just looks like shes watching tv. but camera pans around to see her giving a handy to frank.
>> No. 152793

>how about having the first butler behave like a traditional butler while the second is a bit more laid back but is still responsible to his duties?

I like this

>As for the design, maybe give him darker skin, some body hair, and have him circumcised?

The darker skin makes me think he'll look too much like the Gardener

Also, I've run out of story ideas
>> No. 152800
He doesn't have to have tanned skin, I was thinking a more lighter brown color.
>> No. 152802

Good point

And here are the last two stories ideas I've got

Quentin and Robbie try and get the female security guard to lighten up

It snows at the Madame's mansion and the cast has some naked fun in a winter wonderland (but they do however wear boots, scarves, mittens and cold weather hats)

One of the early running gags is for Christine to never have sex with Robbie (which she complains about)
>> No. 152808
>Also, I've run out of story ideas
Well, unless it gets done, I can't imagine we'd need more just yet.
>> No. 152811

You're right about that

The Gardener also cleans The Madame's pool (and all other outdoor work)
>> No. 153173
File 139136117995.png - (303.29KB , 872x687 , juniper.png )
>> No. 153184
File 139137352075.png - (330.18KB , 773x1052 , juni.png )
>> No. 153222
>>The Gardener also cleans The Madame's pool

Is that slang for sex, like when someone says they're gonna "Wind a woman's clock" or "RotoRooter her plumbing" or "Plant a seed in her soil"? LOL
>> No. 153269

>Is that slang for sex

No, he really does clean her pool (and pretty much all outdoor chores) but he also literally has sex with her.
>> No. 153271
File 139145987248.jpg - (621.56KB , 1265x1650 , Power-Job by Jeezits page 03colv1.jpg )
page 3. still going to be a few pages before we get to any sex, but pandora's box's also given me a couple fisher/pg x-rated pinups that aren't directly parts of the comic, and i'll be coloring those as well, probably before the comic's finished.
>> No. 153275
Man, I really want to see this finished
>> No. 153310

Here are the names of the other servants

Belinda: The Cook
Delores: The Financial Consultant
Olivia: The Personal Trainer
Quentin: The Security Guard
Marcus: The Meditation Specialist
Carla: The Second Security Guard
Luke and Vanessa: The Cook's Aides
Derrick: The Second Butler

Now all I need is an artist to take pity on me.
>> No. 153311
>Now all I need is an artist to take pity on me.
Its artists that need pittance, unfortunately.
You could put it up on a site and give them a generous percentage of the ad money. That's an idea.
>> No. 153312

For reasons I'd like to keep to myself, I can't make a website for it, but if I could, I would give the artist all of the ad money.
>> No. 153319
Well, I know a couple of guys that do comissions, specialized in /ss/ and stuff. If you want I can hook you up.
>> No. 153322

For reasons I'd like to keep to myself, I can't communicate with them by email, who are they? (so I can check out their work)
>> No. 153917
File 139222178999.jpg - (445.80KB , 1265x1650 , Power-Job by Jeezits page 06.jpg )
here's the linework for the next page of Power-Job.

and next up a pinup.
>> No. 153918
File 13922218988.jpg - (519.20KB , 1265x1650 , power girl-pin up 01-line art.jpg )
pinup lineart
>> No. 153919
File 13922220001.jpg - (726.51KB , 1265x1681 , power girl fisher planesex day.jpg )
my colors
>> No. 153920
File 139222214665.jpg - (1.00MB , 1265x1942 , power girlwetdreamat2000feet.jpg )
night version.
>> No. 153921
Fuck yeah

Lol oh wow
>> No. 153924

Okay i commissioned one of those scenarios.
Are there any other commissioners here, besides me and Jinmen?
>> No. 153937
And the award for "Strangest Use of William Shatner in /34/" goes to...
>> No. 153944
File 13922418642.png - (960.20KB , 1280x922 , tumblr_myla6dvLcA1ria7oko1_1280.png )
Nice. What pose and artist? I'd like to do something with Kennoarkkan, but I'm never around when he does his streams.
>> No. 153947
I actually wanted to try Kennoarkkan too because i love the Sue/Franklin/She-Hulk piece you go from him but i noticed the last stream too late and i am still not really sure how it works.

I have chosen this pose
>Both giving him a footjob together.
and artist is Sayid.

You got something coming up, too?
Which of the scenarios and poses would you like to get?
I think the only one besides me to get commissions here is you, so it's always cool when you have something coming up.

And Sue/Franklin/She-Hulk is such a nice and unique constellation.
>> No. 153953
I got three Black Cat and Black Kitten pics coming from Psu (http://psuedofolio.tumblr.com/), one from Idlecil (http://idlecil.tumblr.com/), and maybe one from Huliia (http://sketchuli.tumblr.com/).

I'd like to do another Sue/Franklin/She Hulk, but I'm not sure of an artist or pose. Maybe something like She Hulk tearing Sue's uniform while Franklin's on his knees fingering her or something.
>> No. 153957
Nice, especially curious about the one from Psu!

For some Sue/Franklin/She-Hulk ideas check here:

For these three i like it the most when it's like She-Hulk is getting Sue into all of this. Forcing her or tricking her or talking her into all this stuff with Franklin.
>> No. 153962
Also i really would like to get something from Psu.
But with her i am never sure if she is open for commissions and what her prices are...but i think she would be great for something like this:
>The three watching a movie together with Franklin doing the "arm around shoulders while stretching" to one girl and the "hole in the popcorn box" to the other.

And i think this
>Sue and She-Hulk reading a inappropriate sexy bedtime story to Franklin while feeling him up.
would be funny if they are reading a Black Cat and Black Kitten comic to him.
would be funny if the
>> No. 153966
I like the coercing idea and the reading in bed idea.
Maybe ICS or Kenno.
>> No. 153971
File 139224884624.jpg - (2.20MB , 3507x2224 , Marvel OT3.jpg )
>> No. 153973
I'm not usually into footjobs, but damn this is a hot pic
>> No. 153983
I like the look on Sue. It's like she's enjoying it but doesn't want to be.
>> No. 153993
This is something i like about this threeway.
Sue should never forget that she is his mother.
That's why i think it's good to have scenarios and poses where you see this and that it's She-Hulk who is getting her into all of this.
>> No. 154358

It's called Contains Virus Zombies
>> No. 154435
File 139272715295.jpg - (109.31KB , 640x1653 , Sue_Franklin_She-Hulk.jpg )
And more:
>> No. 154436
Ah, thanks!
>> No. 154450
It's grate, but Franklin with small penis looks more cute. I don't know why people like so much shota with super big cocks like some pro porn actors.
>> No. 154454
File 139276439346.jpg - (331.64KB , 1280x698 , tumblr_n17m2ajwMV1soinpio1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 154455
File 139276509387.jpg - (602.97KB , 1000x1403 , tumblr_mxas4hPsiy1t2bhk4o1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 154460

They look like midgets

Here's a few Madame Gymos ideas I'm spitballing

Senior Hadaka: A male version of The Madame

>Madame Gymos and Robbie go on a vacation to a South American country and they go to a nudist beach, guess what happens.

here's the idea with more detail

While at the Brazilian Nude beach, Robbie wants to play in the water, while The Madame wants to sunbathe. While exploring the beach Robbie sees a twenty something woman wearing a wetsuit holding a surfboard (who might be a dark skinned blonde/redhead) she tells Robbie that she wound up here when she wiped out. After taking off her wetsuit, she asks Robbie if he wants to surf with her and they do (they share her surfboard) after a bit of this, guess what happens. Robbie goes back to the Madame and guess what happens next.
>> No. 154463
So how would you work in Hadaka in the story? Also I really like that beach story idea. My only complaint is that Robbie should bring the woman back with him to introduce the Madam
>> No. 154467
>So how would you work in Hadaka in the story?

I'm not even sure if I'm even gonna use him, but if I do, he has his own companion, who is either Indian or Fillipino

>My only complaint is that Robbie should bring the woman back with him to introduce the Madam

She'll come visit the Madame's mansion (maybe even permently stay there)

Another idea I have is that Robbie and The Madame go on assorted naked sexy adventures around the world (think Ducktales)
>> No. 154468
That sounds like a pretty good idea. Do you have any adventure scenarios planned out yet?
>> No. 154473

Nope (unless you count their Brazil vacation one)
>> No. 154528
You should get Magi/ac110.tumblr
>> No. 154536

Here's a stupid adventure idea

Robbie and The Madame go to Germany to search for FKK Gold (a stupid parody of Nazi Gold) and meet a nudist family of 3 (with a daughter) guess what happens. The nudist couple should be inspired by the female seen here http://aeolus06.tumblr.com/post/77137587872/sprung-a-leak-commission-request-by-stush

And here's a not so stupid adventure idea

Robbie and The Madame find a lost Atlantis-like city that never invented clothes, guess what happens.
>> No. 155031
File 139339502142.jpg - (173.49KB , 1000x1000 , Val and Boy Sketch Commission-2.jpg )
A little comic idea I'm working on...
>> No. 155036
I've decided that the surfer girl is called Riptide (her real name is unappealing/lame live Eunice or Hilda)

Here's a story idea

While in Brazil, the Madame and Robbie are exploring the Amazon rainforest, when Robbie sees a beautiful tall naked woman in her early twenties of Greek/Portuguese/Indigenous Amazon descent with green hair. Robbie chases after her (with the Madame following him) she jumps into the Amazon River, Robbie and the Madame take off their clothes and do the same. After getting out of the river and going deep into the rainforest, Robbie and the Madame see the ruins of a Greek temple, they go inside the temple and find a secret passageway. Coming out of the other end of the passageway, Robbie and the Madame find the ruins of a Greek city and also see the green haired girl. She welcomes them to the city of Amazonia and she introduces them to a woman in her early thirties with Turquoise hair, a woman in her late thirties with Purple hair and a woman in her forties with white hair. The white haired amazon tells Robbie and The Madame that they are the last Amazons and due to the fact that they forgot how to "make more Amazons" their civilization is as good as dead, guess what happens.
>> No. 155043
While it's a great set up, it feels a little too similar to that Atlantis idea from before. I think it's best if you combine these adventure stories with the vacation. Also would Francesca be joining Robbie and Ruby on any of these quests?
>> No. 155072

>I think it's best if you combine these adventure stories with the vacation.

That's what I was going to do

>Also would Francesca be joining Robbie and Ruby on any of these quests?

Nope, her story is the final Brazilian vacation chapter (and The Madame's new first name is Henrietta, it rolls of the tongue better in my view)

Here's the basic idea for her story with more detail

While shopping for souvenirs in a sterotypical Brazilian street market, Robbie notices a 14 to 16 year old street girl is stealing something from The Madame's purse, Robbie screams out this fact and a nearby policeman arrests her before she can get away. Much to Robbie, Francisca and the polceman's suprise, The Madame decides to not press charges. After the policeman goes on with his business, Francisca is about to leave, when The Madame grabs her by the arm and tells her that she's not off the hook yet.The Madame forces Francisca to be her and Robbie's city guide. One day of fun later (with Robbie not trusting Francisca as far as he can throw her) The Madame invites Francisca to her and Robbie's hotel room, she accepts, guess what happens. The Madame and Robbie then leave Brazil (along with Francisca)
>> No. 155095
Would you mind going into a little more detail with this idea of yours?
>> No. 155096

Sexy alien woman abducts young man, guess what happens

Also, the Amazons will visit the Madame's mansion
>> No. 155105
How will they be able to visit the Madame's mansion in North America when they're in South America?
I'm a little curious to know how Henrietta became so interested in sex and who her first was
>> No. 155107

>How will they be able to visit the Madame's mansion in North America when they're in South America?

Riptide doesn't live in Brazil (she was only their for the waves)

Robbie asks The Amazons how they got to the Madame's mansion, they reply by plane, then Robbie asks them how would a group of women who've spent all their lives in the ruins of a lost city even now about planes, how they knew were he lived and where they got the Maternity Dresses that they were all wearing then they got there. They don't answer him (Riptide also didn't know were Robbie lived)

I need names for the Amazons (either Greek or Indigenous Amazon names)

>I'm a little curious to know how Henrietta became so interested in sex and who her first was

Her main obsession isn't sex, its nudity, plus I'd like to give her an aire of mystery (why she loves being naked/the origin of her fortune) The only thing we know about her past is that she was good friends with Robbie's deceased parents.

I don't want to give the Madame a tragic backstory (but I think that giving her a non-tragic backstory would be boring)
>> No. 155116
It's going to be sexy alien WOMEN, but yeah, good guess.
>> No. 155368

>The Madame, Robbie and Jessica go to the orphanage and Robbie and Jessica introduce The Madame to their close circle of friends (around 5) she adopts them.

Here's one of them

-10 to 12 years old
-She has been at the orphanage for all her life
-Due to the fact that she has seen so many of her friends leave, she tries not to form friendships anymore

And here's a new story idea

>While out shopping for The Madame, Christine runs into her old school friend Blake (who she had a crush on)
>After a small chat, she invites him to The Madame’s mansion, Blake wanting to see her in a sexy maid uniform (he doesn't know yet about The Madame's "dress code") says yes.
>While at The Madame’s mansion, Blake and Robbie meet each other and notice that they look alike (but Christine doesn’t)
>Before Christine can tell Blake that she has a crush on him, he confesses that he has had a crush on her since they were kids, she jumps him and guess what happens, after a while, Robbie joins in
>After having an “interview” with the Madame, Blake becomes a member of The Madame's workforce.

A part of me feels like this comic idea is too "happy" and there is not enough conflict in it (but then again, being a sex comic seems like a good enough excuse)
>> No. 155668
>> No. 155696
More ideas

-While near the amazon river, The Madame meets a mysterious man with pale skin, light blue hair and wearing a straw hat, guess what happens

-While on vacation (it doesn't have to be Brazil) Robbie meets an artist (a twenty or thirty something woman who is bored with drawing life models of men) guess what happens

Here's a character idea
>The Madame's friend from college
>A lesbian (but turns bi thanks to the Madame and Robbie)
>Inspired by the Madame, she adopts an orphan girl

I want to give The Madame a private Medical Practitioner, but I don't have a clue on what his/her design personality traits should be

I'd hate to be a bother, but it would be greatly appreciated if someone drew a sketch of The Madame (with or without Robbie)

Here's a non-Gymos idea

>A boy has a crush on a close friend of his parents (they notice this)
>His parents and their friend give him a hands on sex education lesson
>The story ends with the friend living with the family (and they spend all of their home time naked)
>> No. 155704
How old would this friend be and what gender is this friend?
>> No. 155729
The same age as the Boy's parents and female
>> No. 155798
Dude, I seriously hate being repetitive but get someone with cash or something into this so they can comission it.
I wanna see this.
I'm not an artist, so I'm not doing it. But I wanna see it.
>> No. 155800

>get someone with cash or something into this so they can comission it.

I wouldn't feel right doing that (unless the person really wanted to pay for the commission)

Like I said before, personal reasons are the reason why I can't commission someone myself.
>> No. 156186
File 139457534338.jpg - (804.41KB , 2000x1435 , momsclitoris.jpg )
I know some of you were wondering where Roadkill's art originates from, and I managed to find out that he posts on the Lolicit message board.

Their registration process is kind of a pain, so if there's a demand I'll post more of his stuff here.
>> No. 156191
I think this is the only CG porn I have seen that is not just totally weird looking, so yeah, post away, dude.
>> No. 156193
File 139457740691.jpg - (1.11MB , 2000x1185 , amotherslust.jpg )
>> No. 156194
File 139457749890.jpg - (917.07KB , 2000x1310 , momswapping.jpg )
>> No. 156195
File 139457757652.jpg - (933.43KB , 2993x1421 , nightswithmom.jpg )
>> No. 156197
File 139457777299.jpg - (1.13MB , 2300x1458 , because.jpg )
>> No. 156198
File 139457827663.jpg - (970.26KB , 1700x1253 , waitingisover.jpg )
>> No. 156199
File 139457835046.jpg - (514.59KB , 1700x1189 , anysecondnow.jpg )
>> No. 156200
File 13945784188.jpg - (477.83KB , 1800x1177 , momsorgasm.jpg )
>> No. 156202
File 139457852263.jpg - (0.97MB , 1650x1187 , unveling.jpg )
>> No. 156203
Man, these are so well done, not just in the textures and models, but also the lighting.
>> No. 156204
File 139457901760.jpg - (535.82KB , 2000x1123 , ambivalence.jpg )
>> No. 156205
File 139457912942.jpg - (868.15KB , 1500x1469 , thesitter.jpg )
>> No. 156206
File 139457929547.jpg - (753.79KB , 2200x1374 , trigger.jpg )
>> No. 156210

Here are the other friends from the orphanage
Charlotte: A shy girl
Monet: A boisterous tomboy who has her hair in pigtails

I need help with developing personalities and physical descriptions for the 3 male friends from the orphanage (who I've named Jason, David and Andy)
>> No. 156232
Spec-fucking-tacular. More please!
>> No. 156295
Damn, this is pretty hot
>> No. 156354
File 139472893252.jpg - (347.14KB , 691x785 , 261043.jpg )
Not sure if this counts as /d/, but here's a cyberpunk themed /ss/ pic by Plimsoll.
>> No. 156383
roadkill is awesome. does sonofka still post too?
>> No. 156423
I haven't seen a good SonofKa series since this one in PDF. The forum he was posting at disappeared (RealEdenPlace or something?).
>> No. 156528
I'm kinda wondering why the Mods saw fit to remove the pic I posted in the previous post when there's similar 3D young shota posted above that wasn't deleted?
>> No. 156547

Maybe because it was golden showers?

Two more Madame Gymos story ideas

Robbie meets a shortstack named Jeanne who is a little bit shorter than him, guess what happens. After this, Robbie asks the Madame to make her a part of her workforce and she says yes.

The Madame, Robbie and Francisca go skinny dipping in Northern Canada were they meet Nanuk, a twenty something man of Inuit descent, guess what happens.
>> No. 156553
>Registration process is kind of a pain
God, you're not kidding about that. There's amount of contribution needed before you can access the galleries.
>> No. 156583
> Madam Gymos asks Robbie to buy a squid from the local fish monger so they can have squid for dinner. The fish monger has an attractive daughter named Jill. Guess what happens.
>> No. 156585
The squid is efficiently purchased and brought home, still fresh.
>> No. 156589
File 139492523651.jpg - (555.96KB , 1197x1614 , part-a-019.jpg )
Can anyone ID what issue of Heavy Metal this page comes from?
>> No. 156613

Okay idea, but I don't think it fits (here's a story inspired by it)

>The Madame and Robbie (and possibly Francisca and Jessica) go to a hotspot for alien sightings (like New Mexico)
>They meet some aliens that look like attractive human women only with different colored skin and tentacle like protrusions instead of hair (both head and pubic)
>Guess what happens
>> No. 156653
File 139501473637.png - (459.76KB , 825x1167 , bellend_cyber.png )
Quick sketch by Bellend.
>> No. 156656
Good stuff, Jinmen!
>> No. 156662

Did you draw that or someone else?
>> No. 156663
I didn't draw it, Bellend did.
>> No. 156764

I second this request.
>> No. 156822
File 139523588249.png - (258.98KB , 763x1022 , cycouple2CWIP.png )
And a second pic of the happy couple mostly out their uniforms.
I gotta think up names for them...
>> No. 156829
File 139524572878.png - (163.67KB , 391x517 , endcyWIP.png )
WIP concept.
>> No. 156845

Are these two based on this idea? >>150631
>> No. 156847
I think I like the boob grab of the concept more - it looks more innocent, as if he was just trying to keep up his balance after being pulled into those bosoms.

Though the other hand fingering her might not work right in that situation.
>> No. 156856
Not directly, more in a loose sci-fi sense. I had an idea for a /ss/ pic involving a boy and woman with Bubblegum Crisis or cyberpunk style armor and that's where the Bellend pics came from.

I think for the athlete idea I'd go with a more western looking style, plus I'd like that to be a full blown comic.
I'm working on a script at the moment.
>> No. 156863
Now that's edgy!
>> No. 156883

It's Heavy Metal, what did you expect?

I've made the first 2 chapters of "The Naked life of Madame Gymos" into page by page transcripts. Which means it'll be easier for me and the artist to be on the same page (now if only I could get one that'll work for free)
>> No. 156944
File 139536688753.png - (97.46KB , 587x771 , jmd_cat_kitten.png )
From JMD.
>> No. 156945
File 139536696022.png - (98.14KB , 587x771 , jmd_cat_kitten_x.png )
>> No. 156948

How's this idea coming along Jinmen? (I saw a new pic in a co thread)

More ideas

>The Madame hires a marital arts expert to teach her self defense
>An old friend of the Madame's who has giant breasts comes over for a visit, pandering to lactation fetishists ensues
>It's Robbie's birthday and one of the Madame's male servants (probably Derrick) gives him a special present (This idea is a maybe)
>> No. 156950
File 139536952676.png - (552.66KB , 1024x2457 , hag_by_rogerbacon-d78op80.png )
A nice big color pic of a boy with some alien ladies is in the works.
>> No. 156976
File 139540781450.jpg - (850.63KB , 2000x1457 , morning.jpg )
"She spent the entire night with her son, a night of the most lascivious enjoyment. They fell asleep in each other's arms. Upon waking, they resumed, as though no interruption had occurred."
Flavor text by Roadkill.
>> No. 157083
Thank you so much for posting his art.

I'm feeling it is way too creepy to be posting constructively on that site in order to earn reputation and get access to the artist galleries.
>> No. 157085

It's the incest that bugs me the most

More Madame Gymos ideas

>Robbie and The Madame go to Tanzania to meet one of her old friends
>He (alongside his family) are a part of a community called "Kabila Uchi"
>Guess what happens next

>Robbie, The Madame and Ai (her Masseuse) go to a Japanese hot spring resort
>While they're there, Ai runs into two guys that she knew from grade school
>The two used to fight over her (both literally and metaphorically) but she moved away before she could make a choice
>She is surprised to find out that they've become more than just friends
>Guess what happens next
>Meanwhile, Robbie and The Madame get up to some sexy naked shenanigans

>Robbie and The Madame go to The Philippines/Australian Gold Coast
>While on a nude beach, Robbie meets a mysterious girl around his age and they explore a coral reef together
>The girl tells Robbie to meet her again at night
>Robbie does so and they look at the bioluminescence of the coral reef and watch the coral spawning
>Guess what happens next
>> No. 157156
File 139566488117.png - (423.02KB , 825x1167 , jinmen.png )
I recently occurred to me that there is pretty much no good /ss/ pics involving Jonny Quest.
So here's one from Bellend!
>> No. 157174

Who is the woman? (his mom?)

The Madame's Origin

Henrietta Stevenson always loved being naked, but her conservative parents didn’t like that. When she won the lottery in her late twenties, she disowned her parents (who she was living with) legally changed her name to Madame Gymos and through the stock market, became even richer.

The Madame views being naked as the purest/most natural way of living (and she possibly views love making as the purest/most natural way of showing you love someone)
>> No. 157175
That's Jezebel Jade, Race Banon's ex in the original series, and Jessie's mom in The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest.
She even had her own comic mini-series in the 80's.
>> No. 157182
Awesome work Jinmen! Great idea and nice artist choice.
Jezebel Jade is very sexy! I hope you and bellend are going to work together more and maybe let Jonny work his way through the other hot femme fatales of that series.
>> No. 157447
File 139603062862.png - (327.50KB , 1245x716 , 263593.png )
>> No. 157458
>While in Northern Scandinavia, Robbie and The Madame find a beautiful woman wearing stereotypical Viking warrior clothing, who should be inspired by Sig Rune http://the-conservatory.wikia.com/wiki/File:Sigrune01.png (named Siri) frozen in a block of ice, they defrost her. After some future shock jokes (and Robbie asking how Siri can speak perfect English) guess what happens.

>Robbie and The Madame go to Africa to meet one of her old friends
>They meet his wife, teenage son and daughter who is around the same age as Robbie (maybe even younger than Robbie)
>Surprise, Surprise, his daughter takes a liking for Robbie, unfortunately, her big brother disapproves of this and challenges Robbie to a naked stick fight (like what the Suri people do)
>Robbie wins and guess what happens (while he’s doing it, The Madame does it with the teenage son and the parents also do it)
>After Robbie and The Madame leave, the teenage son meets a Chinese girl around his age (her parents work for the African branch of a Chinese corporation) possibly named Xiu-Mei

>Robbie and The Madame go to the Middle East (probably Dubai)
>Robbie sees a woman wearing a burqa and finds out she is wearing nothing underneath it
>Guess what happens

>Much to Delores’ (The Madame’s Financial Consultant) chagrin, The Madame hires a fortune teller with light purple hair possibly named Zinerva, Guess what happens

Here’s the final arc

>All of the characters that appeared in only one or two chapters visit The Madame’s mansion at the same time

And here’s a simplified version of The Madame Gymos story which is mainly inspired by this fic http://www.sofurry.com/view/316870/guest http://www.sofurry.com/view/316872/guest

>Robbie (who is not an orphan in this version) is told by his parents to stay away from a large house near where he lives
>He loses a toy (a frisbee/baseball/whatever) in the house’s backyard
>He decides to disobey his parents and rings the doorbell of the house to ask the resident if he can look for it
>Madame Gymos (who does not have any servants in this version) opens the door
>She tells him that her house is a clothesfree zone and if he doesn't get naked, he won’t be able to look for his toy
>He reluctantly and slowly takes off his clothes, the Madame gets impatient and she forcefully takes off his clothes.
>After finding his toy, the Madame asks him if he wants a drink and he says yes
>While having his drink, The Madame tells him how much she loves being naked and the benefits of being naked at home.
>While looking at The Madame, Robbie gets an erection because of this and tries to cover it up
>The Madame stops him and guess what happens next

>Jessica (who is also not an orphan in this version) sees her crush Robbie sneak his way to the Madame’s house
>She spies of them making love
>The Madame catches her and lets her join in
>> No. 157466
Why are shota stories always so ridiculous and unrealistic?

How do you expect me to get my rocks if my immersion is broken?!
>> No. 157472
File 139606474940.jpg - (326.89KB , 1603x2140 , MartianGirl&SpaceBoy.jpg )
Thought this would be good right here.
from the Daron Nefcy short called "The Terror From Mars".
Vid Here. The Terror From Marsvimeo thumb
>> No. 157473
Impressive! Kudos to the artist for nailing the art style down
>> No. 157479

Because realistic stories would have the woman in jail
>> No. 157485
>women in jail for raping minors

At a sentence of like seven months, and the media uses coy words like "affair" and "student".
>> No. 157486

I bet that they really would think that.
>> No. 157490
Transformation, tentacles, /ss/, vore, it's like a fetish buffet!

Genuinely curious here. What do you mean by a "realistic" story?
>> No. 157525
File 139613266575.jpg - (0.99MB , 1800x1201 , disbelief.jpg )
New Roadkill.
>> No. 157530
Probably means how every /ss/ thing has to be outlandish in some form to get the two together and getting it on.
>> No. 157531
Probably means how every /ss/ thing has to be outlandish in some form to get the two together and getting it on.
>> No. 157643
File 139625321368.jpg - (212.79KB , 1302x1841 , ms038-back_ground_mom_mag-small.jpg )
Straight Shota IV: The Straightening
>> No. 157728
File 139638287065.jpg - (680.08KB , 1265x1650 , Power-Job by Jeezits page 04colored.jpg )
realized i'd forgotten to post the latest pages of power job.
>> No. 157729
File 139638301043.jpg - (738.89KB , 1265x1650 , Power-Job by Jeezits page 05colored.jpg )
page 5
>> No. 157730
File 139638331489.jpg - (864.81KB , 2000x1534 , power girl cover-pin up2colored.jpg )
and now another out-of-continuity pinup... power girl and the girl that, in the comic, he wound up with thanks to PG making him look good.
>> No. 157732

That has inspired me to create this story (which might become a Madame Gymos story)

>A 15/16-year old girl is babysitting a young boy
>She finds out that he sleeps naked
>While on his family's couch, she decides to try being naked herself
>She starts to masturbate
>The boy overhears this and gets up to see what's going on
>Guess what happens

>The Babysitter tells her boyfriend and one her girlfriends about this
>Guess what happens
>> No. 157736
>>150873 >>150896 >>151072 >>151073 >>152335 >>152336 >>152335 >>152336 >>153271 >>153917 >>153918 >>153919 >>153920 >>157728 >>157729 >>157730

I'm glad that PBX is giving digital art a chance. Interesting concept to work with too.

However there are a couple issues that stand out to me: eye direction and panel mixing.

There are several cases where the characters are talking to each other but the eyes are randomly focused away, sometimes as if they're looking off to a distance, despite them being inside a small room. And it's not like they just giving small talk: they are discussing serious, adult matters and there's really no excuse for Power Girl to not be giving eye contact to the boy. It's kind of like watching a reporter or politician who clearly looking off, probably at a teleprompter, instead of looking at the camera; it can be very distracting.

The panel transitions also seem follow an irregular pattern and the choices themselves could use some work. Power Girl's entire body is shown in simply too many panels. To make it more dramatic, it would be better shown sparingly. More close-ups should be used instead, so that full-body panels are given more significance. Furthermore, the panels often appear to focus on Power Girl even when it's the boy who is speaking or thinking. The reason why this is problematic is because it's harder for the reader to feel the emotions of the boy, as the panels --- particularly in the way they are angled and directed -- are basically obscuring him. Obscuring the boy's emotions is a big no-no for straight shota comics. Part of the appeal of straight shota is being able to relate to the boy and feeling a sense of taboo.

I didn't explain much about panel transitions, but I recommend checking Wally Wood's tutorial below for some examples:

I know PBX is never going to read this, but I hope this will serve as a tip for other comic drawfags/artists.
>> No. 157770
>> No. 157771
>> No. 157971
File 139667383776.png - (163.60KB , 599x580 , frankie2.png )
>> No. 157972
Here's another Madame Gymos story idea

>A long time ago, a plane crashes in the Sumatran/Bornean rainforest. The only survivor is a baby boy who is raised by an Orangutan
>After some time, the baby grows up (looking like the Mouse House's Tarzan, only loinclothless and with shaggy orange hair)
>The Madame and Robbie meet him while on vacation
>After meeting him, The Madame and Robbie tell the park ranger (who coincidentally, is an attractive twenty something woman) about him
>Guess what happens

The guy's name might be Berbulu (Indonesian for hairless) and the Park Ranger's name might be Farah
>> No. 157974

Is this legitimately published and circulated straight shotacon??

And there's still no source to this??

How do you even know this is from a Heavy Metal Issue?

What if its from a magazine that was originally some other language and published into english but not Heavy Metal?? This needs source so bad.
>> No. 157981
I found the page from a rar someone made of /ss/ scenes from Heavy Metal magazine, same place I found that page from Waters of Deadmoon.

Not to mention, the page just has the right look and feel to be from Heavy Metal.
>> No. 158022
were does Roadkill post his pictures? i use to find his work on realedenplace forums but that forum been gone for a wile.
>> No. 158109
Anyone know which issue of Doctor Solar Man of Atom has the straight shota?

I found out about it here in an archived thread:

but since foolz.us is a piece of shit site when it comes to archiving images from /co/ threads, I can't fucking make out what the hell is happening.

I found issue 12 of the original Golden Key Comics of it but that wasn't it. I have a guess it's in the Valiant Release Issue 12 but there's nowhere to find it on the internet.
>> No. 158110
This might help. I'm downloading all the Solar stuff right now. If I find the pages, I'll post them.
>> No. 158162
File 139691497510.jpg - (1.08MB , 1800x1786 , goodmorningkiss.jpg )
New Roadkill.
Roadkill posts his stuff on the Lolicit forum, but you have to go through a lot of crap to access that part of the board. If you ask a mod nicely they might let you on.
>> No. 158181
does anyhoo also post there?
>> No. 158204
Anyhoo does not post there, but other people have posted his old stuff.
>> No. 158221
This is some of the best CGI porn I have seen, usually is just terrifying, this is one is actually hot though.
>> No. 158222
Just saw Justice League War, I want to see some Diana and Billy Batson.
>> No. 158458
File 139723128078.jpg - (120.08KB , 765x991 , 266860.jpg )
Garabatoz does it again
>> No. 158466

anything on this yet? I'm not good with torrents. I really wish I could find an online copy of Valiant's Solar Man of Atom #12. Damn moralfags reporting links...
>> No. 158483
your post made me lol
>> No. 158489

who's the kid?

More Madame Gymos ideas

>Olivia (The Madame's Personal Trainer) goes to a gym
>Aside from one guy, the place is a ghost town
>She sees that the guy is working out naked
>He tells her that his parents had an unhealthy obsession with ancient Greece (hence why they named him Atlas) and he found out that the Greeks exercised naked so he tried it himself and found it to his liking
>Olivia gets naked and joins him, after a bit of this, guess what happens
>After leaving the gym, Olivia asks Atlas if he wants to be her assistant, he says yes

>Christine's (the ditsy maid) mother comes over for a visit
>She might tell her that she was adopted
>One heartwarming mother-daughter scene later, guess what happens

>Robbie meets a reverse trap around his age possibly named Billie
>> No. 158823
Hey, sorry about that, went AFK for a while.
I downloaded the comic and found what you were looking for.
I can post it if you want, but nothing really explicit happens in it.
>> No. 158866

Actually that would be great. Any legit published shota is good and rare. Explicit or otherwise. Specially in Western Comic Book Media.

>> No. 158867

Actually that would be great. Any legit published shota is good and rare. Explicit or otherwise. Specially in Western Comic Book Media.

Did you happen to dl and read the other issues? any other issue have the same premise? straight shota, etc?.?
>> No. 159005
Yes please, i would like to see it, too!
>> No. 159023
File 139758886466.jpg - (217.33KB , 800x1243 , Solar Man of the Atom 12-01.jpg )
Alright, though I really don't know if this even counts.
>> No. 159024
File 139758894475.jpg - (225.93KB , 800x1177 , Solar Man of the Atom 12-02.jpg )
>> No. 159025
File 139758910684.jpg - (185.95KB , 800x1168 , Solar Man of the Atom 12-03.jpg )
>> No. 159026
File 139758921224.jpg - (211.84KB , 800x1146 , Solar Man of the Atom 12-04.jpg )
>> No. 159027
File 139758928196.jpg - (225.44KB , 800x1170 , Solar Man of the Atom 12-05.jpg )
>> No. 159028
This is kinda fucked.
>> No. 159029
File 139758939912.jpg - (232.42KB , 800x1209 , Solar Man of the Atom 12-06.jpg )
>> No. 159030
File 139758950417.jpg - (206.68KB , 800x1170 , Solar Man of the Atom 12-07.jpg )
>> No. 159031
File 139758964769.jpg - (207.09KB , 800x1168 , Solar Man of the Atom 12-08.jpg )
>> No. 159032
File 13975898169.jpg - (196.84KB , 800x1155 , Solar Man of the Atom 12-09.jpg )
>> No. 159034
File 139758993455.jpg - (196.60KB , 800x1140 , Solar Man of the Atom 12-10.jpg )
>> No. 159035
File 139759011973.jpg - (175.00KB , 800x1165 , Solar Man of the Atom 12-11.jpg )
I can post the rest of the issue if you want, but that's the extent of the weird sex stuff in it.
>> No. 159041
This is shit and not sexy in the slightest, why did you post it?
>> No. 159070
Either I don't post it or people complain I'm withholding material.
Either way nobody's happy.
>> No. 159077

How weird?
>> No. 159121
What is the context of this?
>> No. 159139
As the original requester of the Solar Man of Atom comic pages, I have to agree that was indeed messed up.

I appreciate you posting it though. From the archived thread at foolz that I saw it from I thought it had actual shota eroticism. but since there were only thumbnails because foolz is a pile of shit because it doesn't archive /co/ images.. this disappointment is all on me.

my bad guys. and sorry I didn't reply earlier jin. thanks again.
>> No. 159202
Two questions

-What do you think is a better name for a reverse trap, Billie or Spencer? (or do you have any suggestions?)

-I'm thinking of having around 70 to 80 characters (most of them only appearing in 1 or 2 chapters) do you think that is too much?
>> No. 159229
File 139774549961.png - (115.57KB , 750x750 , untitled.png )
Pic from a /b/ drawthread.
>> No. 159402

Are they supposed to be anyone in particular?


I've decided that the reverse trap's name is Gene
>> No. 159452


What, like the kid from Bob's Burgers?
>> No. 159482

I don't watch Bob's Burgers.

How about Dana?
>> No. 159739
File 139817753739.jpg - (469.61KB , 2000x1212 , beyondbelief.jpg )
New Roadkill.

They're not anyone particular. I just requested a /ss/ pic with casual nudity.
>> No. 159776

Reminds me of the work of Megasweet
>> No. 159777
Best cgi MILfs
>> No. 159833
Another idea

In a stereotypical medieval Middle East, a young street rat finds a lamp (while he was exploring some ruins) He rubs the lamp and nothing happens, he then sees markings on the lamp that depict naked people, he then gets a crazy idea. He starts taking off his clothes until he is completely naked. He rubs the lamp again and a beautiful women wearing nothing (but possibly a few body ornaments) who then (using her magic) makes the boy's discarded clothes vanish. She then tells her young master that being naked is so much better than wearing clothes. One sex scene later, She then takes his hand and they run off to start their naked adventures.
>> No. 159838
Your idea intrigues me and I hope to see more from you.
>> No. 159854
I'd be lying if I said I'm not interested in seeing a short comic of this idea
>> No. 159883

Sorry, can't draw for merde
>> No. 159885
File 139828605453.jpg - (171.89KB , 407x388 , n3ji0kFVEq1rttfdq.jpg )
Well you could always do what most people with no artistic talent do and commission someone to make your kinky idea a reality. I could definitely see someone like Glassfish doing something like your proposal.
>> No. 159890

Can't commission someone either (for reasons I'd like to keep to myself)
>> No. 159965
Because you're underage and the way of payment is impossible to hide for you.

Ha. Bingo.
>> No. 160011
File 139837339147.jpg - (223.97KB , 800x1025 , h_2014_004.jpg )
Sketch by Sirkowski of Blackie and Eva with their shota counterparts.
>> No. 160223
File 13985615407.jpg - (737.76KB , 2304x3212 , MILF.jpg )
I like this one
>> No. 160326
File 13986388174.jpg - (909.92KB , 2000x1387 , relishing.jpg )
New Roadkill.
>> No. 160780
Any ideas on what kind of naked adventures the two of them embark on?
>> No. 160782

Sorry but no, but now that I think about it, maybe they could go surfing in Polynesia (according to some people, the original surfers surfed naked)
>> No. 160982
File 139900340392.png - (1.00MB , 1024x737 , tumblr_n4xh8m0uVg1sg6405o1_1280.png )
>> No. 161110
>those muscles
Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! /ss/ needs more buff shotas.
>> No. 161179
Pretty amazing
>> No. 161285
They're back! Finally...awesome picture.
Jinmen you never disappoint! Will you bring back the SueXFranklinXShe-Hulk menage-a-trois, too?
>> No. 161376
File 139922156595.jpg - (28.92KB , 536x304 , image.jpg )
>> No. 161384
Jinmen could you get Psu to do some Black Cat x Black Kitten?
>> No. 161387
File 139922637436.jpg - (531.42KB , 1000x1414 , catandkit_02.jpg )
Glad you like the pic!
I don't have anything immediately planned with SuexJenxFranklin, but never say never. For now I'm mulling over scenarios/ideas with a sci-fi or cyberpunk theme, kinda like >>156822
I'll take idea/suggestions if anyone has some.

I am in talks with Psu about a Black Cat/Black Kitten pic. Here's a sketch for a pose idea, but the final product might be different.
>> No. 161388
IF this is going to be the final product, Black Kitten should have bulge in his pants. There's seriously something wrong with him if this doesn't excite him a little. And with Psu being more active on Hentai Foundry lately, i think the wouldn't have a problem with a little bulge.

If it's going to be something different, i am looking forward to what else you two come up with!

Nice of you to alwas answer questions, too!
What i would like to ask you is are there any /ss/ pairings that have not much art or any art at all that would interest you in the future?
Like for example
Kid Loki x Miss America Chavez , Psylocke & Doug Ramsey,
JL8-Hippolyta & JL8-Batman, Miles Morales x Rio Morales...

And are there any pairings of the /ll/ category that you like?
>> No. 161541
An idea (that might be a Madame Gymos story)

>Kid is at a candy store
>Asks the teller/owner (who is a beautiful 30 something woman with pink and green rippled hair) how she keeps her weight healthy
>She tells the protag that she only has her product once in a while and then takes the protag to the backroom
>She pours some artificially flavored powdered candy down her throat and then Frenches the protag
>She then tells the protag to get naked and sprinkles some artificially flavored powdered candy on his erogenous zones, guess what happens
>> No. 161831
Wow, you have told us A LOT of ideas now.
Maybe you should take a break for awhile.
>> No. 162012
>Psu being more active on Hentai Foundry
Oh shit, really?

>> No. 162061
>> No. 162267
File 140016489071.jpg - (792.36KB , 1265x1650 , Power-Job by Jeezits page 06col.jpg )
page 6
>> No. 162395
File 140036388345.jpg - (85.29KB , 725x590 , pedomom.jpg )
search pictures , videos and archives in emule program with "straight shota" or "pedomom"
names , put more of this please!
>> No. 163307
Artist of that is Muttonfed. Does mostly straight shota & some loli. Haven't seen a lot of new stuff, though.
>> No. 163525

Hey Jin, is there any way you can share said rar?
>> No. 164207

The Jews must have done this
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