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File 137536365127.gif - (2.27MB , 314x159 , 1375178274267.gif )
38293 No. 38293
the other thread is autosaging and i really just wanted to post this gif
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>> No. 38295
Aww, that's cute as hell. Who is the little girl in front?
>> No. 38296
Pretty sure that's loli Mako
>> No. 38297
Dude Knifehead is a boy not a girl!
>> No. 38298
So, its earned 9 mil on its opening weekend in China and Japan, alongside Brazil are also expected to make a killing....
>> No. 38302
File 13753898097.png - (431.65KB , 500x598 , 1375374752499.png )
>kaiju attacks Sydney
>"Oi, let's go watch the cunt get his teeth kicked in"
>> No. 38303
>all kaiju are clones
>one of them was pregnant

do the math
>> No. 38305
My immediate assumption would be that they're all hermaphrodites, assuming it's not a parthenogenic all-female species. Otherwise how would the pregnant one have gotten pregnant in the first place?
>> No. 38306
In the novelization Newt says mentions Kaiju do possess reproductive organs.

And my assumption is that Leatherback went apeshit on Otachi, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 38307
Man, the Russians Rangers are really, really liiked by the fandom, lots of fanart of them (and Cherno).
>> No. 38308
Thursday's been strong for PR in China as well. Cumulatively, it's done over a hundred million yuan (around $17 million), and is expected to make about 250 million yuan (just under $45 million) by the end of the weekend. Sure, it's a 5-day instead of a 3-day, but that's still bigger bank than PR got in the States on its opening weekend.

I had a feeling ever since I heard about this movie that this had the potential to be a surprise breakout in China. It just chimes so well with the kind of stuff Chinese audiences want to see (the Transformers trilogy made insane amounts of cash in the People's Republic, and bloody Battleship did disproportionately well there), and nothing else Hollywood was dumping on the market seemed to "get" what the Chinese wanted. Hopefully Hollywood will take notice and realise that shoveling superhero fare across the Pacific and chucking in non-sequitur scenes with random local actors is not a sufficient strategy for keeping your foot in the world's second-largest movie market.

Now all the authorities need to do is stop hoarding the studios' box office take, and we're golden.
>> No. 38309
maybe it was less pregnant and more engineered with a trojan mini kaiju in it?
>> No. 38310
I take it $9M is good for a Chinese movie opening? I'm sure they probably pay less than average and don't have theaters all over the country, but I'm not familiar with Chinese box-office numbers. Granted, opening in the states was, what, $22M?

That was my take on the whole thing, as well. A "Plan B", if you will.
>> No. 38311
> I take it $9M is good for a Chinese movie opening?

It was the biggest opening ever in China.

As to how big the Chinese market is, Ironman 3 made 800 million bucks outside the US, and 120 million were on China.
>> No. 38312
37M was for the weekend opening (Grown Ups 2 pulled about 6M more on a 2:8 screen showing margin). Up to 87M Domestic now. Not bad considering how many theaters scrapped it a week or so later or barely showed it from the start due to the industry news showing poor interest.
>> No. 38313
File 137540442928.jpg - (9.74KB , 799x129 , 1375375135591.jpg )
They're awesome honestly. Cherno had s cool design too. I do wish there was a little more of Typhoon and the Weis.

Some anon on /co/ came up with a brilliant idea. In the sequel they dust off Matador Fury and bring back its two old Mexican convict pilots played by Danny Trejo and Cheech Marin
>> No. 38314
This, Pacific Rim opened at $14 milion on the US
>> No. 38320
>It was the biggest opening ever in China.
For Warner Bros. Let's not get too carried away.

I've been following the growth of the Chinese box office for the last few years, since I'm a massive nerd and I find it fascinating how a market that practically didn't exist ten years has suddenly exploded into this massive game-changing behemoth. China's market is still about a third the size of the US, and Hollywood movies are facing more severe domestic competition than they've done so in the past, so for PR to make nearly 2/3rds of its American opening day in China is damn near spectacular.
>> No. 38321
File 137544419953.jpg - (62.14KB , 680x680 , 1358868851499.jpg )
>going to buy a PacRim toy
>decide to buy Typhoon because she's just more cool looking than Gypsy, dealwithit
>on the same day she arrives, China single-handedly redeems Del Taco's career

Fuck yeah China. Your gov't is deluded but your people are now officially bros. Well played.
>> No. 38322
I wouldn't say the Chinese goverment is deluded, they know exactly what are they doing.

It's just that what are they doing is not in the best interest of the Chinese population.
>> No. 38323
Up another Million Domestic since yesterday. Maybe reach 90 by end of weekend. Think we'd already hit 120-50 had it not hit that bump.
>> No. 38326
It was okay.
Its like the best part of Independence Day and Transformers in a mixer set on awesome.
BUT, it lack that little hard to point out extra.
Charisma or something, I dont fucking know.
Got me hyped for the new Godzilla doh.
And the comics!
>> No. 38328

I can dig this explanation.

I just figured it was an homage to the "11th Hour Superpower"/"pull just the right thing out of your ass right when you need it" plot device in many mecha anime series. Interpreting it that way, I thought it was hilarious.
>> No. 38331
Yeah, I hadn't realized that Raleigh didn't know about the sword, I just thought that they were holding it back for some unexplained reason. Some unexplained reason that never made sense to me since it was clearly the most effective weapon from that point on, and didn't seem to have any sort of energy requirement or limited use scenario.
>> No. 38332
Now that I think about it, he hadn't seen Gipsy Danger for 5-ish years, right? Maybe it was added retroactively. After he stopped piloting her, but before he got her back.
>> No. 38333
usually the case with the mid season upgrade trope stuff
>> No. 38334
It's mentioned in the movie that they put new stuff on Gypsy to make her an unique Jaeger
>> No. 38335
I guess I was the only one who never gave it a second thought as to why Raleigh didn't know about the sword, because FUCK YEAH MECHSWORD.
>> No. 38337
File 137550583132.jpg - (119.90KB , 400x399 , fruto.jpg )
Why doesn't Mazinger Z use the Brest Fire right off the bat
Why doesn't Voltron just slice his enemies with the Blazing Sword
Why doesn't the Gurren Lagann use the Giga Drill Breaker first
Why doesn't any Megazord use it's finisher attack right at the start of the fight
Why didn't Gypsy Danger use the SWORD against the Leatherback and only used it at the last moment against Otachi
Why didn't the eagles fly the nuke into the Breach
>> No. 38338
Gurren Lagann doesn't do it first because they have to build up their Spiral Energy high enough to power it. It's not like you can do an attack like that immediately upon entering battle.
>> No. 38341
why didn't the whatstheirnames just send in a dozen class 10s straight away
>> No. 38343
File 137556739778.jpg - (124.57KB , 850x570 , tumblr_mqz0d2W3qW1rnovaho1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 38344
File 137557058268.gif - (277.96KB , 500x281 , tumblr_mqxv5j7Oyq1rtvb79o1_500.gif )
>> No. 38351
PSA - Attack on Titan/Pacific Rim Parodyyoutube thumb
>> No. 38355
why didn't heimdall call on his buddy thor to beat the giant monsters

The Iron Giant was nowhere near big enough to go toe-to-to with a Kaiju. Doesn't really matter since it's internal weapons would be more than enough to do the trick
>> No. 38360
File 137564506521.png - (3.55KB , 251x90 , Resist.png )

If Domestic can hold it might break 100 by the end of this week.
>> No. 38365
What was the costs of the movie again?
>> No. 38366
about 190 reported though I don't know if that included the cash Del Toro saved since he brought the film in under budget.
>> No. 38369
how does the newest jaeger have twice the kills of the longest serving one?
>> No. 38371
That's an easy one. Not every engagement against Kaiju was a 1vs1 fight, it was mentioned that Raleigh met Herc Hansen before during a three-Jaeger deployment. It's perfecty possible that a Jaegaer may had several deployments buy only achieved the killshot in a few. It's also canon that the Sydney Shatterdome was the one that saw most action, since it was the Shatterdome with the biggest area of operation.
>> No. 38372
i'll accept those terms
>> No. 38386
I require a list, /mtv/. A "List of Things You'll Probably Like if You Liked Pacific Rim".
>> No. 38389
Ice Cream
Good things in general.
>> No. 38390
But seriously, if you liked Pacific Rim you should watch anything Patlabor, since it's the mecha anime that inspired uncle Del Taco the most. Just bear in mind that the show and the movies have a VERY different tone.

Also, for oldschool mecha goodness, you can't go wrong with Mazinger and his friends. Since the original series is a bit dated, you should go for Mazinkaiser and Shin Mazinger.

Giant Robo is another great recomendation. And I guess Gurren Lagann for a modern take on the Super Robots genere.

As for the Kaiju, DUH, the Godzilla films. ALL of them, yes even the shitty ones. And mah nigga Gamera. Also, try finding the Godzilla animated series, which was like 100 times better than the American flick it spun offs from.
>> No. 38391
I like how the mexican media are really keeping track of PRim's box office numbers worldwide.
It made like, 40mil in china the whole weekend and stuff.
>> No. 38428
File 137583932040.jpg - (37.56KB , 577x324 , tumblr_mr3vnr08e31qbjpavo1_1280.jpg )
>> No. 38429
File 137583971422.jpg - (51.65KB , 500x549 , tumblr_mr3vnr08e31qbjpavo2_500.jpg )
>> No. 38430
Honestly that just sounds kind of creepy.
>> No. 38431
Been thinking of watching Macross Plus recently.

Not because of PR specifically, but because I've wanted to get into mecha stuff for awhile, and the only one I've ever seen is G Gundam (and a little of SD Gundam, though it doesn't really count).

Also because I found out it launched Yoko Kanno and Shinchiro Watanabe's fame, and I'll forever have a soft spot for Cowboy Bebop.

Also Bryan Cranston voiced the protag, which is fucking hilarious.
>> No. 38438
Well I'm 14 episodes into Patlabor now, and what to thank you for the recommendation because this is most certainly my cup of tea.
>> No. 38439
Nah. Rinko mentioned that during her training period in preparation for the film, Del Toro sang her the main theme of Totoro for support. He just loves Totoro, it seems.
>> No. 38440
File 137590260322.png - (716.48KB , 1500x1500 , 1375707797413.png )
>> No. 38441
File 13759029719.png - (1.07MB , 750x3910 , 1375376644038.png )
>> No. 38442
File 137590325840.jpg - (69.25KB , 720x1019 , 1375747461206.jpg )
Fun fact, Scunner is old English for scumbag
>> No. 38443
File 137590352051.jpg - (129.80KB , 1024x1448 , 1375747677647.jpg )
>> No. 38444
File 137590384630.jpg - (42.93KB , 500x666 , 1375722781078.jpg )
>> No. 38446
I'm aware. Largely because it's one of the favorite words of the Mac Nac Feegle. Not quite up there with "Crivens!" but up there.
>> No. 38449
It's actually an old scottish word for something repulsive
>> No. 38455
On that note:

>Gypsy Danger: A classified CNO (Chief of Naval Operations project supported by Rewson).

>> No. 38458
My only gripe is that Del Toro didn't go full retard with this movie where it was, for once, clearly justified.

>could have had pilots all been clones for the sci-f dystopia war culture drama
>could have set story further in the future for sci-fi futuristic cool shit
>could have teased a sequel that probably won't happen because emerakaw

that cherno alpha though holy shit they need a movie just for cherno alpha
>> No. 38459
There IS gonna be a sequel because of chingchongwingwong and huehuehuehue
>> No. 38461
> could have had pilots all been clones for the sci-f dystopia war culture drama

Uh, no. This is lighthearted super robots fun, not Evangelion. Leave the attempts of heavy drama out of it.

> could have set story further in the future for sci-fi futuristic cool shit

Disagreed. If there were lots of sci-fi shit around with spaceships and rayguns and all that stuff, that would make the Jaegers lool less cool and awesome. These are unique machines, the very best human technology could achieve by taxing our resources and industrial means to the limit.
>> No. 38463
That reminds me, it opened in Japan today. Were does one find Japanese box office numbers?
>> No. 38464
>could have been an entirely different goddamn movie
do you hate fun

I just saw Elysium and I couldn't stop thinking "man, Pacific Rim was so much more satisfying."
>> No. 38467
File 137609017512.jpg - (1.06MB , 1000x1414 , Jaegar - Aegir Omega (Norway) by theDURRRRIAN.jpg )
Don't mind me, just posting some cool fanart I found.
>> No. 38468
File 137609022986.jpg - (745.19KB , 1600x2263 , jaeger___king_of_sweden_by_thedurrrrian-d6foonj.jpg )
Oh, and source is http://thedurrrrian.deviantart.com/ in case anyone was interested.
>> No. 38470
File 137613343979.jpg - (43.26KB , 500x707 , 1375374625909.jpg )
Is it wrong I want an AU or sequel where the kaiju emerge from the Atlantic?

I'd love a German Jaeger
>> No. 38471
>German Jäger

Shit yeah I want me some Atlantic Rim.
>> No. 38472
Wasn't there a country that bordered the Atlantic that had a Jaeger for some reason in the pre-movie hype posters?
>> No. 38474
Why not? Who knows where they would strike.

And more important, there's nothing stopping a Jaeger built in a non-pacific country being ferried over and helping fight the monster attacking all of humanity.
>> No. 38476
The country of procedence of the Jaeger wouldn't really matter, as they would be stationed in the Shatterdomes around the pacific anyways.
>> No. 38477
File 137616456395.jpg - (105.07KB , 500x2000 , 1375376642190.jpg )
You know they'd probably be better off building Jaegers inland. They're vulnerable while under construction and they can be ferried around easy.

Imagine all the Detroit factories being converted to build Jaeger parts.

Jaeger Miester deployed.
>> No. 38478
File 137621912381.png - (10.93KB , 350x350 , tumblr_mhcvubMohc1rhg2quo1_400.png )
>> No. 38479
File 137622721492.jpg - (276.18KB , 578x770 , atlantic-rim-poster.jpg )
Did somebody say "Atlantic Rim"?
>> No. 38480
File 137623328619.png - (364.35KB , 424x750 , 1375376040178.png )
>> No. 38482
I would watch the shit out of that show.
>> No. 38483
thats not OK
>> No. 38486
File 137626189280.png - (493.73KB , 640x487 , shamefur dispray.png )

> It opened to just $3 million in Japan, which is very disappointing considering the general appeal of robots vs. monsters in that territory

>> No. 38487
>Opening in its final international territories

Maybe Japan couldn't wait and just downloaded camrips before the movie came out. How did the Japanese critics rate it?
>> No. 38490
File 137627035016.jpg - (24.14KB , 330x250 , 1251954861646.jpg )
They don't think Rei-iMEAN Mako is pretty enough. Also, could be a case of cgi hate.
>> No. 38495
File 137627298438.jpg - (787.03KB , 1500x535 , echo_victory_by_agentscarlet-d6hmtgr.jpg )
>> No. 38497
Well obviously they noticed what an awful Evangelion ripoff it is.
>> No. 38500
If Evangelion ripoffs are a turnoff then I wonder why Japanese industries keep making them.
>> No. 38501
Are you guys being serious? Pacific Rim is nothing like Evangelion in terms of characters or tones or themes or anything important.

The control scheme is one part Eva neural link to two part G Gundam Mobile Trace System, and that's about it.
>> No. 38502
File 137628058985.png - (23.30KB , 116x137 , 346at95_jpg.png )
>Evangelion ripoff
>> No. 38504
The only thing EVA did better was the "controll room" scenes.
But yes, alot of reviews said that if they did Evangelion Evolution it would look like this.
>> No. 38505
At first I was worried this movie would make it impossible to make an Evangelion adaptation (a la Hunger Games:Battle Royale), but the similarities start and stop at the humans piloting robots and neural handshakes.

Not that that's a legitimate concern at this point because even less people would probably go see an Evangelion adaptation.
>> No. 38507
Oddly enough PacRim also opened mildly in Spain and Brazil, two countries that had a history of mech anime and toku stuff on TV years ago. I guess the adults in those countries let their collective inner childs die long ago.
>> No. 38510
Any news on Italy? They love dem giant robots as well.

Goddammit Japan!
>> No. 38512
I actually was sorta expecting PR not not set ablaze the japanese box office. First, the genere is a niche there, Kaiju and Mech fans are just are not really that numerous as you may think. Plus, I sense that no matter what Kojima, Nagai, and Anno may have said in support of the movie, a lot of Japanese fanboys probably do not like the idea of westerners "messing with the turf" so to speak.
>> No. 38513
File 137632223299.jpg - (155.89KB , 1280x720 , Darks-souls-nito-cutscene.jpg )
I personally find that "messing with someone else's turf" often gives the best of both worlds-stuff.
>> No. 38517
We all think so.
But the xenophobic japanese mentality they've got usually... kills any hope of that.
>> No. 38518
So sad that so few think "outside the box" as it were.
>> No. 38519
But... but Kojima told them that he riked it...
>> No. 38520
Guys, seriously.
I don't know how you people got the idea that Geeks in Japan were more prevalent than they are here in the US.
Seriously, they're even more fucking ostricized and fucked with over there than they are here since 'geekchic' started.
>> No. 38521
Dunno, but some cinemas were still in holiday price mode, so that might have hurt the opening a bit.

I watched it today. Great movie, and I think I could actually see some ideas comig from Evangelion, but it's got an entirely different tone. It felt hollywoodian to begin with.
>> No. 38522
strange since things like Blade Runner had such a big effect in the past. Maybe it just takes time.
>> No. 38523
I had heard once that japanese people were not very fond of going to the movies and that's way the OVA / Direct to Video market was so big over there.

They would rather download a movie and stay home than go to the cinema.
>> No. 38524
Kojima is also the biggest wastaboo ever.
>> No. 38528
I'm going to go with "the commonality of middle-age managers reading manga on the train to work." Granted, those types are probably not heavy geeks like Otaku, but it seemed to me as though Japan had a more general tolerance/acceptance of geek things than the U.S. does, so such a disappointing opening was not in my expectations.

At least they didn't earn Grown Ups 2 more... right?
>> No. 38529
Thing is, a lot of the older salarymen reading manga in the train, are reading stuff like crime, comedy or sports manga (and One Piece, because everybody in Japan reads One Piece), and if you showed them something with giant robots they WOULD say it's a geeky silly thing.
>> No. 38531
Or for kids.
Kaiju stuffs basically got the same treatment as cartoons.
>> No. 38533
That's true by and large, but I'm told the original Gundam series is a pretty universally well-known and beloved thing across various demographics in Japan, the equivalent of Star Wars over here.
>> No. 38535
Yeah, but your average middle-age manager is not going to be watching Star Wars on their smartphone on the tube to work. They'll be catching up on mainstream grown-up stuff like Breaking Bad or something. Same principle applies to the type of manga Japanese workers browse in the morning.

It's worth pointing out that PR was up against some stupidly tough competition this. World War Z was released the same weekend and Miyazaki's latest movie came out only last week.
>> No. 38536
Monster University on week 6 beat Pacific Rim on its opening weekend too.
>> No. 38537
File 137648169082.png - (0.97MB , 1366x768 , waffle2.png )
>buy the novelization just to support the film's merchandising
>it's actually good

What in the what? There's buckets of supplemental material, newspaper clippings from the Jaegers' world, dossiers, psych evaluations of the characters. . .

>it explains in the first few pages why they can't nuke the kaiju
>Kaiju Blue is actually a part of the story instead of a one-frame reference

Guys. Guys, I think I accidentally made a really good investment.
>> No. 38539
File 137649333231.png - (205.92KB , 676x845 , cirno alpha.png )
Do the other pilots get a chance to shine?
>> No. 38540
File 137650748182.jpg - (1.24MB , 1630x1024 , PR-crimson-typhoon[1].jpg )

Yes. The Kardanovskys(sp?) and the Triplets get their own lines before the battle and there's lots of interplay between the pilot teams.

There's also a LOT more Newt and Palsy Guy fun times, and the book basically spends about half of its length filling the various "plot holes" from the film everyone complained about. For instance, why a Jaeger being damaged makes pilots feel pain the brass put that function in so the pilots aren't reckless with their $6,000,000,000,000 war machines and use some caution whether the kaiju can breed (they can) and the mystery of whether dinosaurs were a type of left-behind kaiju (they were.)

It's just kind of impressive for a cheap piece of movie spinoff.
>> No. 38541
Yeah, the novelization added some good stuff. Liked that part explaining why Chuck and Herc had a difficult father-son relationship Herc had to choose between saving his wife or his son, something whch Chuck deeeply resented. Also, how Mako actually designed Gypsy's bigass sword, coming from a family of swordmakers. Also, the extra exposition given by Newt was cool, even though I found the confirmation of the Dinosaurs being leftovers of the Masters' first incursion on earth to be stupid.

On the other hand, I didn't like how the book made the Drift to be almost supernatural. That idea of the pilots "surviving" somehow inside the Jaeger may sound interesting, but I don't see the point since all the Jaegers got wrecked. Shit, that means the Kaidanovskies died TWICE. Alos, the film handed better the relationship between Mako and Raleigh.
>> No. 38543
Yeah, all that Drift stuff reminded me way too much of the World of C (and probably a lot of other series, but I have pretty low anime powerlevels).
>> No. 38545
File 137663147729.png - (507.05KB , 4500x2234 , 102795_original.png )
>> No. 38546
Dang, nice. Thanks.

Has anyone ordered and gotten the art book Pacific Rim: Man, Machine and Monsters? I pre ordered it, but now Amazon says shipment is delayed until November or later.
>> No. 38547
Sorry, dude. I picked mine up at a brick-and-mortar store right after seeing the movie for a second time.
>> No. 38548
File 137667210111.png - (131.90KB , 500x429 , tumblr_mri82yvV1w1qek8o7o1_500.png )
Also, apparently, the word "gypsy" is a racial slur now?
When did that happened?
>> No. 38549
Romani people find it offensive as it singles them out as they are still pretty persecuted all over Europe last I heard.
>> No. 38552
When it was monster movie general.
You blew me off but now whos jucking it up.
ME thats WHO!
>> No. 38554
Wouldn't "Romani" also single out them?
>> No. 38555
File 137668614485.png - (598.72KB , 800x530 , Esmeralda.png )
Maybe but it doesn't make you think of something like this.
>> No. 38556
but Gypsy has a negative connection as thieves and baby snatchers
>> No. 38557
File 137668652618.jpg - (38.14KB , 400x600 , 1201641720.jpg )
Or this and so on.
Its even a stereotyp that they are easy to offend.
See Drag me to Hell for more on that bullshit.
>> No. 38558
Oh for fucks sake.

Are there gypsies rioting in the street about this? No. They've got to more important things to do, like curse people and steal babies.
>> No. 38559
This is why I call her 'Romani Danger' myself. Although arguably 'gypsies' and the Romani are entirely different things.
>> No. 38564
Gypsy has been an ethnic slur for a long time, dude. There were people upset about it when Thinner came out, and I'm pretty sure that was the early 90's. Certainly you can't say "gypped" without potentially offending nomadic peoples.

My first thought upon hearing the name was to take it as a feminine name, ala Gypsy Rose Lee the burlesque performer, so didn't care about it much. But since I'm not in the group that would be targetted by terms like that, I don't have any insight into how someone who was would feel just hearing the word used that way. So I withhold judgement on whether or not it was acceptable usage in this case.

That said, even if it were changed, "Romani Danger" would be a terrible solution. It would be like correcting "Nigger rigging" to "African american rigging." That just makes it worse. Use a different term entirely if you're going to correct shit because it might be offensive--don't just bowdlerize the original term. That only draws attention to the racism inherent in what you were saying in the first place.
>> No. 38565
I would totally watch a movie with a giant robot called "Nigger rigging"
>> No. 38568
All that does is Elderly Man River it. It fixes nothing.
>> No. 38569
I'm pretty sure that "Gypsy" in Australia probably has more of sentiment of the Irish Traveler breed of Gypsy than the standard European type.
>> No. 38570
Most Americans would not really know the difference between the two anyway, I think. The only experience most of us have with Travellers is the "Pikeys" in Snatch, and the five of us who watched the Riches because it had Eddie Izzard in it.
>> No. 38571

H-How did you know the exact reason I watched The Riches?
>> No. 38572
To be entirely fair

Its a WWII reference.
>> No. 38575
Oh the era where the nazi rounded up minoritys like the Romani.
Yeah that helps.
But I am glad that this got you away for careing about what Japan thinks.
>> No. 38576
but it is also a word that sounds exactly like a racial slur
and there are an infinite number of WWII references they could have made that don't sound exactly like racial slurs
no I don't think it's a question of "THEY'RE EVILLY PERSECUTING THE ROMANI"
as much as it is a question of "was this single word absolutely necessary" and the answer is no
they could have called it Havilland Danger or Carlos Danger
>> No. 38578
Tumblr is leaking again I see.
>> No. 38579
I fully agree with T4 here, Del Toro is obviously a racist and worse than Hitler
>> No. 38581
The U.S. Navy called, they did it first.


In a remarkable coincidence, actually.
>> No. 38582
File 137674158191.jpg - (41.48KB , 483x749 , 1375376494765.jpg )
You're retarded.

Thank you. The Jaeger names are fucking callsigns. Hence why she has a pin up painted on her chest and her kill count painted on her knuckles. She's a walking reference to WW2 aircraft. Hell her symbol looks like the one used by the Air Force then.

Gipsy Danger sounds cool. If actual Romani gave a damn I'd understand but I've yet to hear anything.

Remember when TLC ran two shows with Gypsy in the title? Romani were more upset that the show misrepresented them a bit. They didn't really care about the name. I don't think they should care what some whiny social justice bitches say, this is like that Tiny Tina thing. The actual group that is supposed to be offended could care less.
>> No. 38585
> If actual Romani gave a damn I'd understand but I've yet to hear anything.

This. I'd actually like to see a Gypsy (OMG I am being racist on the internet) complaining about the movie. It's usually white people who get up in arms at these things, not the actual allegedly offendede parties.
>> No. 38587
I did not say that!
I just knew that was a bad word...
And that Romani getting butthurt is on the news here in sweden alot.
Like atlest ones per quater.
Yes but what has that to do with this.
>> No. 38589
lol at everyone bending over backwards vehemently defending this one questionable word
It's true, folks. Social justice literally does not exist outside of tumblr, and it never existed before it. Only people who are directly affected by something are ever allowed to comment. Merely suggesting "maybe this didn't have to be a thing" is a sign that you have been infected by the PC virus and must be culled.
>> No. 38590
Who gives a shit about any of this?
>> No. 38591
Not sure if it's a good idea for Beacham to have one.
But I'm maybe just a bit paranoid about it.
>> No. 38592
Every conversation calling for empathy on the internet:
A: "Hey, maybe you shouldn't do things that make people feel bad just because you're legally allowed to."
>> No. 38593
File 137677320281.jpg - (52.92KB , 400x1200 , 1375197137115.jpg )
Fuck it. Tired of arguing. Fine the robot is a walking hate crime. Truly the worst thing to happen to the Romani.

On positive news I got the novel. Can't wait to crack it open
>> No. 38594
Unless it started on tumblr. Then you'll get all the self-gratifying likes you'll ever want.
>> No. 38595
File 137677369218.jpg - (40.83KB , 850x570 , 1376711085359.jpg )
>> No. 38596
>Tired of arguing.
...he claims, before "giving in" to a strawman depiction of the argument being made specifically to taunt the other side into engaging him in more arguments.
>> No. 38597
File 137677592692.jpg - (20.04KB , 600x800 , 1375376425239.jpg )
>> No. 38598
File 137677608054.jpg - (53.46KB , 961x570 , 1375374774515.jpg )
>> No. 38599
File 137677616374.jpg - (832.83KB , 1200x696 , 1375376839209.jpg )
>> No. 38600
File 137677622288.jpg - (26.05KB , 782x578 , 1375148354598.jpg )
>> No. 38601
File 137677631136.png - (214.68KB , 500x741 , 1374864913427.png )
>> No. 38602
File 137677645089.png - (668.11KB , 800x800 , 1374864948530.png )
>> No. 38605
Jesus christ, what a grotesquely stupid argument. Seriously who gives a fuck? Can you guys read your posts made in that exchange, and then look yourselves on a mirror and not feel like dumbasses?
>> No. 38606
File 137678313131.jpg - (37.14KB , 470x658 , 341-470x658.jpg )
>> No. 38607
File 137678340223.jpg - (22.96KB , 470x748 , 191-470x748.jpg )
So XCOM style game? Would that work? Starting off with a mark 1 and working your way up to a full squad stomping kaiju?
>> No. 38608
File 137678418356.jpg - (46.48KB , 1280x720 , Pacific_Rim_Jaegers_Mech_Concept_Art_02.jpg )
>> No. 38609
Well, there is (or was) a social justice with figures like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, etc, but it has nothing to do with whatever concept tumblr thinks social justice is. Granted, there are a lot social problems all around the world, but no real solution will ever come from the humongous circlejerk of whinning that most of the social justice of tumblr is.
>> No. 38611
File 137681795818.png - (555.80KB , 700x400 , 37777509_p0.png )
>> No. 38612
File 137681804125.png - (479.19KB , 500x500 , 37777509_p2.png )
>> No. 38613
File 13768346258.jpg - (48.16KB , 400x300 , tumblr_mrmkvuIay61rcl67mo1_400.jpg )
>> No. 38615
File 137684296260.jpg - (145.28KB , 500x637 , Wei_Triplets_Pose.jpg )
So in non-US-naval-aviation-callsign news, Pacific Rim has finally made over $100 million!


It's made 640 million yuan so far and it's only in its third week. It's become an absolute out-of-the-blue monster over there.

Japan continues to be TRAITORS, but that's mattering a little less now, because the Chinese movie market is doubling every 2/3 years, is already the second-largest in the world, and the Chinese movie bigwigs are finally forking over all the Hollywood box office cuts they've been hoarding. Any Pacific Rim sequel is going make crazy bank in China.
>> No. 38617
The problem is that the chinese goverment taxes heavily all foreigs films, so instead of getting 40% or so of the box office like they do in other forign countries, the US studios only end up seeing something like 20% of the cut. Still, pretty good news.

Also, fuck Japan. Some apologists at 4chan were claiming that the mech fans didn't know the movie opened there because WB's marketing sucked. I wonder what's exactly stopping them now.
>> No. 38618
Cracka Slacker
Nigger Mugger
Wetback Narco
Spear Chucker
Redskin Drinker
Slav Menace
Wop Racketeer
Towelhead Bomber
Gook Peril
Jap Shame
Frog Surrender
Abbo Boong
Kike Banker
>> No. 38619
Holy shit fan art of the triplets.
Godzilla like struggles over in the Japanese box office. Why do you think they retire the franchise like they do?
>> No. 38620
File 137686700226.png - (49.10KB , 208x230 , 1339000891872.png )
>Also, fuck Japan.
Yep. The culture just don't lend itself to it, is all I'm saying.
>> No. 38621
File 137687494832.png - (962.32KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2013-08-18-21h04m46s234.png )
Shame all big monster action animation guys are all working at Disney or making Movies now. Faces when Cartoon Network says they are making a Pacific Rim cartoon.
>> No. 38623
So according to the novel Gipsy's first kill was choking a kaiju to death with crane cables. Jesus
>> No. 38624
File 137688330742.jpg - (18.05KB , 500x366 , 1376710834326.jpg )
Oh and the pilots of Cherno Alpha will never fail to defend their love of Ukrainian House music.
>> No. 38626
>The problem is that the chinese goverment taxes heavily all foreigs films, so instead of getting 40% or so of the box office like they do in other forign countries, the US studios only end up seeing something like 20% of the cut.
It's up to 25% actually, thanks to good 'ol Joe Biden. But you've got to think in terms of future potential. If a sequel comes out three years from now, for example, the Chinese movie market would have grown to the point where the movie could reasonably expect to make at least $200 million, and possibly more as they'll be building on an established franchise. That's $50 million of pure profit for the studio.

Another thing to bear in mind is that co-productions aren't subject to the same quota restrictions as other foreign films, and Legendary has been ahead of almost everyone else in Hollywood in establishing a local presence in China (through their Hong Kong-based subsidiary Legendary East). Pacific Rim 2 would be perfect material for a co-production.
>> No. 38632
File 13769321989.jpg - (166.71KB , 813x761 , cb8ecd8e0bfa5579d083ee1a435f4c9e.jpg )
>> No. 38636
>> No. 38640
File 137695714549.jpg?nsfw - (863.21KB , 800x1162 , WHY BONER.jpg?nsfw )
>> No. 38641
not even gonna be mad if thats all the explination we get for them showing up in PR2
>> No. 38642
As far as the data shows, No one would.*

*(Except the few people who want them to come back "In the drift" inside Alpha once he is repaired)

I really hope they get more scence on the extended cut.
>> No. 38644
>>"Crimson Typhoon sounds like a euphemism for periods."

Great, now I can't unthink it.
>> No. 38671
>> No. 38694
Despite not doing well on teh office box, it seems Pacific Rim has made it's way on pivix.
>> No. 38695
File 137733173737.png - (233.73KB , 640x440 , 38010626.png )
>> No. 38709
File 13773770506.jpg - (134.11KB , 800x707 , 1375703790705.jpg )

>dat Otachi preggo belly

*slow clap*
>> No. 38720
Pacific Rim: Hard To Killyoutube thumb

ahaha hell yeah
>> No. 38721
File 13775159009.jpg - (41.22KB , 532x260 , 86d.jpg )
why would you bother saving the chinese
>> No. 38726
Because the Russians are bro-tier like that.
>> No. 38732
File 137757128646.jpg - (240.58KB , 700x708 , 1377135556406.jpg )
Jaeger pilots are expensive?
>> No. 38735
They're good human beings, and awesome pilots.
>> No. 38746
Apparently this is a whole series of comics called Pacific Swim.
>> No. 38782
i like that that writer on tumblr is going around filling plot holes.
like why the fuck they built the wall down the middle of Sydney Harbour
the answer? Scissure and the nuke that killed it took out nearly everything on the northen side of Sydney so theres not enough left to justify walling it in
>> No. 38783
Was it ever mentioned how they were planning to deal with the Kaiju attacking the wall without the giant robots around?
>> No. 38784
That doesn't even need an explanation. Remember that until the film's events it was assumed that the Kaiju were just dumb animals from another dimension, and would have reacted like any other animal hitting a solid enough fence in its way. Instead they got Mutavore gnawing the wall for an hour straight.
>> No. 38786
they also had no idea about the hive mind. Sydney had already been attacked so Mutavore knew that there was humans behind the wall.

plus the wall was probably meant to route the kaiju away from civilzation to where they could be safely nuked as opposed to haveing a jaeger drag them there
>> No. 38800
Travis Beacham is the fucking best.
I would watch a whole movie about these two.
>> No. 38811
except for the part where he keeps telling people that every one is dead
>> No. 38812
but we keep jumping to the part of the universe where they are dead. they are. they are dead.
>> No. 38815
...dude, that's just what happened in the movie. People died. It would be completely ridiculous to expect everyone who did die to have survived the shit that killed them. They are really most sincerely DEAD, and honestly it kinda ruffles my johnnies when alleged fans whine about how he's so mean for not lying and saying they could have lived. They could not have. THEY DIED.
>> No. 38816
Well, some of them may be alive, but unfit for further service based on radiation, psychological or physical trauma after the destruction of their Jaegers.

Raleigh and Pentecost both outlived their partners/original tour of duty.
>> No. 38819
Well, Raleigh and Pentecost most likely are the two best Jaeger pilots ever, they managed to pull the impossible feat of soloing a Kaiju.
>> No. 38869
Pacific Rim 2 needs to have a disagreement between two crews that spills over into a jaeger on jaeger fight, Y/N?
>> No. 38870
Won't be necessary if some of the suggestions of what the plot for the sequel would be are right. Since the Kaiju's bosses will have Jaegers and/or Kaiju-Jaegers, apparently.
>> No. 38880
File 137908084821.gif - (2.45MB , 265x235 , 137906245053[1].gif )

These are a funny way of phrasing "things you want to see in a sequel."

>Humanity using Jaegers against one another
>Whole armies of Kaiju (like the Knifehead "bullet belt" in the Anteverse)
>A "rogue" or "neutral" Kaiju, who was MIA after encountering the Jaegers and has gone native, wandering the world as a misfit Godzilla style, maybe has a "glitch" in its programming allowing it to remain neutral
>More kaiju with personalities (it's implied they are intelligent war machines) Kaiju who can think, plan, maybe even speak?
>Flying Jaegers
>your face when Flying Jaegers
>> No. 38881
I don't see how a neutral Kaiju could work. Those things are HUGE, it's pretty diffucult to miss such a creature especially since the movie made it clear they have an extensive network of sensors. Plus, I don't know how could be reasonably justified that the PPDC would just let a Kaiju go unaccounted for, or why the the world's goverments would not start hammering the thing the moment it was found.

Perhaps, if the Kaiju in question was slipped into our world via another pregnant Kaiju, dunno.
>> No. 38884
>Perhaps, if the Kaiju in question was slipped into our world via another pregnant Kaiju, dunno.

A baby neutral kaiju slips into our world and is found by an innocent kid. They become fast friends. The kid grows up to be a Jaeger pilot, while the neutral kaiju grows up into a behemoth. They fight bad kaijus.

Pacific Rim: The Animated Series
>> No. 38886
File 137916493288.jpg - (16.52KB , 448x252 , gamera-the-brave.jpg )
>A baby neutral kaiju slips into our world and is found by an innocent kid. They become fast friends.

Yōko Ueno - The Birth in the …youtube thumb
>> No. 38887
Gamera is a friend to all children!
>> No. 38888
File 137922394193.jpg - (83.32KB , 850x792 , 1379199685165.jpg )
>> No. 38901
oh i forgot about this thread
I told you guys! I TOLD you guys the first kaiju were the dinosaurs, and you were all "weh no that's not what newt meant at all even though it's what he said weh"

Also re: the slur, from what I've been told, the engine was named after a bug which was named after the slur
so defending it is kinda like going "nooo, Wetback Hostel isn't offensive, it was named after what some dude called his car in the 80s!" if that info is right
Not trying to restart the argument just saying it pretty much is named after the slur, if accidentally, so
>> No. 38903
> the slur

Shut up
>> No. 38904
That's what it is though. Like someone earlier in the thread said, it was even considered so back when Thinner came out, nearly 20 years ago.
You don't get to plug your ears and pretend that words aren't ethnicity-based insults when it's easy for you to, sorry m8.
>> No. 38906
File 137944735254.gif - (900.10KB , 400x200 , 1379192442331.gif )
I cannot wait for the DVD
>> No. 38907
Same, I think it'll be the first Blu-Ray I ever buy. I'm pretty excited to get to see it again, I only saw it once in theaters.
>> No. 38908
File 137944930482.jpg - (69.88KB , 500x500 , 1148_2_1312195499.jpg )
Just because somebody in the internet says it so, doesn't make it true. I looked at various dictionaries, and only one of them mentioned that "Gyspsy" can be used as a derogatory depending of the context, but the word itself wasn't a slur. Even the etymology of the word has a dignified meaning.

You know, I actually asked once a Gitano in Spain (funnily enough, he thought the Gipsy Kings suck) if the word was offensive for him, and he told me that no, "Gypsy" in itself wasn't a slur (at least for him) but it could be offensive if instead of simply reffering to people of Romani descent, it was used as a generic insult for "dirty ignorant homeless thieves" and such. So yes, it depends of the context, and it really isn't on the same level as calling somebody a wetback or a nigger.

And seriously, shut up.
>> No. 38909
>Just because somebody in the internet says it so, doesn't make it true.
Funny how you think your experience with one person means you're right and that I should believe you, then!
>> No. 38910
I've never said I was "right". Fact is, a simple search on the internet shows that there is a lot of debate on the matter, with lots of opinions ranging from "it's a legit word" to "it's a racial slur", it is nowhere near as definitve as my make it appear.

Try this, look up at a dictonary, different dictionaries even, for the words "nigger, "wetback" and "gypsy", and see if there is no difference of how they are defined.
>> No. 38911
File 137945133693.png - (515.43KB , 599x732 , 1378043021613.png )
I wish I could see it on bluray. Still using a regular DVD player.

I still remember one little bit that still impresses me. Those plates on Cherno' s torso that constantly move. I have no idea what purpose they served but it was cool
>> No. 38912
You could download a good 1080p rip and still buy the DVD to support the movie.
>> No. 38913
Don't have a computer anymore. I use my phone. Don't know how that would react. My friend has a bluray though.
>> No. 38914
>Fact is, a simple search on the internet shows that there is a lot of debate on the matter, with lots of opinions ranging from "it's a legit word" to "it's a racial slur", it is nowhere near as definitve as my make it appear.
You could say the same thing about the word "mulatto." I still wouldn't recommend using it just because there are some biracial people who are fine with it.
>> No. 38921
well congratulations you did so fuck you
>> No. 38922
Pacific Rim 'Before & Afters'youtube thumb

>> No. 38923
File 137962227654.png - (232.89KB , 500x700 , 1379610847273.png )
>> No. 38924
i wonder why there were two Horizon Braves

maybe its time to ask Travis something
>> No. 38925
Maybe they thought it was a good design. Perhaps the other one goes by a different name?
>> No. 38926
>Attached to a US Military Tank division assigned to assist with the evacuation of Vancouver.
>See the Kaiju designated as Karloff lumbering towards the last active evacuation zone in the city
>Our CO orders a barrage of fire on it to distract the bastard.
>It works and it comes lumbering towards us
>Our CO orders to "Hold to the last, give those civvies as much time as we can give them"
>No matter what we hit it with and how much we hit it with, it just won't die.
>The Radio comes to life. Its Command telling us that reinforcements are on the way.
>I ask them what good would reinforcements do.
>He says that its something special.
>CO Expects the worst. Orders everyone to prepare for a nuclear strike. >Suddenly Karloff turns away from us. It is distracted by several helicopters carrying what looks like a robot from one of those Japanese Cartoons my son is always watching
>It drops from the copters and starts walking towards the beast.
>Whats left of the division can only stand, speechless at what is happening
>I don't know how long it lasted, but I do know that at the end, you can hear a chorus of cheers from everyone.
>> No. 38927
> economic turmoil, we barely make enouigh to eat and little else
> shit's not helping my sex life
> and by not helping I mean chilly willy (yes, that's how I call him, shut up) is deader than San Francisco , poor wife hasn't had any in months
> not even Viagra helps, desperately looking at any sort of alternative medicine
> even had some quack doctor injecting my dick with black widow venom, the less I recall of that one, the better
> contemplating suicide in front of my PC, suddently an email pops
> no subject, empty message field, only an attached pdf file
> against any good judgment I open the attachment, it's a digital version of a promotional brochure... advertising medicine made with Kaiju organs? what?
> the cartoon representation of a thuggish yet oddly attractive man wearing garish clothing strangely compels me to read.
> long story made short, I end up in a empty parking lot late at night, trading with a supicious looking man an entire month's pay for a small bottle of alleged pills made out of alleged Kaiju bones
> driving home I take a glance at the label "100% made with femur from the first Kaiju downed by an all-american Jaeger", whatever, I take a pill
> as I enter home in the dark, I definitely feel something funny down there
> unzip the pants to se what's going on
> the Kaiju bone literally gave a kaiju-sized boner
> and that's why my dick is now called Karloff
>> No. 38932
File 137969448874.jpg - (120.71KB , 720x540 , Mi-26_CH-47_Afghanistan_Recovery.jpg )
yeah fuck that shit

this is the Mi26, holder of the current record for heaviest load lifted by helicopter (a mammoth in an ice cube of all things) at 25 ton

Gypsy Danger wheighs in at 1980 tons according to the wiki.

it would take EIGHTY of these fucking things to lift a jaeger

so lifting a jaeger with 8 chinooks? yeah fuck that
>> No. 38933
Square Cube Law makes everything in this movie impossible anyways.

Besides, its cool. Do you need a better reason
>> No. 38934
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, till my friend pointed out, "They have the tech to build Gundams now, they MIGHT have improved their helicopter tech too."
>> No. 38936
P. much. I didn't pay close attention to the helicopters in the movie, but if they can build giant, analog, nuclear mechs in that universe, there's a fair chance their helicopters are more impressive, too.

Also, IIRC, they were usually used to move a Jaeger over the water. Was the Jaeger touching the water at all? If it was, they might have used some sort of pontoon system to shift the weight so that the Jaeger was at least partially floating, and the helicopters moved it/lifted the rest.
>> No. 38937
This game should have happened, as something like a Rampage clone. Pacific Rim Main Theme 8bit Arrangeyoutube thumb
>> No. 38938
they straight up lifted Crimson out of the shatterdome

i looked it up and they are called V50 Jumphawks

sure look like chinooks to me
>> No. 38939
In the novelization they describe the V-50 as a tiltorotor VTOL aircraft specially built for Jaeger delpoyments, so the choppers in the movie can't be them. My guess is that theys simply put pre-existing Chinook 3D models to save costs.
>> No. 38940
I wouldn't mind a Super Robot Wars RPG with a stable of Jaegers.
>> No. 38941
File 137982260152.jpg - (33.47KB , 560x560 , 99886768-Aleksis-Kaidanovsky-Pacific-Rim-Kids-Cost.jpg )
>> No. 38942
File 137982305712.jpg - (37.24KB , 560x560 , 99886767-Cherno-Alpha-Pacific-Rim-Kids-Costume-Kid.jpg )
>> No. 38943
Holy shit, so ugly
>> No. 38955
Godzilla VS King Ghidorah (1991) - Best Sceneyoutube thumb

If we can get a scene this good in the new movie I'll be pretty happy.
>> No. 38959
File 137997622477.jpg - (102.04KB , 560x560 , DURR.jpg )
>> No. 39043
File 138091843072.jpg - (741.10KB , 722x1024 , 5356221729_80a1a3d370_b.jpg )

>> No. 39046
>> No. 39047
File 138098557458.gif - (1.14MB , 245x100 , tumblr_mu6npyVkdh1rgwx9zo8_250.gif )
>> No. 39063
Guys I am curious, who owns PR, WB or Legendary?

Also, movie got pirated a couple of days ago.
>> No. 39065
Legendary IIRC
>> No. 39066

Well we know more about another Jaeger and its crew.
>> No. 39067
File 138122308425.gif - (352.03KB , 245x230 , NOW YOU FUCKED UP.gif )
>oh shit he did another one?!?!
>its the old one
>> No. 39069
Well no one bothered posting it.
>> No. 39145
>not picking up the Blu-Ray on day 1

Yall niggas doin it wrong

>> No. 39147
Pre-ordered, already re-watched it.

Man I am glad I watched it in the theaters, it's just not the same on a TV screen.
>> No. 39154
tumblererites dont understand that romani refers to a specific group of gypsy and that there are other nomadic, traveller groups that go by different names. gypsy is a catch-all phrase for these people. by replacing gypsy with romani, you are silencing and commiting erasure of these other ethnicities! Not to mention people of your ethnic ethnicity shouldn't be trying to tell Gypsys how they feel, you are taking something away from them and taking away their right to feel and invading a safe place and tumblr I can do this all day

On Pacific Rim: LOVED IT. Best American anime. It's rare that you see a big summer Hollywood blockbuster made with so much love and that's actually good, and del Toro is a champ at that. Guys what if he had done the Star Trek reboot. Or at the Mountains of Madness guys omg omg
>> No. 39155
You're expecting the SJW to actually research.

Star Trek would have been good but imagine Star Wars by del Toro. Or what if legendary does well with Godzilla and they bring back Gamera?
>> No. 39156
Why is it that "anti-SJW" people are always so much fucking whinier and more insufferable than the people they're supposedly against?
this sums it up
THE ENTIRE FUCKING DEBATE is that this one word wasn't absolutely necessary. That's all. That is literally fucking all. Travis Beacham himself came out and said he wasn't aware that "gypsy" is commonly used as a racial slur. (see here >>38548) No one is calling Del Toro racist. No one is saying that the movie is horrible because of this. The only people I still see talking about it are those awful parody SJWs crying censorship who just start screeching and never stop the second someone suggests that maybe something borderline insensitive didn't NEED to be in a piece of media consumed by millions and millions of people.
>> No. 39165
> The only people I still see talking about it

You just talked about it. Fo such a supposedly small and not really that important issue, you seem a bit too upset about it.
>> No. 39166
You know, for people who supposedly hate SJW-related drama, you sure do argue about SJW topics a goddamned lot.
>> No. 39167
Before someone dismisses this as complete bs, there actually is some anon on some of the other boards posting random insignificant tumblr conversations (<50 notes) with the apparent assumption that people should be super outraged/interested, so that's an actual behavior. For this thread/board though it'd be best to just drop the subject.
>> No. 39859
>Best American anime
Alongside Exo Squad.
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