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File 136786280742.jpg - (196.57KB , 728x1198 , s019.jpg )
82631 No. 82631

Elizabeth's ability to face down Shonen tier power level villains as a regular ass person is fucking rad.
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>> No. 82634
In media in general, I love characters like that.

When I was super into DBZ and Kingdom Hearts in middle school, I would always defend the characters who hadn't been granted Saiyan powers or magic or whatever powers the main characters had, just for having the courage to attempt some kind of attack on the eldritch horror of the week. I felt like the characters who had that kind of physical strength on their own will, whether mental or physical, had to work harder to get there than a hero did that was just granted them.

Panty shot was unnecessary, but it doesn't make her any less badass.
>> No. 82636
File 136788253356.jpg - (233.23KB , 728x1114 , s018.jpg )
Also, to be fair to her, that is her "uniform" that Melodias makes her wear for working as a waitress.
>> No. 82645
File 136793574370.jpg - (316.43KB , 560x834 , World Trigger.jpg )
So how about that world trigger thing.
The idea of a base situated in a town with a rift that aliens come through reminds me of Torchwood, and I do like to be reminded of Doctor Who.
>> No. 82647
Yo Tiki, what it this?
>> No. 82648
File 136794307055.jpg - (554.50KB , 1456x1047 , 3.jpg )
Nanatsu no Taizai Manga or The Seven Deadly Sins, rad stuff.
>> No. 82649

I'm enjoying it, but it's too early along to get too invested in, I think.
>> No. 82650
Goddammit Binbougami ga! That ain't just a regular old sucker punch. That's a sucker punch while shitting in my icecream and killing my dog. I was actually close to welling up.
>> No. 82659
File 136801146652.jpg - (329.09KB , 898x1300 , 16.jpg )
Another cool thing that Seven Deadly Sins did is mess with the "I'm such a super bad ass all I need to do is sleep to heal all my wounds!"
>> No. 82667
Studio Trigger have announced their next new thing, which is apparently going to be their first full TV show.

>> No. 82672
Kill La Kill got a big newtype feature.

>> No. 82675
And the last part of the KLK interview translations:
>> No. 82684
Also I've started reading Vagabond. Musashi is currently training to beat One Spear Man. I'd be worried, if there weren't hundreds of chapters left.

Also, ya know, history and all that.
>> No. 82696
File 136812493716.jpg - (647.48KB , 1120x834 , pass.jpg )
You know, I find myself being oddly compelled by this Cross Manage thing.
>> No. 82697

Too bad it's ending soon, amirite?
>> No. 82702
Like, the story is ending or did they get cancelled?
>> No. 82711
Cancelled, sort of. I don't think it is cancelled yet, but this is the author's third manga in Jump, and neither of the first two (Omagadoki Zoo and Barrage) lasted a year.
>> No. 82715

Kaito =/= Horikoshi. They're completely different people.


Cancelled. It looks like it's trying to wrap up.
>> No. 82716
Oh, my mistake. I thought I read something about Horikoshi starting another new manga right after Barrage ended.
>> No. 82720
File 136815120390.jpg - (600.16KB , 1600x1159 , 008[1].jpg )
Holy crap
>> No. 82722
I cannot express my love for that manga.
>> No. 82724
File 136816778826.jpg - (29.18KB , 785x350 , 1368166163971.jpg )

What do you do with a drunken sailor,
What do you do with a drunken sailor,
What do you do with a drunken sailor,
Early in the morning?
>> No. 82726
File 136818352989.png - (1.67MB , 2261x1600 , img000014.png )
I Am A Hero moreso than any other series has made it clear to me that I wouldn't be able to handle any aspect of a zombie apocalypse.
>> No. 82727
Zombfags are like, the most dangerous version of zombies I can think of.

I also like how the way they are named reflects the kind of people who deal with them, being fucking internet nerds.
>> No. 82732
>6 month wait for a volume
>Same with Goodnight Punpun

This is unbearable.
>> No. 82733
Man I can't even read Punpun ever since he went all devil.
>> No. 82734
File 136822845529.jpg - (247.65KB , 1590x1133 , 15.jpg )
I wasn't prepared for this at all!
>> No. 82735
It can't possibly go as dark as this making it seem, can it? She probably just divorced him or something, right? Because anything other than that, Jesus Christ.....
>> No. 82736
I don't know, man...I mean, it seems pretty dark for this series, but then look at how Miu's mom died.
>> No. 82739
File 136824585771.png - (272.09KB , 598x629 , Picture 1.png )
That reminded me, I needed to catch up on HSDK.

Rachel and Diego Carlo are my favorite ever. Every martial arts series should have an obligatory luchadore. They make everything better!
>> No. 82744
File 136827573324.jpg - (125.63KB , 800x1165 , dorohedoro-2008855.jpg )
You know what is really hard to do?

Likable antagonists.

You know what NAILS likable antagonists?

>> No. 82745
File 136827791253.jpg - (132.90KB , 800x1165 , dorohedoro-2009817.jpg )
Like I love them unreasonably so.
>> No. 82746
Not really. I'd say there's less likable protagonists than antagonists.
>> No. 82747
File 136827883593.jpg - (229.08KB , 800x1165 , dorohedoro-2009953.jpg )
I often find the opposite, Antagonists being untouchable and self centered being some of my biggest dislikes.

En and his dudes are really cool because he treats them like a family, there is a whole chapter on how they take group photos and stuff all the time.
>> No. 82764
I don't think the "Japanese women only like bishounen" thing is totally true. Well, not all the time. I mean, I'm sure there are women in Japan who think Goku, Vegeta, Guts, Snake, etc. are attractive.
>> No. 82765
File 136849759238.jpg - (63.89KB , 400x450 , nier-ps3-vs-xbox-360.jpg )
It's not just women, though. Japanese people in general seem to prefer their protagonists adolescent and pretty.
>> No. 82766
Japan has an obsession with youth.

Its why they have all the under-aged girl shit everywhere. Even entire books or series about things like turning guns or infamous dictators into little girls.
>> No. 82767
File 136853704354.jpg - (298.64KB , 600x758 , 76d6c405c27e6706a74c2ea7db0683bf.jpg )
There's Fist of the North Star and Jojo too, though fangirls still keep drawing the manly characters as noodles. And even then the latter tried to get into the whole "bishounen" thing, though the characters became pretty fucking ugly, even for bishounen.
>> No. 82770
File 136858375046.jpg - (190.75KB , 728x1170 , r035.jpg )
Yeah, okay, that's a decent premise for all this.
>> No. 82771
Bullshit. The PS3 version of NieR I played also has the older dude as the protagonist. The game as a whole works so much better whem Yonah is your daughter.
>> No. 82773

That's because the game was written with the father/daughter dynamic in mind, and Japan said "no, we won't publish if he isn't pretty" so they made the second version.
>> No. 82774
I've heard it was the other way around, with young Nier being the intended protagonist and them making the father character for the Western markets. Regardless of which way it was intended, I think the father version works better.
>> No. 82775
And you live in the west right? Thats because the title character was redesigned as her manly father instead of her girly brother for western markets,.

That image is simply a 'joke', in comparing the 360 and PS3 as consoles in a general sense.
>> No. 82776
Nier Gestalt is the version with the older main character, and it's the base version. In Japan, it was a 360 Exclusive while Nier Replicant, with the brother version, was one the PS3.

Gestalt was ported to the PS3 for the Western release since it was the base game Cavia made, Square decided a niche title like it wouldn't do well on the international 360 market, and Cavia had older players and the West in mind when they made it anyway.

There you go.
>> No. 82780
File 136860430694.png - (219.71KB , 814x1200 , img000021.png )
What a tweeest.
>> No. 82812
File 136871954839.jpg - (269.96KB , 557x830 , comments.jpg )
Heh, Luigi.
>> No. 82814
Man, SJ's official translation of One-Punch Man is really lackluster. I'm disappointed.
>> No. 82815
Do we not have a Beelzebub thread? Because this week was fun.
>> No. 82817
File 136872917292.jpg - (138.46KB , 800x1159 , nanatsu-no-taizai-4149803.jpg )
Mel's mystery deepens greatly.

We used to but it sadly couldn't drum up enough hype.

I fucking love creepecchi.
>> No. 82821
File 13687677342.jpg - (0.97MB , 1442x1614 , 1332547103343.jpg )
>the last episode of Panty & Stocking
>haha whoa
>that's fucking
>oh man
>wait wh
>oh god
>just holy fuck
>fuck man that was-OH GOD
>to be continued

>> No. 82823
File 13687812954.jpg - (1.08MB , 1920x1080 , 1331515423017.jpg )

CzkjH {kLkJkLz} H [jG] [gH] G [GSP]
I O P S [GP] g S [IP] S a [PY] I O i I
[PG] H [SJ] [GL]
[JC] [GZ] [JD] [PG]
[GZ] [LD] [JS] [PG] [SH] JkkJH [JD] [HS] [PG]

j J (sl) g (jg) h j
j J (lp) o (id) f g
g h (js) d p d p i p j p (ho) o s d f
j J (sl) g (jg) h j
j c (xs) o l o z
z l (lo) i g s p
l (ho) y u i
o p P s f g p s
P p t y 5 8 9 0 w t
o p P s f g s J
j j d g f g g
>> No. 82824
File 136878168043.png - (434.48KB , 1113x1600 , img000003.png )
Well, this is one approach to address that.
>> No. 82829

The year Gainax ruined Christmas.

Never forget.
>> No. 82830
File 136881083852.jpg - (241.18KB , 890x1289 , lq_03.jpg )
Oh shit!
>> No. 82850
File 136890208177.png - (58.41KB , 224x149 , yeah!.png )
>From the writer of Wolf & Spice comes another fantasy adventure!
>> No. 82851
It was bad end all along? Well played, I was honestly not expecting that.
>> No. 82852
It's a nice callback to when Kenichi first met him in the mountains, also.
>> No. 82853
This week was crazy, I'm hype as hell for the next chapter.
>> No. 82869
File 136900127987.jpg - (143.96KB , 951x346 , wsj.jpg )
Woah, that year snuck up on me.

I think I will resubscribe.
Especially now that they've gone Japan sync.
>> No. 82872
Pretty much every anime did something big this week
Although considering its the halfway point for most of them I guess this is when the big things would happen
>> No. 82878
So after Binbougami Ga murdering half its cast, we now have child rape in Jigokuren. The fuck is up with comedy manga I read? I seem to have the worst luck with this shit.
>> No. 82881
You mean the whole "brain-eating" "total-annihilation" thing didn't tip you off?
Me neither ;_;
>> No. 82882
Demon King Daimao Openingyoutube thumb
Man this show was fucking great and then the ending happened
>> No. 82923
I found some info online claiming Inspector Gadget started off as a spinoff of Lupin III, called Lupin VII. Is that true?
>> No. 82930
Why doesn't Oga put pants on Baby Beel?
>> No. 82931
Beel doesn't like them.
>> No. 82934
That's stupid, you're stupid.
>> No. 82937
File 136932384165.jpg - (166.40KB , 1456x1049 , 13.jpg )
That's how Beel rolls.

>> No. 82939
File 136932789771.jpg - (4.79MB , 1920x6433 , i4dVuhKBp4dKg.jpg )
Are you ready for the shitstorm season to end all seasons? This one is going to hurt!
>> No. 82940
What's so shitstormy about this? Seems like a decent season, by relative Japan standards. Senyuu, Silver Spoon, new Ghibli and Gintama. It looks better than the old drought.
>> No. 82941
File 136932854618.jpg - (8.09KB , 231x264 , 1288633333995.jpg )

Man, I really tuned out this season after I heard Sailor Moon was being delayed...

I'll probably check out Dangan Ronpa, Watamote, and TWGOK if their adapations are good.

Maybe Rozen Maiden too, but huuurgh DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN.
>> No. 82942

Oh I didn't see Silver Spoon there.

Yeah, I'll check that out too.
>> No. 82943
uuuuugh i really hate the look of so much modern animeee... imean look at that chart everything looks so samey
>> No. 82944
Free!, Watamote, Neptunia, Kimi ni Iru Machi all will be drawing monumental amounts of attention and shitposting. Genshiken and Danganronpa might be, too.
>> No. 82945
File 136933054398.jpg - (559.90KB , 1920x1200 , Katanagatari_full_394139.jpg )
So did everything back in the day. I'd say there's more stylistic freedom in anime nowadays than there was 10-20 years ago. Shit like Katanagatari wouldn't fly in those times.
>> No. 82947
>Everything was best when YOU, yes YOU reading this right now, were 12 years old!
>> No. 82948
The tragic thing is, the older I get the more I catch myself thinking that way.
>> No. 82949
>Prisma Ilya anime
Oh boy I can't wait for this suicide challenge

>Dangan Ronpa

>Rozen Maiden, Watamote
Worth it for the /a/ threads alone
>Kimi iru no machi
This will also have amazing /a/ threads but I don't know if I could take it. The only thing of this guy's I was able to stand for any length of time was Suzuka and even that was painful.
>Genshiken 2
Didn't like it as much as the original and fell out of following the manga.
>Milky Holmes
>Not the comedy series

>the rest
>> No. 82950
eh whatever dude. you cant deny that a lot of the stuff on there looks really samey tho. maybe this season is just kind of weak or im just getting over this shit. who fucking knows and whoooo fuckin caaares
>> No. 82951
>whoooo fuckin caaares
Well you obviously, since you brought it up.

It's not an issue of a lot of those not looking samey from an artstyle stanpoint: of course they do. It's that for the most part anime has always done that. It goes through period of commonalities like any other artform, and as with any other artforms it's the trendsetters and the oddballs that really standout.
>> No. 82953
You will care once you start shitting up the board with gushing all over Free! And there will be no mentions of how that shit looks like the most generic fujoshi series imaginable.
>> No. 82956
Not true. FLCL was 2001, so I would've been seventeen. Although I didn't see it until like 2004.

No, but seriously--and I realize that you specifically were opposing the use of Nostalgia Goggles, but I am going to use it as a jumping off point anyway--I'd put the best of what comes out today up there with the best of what came out in the "Good Ol' Days." I'll admit that I have more tolerance for mediocre crap from when I was twelve than for mediocre crap from today--i.e., I would watch Tenchi Muyo again even though I'm not really interested in something like Negima, which seems to be exactly the same thing if not slightly better--but as far as the Best Of The Last Few Years and the Best of The Early 1990s, we're doing pretty all right. I love me some classics, but we've come a long way both in terms of visuals and in terms of the depth and complexity of stories that we're able to tell. Baccano would've never made it in the 1990's anime market, nor would FLCL or even (controversial example warning) Haruhi Suzumiya. Even One Piece, which is pure Classic Shonen Style just with a lot of Oda-esque touches, probably would not have become the juggernaut it was--and in my opinion One Piece is easily superior to even early Dragonball.

And the thing is, stuff you remember with nostalgia is only rarely the mediocre stuff. It's usually the cream of the crop. In the modern day, we see all that mediocre stuff because we have to wade through it to find the great stuff. But we don't remember all the bullshit we had to wade through to find the Classics.
>> No. 82957
If we even had to wade through it at all. Waaaay more stuff gets translated now, by fans or otherwise.
>> No. 82962
I kinda agree. The way faces are drawn now often look bland to me, some styles could look samey back in the 90s, but at least they looked more interesting in my opinion. I kinda blame computer animation, just look at the recent Rurouni Kenshin stuff. The lines look... too thin, too clean I guess.

Looks a bit like Medarot, which is from what, 10 years ago? Thinking again, early 00s had more variety than I can think of at first. Between He Is My Master, xxxHolic, Kanokon, One Piece, X and even Naruto, there were plenty of styles.
>> No. 82965
>Brothers Conflict

Oh god, Baby Princess lives on.

Though I notice this time it stops at 11 years old, instead of 1. Progress, Japan. Still creepy as hell, but it's progress.
>> No. 82966
It's not Baby Princess without the promise of THREE DEEE and confusing segments with dudes in a submarine.
>> No. 82968
File 136936620563.jpg - (93.23KB , 650x450 , killit.jpg )
I'm worried about the torrents of Tumblr fanbrats who are going to spill over onto /a/ (well, more than they already have). Not to mention all the autistic SJAs who will accuse anybody who has any problem whatsoever with the show of being homophobes/misogynists/sex traitors who can't stand the idea of women getting a fanservice series to themselves, even though there are plenty of legitimate reasons even for other fujoshi to not find Free! all that appealing (generic and unattractive art style for one).

Dear god, it's going to be the Tiger & Bunny threads all over again, isn't it?
>> No. 82969
Those sound like really convoluted and obscure things to worry about. Especially since most chan threads see far worse.
>> No. 82970
Watamote and Genshiken 2 are the only things that even halfway interest me. Another season of catching up on my backlog.

As for art style, I grew up on 90s anime but prefer the "style" from 80s and even 70s. A show with an older style and with better, modern day animation would be fantastic.

Combattler V Opening version 2…youtube thumb
>> No. 82974
Mysterious Girlfriend X had a fairly nostalgic style.
The style of this season's Muromi was a bit on the older side, although it was definitely more 90's than what you're looking for.
On the other hand, if you're looking for series a more hand-drawn look, then you'll probably be disappointed wherever you look, outside of a few feature films.
>> No. 82982
Why no one has mentioned it before?
Also, Fate/Zero cafe?

So that's why /a/ is kinda pissy about tumbrl and tends to associate it with /u/, while /u/ could care less about that.
>> No. 82983
File 136943019588.png - (228.73KB , 880x1300 , img000020.png )
As if the harem didn't have neough members...
>> No. 82984

Oh hey, so that's Onodera's sister. Interesting.
>> No. 82985

It's basically All Around Zero/Carnival Zero.
>> No. 82991
Sword Art Online on Toonami Announcementyoutube thumb

>> No. 82995
Well, they already ran .hack//, so we know it's up their alley.
>> No. 82997
File 136950556195.png - (110.48KB , 499x463 , 1325981913319.png )
Hopefully it's going to be more consistently funny since it's not just going to recycle old doujins page-for-page or rely on shitty harem "jokes" as the Tsuki side of CP was so wont to do.
>> No. 82998
File 136951279815.png - (285.79KB , 485x700 , tumblr_lyxadg5hep1r4xqamo1_500.png )
Huh, Gurren Laggann fan art by Junji Ito...the things you find.
>> No. 82999
File 136951490226.jpg - (66.58KB , 1024x768 , BLH_gP8CEAEIvFT_jpg large.jpg )
>> No. 83000
CP was hit and miss yeah, though when it was funny dear god it was gold. Though if you've never read the original Take Moon manga I think it's worth noting that it also had serious chapters in it.

Also definitely read All Around Type Moon, because that thing is nearly always solid gold (there's a whole Nero chapter).
>> No. 83009
File 136952850765.png - (86.64KB , 720x1024 , img000015.png )

Hey /jam/ do you like cute romance? Because here's a cute romance series I'm really enjoying.
>> No. 83010
So is the premise here that they're both tsunderes?
>> No. 83011
>watched Girl Who Leapt Through Time
>and Summer Wars
>and Wolf Children
>all in the same god damn day

>> No. 83014
Though that was a love egg next to her.
Made it so much funnier.
Like Ranma 1/2.
Ba Dum Tsss~
>> No. 83018
File 136958239611.jpg - (167.17KB , 1104x497 , 1363639618801.jpg )
>He also confirmed for the first time that the show's lead character Spike actually survived the final episode of the beloved series and remains his personal favorite character.
>> No. 83020
File 136958318375.gif - (2.24MB , 537x336 , what the what.gif )
>> No. 83023
File 136958842360.gif - (630.50KB , 245x242 , tumblr_mbdbwdPH3s1qc8jh0o8_250.gif )
>> No. 83024
Rukia Execution shock!!!youtube thumb
>> No. 83025
Gotten a little soft in his old age?
>> No. 83027

>> No. 83029
He's always been sort of cagey about it when asked. Like when people would say "When Spike died..." he'd say things like "Did he die? I just thought he looked really sleepy..."

It's sort of surprising that he stated an final answer rather than leaving it "up to interpretation," but it's not a huge shock that he went this way.
>> No. 83030
File 136961459262.gif - (602.54KB , 200x189 , KramerOHHHH.gif )
>> No. 83034
File 136966660074.jpg - (377.87KB , 1456x1053 , 18.jpg )
>> No. 83035
File 136966669056.jpg - (155.72KB , 800x1135 , nanatsu-no-taizai-4178627.jpg )
>> No. 83036
File 136966712671.jpg - (171.27KB , 800x1151 , nanatsu-no-taizai-4178651.jpg )
Huh, I expected a gauntlet.
>> No. 83045
So, wait, if I'm reading the newest chapters of HSDK right, Hayato knew Tanaka was wandering around for three years having conversations with his dead wife and child and he was willing to just let him... do that?
>> No. 83046
every time i scroll past this thread i expand the op image and boggle at what a horrible design this girl has

i haven't seen anything this misshapen in the name of fanservice in a long time
>> No. 83048
The old man is fairly hands-off when it comes to most things. See also: his "bonsai."
>> No. 83056
File 136980851714.png - (569.73KB , 817x1200 , img000009[1].png )
>New Otoyomegatari
>Oh it's Amira's jerk of a bro-
>> No. 83059
>> No. 83105
File 136995550478.png - (339.33KB , 970x1400 , img000026.png )
>oh hey, it's the BBEGs who are responsible for all this death and misery
>let's talk things out!
Senya, you're the goddamn best protagonist ever.
>> No. 83111
>Hmm where's this from
>Sengoko Youko eh
>This first chapter's okay I-wait I know this artist

>> No. 83112
How is that anyway? Read the first chapter but with the whole lizard thing it seemed like the setup lolsorandomxD surrealist comedy which I'm not really into.
>> No. 83113
File 137002090299.png - (546.56KB , 863x1300 , img000022.png )
This thing only has one speed and it's CRAZY
>> No. 83114
It's not a comedy.
>> No. 83115
The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer is more of a seinen take on the classic shounen formula, and does it really, really well in my opinion. The characters are all likable and sympathetic, the action is well done, the art is good and a lot of the stuff that goes on is pretty clever. Well worth a read--and it's not that long. About ten volumes total, as I recall.
>> No. 83117
File 137003216899.jpg - (182.96KB , 1200x899 , nisekoi-4201003.jpg )
>> No. 83120
...Is the far right girl really that short?
>> No. 83123
File 137004637926.png?spoiler - (451.42KB , 900x1300 , b8114940e3c16984ca27775217b9ca86.png?spoiler )
(HSDK spoilers)
>> No. 83124
Wow, HSDK has taken a turn for the dark, lately.
>> No. 83125
Not a good time to lose one's head, Tanaka.
>> No. 83127

No, but the perspective is a bit fucked: Shuu is way too big so she looks tiny next to him.
>> No. 83144
File 137012263462.png - (307.05KB , 598x375 , BLn3sWdCAAESlGj[1].png )
>> No. 83155
>got Corpse Party because gifted PSP like 10 years ago and never played it and whatever there aren't any visual novels in English shut up
>the part where you wake up in the infirmary and the ghost chases you


what am I supposed to even

ok fuck


stop it

how do I use these matches even


god fuck off






>> No. 83156
File 137023511172.png - (150.45KB , 901x1300 , img000020.png )
So is it actually her or are they gonna pull a switcheroo?
>> No. 83158
Hey guys, I found an REALLY old chinese cartoon.
1964 大闹天宫 Havoc in Hea…youtube thumb
>> No. 83160
I'm thinking one of the sins.
>> No. 83161
File 137025435711.png - (480.92KB , 949x1400 , 034.png )
Vinland Saga 93:

Farmland Saga is over

>> No. 83162
this page feels almost like some sort of parody
>> No. 83164
Maybe now we'll get to the "Vinland" part of "Vinland Saga".
>> No. 83165

But trust me, in context, it's a completely different moment.
>> No. 83166
Honestly, the biggest surprise of Farmland Saga was that Einar lived.
>> No. 83167
There's plenty of time for him to fall out of a boat and drown.
>> No. 83171
Like the others said, it's fantastic. Kind of a tongue-in-cheek seinen take on a shounen "people become magical heroes" premise, with a really earnest. . .it's hard to describe, but in both this and Sengoku Youko the main characters & supporting NPCs are cool, develop in surprising ways, and can absolutely die.
>> No. 83187
File 137032368788.png - (642.71KB , 800x656 , 1370323490958[1].png )
I miss the simpler times.
>> No. 83190
It's really impressive how. . .like, there are some other series that work this hard to give you absolutely grade A action scenes, every other chapter, for YEARS. And some of those series do have the character realize hey, violence is a bad thing. But they always either pull this at the end or have them keep on having to fight dudes anyway.

I can't think of a series that's been willing to let the story evolve along with the character, not anywhere near this far. It's one hell of an achievement. (Berserk gets some credit, but still)
>> No. 83192
File 137033520167.png - (417.89KB , 884x1300 , img000035.png )
Vagabond has the same thing. Farming and all.
>> No. 83196
Vagabond's farming started far more recently than Vinland's did though.
>> No. 83197

The farming, yes, but Musashi's doubt over the nature of being the strongest has been long ongoing for a while.
>> No. 83198
*nods* Cool. Know any other examples?
>> No. 83217
>> No. 83219
File 137046797084.jpg - (67.12KB , 317x379 , 1328247510250.jpg )
>The Garden of Words

these feels
>> No. 83228
>>used to watch anime
>>stopped a couple years ago because a lot of things seemed like textbook anime cliches, nothing new
>>miss watching anime
>>getting a lot of suggestions, but not sure what to check out
>> No. 83229
If you're asking for recommendations, you're just going to hear the same thing from us as you've heard from everyone else, I imagine. But I'll play along-what are your tastes and what's been suggested to you already?
>> No. 83230

When you used to watch anime, what shows, characters, settings, and/or studios did you like?
>> No. 83253
Ya know, following up SF Debris review off Madoka Magica with a Batman Beyond maraton on Netflix got me thinking.
Is there a cyberpunk magical girl out there?
>> No. 83254
Not cyberpunk in any way, but Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha has lots of future tech and technobabble. Also friendships. And time travel. And rocket-powered sledgehammers. What I'm saying is, you should watch it regardless, if you haven't already.
>> No. 83255
Corrector Yui. Though don't expect "Ghost in the Shell With Frilly Minidresses."

If you squint really hard, I guess you could make the argument for Angelic Layer--but there's genuinely zero magic in that (it's all just toys and tech), and it's really more of a shonen tournament fighter with CLAMP sensibilities.
>> No. 83269
Not wanting to spoil any specifics, but it seems like it's kill-a-character week in every single shonen coming out.
>> No. 83272
Well, at least some are reunited in death with their families.
>> No. 83273
I'm still amazed Kenichi went full Bad End with this story.
>> No. 83277
I kind of like it a lot. Not just this but the exposure to other martial artists he's getting. Seeing the destructive path Tanaka ended up on, meeting One Shadow and seeing he's an amazing guy, despite being his natural enemy. It makes me feel like it's switching from physical/skill growth to Kenichi's philosophical underpinnings.
>> No. 83278
S'alright. I already have recommendations, I just don't know what to go with first.

* I tend to go with anime that doesn't follow the anime parody cliches. I grew up on Toonami and Adult Swim, although I missed some of the stuff they've played. Manga-wise, I read a lot of CLAMP, and I like Miyazaki, of course.
* I'm not well-versed in mecha series at all (I've only seen G Gundam). * I'm not a fan of fanservice (although I can make an exception when it's funny, like Panty and Stocking).

Here are the suggestions I got:

* Shirokuma Cafe
* FMA or Brotherhood (not having read the manga, which is better?)
* Hellsing
* No. 6
* Tiger & Bunny
* Evangelion
* Baby, Please Kill Me
* Slayers
* Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
* Fractale
* Assault On Titan
* Birdy The Decode

I registered for Funimation's website, since several of those series seem to be on there.
>> No. 83279
>* Hellsing
Uggh, no. Skip that one.
>> No. 83280
>Shirokuma Cafe
Do you like shitty Japanese puns? If yes then continue. If not, watch OP and ED anyway because they're both great.
>FMA or Brotherhood (not having read the manga, which is better?)
Brotherhood, but really you should just read the manga and then just listen to the music.
Hellsing TV is shit, but Ultimate is fun.
>No. 6
Tiger & Bunny
Watch the rebuild movies, then go watch the series+End if you like what you see. If you want more after that, spinoffs aplenty, most of them terrible!
>Baby, Please Kill Me
It has been a long ass time since I touched anything Slayers related my recommendation is tentative.
>Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
>Assault On Titan
Watch OP and parodies thereof forever, ignore otherwise.
>Birdy The Decode
>> No. 83281
I should note that most of these recommendations (mostly the ones yout said no to) were suggested by people who seem to watch every anime that comes out. Not that that's always a bad thing.
>> No. 83283
So the thing you need to do is go watch Baccano (dubbed is better but subbed is also good) because that's /jam/'s favorite series.

Also Redline (again, both audios are good, but I prefer the dub).
>> No. 83284
Baccano was also suggested, yeah.

I've heard of Redline as well.

I used to be a bigger anime fan, but I got caught up with school and stuff (there was a point where I didn't watch anything at all, from any country), and sorta lost track. People were throwing names at me of anime, but nothing beyond "Go watch [X]. Just do it."

Black Lagoon's another one, if only for the hilarity of the MLP:FiM dubbing team cursing constantly.
>> No. 83285
Seconding Baccano, obviously--as Rodyle noted, most people who frequent /jam/ would agree with that suggestion. And everyone who enjoys giant robots, hot blooded heroes, or MANLY FIGHTING SPIRIT should watch TTGL at least once. Tiger & Bunny is pretty good, and if you liked Big O you'll probably like it--although instead of giant robots, Tiger & Bunny is about western-style superheroes. Think of it as Justice League to Big O's B:TAS.

Regarding Eva, I also agree that watching the rebuild movies is probably a better idea than trying to go back and watch the original series at this point.
>> No. 83286
Watch Mushishi.
That is all.
>> No. 83287
no for real watch Baccano dude. its on netflix, its dub is amazing, and its infinitely rewatchable
>> No. 83288
* FMA or Brotherhood
* Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
* Tiger & Bunny
* Slayers
* Assault On Titan

Agree with these, top to bottom. Brotherhood assumes you've either read the manga and/or seen the first series, so the first few episodes have strange pacing. I would recommend watching the first then Brotherhood. The first honestly isn't bad by itself.

Attack on Titan is currently airing so it's a tentative recommendation.

Redline. Do it.
>> No. 83289
>> No. 83290
>no for real watch Baccano dude. its on netflix
Sadly, it hasn't been on Netflix for a good while now.
>> No. 83292
I love Mushi-shi, but it should be noted how little action there is in it. It's more of a philosophical fantasy show, a lot of it is about investigation and nature (but fantastical nature, so not about communing with bears or anything). It's almost a relaxing show; I can't really think of another show to compare it to. The closest anything I can think of is being a low-lit bar watching smooth jazz. Except there are fairies floating around whistfully.

But it's still free on Hulu: http://www.hulu.com/baccano
>> No. 83296
File 137068361837.png - (249.79KB , 884x1300 , img000003.png )
While most people seem quite salty about her addition, I'm already looking forward to all these delicious faces we're going to get.
>> No. 83302

...do they? She's hilarious tho.
>> No. 83303
File 137072158874.jpg - (30.50KB , 704x480 , [moo-shi]_Mushishi_-_02v2[DVD][H264_AAC][D036E02F].jpg )
It's also very much about human nature. And some of the episodes can be quite... heavy. It's certainly not a show that gets you pumped up and cheering. But that's why I love it.
>> No. 83312
Just gets old fast when a character's gimmick is disliking another character because of misunderstandings and then not listening to people who actually know what they're talking about.
I agree the faces she's pulling are great, though.
>> No. 83315
pissed at oreimo final LN, incest end

because I mean FUCK wanting to see a healthy relationship in anime for once, right?
>> No. 83317
Haven't been keeping up with much manga, so, out of curiosity I'd appreciate some elaboration.

I get Soul Eater and Fairy Tail (though we can't be nearly as certain with the second one) and something about Kenichi from other posts in this thread. What else?
>> No. 83318
Furuichi in Beelzebub.
>> No. 83326
I maintain that will end up being funny.
>> No. 83328

Let's be honest, though.

We knew it was going to be incest bait romance shit the moment we first read the title.
>> No. 83329
File 137082430721.jpg - (84.31KB , 728x1133 , 012.jpg )
Ha! Scanlators!
>> No. 83335
File 137086380136.png - (290.01KB , 975x1400 , img000009.png )
God damn, Shogun. Even in death you're the fucking raddest dude ever. Also, second time skip! WHAAAA-?!
>> No. 83338

What is this? That guy looks rad as hell.
>> No. 83339
File 137089786482.png - (2.07MB , 4110x1231 , img000022.png )
Sengoku Youko. An excellent fantasy manga set in feudal Japan. And the dude is indeed so rad he cannot be contained by a mere 2-page spread. He needs 5.
>> No. 83345
File 13709297844.jpg - (256.58KB , 1456x1129 , esengokuyouko27_0022_0023.jpg )

So far the villains of the piece are by far the most awesome part.
>> No. 83349
File 137093379661.jpg - (175.89KB , 728x1093 , r029.jpg )

Oh wow you were not kidding, this guy broke the radness scale.
>> No. 83350
See what I like about this manga is that it's basically Inuyasha, if Inuyasha wrote out all the boring parts of the main cast midway and switched over to a new, vastly superior protagonist, and kept Miroku around.

(Not that Jinka was anywhere near as unbearable a protagonist as Inuyasha but there are definitely parallels to be drawn)
>> No. 83354
>> No. 83355
Wow, that's fucking creepy. I don't even have an issue with the concept. I'm not very healthy of mind either. But Jesus Christ, just look at that thing!
>> No. 83357
best case scenario: angelic layer
worst case scenario: you just know people are going to use it for creepy sex things.
>> No. 83358
Oh god, real-world Angelic Layer would be amazing.
>> No. 83359
It'd be cool but let's be honest, the ~anime~ sport we all want to be real is blitzball IGPX.
>> No. 83360
File 137100619980.jpg - (167.47KB , 800x1146 , nanatsu-no-taizai-4225741.jpg )
So it is a case of Fusion-HA via the necklace her sister gave Elizabeth, I'm gonna guess brought on by Diana wishing to fit in and Elizabeth wishing to be stronger.

Also calling the captain is gonna earn massive Diane points for saying he likes her better as a giant.
>> No. 83363
Yuyushiki - Pop talkyoutube thumb

This is pretty much Yuyushiki in a nutshell
>> No. 83364
Snore Along with Ludwigyoutube thumb
This, for me, is Yuyushiki in a nutshell.
>> No. 83385
File 137113093991.jpg - (19.40KB , 490x373 , J6TS9IB[1].jpg )
>> No. 83386
File 137113245587.png?spoiler - (452.58KB , 882x1300 , 1371119736261.png?spoiler )
Aw yeah, Beelzebub!
>> No. 83387
File 13711325721.png?spoiler - (0.98MB , 1799x1300 , 1371118618435.png?spoiler )
Even more aw yeah!
>> No. 83389


2nd page. Seriously.
>> No. 83390
If it's not on the first page, it doesn't exist.
>> No. 83428
In general, why are fans not satisfied with "[x] from the original manga/video game/etc. looks different in the live-action adaption because the original design just doesn't work in real life" as a valid explanation? I know not every artist/writer is a scientific expert, or just doesn't care, and I don't mind when things are changed for that reason.
>> No. 83435

Some people are purists, and they demand that everything be exactly the same. They are also the people that complain when an anime isn't exactly like the manga, or a movie adaptation isn't exactly like a book or whatever other source material it's adapted from. There really isn't any pleasing these sorts.

As for anime it's often extremely difficult to replicate the kind of stylized, exaggerated body and hair styles in live-action without making everything CGI. Even now, the technology isn't quite enough to make CGI look "right" (there's still an uncanny valley effect), especially on a limited budget as an anime or anime-related film will be constrained by. If "wow, that looks almost like reality but something is VERY CREEPY AND WRONG about it," is what you are going for, it might work. If not, the audience will just be shaking their heads. What some fans will not accept is that there are things moviemakers just cannot DO. Since they have no background in (or even a concept of) how animation or moviemaking works, they can't imagine WHY they cannot do something. To them, movies are just a magic process whereby they are entertained. Probably, these are the type of people who wouldn't even bother giving a slight glance to the credits.

Of course, when you get directors/producers trying to please these folks, it wouldn't look right anyway. They try to split the difference and then you end up with fairly-recognizable characters and a butchered story.

That's my question. Why do filmmakers INSIST on warping the hell out of the plotlines of the source when it comes to adapting a lot of things? I can understand a little bit when the source is a series of material too long for a single movie, but still. There doesn't ever seem to be any sense to what is preserved from the original and what is not.
>> No. 83442
Couldn't find the abridged general, so I'm gonna put this here.
Dub of the North Star - Ep. 4 (Parody)youtube thumb

>> No. 83443
Depends. There's going too far on the "realism" (latest superhero movies. I know, not anime), and then there's the awkward tries to "look like anime" (Speed Racer). Not really the character designs, just an example.

Exotic clothes are sometimes a big part of the character designs, no matter how weird they might look. A bright blue hair might not work, but a dark shade of blue dye could be a good shout to the original, and stuff like that.
>> No. 83448
File 137154785318.jpg - (115.85KB , 981x700 , sailormoonla.jpg )
I think the live action Sailor Moon did it well. You can still tell who is who, but they all look like regular people until they transform and get their weirdly coloured hair with the suits. I thought it was a good way to keep faithful to the show without having to give every person appearing on screen a stupid anime wig to make the main characters fit in with the extras.

Phoenix Wright worked because it went out of its way to make everybody look kind of ridiculous and it's a really light cartoony series to begin with. But a LOT of character designs that look great on paper or in a video game or cartoon look like absolute balls when taken as literally as possible for a movie. Turns out that you kind of need to inject realism into costumes or otherwise the costumes are boring and break suspension of disbelief--it's ok when it's a drawing, but a REAL person wouldn't wear that. On real clothing we also patterns, seams and other small details that make an outfit appealing but are seldom ever drawn and/or animated because of time constraints. Other things like flowing fabric and jewelry are also often missing from shows because it's fucking hard to animate cleanly. Live action movies don't have those restraints which allows the costume designers to go all out.

The Last Airbender was an awful movie but the costuming was great, they upgraded the designs from the TV series really well (except that they changed some of the cultures the nations were based on, but that wasn't the designers' fault). I think the recent superhero movies have been pretty good too, to be honest. You can bitch about Superman not having the red underpants but it's not like they aren't trying to get rid of it in the comic proper. (I do hate the fabric his suit is made out of though. They can't do straight up smooth spandex because it looks terrible, but they could have used a better pattern, I mean damn.)
>> No. 83449
I simply don't like those wigs because they look completely FAKE. That's why I'd actors dyed their hair. I keep remembering that stupid first X-Men movie, Storm looked like she was wearing a typical stripper wig.

As for Supes' underwear, well, I don't like the changes on the uniform in the comics either. And getting rid of the blue for DAAAAAAAARK in frickin' SUPERMAN's costume is ridiculous. But I actually meant like in Batman's suit. Specially with all the focus on the ninja side they gave him, it doesn't make sense giving him heavier and heavier armor.

From what I've seen of the Rurouni Kenshin, most of the looks were pretty well adapted.
>> No. 83451
File 137158194891.jpg - (84.23KB , 640x427 , tumblr_m47ydblO9q1r9nz2yo1_1280.jpg )
You have to take into account budget though?? I don't think the live action Sailor Moon had a lot of money to spend on wigs for every character. There also NEEDED to be wigs for some, like Sailor Moon herself, because the actress can't grow her hair out to that length and bleach it and make it look presentable. Plus it's an unrealistic hairstyle, so even if she did do all that in order to play Sailor Moon... it would probably still look fake.

You also can't expect every actor to dye their hair a funny shade to play an anime character. And it def doesn't work in a series like Sailor Moon for the main characters to look weird while the extras all have regular black hair since they're supposed to be normal girls with superhero personas. They shouldn't stand out from the crowd when they're not in Sailor Scout costumes. Rurouni Kenshin is a bit different because only one character (Kenshin himself) has a weird hair colour and everyone else's is canonically black, he is supposed to stick out.

And I think Kenshin is wearing a wig anyway, it's just plausibly coloured and expensive so it doesn't set off the wig censors. Or at the very least, he's got a lot of hair extensions since there's no way that's all his natural hair. Also keep in mind that it's historical fiction so none of the characters wear really unnatural-looking clothes like they do in superhero comics (except for Shishio, but is he even in this movie?), so they didn't really need to fiddle with designs in the first place, and they don't run the risk of breaking suspension of disbelief.

You're right though, this movie does look really awesome. Not just the costumes but the sets and how the scenes are shot and the casting, especially Kenshin, Yahiko and Hajime. I'm going to need to track down a subbed version sometime.
>> No. 83460
File 13716159504.png - (636.52KB , 1920x1080 , SteinsGate[1].png )
Just finished watching Steins;Gate. Extremely solid series, and around midway it hits you right in the feels. The ending wasn't anything epic, but it was very satisfying and tied up everything in a nice bow. (I assume the "coming next" part at the very end was for the movie, yes? Hopefully it comes state side, as well.)

The dub is especially good, up there with FMA and GitS. Hulu has the whole series dubbed for the next two weeks, so check that out if you're curious.
>> No. 83462
Why didn't you play the game?
>> No. 83471
I've never been into VNs, and I only got into this because Hulu had the anime. If it had a proper English release I might have purchased it after seeing the series, but since the series basically follows True End (from what I can tell), there's no point in tracking down the fan translation.
>> No. 83475
Sure there is. The game has 50% more Okabe because you get all of his inner monologues.

>> No. 83478
File 137166408163.jpg - (160.51KB , 800x1180 , nanatsu-no-taizai-4237945.jpg )
Oh, they got shrunk, I was wrong.
>> No. 83479
He does even more in the game than in the series?
>> No. 83488
File 137169493996.gif - (0.97MB , 500x279 , 1366178996917.gif )
I want to like this comic, it's really fun and creative sometimes.
But goddammit this shit all over the place and every character has half their personality as "tired annoying cliche jokes."
>> No. 83493
The voices are starting to sound off

>> No. 83496
liked the wallpaper bit , SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP, and I guess We Will Rock You

rest sucked
>> No. 83504
File 137172889841.jpg - (183.45KB , 800x1163 , nanatsu-no-taizai-4237991.jpg )
I dunno, it does tread the line between gross and cute and the jokes and fanservice are a little tedious but ultimately I end up finding the better moments overshadow all that.
>> No. 83513
Playing Ken's Rage 2 because I loved the first one. Still kind of new to the series. I've made it past Jackal in the anime. Holy shit I wasn't ready for Shew's death.
>> No. 83514
File 137175611228.png - (644.73KB , 1072x1600 , tumblr_mop04mjLz01qhzz9ho5_1280.png )

>> No. 83517
Speaking of Superheros, anime, and live-a moives: http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2013/06/20/video-live-action-gatchaman-film-full-trailer-shows-hyper-battles-mech-action
Cool suits, very Megaman X.
>> No. 83522
File 137187961912.png - (151.89KB , 480x270 , kaiji_cry.png )
>Me and the Devil Blues will never be completed
>> No. 83524
File 137190072932.gif - (174.72KB , 500x377 , tumblr_mknhphddcJ1qmvy8zo1_500.gif )
Dead Meadow :: Me and the Devil Bluesyoutube thumb
>> No. 83528
File 137196661746.jpg - (65.47KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga N.jpg )
God, this show is so stupid I just want to stop watching it just stop it's so fucking stupid I swear it's so stupid it's like oh god why can't I stop
>> No. 83529
same here, same here...
>> No. 83537
I guess you two didn't hear about the novel ending.
>> No. 83538

I've heard but refuse to believe it's as clear cut as they say until I read it for myself.
>> No. 83539

>12 volumes
>5 chapters per volume
>50-100 pages per chapter


Also, don't take it personally babe, it just ain't your story was a nice surprise.
>> No. 83540
I have
and that makes me even more disappointed in myself that I still cant quit.
Although at this point theres only a single episode (and 3 more in like august) so really might as well just ride it out
>> No. 83543
>Also, don't take it personally babe, it just ain't your story was a nice surprise.
A: Who the fuck gives you these awful recommendations
B: That's not Japanese so why do you bring it up?
>> No. 83544
Pretty sure Ninja actively seeks out garbage.
>> No. 83545
Yeah, everyone's like "Yo, Ninja, maybe you should look into something high quality like Baccano or Haibane Renmei or Paranoia Agent," "I can't right now, I'm in the middle of watching Cosprayers!"
>> No. 83550

I've already seen the ones suggested in these various threads as "must see." Half of them ended up being really boring (e.g., Eureka Seven) and the other half I am still told is considered shit (e.g., FLCL). No one agrees on anything so I stopped taking suggestions into account a while ago.

I'm looking for new shows to watch as they come out that at least sound interesting. Besides Maou-sama and Gargantia, nothing else this season makes much sense. Red Data Girl looked like it was going somewhere (looked like), and the first few episodes of SnK prompted me to read through the manga (neither of which appear to be going anywhere, either). Whatever the long name love comedy SNAFU thing is thoroughly enjoyable but it's already over seems like.

Oriemo is just a guilty pleasure. I am completely aware of how vapid it is. I don't know why I keep watching it, but w/e I ain't paying for it or anything.
>> No. 83552
Man, FLCL is only six episodes. There's no real reason not to just watch it and decide for yourself if it's good or not.
>> No. 83553

I have. It's one of my favorites things that is a thing.
>> No. 83554
File 13720703973.jpg - (180.14KB , 728x1139 , p013.jpg )
I love how dynamic the action in this is.
>> No. 83567
It really does have a nice early dragonball feel.
>> No. 83568
File 13721386382.gif - (1.23MB , 285x212 , 1371794032560.gif )
>> No. 83574
File 137215076897.jpg - (142.77KB , 1920x1080 , [gg]_Nerawareta_Gakuen.jpg )
>> No. 83577
>>rehash of the "mention I like anime or Doctor Who/Sherlock and instantly get branded a weeaboo/Britaboo" bullshit

I can't believe I've actually lost friends over casually mentioning I liked this stuff. Stuff I like alongside stuff from many other countries, that honestly never comes up that much. I mean, I haven't watched anime obsessively in years, I was just nostalgia-ing over something I watched in high school. Shit.
>> No. 83578
Ask them why they feel the need to belittle your interests when you don't do the same to them. Sometimes people don't realize they're being massive assholes.
>> No. 83580
File 137222908854.gif - (2.27MB , 300x299 , al bundy.gif )
Oh jeez! The end of Deadman Wonderland!
>> No. 83581

People still care about Deadman Wonderland? It's been in turbo-charged Full Retard mode for a year and a half.
>> No. 83582
What an odd thing to say, given it's been on pregnancy hiatus for half of this 18 month span you speak of...
>> No. 83583

Whatever. It's actually been a lot longer than that, but I couldn't be arsed to figure out exactly how long so I just threw out a period of time that I know it's been at least as long as.
>> No. 83587
File 137226912221.jpg - (398.63KB , 1280x878 , 132965704439.jpg )
>The Gantz manga ended worse than the Gantz anime.
>> No. 83588
Its been shite for a long time, not big shock.
>> No. 83603
File 137229484442.jpg - (7.80KB , 325x284 , 1292636999821.jpg )
>that "two years worth of semen made a glopping sound as it poured endlessly into Asuna" thing is real
>the author wrote it
>it's canon
>> No. 83604
It's almost like SAO is garbage or something.
>> No. 83605
File 137229685342.jpg - (15.79KB , 400x306 , J__Jonah_Jameson.jpg )
>Reading new chapters of ongoing manga
>mfw I have to click through 5+ shitty pieces of fanart or colorations before getting to the actual start
>In some older manga they actually put them in the MIDDLE of the issue
Why do people do this? Nobody cares about their shitty Deviantart shipping pics or what they managed to do in Photoshop.
>> No. 83608
Thanks. I mean, I know some people take it too far, but sometimes I post just one post reminiscing about, "oh, someone brought up the Ouran High School Host Club dub outtakes, I hadn't seen them in awhile, I forgot how funny they were" and get a whole diatribe back from them about how I must worship Japan and how it's not the flawless country I think it is, and if I like it so much I should move there, only that that's not how I actually think, nor did I actually say I felt that way.

Ditto stuff like Doctor Who. I have a friend who is actually of British descent, and one of my friends chewed her out, claiming she was a Britaboo, even though her and I are just sci-fi geeks and happen to think the show is just well-written and funny.
>> No. 83609
Maaaaan yuyushiki is over...

Whats the yuri-comedy for the summer supposed to be?
>> No. 83611

I hate that, I hate that so goddamn bad.
>> No. 83626
Hey guys I have kind of a weird request. I'm looking for some anime that I can watch while I'm jogging. Either series with episodes that are around 20-25 minutes long or movies that are 60-70 minutes long are fine. I guess you can recommend ~100 minute movies that I could watch in a few months, though.

Please no slice of life, romance, or comedy, but they don't really have to be super nonstop action either. Since I started I have used Gurren Lagann, Madoka Magica, and Jojo, and all of them have worked out pretty well. Cowboy Bebop is next, but after than I have no idea. I'm not really picky about how old a show is, and if there is a general preference for the sub version or dub version please mention it. Also, I've only watched a handful of anime ever, so feel free to recommend ultra-popular stuff that everyone has watched.

Sorry for being a pest.
>> No. 83627
Baccano is the inevitable recommendation, and for good reason. It's sort of FMA meets Cowboy Bebop in the roaring 20s, with some good plot twists so avoid spoilers. Dub's actually fantastic.

Beyond that, Sword of the Stranger is samurai swordplay and straight-up one of the best action movies I've ever seen.
>> No. 83631
Are you looking for something that's just a distraction, or anything with a deeper plot? Baccano--as per >>83627-is amazing, but to get the full effect you need a direct attention span, so watching while jogging may not be the best option.

If you want complex, than the aforementioned Baccano!, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (or the GitS movies), Death Note, FMA (original or Brotherhood, both are good with great dubs), or Monster (little action, but an exceptional story), Last Exile (original or Fam of the Silver Wing), Fractale, or Speed Grapher.

If you want something less "complex", I recommend Trigun, One Piece, Durarara!! (same folks that did Baccano!, but the story is more linear and all over the place), Soul Eater, Black Lagoon, Persona 4 The Animation, Corpse Princess, Samurai Champloo, Full Metal Panic (not Fumoffu), Un-Go, Gunslinger Girl, or Blood+.

For something where the story doesn't matter in the least, go with Naruto (original or Shippupidoop), Aquarion (especially Aquarion, it's just fun), Heat Guy J (very good dub, but little in the way of complexity), Bleach, Fairy Tail, Code Geass (good action scenes, story is hurp durp for the most part), KenIchi: The Mightiest Disciple (very fun, almost no depth), Ghost Hunt (notice the spelling; "Ghost Hunter" sucks), Lupin the 3rd, 009-1, or anything Slayers. I also find Monster Rancher to have held up surprisingly well, though it's exceedingly corny; MAR is the same way.

I also enjoy Vision of Escaflowne and Mushi-Shi, but both are a far slower pace (even with Esca's fight scenes), so probably won't work well with an adrenaline rush. (Escaflowne: The Movie might, it's far more action-packed.) Steins;Gate might involve a bit more attention than you could provide to really catch everything.

Holy shit I've watched a lot of anime. Let me know if my list is a bit overhwhelming, I'll pare it down to "essentials" for you.
>> No. 83632
I'm gonna be honest and recommend that you just listen to music or a podcast or something
>> No. 83634

This. I don't know if you can speak Japanese or if you have some kind of Google Glasses setup, but I don't know how you can watch a video with subtitles while moving at the same time.
>> No. 83635
It's not that hard, assuming he's on a treadmill. Your head doesn't shake around that much when you walk--if it did, you would hear of a lot more people dying from jogging.
>> No. 83636
You're assuming that anon will only get sub versions, just if sub or dub is more recommended for a series. (The only time I prefer sub is when the dub is horrible.)
>> No. 83640
Oh you guys. Basically, an hour of jogging is so boring to me that I put a TV in front of my treadmill, and few weeks ago I decided to watch fun shows instead of whatever was on at the moment. I can read the subtitles just fine. My concentration doesn't wander at all so any level of complexity is ok.

By the way, I'm looking for ~13 and ~26 episode shows more than anything. I'll put stuff like Monster and FMA:B on my list since I don't think my schedule is going to change too drastically over the next few months, but stuff like One Piece is right out.


A lot of those seem pretty good but you also tried to bait me into watching Naruto and Bleach in the same post so ???
>> No. 83641

Oh, I thought you were like watching it on a tablet while jogging outside or some shit.

In that case, I find comedies work well to keep me going without thinking about it too much.

>My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Those three come to mind right away and for good reason. Highly recommend em.
>> No. 83644
>bait me into watching Naruto and Bleach
Not really. I didn't know if you wanted something that was just a flashy distraction or actually really good. Naruto and Bleach have some nice fight scenes, and since the stories tend to suck you don't have to worry if you miss something or picking up where you left off. Basically, "white noise" for the eyes.

Also if you're asking /jam/ you've probably gotten enough info from the Bleach and Naruto threads to know about those before diving in.

Also, Monster is 74 episodes; however, it's well worth it, so please do put it on your list.
>> No. 83645
Monster is the absolute last series to watch on a treadmill. In fact you should watch it at all, the manga is slow enough as it is, just read it, preferably when you've got some quiet. It's a good manga but it's not meant for that.

You should also not listen to Ninja.

What probably WOULD be a good thing to watch while running your ass off is Jojo 2012. That shit will get your blood pumping.

>> No. 83652
File 137244352122.gif - (265.94KB , 450x253 , 1340448552983.gif )
>Tsugumomo Ch. 16
>> No. 83654

I've been doing exactly this for about five years now. Well... except I can't afford a treadmill (and don't have the room for one, either) so I just run in place while watching my computer.

As for content, I try to avoid "deep" stuff, because I pay too much attention and stop running to watch intently. I mostly stick to shounen, because the music is upbeat (keeps you moving briskly) and the plot isn't that important or surprising. I watched all of YuYu Hakusho, Dragonball/DBZ, HunterxHunter, Naruto, Outlaw Star, and am now doing Naruto: Shippuden... until I run out of new episodes, anyway. It's nice because I can vary my run time by number of episodes. Normally, it's 2 or 3 (40-60 minutes) but sometimes I'll only do 1 if I'm not feeling up to it. Sometimes, I'll end in the middle of an important fight and end up wanting to keep watching (which means I need to keep running) and this way I keep pushing myself and have a reason to not slack off.

Which makes me ask... why do you want only short animes? You should be doing cardio literally every day if you have the time (and who doesn't have at least 20 minutes at day?). At two per day, you'd be done with even longer animes in a few months.

Keep in mind: animes, especially very short ones, are meant to be watched slowly. Especially with the more complicated ones, they are meant to be thought about and reflected upon for the entire week up to the next episode. Watching a whole goddamn 13-episode anime in six days will COMPLETELY ruin the experience. In fact, watching even more than one episode a week is not really recommended with many animes. At least with shounen, the plot runs at a snail's pace, so it's actually comes out better this way (depending on the anime, though; early Naruto sometimes had as much as 5-10 minutes that was a repeat of the end of the last episode). For the most part, though, it's good.

(Oh, and I've basically never encountered an anime where the dub is better than the sub, but many people will disagree. Generally, however, the more recent the dubbing, the better the dub will be. Use that as a bit of a guideline. Year 2000 or newer usually will be okay, avoid the early 90's dubs unless you want to facepalm a lot, and 80s or earlier will be so Americanized it will practically be a different anime.

If you want to see this trend yourself, compare the early episodes of the Naruto dub with the more recent ones. To make it blatantly obvious, compare the dubs of Saiyan/Frieza-saga DBZ from the 90's to the one they just made of Kai. Holy shit, dude.)
>> No. 83675
Ergo Proxy is pretty fucking great, man.
>> No. 83676
Not to get too off topic here, but I actually do this while playing games. I don't run, because that's hard to do with a controller in your hand, so what I do instead is put the treadmill at the highest incline so that I'm walking uphill the entire time.
>> No. 83678
So Hulu has Lupin III Part II Ep. 145 and 155, which I'm just watching today. I was quite disconcerted when everyone had a different voice; apparently, these were dubbed by a different company than the rest of the series. It's unfortunate, because the dub for the rest of Part II is quite good; these two have decent quality VAs, but the voices are incredibly generic, not fitting the characters nearly as well as the rest of Part II.

Naked, short-haired Fujiko slightly makes up for it, though.

...This sounds like an amazing idea. Now if only I had a treadmill...
>> No. 83680
Stationary bike, my friends. Lower impact than running, more taxing (and therefore better muscle building) than walking, and your head doesn't bob when you're doing it, so anime and/or video games are easy.

Only problem I have with video games is that twitch gaming can be tough while trying to exercise at the same time because of the concentration they take. RPGs tend to be no problem though.
>> No. 83693
File 137267353690.jpg - (228.51KB , 810x1200 , 259 days h1GFQ.jpg )
Wanna read a manga about preteen pregnancy?
Its like a drama car crash in slow-mo.
All thanks to DA countdown!
Love it~
>> No. 83694
T4 your posts have been mostly incoherent ramblings so far, but lately you've been just smack-dab in the middle of creeptown. Like a retarded kid that just discovered his wee-wee.
What I'm trying to say is, please keep your fantasies in the fantasy realm and don't become some serial rapist. Please.
>> No. 83698

To be fair to T4 this manga really isn't pedobait. The art is so non-sexualized that the eleven-year-old main characters look about eight, absolutely nothing of the sex act that starts off the main plot is shown (and it's the result of innocent experimentation, not predation by an adult)...it's just a nonfetishistic comic about an exceptionally young pregnancy, with commentary on Japanese gender and sexual politics on the side.

But man, T4, that post was almost as weird, creepy, and annoying as CandleJack shoving the word shota into everything he can. Ill-advised.
>> No. 83700
And T4 posted so we know the it's NOT CREEPY AT ALL
>> No. 83701
Has anyone read Yuria 100 Shiki?

I found it amusing at first but it started to wear thin about the time the male lead took a vacation back to his home town and she started getting even closer to forcing herself on his unconscious form, the 'joke' itself is getting samey but more importantly it just... isn't funny after seeing his fiancée and how affected she is by his 'cheating', she might be rich and sort of cold/reserved and naive about physical intimacy but she doesn't seem like a bad person.

Its hard to overlook how MC doesn't even seem to question the reason for why the title character is so sex-mad.
>> No. 83702
>watch the whole show in three days

>I assume the "coming next" part at the very end was for the movie, yes? Hopefully it comes state side, as well.

Actually, it was for the epilogue OVA, which had already been dubbed and is on FUNimation's site, but for subscribes only.

Although oddly, using their Roku box channel, I was able to watch the dub of the whole show. I can't tell if it's a preview, if I accidentally bought a month's subscription, or it's some sort of oversight.
>> No. 83703

The series is actually very well-handled. Kodomo no Kodomo is a great example of how one can deal with sexuality without sexualizing.
>> No. 83709
File 137283587794.jpg - (80.38KB , 294x295 , rxn (419).jpg )
>someone's been dumping Onani Master Kurosawa and Molester Man on /a/
>all I can think about is how I can't find anything else like them

Seriously, this artist did these in like 2007 and vanished (other than a 3 chapter thing in 2012).
>> No. 83710
If we told you about similar series, would you actually read/watch them, or come back later complaining about something random and generic while asking for recs you don't intend to follow up on as usual?
>> No. 83711

As long as you genuinely think it's similar and not something painfully ugly to read like Boys on the Run, I'm game.

Oh also I'm reading the one about the guy on the train right now.
>> No. 83712
Aku no Hana.
>> No. 83713
Nope, sorry Ninja. Never recommending you anything again.
>> No. 83714

How does the manga compare with the show?

Because I'm trying really hard with the show.
>> No. 83715
What? Aku no Hana is not even remotely similar.
The show is complete rotoscope garbage and looks absolutely nothing like the manga.
Welcome to the NHK, Otaku no Musume-san, ...Steins;Gate kind of? Though you should play the game of that one because the anime cuts out most of Kyouma's inner monologue.
>> No. 83716
You might want to check out some translated Korean webcomic sites. The series are thematically and genre-wise all over the place, but they generally have the more rough, casual feel that dude's work has.

If that's what attracted you to those series in the first place, that is.
>> No. 83718
Aku no Hana and Onani Master Kurosawa kinda converge over time, IMO.
>> No. 83719

Good idea, I noticed that. I'm checking out My Heart is Beating right now. Any others in particular that come to mind?


Aku no Hana and OMK sounded almost identical in synopses. I was psyched for the show but the main character just kinda rolls around crying about Baudelaire while this crazy bitch has her way with him. For like six episodes straight. I'll check out the manga.
>> No. 83723
>There's an Aquarion sequel, Aquarion EVOL
I will never accuse Aquarion of having stellar plot, characters, or setting, but damn if it wasn't a fun show. The quick synopsis for EVOL makes me think it will trend a bit much towards the harem genre, but I'm still willing to give it a shot.
>> No. 83728
Ones I like that are set in the modern day:
Welcome to Room #305
Today's Department of Sentimentality
Pet Diary (Check out more from this artist, too)
My Young Cat & My Old Dog
Ties of Compassion
Nowhere Boy (this one is more fantasy-based, but it's fun)
>> No. 83729
Oh, and how could I forget Dear, Only You Don't Know and Mrs. Angel! Those are fun too.
>> No. 83738
I was kinda bummed "Free!" doesn't have a token bara guy.

I think I gravitate towards big muscular men because regardless of how old the character is, if they're a bishounen, they always set off my "possibly pedophilia" horn. With bara, there's no question of age.
>> No. 83740
Who's to say there won't be one later?
Personally, I think the artists behind Free! need some basic anatomy lessons when it comes to all musculature, because some of the promo art was horrifyingly inaccurate. Though I suppose that's a given when you switch a bunch of artists from all moeblob all the time to less squishy forms.
>> No. 83742
Oh, right.
This is gonna be a thing.
Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou PV 2youtube thumb
>> No. 83747
Im five minutes into Tsuritama and its already the cutest thing ive ever seen
>> No. 83748
Tsuritama was AoTY 2012 along with Fate Zero. There is not one bad episode of that show and the OP is amazing.

Also ducks.
>> No. 83749
the ED is very cute and soothing too. im starting ep 3 and its such a nice show
>> No. 83753
Shinsekai Yori seems pretty interesting so far, like a mix of Red Data Girl and Bakemonogatari. I wonder if it'll live up to its potentia--

>> No. 83754
A moeblob 4koma about tabletop rpgs. We have reached critical nerditry.
>> No. 83755
First of all A-1 has all kinds of different products from total garbage like Trinity Soul to absolute fucking masterpieces like the above mentioned Tsuirtama. From the New World is a middle of the road one. It's alright but not perfect. The studio isn't really an indicator of anything in the case of A-1 so much as the actual staff members.

Secondly I knew you wouldn't follow up on any of the recs given to you.
>> No. 83758
so hows the danger grandpa anime?
>> No. 83759

>youth are promised access to highest quality education and professional development
>when they get there it comes at the catch that they have to kill each other to get out

oh god its just like grad school this is too real i can't handle this show
>> No. 83760
File 13730210328.png - (879.09KB , 887x1300 , img000002.png )
Oh, huh... that's kinda... wow...
>> No. 83762
Why don't you ask the Dangan Ronpa thread?
>> No. 83765
The director of Baccano and Kuragehime is doing some crazy thing for NoitaminA.

>> No. 83773
Baccano AND Kuragehime, and for noitaminA? I'll put it on my calendar.
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