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File 134750383119.jpg - (84.18KB , 800x1288 , ibleach-3582875.jpg )
78049 No. 78049
Well, I like that his Bankai's a bit deeper than "my sword is supper hot and cuts everything." Kind of sucks for Hitsugaya, though.
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>> No. 78051
Like dragon boy z needs his bankai to be unkillable
>> No. 78055
Isn't Hitsugaya supposed to not be able to use his shikai anyway? After his bankai got sucked up, didn't he have a page where he basically went NO MY SWORD IS DEAD while holding it up?
>> No. 78078
>Kind of sucks for Hitsugaya
it never sucks enough for that shit head.
>> No. 78079
So basically its Hitsugaya vs Assassin's Creed Quincy with neither being able to use Hyorinmaru?
Also, it finally makes sense why Yama didn't use bankai against Aizen. Aizen would have just trolled him until he incinerated all the other captains with his mere presence.
>> No. 78085
So Yamamoto's Bankai is basically a fire element Ichigo, with a focus on power instead of speed? That's pretty cool, actually, but now I'm wondering: Byakuya had said that a Bankai is always large, but this doesn't seem to be 100% true with Yamamoto. Regardless, some Captains are seemingly familar with how it works. Is Byakuya kinda low ranked or new compared to other Captains in that he never saw Yama's Bankai?
>> No. 78086
Maybe the answer is simply...Kubo isn't too great at keeping his continuity straight?
>> No. 78087

Did you miss the part where his bankai is passively killing all of soul society?
>> No. 78096

I had just menat that Yama's sword isn't necessarily large in size, even if it's effect is. Maybe that's how Byakuya defines big. Still, it's basically a fucking plasma katana, down to the whole "melt everything nearby thing" a real one might have.
>> No. 78098
I'm pretty sure everyone knows what Yama's bankai does in a hyperbole kind of way.
>Duuuuude, did you hear when the old man released his Bankai like, a gillion years ago?
>Nah brah, what happened?
>Fuck man, I knew an old guy who told me his dick FUCKING MELTED because of it, and he wasn't even in Seireitei!
>Awww brah, his Bankai must be fucking MASSIVE
Which is why they all know the heat is coming from Yama, but not that his bankai is a compressed one.
>> No. 78102
i hope this is foreshadowing to ichigo's absurd next version of his bankai which ... what... uses the light and darkside of the moon as an inspiration for his power? is it a yin yang thing? i don't understand but whatever he can rip apart reality and has armor made of silly fullbring cover and pure getsuuga tensho
>> No. 78146
Guys guys, what if
hear me out here
what if Yamamoto has a FINAL RYUJIN JAKKA?
>> No. 78156
That would destroy soul society.
>> No. 78210
>out of nowhere, skeletons

>> No. 78213
Eh, even when something neat is happening the pacing is still completely garbage. There isn't a fight in existence which requires 7 pages of making faces and smack talk.
>> No. 78214
Kubo stop making this character cool, you're just going to off him.
>> No. 78216
I... thought this chapter was pretty awesome. I probably have terrible taste, but I'm really enjoying this fight, even if it being stretched out like crazy.
>> No. 78221
No, it's cool, I have great taste and I agree.
>> No. 78223
Yeah. I mean you know it's going to be lame in the end, but you know.
>> No. 78229
This chapter was indeed good.
>> No. 78230

I think we all agree that this chapter, in isolation, was pretty sweet. We just all know that Kubo will disappoint us in the end, so we're doing our best not get excited about it.
>> No. 78231
If Kubo actually does refrain from Kuboing up, and actually lets old man Yama kill the shit out of the Quincies while Ichigo's locked up, to show that while he does have ridic main character powers, the Soul Society has existed for a long-ass fucking time without his help, and they can, in fact, survive without him

I will be more impressed with him than I've been with a mangaka in a while.
Not because it'd be breaking any new ground, after all, I'm pretty sure that's more or less exactly how Yu Yu Hakusho ended, but because it'd show that he's learning.

Although whether it'd be that he's learning how to write, or learning what parts of other good manga to rip off, I don't know.
>> No. 78235
Thing is, no matter how cool that'd be, Ichigo is still the main character. This entire series is about his journey. Whatever the last big battle of this story arc is, he has to be the one to fight it. That's not to say he has to fight every battle; Bleach has a long history of secondary characters having some decent moments in the limelight, and I wouldn't mind Yamamoto winning here one bit. But if Stache-Face here really is the big bad, then killing him now kind of leaves us with nothing for the main character to do except tie up loose plot threads.
>> No. 78237
It would be hilarious if, in the end, Bleach returned to being a YYH clone.
>> No. 78238
Ichigo is the designated main-character, his journey is over, he has no interesting plot.
The only reason he shows up and beats the big boss is because hes the 'main character', the series could very well do without him at this point
>> No. 78247
it would be better if kubo tite used this period of no-one-gives-a-fuck-about-ichigo to give a proper ending to zombie powder
>> No. 78251

There is an approximately 0% chance of that happening, especially since this is the final arc.
>> No. 78282
nope your basically saying that eveything in the past is the equivalent of whats been going on now

which doesnt seem to be the case
>> No. 78283
so you reckon in all of eternity no one ever decided to attack soul society until now?
hasn't that shit happened like 6 times since the series started?
I know.
I was just having a moment of wishful thinking.
>> No. 78323
File 134851048637.jpg - (108.50KB , 800x1218 , bleach-3540929.jpg )
So he trained all that time, all those hundreds of years...and still lost to Ichigo in one punch
>> No. 78325
Who the fuck cares?
Shikai Ichigo defeated Kenpachi.
Just accept that Ichigo is from bizzaro land and the only way to actually stop this juggernaut of power levels is to say "KUROSAKI IIIIICHIGOOOO,YOU LIEK TO FIGHT" at which point he will begin a 10 chapter introspection on whether he does or not before one shotting you.
>> No. 78327
File 134852851254.jpg - (70.13KB , 640x800 , bleach-3582897.jpg )
How DOES ageing work for spirits in Bleach btw?
>> No. 78328
>> No. 78338
Like everything in Bleach. Rule of cool.
>> No. 78363
Turns out big bad isn't the big bad, there's a bigger bad?

More like Rule of Stupid-Dumb/sickburn
>> No. 78364
At this point, the only way Kubo can outroll himself is to introduce Sternritter A[spoiler]The Aizen[/spolier]
>> No. 78365
so. juhabach is dead, and looked like a bitch compared to as nodt.
yup. I feel kubo'd.
>> No. 78366
I don't but mostly because I knew this was going to happen...
>> No. 78384
Honestly I think I'd enjoy it more if the final Sternritter were Aizen.
It'd be so hilarious that I couldn't even be mad about it.
>Tell me, when did you fall under the illusion that I wasn't a Quincy?
>> No. 78388
I think it would be hilarious. Or some fucking asshole who you didn't expect like fucking Keigo but you know it's going to be fucking uryu's grandfather.
>> No. 78390
File 134872082943.jpg - (51.62KB , 400x620 , 1348715507425.jpg )
>Real Bach shows up
>Steals Yamamoto's bankai because he now knows all of it's powers
>Or Yamamoto uses it, but because he says it would kill himself and destroy SS, and basically burns out and dies because he's so damn old
>Old man Yamamoto dead
>Ichigo goes full Vasto Lorde back in Mexico and has control over it somehow
>Gets a practice kill on that freaky guy we haven't seen in months
>Go to SS with all the Arrancar
>Hollow vs. Quincy, fitting since their purpose to destroy hollows
>Hollow Ichigo beats real Juha Bach, who may or may not have Yamamoto's bankai
>All of the other useless characters get a powerup and kill some Quincies
>Yay victory
>Ichigo is branded a danger to SS by the Spirit King because of hollow powers
>Squad Zero dispatched to kill Ichigo
>Gotei 13 side with Ichigo
>Civil war time
>Squad Zero are hax, but still die
>Ichigo fighting Spirit King
>Aizen appears out of nowhere
>"Were you really under the impression that I was being held captive? I simply allowed myself to be held."
>Thanks Ichigo for taking the opposite path he did and show him that he was wrong
>Sacrifices himself to give Ichigo one last powerup

This is how Bleach will end. I know because my dad works at Kubo and he says so.
>> No. 78391
Honestly the shinigami deserve some retributuion for thier despotic tyranny, its not like any of the series protagonists cares about all the shit they do.

I mean will even Mayuri recieve some judgement for his actions? He deserves to be slaughtered like a dog for what he has done, most logically by Ishida, but instead the series has treated him like an amusing prankster.
Even if his peers don't care about all his nazi-experiment shit they should at least care about his teamkilling for shits and giggles, those shinigami weren't even his subordinates.
>> No. 78393
Mayuri is the next CC, and everybody will applaude loudly at his nomination.
You know it's true.
>> No. 78396
If only he would steal Yamamoto's bankai only to burn to death because of it. Seems rather appropriate.
>> No. 78487
File 134918646346.jpg - (136.38KB , 800x1160 , bleach-3620203.jpg )
Well Nurse guess what.

Aizen in bondage.
>> No. 78488
>> No. 78489
>That chapter
Ha ha ha! Yeah, that figures. Sorry, guys, looks like Bleach won't be getting over those huge story problems it has before the series finale. Even when it's unpredictable, it's unpredictable in the most predictable way possible.
>> No. 78490
>These guys who you've never met with a power you've never seen are the answer
>Also Aizen
Typical Bleach chapter. I didn't think it would upstage Naruto in retardation this week, but it did.
>> No. 78491
>Juha steals Yama's bankai
>Juha kills Yama and begins imitating Yama's powers but as a villain
>Shunsui and Ukitake step up
>Rematch from Rukia's Execution arc, bitch
>> No. 78492
>I didn't think it would upstage Naruto in retardation this week, but it did.
My reaction exactly.
>> No. 78494

that sure was a chapter
>> No. 78499
Sadly, I fully expected this.
>> No. 78500
But in a hilarious turn of events Aizen can no longer distinguish himself from other people or fully remember who he was, and thus alters his own memories becoming effectively useless! The series ends with Kubo forgetting everything that is happening and focusing on a slice of life finale of Aizen's daily life in spirit holocaust Japan.
>> No. 78501
Aizen? Fucking AIZEN???

Kubo when people went "lol maybe it was Aizen all along" they were making fun of you. You weren't supposed to actually do it!
>> No. 78505
man i dont even know whats going on in bleach anymore nor do i even remotely care beyond FUCK YEAH AIZEN
>> No. 78507
How many times have you essentially said this in your bleach posts? Did you really need to repeat yourself again?
>> No. 78508
So, who killed Kenpachi then?
>> No. 78509
lord toofsy
>> No. 78527
Kenpachi got raped by his sword power. He got nerfed to lloyd's level the got quincy'd by a gadget.
>> No. 78534
i think its once per thread or something. new people come and go from here so often that i feel like i need to clarify: i will never read this piece of shit ever ever ever again unless of course theres aizen or grimmjow and since one of them is dead and the other is bondage overlord well

i for one welcome our new bondage overlord
>> No. 78545
So I was browsing an old thread.
>Miley Cyrus 04/17/10(Sat)01:19 No.41241
>Yamamoto's bankai is probably becoming super hot and dense. Like, his aura isn't on fire anymore, but his body and his sword are so hot it just ruins anything he touches.
>> No. 78546
You are the cancer Nursie
>> No. 78553
It's Bleach. Does it really matter?
>> No. 78556
someone's got a grudge.
>> No. 78557

>someone's got a raging girlboner.

>> No. 78566
i dunno if one rarely discussed post per thread can really be called cancer man but ok.
>> No. 78568
>I don't know if one unnoticed tumor per body can be called cancer
I don't believe you actually went to med school, Nurse.
>> No. 78576
plot twist: im actually a doctor of journalism. wanna go to vegas with me and a suitcase full of drugs?
>> No. 78594
Oh, let the girl her have her silly crushes on terrible characters from terrible manga.
It's not like any of us are still reading this series for anything other than the "OH GODDAMMIT KUBO" factor.
>> No. 78595
I would, but I'm not allowed in Bat Country ever since the Incident.
>> No. 78613
I still find it legitimately interesting from time to time.
>> No. 78615
I don't read it period. But that doesn't stop people from posting their reactions and images or for me to just take a hard guess at what has happened in blech this week.
>> No. 78617
>claim to not read it
>post in the general and answer a post hidden in the middle of it, provin gyou actually read everything

what's the point then?
>> No. 78618
Uh, they seem to be saying they don't read the manga anymore but still check the thread. Anything wrong with that?

I do that myself, for this and the naruto thread, I only occasionally read a chapter if everyones freaking out about a plot point but being far to cryptic to understand why they are such.
>> No. 78701
File 134987539735.png?spoiler - (103.57KB , 906x1300 , d220b6a76571c207b31e4c34a4d385dc.png?spoiler )

The Price is Right losing hornyoutube thumb
>> No. 78703
That was beyond lame...
>> No. 78704
File 134988401230.png - (60.17KB , 302x204 , kidd is unimpressed.png )
>> No. 78708
fuck this gay earth

sage for adding nothing. refuse to bump after this chapter.
>> No. 78709
w-o-w I literally have no further investment in this series
A+ good job Kubo
you Kubo'd harder than I expected you to
I blame myself nearly as much as I blame you
>> No. 78720
I see this happening. Mister Quincy Matador uses Yama's bankai to summon up Yama himself against Ichigo. Yama turns around and goes "HAHA I PLANNED THIS SHIT BEFORE I CAME IN THE ROOM!" And cold cocks the jerk...

Dammit. I know it isn't going to happen. I'll let it happen in my head.
>> No. 78721

Well now I just want to see American spirit-reaper Black Dynamite {DY-NO-MITE! DY-NO-MITE!}...
>> No. 78731
one shooting Yamamoto was pretty lame, even if the balance of power was reversed I think he deserved to show some more moves before falling.
I guess he's not popular enough in the polls to deserve it.
>> No. 78732
Goddammit Japan .
>> No. 78744
File 13500181137.png - (350.70KB , 900x1300 , NANIIII.png )
Super shitty chapter, but I'll admit, I'm laughing really hard at how surprised big bad what's his name is in the last page.
I'm just imagining a big, exaggerated "NAAANIIIIIII????" every time I look at it.
>> No. 78745
So...5 special war potentials?
Kenpachi(lol worfed by a regular sternritter)
Ichigo(Trapped in a jail, but maybe not? considering the last page of the recent chapter)
Aizen(Told the Quincy to skidaddle because he ain't done being the main villain yet, no way he's gonna be someone's underling)
Who else? Unohana(crazy strong supposedly) or Mayuri(the man to go to for Quincy killing most likely) are strong candidates for the 4th.
The fifth is probably something retarded like Hitsugaya if he suddenly REALIZED HIS FULL POTENTIAL ON DA SPOT.
Definetly not one of the Vizard captains, those fuckers are basically jokes despite the fact that they should be Ichigo tier themselves.
>> No. 78746
this is me now. i have officially decided to stop reading this, because i just don't care anymore. i guess it's finally time to take the ancient rukia/ichigo prints off of my wall.

the artwork are based on ichigo for the first time releasing his bankai vs byakuya and rukia releasing her shikai on screen. they look so great together. i am sad.
>> No. 78762
People, stop reading this garbage. Even Sadomasochists at least know better ways to get their painful kicks than any idiot that tries to deceive themselves into waiting for Bleach to finally die. You aren't even setting yourself up for disappointment because you know he will kubo you.

It's time to move onto other bad series.
>> No. 78763
War potentials seems to be about people who don't seem to have known limits. I don't think Mayuri and Urahara are in because their powerlevel, outside magic and science, it rather limited. Unohana... probably has enough daten to be out of the list too. Hitsugaya could have been but he's currently fighting a sternritter and I think they would have said he's one of them by now (of course he's fighting a convenient mute enemy but still).
Ishida could be one. And maybe Orihime. Of course nothing prevents at least one of them to be a totally new character that would serve as a plot device to make the story go;
>> No. 78765
We haven't really seen Urahara doing much of anything, but it's safe to assume you do not want to ignore this guy or he will bring you down.
Youruichi could be a special War Potential, she was fuckin fighting bare handed and still going toe to toe with big hitters.
Also, I wonder why Aizen did not accept the Quincy proposition.
>> No. 78790
>Also, I wonder why Aizen did not accept the Quincy proposition.

Why would he? Aizen's plan seemed to be about breaking the current order to build something new and better at any cost.
So far we don't know the Quicy's objective but if they just want to eradicate the shinigami I can see why Aizen would be against it.
Quincy wants destruction.
Aizen wants construction.
>> No. 78851

I will admit.

The moment where Ichigo throws down his sword to basically tell the badguys running away isn't an option is a cool moment. A moment that maybe would have been better served by someone competent in pacing and story telling.
>> No. 78852
File 135049286936.png - (1.16MB , 773x1944 , 1350487193752.png )
>> No. 78854
Uh, yeah? I mean, he threw down his already bankai'd sword...to a guy who's an expert at stealing them. Why didn't beardo just yoink it and keep walking away?
>> No. 78855
We already know they can't take Ichigo's bankai.

"Why" is a bit of a mystery, unless they can't take the other Vizard's either.
>> No. 78856

Actually, we do know why! It was stated earlier they couldn't steal something they didn't know the limits of, hence why the Quincies couldn't steal Captain Commander's bankai until he actually used it (as no one had seen it in use for ages). The most likely explanation, given kubo's writing style, is that Ichigo's bankai is "limitless."
>> No. 78859
Basically it boils down to 'Ichigo is the main character' like every other time he gained a random power or beat someone who should have been much stronger than him.

Being the main character is normally a reason why you kick the most ass in shounen, but literally Ichigo's superpower is 'being the main character, thus no-limit/superior' isn't it?
Its started to feel a little...tacked-on? Ichigo is kind of boring and needless as the main character, and the only reason he has to be the one to save the day and beat the bosses is because he is the main character.
>> No. 78861
It was nice when Ichigo was just some punk-ass kid who was in way over his head and had to fight tooth and nail just to keep himself relevant to protect the people he cared about.
Now he's just some demigod who's only even in the picture because of his demigod status. He's just the only one who can win, thus the camera focuses on him, despite the fact that his story is long since over.
Argue what twists and kills and worfs are bad writing all you want; what makes Bleach really poorly written is the fact that the main character literally no longer has any relevance outside of being the main character.
Naruto still has rivals and enemies that have been around nearly as long as the series, still has dreams he has to accomplish. It may have some shitty twists and storytelling, but it at least still has a reason to exist.
Ichigo beat his rivals. He protected his loved ones. He got strong. He solved his mother's death and that was something he didn't even know was a mystery. There's no reason for him to still be around. But he is. And it's boring.
>> No. 78862
Ichigo's problem isn't that he's the MC, but more that he's special in so many ways it's overkill. His nature his not only extraordinaire, he's a major plot point that will probably be the key of everything. He's more of a device at this point than a character. That's the problem. The story didn't have enough slice of life and interaction after the SS arc to make him develop in anything else than a super powerful weapon.
>> No. 78900
File 135058573144.png - (350.80KB , 750x1050 , 23918121_big_p1.png )
>> No. 78974

I hope you're ready for some more ridiculously stupid plot developments, because this week's is a doozie!
>> No. 78975
>page 17
That's... actually a twist with some pretty good potential. Snes must be jumping the gun a bit-

>page 18
Oh ugh of course he manages that it must be time for another asspull-

>page 19
>> No. 78980
Uh...nothing fucking happened this chapter.

The 'spoilers' going about that the Quincy-Stormtroopers would try and recruit Ichigo by telling him the truth about all of Soul society's douchebaggery sounded like a far better chapter.
>> No. 78982
I'm pretty sure everyone at some point called Ichigo gaining the Quincy powerset (and being better at it than Ishida), just like he had the Shinigami powerset (and was better at it than most of them) the Vizard powerset (ditto) and the Fullbringer powerset (and obviously was better at it than jobber-Chad, jesus christ won't Kubo put him out of his misery)
>> No. 78985
Why was this chapter this long? There was one page that moved the plot forward at all. For fuck's sake.
>> No. 78986
File 135108644344.jpg - (347.09KB , 800x1189 , 1351068637818.jpg )
>> No. 78987
I think he just did.
>> No. 78988
I think he just did.
>> No. 78995
is ichigo dead yet?
i'll take your responses to this chapter as a "no"
>> No. 78996
I say we all go back and read Yu Yu Hakusho, remember a time when that's what Bleach was trying to be.
>> No. 79000
File 135111334730.png?spoiler - (748.16KB , 800x2010 , 1351077061395.png?spoiler )
I found some spoilers about Ichigo and the current plotline. These are some serious True Facts.

This is pretty huge though so don't look if you want to remain unspoiled.
>> No. 79005
We know his mom's probably SOMETHING. I'll admit, not many options left.
>> No. 79021
that's just dumb. I mean it will wrap things up, but eh.

why can't ichigo and gang go back to being ghostbusters before bedtime.
>> No. 79083
Maybe his mom isn't really the one we know. Remember that graveyard scene, with Ishin making a mistake about his wife's death time? Maybe it wasn't a mistake, and Ichigo's "mom" could have been a replacement. Maybe an artificial soul made by Urahara on Isiin's demand, because her first "death" was too suspicious and he needed to stay hidden for some reason.
>> No. 79084
>>Implying Mod-Souls are going to be relevant again in any fashion
>> No. 79096
I occasionally reflect on the last time the manga even acknowledged that Kon existed. I think it was way back when he hosted the announcement of the winners of the Best Fights poll. I don't think Aizen had even beaten any of the captains by that point.
>> No. 79100
Kon is more of a mascott, so he doesn't really have to be relevant in the manga. Kubo still draw him in the omake stuff, like thos interviews he did before this arc, with all the info and sketches. Kon was there. I think that's were he belongs now anyway.
>> No. 79116
If anything he has a position to be envied. At least he isn't involved in this shit in any way, shape or form. Think of all the character that actually could benifit being mascots at this point.
>> No. 79126

Yeah, that's about it exactly. Man, what a mess of a story this turned out to be.
>> No. 79127
it's like for the last arc, Kubo just decided to make everything as stupid and terrible as he possibly could
it's impressive just how bad it's getting.
>> No. 79128
Goddamit this is so stupid

Ichigo is a quicy as is so obvious, completing his collection of all the other powersets in the universe BUT WAIT, is dat sum "ICHIGO I AM YOUR FATHER"!? WHAT A MAGNIFICANT DEVELOPMENT, KUBO TRULY IS A MASTERFUL WRITER

Quincy-Boss, Ichigo is even asking you what you mean when you dropped the truthbomb(/squib) on him, can't you try some diplomacy? But no this is a terrible series so HURRDURR LETS KEEP FIGHTING
>> No. 79129
What I like is that Ichigo never get to shine, ever. He has a few panel where he seems to be competent, then suddenly he is humiliated as a main character, either by being put in a cage, or by having his sword cut by a background character that dd nothing yet. People complained about Kenpachi being worfed but Ichigo is the biggest Klingon of the story. Which is weird considering his supposed MC status.
>> No. 79130
You know...with all the different powers availible to him...is Ichigo ever going to adapt his fighting style beyond "charge directly at them" and "Throw the same energy blast and watch it do little or nothing"....well that and "have a random new power activate without his control"
>> No. 79131
File 135160599710.png - (462.65KB , 800x964 , 1351600011140.png )
>> No. 79133
Why do I come back to this fucking comic week after week?
>> No. 79134
File 135161247463.jpg?spoiler - (96.66KB , 1067x789 , 1351597919241.jpg?spoiler )
Becuz yous a bitch
>> No. 79142
Well, I surprised the reveal came so fast. I expected that thing to come up later, probably with Isshin around. Bach doesn't waste time, I can give him that.
>> No. 79143
Ichigo is a mongrel, he can't learn anything new because he's a little bit of everything.

But really, big bad is his grandpa? Really? WE'RE DOING THIS SHIT NOW?
>> No. 79152
Come on, buddy. Beardface has midboss written all over him.
>> No. 79162
Finally we know why the big bad looks like Zangetsu on steroids.
>> No. 79163
How the fuck did Aizen mess with King Quincy's perception of time when his powers are sealed and his in bondage?
>> No. 79166
He asked ''Since when were you under the impression your watch was properly set to the current hour?".
>> No. 79184
I mean, really. Some people can tell you a few words and it looks like it lasted forever, and some can tell you their whole life and it only feels like it was 1 minute ago.
>> No. 79268
So as it turns out, no one died in the Quincy attack except Yamamoto (and only maybe, there's no body now I guess).

So not only is there zero forward plot movement, it actually went backward by a pretty huge amount.
>> No. 79272
...wait, what?
>> No. 79284
Seriously. Read the chapter. No one of consequence died. It was mostly just property damage. The only interesting part of it, and I can't believe I'm saying this here, is that Aizen might be coming back as the team Vegeta.
>> No. 79285
>Aizen might be coming back as the team Vegeta
That seems like a remarkably poor plan.
>> No. 79286
Eh, but it's sort of already foreshadowed. Remember when Ichigo beat him and was all like "I felt his sword for a second there. Maybe what he wanted all along was just...a friend."
>> No. 79287
So basically...the Attack of Pain, but with Bleach?

>>Aizen might be coming back as the team Vegeta
So...what stops him from just owning everything ever? And why should such a douchebag get to redeem himself so easily?

This sounds so dumb.
>> No. 79288
So this chapter was not terrible.

Shunsui Kyouraku for next Captain Commander, anyone?
>> No. 79291
File 135231840591.jpg - (159.65KB , 900x635 , 97acb5b84bf5d9575388edcdccf5a382.jpg )
>Oh hey guess that's sorta cute close tab.
>Slowly get kinda mad
>Keep getting mad
>> No. 79293
Why be thee maddened, brother?
>> No. 79296
Come on. What'd he really do that was so bad? Get Hinamori stabbed a bunch? No one's against that.
>> No. 79303
He's a buddy-fucker, maybe if he wasn't he would have more friends
>> No. 79306
File 135234204125.jpg?spoiler - (9.81KB , 257x196 , Gold Roger.jpg?spoiler )
So it finally clicked in my head who big bad quicny dude reminded me of.
>> No. 79317
Gold Roger is too awesome for Bleach
>> No. 79321
File 135239430265.jpg - (100.07KB , 890x1274 , 1352372327031.jpg )
Even this dude?
>> No. 79338
At least Kyoraku and Shinji are still cool.
>> No. 79343
I maintain that Shinji's bankai is one of the coolest powers I've ever read.
Kubo really would be best implemented as an ideas man. He comes up with designs and powers while someone else handles the storytelling and development. He is genuinely good at making kickass abilities and character design, you gotta give him that at least.
>> No. 79350

Kubo's problem, I've decided, is that he really, really wants to be Hirohiko Araki. But he's not anywhere near that good.
>> No. 79369
Why shouldn't Aizen be able to become the Bleach Vegeta equivalent.
I mean, Vegeta pretty much burned planets before becoming a good guy.
Aizen just trolled people really hard. The only people he really killed were the two idiots that followed him and SS's VAGUE COUNCIL OF USELESSNESS.
>> No. 79372

Wasn't the whole up-is-down power his first release, not the Bankai?
>> No. 79380
Sure Vegeta was also bad and deserved more punishment than being raped by freiza and forced to cry bitch tears infront of everyone, and the fact he's still going to hell after he dies, but just because one guy in a different series escapes true punishment doesn't make it cool that another one manages it

Plus Aizen is even more of a smug asshole and a teamkiller, and overpowered as fuck, the fact Ichigo starts goiing "maybe all he really wanted all along...was a friend" makes it worse, that is just a lame as hell justification for his douchebaggery

Then again I feel the same about Mayuri, he gets treated like an amusing prankster who gets to talk down to everyone else when he should very well be Ishida's nemesis.
>> No. 79383
Yeah, but come on...Nemu's got some tig ol' bitties.
>> No. 79384
Yeah, I think it's his Shikai.
Kubo made a typo.
Or perhaps the phrase was meant to read "[If this is his Shikai, then] what is his Bankai?"
>> No. 79385
File 135252111855.jpg - (200.42KB , 1600x1200 , rukia007.jpg )
Bleach might be less than fantastic but you know who's awesome? Rukia's Awesome. Does anyone have any cool pics of her they'd like to share?

Maybe if she was around more often to talk sense into Ichigo he'd be a better main character.
>> No. 79394
wasn't the bankai word used in one of those one liners at the end of the chapter? because iirc those are added by the editor, not the author.
>> No. 79476
File 13528817845.png - (99.11KB , 290x412 , hmmmmOMG.png )

Okay, so first Kubo has to retcon every instance where a bankai got broken to rationalize why Ichigo's can't be fixed and then...


oh god

oh god no


>> No. 79477
He can probably fix it by fullbringing it.
>> No. 79480
File 135288888011.jpg - (156.53KB , 1200x879 , kbleach-3700239.jpg )
This seems lame as fuck, and also retarded?

But uh... hey its nice to see Kon again...?
>> No. 79495
I think they look hilarious
>> No. 79499
My body was not ready for Kon
>> No. 79513
If it was introduced way back when bankai's were you know important. It wouldn't have been.
>> No. 79527
You know, if this whole if-you-die-in-bankai-you-die-for-real stuff wasn't just a lazy retcon to add forced dramatic tension, it would be a pretty good idea. Because it would explain why characters always hold their bankai in reserve for a million years when nine times out of ten it's an instant-win button.
>> No. 79530
blah blah blah when is mayuri going to get his shit kicked in

i'm waiting

i've been waiting since the rescue rukia arc

it is literally the only reason i still tune in to bleach on occasion C'MON QUINCIES KICK MAYURI'S ASS ALREADY
>> No. 79534
Mengeli is never going to get punished man, he'll be shown as a hero when all his old twisted science-projects on the old Quincy will be the key to defeating the new ones and their abilities, Ichigo will go up to him and declare his thanks to the wonderful doctor and Ishida will show up on his knees and beg the doc's forgiveness for ever harming him (and being a filthy Quincy in general).
>> No. 79538
i will cut you
>> No. 79548
So what the fuck broke Ichigo's sword?Clashing blades with Yuha Bach or the >IMPLIED action of Haschwald pulling out his sword and cutting Zangetsu?
Cause that means Haschwald is crazy strong himself.
>> No. 79560
>> No. 79565
The chick looks like Yumichika's sister or something.
>> No. 79589
>if this whole if-you-die-in-bankai-you-die-for-real stuff
but you just invented that.
>> No. 79595
File 135318410518.png - (285.26KB , 1030x1500 , bleach-ch390-14.png )
Well, at least the retcon sort of works.
Addresses the most signifigant edge case, pretty sure Kubo never bothers to draw a consistent amount of segments for Renji's Bankai, anyways.
Now we just need Ichigo to reforge the two pieces into dual short-swords, doubling his DPS.
>> No. 79596
Fo><><y's Bankai sucks so much.

I'm also having trouble seeing why its meant to be better than his first release, when he just has a flying gauntlet gripping a sword.
Still the same amount of slashing and at least that way he's less likely to get so fucked up when someone cuts it to pieces, like they always do.
>> No. 79597
in theory it's a pretty good bankai to deal with armies of big opponent, like say, a bunch of menos grande. Also if the bankai is really an exact copy that mimic his moves that means a single slash will go at tremendous speed for great destructive power. Losing against Aizen doesn't make him weak, nobody really shined in that battle aside from Ichigo.
>> No. 79607
Isshin did, too. And Urahara. But none of the SS characters, no.
>> No. 79609
File 135321984976.jpg - (48.33KB , 640x480 , Ikkaku_Bankai.jpg )

I'd say the most significant edge case is in fact Mayuri, who had his blown up twice. And that's...hand-waved at best.

Anyway it's a shit retcon because it means Ikkaku can never be this cool again AND it makes that little bit with him and Iba in Fake Karakura completely and utterly nonsensical. I mean yeah, okay, not exactly plot-breaking, but fuck it.
>> No. 79610
There's also the fact that no one thought to mention this before, when it would have been really useful to know.
>> No. 79614
It sort of reminds me of the "Chakra elemental preference" reveal in Naruto
>> No. 79617
useful for the bad guys. So I can get Shinigamis keeping that a secret for themselves.
That said Ikkaku's original bankai wasn't really impressive to begin with, not sure a new form is really a nerf. The form change doesn't seem to alter the potential of the weapon as well. Kubo stated Renji's bankai looks different now, so at least a broken bankai isn't the end of your shinigami carreer. Maybe just a forced respec.
>> No. 79618
File 135325315527.jpg - (115.00KB , 600x767 , comic_lotr102a.jpg )
Can't unthink this.
>> No. 79619
File 135325322547.jpg - (88.17KB , 600x791 , comic_lotr102b.jpg )
>> No. 79631
Oh yeah, while I remembered he rigged it to self-destruct, I forgot that Ishida blew it to bits.
>> No. 79632
As if anything Ishida could do to Mayuri would end up being more than a minor inconvenience...
>> No. 79652
How does Ichigo know about Mayuri's bankai anyway? He wasn't there, for the both occasion. And I doubt Ishida is the kind of person to brag about it, especially for the first time he did did himself with his magic glove power up.
>> No. 79659
where are these from anyway, always wanted to read them.
>> No. 79671
DM of the Rings:

And while we're at it, the spiritual successor, Darths and Droids:
>> No. 79678

The same way he and Soi Fon apparently know each other: he's the protagonist, Kubo doesn't have to explain shit.
>> No. 79724
Okay I went to mangafox and mangastream WHY DOES IT FEEL LIKE THERE'S A PAGE MISSING DAMMIT?!
>> No. 79728
why does it matter?
>> No. 79733
In before editor asked him to cut one page before so the big reveal is even more of a big reveal.
>> No. 79810
File 135382390430.jpg - (54.65KB , 864x486 , snapshot20121125021810.jpg )
So I finally got around to watching the 4th movie.
Pretty fun.
Bleach movies always had a healthy dose of everybody did stuff.
>> No. 79813
File 135383454577.jpg?spoiler - (52.77KB , 864x486 , snapshot20121125021010.jpg?spoiler )
Though it's got a pretty hefty dose of deus ex machinations.
>> No. 79814
This is just the perfect example of the bullshit that is Ichigo, this movie, he's the only one who can break the laws of the universe and for no other reason than 'main character'.

Though alot of things about Hell's place in the setting and the new bad guys sort of bothered me.
>> No. 79815
File 135384358197.jpg - (189.97KB , 700x1155 , 1353822047593.jpg )
>> No. 79820

>> No. 79821
it's sad that I'd prefer this to what's actually happening

so sad...
>> No. 79867
>ginjou, facebook and timedude are back

I can't say I was expecting that
>> No. 79869
These chapters are...so awful.
>> No. 79873
Was that them? But they... only one of them survived and... why were they...


Truth. Some of these developments might actually be interesting if it didn't feel like Kubo was just pulling plot threads out of thin air. Do you know how long it's been since Ganju was in the manga? Over 300 chapters. That's six years we haven't seen this character. Now we learn he's involved in some weird subplot that we never knew about but I guess we're supposed to be eager to find out? Yeah right.
>> No. 79877
It's a good thing none of them committed any sin, or else they wouldn't have been able to go to Soul Society when they died.
>> No. 79878
I can't believe nobody's mentioned that Grimmjow's probably back. I can't think of anyone else who would be the guy trying to muscle in on the transmission to Hueco Mundo.

I don't think that was a bad chapter in itself, actually, but since I can't imagine Kubo actually doing anything interesting with any of these developments it feels kinda pointless.
>> No. 79879
I can't believe nobody's mentioned that Grimmjow's probably back. I can't think of anyone else who would be the guy trying to muscle in on the transmission to Hueco Mundo.

I don't think that was a bad chapter in itself, actually, but since I can't imagine Kubo actually doing anything interesting with any of these developments it feels kinda pointless.
>> No. 79880
I can't believe nobody's mentioned that Grimmjow's probably back. I can't think of anyone else who would be the guy trying to muscle in on the transmission to Hueco Mundo.

I don't think that was a bad chapter in itself, actually, but since I can't imagine Kubo actually doing anything interesting with any of these developments it feels kinda pointless.
>> No. 79881
Dude, if it says your post timed out or whatever don't refersh it, it'll have likely gone through if you close the window and come back to the thread after a minute
>> No. 79885

Motherfucking-tittysucking-two balled bitch!
>> No. 79891
So Ichigo's going to get yet another power upgrade in a place that mainly consists of featureless white walls.

Well, let it never be said that Kubo deviates from formula.
>> No. 79899
If he had skipped like half the fucking arcs he had and just went to this after the soul society arc it wouldn't have been that bad.
>> No. 79902
Indeed. I was expecting Nurse going ballistic with fangirl glee and all that jazz.
>> No. 79905
>It's a good thing none of them committed any sin, or else they wouldn't have been able to go to Soul Society when they died.

Only the extreme cases go to hell. Remember that thing with SS being divided in 80 areas and the 80 being a shithole where crime is rampant?
SS != heaven.

The only thing that bugs me there is that I thought fullbringer's power came from the attachment to a very special object that they use to activate their power. But souls theorically arrive in SS "naked". Probably just wearing some typical japanese clothes. Yet they kept their items, and even their modern clothes. It really looks forced as fuck, reminds me of YuYuHakusho near the end, all the old faces come back for a fake ending and Togashi saying fuck you to his readers.
>> No. 79906
Kubo is preparing the final battle I guess. Probably gonna pull us something like this week naruto, with Ichigo unable to get a clear advantage against the army, but suddenly all his allies from the past shoes up and take part of the battle.
>> No. 79907
How can crime be rampant when you have a bunch of nigh-immortal demigods who in normal circumstances don't have shit to do apart from sit in their tower.
It certainly isn't heaven indeed, going to a feudal Japanese shit-hole when you die is a pretty awful afterlife.

~Apparently if you go to hell at least there's a chance you can get a major power boost from it?
>> No. 79924
I think you have to actually be good to get the hell-kai.
>> No. 79925
File 135427513782.jpg - (19.07KB , 443x396 , Shrieker.jpg )
What about when this asshole came back alot stronger?
>> No. 79938
Why don't they just get Orihime and have her repair his Bankai
>> No. 79939
Because it’s going to turn out that she and almost every other character is his cousin or something. Bleach will become one giant incest orgy.
>> No. 79948
Because she's still in hueco mundo eating tacos with her ex bf Grimmjow.
>> No. 79949
File 13544528593.jpg - (60.16KB , 600x450 , 20c8a7b5ab3bd637f668205111a45a7e1234631421_full.jpg )
That whore
>> No. 80009
File 135471288356.jpg - (186.22KB , 800x1197 , bleach-3737145.jpg )
oh look, it's that thing Kubo does where he remember how to write for a single chapter.
>> No. 80010
>>Rukia's sweet ass

Best chapter of all time
>> No. 80015
>> No. 80016
because she wouldn't be fixing it Orihime has never been shown to fix separate objects or even objects for that matter

and even if she did try to fix it she would just be adding onto one half of his bankai while the other half is still broken
>> No. 80017
I thought it was established that her power didn't "mend" anything, but actually reverted it in time to when it was whole.
>> No. 80018
> has never been shown to fix separate objects
And of course she can fix objects. the clothes of people she heals are also repaired.
>> No. 80019
... Okay yeah that's right, that's a bit of a plothole...


Solved by just having her ability rebound off it because of all the power Ichigo has pumped through the damn thing It's practically radio-goddamn-active.
>> No. 80020
Yeah you don't know anything, Titz powerset is incredibly overpowered, Kubo has switched between handwaves and just outright ignoring her because he doesn't know how to deal with it
>> No. 80021
you are projecting hard there, stop trying to argument your opinion with imaginary fanfics about "kubo".
>> No. 80022
You have a shift key for a reason, use it.

Also its fact, she has a broken powerset but its been poorly utilised in the story, Mexico was going into how important her abilities were but then again alot of story elements ended up going nowhere once they reached Mexico.
>> No. 80023
File 135480428594.jpg - (113.05KB , 324x480 , 20080925121638_large.jpg )
Basketball Boobs are a dime-a-dozen but DAT PEACH is priceless.
>> No. 80028
File 135480696781.gif - (2.11MB , 480x256 , Kings-guard Force.gif )
>> No. 80033
File 13548089573.png - (190.14KB , 397x570 , __dat_ass__by_ichigokurosakiluver-d5n829j.png )
Really though Mangapanda scans are atrocious, it has to be said.
>> No. 80036
Dude, Orihime's power as specifically described in canon, is to reject reality. She doesn't heal anything and/or repair anything, she literally uses her magic glowy bubble to decide that the thing that injured someone or broke something didn't actually happen.

Kubo basically gave her the single most powerful (and interesting) ability in the entire series, then just as quickly completely forgot how it worked or just doesn't give a shit because she isn't Ichigo and therefore not allowed to actually do anything.
>> No. 80037
File 13548120378.jpg - (44.53KB , 363x488 , lv2SD.jpg )
>> No. 80040
File 135481837560.jpg - (15.28KB , 468x504 , 2qal6a1.jpg )
>> No. 80041
File 135481840583.gif - (957.20KB , 499x300 , IC6GP.gif )
>> No. 80043
File 13548190647.gif - (128.74KB , 373x249 , oh5mip.gif )
>> No. 80047
File 135482830063.jpg?spoiler - (743.94KB , 800x1218 , 31939391.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 80067
she doesn't reject reality that was the comment made by those who dont understand the ability such as aizen

she brings what is inside the shield back to where it was before it was broken and seems limited to people and there clothes and unable to heal what is related to their own reiatsu such as ichigos bankai clothes

And another reason why she probably cant heal zangetsu is that she tried to heal tsubaki after yammy broke him and she couldn't do it
>> No. 80068
>discard in books canon explanation
>replace with tons of "may" and "should" and personal fanfics

you are proving nothing there. either you post pages to proves your claims or shut up.
>> No. 80071
Well, specifically, she couldn't heal Tsubaki that one time was because there was nothing left of him to heal.
>> No. 80072
The phrase that activates her powers is "I reject."
She literally pretends that it doesn't happen and her hairpins make it so.
This is stated in canon.
I'm not sure where there's room for debate, other than "there's a chance Aizen was wrong," just like how there's a chance that everything since Ichigo arrived from the hyperbolic time chamber has been part of Kyoka Suigetsu's illusions.
It's just really, really unlikely.
>> No. 80073
Basically Orihime can time-revert anything...except when she can't, for no good reason. Remember back in Hueco Mundo she couldn't properly heal wounds made by Ulquoirra thanks to his ~super dense reiasu~ but then when Ichigo needed her to heal up Grimmjow she suddenly could.

What I'm saying is, Kubo is a hack.
>> No. 80075
File 135489132158.png - (603.82KB , 900x676 , i_cannot_lie___ver_1_by_crimsondeaki-d5n8l8m.png )
I'm certain other notable events must have happened in this chapter but for some reason... I just... cannot recall anything else about it....

Oh well I'm sure it was nothing important
>> No. 80082
im saying the term reject reality is something that aizen brought up
she doesnt reject reality
haachi used the existing hairpin to bring tsubaki back
>> No. 80083
Ichigo's squad of mortal friends, his 'Z-fighters', are useless and just there to job and have others do their shit better than them. Even quincy-boy could only hope to claim the position of 'piccolo' in the group and thus jobs like it was the Buu saga, it was fucking shameful what went on with him during the Fullbringer arc.
>> No. 80121
Ishida might turn into a Vegeta,that is to say take out no one important while displaying his amazin POWAH that is far outclassed by the main character, in this arc since he is apparently Ichigo's cousin and the big bad's Nephew.
>> No. 80123
>for no good reason

She was freaking out and just happened to have the worst day of her life. Orihime isn't a warrior, her mental state is a big factor on her powerlevel.
>> No. 80132

No, it started before she was ever kidnapped.
>> No. 80138
like? in your fanfics? before the whole "Ichigo got killed 2 times in the same hours today" She was able to fully resurrect Loly (or was it menoly?) from a set of legs.
>> No. 80185
Be brutally honest with me, /jam/.

I stopped reading Bleach after Aizen got rejected by the Hyogokywhatthefuckisitcalled and sent to DOUBLE HELL, and pretended the manga ended there, because fuck that entire meta-arc of what you want to call it.

Is there any reason for me to jump back into reading it? I'm basically not that far behind, and it might be amusing in a Homestuck-y, "something to passively read after work" way. Then again, I don't want more of this 200+ chapter DBZ staredowns and one-hit KO horseshit, although I think I might be reading the wrong manga from the start.
>> No. 80186
Well if you read Homestuck I guess you have no taste to start with, but even then I would say no there is no reason to read Bleach
>> No. 80194
File 135530114428.jpg - (248.83KB , 728x1052 , 1355300001197.jpg )
>> No. 80195
>Latest Bleach chapter

That's the kind of hint-payoff I like to see from Kubes.
>> No. 80196
File 135530541254.jpg - (81.51KB , 1200x986 , bleach-3749373.jpg )
>> No. 80201
I honestly wasn't expecting that.
>> No. 80202
File 135532520194.jpg - (19.96KB , 420x356 , CornetteFace.jpg )
>MFW the last page of this week's Bleach
>> No. 80203
I've been waiting all fucking series for this.
>> No. 80204
So does this mean that Kenpachi has been nursing a huge boner for Unohana for centuries?
>> No. 80205
"Really, Kubo, after the complete mess that was that last big fight how do you expect us to ever gain interest in Bleach again?"

"... What if Unahana teaches Kenpachi how to kill people?"

This is why I'm starting to hate Bleach; too much stupid to invest you interest too much awesome to drop completely.
>> No. 80210
Oh hell yes, I am always down for more Captain Milf screentime.
>> No. 80211
>> No. 80212
I swear, every time I'm about to give up Bleach something just awesome enough happens to keep me around for a bit longer. You know, such as getting possible flashbacks to the MILFy-ist Shinigamis' wild youth... yeah, I'm not missin' that shit.
>> No. 80214
File 135535402642.png - (217.13KB , 900x1300 , 82c2a8d94507af3d30c8bc67f85feeb2.png )
This makes this whole exchange from a few chapters ago even more interesting.
>> No. 80215
File 135535612017.jpg - (102.77KB , 800x1158 , bleach-3711069.jpg )

I thought it was obvious what he was hinting at when he ended up saying this to her.
>> No. 80216
File 135535697468.jpg - (131.76KB , 640x436 , Minazuki.jpg )
I figured he was just calling her incompetent. This puts a whole new spin on things.

Also, I wonder if her manta-ray zanpakutou has any hidden offensive properties.
>> No. 80218
Well we've always known that was just a shikai.

We've also always known that Kyoraku and Shunsui, who face a man whose full power literally melts Soul Society with mere grins and gritted teeth, are absolutely fucking terrified of Unohana.
>> No. 80219
File 135535772062.jpg - (102.88KB , 728x1149 , _manga_rain_bleach_ch114_12.jpg )
>Zaraki Kenpachi named his loli 'Yachiru' after the only person he ever cared about
...I really have to re-read Bleach again one of these days.
>> No. 80220
Well if she's looked at them with the face she made at the end of this chapter I can believe because fuck it looks like she's going to go ax crazy.
>> No. 80221
Still kind of annoys me Byakuya survived, he had like TWO pretty cool 'death scenes' in a row then it was like "Oh, nevermind..."
>> No. 80225

Too popular to die.
>> No. 80232
>Well if you read Homestuck I guess you have no taste to start with, but even then I would say no there is no reason to read Bleach

Then why the fuck are you still reading it, shitcakes?
>> No. 80236
Basically everyone who's reading Bleach is reading it because they have been for a long time and wanna see how it ends.
If you just want something ongoing to read for laughsies, I'd suggest Beelzebub. It's fucking fantastic, and is probably the only weekly ongoing manga I read because I really genuinely enjoy each chapter.
It's not even that long yet, you could catch up in a week or so.
>> No. 80242
File 135540111874.jpg - (357.03KB , 1000x1385 , 1355303633304.jpg )
>> No. 80253
Unohana being a powerhouse is old news. Her being a kempachi was predictable. Her being the Yachiru that inspired Kempachi? that was completely unexpected to me.
I wonder if Yachiru will call her "mom" now.
>> No. 80264
I cant stop laughing at that
>> No. 80343
New record?
>> No. 80345
File 135585400776.png - (159.08KB , 856x436 , PAAB[1].png )
>> No. 80350
File 135585728156.png?spoiler - (319.55KB , 905x1300 , 1519321d08148790d5091470f20f07a0.png?spoiler )
Oh my fucking god, this chapter.

I actually couldn't stop myself from laughing. Bleach really does shine as a comedy manga.
>> No. 80352
are they purposefully a whole training/recovery arc? it looks like they are.
>> No. 80353
It is, but it's a thousand times more entertaining than the bullshit before.
>> No. 80355
File 135586793045.jpg?nsfw - (215.92KB , 842x820 , 1355867867275.jpg?nsfw )
This character's breasts occupy significant volume
>> No. 80356
Like I said, new record.
>> No. 80357
File 135587838159.jpg - (174.69KB , 770x782 , 1355842674779.jpg )
Breasts always make Bleach better.

>> No. 80358
Kon really makes that page.
It's true.
>> No. 80362
okay so i caught up... despite my protests... and all i can say that tite should have been focusing on his strengths this whole time: fashion, comedy writing, occult/spiritual mumbo jumbo, bffs, and socially awkward and annoyed ichigo.

but we all know that... and we all keep reading... and i hate all of us. especially the writer.
>> No. 80365
Forgive me for saying this as someone who's never read Bleach, but it sounds like it's gone on too long.
>> No. 80366
You wouldn't be wrong.
>> No. 80384
this is correct.
>> No. 80407
Kubo has found THE HEART

>> No. 80439
Well he has that to fall back on.
>> No. 80440
I've heard this isn't his first marriage?
>> No. 80488
I need pictures of the bride.
>> No. 80524
I say this all the fucking time but I would've read the EVERLOVING SHIIIIIIIT out of the manga the first OP implied it would be.
>> No. 80642
File 135764791161.jpg?spoiler - (121.23KB , 324x476 , 1357639626353.jpg?spoiler )
>> No. 80643
Well, at least I now know what my nightmares will be about in the coming weeks.
>> No. 80647
ten gillions hours in mspaint.
>> No. 80837
File 135833535268.jpg - (164.96KB , 1200x1000 , 1358327962583.jpg )
Fanart drawn by prophets
>> No. 80839
File 135834319498.jpg - (55.08KB , 890x1308 , lq_13.jpg )
>> No. 80840
File 135834366393.jpg - (34.86KB , 580x840 , you gonna git raped.jpg )
Bloody mangapanda and their obnoxious logo plastered everywhere.
>> No. 80841
More like Unohana Yandere.
>> No. 80848
>> No. 80850
File 135835343537.jpg - (798.37KB , 800x1143 , The_Unohana_Yachiru.jpg )
This is an exquisite piece, notice the way the eyes seem to follow you about the room then how it stabs you in the fucking face
>> No. 80852
File 135835683359.png?spoiler - (274.19KB , 910x1300 , e2a2092e0b030afbec95e1c4289c190b.png?spoiler )
Disturbed - Enemy/Conflict - w/ soundyoutube thumb

I don't normally like to encourage AMVs but man, if this fight ever gets animated, I think this song would suit it.
>> No. 80856
Finally some Bleach shipping I can get behind.
>> No. 80865
>if this fight ever gets animated
It won't. The anime ended with the Fullbringer arc.
>> No. 80876
If Captain Psycho Mom dies to just give Kenny a power-up that'll be hella lame.

Especially when we can get wanker's like Byakuya who can have multiple 'death' scenes and not die.
>> No. 80879
...Stop it, boner.
>> No. 80890
File 135843024676.png - (116.24KB , 843x787 , e2a2092e0b030afbec95e1c4289c190b.png )
No, it's just off until the manga ends. They got tired of paying writers to do filler because of Kubo's non-existent pacing.

Anyway, what's the deal here? Kenpachi and Unohana were just playing nice every day despite being mortal enemies apparently? What's with that? Was it just mutual fear of Yama's wrath or what?
>> No. 80895
A kempachi will die for sure. Because Zaraki will remember who he is and drop the title.
>> No. 80925

Kinda obvious only her 'Yachiru' personality/abilities will die and she'll be left happier as Ms. Healer.
>> No. 80933
Women should stay in the hospital, its the men's job to slaughter the enemy psychotically.
>> No. 80980
The way this fight is going makes me think of playing Super Mario Bros.

Everytime I die I shout "FUCK!"

But then I see my reservoir of lives and it's okay.

I'm guessing that's what's going on here, the secret power of her sword is people only die if she let's them?
>> No. 80991
New Bleach thread is up
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