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File 134750383119.jpg - (84.18KB , 800x1288 , ibleach-3582875.jpg )
78049 No. 78049
Well, I like that his Bankai's a bit deeper than "my sword is supper hot and cuts everything." Kind of sucks for Hitsugaya, though.
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>> No. 78051
Like dragon boy z needs his bankai to be unkillable
>> No. 78055
Isn't Hitsugaya supposed to not be able to use his shikai anyway? After his bankai got sucked up, didn't he have a page where he basically went NO MY SWORD IS DEAD while holding it up?
>> No. 78078
>Kind of sucks for Hitsugaya
it never sucks enough for that shit head.
>> No. 78079
So basically its Hitsugaya vs Assassin's Creed Quincy with neither being able to use Hyorinmaru?
Also, it finally makes sense why Yama didn't use bankai against Aizen. Aizen would have just trolled him until he incinerated all the other captains with his mere presence.
>> No. 78085
So Yamamoto's Bankai is basically a fire element Ichigo, with a focus on power instead of speed? That's pretty cool, actually, but now I'm wondering: Byakuya had said that a Bankai is always large, but this doesn't seem to be 100% true with Yamamoto. Regardless, some Captains are seemingly familar with how it works. Is Byakuya kinda low ranked or new compared to other Captains in that he never saw Yama's Bankai?
>> No. 78086
Maybe the answer is simply...Kubo isn't too great at keeping his continuity straight?
>> No. 78087

Did you miss the part where his bankai is passively killing all of soul society?
>> No. 78096

I had just menat that Yama's sword isn't necessarily large in size, even if it's effect is. Maybe that's how Byakuya defines big. Still, it's basically a fucking plasma katana, down to the whole "melt everything nearby thing" a real one might have.
>> No. 78098
I'm pretty sure everyone knows what Yama's bankai does in a hyperbole kind of way.
>Duuuuude, did you hear when the old man released his Bankai like, a gillion years ago?
>Nah brah, what happened?
>Fuck man, I knew an old guy who told me his dick FUCKING MELTED because of it, and he wasn't even in Seireitei!
>Awww brah, his Bankai must be fucking MASSIVE
Which is why they all know the heat is coming from Yama, but not that his bankai is a compressed one.
>> No. 78102
i hope this is foreshadowing to ichigo's absurd next version of his bankai which ... what... uses the light and darkside of the moon as an inspiration for his power? is it a yin yang thing? i don't understand but whatever he can rip apart reality and has armor made of silly fullbring cover and pure getsuuga tensho
>> No. 78146
Guys guys, what if
hear me out here
what if Yamamoto has a FINAL RYUJIN JAKKA?
>> No. 78156
That would destroy soul society.
>> No. 78210
>out of nowhere, skeletons

>> No. 78213
Eh, even when something neat is happening the pacing is still completely garbage. There isn't a fight in existence which requires 7 pages of making faces and smack talk.
>> No. 78214
Kubo stop making this character cool, you're just going to off him.
>> No. 78216
I... thought this chapter was pretty awesome. I probably have terrible taste, but I'm really enjoying this fight, even if it being stretched out like crazy.
>> No. 78221
No, it's cool, I have great taste and I agree.
>> No. 78223
Yeah. I mean you know it's going to be lame in the end, but you know.
>> No. 78229
This chapter was indeed good.
>> No. 78230

I think we all agree that this chapter, in isolation, was pretty sweet. We just all know that Kubo will disappoint us in the end, so we're doing our best not get excited about it.
>> No. 78231
If Kubo actually does refrain from Kuboing up, and actually lets old man Yama kill the shit out of the Quincies while Ichigo's locked up, to show that while he does have ridic main character powers, the Soul Society has existed for a long-ass fucking time without his help, and they can, in fact, survive without him

I will be more impressed with him than I've been with a mangaka in a while.
Not because it'd be breaking any new ground, after all, I'm pretty sure that's more or less exactly how Yu Yu Hakusho ended, but because it'd show that he's learning.

Although whether it'd be that he's learning how to write, or learning what parts of other good manga to rip off, I don't know.
>> No. 78235
Thing is, no matter how cool that'd be, Ichigo is still the main character. This entire series is about his journey. Whatever the last big battle of this story arc is, he has to be the one to fight it. That's not to say he has to fight every battle; Bleach has a long history of secondary characters having some decent moments in the limelight, and I wouldn't mind Yamamoto winning here one bit. But if Stache-Face here really is the big bad, then killing him now kind of leaves us with nothing for the main character to do except tie up loose plot threads.
>> No. 78237
It would be hilarious if, in the end, Bleach returned to being a YYH clone.
>> No. 78238
Ichigo is the designated main-character, his journey is over, he has no interesting plot.
The only reason he shows up and beats the big boss is because hes the 'main character', the series could very well do without him at this point
>> No. 78247
it would be better if kubo tite used this period of no-one-gives-a-fuck-about-ichigo to give a proper ending to zombie powder
>> No. 78251

There is an approximately 0% chance of that happening, especially since this is the final arc.
>> No. 78282
nope your basically saying that eveything in the past is the equivalent of whats been going on now

which doesnt seem to be the case
>> No. 78283
so you reckon in all of eternity no one ever decided to attack soul society until now?
hasn't that shit happened like 6 times since the series started?
I know.
I was just having a moment of wishful thinking.
>> No. 78323
File 134851048637.jpg - (108.50KB , 800x1218 , bleach-3540929.jpg )
So he trained all that time, all those hundreds of years...and still lost to Ichigo in one punch
>> No. 78325
Who the fuck cares?
Shikai Ichigo defeated Kenpachi.
Just accept that Ichigo is from bizzaro land and the only way to actually stop this juggernaut of power levels is to say "KUROSAKI IIIIICHIGOOOO,YOU LIEK TO FIGHT" at which point he will begin a 10 chapter introspection on whether he does or not before one shotting you.
>> No. 78327
File 134852851254.jpg - (70.13KB , 640x800 , bleach-3582897.jpg )
How DOES ageing work for spirits in Bleach btw?
>> No. 78328
>> No. 78338
Like everything in Bleach. Rule of cool.
>> No. 78363
Turns out big bad isn't the big bad, there's a bigger bad?

More like Rule of Stupid-Dumb/sickburn
>> No. 78364
At this point, the only way Kubo can outroll himself is to introduce Sternritter A[spoiler]The Aizen[/spolier]
>> No. 78365
so. juhabach is dead, and looked like a bitch compared to as nodt.
yup. I feel kubo'd.
>> No. 78366
I don't but mostly because I knew this was going to happen...
>> No. 78384
Honestly I think I'd enjoy it more if the final Sternritter were Aizen.
It'd be so hilarious that I couldn't even be mad about it.
>Tell me, when did you fall under the illusion that I wasn't a Quincy?
>> No. 78388
I think it would be hilarious. Or some fucking asshole who you didn't expect like fucking Keigo but you know it's going to be fucking uryu's grandfather.
>> No. 78390
File 134872082943.jpg - (51.62KB , 400x620 , 1348715507425.jpg )
>Real Bach shows up
>Steals Yamamoto's bankai because he now knows all of it's powers
>Or Yamamoto uses it, but because he says it would kill himself and destroy SS, and basically burns out and dies because he's so damn old
>Old man Yamamoto dead
>Ichigo goes full Vasto Lorde back in Mexico and has control over it somehow
>Gets a practice kill on that freaky guy we haven't seen in months
>Go to SS with all the Arrancar
>Hollow vs. Quincy, fitting since their purpose to destroy hollows
>Hollow Ichigo beats real Juha Bach, who may or may not have Yamamoto's bankai
>All of the other useless characters get a powerup and kill some Quincies
>Yay victory
>Ichigo is branded a danger to SS by the Spirit King because of hollow powers
>Squad Zero dispatched to kill Ichigo
>Gotei 13 side with Ichigo
>Civil war time
>Squad Zero are hax, but still die
>Ichigo fighting Spirit King
>Aizen appears out of nowhere
>"Were you really under the impression that I was being held captive? I simply allowed myself to be held."
>Thanks Ichigo for taking the opposite path he did and show him that he was wrong
>Sacrifices himself to give Ichigo one last powerup

This is how Bleach will end. I know because my dad works at Kubo and he says so.
>> No. 78391
Honestly the shinigami deserve some retributuion for thier despotic tyranny, its not like any of the series protagonists cares about all the shit they do.

I mean will even Mayuri recieve some judgement for his actions? He deserves to be slaughtered like a dog for what he has done, most logically by Ishida, but instead the series has treated him like an amusing prankster.
Even if his peers don't care about all his nazi-experiment shit they should at least care about his teamkilling for shits and giggles, those shinigami weren't even his subordinates.
>> No. 78393
Mayuri is the next CC, and everybody will applaude loudly at his nomination.
You know it's true.
>> No. 78396
If only he would steal Yamamoto's bankai only to burn to death because of it. Seems rather appropriate.
>> No. 78487
File 134918646346.jpg - (136.38KB , 800x1160 , bleach-3620203.jpg )
Well Nurse guess what.

Aizen in bondage.
>> No. 78488
>> No. 78489
>That chapter
Ha ha ha! Yeah, that figures. Sorry, guys, looks like Bleach won't be getting over those huge story problems it has before the series finale. Even when it's unpredictable, it's unpredictable in the most predictable way possible.
>> No. 78490
>These guys who you've never met with a power you've never seen are the answer
>Also Aizen
Typical Bleach chapter. I didn't think it would upstage Naruto in retardation this week, but it did.
>> No. 78491
>Juha steals Yama's bankai
>Juha kills Yama and begins imitating Yama's powers but as a villain
>Shunsui and Ukitake step up
>Rematch from Rukia's Execution arc, bitch
>> No. 78492
>I didn't think it would upstage Naruto in retardation this week, but it did.
My reaction exactly.
>> No. 78494

that sure was a chapter
>> No. 78499
Sadly, I fully expected this.
>> No. 78500
But in a hilarious turn of events Aizen can no longer distinguish himself from other people or fully remember who he was, and thus alters his own memories becoming effectively useless! The series ends with Kubo forgetting everything that is happening and focusing on a slice of life finale of Aizen's daily life in spirit holocaust Japan.
>> No. 78501
Aizen? Fucking AIZEN???

Kubo when people went "lol maybe it was Aizen all along" they were making fun of you. You weren't supposed to actually do it!
>> No. 78505
man i dont even know whats going on in bleach anymore nor do i even remotely care beyond FUCK YEAH AIZEN
>> No. 78507
How many times have you essentially said this in your bleach posts? Did you really need to repeat yourself again?
>> No. 78508
So, who killed Kenpachi then?
>> No. 78509
lord toofsy
>> No. 78527
Kenpachi got raped by his sword power. He got nerfed to lloyd's level the got quincy'd by a gadget.
>> No. 78534
i think its once per thread or something. new people come and go from here so often that i feel like i need to clarify: i will never read this piece of shit ever ever ever again unless of course theres aizen or grimmjow and since one of them is dead and the other is bondage overlord well

i for one welcome our new bondage overlord
>> No. 78545
So I was browsing an old thread.
>Miley Cyrus 04/17/10(Sat)01:19 No.41241
>Yamamoto's bankai is probably becoming super hot and dense. Like, his aura isn't on fire anymore, but his body and his sword are so hot it just ruins anything he touches.
>> No. 78546
You are the cancer Nursie
>> No. 78553
It's Bleach. Does it really matter?
>> No. 78556
someone's got a grudge.
>> No. 78557

>someone's got a raging girlboner.

>> No. 78566
i dunno if one rarely discussed post per thread can really be called cancer man but ok.
>> No. 78568
>I don't know if one unnoticed tumor per body can be called cancer
I don't believe you actually went to med school, Nurse.
>> No. 78576
plot twist: im actually a doctor of journalism. wanna go to vegas with me and a suitcase full of drugs?
>> No. 78594
Oh, let the girl her have her silly crushes on terrible characters from terrible manga.
It's not like any of us are still reading this series for anything other than the "OH GODDAMMIT KUBO" factor.
>> No. 78595
I would, but I'm not allowed in Bat Country ever since the Incident.
>> No. 78613
I still find it legitimately interesting from time to time.
>> No. 78615
I don't read it period. But that doesn't stop people from posting their reactions and images or for me to just take a hard guess at what has happened in blech this week.
>> No. 78617
>claim to not read it
>post in the general and answer a post hidden in the middle of it, provin gyou actually read everything

what's the point then?
>> No. 78618
Uh, they seem to be saying they don't read the manga anymore but still check the thread. Anything wrong with that?

I do that myself, for this and the naruto thread, I only occasionally read a chapter if everyones freaking out about a plot point but being far to cryptic to understand why they are such.
>> No. 78701
File 134987539735.png?spoiler - (103.57KB , 906x1300 , d220b6a76571c207b31e4c34a4d385dc.png?spoiler )

The Price is Right losing hornyoutube thumb
>> No. 78703
That was beyond lame...
>> No. 78704
File 134988401230.png - (60.17KB , 302x204 , kidd is unimpressed.png )
>> No. 78708
fuck this gay earth

sage for adding nothing. refuse to bump after this chapter.
>> No. 78709
w-o-w I literally have no further investment in this series
A+ good job Kubo
you Kubo'd harder than I expected you to
I blame myself nearly as much as I blame you
>> No. 78720
I see this happening. Mister Quincy Matador uses Yama's bankai to summon up Yama himself against Ichigo. Yama turns around and goes "HAHA I PLANNED THIS SHIT BEFORE I CAME IN THE ROOM!" And cold cocks the jerk...

Dammit. I know it isn't going to happen. I'll let it happen in my head.
>> No. 78721

Well now I just want to see American spirit-reaper Black Dynamite {DY-NO-MITE! DY-NO-MITE!}...
>> No. 78731
one shooting Yamamoto was pretty lame, even if the balance of power was reversed I think he deserved to show some more moves before falling.
I guess he's not popular enough in the polls to deserve it.
>> No. 78732
Goddammit Japan .
>> No. 78744
File 13500181137.png - (350.70KB , 900x1300 , NANIIII.png )
Super shitty chapter, but I'll admit, I'm laughing really hard at how surprised big bad what's his name is in the last page.
I'm just imagining a big, exaggerated "NAAANIIIIIII????" every time I look at it.
>> No. 78745
So...5 special war potentials?
Kenpachi(lol worfed by a regular sternritter)
Ichigo(Trapped in a jail, but maybe not? considering the last page of the recent chapter)
Aizen(Told the Quincy to skidaddle because he ain't done being the main villain yet, no way he's gonna be someone's underling)
Who else? Unohana(crazy strong supposedly) or Mayuri(the man to go to for Quincy killing most likely) are strong candidates for the 4th.
The fifth is probably something retarded like Hitsugaya if he suddenly REALIZED HIS FULL POTENTIAL ON DA SPOT.
Definetly not one of the Vizard captains, those fuckers are basically jokes despite the fact that they should be Ichigo tier themselves.
>> No. 78746
this is me now. i have officially decided to stop reading this, because i just don't care anymore. i guess it's finally time to take the ancient rukia/ichigo prints off of my wall.

the artwork are based on ichigo for the first time releasing his bankai vs byakuya and rukia releasing her shikai on screen. they look so great together. i am sad.
>> No. 78762
People, stop reading this garbage. Even Sadomasochists at least know better ways to get their painful kicks than any idiot that tries to deceive themselves into waiting for Bleach to finally die. You aren't even setting yourself up for disappointment because you know he will kubo you.

It's time to move onto other bad series.
>> No. 78763
War potentials seems to be about people who don't seem to have known limits. I don't think Mayuri and Urahara are in because their powerlevel, outside magic and science, it rather limited. Unohana... probably has enough daten to be out of the list too. Hitsugaya could have been but he's currently fighting a sternritter and I think they would have said he's one of them by now (of course he's fighting a convenient mute enemy but still).
Ishida could be one. And maybe Orihime. Of course nothing prevents at least one of them to be a totally new character that would serve as a plot device to make the story go;
>> No. 78765
We haven't really seen Urahara doing much of anything, but it's safe to assume you do not want to ignore this guy or he will bring you down.
Youruichi could be a special War Potential, she was fuckin fighting bare handed and still going toe to toe with big hitters.
Also, I wonder why Aizen did not accept the Quincy proposition.
>> No. 78790
>Also, I wonder why Aizen did not accept the Quincy proposition.

Why would he? Aizen's plan seemed to be about breaking the current order to build something new and better at any cost.
So far we don't know the Quicy's objective but if they just want to eradicate the shinigami I can see why Aizen would be against it.
Quincy wants destruction.
Aizen wants construction.
>> No. 78851

I will admit.

The moment where Ichigo throws down his sword to basically tell the badguys running away isn't an option is a cool moment. A moment that maybe would have been better served by someone competent in pacing and story telling.
>> No. 78852
File 135049286936.png - (1.16MB , 773x1944 , 1350487193752.png )
>> No. 78854
Uh, yeah? I mean, he threw down his already bankai'd sword...to a guy who's an expert at stealing them. Why didn't beardo just yoink it and keep walking away?
>> No. 78855
We already know they can't take Ichigo's bankai.

"Why" is a bit of a mystery, unless they can't take the other Vizard's either.
>> No. 78856

Actually, we do know why! It was stated earlier they couldn't steal something they didn't know the limits of, hence why the Quincies couldn't steal Captain Commander's bankai until he actually used it (as no one had seen it in use for ages). The most likely explanation, given kubo's writing style, is that Ichigo's bankai is "limitless."
>> No. 78859
Basically it boils down to 'Ichigo is the main character' like every other time he gained a random power or beat someone who should have been much stronger than him.

Being the main character is normally a reason why you kick the most ass in shounen, but literally Ichigo's superpower is 'being the main character, thus no-limit/superior' isn't it?
Its started to feel a little...tacked-on? Ichigo is kind of boring and needless as the main character, and the only reason he has to be the one to save the day and beat the bosses is because he is the main character.
>> No. 78861
It was nice when Ichigo was just some punk-ass kid who was in way over his head and had to fight tooth and nail just to keep himself relevant to protect the people he cared about.
Now he's just some demigod who's only even in the picture because of his demigod status. He's just the only one who can win, thus the camera focuses on him, despite the fact that his story is long since over.
Argue what twists and kills and worfs are bad writing all you want; what makes Bleach really poorly written is the fact that the main character literally no longer has any relevance outside of being the main character.
Naruto still has rivals and enemies that have been around nearly as long as the series, still has dreams he has to accomplish. It may have some shitty twists and storytelling, but it at least still has a reason to exist.
Ichigo beat his rivals. He protected his loved ones. He got strong. He solved his mother's death and that was something he didn't even know was a mystery. There's no reason for him to still be around. But he is. And it's boring.
>> No. 78862
Ichigo's problem isn't that he's the MC, but more that he's special in so many ways it's overkill. His nature his not only extraordinaire, he's a major plot point that will probably be the key of everything. He's more of a device at this point than a character. That's the problem. The story didn't have enough slice of life and interaction after the SS arc to make him develop in anything else than a super powerful weapon.
>> No. 78900
File 135058573144.png - (350.80KB , 750x1050 , 23918121_big_p1.png )
>> No. 78974

I hope you're ready for some more ridiculously stupid plot developments, because this week's is a doozie!
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