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File 132569797246.jpg - (383.69KB , 1024x821 , 1283153165885.jpg )
70419 No. 70419
We were in full autosage, friends and neighbors.
Previous thread: >>67018

Discussion topic while we wait for the next episode: P4 (game or anime) is, at heart, about the MC/Yu/Shouji coming to a small town and helping everybody he gets close to with their personal identity problems/mental blocks that keep them from moving forward and growing as people.

For instance, Yosuke always felt like an outsider. Chie and Yukiko were jealous of each other and had no confidence in themselves, so they were super-codependent and each hiding their unhappiness about it from the other. Kanji is super confused about where he fits in because he loves cute shit and is artsy but he looks like a brawler and has anger and abandonment issues. Rise subconsciously divided her personality to be an idol and then couldn't figure out who she really was when she realized she didn't want to be an idol anymore. Teddy has serious amnesia and literally can't remember why he's here or what his purpose is. Naoto is having an identity crisis because she's a she in a professional world full of mostly men and feels like she won't be taken seriously unless she portrays herself as male. And this is just the MC's/Yu's/Shouji's fighting party; this whole identity crisis/mental block theme goes for ALL the S.Links!
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>> No. 70423
This is more game related (and I know that this might be kinda hard to pull off in game) is that I wish EVERY PERSON you met who could have a social link could join your party and become a fighter.

I mean think about it. You could switch out certain players for others, maybe each one would have a special move that'd really help in certain dungeons... I dunno. It just seems like a really good idea.
>> No. 70426
Carrying on discussion about Kanji and sexuality from previous thread:

I'm actually replaying the game right now and post-dungeon, there's a few implications that he's hot for Yukiko too (makes sense, grew up around her and stuff). There's the nosebleed at the camp out, the fact that he seems pretty interested in going to the same baths that Yukiko spends time in, stuff like that. So I'm still saying he's bi (if only because I want to daaaaate hiiiiiim in P4: the Golden).

oh and I'll resume image dumping later. Plus4's being weird about letting me post images right now.
>> No. 70427
It is a nice thought, but it would have ruined the storyline of the game because of two people: Nanako and Dojima. Nanako is too young to even manifest her Shadow (and therefore too young to face herself and get her Persona), and Dojima would flip his shit when he realized how big of a secret his nephew and friends have been hiding (since it is an integral part of the murder investigation).

Also, for each S.Link to be a fighter, do you mean that they're just there for hand-to-hand, or do you mean they each have their own Personas, too? Because as much as I love the Persona boss fights, that is a LOT of boss fights. Also, think of the different types of people you have as non-fighting S.Links. As much as I love Old Lady Death (Kuroda), what is her special attack going to be, hitting 'em upside the head with her purse?

Wait, no, I'd actually want to see that, it'd be hilarious.

Damnitsomuch, now I want to think up all the special attacks for the non-fighting S.Links, and then combo attacks that they could do with other fighters (oh gods, a Dojima-Kanji dual attack, how much ass would that kick?!) *headdesk*
>> No. 70428

I think it was more of a generic idea for what they could do with Future Persona games.
>> No. 70434
File 132577100295.png - (285.29KB , 500x667 , tumblr_lsh1pzsRQZ1qjx1aso1_500.png )
Someone wrote this fanfic where he proposed a way for your S. Links to help you out in battle via "Support Persona":


>Support Personas: Came from an idea of mine where the Social Links outside of your Party have their own respective Personas. These cannot be chosen to fight, nor can they be used in fusion. Rather, depending on their level, they provide bonuses to your equipped Persona if it is of the same Arcana, including attacks and stat increases. These could also exceed the eight move limit.

The fic itself is a story centering around Ayane's dungeon and conflict with her shadow, even establishing something of a cause for her being in the TV world. It's not a bad idea in and of itself, it's done pretty well in the story, but you'd be hard pressed to find an excuse to get everyone into the other side except maybe in December when the fog starts to cross over.
>> No. 70441
File 132580038758.gif - (222.91KB , 160x160 , bigstupidsmile.gif )
>> No. 70442
This would actually be a really cool idea. I've had ideas of certain characters like Ai or Daisuke having their own quests/roles in battle. (It stemmed from leveling up their S. Links and NOT seeing the "___'s determination has been enhanced in battle!" message) Something like every so often they'd randomly cast a buff/debuff on the team/enemy.
>> No. 70451

Rest of the episode was pretty much perfect in every way.
>> No. 70452
File 132582639191.jpg - (116.57KB , 800x545 , 1325808698543.jpg )
Someone finally did it:

P4MV: No Homo (Outro)youtube thumb

It's even got a twist ending for some reason.
>> No. 70577
Newest episode is excellent! Cannot wait for part two!

I am also diggin' the new op. Enjoying all the music, really.
>> No. 70646
I'd just like to add, at first when I saw how they were dividing up the "dungeon adventure episodes" and the "slice of life social link episodes" I was worried. I thought: "Oh noes, phoned in, half assed episode central: here we come"

Except no.

See this show gets it. It understands the appeal of character interaction from the game and finds good ways to represent it in an anime form. Although different in tone, the social link episodes are just as fun and charming as the dungeon episodes... Maybe more so depending on your tastes (that's a big opinion though)
>> No. 70785
How does this show get better and better every episode?!? 14 was soooo goooo.

dose social links!

dat fishing!

>> No. 70789
Everything about 14 was amazing. Seeing Death in a yukata might have been my favorite.

But actually, I think I like 13 more just for all the Nanako screen time.

>Next Scent
>Dat school trip
>Oh god, the hotel...
>> No. 70791
File 132651213759.jpg - (102.73KB , 253x318 , KingMoronJr?.jpg )
Episode 14 is amazing. I love episodes that show the same events through two different POVs, and Eps 13 & 14 hit it out of the park. I didn't even mind that they deviated from several of the storylines a little bit for the S.Link people, and usually that would bug me.

Also, did anybody else catch this? Pic is of one of the daycare kids; King Moron Jr., maybe? (wait, wouldn't that make him Prince Moron?)
>> No. 70833
Ha ha, kid! Your dad's dead!
>> No. 70840
>> No. 70846
How did that guy pass on his genes to a willing woman? It had to be either be some sort of rape or he's some sort of bastard of medical science like a donor sperm baby.
>> No. 70848
Who knows, maybe... maybe Morooka is a beast in the sack?
>> No. 70854
As an overweight lady myself, even I have to say that Minioka's/Prince Moron's mom is a beast of an entirely different sort. DO NOT WANT. I'll screencap a pic of her for reference if y'all want.
>> No. 70858
No, I remember her well enough. She was like a more bloated, saggier version of Kashiwagi and that's saying something.
>> No. 70864
So they're ugly fetishists, who in their union of bitter paradox hatred for each other wished to create an obnoxious and hideous spite spawn that would carry their regressive tendencies into the future. I hope king moron's fate becomes a family curse.
>> No. 70903
The Morookas are like the Belmonts. Only instead of fighting Dracula, they fight all that is good in the world.
>> No. 70938
The school trip episode is available, and it is MAGNIFICENT. Literally made my day a better experience overall. Wish I had time to screencap the hell out of it.
>> No. 71000
I am having trouble finding a subtitled copy of that episode. Where do you go for your subs?
>> No. 71003

Has all the eps subtitled.
>> No. 71181
16 has really awesome Kanji moments, glad to see the series spotlighting him. The ending was silly.
>> No. 71183
Funny coincidence, the BGM of Naoto's dungeon is the 16th track on the game's OST.
>> No. 71221
Every time this show lets Kanji have more than three lines, he is instantaneously badass and awesome instead of being just comedy relief.

Also, his mom is so tiny in comparison to him, and she's cute for an older lady...like, if she and Nanako ever ganged up on Kanji and told him to do something, he'd be powerless in the face of the adorableness. I just started giggling when she was like "no yelling in the hospital" with a smile on her face and he goes all quiet and blushes.
>> No. 71466
File 132840096531.jpg - (170.05KB , 575x324 , ChieYukikoNO.jpg )
Episode 17 is out, and I had to screencap as I watched, because the reaction faces were pretty great this time around.

First two are going to be the girls' reactions to Yu turning old.
Next two are Kanji reacting to Naoto.
Last one is Kanji talking to Yu, but it was so cute to see him blush, I couldn't help it.
>> No. 71467
File 13284010306.jpg - (152.72KB , 570x321 , RiseHeartsYu.jpg )
Rise Hearts Yu...literally!
>> No. 71468
File 132840113610.jpg - (112.43KB , 570x320 , KanjiHeartsNaoto.jpg )
So...this happens after Naoto apologizes for being scared during her abduction. I couldn't get a good screencap of blushy Naoto, sorry!
>> No. 71469
File 132840123737.jpg - (93.56KB , 568x321 , KanjiApproves.jpg )
...and this happens after she puts on her Persona glasses for the first time.
>> No. 71470
File 132840154117.jpg - (197.78KB , 570x320 , KanjiTellsYuHisPlan.jpg )
And finally, this is what happens when Kanji decides to take inspiration from Naoto facing herself, and take action on his own behalf so that he can be okay with himself and all of his issues. Also, this is what happens when he explains why he's telling all of this to Yu.

Basically, this is the episode where Kanji goes OMG FEELINGS!! And I am perfectly okay with that.
>> No. 71484
Man, after watching this episode, I gotta say, this thing missed out on a lot of extra footage:
>> No. 71491
Very much enjoying this show. Because of how Ep. 11 went, I thought that was the end of the show, and was sorely disappointed that it ended so poorly.

Then I watch Ep 12 and all is forgiven.
>> No. 71516
>I couldn't get a good screencap of blushy Naoto, sorry!
>couldn't get a good screencap of blushy Naoto

>> No. 71654
Oh man, that school trip episode. I don't think an anime has ever had me laughing so hard.

"Fill it up, Straight."
>> No. 71715
I think I'm heartless. I found the latest episode to be cloying and irritating rather than endearing and heartwarming. On the plus side, OMGOMGOMG dat Next Scent.
>> No. 71725
To me ep 18 wasn't cloying per se, but I have been wondering how the hell Yu was going to get his S.Link with his uncle. This episode was about him connecting with his family, because even though he was doing real well getting along with Nanako, he didn't really have a good, deep connection with Dojima yet, except to live in the same house.

I actually cheered when Yu started calling Dojima on his bullshit, neglectful parenting. I loved doing this particular S.Link in game just because of telling Dojima off and helping him get his head out of his ass, so that he could see what he was doing to Nanako by putting his work first.
>> No. 71940
File 132947903147.jpg - (88.60KB , 1280x720 , swag.jpg )
>Haven't watched this series in a while
>Decide to catch up
>Episode 15
I have officially said goodbye to my heterosexuality.
>> No. 71957
File 132952370189.jpg - (329.58KB , 1920x1080 , best MC or BEST mc.jpg )
I can't believe how much personality this series has injected into the P4 main character. I really love it.

I totally forgot about the outcome of the pageant(s). Best outcome is best.
>> No. 71959
File 132953852640.jpg - (82.83KB , 568x321 , ThatAwkwardMoment.jpg )
Episode 19 was fantastic! I only took 3 screencaps that were good enough to post, but man did I wish I had more (Kanji as M. Monroe has to be my fave crossdressing cosplay ever).

Picture: That awkward moment when Yosuke realizes maybe he isn't completely straight...
>> No. 71960
File 132953878810.jpg - (204.74KB , 568x319 , BoysInCostume.jpg )
I had to do a group shot of the boys in drag; this is right after Kuma/Teddy wins, and it was a decent enough pic of all of their looks, though Yosuke kinda gets shortchanged by being behind people a bit. I love that they had the MC with the pink wig, but I don't think the afro was big enough; I remember that fucking wig was HUGE in the game.
>> No. 71961
File 132953896784.jpg - (215.61KB , 572x322 , BlackmailForever.jpg )
A giant group shot, though I call it "Blackmail Forever", because the boys are still in drag, but the girls aren't in their bathing suits, and this pic is from Rise to Yu, which may imply that Rise has ALL the pics from the fair. Also, I have a distinct feeling that Naoto put that sign in front of Kuma/Teddy's face on purpose because he's the one who instigated the bathing suit competition in the first place.
>> No. 71962
All the subs I can find have an audio delay and skip a bunch of times so that you can't just have another window synced up in the background while you watch the sub. How did you guys watch it? Or have you only seen the raws?
>> No. 71963
Yes, a lot of pics that no one but rise wanted to take and do terrible things while looking at them.
>> No. 71965
File 132955349467.png - (943.73KB , 1170x678 , w:Ayane.png )
>> No. 71966
Tiny Asian Girlfriend~
>> No. 71968
Savlonic : Tiny Japanese Girlyoutube thumb
>> No. 71969
Everyone's gay for Narukami. It's perfectly natural.
>> No. 71981
Thanks for posting that screencap; I could never seem to get a good one of her, even though she was in the episode a lot. I always preferred his Sun link with Ayane (the musician) rather than Yumi (the actress); the difference being that Yumi is already good, but is emotionally damaged so she starts slacking, and Ayane wants to be good, but she lacks the confidence to prove to her group that she's improved even after she meets MC.

Plus, it was adorable and awesome to see Ayane get so mad in-game whenever somebody mistook her for a little kid/middle school student, even when she was wearing the high school uniform.
>> No. 71989
File 132959569717.png - (613.19KB , 1278x706 , practice.png )
I agree on all fronts. If you like Ayane, you might enjoy this. It's one of the handful of Ayane fanfics ever made and a damn good one at that:


You might remember it from the previous thread, but if you haven't encountered it before, enjoy.
>> No. 73175
Well I didnt expect to see HIM! Well played anime, well played.
>> No. 73282
Goodbye Persona 4: The Animation.

It was nice while it lasted.
>> No. 73313
File 133325153744.gif - (837.81KB , 400x225 , tumblr_m1s0w68Nt81qe200io1_400.gif )
I TAKE IT BACK. I TAKE IT ALL BACK. hnnnnnnnnnnnnngh. worth it. worth 24 episodes of QUALITY. so fucking worth it.
>> No. 73340
The anime was surprisingly true to the game...save for the revelation of the secret ending...but that belongs to the people who invested 70+ hrs to beat the game and discover the real villain.
>> No. 73341
To be far, that was stupid in the original game, like they made the whole game and then realized they'd made a SMT game where you didn't kill a god, so they spliced in a bit at the start and end.
>> No. 73345
Come August, we'll be getting the final episode with said True End. So there.
>> No. 73354
Stupid? I loved it. So many NPC, players never expect much from some of them and reversing it in this game. Awesome stuff!
>> No. 73357
So, having watched the series, how ruined is the game for me? I'm still going to play it, but I'd like to know if the various twists are the same or if I can still have some anticipation.
>> No. 73359
The show does go with the basic plot lines damn near to the letter, so if you've watched the show, congrats, you've been spoiled (except for the true ending, of course, that you need to get to yourself).

I will say that the show doesn't go into mid-level bosses, and the dungeons are a LOT more expansive than what the show makes them out to be (it's a long game for a reason; if you don't level up your characters enough, your ass WILL be handed to you when you get to the next dungeon). There are some subtle differences in some of the story lines for the S.Links, and they didn't go into any of the NPC stuff or anything about the stray cats that happens in town; talk to all the NPCs, because their dialogue changes with the seasons, if I remember right.
>> No. 73375
Just enjoy squinting at Adachi the entire time and knowing what a crafty bastard he really is.
>> No. 73394
Am I the only person who cried during the snow scene? I tried so hard not to cry during the last bit of Episode 22, and then throughout most of 23, but that scene, man, that scene!
>"Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry..."
>> No. 73456
Finally got the time to watch all the shows I've missed due to RL BS, so I watched from episode 20 to the end. EVERYTHING IS PERSONA AND NOTHING HURTS.

I kinda dig the fact that (show spoiler) Death was somehow fighting FOR Adachi . I also kinda dig that they didn't spoil the "true" ending of the game in the series, just the "good" ending, so that people who want to play the game now can have something new to discover. (game spoiler) Along with the Margaret secret fight, which is a BITCH-AND-A-HALF to get through, and you don't even get decent loot from it. At least when you fight Death, he gives you ultimate weapons for each of your players when you defeat him, and he's easier to defeat!

You are not alone, but I teared up well before then. I also cried the first time I played the game around that part of the plot.
>> No. 73666
File 133405587348.gif - (17.58KB , 240x200 , tumblr_lwuar6ccNt1qjw6n8o1_500_thumb.gif )
And so the day is saved,

Thanks to,

>> No. 73730
Its a little odd... because technically Lucifer is a good dude in the SMT-verse overall, but Satan is a different entity... maybe?

Then again, for simplicity, they could be blending the concepts together? Maybe?
>> No. 74925
File 133752897917.jpg - (136.69KB , 850x1235 , sample-b41dd44d010c2412412f1d81779a1d4b.jpg )
So, Naoto's getting her own spin-off novel.

>> No. 74926
Naoto is best waifu, so proceed.
>> No. 74927
File 133753666948.jpg - (8.77KB , 253x253 , yurilaugh.jpg )

Tumblr, in all their misguided social justice fury, is in a rage at Atlus because they interpret Naoto's longer hair as a sign of her connecting with her femininity instead as continuing to identify as male.

All I have to say is.
>Implying people with long hair can't be manly.

On the flip side, the first thing I noticed about the new Naoto is the suit. unf.
>> No. 74931
I thought a big part of her character arc was that she wasn't identifying as a man because that's how she saw herself necessarily, but because she thought she had to in order to make it in her chosen profession. Did I misinterpret?

Because if I didn't, her maintaining a male gender is not being true to herself, which goes against the whole idea of transgenderism in the first place.
>> No. 74933

Nope, you didn't misinterpret at all. A bunch of people just went 'girl dressed up as a boy? TRANS TRANS TRANS TRANS" without actually thinking about WHY she was dressing as a boy.
>> No. 74935
"BUT HER SHADOW-" is a distortion of her own internal conflicts mixed with the way society views her, the same is true for nearly all of your other party members. Just like Yukiko isn't a shallow princess and Rise isn't a stripper.
>> No. 74936
And how Kanji's not gay, right?
>> No. 74937
And how Kanji's not gay, right?
>> No. 74939
More like how Kanji would willingly be her love-slave for all eternity.
>> No. 74941
File 133757631975.png - (518.74KB , 877x1023 , 67715bf210dce34881b9299a689cec4e.png )

That ain't Tumblr. I've seen that same argument on Livejournal back before Tumblr was really big (before the anime, even.) I once saw somebody rant about how Naoto was a bad trans character because of this or that on LJ, and other people basically had to step in and make the same arguments.

I can understand some of the rage/dispair, since Atlus sucks with other trans characters (they're usually just punchlines, like in Catherine and I think Persona 3. I only barely got number 3, no clue yet) and good trans character are pretty much Unicorns in terms of rarity in media in general, not just games, and I do think it's skeevy that you can get her in a school uniform just for you during the Christmas date because it just seems to make her uncomfortable (what, the suit ain't good enough? Bullshit. Suit Naoto is best Naoto) but...dressing as a boy because of gender identity as opposed to acceptance issues just ain't Naoto. It doesn't feel like that's her deal at all.


She needs to tackle him down and they need to make 1,000 babies. She'll go off to work and he'll stop her before she's out the door to give her a hand-made lunch box and he's got a frilly apron (that's also black and has a skull on it.)

I'm ambivalent to pretty much any other ship in Persona 4, but Kanji and Naoto is pretty much my OTP, I don't even care what that makes me.
>> No. 74945
Too bad Kanji and Naoto still willingly submit to Yu at the drop of a hat. It's not even an open door policy for him, he just shows up and -- oh hey, you want a foursome Chain attack with Rise? Sure thing buddy.
>> No. 74947

If there was a trans character in Persona 3, I don't remember them.
>> No. 74948

OH NO WAIT I do remember now. That WAS pretty lamentable.
>> No. 74949
I don't remember any trans character in P3, but then again I did hate a vast majority of the cast so it's possible I just forgot.
>> No. 74951

On the beach. It seems like the boys finally managed to pick up a girl when...
>> No. 74952
File 133762216278.jpg - (227.22KB , 1076x716 , 22683381.jpg )
reminds me of how some folks on 4Chan started a shitstorm over how Dragon Kid in Tiger and Bunny MUST be trans because she's a tomboy and doesn't like girly things
you could make a vague case for some of the studio's comments on her after the show finished, but there's nothing going on in the show that suggests it either way
I mean I've always been stereotypically mannish as hell but I love being the sex I was born as and have never considered myself male just because I don't really enjoy doing the things other women tell me I'm supposed to be enjoying, but enough with my personal butthurt

people need to quit with the damn armchair sociologising and jumping to conclusions about characters so they can feel all smart and progressive because they're not really helping anyone but themselves, besides the whole deal with Naoto pretending to be a guy is because she's thinks masculinity is more socially acceptable so it's an issue of misogyny and female empowerment, not transgenderism
>> No. 74954
Anyone else think Naoto would have looked slammin in a fedora or trilby?
>> No. 74957
No, the hat she has is best hat.
>> No. 74959

I love it when SJA's complain that Naoto's tale of trans* issues was so poorly handled.


That's not what her issues were about.

At all.
>> No. 75671
File 133945521580.jpg - (96.37KB , 480x560 , p4a_movie.jpg )
So they're going to cram the 27 episode anime (that is, it includes the "True Ending") into a 90 minute film.

Do you think they can eke out an adequate narrative in that amount of time?
>> No. 75674

Doubt it. Look at how well that worked out for .Hack//G.U.
>> No. 77771
File 134654012562.png - (65.62KB , 362x360 , 1300998929152.png )
Persona 4 The Animation On Demand Promoyoutube thumb

>Chie's voice

That aside, I will be watching the hell out of this.
>> No. 77775
Is she supposed to be a New Yorker understudy or something?

What's odd, though, is that Japanese VAs might actually take on a regional Japanese dialect/accent, but the vast majority of us sub-watching folk won't have a single clue as to them having an "accent"--to our brains all Japanese is the same accent. Sometimes they try to translate the accent as well as the words, especially if it's a somewhat big part of the overall character. If Chie has an accent in Japanese, perhaps that's why the VA is doing that voice here.

Another example of this is Hand Maid May.
>> No. 77776
Dubs do that all the time. The most heinous of which is the whole Osaka = Texas, which doesn't even make sense. The closest any dub I know of came to getting THAT right was when Sailor Moon made Naru sound Brooklyn.

A much bigger problem would be all the different modes of speaking the Japanese language has. There are whole slews of pronouns that only get used by specific people depending on their social status and personality. How the hell do you translate that? Most dubs don't even seem to bother. Just translate the lines literally and have everyone sound like they're reading a drama school script.
>> No. 77779
>The most heinous of which is the whole Osaka = Texas, which doesn't even make sense.
I've heard the logic is that Osakans are known for being sort of larger-than-life (Texan), metropolitan (Houston-area Texan), and often treated as dumb or at least lackadaisical (any Southerner, really, but Texan works here), so a Texas accent is the closest to having the same stereotypes as Osakans. It doesn't really have the money-obsessed stereotype that Japanese assocaite with Osakans, but otherwise it's about as good a fit as you're likely to find. Better than not acknowledging it at all, especially with characters where it's brought up in canon, like Azumanga Daioh for example.
>> No. 77781
The other problem being that sometimes, us baka gaijin have no idea just how those Japanese accents sound to a Japanese person.

It's like listening to Rammstein when you don't know German. To us it's HARDCORE. To them it's hilarious.
>> No. 77782
It's Hardlarious.
>> No. 77783
It's Hardlarious.
>> No. 77812
But all of those sterotypes also fit a Brooklyn accent! They're loud, but working class so uncouth as fuck, but still defined by their urbanness, and often their desire to stop being a working class stiff.

Boston or Chicago could also work (see ANY American sitcom, really)... And would continue to be less baffling than someone coming in going "YE HA, Y'all! Ah'm from Osaka!"
>> No. 77817
The closest I've seen to decent justification of a southern accent was that who-the-fuck-were-those-guys group who dubbed Mai Hime and made Shizuru sound texan because she's from Kyoto.

Kyoto's like...southern...right?
>> No. 77833
While I am super disappointed that the OVAs from the game are not dubbing the anime, I do have to say I don't automatically hate the dub voices...so that's something.

I'd have to listen to more dialogue, but it almost sounds like they're trying to give Chie a countryside drawl (not necessarily southern, as I was from a little hick town in Michigan and there were many people who where "townies" that never really went to Ann Arbor or any of the cities nearby, so they had a country drawl in the way they spoke).

If they have Kanji and Yukio speak in the same kind of country drawl, while the people from the city (Yosuke, Yu/MC, Naoto, Rise - yeah she's from Inaba, but if she's famous she probably had a diction coach to get rid of the drawl) and Teddie have different accents (or no accent as the case may be), then I'd be fine with it. It's a stylistic choice to further differentiate those who live in the country from those that have lived in the city, and would actually make the group look/sound more diverse as a result.

Though I am fully willing to admit, if Yukiko has a country belle accent and Kanji sounds like one o' them Duke boys, I may never stop laughing. And I just REALLY want to hear how the VA who takes over Naoto, just because I want to hear how they try to pull it off.
>> No. 77840
I just want to hear natural-sounding accents.

So far, every time there's a prominent accent in an English language dub, it's so exaggerated and obviously fake it just distracts me from what they're actually saying.
>> No. 78425
Chie's new english VA's pretty good.

Blu-Ray package is abysmal though. There's not even an alternative language track.
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