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File 132103546727.jpg - (158.04KB , 1000x341 , team4starmainbanner.jpg )
68410 No. 68410
Well, since the last thread >>50094 is maxed out, here's a new one.

Here's a link to the last regular DBZ episode (ep 25) that was posted last thread:
TFS Abridged Parody Episode 25youtube thumb

Here's a link to the Lord Slug Abridged:
TFS Movie: Lord Slug Abridgedyoutube thumb

And here's a link to Team Four Star's site:
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>> No. 68411
All lord slug did was remind me why I was always confused by the DBZ movies.

If Nail is in Piccolo's head then that means this is sometime after Namek. Which means that Goku SHOULD ALREADY BE SUPER SAYAN AT THIS POINT.

Again, comedy, don't put too much thought into it, but I could never really pin down when ANY DBZ movie was suppose to "take place".
>> No. 68412
The movies aren't cannon. Also, I'm pretty sure Nail wasn't talking to Piccolo in the actual movie.
>> No. 68413
Movies are non-canon and Nail talking with Piccolo was an abridged addtion (And I hope he stays in Piccolo's head for a long time)
>> No. 68414

oh god and when he fuses with Kami that's... uuuuuhhggguuuu
>> No. 68417

Yep, they'll be having a nice threesome in there! George Takei will be happy, anyway.
>> No. 68418
Oh myyyyyy.
>> No. 68473
I miss Gohan saying "I need an adult." There were a couple times in both those vids that he coulda used it. However, the fact that they shoehorned Vegeta using TiVo to record Krillin getting pwned made me lol irl, so that was good.

I love you all.
The snark between Piccolo and Nail is already going to be good, but with Kami in the mix, I just know that Nail and Kami will gang up on Piccolo and poke fun at him for his many, many issues.
Double-teaming him inside his head, if you will.
>> No. 68484
Iguana Street.
>> No. 68486

I think the Iguana Street jokes were my second favorite bits. Close tie with Goku: Champion of Christmas.

Favorite was anything involving Piccolo.

That whole thing made me wonder: do they ever involve buildings like that in any other time in Dragonball, Z or otherwise? DBZ tended to feel like a fantasy world with no real world issues most of the time.*

Piccolo was actually using the building to his advantage and I can't recall getting thrown through windows ever being a thing. After a while, the fights were always in the skies over barren wastelands, tournament arenas or other dimensions and planets. The only thing I remember was a brief thing in The Android Saga. Might have been neat to see them rely on the terrain. I guess when you can fly and blocking a punch makes a shockwave that breaks windows, you tend to take fights to buttfuck nowhere 100% of the time.

*(I know for sure they'd never mention racism towards anything, much less Namekians and not getting mugged on Iguana Street.)
>> No. 68487
Yeah, generally if they're ever in a city, someone suggests they move the fight to a place that huge, completely desolate a million miles wide and could never exist anywhere on earth, but it's right over there.
>> No. 68489
Well, they've fought inside of cities a few times; the Trunks Special and movie 13 specifically come to mind. If we're counting the first series, (if I remember correctly) Goku fought Piccolo Sr. at the world capital and the final battle with the Red Ribbons took place in the Red Ribbon Army's fortress (Not really a city, but it was still inside of a building and it was awesome. Muscle Tower was also pretty awesome).
>> No. 68490
File 13212359766.jpg - (100.77KB , 640x502 , concerned puppy.jpg )
>pwned made me lol irl
You're scaring me.
>> No. 68492
>Nail and Kami double-teaming Piccolo inside his own head

Well, George hasn't said it yet, so I will:
Oh myyyy

Piccolo has always been my favorite character in DBZ; the abridged episodes just make me like him more because they write him some great lines.

I've always wondered at this; where and when do Goku and the others live on Planet Earth? Did WW3 happen, and therefore we have lots of barren places now but all the new tech like flying cars and Capsule Corp.? Or is this just a fanciful alternate reality, where there are hundreds of thousands of square miles of mountainous terrain that is completely wild and/or barren, and a smaller population that doesn't go too far outside established city limits?

Obviously, I have way too much time on my hands.
>> No. 68494
Considering there are large dinosaurs roaming about the world, I'd say it's Toriyama's alternate vision of Earth.
>> No. 68496

Technically, it's an alternate version of Earth that bears very little similarity to our own.

If you wanted to conjecture, though, you could say that perhaps it is a very distant past, millions of years ago (hence the dinosaurs and Pangea-like world-map) the evidence of the civilization which was wiped out long before we showed up. Obviously, any Saiyan blood has been diluted down to absolutely nothing by now, but we might still have a Namekian god somewhere up there.

Obviously, the Burj Dubai was an attempt to replicate Korin's Tower...
>> No. 68506
Also there's that bit in the Android saga where Goku is like, let's get out of this city near South City and fight somewhere completely desolate, and then android 20 completely desolates the city.
>> No. 68667
Just watched BBT Abridged Movie.

I love that in this age of abridged series with full casts of VAs, LK still basically does everything himself. I think all of two women in that were actually voiced by his gal.
>> No. 68668

>LK still basically does everything himself

Except all the parts he didn't do?

I mean yea LK still makes up the majority of the voicework. But IIRC him and his gal got divorced so Yusei's "girlfriend" that isn't his bike was probably voiced by a friend of his.
>> No. 68669
They did. He got another one, who is the one we hear now.
>> No. 68692
Not surprised considering it all kind of happened over the internet. How long were they together?
>> No. 68728
The guy who voiced Jaden is a really good voice actor. I was impressed.
>> No. 69481
New one's up
TFS Abridged Parody Episode 26youtube thumb
>> No. 69482
Powerlevels ARE bullshit
>> No. 69484
>Wait, I have apps? I have Minesweeper?!

I'm seriously hoping Nail sticks around in Piccolo's head for awhile; the dialogue TFS writes for them is great.
>> No. 69498

In theory, they'd keep it in there until Piccolo fuses with Kami, so they can have a threesome clusterfuck there in Piccolo's head.

In practice... I can all but guarantee they're going to stop by the end of the Frieza saga. Fansub groups inevitably disband when everyone graduates and joins the workforce, and they no longer have time for this kind of stuff. Already, the time between new episodes is increasing and the quality is (generally) decreasing.

Love Frieza Planet 419 though, AKA Planet of Spoilers. Like TFS telling us about all the stuff they're NOT getting to!
>> No. 69505

>In practice... I can all but guarantee they're going to stop by the end of the Frieza saga.
>Already, the time between new episodes is increasing and the quality is (generally) decreasing.
>Like TFS telling us about all the stuff they're NOT getting to!

Normally I try to avoid outbursts or at least explain things regarding the how/why of what I think but...

Fuck you. Seriously.
>> No. 69506
Yeah Jack, that was unjustified and intentionally worded in a fashion to cause problems. Don't be a wanker.
>> No. 69507
Sorry CJack, but I'm gonna have to disagree with you on all the points that make you seriously sound like Debbie Downer. These guys don't just do the parody stuff, they also have a pretty tight group within the voice actors that plays Left 4 Dead 2 and Halo: Reach together (which is also posted on their site, under "Team Four Star: Let's Play" in the Episodes section, and yes, sometimes they do the DBZ voices).

As a 29-y/o gamer, I know that getting together a good team to play campaigns with is really hard to let go. Also, just because you grow up doesn't mean you give up shit you love to do; it just means that instead of it being the only thing you do, it becomes a hobby that takes up your time when you're not working or otherwise having a life.

I don't mind waiting for the new episodes (though I would like to point out that the wait time between Lord Slug and Ep 26 was only a month); they're fun to watch when they do come out, and the "TFS: Let's Play" segments can be pretty hilarious all on their own. TFS is comprised of a bunch of guys who have fun doing things that are otherwise ridiculous, both for their own amusement and the amusement of others, and that's why I keep watching.
>> No. 69508
It's just in the math, guys.

They've adapted about 84 episodes of DBZ into 26 parody episodes. That's roughly a 3.4 actual-episode-to-parody-episode ratio. So in order to adapt the entire 291-epsiode series, they will need 86 total (not even counting GT). They're not even one-third the way there (and they've shown no desire to skip fillers [partially because they're hilarious] so I don't think they would) so far, which has taken them three and a half years.

So you really think they're going to do this for another eight years? Saying nothing of the fact that there's still nine more movies and one special (which are double-length as the episodes) as well, which brings the total "episode" number to over 100. That's a decade more to go at least, assuming they DON'T slow down.

I'm not trying to be an ass, I'm just being realistic.
>> No. 69509
Yeah, he hasn't said anything that wild. I'd say the frieza saga has three more episodes left in it, and then we'll see.
>> No. 69515

Yeah see, phrased like that? Much more sensible. The way you phrased it was that you were essentially saying that everything they're doing now is something that they'll do until they "grow up," that they're getting worse, and all but going "Hah! They're on the verge of falling apart! That's hilarious!"

You weren't trying to be an ass but you ended up coming off as one.
>> No. 69516
See, this is a much better argument than what you stated before. I can see the sense in this, but to just out and out say that after Frieza it's over is what I objected to, as well as your previous statement about them just up and disbanding.

I'm willing to bet TFS will keep going with the DBZ parodies for as long as it remains fun for them. For as long as it stays online, I'll watch it and enjoy the work these guys do basically for their own shits and giggles.
>> No. 69540
Look how long LK's been doing Yu-Gi-Oh. And he's just one guy. It's not like they've been showing any sort of ill-will against each other or WANTING to stop. The thing is, early on the episodes were of lower quality and therefore easier/faster to produce. Now that they're getting aces at editing, it's taking longer.
>> No. 69553
Hell, compared to most other abridged series, T4S is a fucking racecar.
>> No. 69635
Dende might just be my new favorite character. I love him being That Guy.
>> No. 69663
NGE One-Shot - Card Games For Charityyoutube thumb
Aaaaaaaaaaaand more self referential humor from Little Kuriboh. I won't lie though, I liked the fookin' Japanese military.
>> No. 69723

You had me at Red Dwarf theme.
>> No. 69758
Okay, the kitten struggling out of LittleKuriboh's grip had me in stitches.
>> No. 69837
YGXTAS 14 - The Big Stealyoutube thumb

I don't know why, but that ending just had me.
>> No. 69848
>"Oh my god, are you Batman?!"
>*smash* Stone Cold theme
Thanks, Botchamania.
>> No. 69856
... What is...
>> No. 69860
File 132501449021.jpg - (37.66KB , 307x345 , spider hell yes.jpg )
Okay, that was kind of amazing.
>> No. 69906
Like the original series, the writers of GX Abridged just stopped giving any kind of a shit.
>> No. 69909
What is Botchamania?
>> No. 69918
It's a youtube series(when they don't get taken down) that shows clips of wrestlers botching moves. Check it out, you might enjoy it even if you don't care about wrestling.

Just look up botchamania.
>> No. 69926
That doesn't do it enough credit. It's got great editing, recurring bits (Insane Dusty Commentary, Sending for the Man) and sweet 8 and 16 bit game soundtracks throughout.
>> No. 69954
I loved Jaden losing his patience and flipping shit.
>> No. 69955

It's not just Jaden loosing his patience or flipping his shit. It's the other duellists reaction that really sells the whole thing.
>> No. 70075
Holy shit, I'm going to have to start paying attention to this series.
>> No. 70097
Jaden's a lot more confrontational and angry in this series than he is in his YGO TAS appearances.
>> No. 70098

Yea I think most of Jadens lines in BBT were written by LK.
>> No. 70137
Same. Jaden in LK's videos is a lot cheerier and more adept at rapping than YGOGXA Jaden. I love how different they are despite having the same voice actor.
>> No. 70345
>TFS riffs on Dragonball Evolution
Huh, interesting. The first five minutes aren't bad. I'll have to check out the full thing when it comes out.
>> No. 70347
What? Where? LINK PLEASE!
>> No. 70378
It's just a preview but here you go.
>> No. 70561
And here's a preview trailer that was uploaded today.
>> No. 70796
Sticky Commercialyoutube thumb
1kidsentertainment continues its near spotless record of "What the fuck did I watch and why do I enjoy it?". For me anyway.
>> No. 70801
It's almost 4:45 AM. I am trying desperately hard not to laugh my ass off and wake up the spouse sleeping next to me. Thanks.
>> No. 70803
You're welcome.
>> No. 71010
I miss you, purpleeyeswtf.
>> No. 71080
Being sick as fuck has many disadvantages.

But being up when this uploads isn't one of them.

TFS Abridged Parody Episode 27youtube thumb
>> No. 71091
>> No. 71094
Bitch, you just jealous of my Super Saiyan swagger.
>> No. 71098
Awesome! I'm gonna deck you in the schnoz!
>> No. 71108
Row row row your boat...
>> No. 71118
Spirit Crab is the best part.
>> No. 71121
Wow, don't they usually take way longer to do episodes? The last was only a month ago.

>Vegeta's spirit animal
Haha, oh wow.
>> No. 71225
Code MENT - Episode 13youtube thumb
Code Ment is back.

Also, there is a new Pokemon Bridged is out.
P:TBS Episode 13- Losersyoutube thumb
>> No. 71228
>Wow, don't they usually take way longer to do episodes? The last was only a month ago.
One a month actually seems about the pace they go at.
>> No. 71241
File 132787450862.jpg - (304.31KB , 799x618 , 1327823653240.jpg )
You must be Darkseid! I'mma deck ya in the schnozz!
>> No. 71246
>Code Ment's back.
heck yes.aviyoutube thumb
>> No. 71538
Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged is back
Episode 54 - They Saved Tristan's Brainyoutube thumb
>> No. 71539
File 132858774131.jpg - (39.73KB , 624x352 , Doctor Who DAT FACE-2.jpg )
>Eight Months
>Arrow to the knee joke
>followed up with old spice guy joke, the exact same one DBZ Abridged did a year ago.
>> No. 71545
I thought that was kinda the point of the episode?
>> No. 71546
And what of everything else?
>> No. 71562

I thought the "tell me" bit had good use of timing and a great payoff.
>> No. 71563
On a related note.

Season Zero Abridged #2youtube thumb
>> No. 71565
...yes, I liked this quite a bit.
>> No. 72008
File 132965060029.png - (299.56KB , 593x500 , gallery_99130_34319_17627611594ceb118457bbb.png )
Rapeman Forever (Parody)youtube thumb
>> No. 72030
Aww, TFS is down.
>> No. 72032
That was funnier than I thought it would be.

The ending was completely ridiculous
>> No. 72301
Finally, an Abridged Precure which doesn't suck.

Smell Percure Ep 1: Cure Happy, I Choose You!youtube thumb
>> No. 72310
>Episode 28 is currently in the editing stage
>> No. 72491
>It's very nice to meat you all.
God damn it I lost it.
>> No. 72711
Update on Episode 28, promo for TFS conventions, then from about 0:33 on, Guru gets down.

When I'm Guru (Kitsune Kon and Khaotic Kon)youtube thumb
>> No. 72989
28's apparently halfway done editing

Episode 28 Preview: "General Mountain"youtube thumb
>> No. 73001
>> No. 73002
Kinda bummed Infinite MENT hasn't done anything new in a long time.
>> No. 73147
TFS Abridged Parody Episode 28youtube thumb

Love that ending.
>> No. 73152
File 133250922230.png - (330.91KB , 644x415 , oho~.png )
>...are you coming on to me?
>> No. 73155
>"...Are you real?"
>> No. 73156
>> No. 73157
>"Recoome thanks you."
>> No. 73158
>Funny quote from the episode.
>> No. 73166
You know how these abridged guys usually produce nothing, and then suddenly they release a ton of shit at once?

None Piece - Episode 4youtube thumb

Yeah, it's one of those days...
>> No. 73167
My heart.
The tears.
The fucking joy.
>> No. 73168
This man's goal in life is to prove that your jokes don't have to be even the slightest bit good to be an excellent comedian.
>> No. 73172
File 133257442142.gif - (1.91MB , 320x173 , whereamiwhat.gif )
>my face during that entire episode

I love this series.
>> No. 73173
Personally, think I lost it most at "sack of dumb puppies"
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