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File 130249362765.jpg - (78.47KB , 632x474 , shikihime.jpg )
60566 No. 60566
People don't actually die when they are killed.
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>> No. 60568
File 13024954856.jpg - (49.66KB , 576x388 , lancer.jpg )
Why did nobody tell me this shit had Cu Chuulain in it until now? I'd have been all over it like the blood of Connachtmen.
>> No. 60569

That's just Fate Stay Night's Lancer by the way. Zero's is Diarmuid.
>> No. 60571
Reading a Nasu work is like sitting down and reading a White Wolf book.

There's some pretty awesome ideas going around. Hell there's A LOT of cool shit going on and some of it is pretty neat too. But between the awesome there's a lot of hurp and derp. If you can get past the hurp and derp then you'll be pretty impressed by the concept, but kinda let down by the overall payoff.

F/SN? Great ideas. Pretty mediocre execution. Fate/Zero is probably better by the sheer fact it's a lite novel and not a VN about which abyssal horror you get to fuck.
>> No. 60573

Yeah I'm already noticing an overabundance of WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS. Also pissing away like two hours on School Life Bullshit was a great way to start your story off.

However, Lancer is fucking awesome already. The only way he could be more awesome is if he was killing charioteers with rocks.
>> No. 60574
File 130249722923.jpg - (26.96KB , 448x336 , SABER.jpg )
Also if Shirou says that the person who is far and away the hardest motherfucker in the room shouldn't be fighting because she has tits ONE MORE FUCKING TIME...
>> No. 60575
Fate Zero is written by Gen Urobuchi not Nasu. You know, the guy that gave us (among MANY other things), Saya no Uta. So the fucking abyssal horror accusation is kind of ironic in that sense.

And Nasu stories aren't even CENTERED on the romance aspect usually. Hell, in FSN the only unarguably romance centric route is Fate, and I wouldn't call Saber a monster of any description. UBW is 100% about Archer (and Nasu himself says the story overall is about Shirou himself) Heaven's Feel does somewhat fit that description though.

Tsukihime does lean more towards what you describe (it being his 2nd major work, with Kara no Kyoukai barely being a romance at all, it's much more rough). But even then I would only really call two of the girls "horrors" and oddly enough the most horrifying one is 100% human (while Arc, by far the least human, is also probably the one who means the least harm).
>> No. 60576
Shirou is overly protective of girls. It's less chauvinism, and more excessive chivalry combined with a total lack of self preservation. Or, to be more direct, he's an impulsive teenage boy.

He does recognize many times throughout the story that she's the toughest thing around with a few exceptions later, and that he's being an idiot.
>> No. 60577

Nah, it's pretty much straight chauvanism. I'm told he gets better about it eventually, though, so I'm just gritting my teeth and bearing it.

He's kind of a complete moron in a lot of ways, though, isn't he?
>> No. 60578
>Nah, it's pretty much straight chauvanism.
Because I haven't played the whole thing and wouldn't know his thought process obviously.

There actually are a variety of reasons why Shirou is the way he is, and how it plays out changes pretty drastically depending on the route. Basically they show you his normal behavior in Fate and explain some of his reasons, but he stays the course. In Unlimited Blade Works, they show you more of his character and the possible consequences of sticking resolutely to his wish to save people at the cost of everything else, and in Heaven's Feel they shove Sakura in your face and beg you to like her, but you say "fuck that" and eat spicy tofu with Kotomine.
>> No. 60579

My criticism was more or less aimed at the fact that F/SN kinda downplayed the awesomeness factor of having various monsters and heroes of myth fighting in favour of more of a guerrilla combat styled skirmishes. Not to say F/SN didn't have good fight scenes, but you feel like Fate/Zero really made the concept work while with F/SN the concept was more or less just there and somewhat used for an explanation as to how we got animu fighters and time fuckery.

As for the romance concept. Yea I'll admit Tsukihime an Fate/Stay aren't really romance stories, but the fact both were built around the promise that you would get a chance to fuck one of the girls in their designated "route" does lead to some pretty derpy moments (IE: Arc's "I SENT YOU SEX DREAMS" and Fate's, "YOU NEED TO HAVE SEX WITH SABER TO GIVE HER MANA"... and no I don't think CGI dragons are a better alternative)

I guess what I'm saying is, while Nasu does admit that his VN's don't qualify as romance stories 98% of the time. The fact that the stories are each catered to a specific girl you're suppose to have sex with does tend to get in the way of the narrative at times. And this isn't even levelling any complains at Nasu as a writer on a technical level. That's a whole new level of criticism.
>> No. 60580
> Also pissing away like two hours on School Life Bullshit was a great way to start your story off.
Totally honest question here. Is there a visual novel anywhere that doesn't do this? A single example? Because, I haven't seen one.
>> No. 60581

I dunno. I kinda like getting a view into the protagonist[s] social life. If a story started off and cut straight to him kicking ass and fighting in a magic war I don't think I'd really care enough about him to give a shit. That is assuming the social life part paints him as a likeable guy.
>> No. 60582
The dating sim structure is basically a purely business-based decision. Hell, business is the only reason why Saber is a woman. Originally it was "Saver" and a schoolgirl named Sajou Ayaka, but their genders were swamped to widen the sales demographic.

As for FZ vs FSN, from a story perspective it's because Fate Zero was the last "proper" grail war and the aftermath of it left a lot of things screwed up, hence why there's so many participants in FSN that are children, and why so many of the masters and servants are violating the competition's basic rule.

From a meta perspective, it's because Urobuchi said "fuck it, I've been given a basic plot outline, how can I stuff this with utterly psychotic shit (AND LOVECRAFT REFERENCES, ALWAYS WITH THE LOVECRAFT REFERENCES).

There's many short ones that get straight to the point. Planetarian is like, 2 hours long. And also the only thing that Key has made that I actually like.
>> No. 60583

>The dating sim structure is basically a purely business-based decision.

I get that. It's just business and art rarely mix well. You can do it gracefully sometimes but there's still gonna be times where it feels like they needed to BS a way to get something in.
>> No. 60584
Pretty much. I can understand the other position too though.

Umineko is a pretty good example of the ups and downs of this. I actually like the gradual introduction in episode 1, because it introduces everyone, lays down all the relationships, schemes, and basic setting, all building up to SHED END.

On the other hand Umineko 2 starts with SHANNON I WUV YOU SO MUCH/OH GEORGE-SAMA~ and it goes on for an eternity of hatred and pain.
>> No. 60585

In this case at least, I got bored really fast. I already know this story is about spirits kicking the shit out of each other. Apart from Kuzuki-sensei's incredibly impressive face, I could not possibly have cared less about any of that shit.
>> No. 60586
>Fate Zero is written by Gen Urobuchi not Nasu. You know, the guy that gave us (among MANY other things), Saya no Uta.
And FUCKING MADOKA. This guy is a true bro. Never stop writing.
>> No. 60587
>there's still gonna be times where it feels like they needed to BS a way to get something in
See again: why Saber is a woman.

I do give Nasu a LITTLE leeway on that one though, both because I like Saber and because he has Shirou basically call bullshit on it before Rin waves it off.

It's still obviously a sales thing though.
>> No. 60588
>Kuzuki-sensei's incredibly impressive face
Just wait until you see him wrecking your shit in UBW
>> No. 60590
>and in Heaven's Feel they shove Sakura in your face and beg you to like her, but you say "fuck that" and eat spicy tofu with Kotomine.

You're a good man Rodyle
>> No. 60594
Why does every male protagonist in a VN have to be borderline retarded?
>> No. 60595
For the same reason they are male to begin with

>The dating sim structure is basically a purely business-based decision. Hell, business is the only reason why Saber is a woman.
>> No. 60596
Neither Shiki nor Shirou is retarded (well okay, Shiki did have "EH, CHRIS-CHAN?" but other than that), so I don't know why you brought that up in this thread.

There IS a VN general over in /cog/ though.

Kotomine is seriously one of my favorite villains ever.
>> No. 60597
Because those two are the only VN I've really experienced. But men in japanese romance have a tendency to derp in general so I'll still stand by my words. You can have a weird fantasy world as much as you want Type-Moon, but please don't treat me the player like an idiot in the narrative because I don't understand the plot.
>> No. 60600
>But men in japanese romance have a tendency to derp in general
I'm told this reflects reality. On top of the already-staggering amounts of awkwardness that you get automatically from being Japanese, supposedly their idea of a male gender role is absolutely overflowing with gay innuendo. So then when guys suddenly have to interact with girls, they don't know what the fuck to do.
>> No. 60621
File 130257568098.jpg - (55.59KB , 500x375 , advice_rin.jpg )
There's always time for threesomes.
>> No. 60627
And that ladies and gentlemen is why Rin is the best Type-Moon girl
>> No. 60629
Rin is not Kohaku, Taiga, or Caster, and thus this statement is objectively wrong.

I'm not going to say that it wasn't just a silly and contrived excuse to find a place to put that contractually obligated porn (because it was) in but I will point out that sex and magic have been intertwined in many cultures for god knows how long.
>> No. 60631
>Kohaku, Taiga, or Caster

I'll concede and choose to redraft my statement

Rin is the best Type-MoonFate girlheroine
>> No. 60633
>Best Fate Heroine
>He forgot Baz and Karen exist!
>> No. 60634
Man it hasnt been translated still so I dont know how great they are yet okay?
>> No. 60637
I actually pity Rin fans because of how she got shafted in her own route.

Hell, Rin's best scenes in FSN were in Fate after she failed to stop Kotomine kidnapping Ilya and HF in her fight with Dark Sakura instead.
>> No. 60657
>she got shafted in her own route.

How so?
She got her own harem end

And yeah HF got way too many awesome scenes that did not belong in a route that crappy
>> No. 60659
Non-h doujins man. Type Moon has shitloads of them (although now that Gaku Gaku Animal Land is down it might be harder to find them than it used to be).

Gilgamesh vs Rin and Chronicles of an Infinite Ururun Paradise are the best ones by the by.

As for HF's craziness, yeah it's pretty much nothing but amazing scenes from the Dark Berserker fight on, but before that the good bits are spread way too few and far between the Sakura scenes.

Rin is most definitely not the star of her route, but I think Rin works best as a support character anyway. Plus that whole part with her, Shirou, and Lancer is hilarious.
>> No. 60661
Tsukihimie is such a fucking terrible game girl wise, either they're psychotic creepers just waiting to go nuts because you didn't pick them or they're just one long BAD END waiting to drag you in.
>> No. 60663
What a cynical interpretation. Try to be more optimistic. For example, I just pretended it was Japanese Twilight and was pleasantly surprised.
>> No. 60664
I'd end reading it right there if I thought about this game like that and as little as I unfortunately know about Twilight at least type moon vampires aren’t as pathetic and the twinkling Edward...even if they're more willing to make a relationship painfully incestuous.
>> No. 60665
File 130266725578.jpg - (409.32KB , 800x600 , B34.jpg )
The only reasonably memorable moment Rin had in UBW was in her fight with Caster. That, and maybe this CG.

Saber had both Berserker and both Gil fights in Fate.
In HF, every intermission with Dark Sakura was fucking awesome.

It's also really really sad that Rin gets more character development in HF than she does in UBW.
>> No. 60667
That's kind of the point. It's more of an action horror title that occasionally delves into psychological horror than anything. That literally the only two trustworthy characters are Arihiko and Arc, who only turns on you if you do something stupid to her like rape her in her route or slit her throat in Ciel's is part of what makes it fun.

Note that I'm discounting Kagetsu and MELTAN for the purposes of the above.

Fuck you too guy.
>> No. 60678
Yeah well the horror seems to only work if you understand or care about how the MC fits into these things or see any of the relationships or their circumstances as anything capable from actual human beings reguardless of what they think a Magus, Church or Vampire acts. Maybe I'm just not Japanese enough to really get why someone could have such empty headed thoughts or a tendency to find thin feminine fingers or incest as something erotic. But I don't and it kind of makes the horror impersonal and more just grotesque for the sake of making you sick of it.

Like a long fanfic that tries to make you laugh with poop jokes from the perspective of a third grader or think girls and boys have problems because of cooties, if this is what I have to find funny or beleive for the story to happen than it's going to fall appart for me.
>> No. 60680
Okay I can't tell if you're fucking around or if you finished the game or what.
>> No. 60681
Reading it without playing it from the something awful LPs.
>> No. 60685
Because obviously the best way to get immersed in something is with a goon constantly injecting commentary via smilies, and by removing the music (though the original soundtrack is terrible and should always be replaced with the Tsukibako version).

Also I should point out that there isn't any incest in Tsukihime.
>> No. 60686
The "thin feminine fingers" thing is just Japanese cultural shit. There's tons of anime and stuff where ogling a girl's hands is an indication of having a huge crush on her. Just roll with it.

Or is there?

Notwithstanding the fact that Shiki and Akiha are NotBloodSiblings, there's also the uncomfortable question of how vampires look at Roa's complicated lineage, and what that means for Shiki/Ciel... or Shiki/Ciel/Arcweld. Doesn't selfcest also count as incest?
>> No. 60688
Shiki isn't the same as SHIKI, he has nothing to do with Roa that would make anything he, Ciel, or Arc could do incest. Also he and Akiha literally only knew each other for two years prior to the incident. That goes beyond merely "HURR NOT BLOOD SIBLINGS." The only one that thinks they're actually siblings is Shiki thanks to Mikihisa's brainwashing, Akiha just calls him brother to hide the truth.
>> No. 60690
Hey it supports as much as it lampoons, actually making me want to look into the anime and thankfully sparing me from some of more pointless sex scenes by allowing me to scroll past it. It may lack music but it's a pretty fair assesment of a really strange game.

And I wouldn't be so held up on Shiki and Akiha if she would at least STOP CALLING HIM NII-SAN. It really is like some kind of bizzarro world where they can only be together if it's a taboo relationship. Even if it would be awkward to discover they're not actual blood related after all this build up, it's like the only way they could function iin a relationship is if this was incest which makes its unendingly strange to me.
>> No. 60691
I'll admit this did kind of annoy me (and that Akiha is my least favorite heroine with my least favorite route but that's for other reasons), but Kagetsu Tohya does sort of clarify why.

She liked Shiki when they were just kids running around before her real brother went nuts and her dad brainwashed Shiki. The problem is that Mikihisa basically erased Nanaya Shiki and made him into the "real" Tohno Shiki, so even though they aren't blood related and indeed barely even knew each other long enough to be called siblings in any sense, she can't do anything because there's no evidence of that. It's basically her reminding herself that it's 100% hopeless even WITHOUT all the supernatural shit going on.
>> No. 60692
Have you played Ciel's route?

Shiki fails to properly kill Roa when he fights SHIKI in the tea room. Arcueid kills him instead, meaning that Roa is able to use the Shiki/SHIKI psychic hotline to escape into Shiki's body. Ciel explains all of this in the scene when she's waving around her huge fucking cannon. If you're still on track for the "true" or "good" endings, though, she also reveals that she was Roa's previous host, meaning some of the flashbacks Shiki's been seeing are actually her memories. And then when Shiki convinces her he's not evil, they go back to her place and fuck, knowing full well that Roa is in Shiki's body (and in fact because of this).

So, okay, it's not exactly selfcest, but I still feel like maybe it should have been a bit more awkward for them. But maybe I am asking too much of gratuitous sex scenes in an H-game.
>> No. 60693
Like that would stop either of them in her route of fulfilling their desires anyway.
>> No. 60695
First route I played actually. Yeah "suppress Roa in my ass" is and always will be a stupid contrivance, but it really doesn't work for what you were accusing it of.

No, but the bodycount does that job pretty well (until Story For an Evening came along and took it's currently held position of Most Boring Nasushit Ever).
>> No. 60857
Hey, I'm not discriminating against it because of vampires or whatever. I simply force myself to have low expectations of absolutely everything I read or watch. When your friends have no taste, it's the only reliable way to get actual entertainment value out of almost anything.
>> No. 63737
Carnival Phantasm in August. Can't wait.
>> No. 65006
I wonder whos gonna translate Carnival Phantasm...

And when.
>> No. 65009
Unlimited Translation Works. Sunday.
>> No. 65013
>> No. 65014
"It's also really really sad that Rin gets more character development in HF than she does in UBW.". I don't see how it's sad. Rin is the only main heroine who is actually important in each route.
>> No. 65019
But she wasn't the central focus in UBW unlike Saber and Sakura in their respective routes.

The two main characters in UBW were Shirou and Archer and Rin had to piggyback of Sakura in order for her backstory to get development.
>> No. 65037
File 131396574462.jpg - (211.11KB , 1280x720 , [UTW]_Carnival_Phantasm_-_01_[BD][h264-720p_AC3][F.jpg )
So... that was a thing.
>> No. 65038
File 131396584071.jpg - (80.07KB , 1280x720 , [UTW]_Carnival_Phantasm_-_01_[BD][h264-720p_AC3][F.jpg )
>> No. 65054
That was AMAZING.
>> No. 65143
File 131415640679.jpg - (150.71KB , 1280x720 , [UTW]_Carnival_Phantasm_-_02_[BD][h264-720p_AC3][C.jpg )
Episode 2!
>> No. 65155
Mild amounts of ludicrousness and looped Sion dialogue. Not amazing, but better than the first episode. They need to do more crossover stuff.
>> No. 65558
Fate Extra English is coming out on October 18th according to Amazon.

Fate Extra, for those who don't know, is basically Fate Stay Night As a Persona Game.
>> No. 65565
>Fate Extra, for those who don't know, is basically Fate Stay Night As a Persona Game.
That sounds incredible.
>> No. 65582
Supposedly it's quite mediocre actually, though that's just coming from /jp/, and they hate everything. It's another completely AU storyline where a computer on the moon is simulating a holy grail war or something and the servant lineup is totally insane, it even includes Arcrueid and Shiki Ryougi (who is a bonus boss).

I'll end up playing it anyway though, I don't even have a choice when it comes to Nasu stuff.
>> No. 65585
Oh, so it's not like they turned the original game into a Persona-style game, it's a new one?

Less incredible, but could still be fun. And yeah, I don't really trust 4chan's video game tastes whether we're talking /jp/ or /v/.
>> No. 65652
>Carnival Phantasm 01

This is just silly!

>Carnival Phantasm 02

This is EVEN MORE silly and further makes me feel like a terrible person for watching this!

>Carnival Phantasm 03


This is still probably the best animated adaptation of Tsukihime/Fate/Stay Night characters yet.
>> No. 65656
Oh also

>Carnival Phantasm 04

The BEST PART of this was Shiki and Shirou's plans to avoid getting murdered by pandering to all of their psycho girlfriends.

WHY these two don't draw the obvious conclusion I will never get. What is the obvious conclusion?

"I can kill anything as long as I have a sharp object!"

"I can make an infinite number of sharp objects!"

"... saaaaaaay!"

>> No. 65660
In all fairness, years of doujins may have milked the games of nearly ever possible joke. But yeah 4 was the only one I really liked. That stand up shit with Satsuki, Riez, and Sion was GODAWFUL in every episode it showed up in because it was just the SAME FUCKING JOKE EVERY TIME, but Rin's Bluray troubles actually build on something noted in the base games that's never really elaborated on otherwise, magicians hating machines. But THAT paled compared to the whole thing with Shiki and Shirou, which I'd really hoped we'd have more crossover stuff like.

Also I like the addition of Atsuko Tanaka Arc, she and Neco Arc Chaos make a fairly appealing double act in my opinion. Not really sure what they were thinking with the one that just grunts and nods though.
>> No. 65663
File 131522163024.jpg - (261.67KB , 1920x1080 , [UTW]_Carnival_Phantasm_-_04_[BD][h264-1080p_FLAC].jpg )
>That stand up shit with Satsuki, Riez, and Sion was GODAWFUL in every episode it showed up in because it was just the SAME FUCKING JOKE EVERY TIME
>it was all in sions calculations!!!! XDDDDDDD

Thank you. Running gags that don't make you laugh the first time you hear them will never become funny no matter how many times you hear it.

I liked the Alleyway Alliance in the 4th ep solely because Riesbyfe's running gag was actually amusing.
>> No. 65664
The depressing thing is I think the AAA is actually how Japanese stand up works. No wonder they can't write legit comedy, those poor people have never seen any.
>> No. 65665
Fuckin seconded
>> No. 65686
The annoying thing is that there's plenty of genuinely funny stuff in FSN, Tsukihime, and the spin-off games. Like that whole scene in FSN where Saber beats Shirou to death in the dojo, Taiga and Ilya rebuild him as a robot in the Tiger Dojo, and then he uses his new minigun arms to fight his way out of the dojo back into the game.

What really makes that scene is the voices from Realta Nua, though I might just enjoy hearing Miki Ito and Mai Kadowaki scream like idiots.
>> No. 65704

Which Tiger Dojo is that?
>> No. 65706
It's not a proper dojo because he comes back and the scene continues. If I remember right, there's a point where Shirou choose who will make dinner, Fujinee, Rin, or himself. Pretty sure that the way you get the scene is having Fujinee cook, wherein Saber will be super angry at sword practice and brutalize him, causing the madness to begin.
>> No. 65735
So... anyone voting?
>> No. 65739
It looks like I need a twitter account and I can't be assed to make one just for the poll.
>> No. 65740
Voting site:

Left screenshots are date everyone, right screenshots are date the main heroines.
>> No. 65743

I hope this means we'll at least get both results.
>> No. 65760
>Yes Nasu?
>We're making another game
>Oh great! I'll get to work on some new charac-
And that's how Fate Extra got a sequel.

>> No. 65761
File 131536124145.jpg - (18.31KB , 320x240 , 14j86f8[1].jpg )
Forgot the image
>> No. 65926
Do we know if the soundtrack is just going to be Return To Zero again? I'm hoping they got Kenji Kawaii or Yuki Kaijura, someone like that, to do remixes and original stuff.
>> No. 65933
Confirmed for Yuki Kajiura.
OP is called Oath Sign by Lisa and ED is called Memoria by Aoi Eir.
>> No. 65945
>Actually Yuki Kaijura
Holy shit I was just picking a random composer, that's fucking awesome!
>> No. 65947
Yeah, she did the music for Kara no Kyoukai which was also ufotable and it was awesome so I guess they brought her back.
>> No. 67146
Folks I am knee deep in HF right now. This shit is already bananas and I still don't even have the slightest clue what's going on in the plot.

Honestly I think Sakura is kind of cute in a horrible awkward way but then I have a thing for freaky jealous stalker types. Also is Rin Shirou's canon love interest or what? She has a sex scene in all three routes...
>> No. 67149
Saber is the main heroine but Rin is the deuteragonist. Also the HF one is Rider trying to scare Shirou's dick away from Rin via dream magic.
>> No. 67196
File 131840602869.gif - (38.89KB , 500x450 , dave welping.gif )
>interlude with Sakura alone in bed

"Oh Sempai, I can't help masturbating when I think about you. I... I'm sorry!"
...Go on...

"I'll have to break your arms and legs so you stay home with me, FOREVER"

>> No. 67665
Hey.... Why is the UBW movie so bad, and why doesn't anyone seem to notice? (Posting here 'cause it's not very Fate/zero relevant)
>> No. 67666
File 131947970911.jpg - (312.19KB , 1280x2507 , 1287432569893.jpg )
It's not like people don't know it's terrible, it's just that they weren't surprised because Studio DEEN. I was kind of merciful to it at first because it wasn't AS bad as I originally imagined it would be, but... yeah.
>> No. 68165
>Carnival Phantasm S2 E1

Well okay it still had the stupid Phantasmoon section and the Dojo was incomprehensible, but JESUS CHRIST the main part of the episode made up for it. Also it DIDN'T have that FUCKING Alleyway Alliance shit.

Of course now the next episode title says it's about Sakura so presumably it's going to be extra terrible to make up for it.
>> No. 68168

Where did you see it?
>> No. 68169
UTW of course.
>> No. 68221
File 132050493365.jpg - (476.98KB , 960x1280 , bh0uxk[1].jpg )
This came in the mail yesterday. I haven't played much of it, but Nero Saber is as smug as you might have heard.
>> No. 68222
Is that version in english? I've been wanting to play it, but i have no knowledge of moonspeak.
>> No. 68225
Yeah it's translated, with the original Japanese audio. I heard the gameplay and plot aren't really all that good though.
>> No. 68324
Man what! That was a rip off! Shinji didnt get stabbed in the dick AT ALL!
>> No. 68388
File 132096338477.jpg - (119.98KB , 1280x720 , [UTW]_Carnival_Phantasm_-_07_[BD][h264-720p_AC3][E.jpg )
Good news guys, Ouran got a 2nd season!
>> No. 68593
File 132145760765.jpg - (103.53KB , 1280x720 , [UTW]_Carnival_Phantasm_-_08_[BD][h264-720p_AC3][F.jpg )
Carnival Phantasm 8: Saber Conquers The Service Industry

Yeah Season 2 was WAAAAY better than season 1. Hercules The Legendary Journeys and An Adult Love Story in particular were pure gold. On the other hand, there was an episode that combined JDramas and Sakura, a match truly made in the deepest pits of hell.
>> No. 69002
File 132263411751.gif - (2.35MB , 320x180 , kara no kyoukai.gif )
Wow, this... actually... this is really nice. I like this.
>> No. 69004
Kara no Kyoukai is, if nothing else, an absolutely gorgeous series.
>> No. 69770
>> No. 69773
Good now watch Fate Zero and play Fate Stay Night damn it.
>> No. 69939
File 132519853347.jpg - (228.67KB , 850x1211 , sample-0bebef57590a0400740af65de1412ffe.jpg )

So they're bundling a 12 minutes OVA called Fate Prototype with Carnival Phantasm 3. It's based on the original premise of Fate Stay Night, way back when it was a girl (who later got repackaged into the real game in the form of Rin) who teamed up with "Saver," a properly male King Arthur.

Takeuchi says they're not planning on making it a full VN or tv series. I say "yeah we'll see how long that lasts after Girl's Work is done."
>> No. 69953
File 132522626284.jpg - (83.51KB , 805x1161 , Character Material_13.jpg )
>implying Girl's Work will ever be done
Not sure if I like Saver's armor redesign though. I thought the old one was a lot cooler.
>> No. 69965
Well production is mostly in UFOtable and Meteor's hands, not TM's directly, as I understand it. So you never know.

Also I finally got around to wrapping up Fate Extra (Female/Saber route). What a weird fucking game and a really bizarre ending. Better than I thought it would be though.
>> No. 69967
>Also I finally got around to wrapping up Fate Extra (Female/Saber route)

There's a complete translation? Post link plox
>> No. 69971
Its actually available for retail.
Yes as in stores.
>> No. 69973

Well I got money!... and do you mean an English translation? Cause if so then link plox.
>> No. 69975
Yes it's officially licensed. And actually pretty decent!


Available in regular, Limited Edition, and downloadable PSN version.
>> No. 70064
File 132531253217.jpg - (229.98KB , 440x2263 , 1325305718795.jpg )
Oh shit, KnK and F/Z characters showing up. Shame all the cameos in the world can't save CP from being horribly unfunny 90% of the time though.
>> No. 70068
I thought Season 2 was mostly alright myself aside of that horrendous JDRAMA episode with Sakura. I particularly liked Heracles The Incredible Journeys and the Ilya's Castle Special.

EX was also good but I'm still not sure when that came out exactly, I'm pretty sure it wasn't actually part of Season 2.

Season 1 was fucking awful though.
>> No. 70138
Personally I find the FSN material a lot better than the Tsuki/MB stuff. Lazy as a lot of the FSN jokes are, once you sieve out the haremshit humor and Sakura there's some good stuff in there like the Berserker episode, whereas I think I only laughed at the THverse scenes once or twice ever. Even worse since since Phantasmoon and AAA belong to the latter.
>> No. 70150
Even with Sakura there's still a degree of humor because the CP writers clearly think as little of her as much of the fanbase does.

One of my favorite bits of the Ilya's Castle episode was the end when they're running away, Sakura goes "oh why must things be so tragic," and is immediately run over by Rin and Archer.
>> No. 70156
The Sakura episode would have paid of if Shinji had been stabbed in the dick like in the original
>> No. 70158
File 132545703016.jpg - (226.72KB , 800x600 , 5649013.jpg )
So Fate/Prototype is out if people haven't seen it yet. Thoughts? Ayaka reminds me too much of Eva Shinji for me to like her at this point.
>> No. 70159
Only English sub I can find is Fast Sub, which is so impossible to read it might as well not be English at all. UTW says they're doing it after the actual CP episodes. So I'm out of luck at the moment.
>> No. 70751
Oh hey Carnival Phantasm 9

>> No. 70839
CP 10 is out for those who give a shit

Also Forest is fully translated for those that want an idea of Meteor's style before Girl's Work comes out WHICH IT TOTALLY WILL AT SOME POINT

Patch here:
>> No. 71013
Well that's it for Carnival Phantasm. Overall I'd have to say I ended up liking it WAY more than the first season, which was utterly awful, led me to think. My favorite main skit by far was Berserker's Day Out, although FINAL DEAD LANCER and some other ones were great too. The sub-skits were mostly pretty bad aside of the Necos and Tiger Dojo, although Grail-kun was sufficiently weird that its brief appearances didn't bother me like the driven into the ground magical girl bits and the UTTERLY AWFUL manzai trio bullshit. Overall I'd call it a reasonable success. I'd be up for more of it, maybe focusing on KnK and DDD, or even just expanding to include Fate Zero and Fate Extra. Also more villains. Seriously why the fuck did we never get Wallachia?

I still haven't watched Prototype yet but I'll be sure to sperg out over that as soon as possible.
>> No. 71126
It turns out that apparently Fuyuki=Kobe.

Which means that Taiga's grandpa is... uh...
>> No. 71314

>> No. 71320
Wow that looks really nice.

Like so nice I had some lag even...
>> No. 71451
This is my first time with a visual novel, and I liked it.
Also, Aoko seemed very familiar to me. I've seen her before...
>> No. 71452
Aoko is in the prologue and epilogue of Tsukihime as well as being a major character in the Melty Blood games. She's in the amazing manga and shitty anime too, though not as much. Or at all, in the case of the MB and RE:ACT mangas, since she's not in the original MB and Re:Act doesn't actually cover Re:Act but the other side of the original MB's storyline.

She's also a major universe character in general, being as she's the 5th Sorcerer, though she's less important than the 2nd Sorcerer Kishua Zelretch Schweinorg is.
>> No. 71508
Someone made a comprehensive copypasta for all the Type Works, what order to watch in, installation instruction, the works.

>> No. 71514
>megaupload links
Those might need some replacin'
>> No. 71535
File 132858488571.png - (343.06KB , 562x800 , 4_fantomas_by_DAHR.png )
Had an idea for an Assassin that isn't one of the Old Men in the Mountain and I want to know what you think of it.

Assassin: Fantomas

A man whose crimes were so legendary and grotesque that upon his death at a ripe old age any record of him was expunged, banishing the memory of him into fiction, for a man this vile and unpunished could only exist in nightmares.

Master of Disguise: His features and voice are his to mold! You may be safer all alone!

Collection of Crime: The tools of the cruel! The world is sabotaged, a giant trap which you can never escape! Plague-infested rats, Acid Sprays, Poisoned Food, Giant Snakes, Rooms that fill with sand, Booby Trapped Clothes!

Maestros of Demise: His popularity as a fictional icon has only made him stronger and has allowed him to bypass that pesky barrier preventing his ilk from infiltrating! A wretched version of Zabaniya, bringing forth his equally powerful and repugnant successors to enter the fray! Satanik! Diabolik! Sadik! Kriminal! Demoniak! Mister X! Zakimort!

Dark Saint: Fantomas escapes death! Fantomas escapes justice! Fantomas escapes, endures, and eventually prevails. Such is the power of fame and notoriety.

Pray you never meet him, or worse, corner him, think you've won, because he will say in the language of his choice:
"Fantomas never fails."

What terrible fate has befallen Hassan? We can pray it was a quick one.
>> No. 71547
File 132859393198.png - (140.04KB , 299x443 , 1328593729771[1].png )
>> No. 72745
File 133148215950.png - (274.33KB , 853x1200 , 1331478311353[1].png )

Oh joy.
>> No. 72752
>> No. 72768
I didnt even know it was popular enough to warrant that...
>> No. 72772
>> No. 72773
It's OK I guess, but I don't like it enough to be that excited about it. Oh well.
>> No. 72774
It's almost entirely uninteresting. The fight scenes are decent, it's cool too see all the Alter designs, and Prisma Irisviel is fucking hilarious, but overall it's just the same shit as every other magical girl series.
>> No. 72777
I just really enjoy Kuro's antics. I don't pretend it's a good series by any stretch, but at least i don't have to feel as much shame for enjoying it as, say K-ON.
>> No. 73939
File 13347769895.jpg - (49.25KB , 600x810 , 1334756513236.jpg )

>> No. 74051
First game was shit, not going to bother unless they totally rehaul the combat system.
>> No. 74052
File 133496842370.jpg - (158.43KB , 1440x810 , 1334768896165.jpg )
I liked the idea of it, i.e. it really was all about gathering information and studying enemy patterns, but the statbuilding was completely broken and the boss fights could easily come down to sheer guesswork. Also playing as Caster was fucking torturous until you some levels to your name. I did enjoy playing as Archer and Saber even if it turned into Phantasm Spam at the end (but that's just RPGs in general). I did like the writing, bar the ending, which was atrocious. CCC I'll probably get just because GOD DAMN IT NASU LEARN YOU HAVE AN AUDIENCE IN ENGLISH AND GIVE US THE REAL STUFF ALREADY.
>> No. 83918
ufotable has greenlit a Fate/stay night remake!


and apparently Heaven's Feel focused.
>> No. 83921
>Heaven's Feel by not-DEEN
Ufotable's directing is kind of mediocre IMO but their being pretty good at everything including animation/choreography and voice direction makes it damn worth it.
>> No. 83925
Wait, don't we have another thread here >>77641?
I'm thinking we should lock this thread and move to that one since it's more recent and the only reason this one is still even here is spam.
>> No. 84092
Thread locked, most recent thread is: >>77641
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