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File 128566499555.jpg - (37.41KB , 220x300 , 122783823214.jpg )
58223 No. 58223
Figured I'd get this up now so it's nice and early.

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>> No. 58313
WE NEED BATMAN. And all his sidekicks, villains and peripheral characters.
>> No. 58317
So we had a promise of an anon uploading a copy of Go Down, Aaron last thread. Any chance of that still happening? I'd really like to read it.

And general /r/ for Nazis, Inglorious Basterds, Schindler's List and The Pianist.
>> No. 58321
I suggest a WWII general thread.

>Go Down, Aaron
This thing must be the holy grail of porno from all the requests I've seen here and elsewhere.
>> No. 58329

Someone started posting scans of it on TF2chan a while back, but they've apparently vanished without ever finishing the scandump.
>> No. 58340
One letter- /y/. Go down, Aaron was posted in it entreaty like 2 months ago. All of /y/ was on their knees! I thought it was archived(but I can't find it) and I know an /rs/ was made (but I can't find it) Someone from /y/ has to have it (I am now kicking my self for not saving it)
>> No. 58359

I found the original download link, hooray!

Here you are: http://www.mediafire.com/?iqfyjublyd0jmq0
>> No. 58375
Thank you so much, anon. I'll be in my bunk--cheers!
>> No. 58380
Hmmm Well I would LOVE to see some Ghost Rider.
>> No. 58426
So Wildstorm is finally being absorbed by DC. You know what this means, right?
It means that Superman and Batman could possibly meet Apollo and Midnighter.
And I don't know about anyone else, but I need this in my life. So give me PORN, Anon, while I wait for it.
SxBxAxM plz
>> No. 58443
Hi /coq/. Since I don't think this quite belongs in the JLI thread, can we have some Jaime/Scarab here? I'll send puppies and cookies
>> No. 58445

Considering Jaime's currently part of the JLI, I think he can go in the JLI Thread. Pretty sure nobody's going to come after you with torches and pitchforks if he shows up in there.
>> No. 58447

This'd be me being overly cautious and easily embarassed again. Moving the request now
>> No. 58470
File 128583603316.jpg - (126.33KB , 900x1185 , And_I_Will_Miss_You_by_Lascarus.jpg )
I can't help it- I'm in love with the book. Any "Night Angel Trlogy" fanfction or fanarts out there? Durzo/Kylar much appreciated
>> No. 58472
File 128584060061.jpg - (171.49KB , 700x955 , 500263 - Crossover DC Daimon_Hellstrom Kid_Devil M.jpg )
>> No. 58484

Rob/Nikki human interpretation slash. Does it exist...?
>> No. 58499

SBAM! This is my new favourite acronym.
>> No. 58502
File 128588315066.jpg - (187.46KB , 605x689 , whatagreatnightforanicdic.jpg )
all sunny and no clouds!
>> No. 58505
i've realized i wrote night instead of day in the picture title

it makes me laugh even more
>> No. 58520
Thank you anon! Let me know if you find any more
>> No. 58569
File 128595033731.jpg - (72.71KB , 480x276 , franzkafka.jpg )
Can we get some /lit/ up in here
specifically authors

pic related and delicious
>> No. 58573
Catch 22

there must be some

also this:>>58569
so much
>> No. 58653
File 128603262488.jpg - (125.12KB , 575x270 , MarstonVSRaynor.jpg )
/r/ both Red Dead Redemption and Starcraft.

Because John Marston is clearly Jim Raynor's ancient ancestor.
>> No. 58657
>> No. 58668
File 128605461842.jpg - (27.98KB , 620x414 , photo_10_hires_6.jpg )
I want THE LOSERS shit. Right now.

I also want The Expendables. Or From Paris With Love: Reese and Waxx. I want some testosterone-laden fucking from action-packed movies. Gun sex is a ++++++
>> No. 58683

I'm probably going to drawfag this myself
Kafka and Fitzgerald are my favourite writers...

Promise something by tomorrow!
>> No. 58684

And Catch-22 too if I get around to it. Which characters would you like?
>> No. 58691

>> No. 58702
Yossarian and the Chaplain! I've been wanting that since Anthony Perkins played the Chaplain and a bit before..
>> No. 58705
Yossarian/pretty much anything including planes
you're awesome you know that?
>> No. 58711
Anyone have any stuff for AVPM? More specifically, Quirrel/Voldemort?
>> No. 58729
File 128613301085.jpg - (37.80KB , 500x337 , socialnetwork.jpg )
Please Jesus tell me there is somewhere on the internet where I can read the thrilling details of the doomed love triangle between Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Parker, and Justin Timberlake
>> No. 58744
Rule 34 on Doctor Mcninja

>> No. 58789
I just saw Catch Me if You Can again.

Abignale/Handratty plz.
>> No. 58800
Because I just realized I wanted it when I was posting in The Venture Bros. /co/ thread:

Shoreleave and Henchman 21. I don't care if it's during their imprisonment by Zero, a hook-up after they escape, whatever, I just want it to happen. And preferably with 24 in the background commentating and 21 trying valiantly to ignore it.
>> No. 58819

Absolutely nothing.
>> No. 58823
File 12862229145.jpg - (263.85KB , 700x817 , im sorry mr kafka.jpg )

Weekend was booked so I only made a little Joseph K/Kafka... I'll clean this up and make it look better


Working on these, though you'll have to forgive my lateness...
>> No. 58861
File 128624706871.jpg - (290.96KB , 700x783 , im really sorry mr kafka.jpg )

Here we are. Sorry for the places I got lazy.
Working on some Catch-22, will deliver in the next few days or so.
>> No. 58871
File 128626151881.jpg - (19.71KB , 250x296 , Lovecraft3.jpg )

Can I just say how much this makes my life?

Picture related, it's Lovecraft. Look, he's trying to smile! Just for you!
>> No. 58891
File 128630746639.jpg - (12.89KB , 338x420 , Franz-Kafka.jpg )
Franz Kafka offers you his best slightly discomforting smile of gratitude.
I offer you an offer to bear my children.

You must now decide which is creepier.
>> No. 59090
File 128655943881.jpg - (55.74KB , 600x360 , 19appaloosa_xlarge1.jpg )
Anyway have any Appaloosa, aka Broes Before Hoes in the Wild Wild West? Because I mean really, that movie was twice the gay western that Brokeback Mountain was.
>> No. 59091
Please tell me I wasn't the only one who saw The Social Network and was waiting for Eduardo and Mark to have really frustrated sex...
>> No. 59095
File 128656714120.jpg - (39.75KB , 416x600 , tumblr_l7skc2kxaO1qdufa0o1_500.jpg )
Jack/Ianto from Torchwood. Just a Torchwood thread in general, PLEASE. I know there's enough content, but enough interest?
>> No. 59099
File 128657637936.jpg - (57.74KB , 500x807 , catchX - Mac of Punch Out.jpg )
So apparently there is a Punch-Out fandom out there somewhere, and it contains some good artists. Unfortunately though, my Y!Gal-, dA- and Google-fu are weak.

Please help me find more. D:
>> No. 59101
File 128657651621.png - (1.17MB , 1300x1535 , Punch_Out__Civilian_Clothing_by_karniz.png )
I did not find anything else remotely porny that didn't make me cringe.

Sorry, /coq/.
>> No. 59103
Someone on /coq/ (I hope it wasn't you) wrote a fic once and posted about two pictures. The fic started really good but they didn't continue.
>> No. 59142
File 128664712658.png - (1.34MB , 1300x1655 , 0b7dd3b1296ab35dae595fb955b6d5dc.png )

It was me, sorry. ._. I'll have to finish that fic sometime.
>> No. 59144
Oh, hell yes. Where did this go? I think there are maybe two or three fic at Fanfiction.net, mostly or all Glass Joe/Von Kaiser, but they're sort of sub-par. Works when you don't have anything else.
>> No. 59162
Can I request for someone to make a webcomic kink meme?
I would make one, but I can't mod anything while my computer is broken for the unforseeable future.
>> No. 59163
File 128666109774.png - (188.92KB , 640x360 , Little_Mac_vs__Cloud_by_haikuninja.png )

Sorry, but can I just ask how many of us there actually are who are interested in this? Because I'm pretty sure the Punch-Out fandom consists of about three people. Can you prove me wrong, Anon?
>> No. 59200
Pencil me in for the fourth. I haven't seen any either, though.
>> No. 59202
So, five so far? I'm all for it, i'm sure we've had threads based on much less than that.
>> No. 59209

I'll try to finish that rapefic at some point, then.
>> No. 59212
File 128673806053.jpg - (42.37KB , 486x646 , 12759679107.jpg )
A Gorillaz-thread would be nice~
>> No. 59222
I would be all over this should it happen.
>> No. 59291
>> No. 59327
I know some /co/mrades were asking for some Shakespeare porn.

Found Romeo/Mercutio:
>> No. 59357

Oddly enough, I just started rereading R&J today. Thank you, kind anon.
>> No. 59399
File 128703338737.jpg - (14.05KB , 232x267 , JamesNesbittJekyll.jpg )
Jekyll. I want some porn of Mr. Sexy Pants.
>> No. 59432
Any Colbert/Stewart, perhaps some Conan? Or some decent fic recs?
>> No. 59453
File 128710485155.jpg - (417.32KB , 600x600 , TDS__Banana_and_Dress_by_humon.jpg )
I don't have any fic recs, unfortunately. :(
>> No. 59454
File 128710493380.png - (123.15KB , 417x311 , colbertxstewartotp.png )
I do have Jon gazing at Stephen adoringly while Stephen stares manfully off into the distance, though.
>> No. 59458
First, I'd like to third the catch-22 request.
Second, can we bring back the Lackadaisy material? I remember pictures on the old forum.
>> No. 59459
File 128711729492.jpg - (76.79KB , 700x747 , jonstephen01.jpg )
>> No. 59460
File 128711731257.jpg - (81.40KB , 800x659 , jonstephen02.jpg )
>> No. 59490
Try this LJ comm : http://community.livejournal.com/fakenews_fanfic/
And this one : http://community.livejournal.com/tds_rps/

I can also rec you some of my favorite fics, but they're all about the comedians themselves, not their...on-screen persona. I don't know if that's what you're looking for.
Anyway, there you go: http://community.livejournal.com/fakenews_fanfic/596110.html#cutid1
>> No. 59532
File 128720597678.png - (218.96KB , 553x543 , MichiroChan - HenryIndy.png )
This is the only picture I've ever found that isn't utter crap. /coq/, can you help me out? Fic recs welcome as well. Doesn't have to be this pairing - in fact I'm not a fan of incest.
>> No. 59546
Even if you don't like Henry/Indy, read this. Right now. You're welcome.
1: http://www.slashfic.co.uk/INDY%20ONE.htm
2: http://www.slashfic.co.uk/INDY%20TWO.htm
3: http://www.slashfic.co.uk/INDY%20THREE.htm
4: http://www.slashfic.co.uk/INDY%20FOUR.htm
5: http://www.slashfic.co.uk/INDY%20FIVE.htm
6: http://www.slashfic.co.uk/INDY%20SIX.htm
>> No. 59547
Any Octus and Lance stuff yet?
>> No. 59552
File 128725653174.jpg - (207.59KB , 602x330 , beinghuman2.jpg )
/coq/ I plead with you,

PLEASE tell me if there is any Being Human pron out there!

Cuz seriously, George and John /need/ to be together, like whoa.
>> No. 59557
Fics. I haven't seen Being Human so I haven't read them, but the author is A+
>> No. 59593
I'm in the mood for some Origins!Verse Victor Creed/Wade Wilson.
Any gems I should know about?
>> No. 59606
File 128731495680.png - (1.35MB , 681x685 , being human.png )
Goddamn. Didn't even know I wanted it until you said something. I fucking love George.
>> No. 59610
Um, Red perhaps?
>> No. 59612
File 128734999716.png - (215.55KB , 528x792 , chew_by_jisuk-d2zroso.png )
I would give my tits for anything Chew related. Tell me I'm not the only one and that I just can't find anything because I'm incompetent, oh please.
>> No. 59622
File 128735930049.jpg - (30.12KB , 720x530 , imjuststadinghereinmyorangesweater.jpg )
Any good Rammstein art/fics? There must be!
>> No. 59623
File 128736092688.jpg - (8.49KB , 295x319 , ls2.jpg )
The Big Bang Theory.it's sad there isn't more of Doctor Sheldon Cooper out there.
>> No. 59632
File 128736728923.jpg - (67.71KB , 640x480 , rammstein2.jpg )
THIS!! I didn't realize how much I wanted this until now.
>> No. 59666
Chew! I love that series, though I admit I never really though of it fannishly (if that makes sense).

But now that you mention it, now I'm thinking of what happens when cibopaths taste... yeah. Um. I may feel like drawing something this week, do you have any requests? :x Not sure if I can translate the style well enough, but I can try!
>> No. 59671

Hahah, I see everything fannishly. The first thing I did when I finished all current issues was SEARCH THE INTERNET, whoops. I have a soft spot for Chu/Colby though god I'd love some Savoy/Chu hatesex+cibopath sex NOT EVEN GONNA LIE and you are a goddess/god for even considering drawing something omg
>> No. 59684
yeah, one would think the bara drawfags would have been all over this from episode 1.
>> No. 59726
That was... really bad.
>> No. 59732
File 128745205934.jpg - (621.47KB , 1038x1600 , 24m86iw.jpg )
So, I know there's a JLE/JLI thread for Booster & Ted, which is hot, but can we get some Guy love. Specifically Guy & Kyle. I swear those two recently have been so cute together I can't get enough of them. I mean Guy going all rage because of Kyle dying was just too awesome.
>> No. 59750
Green Lantern thread, you silly billy
>> No. 59770
File 128752720339.jpg - (201.48KB , 600x832 , Jack___n_Daniel_by_loonylucifer.jpg )
Hey guys, have we had a Stargate thread yet?

I could really go for some good O'Neill/Daniel. Any one?
>> No. 59791
File 128755399194.png - (261.07KB , 347x458 , Screen shot 2010-10-20 at 1_56_20 AM.png )
fittingly absurd: anything of marcel duchamp. he is ridiculously fine.
>> No. 59800
File 128758133452.jpg - (218.45KB , 620x1006 , JavaJive - Ugly Am - Dude Pound That.jpg )
is there no love for Ugly Americans? This show has a lot of potential
>> No. 59801
If we can convince Coelasquid to do something for this, it would be practically cannon.

>> No. 59807

Yes all over. I love this series to bits and pieces. Delectable bits and pieces. The concept of a cibopath is one of the most interesting things I've heard of in a while, yes,

But really, some Chu/Colby. That would be fantastic.
>> No. 59841
It's okay, anon, I want it too. Preferably, Dr. McNinja with his clone?
>> No. 59842
Doesn't Till Lindemann have a wife and children?
>> No. 59885
It is illegal for men to kiss affectionately because it means they are cheating on their wives.
>> No. 59915
Thanks for that, smartass. I would think most women would mind if their husband kissed anyone besides them, male or female.
Anyway, it's not even important, I was just wondering.
>> No. 59916
Kissing is a lot less sexual in Europe
>> No. 59940
File 128765659068.png - (150.40KB , 791x426 , 1287628215945.png )
>> No. 59951
"my own clone"
aka yes
>> No. 59962
File 128769242825.jpg - (11.15KB , 388x167 , mozart_salieri.jpg )
This film is so full of fabulous foe-yay.

Does it exist, /coq/?
>> No. 59964
File 128769258741.jpg - (534.12KB , 1200x964 , rowen - Visions of Sugarplums.jpg )
Holy crap I was just about to request this in the history porn thread.

That being said, The Sandman. How is this so hard to find? I have found nothing. Nothing!
>> No. 60000
oh How I still second this so hard.
>> No. 60100
File 128782050224.jpg - (72.01KB , 960x658 , farscape_scorpiusxcrichton.jpg )
I know there's content out there for this, I know there is.

I just haven't found any yet. ;_;
>> No. 60125
Oh jesus yes I spent a huge amount of time looking for this about a year ago. I found one good link, for which I have lost the link... and now I have to go find it again because of you.
>> No. 60126
And here it is. This is literally the only Crichton/Scorpius fanfic I've found that isn't unreadably bad.
>> No. 60135
I would love some Sorcerer's Apprentice if anyone has some.
>> No. 60198
File 128803550198.jpg - (103.18KB , 657x379 , falloutvegascompanionarcade.jpg )
There probably isn't much of anything, but I would love you forever if you could make/find stuff featuring Arcade Gannon from Fallout: New Vegas.
>> No. 60222

>> No. 60246
newb here wanting to know where and if there is a music slash thread. not only do i want rammstein like woah but so many many others
>> No. 60283

You know, I was actually thinking about that yesterday. A music slash thread would be hot.
>> No. 60285
File 128811178877.jpg - (24.38KB , 400x300 , s01e11_07_800x600.jpg )
Some Merlin would make me a very happy lady.
>> No. 60286

Me too!
>> No. 60325
I'm confused about the archiving... does anyone remember the amazingly epic Scarecrow/Riddler thread from like a year ago? There was the most amazing fic and art and everything and I SO MAD that I can't find it, I might cry if it really is gone forever.

There was one namefag in particular that pretty much dominated the thread, she dumped all this amazing shit... if anyone has her site that would be better than nothing.
>> No. 60331
File 128815749452.jpg - (250.51KB , 620x877 , 5b1764fe8f57522eafae3673a6182a62.jpg )
Hey guys! Glad to see we have our new request thread(i've been away for a while) Does anyone know if we ever got anything of the new Predators movie? I've been looking everywhere.
I did find this pic though...kinda wantin more(greedy?)
>> No. 60342
is there any art of the new Avengers cartoon yet? Antman especially
>> No. 60375
I feel a little bad for this, but I'm around halfway through Brave New World and I was thinking of Helmholtz/Bernard. The whole family taboo plus a daddy kink could make it terribly naughty. I have a funny feeling my lit teacher would support it.
>> No. 60394
aha i was watching that in the theater thinking it would be such a natural for slash if it'd done better at the box office, and by "if it'd done better at the box office" i mean LOL NIC CAGE SLASH
>> No. 60396
File 128824563641.jpg - (140.95KB , 900x1012 , Moby_Dick_by_yaoichick4eva.jpg )
So, is this where I complain about the dearth of Ishmael/Queequeg in the world?

I mean, there's SOME....
>> No. 60423

AGREED. If I ever do anything, I'll be sure to share.
>> No. 60424
Do you guys think there'll be a lot of TRON porn after Legacy comes out? I saw the 20 min sneak-peek thing today, but there wasn't a lot of character interaction in it. I hope there's gonna be some UST between CLU2 and Sam in the movie. Or maybe even CLU2 and Kevin lol that'd be even more awesome.
>> No. 60478
speaking of Tron, is there anything from the original movie? I mean, Flynn and RAM...
>> No. 60522

>> No. 60529
does anyone have the stuff from that total drama island thread on the old board...

i'm so ashamed
>> No. 60545

I really want a winklevoss/zuckerberg/winklevoss sandwich

anything that has jesse eisenberg, really
>> No. 60551
File 128844790024.jpg - (38.88KB , 211x153 , sobibor211.jpg )
I've got a strange one for you, guys: Escape from Sobibor. Saw it in history class many years ago, and I couldn't believe the level of homoeroticism. Like, ALL over the place, chin-grabbing, bridal-carrying, boot-fetish, implied-whoring-homoeroticism. Has anyone seen it?
>> No. 60621
File 128850585673.jpg - (224.50KB , 699x391 , 13137388_Gay_Pride_Clerks_style.jpg )
Jay and Silent Bob you guys.

>> No. 60624
That image completely made my crappy night so far totally okay, and now I can go to bed not feeling out-of-sorts. Thanks Anon!
>> No. 60635
File 128854003552.jpg - (291.01KB , 1000x465 , The_Dealer_and_the_Lunchbox_by_crackhobbit.jpg )

I second this notion, and would also like some Randal/Elias.
>> No. 60640
File 128854741535.gif - (84.32KB , 390x354 , index_r2_c2.gif )
>> No. 60641
testing the powers of the interwebs here, would anyone happen to have anything along the lines of barlow/straker from 'salem's lot?
>> No. 60672
Star Trek Deep Space Nine. I've seen so very little from this series... anything would be greatly appreciated.
>> No. 60718
Since you guys were discussing tron, I guess this is fitting: Any Daft Punk slash out there? There HAS to be... I mean come on!
>> No. 60725
i've never heard of this film prior to the request, but the description warrants a second
>> No. 60733
File 128866524536.jpg - (477.90KB , 2000x1467 , fuckthatarm.jpg )
If red-line /r/s are allowed, then anon would very much like help with wtfhits arm. gdit. Anon also wants life classes. :U
>> No. 60735
I saw the new Saw only because I wanted closure for the first one (it's also the only Saw film I've seen since the second one), and I find myself missing the small fandom from the first movie. I don't have anything anymore and everything I'm finding is CRAP. Oh please, someone help a poor soul.
>> No. 60743
File 128867932449.jpg - (18.72KB , 380x571 , tumblr_lb87yx7KAV1qzlsqvo1_400.jpg )
anyone else see this stone-cold motherfucker on Boardwalk Empire Sunday night?

because I would hit it, and I think Jimmy would too.
>> No. 60794
That dude looks like a photoshop mishap. I HAVE GOT TO START WATCHING THIS.
>> No. 60796
File 128872814374.png - (312.91KB , 500x568 , tumblr_lavatm0GO31qacvn2o1_500.png )
there's also Rothstein/Luciano's incredibly gay bromance!

seriously, this show is awesome.
>> No. 60800
File 128873201889.jpg - (7.26KB , 259x194 , flanders.jpg )
Ummm there haven't been any thread of the simpsons here in /coq/ yet so I thought that it would be time to make one. Any interests?
>> No. 60833

>> No. 60836
File 128875190969.jpg - (260.15KB , 700x937 , 10604445.jpg )
Kick-Ass please.
>> No. 60838
File 12887532884.jpg - (78.81KB , 525x465 , thundertori - Moby Dick characters.jpg )
Here you are.
>> No. 60839
File 128875388273.jpg - (8.13KB , 176x215 , rawhide-duo-1.jpg )
I would give anything to see something from Rawhide. Delicious babby Clint Eastwood and strong-jawed, handsome Eric Fleming? Do want so very much.
>> No. 60900
speaking of that, I'd die for ANYTHING with Clint Eastwood, really.
>> No. 60905
Ishmael blushing like that clinches it; now I can't unsee him being Queequeg's cabin boy, because Q is so obviously the top in that relationship. Also: frilly nightshirt is love and fangirl squee.

Speaking of tops, Clint Eastwood topping anybody; because you know he'd be the bossiest bottom on the face of the earth, and while it is mentally hilarious, no guy who'd fuck Clint Eastwood would put up with his bitching and would volunteer themselves as bottom.
>> No. 60937
horry shit. It makes me so fucking happy that this exists.
It brings back memories of eighth grade. I was obsessed with Moby Dick and pairing those two.
>> No. 60944
this is the best moby dick fic ever

omg I fucking love this Ishmael/Queequeg story
>> No. 60993
Am I missing the South Park thread? I remember there being one. If not, requestan.
>> No. 61023
File 128892028681.jpg - (58.72KB , 447x599 , 447px-Clark_Ashton_Smith_1912.jpg )
I see your Lovecraft and raise you one Clark Ashton Smith. Also: tentacles. Somewhere up in here. Make it so.
>> No. 61026
....A Dresden files/General Lit thread would be nice.
I mean, we have a history board!
>> No. 61068
So I shotgunned the series up until now, and yes. Any fucking thing from this show would be amazing.
>> No. 61077
File 128895577955.png - (454.99KB , 965x714 , Ciaphas%20Cain.png )
Ciaphas Cain/anyone request

because apparently I have terrible taste and Warhammer 40,000 is my fetish now
>> No. 61125
File 12890024571.jpg - (21.10KB , 300x214 , 300px-NormanJayden.jpg )
>Dresden files
This is relevant to my interests.
Also Heavy Rain. Preferably with Mr. Jayden.
>> No. 61134
File 128900593544.png - (272.42KB , 624x480 , 380701 - Don_Flamenco Glass_Joe Punch_Out elfychuu.png )
Punch-Out anyone? There's a bit over at rule34, but it's all mediocre at the most..
>> No. 61135
Megamind anyone?
>> No. 61148
File 128901282284.jpg - (20.99KB , 600x400 , dark_city_large_04.jpg )
Is there anything good for Dark City out there? I watched Inception and all it did was remind me that I still needed some Dr. Schreber and Murdoch in my life... or Mr. Hand... or just a bunch of Strangers doing things with Schreber... because Kiefer Sutherland does things for me in that movie that I'm not sure how to categorize.
>> No. 61162
File 128901772889.jpg - (88.33KB , 733x347 , v.jpg )
please. anything.
>> No. 61163
this caused me to start yelling in joy. i just picked up on 40k in the last week and there's something about cain that's just.... inexplicably hot. i find bad luck and cunning attractive for some reason. i know sturgeon's law doesn't allow me to be picky, but i vote anything with tentacles or a slaaneshi daemonite. or both.
>> No. 61165
File 12890209455.jpg - (23.49KB , 400x266 , phonebooth7.jpg )
this person writes great stuff on that series. Also anything with sutherland in it.

She also does a series and one shots for the movie "phonebooth" that makes me jizz in my pants.
>> No. 61172

I just came back from seeing this and I say YES YES YES
>> No. 61252
With that kind of enthusiasm, just how slashtastic was it? Because I was thinking of seeing it tomorrow or next weekend.
>> No. 61253
File 128911570746.jpg - (2.04KB , 35x126 , 1287779807316s.jpg )
So what's the possibility at starting a new Tim/Kon thread?

Mainly, I'm looking for a link that was in one of the ye olde threads to a fanfiction site featuring Tim/Kon and other TT slash pairings... Most of the fics were older, I wanna say mid-early 00s (04-06ish? This is really just a shot in the dark).
>> No. 61258
wow hey there, I just don't think your image is small enough.
>> No. 61268
Megamind: "What's the point, without him [Metro Man]? ...Nothing."

>> No. 61273
Any Repo! The Genetic Opera would be lovely, bonus points for the graverobber and the repoman going at it
>> No. 61306

Oh man, I kind of want to fill this request myself. I've never considered slashing this movie before, but I do have a huge boner for Mr. Hand (Richard O'Brien!) and Dr. Schrieber.

need this like burning now
>> No. 61311
File 128916741983.png - (84.03KB , 624x352 , Archer_2010_Intertitle.png )
nng, I need this show to be slashed to bits, guys, need it like burning
>> No. 61312

Archer/Cyril please.
>> No. 61321

>> No. 61329
Is there anything of Grim Adventures that isn't horrifying?
I mean, Nergal and his son are complete fodder for tentacle shenangins.
>> No. 61354
I need to /r/ some Code Monkeys porn. Dave, Jerry, Black Steve, Dean, Todd, Larrity and of course Clarence. I'm watching season two on Netflix right now (watched season one already yesterday), and there is SO MUCH GAY in this show that it cannot be denied.
>> No. 61363
Wow I can't believe I waited this long moaning and complaining-
HBO's Bored To Death.
I need some George/Jonathan yesterday.
>> No. 61367

Go! Go! Go! Write it! People who want to imagine Richard O'Brien and Kiefer Sutherland getting it on need you, anon!

... And I'm sure that's a lot of people... Like millions.
>> No. 61471
File 128927844213.jpg - (441.47KB , 800x1144 , HAROLD_KUMAR_LOVE_by_mavoorik.jpg )
Jesus, I need more Harold/Kumar in my life
>> No. 61474
I know, right? There is so little fic/art of it, even though it's pretty damn blatant.

Here's a cute fic, though:
>> No. 61519
This is a bit of a weird request, but is there any commedia dell'arte slash?
Specifically with Pierrot, Arlecchino/Harlequin, Pedrolino or Scaramuccia/Scaramouche...
>> No. 61583
Does anyone have that drawing with bomb queen standing there and green lantern a dildo up his ass ?
pretty please ?
>> No. 61590

Yes, please. I nearly started over as a male just to hit on him. Earlier today I realized I could sell him into slavery to Caesar personally I didn't, of course... but my mind did go straight to porn, as it so often does.
>> No. 61598
File 128935957484.jpg - (218.45KB , 996x758 , And_What_Are_Your_Thoughts__by_phantomplushi.jpg )
Phantom of the Opera? Not picky about which version. Thank you!
>> No. 61605
Uhm, Holy shit /yes/. I second this.
I only wish I had content to share, sorry
>> No. 61616
File 128938285691.jpg - (223.04KB , 710x700 , phantomraolwtf.jpg )
This is all I have. Some rare shit, to be sure. I hope there's more.
>> No. 61628
Uh, this is going to sound silly, but after last night's Glee episode I'm craving some dirty, guilt-filled Karofsky (the bully) fapping to Kurt. Make it hurt.
>> No. 61651
File 128943424153.jpg - (35.74KB , 412x464 , EBA.jpg )
>> No. 61666
There's a surprising lack of Grease fanfictions. Especially Danny/Kenickie.

PLOT: Danny is Kenickie's second. And Kenickie is Danny's first. Danny's a little nervous because Sandy wants to go all the way, and he runs to his pal Kenickie to show him the ropes.


This one's set in Grease 2

PLOT: Michael shows Johnny how they do it 'down under'.
>> No. 61671
I swear I saw a good fic with this pairing. It seems more believable now after DAT KISS DAT WHIMPER HNNNNG
>> No. 61706

I'm a bit baffled at the moment. Admittedly, I only watch Glee occasionally, because I'm hot for Jane Lynch. I caught the last episode. His face and that noise he makes. D'aww. Broke my damn heart. I get online, tentatively look to see if there's any porn yet, get my hopes up when there's lot's of it, then my brain implodes because it's all of Kurt and Blaine.

I realize he's Harry freaking Potter, but in what universe is flamboyant gay/politically correct gay more interesting than confused and closeted bully?
>> No. 61731
the fandom is taking the high horse saying they can't be together because he made kurts life hell for so many years. Comparing the relationship to something in twilight. Pretty hilarious conversations.
We will see more of him though, as in one episode he gets jelly because kurt and blaine sing this song together


here is a good fic I HNNNG'd

you are welcome request thread
>> No. 61759
Not quite unrequited furious fapping but CLOSE ENOUGH. Thank you so much anon
>> No. 61845
>> No. 61899

ANON, i have look high and low for this for a long time. and found something... that seems to have been deleted now.
>> No. 61907
I'll toss in a kidney for the same!
>> No. 61910
File 128960597230.jpg - (259.11KB , 800x800 , one of these days.jpg )

drawfaggot who promised this eons ago here. Work and school and life and such is to blame for this being overdue for like a goddamn month, but it's a relatively free weekend for me and I'm very sure I can at least get some porn done. I was thinking of making my favourite characters (Major Major, Milo) too but it looks like it'll take a while.

Again I apologize! I'm doing my best to juggle...here's a doodle thing.


I finished it now and feel like filling my own request. Where is the stuff for this when orgies and shit is like talking about the weather. Really.
>> No. 61912
oh my god your drawings are so cute
>> No. 61919
File 128962353795.jpg - (28.89KB , 100x100 , BOB.jpg )
It's a proven fact that the gayer something is in canon, the less porn there is of it.

So I have to ask here; Is there any RocknRolla porn out there? Preferably containing Handsome Bob.
>> No. 61938
Fucking need Megamind like burning
>> No. 61965
holy shit!

my 17-year-old self thanks u anon
>> No. 61973
File 128970263187.gif - (488.90KB , 400x225 , tumblr_lbthaopF7G1qb0nyxo1_400.gif )
>> No. 61974
File 128970332528.png - (504.49KB , 700x973 , Raoul_and_Erik_by_ramisiun.png )
I literally just saw this move!(Known about it for years even bought the movie a year ago, but just NOW watched it) I was suprised I like it. I found a few pics, should I dump?
>> No. 61981
File 128971514122.jpg - (351.07KB , 800x863 , yossarianchaplain.jpg )

Here we are!
Going to do the other request later, as well as any others.
>> No. 62057
Guys? 4chan is down D: what do we do, /coq/?

also still waiting on Dresden Files fic/Art
>> No. 62063
File 128978346093.jpg - (106.03KB , 900x802 , Desperately_Seeking_Approval_by_keiler.jpg )
>> No. 62111
We ought to start posting X-Men Origins stuff again.
That shit was golden.
>> No. 62112
File 128979765614.jpg - (761.31KB , 1280x1024 , red-dead-redemption-wallpaper-drunk-irish.jpg )
Anything for Red Dead Redemption? Or more specifically, Irish?
I need it like burning D:
>> No. 62165
File 128986511716.jpg - (91.99KB , 472x700 , tumblr_lbya7pIvpl1qd987xo1_500.jpg )
First of all, any Walking Dead content? I know the show only has three episodes so far, but there's still the comic to go from right?

Secondly, HNNG YES.
>> No. 62174
File 12898717617.jpg - (35.96KB , 301x500 , Wuthering heights.jpg )

>> No. 62182
File 128987813812.jpg - (29.23KB , 600x648 , erik_and_raoul_by_YoshiKimos.jpg )
more phantom!!!
>> No. 62240
Anyone else here wanna see some Robin/Slade porn?
>> No. 62284

>> No. 62470
File 129014275136.jpg - (97.04KB , 780x557 , corinth - Can I ask you something.jpg )
So, there's this series, a couple decades old, maybe you've heard of it. Nice comic, that Sandman. There's this character, tall, broad redhead with stubble and chest hair and awesome hands. Goes by the name of Destruction, sometimes.
WHY ARE THERE NO NUDE DRAWINGS OF HIM, /coq/?! I need this in my life like painful burning fire. To fan the fires, have some Corinthian humor.
>> No. 62500
>> No. 62533

Or his pretty-boy brother. Bonus points if it's Morpheus/Daniel. Please?
>> No. 62652
Is there any Tron stuff out there? I can't have been the only one to see something between Tron and Flynn
>> No. 62682
Can't help you, but do you have sauce on the pic?
>> No. 62707
File 129032736928.jpg - (433.25KB , 1000x562 , thatscock.jpg )
Any good Misfits slash out there?


They're just... They're so fucking adorable.
>> No. 62709
i found a whole bunch of fics on lj a little while ago but i probably couldn't find them

i am about to watch the episode where nathan falls in gay with simon i am so excited
>> No. 62710

What's this now? I just downloaded the newest episode a few hours ago. Excuse me while I rush off to watch it...
>> No. 62711
File 129033597757.gif - (397.96KB , 450x252 , misfits2.gif )

Agh. No. It's next week's episode? That's just long enough to convince myself the show isn't just fucking with me. Then I'll be all crushed when Thursday rolls around. Not cool.

...still kind of excited...
>> No. 62720
File 129034279094.gif - (495.44KB , 500x278 , tumblr_lc3vhwXgpp1qzde9lo1_500.gif )
>> No. 62723
File 129035054940.jpg - (466.92KB , 1024x622 , Hustle.jpg )
Anyone ever consider this? Because I think I fancy Mickey.

The fact that he's going through a divorce at the start of the series could be a plot device.

... Just sayin'.
>> No. 62769

Corinth on y!Gallery.
>> No. 62785
File 129040188637.jpg - (19.56KB , 546x394 , Quentin_Tarantino_George_Clooney_Dusk_till_dawn.jpg )
Is there any From Dusk Till Dawn porn out there?
I'd love to see something/s with the Gecko Brothers
>> No. 62793
File 129042200124.gif - (5.09MB , 400x226 , fb6a0274.gif )
Totally replying to myself right now but, if anyone is interested, porn: http://tooursavior.livejournal.com/6002.html

And it's obviously the work of the superpowered tattooist, but gay Nathan is my new favorite thing this week.
>> No. 62802
And now I watch this show.

Thank you.
>> No. 62807
File 129044973559.png - (214.74KB , 487x358 , Slash 2.png )
Bionic Six anyone?
>> No. 62813
File 129046002244.jpg - (462.60KB , 716x1200 , 05282c72d8d8.jpg )
Requesting Megamind, please! I can't be the only one who thought their rivalry was a little too much for just a regular superhero/villain pair, right?

Or Megamind with Minion and/or the brainbots would be welcome too.
>> No. 62847
File 129048436386.jpg - (463.22KB , 1080x1600 , The-Eagle-of-the-ninth-movie-poster.jpg )
I just know someone will make some material out of this when it comes out, because fuck, that trailer.
>> No. 62852
File 129048683144.jpg - (84.93KB , 300x640 , 5188647265_539bab1a38_z.jpg )
>> No. 62853
File 129048688195.jpg - (61.16KB , 400x450 , 5188647297_f60b9c8145.jpg )
>> No. 62863
I don't know if I was really drunk or not. But two years ago some drunk friends and I went to a screening of some indie movie. We were walking around in long beach and some weird guy was like... hey kids... want to see a free movie? and we were like... this seems legit! and we went into one of those indie theaters near the beach.
There was no intro or title card it just went right into the movie. Then at the end some guys asked us what we though as we all shuffled out of the theater (there were other 20 year olds and older people there)

And I swear to fucking god we watched this movie. I just saw the trailers recently and was like...whoooo I saw that movie two years ago!

Anyway spoiler the version we saw was so, so slashy. It is pretty much every barbarian war movie where the female slave takes the warriors into her land and she sets them up but still saves the main guy and bangs him and they go have babies together, but you know. It is with a dude slave in that role. Also the version I saw was fucking horrible. omg so so bad. But I have watched many a bad movie for just the subtext

But yeah this movie is slashy as well and hits all my kink...unf slave becoming the master and master becoming the slave. Role reversal bitch.
>> No. 62866
This has awesome potential, and I will probably fap over it more than once, I'm just :| because; Channing Tatum. He's alright looking, but the guy can't act his way out of a paper bag. Dude has a serious case of wooden expression.
>> No. 62871
I marathon'd all the eps a few days ago after some people posted Nathan-ass and the gay preview. I love it. I've only found like 4 fics for them total and they're all horribly ooc
>> No. 62884
Is there anything out there for Fallout New Vegas?
>> No. 62920
Bond/Grant (the blonde fellow who he has a fight with in the train after he tells him to kneel and kiss his foot) from From Russia With Love

because I cannot go on in media studying this film any longer without wanking to it one way or the other
>> No. 62928
File 129056060779.jpg - (173.46KB , 600x1280 , buffy_slash.jpg )
Why dont we have a buffy thread here yet? There is content, right? I mean, Spike/Angel? Xander/anyone? supernatural curse turns buffy into a dude? idk. just, I am new to the series and am about to finish season three. I think it's time to find some porn.

(spoilers? whatever *shrug*)
>> No. 62957
File 129058450314.jpg - (44.61KB , 570x301 , Flynn.jpg )
>> No. 62985
There's a kink meme which is somewhat busy: http://falloutkinkmeme.livejournal.com/588.html
>> No. 63002
I want me some Community. :|
>> No. 63057
File 129065907728.jpg - (107.62KB , 459x600 , v67ujd.jpg )
Ignore Todd Phillips, but anyone seen anything for Due Date between RDJ and Zach Galifianakis?
>> No. 63086
File 129070890788.jpg - (76.70KB , 640x336 , DeadPoetsSociety1989CD2_avi_003839798.jpg )
Is there any Dead Poet Society?
>> No. 63087
File 129070892283.jpg - (62.75KB , 575x429 , gal_school_dead-poets-society_cast.jpg )
>> No. 63088
>> No. 63100

It looks so beautiful. Especially Jamie, oh my god.
Any character, any pairing, anything.
>> No. 63105
File 12907445855.jpg - (19.25KB , 400x235 , Cogsworth-Lumiere-cogsworth-2186079-400-235.jpg )
Rewatched Beauty and the Beast for the first time in 12 years, now I want some Lumiere/Cogsworth (human or non-human, it's all good). I'd love to get a Disney in general thread going, too.
>> No. 63112
So I was reading Vol 10 of the Walking Dead and decided that I really wanted some Abraham/Rick lovin'. I can just see the two of them trying to patch together a broken family structure.
>> No. 63185

Yes please.
>> No. 63187
File 129083222349.png - (423.50KB , 510x660 , 1290480291909.png )
Any Regular Show stuff out there?
>> No. 63188
oh my god this is beautiful where did you find this
but yes seconding Regular Show like seriously.
>> No. 63191
Is there ANY Boardwalk Empire at ALL? Even crappy drawings? Stick figures?? Tiny little ficlets?
I'm desperate, /coq/, desperate.
>> No. 63193
File 129084225042.jpg - (117.14KB , 420x700 , tumblr_lb8r3mNVD51qe2n0uo1_500.jpg )

fellow boardwalk fag here, there's a rothstein/luciano fic that just got posted up on the livejournal community

also I'm currently cookin some stuff up

p.s. why the fuck aren't there a million jimmy/harrow fics by now, jesus christ. I EXPECT BETTER FROM YOU INTERNET
>> No. 63196
I know right?
link to community?
>> No. 63202
File 129085123616.png - (282.76KB , 456x671 , 1279303844020.png )

>> No. 63206
File 129085501385.png - (715.96KB , 610x1710 , 20101131.png )
Uguys. Uguys this is serious. There isn't any Steve/Joe
>> No. 63222
File 129088039741.jpg - (562.09KB , 527x1000 , The_Slender_Man_by_Pirate_Cashoo.jpg )
anything out there of this creeper?
>> No. 63223
File 129088305270.jpg - (164.60KB , 804x750 , slendy1.jpg )

I used to actually have a folder for him. After the emergency hard drive restore of 2010, this is all I have left.
>> No. 63224
File 12908831145.jpg - (267.81KB , 735x864 , slendy3.jpg )
>> No. 63235

just got back from seeing it and all I could think of was "Need slash."

Also, Megamind/Bernard?
>> No. 63238
>> No. 63274
File 129093266535.jpg - (148.80KB , 493x425 , justwrong.jpg )
>> No. 63283
File 129096226013.jpg - (181.03KB , 1024x768 , Human-Target-human-target-10575464-1024-768.jpg )
Does anyone have anything for Human Target? The new female characters are disappointing, and I'm missing the testosterone from season one.
>> No. 63292

Along with Jimmy/Harrow, I've been wanting Jimmy/Al

>> No. 63342

>> No. 63363
File 12910663467.jpg - (64.34KB , 470x270 , breaking-bad.jpg )
Umm okay, this is an odd request, but does anyone have anything for Breaking Bad?

Like, seriously, anything?

I love Walt and Pinkman and that sleazy lawyer Saul. Anything with them would be more than I could ask for. Does it exist?
>> No. 63366
File 129106858230.jpg - (33.23KB , 450x299 , Hawaii-Five-0-2010-450x299.jpg )
Hi, are you watching the new Hawaii Five-0 series? No? You should be, even CBS ships the two main characters.


There has to be some content for this, tell me you guys have content.
>> No. 63381
I always mean to check this out. I've only heard delicious things about the show.
>> No. 63438
File 129108913714.jpg - (219.41KB , 575x852 , red-mist.jpg )
Yes, I know that, in fandom-years, it has been foreverrrrrrr since this came out but I really want some red mist/kick-ass and I can barely find any.

I just love his squishy little face and his lispy voice.

Point me in the direction of porn, please?
>> No. 63441
This is an amazing three chapter fic, check it out bro.
>> No. 63476
File 129110876627.jpg - (17.33KB , 456x301 , law-and-order-uk.jpg )
Law & Order: UK

More specifically, James Steel/Matt Devlin? I couldn't even find a couple of decent fics.
>> No. 63479
It's kinda new, anything that adds to the fandom would be appreciated!
>> No. 63484

Seconding this.


Watching that show is so goddamn surreal.
>> No. 63487
File 129112762257.jpg - (94.11KB , 700x545 , beautyandthebeast3.jpg )
Found some more, but gaston and the human-beast
>> No. 63544
I agree, I recently watched it(finally) and am sad to find it seems I've missed the party.
>> No. 63594
File 129116866688.jpg - (77.97KB , 500x377 , cute-puppy-pictures-nobody-came-birthday-party.jpg )
Wanna have a two-person party?

We can exchange prompts.
>> No. 63616
File 129118271671.png - (237.16KB , 365x300 , full-metal-alchemist-scar.png )
anyone know where i can find some not totally crappy Scar/Ed out there? I know, gaytown.
>> No. 63618

Please go to /y/ for animu requests.
>> No. 63693
Is there anything for Sym-Bionic Titan?
>> No. 63706
Okay. I already know this is terrible, but since my slash goggles are NEVER COMING OFF, I want some All Quiet on the Western Front porn.
Specifically, Kat/Paul.
I don't think this is where my history teacher wanted my mind to go when he assigned that book.
>> No. 63712
File 129133875638.png - (1.19MB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2010-12-02-18h47m14s146.png )
I will give my babies to the non-judgmental soul that gives me ANYTHING with Jimmy and Burt from Raising Hope. Come on, Burt did kiss Jimmy on the lips.

i'm not picky, it can be art, fic and it doesn't have to be explicit.
>> No. 63740
Can I get some POTC porn up in here?
>> No. 63741
Go forth and visit our gay-cruise thread:
>> No. 63785
I read that recently, and have all the hard-ons ever for Kat (and so did Paul, apparently). People truely underestimate the sexiness of capability.
>> No. 63802
File 129146050385.png - (259.30KB , 640x360 , vlcsnap-2010-12-03-12h03m11s158.png )
Can't find much on my own so I'm asking here... Leo and Max from The Producers?
>> No. 63812
File 129148935576.jpg - (70.39KB , 600x440 , 14.jpg )
Probably a long-shot, but is there any Monkey:Journey to the West? There's so much potential, but nothing exists D: preferably Sandy/Tripitaka

(wasn't sure if this was considered "western" but wanted to give it a try...I'm a newfag at requesting :/ )
>> No. 63819
peter pan anybody? I feel like fucking up my childhood today.
>> No. 63837
So how about dat Assassin`s Creed?

>> No. 63841
>> No. 63856
File 129153330065.jpg - (345.35KB , 800x900 , JN3TD.jpg )
Drawing: Isomniac
Coloring: me

Prince Naveen x Flynn :3
>> No. 63862

That's probably one of the most awkwardly hilarious (and adorable) vidya cutscenes I've ever seen.
>> No. 63884
Oooh, maybe even from the original movie? I'd love some Gene Wilder, he's a ball of neurotic and adorable in it.
>> No. 63915
File 129159955611.jpg - (21.75KB , 600x283 , Kids.jpg )
Kids in the Hall anyone?
>> No. 63916
Oh my god why do I want this so badly?
>> No. 63925
All the crossdressing? I know that's why I want it.
>> No. 63928
File 12916043639.jpg - (25.36KB , 460x276 , prod009.jpg )
>> No. 63936
File 129161496690.png - (149.83KB , 500x298 , tumblr_l80t9izMOA1qdvytpo1_500.png )
Can we has some Johnny Storm?
>> No. 63959
Best I can do for you:
>> No. 64052
Anything for Left 4 Dead 1 or 2 out there?
>> No. 64117
File 129176896744.jpg - (79.05KB , 500x496 , tangled twincest.jpg )
I don't know if there was anyone who saw this movie who DIDN'T think these two were hot. Twincest please?
>> No. 64122
Having just watched RocknRolla, I can safely say that I love Handsome Bob and everything he does. The fact that this film is the first of three (and hopefully he'll be in the next two) just makes me want endless amounts of porn of him with EVERYBODY.
>> No. 64186
File 129185676367.jpg - (242.69KB , 788x917 , 1291801367938.jpg )
>> No. 64187
File 129185682164.jpg - (99.04KB , 541x504 , 1291825255360.jpg )
>> No. 64226
File 129187794910.png - (3.31KB , 208x208 , ohgoodness.png )
I love you. I LOVE YOU.
>> No. 64299

my god I got so much teasing from my friends for finding those twins hot but the porn is making it worth it
>> No. 64345
I'm looking for something very specific from the LOTR fandom.

Sam/Frodo D/s.
>> No. 64354
Got anything from Half-Moon Investigations?

Or anything from Eoin Colfer, really?
>> No. 64368
Seconding Generator Rex!
>> No. 64406
More Flynn.
>> No. 64421
File 129214795972.jpg - (51.80KB , 634x514 , 1291974159628.jpg )
>> No. 64422
Forgot my link, fic that goes along with it.
>> No. 64477
The Social Network.
I need Winklecest ok.
>> No. 64497
does anyone have anything for Sorcerer's Apprentice? there's like, maybe one fic that i've found and it's ehhhhhh. :/
>> No. 64519
File 129230115012.jpg - (20.36KB , 485x316 , Peter-Pan-2.jpg )
There's gotta be something. I mean, dat hook. Dat nipple.

Preferably fiction or something.
>> No. 64528
I think peter pan was my first slash fandom. When we first got our computer in 97? I was looking up sailor moon fanfic and found some peter pan stories on the site as well, between hook and peter pan.
I was like "I am 10 and what is this" but I read every story and didn't know what to google search for more since they didn't have the terms like slash and stuff back then. I ended up finding the pit before it sucked completely and did more reading there.

But I know they have communities on livejournal. Don't think there is one bit of good art though.
>> No. 64533
File 129231605850.jpg - (135.69KB , 768x1024 , 1292171528067.jpg )
>> No. 64538
God, me too. C'mon, they got eyepatches and everything!
>> No. 64552
Mind linking me to one? I have no idea how to navigate LiveJournal.
>> No. 64554
File 129236922275.jpg - (165.54KB , 800x817 , 1292235604028.jpg )
>> No. 64555
File 129236925139.jpg - (205.64KB , 490x842 , 1292260276491.jpg )
>> No. 64581
Fuck Yes!
>> No. 64637
File 129252169323.jpg - (97.38KB , 500x476 , 13779905.jpg )
Is there any original Tron porn? I would freaking love some Tron/Flynn before the Internet is swamped with Tron:Leg porn.
>> No. 64639
File 12925265689.png - (336.63KB , 700x608 , 1292266162345.png )

Dear god, please, let this exist. And here's my contribution
>> No. 64704
File 129256252275.png - (353.88KB , 1000x456 , oh_goddamn_it__me_by_fujisaki_chan-d31pw5n.png )
>> No. 64710
File 129256871079.jpg - (190.84KB , 635x768 , dont_let_mayhem_get_you_down_by_loralit-d315dby.jpg )
So how about some of that Mayhem from the Allstate commercials? This guy is so sexy, so don't any of you try to deny it. Rule 34 don't fail me now.
>> No. 64711
I love you people :D
>> No. 64712

I am a crack hungry whore, and you just fell asleep in your home after we had sex.
I hope you don't mind your car being stolen.

So sign up with allstate and get crack whore theft recovery.
>> No. 64740
File 129260576913.jpg - (56.87KB , 528x337 , Anchorman.jpg )
Anchorman? Brick was incredibly cute, and now my mind has gone to awful places.
>> No. 64762

>> No. 64783
File 129263465059.jpg - (27.87KB , 304x450 , LockStockandTwoSmokingBarrels.jpg )
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels?
I don't think there's a single thing out there.
Anything with Soap would make me happy.
>> No. 64794
Anyone care to share the new updates?
>> No. 64795
didn't mean subject.
>> No. 64816
File 129266858190.png - (1.02MB , 1274x718 , Picture 11.png )
Sheriff Stone and Fred's Dad.

>> No. 64820
>> No. 64821
Booster Gold/Tenth Doctor
>> No. 64845
so. Tron: Legacy is out. Now give me Castor/Sam, Clu/Sam or Clu/Flynn please.
need for anything with Castor burns the most, that dude was so gay it hurt
>> No. 64850
Seconded! Also, how 'bout some Clu/Tron, explaining how Clu turned him into Rinzler? With computer program sex.
>> No. 64854
File 129274097447.jpg - (77.19KB , 570x375 , fast-five-diesel-walker-4-2-10-kc.jpg )






did you know they made ANOTHER fast and the furious?

A friend I know who never gets on line had to tell me and show me the trailer!

I HNNNNNG'd all the way through
oh god so much bromance and violence and CARS BEING FURIOUS... and fast
>> No. 64855

Ohgod seconded
>> No. 64865

>> No. 64873
File 129277583519.png - (374.36KB , 650x700 , 1292775576573.png )

I love /cm/ so much.

Oh, and there's a Tron kinkmeme here http://community.livejournal.com/tronkinkmeme/1551.html
>> No. 64875
File 129277763654.jpg - (64.04KB , 500x647 , tumblr_ldnmq6E0Y51qdappmo1_500.jpg )
Oh, thank you!

art by missveryvery @ tumblr
>> No. 64888
File 129280737812.png - (675.25KB , 1280x800 , CassioIago.png )
Anything with these two? I've looked, but I can't find anything. ;_;
>> No. 64891
File 129281661365.png - (781.21KB , 1280x800 , Picture 17.png )
or, speaking of Shakespeare slash...

any of this?
>> No. 65013
File 12929522121.jpg - (71.05KB , 714x573 , kami - horsehead nebula.jpg )
Hey guys, you know what we're missing?

>> No. 65018
No particular fandom, but can we get some incest in here? The only fandoms that seem to have a decent amount of it are Supernatural, Boondock Saints and Harry Potter (probably because there's so many fanfics, it's bound to have some with gay incest in it).

Brother/brother is usually my prefence, but I take father/son, uncle/nephew and whatever the fuck people can come up with.
>> No. 65030

There are Trek threads in pages 1, 3 and 4. You can have a look and have fun.

But yeah, we need more space faggotry around here. It's been a while...
>> No. 65038
>> No. 65042
File 129299418230.png - (278.41KB , 490x260 , sexolympics.png )

let me take this opportunity to rec this unbearably jizzworthy twincest Social Network fic I read earlier today

>> No. 65071
Oh thank you, kind anon, I will read it as soon as I watch the movie. There, now I have a good reason to go watch it.

Speaking of which, I can't be the only one who's seen and enjoyed C.R.A.Z.Y., right? Not only it's a great movie, it's filled with some bro tension. I would love some fics or arts, and I've never seen any.

Also, if you haven't watch the movie yet, consider this a rec.
>> No. 65072
Could we make a legit Tron thread?
>> No. 65077
File 129305493165.jpg - (107.57KB , 447x309 , q313888_arrested_development.jpg )
So, uh, I know I'm slowpoking by about five years on this, but... any Arrested Development stuff? I just discovered the show like, a week ago, and I tried looking on LJ but I wasn't really able to find any comms with more than about five posts. All of which were made in 2006.
>> No. 65078
We should. Anon drawfag here will try to provide content in that case.
Tron: Legacy requests anyone?
>> No. 65082
Needs a general Sci-fi thread with Tron and Star Wars and anything else that might not sustain it's own thread/s.
>> No. 65083
File 12930623689.png - (188.19KB , 500x500 , 1293061136645.png )

Would this be for both movies? Cause I'll get in on the writefag action. *pic unrelated, just funny*
>> No. 65084
It aughta be for both, Tron is massive homo.
>> No. 65087
>> No. 65118
Anything with Castor please. Extra credit if his "boys" are involved ;) Please kick it off!
>> No. 65120
seconding the Castor request here
>> No. 65128
Someone else heard the purring! Ha!
>> No. 65129
File 129315856929.png - (44.18KB , 640x400 , 1293071686937.png )

Of course. Purring is, like, the in-thing on the Tron /cm/ thread right now. Case and point
>> No. 65155
I love AD since forever, but I just can't make/see porn of them. It's too hilarious to be porny.

inb4 cool story, bro
>> No. 65168
The bluthcest comm @LJ receives new posts to this day, and a lot of it is Michael/Gob. Also check out familylovemikey.

Granted, most AD fanfics suck ass. The only fanmade AD-related thing I've ever truly liked was a script written by a tripfag from /tv/ (I think it was Robert Paulson). It wasn't slash though, just a script for a new episode right after the end of S3.

In any cae, although you're late to discover the show, it's ok to request fanwork of it. Most AD fans are still active in a way or another, because it's the kind of show everyone rewatches at least twice very year. Have you finished it yet? If not, have you at least seen the episode where it's hinted Gob gets a boner while hugging Michael?
>> No. 65215
File 12933033207.jpg - (31.90KB , 475x322 , darkcity.jpg )
Holy shit guys. Look what I got for Yuletide.


I asked for a Stranger on Schreber gangbang. I GOT a Stranger on Schreber gangbang. It's a Christmas miracle!
>> No. 65217
I can't believe I missed the Yuletide this year. So much requests to make, so many more to fill, plus the feeling of gayness inherent to the whole thing, even when it's het. I can't believe I missed it. ;_;
>> No. 65227
how exactly did you miss it?
We had months of notice and these last weeks everyone was talking about getting their stories done in time.
>> No. 65231
*rolls in all the fast and furious fic*

>> No. 65345
Discworld slash, does it exist?
Especially Vimes/Vetinari

My brain screams no, but my libido wants like burning.
>> No. 65386
I'd prefer Vetinari/Drumknott but anything goes in the end.
>> No. 65442
Big Lebowski slash.
Specifically, Walter/Dude.

Yeah, I know. I got problems.
>> No. 65559

I can imagine what Walter/Donny would be like. SHUT THE FUCK UP DONNY.
>> No. 65570
Are you me? Because I thought I was the only person who wanted this like burning.
/Fred needs two daddies
//Fred also needs to fuck Shaggy until neither can walk, but I'd be happy with a little middle-aged man-love.
>> No. 65586
I hate myself for this, but...
Guns N' Roses?
>> No. 65601
don't hate yourself. It comes naturally. It is impossible to ignore all the slash fodder those guys provided back in the day. Duff/Slash is my personal favorite. Possibly my favorite pairing ever and I don't care how creepy that makes me.
>> No. 65604
Does anyone have or know of any Brothers Karamazov slash? I'm ashamed to admit I came out of there shipping basically everyone with everyone, het/slash/femslash.... but now I want to read some slash so I came to the experts in dickery.

There are like two fics I've read with Alyosha and Dmitri but I love Smerdyakov's creepy obsession with Ivan and if I could find a fic of that my life would be set
>> No. 65625
ok thought I would help out since alot of people request but like... no one helps out to find stuff

here are some discworld recs
haven't read them but she usually recs great stuff

I saw someone wanted some justified
a great raylan/boyd fic plotty and post finale for those aching for some post fic.

They also have one or two other good fic on there

One of my favorite authors has also written a few things.
>> No. 65631
File 129367461693.jpg - (313.99KB , 2116x2310 , voondebayosh - car lovin.jpg )
Anyone have any more Jedediah/Octavius from Night at the Museum? Anyone?
>> No. 65640
File 129368605424.jpg - (83.77KB , 510x755 , lie_to_me1.jpg )
Is there Lie to Me stuff.
Cause I would dig some over analytical porn so much.
>> No. 65664
File 129372725348.jpg - (177.47KB , 720x720 , 1293700256263.jpg )
Moar tron.

Too bad we didn't start a separate thread.
>> No. 65666
Just because it's not on the first page doesn't mean there isn't a thread for it.
>> No. 65705
File 129373823277.jpg - (32.90KB , 500x358 , 45.jpg )
Watch Killer Klowns from Outer space for lols --> slash goggles forgot to come off --> want Mike/Dave

It probably doesn't exist, but I kind of really hope it does. Help a bro out?
>> No. 65725
File 129375502372.jpg - (343.93KB , 500x498 , twincestftw.jpg )
I've been home for the holidays and it's making me all nostalgic for my childhood. Massive geek that I am, that means I'm suddenly on the lookout for Dragonlance porn. I know it exists, it's just... most of it sucks...
>> No. 65728
haha yeah I think that is the main complaint with the most the requested fandoms.

People have seen fic or images, so they KNOW it exists. It just all sucks.
>> No. 65735
Is it silly to want a general "who the fuck drew this because I want to thank them" thread?

I've seen the same stuff posted in a lot of, say, Metalocalypse threads, but no link to the artists' dA or y!Gal or general website.
>> No. 65778
File 129379772153.png - (299.45KB , 608x336 , vlcsnap-2010-12-31-09h12m39s239.png )
This might seen like a weird request, but is there any Adventures in Babysitting slash? I sensed a vibe.

I remember reading a couple of slashfics a year or so ago, but they were by the same author, so I wonder if there's anyone else active in the fandom besides her.
>> No. 65782
File 129380835498.jpg - (53.35KB , 600x573 , tied_up_by_YoshiKimos.jpg )
There's an eljay comm:

It's a lot of like 13 yer old fangirl stuff, but if you're totally desperate (I was) and willing to wade through a lot of crap...
>> No. 65805
Seconding slash of the new Avengers show. Lots of potential there, I think.
>> No. 65988
File 129385457243.jpg - (415.95KB , 600x800 , Bw.jpg )


Haha, wow, the idea of a Boardwalk Empire fandom never even occurred to me, for some reason.
>> No. 65995
there is one or two fics on A3
>> No. 66045
File 129395953610.jpg - (78.60KB , 500x282 , tumblr_kvfz40ZgrB1qa3j7jo1_500.jpg )
Just watched the new Primeval. Not sure what I think of the new season yet, but it did remind me that I needed James Lester porn in my life... I also require more Becker and more Connor. Obviously.
>> No. 66072
File 12940022596.gif - (19.86KB , 500x412 , mojojojo.gif )
Mojo Jojo?
>> No. 66083
File 129402051227.png - (8.90KB , 387x429 , 1291348222748.png )
>> No. 66084
File 129402056977.jpg - (82.91KB , 400x607 , amvamp2.jpg )
Why does it not exist ;____;

Especially Skinner/young Felix slash
>> No. 66101
File 129404403391.jpg - (272.53KB , 800x1120 , 135024 - Empowered Mac_(artist) Major_Havoc Protea.jpg )
Some of Empowered's boys would be lovely right about now.

Especially anything with Major Havoc, Thugboy, Hardkore, Maidman, or all of the above.

And technically, this is Western since it is by Adam Warren. But if it's not allowed, then feel free to ignore this humble request.
>> No. 66132
File 129410150426.jpg - (14.79KB , 250x329 , hp-lovecraft.jpg )
Speaking of Lovecraft, am I the only one who finds him attractive? I wouldn't mind a few pictures of him in promiscuous positions

>> No. 66139
Erk I know it's a little odd
but Great Gatsby be nice.
>> No. 66142
I second the Megamind. I NEEDS IT.

Also, is there any Mad Hatter stuff out there? Even just him like, making out with teapots... I read a terrible fic with him in it and suddenly I WANTS IT. Any Hatter, I don't care. Depp, Disney, whatever.
>> No. 66219
File 129412145898.png - (1.43MB , 940x1600 , fruyf7ryrfy6dx.png )
Just finished playing 40th Day. The endings were crap, but I still need Army of Two content so bad it hurts right now. The bromance is through the roof. I've played both games as Salem, with my significant other playing Rios. As far as I'm concerned, they're fucking and it's canon.
>> No. 66251
I can't go there, because I always picture him with that same expression while fucking, and maybe he'd grunt a little when he comes. It's more freaky than arousing, I'm personally very very scared.
>> No. 66264
I'm scared and aroused. And very confused. Thirding it.
>> No. 66271
File 12941892258.jpg - (36.65KB , 600x324 , ferris_bueller_cameron_frye.jpg )
Where is it? Seriously.

Showed this movie to a friend who had, somehow, gone his whole life without seeing it. Got online that night expecting to find art and porn and, at least, one fic written like a Chuck Palahniuk novel. Instead, I found almost nothing.... What?... How... Why not? I was slashing this movie before I knew what gay people were.
>> No. 66274
File 129419070117.jpg - (106.10KB , 766x600 , ferris05.jpg )

Well, there's a few things on Yuletide (http://yuletidetreasure.org/archive/fandom_ferris_buellers_day_off.html) and a few on AO3 (http://archiveofourown.org/tags/Ferris%20Bueller%27s%20Day%20Off%20%281986%29/works) but yeah, there's not nearly enough considering how gay this movie is.
>> No. 66292
File 129420589115.jpg - (176.95KB , 1502x845 , chew_863.jpg )
>> No. 66297
Everyone should go out and buy this comic right now, it is fucking amazing.
>> No. 66310

For you, I found, copied and pasted this:

Vimes cursed the Unseen University under his breath. This was slightly harder than usual, given that he was running a bit short on breath due to his current activities.

Beneath him Vetinari was giving Vimes a bemused look that quietly said, /Hex or no Hex, this was bound to happen./

Vimes was too out of breath to swear and the wall was too far away to punch, so he settled for punching the pillow beneath Vetinari’s head.

The Patrician’s look of bemusement grew broad enough to almost qualify as a smile. Holding Vimes’ angry gaze, the most powerful man in Ankh-Morpork turned his head and pressed a gentle kiss against the wrist of the man who almost punched his face in.

Vimes laughed, a short bark that said, /You can’t help pushing, can you?/

Vetinari just smiled.

/I can push too/, thought Vimes as he began thrusting with renewed vigor*.

A soft sigh and sticky warmth on his stomach were all that signaled the Patrician’s climax. Vimes’ orgasm followed shortly after, although his was accompanied by several loud grunts, a moan and a graceless collapse onto the body beneath him.

Lying in the not-quite embrace of the most infuriating man he’s ever met, Vimes silently vows to never ever pull the string again, no matter how adorable the ducky is.

*Also available in classic and lemon fresh.
>> No. 66342
I actually want this. Anything with Donny and Walter yelling at him that he's out of his element.
>> No. 66343
File 129427274956.jpg - (40.03KB , 569x318 , 62651133_386a_ecd8.jpg )
Actually, is anyone up for a Scooby Doo-thread. I'd guess there'd be at least some material, considering how long the series has been around..
>> No. 66346
Does anyone have some stuff from classic movies? By classics I mean pre-1980 movies generally considered to be the creme of the crop in their genre or just amazing in general, i.e. Casablanca, Godfather, Spartacus, Gone with the Wind (not that I would want GWtW slash, Rhett/Scarlet OTP for life), you know the works. I love seeing classics ~defiled~, I'm kinky like that.
>> No. 66355
File 129428442667.jpg - (329.67KB , 600x718 , 127197675696.jpg )
>> No. 66359
I feel dirty for admitting this - even anonymously - but in my head canon, Don, Kathy and Cosmo from Singin' in the Rain are OT3, but not in a super just-sex kinda way (although there is a lot of sex), they're all romantic with each other too.

Because the chemistry that Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor have in that movie is ridiculously awesome. Also, Donald O'Connor as Cosmo wears a rainbow colored tie with matching pocket square for several scenes, and you cannot tell me that's an accident.
>> No. 66385
You're not alone in OT3-ing classic movies, anon. While I was watching Harvey, I couldn't help but wonder if Elwood P Dowd was trying to date Miss Kelley AND Dr. Sanderson.
"No, no, I just want to watch you two dance... hey, can I buy the pair of you some scotch? Boy, you kids do look great together..."
>> No. 66390
File 129434820821.jpg - (29.41KB , 400x268 , Jonathan_jorge.jpg )
Anything with these two?

They're Jorge Bendersky and Jonathan David, btw. From Groomer Has It.

What? They had lotsa chemistry in the show.
>> No. 66397
File 129435454581.gif - (125.52KB , 300x169 , tumblr_lekm3kpJPB1qbdfj5.gif )

The actors . . . not the characters . . .
>> No. 66399
dude i am seconding this but i'd like the characters too
>> No. 66405
Hnghh where did you find that?
>> No. 66410
My fellow /coq/monglers - I have to stop using that. Uh. Anon! Do you know of any good series/movies/whatever with prison-time and some gay? Good shows? D: 'Cause I'm working on a story and I want moar depictions of what it's like. Also so I can draw porn of it.
>> No. 66415
uh, super curious, is there any soap opera stuff out there? specifically looking for Days of our Lives if anything, but uh. Huh. you see, my mom watchs Days all the time, and by extension, so do I and so--Oh who am I kidding, does it exist?
>> No. 66421

Porn Battle on Insanejournal http://asylums.insanejournal.com/porn_battle/

You can find a number of other fics just by googling, but none of them are really porny. Well, none of the good ones.
>> No. 66422
That would be OZ an old HBO show.

There ends up being actual romance between beecher and another guy named keller. Keller is batshit loco though. So it didn't end well. But it was good while it lasted.
>> No. 66525
new true grit? come on now
>> No. 66567
File 129455963243.jpg - (108.70KB , 508x816 , 1281198374365.jpg )
I've found very few Fred/Shaggy. Maybe two bleh fics and a series of porn art where Fred can only get off if Shaggy is in monster costumes. Makes me sad.
>> No. 66570
So I just saw Megamind. I thought it would be bad but it's a surprisingly competent deconstruction of the superhero genre, and Titan is creepy as fuck. In the "ohh god he's still making that rapeface at me" way.

So I guess what I'm saying is porn here plz :V
>> No. 66586
I vote for a thread at some point. I'll se what I can find.
>> No. 66601
>> No. 66651
File 129467721176.jpg - (22.52KB , 500x397 , cape4.jpg )
So. This was pretty awesome. Am I a little early to the party?
>> No. 66660
meh really?

I wouldn't fall in love with it yet. I smell cancellation. /tv/ is usually pretty good at picking what is going down, and they pretty much all hated it.
>> No. 66662
It wasn't great, but it's a TV show. I'm not expecting anything other than mild entertainment. Plus it has foe yay, so whatever. Haters gonna hate.
>> No. 66665
haha haters gonna hate is a good description of /tv/
>> No. 66669
How I Met Your Mother?
>> No. 66673

haha are you me? I'm watching the rerun on CBS right now and my husband and I are were just fist-bumping over Marshall saying he liked Barney and Ted as a couple.

there's a pretty decent amount of slash fic out there on the ol' livejournals.
>> No. 66860
File 129497438095.jpg - (38.40KB , 300x360 , dexter.jpg )
Latefag, just got done watching Dexter Season 1.
Would love some linking to some decent written stuff.
>> No. 66874
>decent dexter slash fic

I...I don't think it exists

Or I read so much crap I just gave up looking. I might have seen one or two dexter/rudy fic that didn't make me go blind.
>> No. 66877
Did a little digging. Some gems on this one kinkmeme, but overall a big disappointment. This entire series is dedicated to my fetishes pretty much, especially the dynamic between Brian and Dexter.
>> No. 66989
I like to think the first season was the only season of dexter, Everything after just gets more and more disappointing.

They try to make him more human, which ruins it for me.
In the show he really only gets turned on when he thinks about the killings, his relationships are all fake (other then the his love for his stepsister) and he only kills badguys because they are less likely to be missed and it keeps him safe.

They just change almost everything that I liked about the show in later seasons.

I sometimes wish the first season ended like the book. Brain/rudy lives.
But the ending to dexter was still epic. Did you try A3 or lj?
>> No. 66992
File 129505942223.jpg - (83.18KB , 500x331 , Green-Hornet-Seth-Rogen-pics.jpg )
I know the movie's only been out for a few hours, but yes? Sometime soon?

Soooooooo bromantic, this movie.
>> No. 67046
/r/ing Lost Boys
>> No. 67063
Seconding this so much.
>> No. 67064
I tried lj. Never heard of A3, anything on there? Also, wanted to give the books a try. Are they worth it?
>> No. 67076
>> No. 67079

The first two books are really good, focus more on dexter being a killer.

There is no humanity in him in the books, just killing instinct trained to follow codes to keep itself alive and undetected.

The books eventually go down hill after the second one and they start getting into the supernatural and they find out killers are actually like living with real demons in their head or something. There is also a cult and pull heads and other "wut the fuck am I reading?" Not a bad idea if a different series, but it comes out of fucking no place in the dexter series and leave you pissed off after reading.
>> No. 67101
>The first two books are really good, focus more on dexter being a killer.
>There is no humanity in him in the books, just killing instinct trained to follow codes to keep itself alive and undetected.
Sounds good, it's pretty much what I wanted showtime to keep up with, and what they failed to do. Emotional Dexter is so out of character it's painful, and even though it might be an important plot aspect, the dark passenger thing started to make it seem that Dexter wasn't at fault for his actions. That just didn't sit right with me.
>> No. 67110
gimme some chudnofsky
>> No. 67150
Oh my god, they had so many gay jokes I'm surprised they didn't end up making out after the credits. And as much as I don't want to see Seth Rogen naked... I kind of do, now.
>> No. 67162
I think you mean... BLOODnofsky
>> No. 67179
oh of course!
>> No. 67189
The second he had Jay Chou over the Foosball table... there needed to be fic
>> No. 67206
File 129535730632.png - (496.57KB , 901x787 , Lumiere_and_Cogsworth_by_muffinpoodle.png )
>> No. 67207
File 12953573341.jpg - (116.92KB , 874x633 , (crop)EPIC_HOLIDAY_COMPILATION_8D_by_Eeba_ism.jpg )
>> No. 67211
I would have been sold if they were wearing spats.
>> No. 67248
Fandomless/OC thread?
>> No. 67257
Especially when Kato was pointing the gun at Britt and whispered "I forgive you" after Britt made a sadface and apologized. Oh and that scene when Lenore was trying to get the bullet out of Britt, Kato holds his hand and cries "shong di forever!" everyone lol'd but my slasher heart started thumping

Yes definitely a lot of bromance in that movie, and if you read the comics there's definitely bromance in there too <3
>> No. 67260

I would like this as well.
>> No. 67262

Chess/Vince anyone?
>> No. 67280
Some fic that I found
>> No. 67298
File 129549744136.jpg - (29.45KB , 300x440 , burn-notice-michael-westen-757553.jpg )
So, I just recently started watching this (I know, slowpoke.jpeg) and after marathoning the first three seasons... Damn, I need fic.

Anything Burn Notice out there?
>> No. 67378
File 129557791124.jpg - (101.62KB , 595x393 , doc.jpg )
I think we had a Dr. Horrible thread once?
I mean, after seeing him during Slipping, hng.
>> No. 67434
I know it's a year and a half early, but... Christopher Nolan's Batman/Bane?
Come on guys.
I know it probably doesn't exist yet but one can hope, amirite?
>> No. 67435
you might be able to find something people bane has become kind of a... sort of good guy. A merc who takes good jobs, he works sometimes with batman. They are almost friends.
So because of that some comic lover might have written some batman/bane stuff.
>> No. 67483

Wrong time period.
>> No. 67494
Ok, so, back a long time ago we had a general Hellboy/BPRD thread in /pco/. It's long gone now. But it had some good art and fics that I haven't been able to find since. Does anyone have any of it? There was stuff with Daimio, and Caul..

I'd make a thread for it if I believed there'd be enough content, but I don't think that will be the case. The /pco/ thread only survived because it also included straight stuff.
>> No. 67516
Anything for American Gods? I can't be the only who ships Ibis/Jacquel
>> No. 67522
Does anyone have any Vanquish?
I can find nothing.
>> No. 67524
File 129574213795.jpg - (111.60KB , 600x341 , 127429082311.jpg )
Pic relevant. Basically my face when I realized Dr. Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds) had his first religious experience (sadly, not a euphemism) with a gorgeous Santeria priest named Julio Ruiz, and had EPIC eyesex with the man for the vast majority of the episode. Now I want Julio to be a recurring character so that more epic eyesex can happen. Because it NEEDS to happen; there was actual chemistry between the two of them.
>> No. 67532

Well, there are stuff in AO3 and a few crossovers with White Collar. Look around, you'll find stuff. Lots of ot3, too, if you're into.
>> No. 67533

There's not nearly as much as there should be, for serious. But I shall provide what I can.


>> No. 67539
File 129576455863.jpg - (29.43KB , 228x318 , thecollector.jpg )
Any of The Collector? I would kill for some Collector/Arkin
>> No. 67541
Seconding this.
>> No. 67556
Any Dan Vs or Gi Joe renegades?
>> No. 67560
File 129580838031.jpg - (14.04KB , 300x293 , god-of-war-3.jpg )
Hi guys. I need this. Paheal is disappointing.

Please help.
>> No. 67572
Just got around to watching Crises on Two Earths, and my first thought was whether there was any Jester/Lex Luthor.

Does it exist?
>> No. 67582
did anyone ever read the Artemis Fowl series? I've been rereading the first one out of boredom and i am in desperate need of Artemis/Butler slash seriously they are a married couple
>> No. 67586
File 129584168385.jpg - (106.59KB , 742x622 , 1295415549233.jpg )
>> No. 67588
Okay, so many of you might not understand this, but I need Tulio/Clopin like burning.

>> No. 67590

So agreed.
>> No. 67594
File 129584614141.jpg - (222.91KB , 900x761 , Lol__Really_Gay_by_lebzpel.jpg )
Here ya go, hope you find more.

I want this so bad! THIRDED.
>> No. 67599
should I bother watching this movie?
>> No. 67611
File 129589971895.jpg - (27.05KB , 530x308 , Fallout-Nuka-Break-Logo.jpg )
Is it bad that I just watched this a little while ago, it was only about ten minutes long, and I STILL already want some Ben/Twig content to immediately blink into existence?

>> No. 67613
I liked it. It's a great thriller and dives straight into the action without the useless time fillers.
>> No. 67630
omg!!!!!!!! I fucking love this, thank you for posting it!!
I am playing fallout 3 right now with blue steel and the other dlc for the first time and I forgot how much better this one is then new vegas.
Just the whole atmosphere of the world is better.
I love you anon. Know that in this world, someone you have never met loves you.
>> No. 67675
File 12960041036.jpg - (59.47KB , 366x522 , gangs-of-new-york.jpg )
>> No. 67786
File 129618070873.jpg - (47.08KB , 320x480 , 9a2519e99cpace-2_jpg.jpg )
This sexy son of a bitch needs some love. He's so broken in DS2 it made my heart burst. I'd take anything with Isaac, maybe Isaac/Stros. Does it exist?
>> No. 67790
File 129618685527.gif - (362.60KB , 500x281 , tumblr_lfhlevTXSH1qbhtrto1_500.gif )
any adventure time??
>> No. 67791
Begging for fic recs for Big Bang Theory. Particularly with Sheldon, but a Raj/Howard is always good too.
>> No. 67857
File 129627796989.jpg - (30.35KB , 784x543 , Wakfu_episode_26_70.jpg )
Granted, there's little for him to actually be with, but that's what tentacles are for. Which he designed himself for those moments.
>> No. 67867
File 129633444038.jpg - (31.66KB , 819x455 , whostandsthatclose.jpg )
Heroes? Sylar and Peter preferably. I'll take fics too, just anything someone can dig up.
>> No. 67872
File 129634806730.jpg - (19.65KB , 328x252 , Kahmunrah[1].jpg )
Night at the Museum II; anything with Kahmunrah. DEM ARMS, man

Perhaps Kahmunrah/Larry? Dude was all into that security guard.

Or when he kidnaps Jedediah (Owen Wilson as a tiny cowboy), he has him climb all over his dick or something? He canonically calls Jedediah adorable, and Jedediah is the perfect size for something like that.
>> No. 67888
File 129636824056.jpg - (145.37KB , 1280x720 , 1296362374430.jpg )
you guys

only god can judge me
>> No. 67891
You're not alone.
>> No. 67917

I, too, desperately need more of this.

though I'm more interested in Schreber and Bumstead boning. Bumstead is just such a decent guy that asks all the hard questions.
>> No. 67918


I'm also more a Drummers and Vet guy, but this one made me happy and it's V/V
>> No. 67919
Why is there so little Tangled porn? Those brothers were asking for it!
>> No. 67992
Would it be TOO weird to want some Diary of a Wimpy Kid slash? I don't even mean shota or anything, but Greg in HS or more of a future!fic. Reading the books, Greg totally had a crush on Rodrick.

Alright, maybe this is just what happens when you forget to take off your slash goggles...
>> No. 68003
File 129652476742.jpg - (178.01KB , 1023x1364 , Ej115 - Dead Space a new flavor.jpg )
>> No. 68009
File 129653293146.jpg - (47.03KB , 629x478 , starskyhutchtooclose2.jpg )
Looking for specifically (and only) art content for Starsky and Hutch. The fics are a vast and beautiful gold mine of porn, but I absolutely cannot find any good art for it. Halp? Fic recs are fine as well if that's all you've got.
>> No. 68057
File 129667341159.jpg - (88.77KB , 1024x768 , grande-ill-2-copy.jpg )
Is there any slash from the Grand Illusion? Anything with Boeldieu, particularly with Marechal, would be appreciated
>> No. 68106
File 129678707467.jpg - (164.75KB , 700x1046 , markroger13.jpg )
Um. Anything from RENT? Roger/Mark is preferable, but anything would be amazing.
>> No. 68113
File 129679521947.jpg - (43.43KB , 480x640 , gtuce.jpg )
Any Community related stuff floating around?
>> No. 68134
Dude, could you point me in the direction of some good fic? Porn is preferable, I guess.
>> No. 68142
You could always browse through the Me and Thee archive - http://meandthee.shahrazad.net/

Anything by Rebelcat is automatically good - http://rebelcat4.tripod.com/ The porn is hot, but her gen story Postscript is one of the best I've ever read in any fandom. Here's her fanfiction.net account - http://www.fanfiction.net/u/436649/

Also be sure to check out anything by ABlackwingedBird - http://www.fanfiction.net/u/627686/A_blackwinged_bird and wuemsel - http://www.fanfiction.net/u/240546/wuemsel
>> No. 68157
File 129692304860.gif - (249.05KB , 600x600 , iaroslavskie_kraski.gif )
Something small from the pixiv.
>> No. 68158
File 129692321737.jpg - (73.45KB , 500x500 , 16408169_p1.jpg )
>> No. 68164
File 129692530610.jpg - (22.39KB , 320x210 , bostonlegal.jpg )
Boston Legal slash, there must be some Denny on Alan somewhere.
>> No. 68166
File 129693418244.jpg - (56.55KB , 570x402 , 1296830279578.jpg )

Any Dan Vs. slash?
>> No. 68195
File 12969652616.jpg - (51.11KB , 869x915 , 1296870992129.jpg )
>> No. 68196
File 129696534961.jpg - (82.83KB , 1438x1084 , 1296843977998.jpg )
>> No. 68203
File 129697485054.jpg - (19.89KB , 256x281 , dan_fsjal.jpg )

Heh, neat. I wonder if anyone's written any fic yet. But I guess we'll have to wait awhile before some more substantial fanstuffs are made. Wish I could drawfag.
>> No. 68210
there are a few good community fics here

But there should be more someplace! :(
I could read jeff/anyone
>> No. 68214
File 129700230517.jpg - (85.33KB , 278x250 , xxxfile.jpg )
X-Files anyone?
>> No. 68218
File 129701611457.png - (123.63KB , 663x584 , danvs.png )
Made it just for you.
>> No. 68220
Got any Thudercat stuff...?
>> No. 68231

There's some more in /co/ proper; maybe it's enough for its own thread?
>> No. 68291
You're good people.
I'm a jeff/rich fan myself.
>> No. 68412
File 129719022954.jpg - (361.28KB , 491x671 , tumblr_l9upbcO7yk1qa4q3po1_500.jpg )
Any Sunspot?
>> No. 68461
File 129725858138.jpg - (35.87KB , 400x300 , inglourious_basterds_xl_05--film-A.jpg )
>> No. 68462
The archived board had a bunch of threads about that.
Unfortunately, only this one seemed to survive because there's something wrong with the archiving system for coq.
>> No. 68478
File 129728656094.jpg - (829.41KB , 800x640 , youlittleslut.jpg )
I hadn't planned on liking it. But then I relented and watched it. And now I kind of love it.

Found fic here:
and here:

But I have my heart set on something more visual is anyone has any...
>> No. 68497
File 129731406920.jpg - (104.61KB , 515x755 , goodwill.jpg )
I need this.
>> No. 68542
THIS! so much THIS! *matt damon x,x*
>> No. 68570
File 129748702123.jpg - (16.82KB , 287x350 , umbrella.jpg )
>> No. 68573
File 12974916844.jpg - (69.67KB , 250x178 , joey-chandler-roommate.jpg )

Yeah, I'm going to have to second this....
>> No. 68578
How do you miss the ginormous Heroes slash communities on Livejournal all these years? I'm more Mohinder/Sylar myself but there is an uncountable amount of Sylar/Peter out there along with everything else
>> No. 68606
Malcolm In The Middle, anyone? I've read a few, but there's a serious lack of it on the internets. I'm partial do Malcolm/Reese myself, but any pairing would be great at this point.
>> No. 68627
I want some Republic Commando yaoi
>> No. 68652

Seconded, so fucking hard.
>> No. 68667
File 129764802698.jpg - (141.57KB , 584x329 , arts-kings-speech-584.jpg )
I'm kinda upset 'cause I can't find anything of The King's Speech. Come on, how is there so little? Colin Firth, people, come on!
>> No. 68668
“I got rid of all my Colin Firth movies in case they consider them erotica."
>> No. 68692


>> No. 68693
That was - um - that was really bad. The characterizations were awful and the whole thing with their wives just kinda going with it really bugged me.
>> No. 68721
File 129772691424.jpg - (34.38KB , 416x300 , _44227383_youngones2_bbcpicgall.jpg )
The Young Ones?
>> No. 68729
File 129773370274.jpg - (65.74KB , 528x775 , SageofSpice - Half a House Meeting.jpg )
Since y!gallery seems to not be biting the dust as previously expected, here's the Young Ones club: http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/clubgallery/7608/
>> No. 68743

And that's the best there is.

>> No. 68751
Moar? The stuff over at y! is mostly dodgy.. Anyone intersted in a new thread, to maybe gather some new stuff?
>> No. 68767
Is there anything of the Flaming C?

If there isn't, I'd gladly settle for regular Conan's pasty white ass...
>> No. 68773

sh-should not want to want
>> No. 68796
File 129788120994.jpg - (72.98KB , 458x650 , 1294991819436.jpg )
I have this. I either got it here or on regular /co/.
>> No. 68802

We're in this together, cock!!! ;-;
>> No. 68803
Dat bit of uncovered bulge

I love everything about this and I love you, anon.
>> No. 68815

>> No. 68818
The best part is the jealous Flash in the background.
But yeah, we seriously need more.
>> No. 68895
I wanted this too! I couldn't slash him with Geofrrey Rush for personal reasons, but I'd easily read something with his brother.
>> No. 68946
File 129815268789.jpg - (24.88KB , 640x360 , reaver___fable_iii_by_phoenix88049-d2zorz3.jpg )
I'm looking for some Fable stuff.
Seriously, how is there not more of Reaver or Logan?

Just isn't right.
>> No. 68951
So I just saw this, okay at best, but the subtext was cranked to 11. I'm actually surprised they didn't kiss at the end.
>> No. 68952
Is there any Social Network RPF out there that won't make me me go blind?
>> No. 68953
I'm sorry, I meant to ask specifically for Andrew/Jess.
>> No. 68974
>> No. 68975

These aren't bad. Who woulda thought from someone named 30-Rock-Office? Probably the best author in the fandom... which says something really bad about the fandom.
>> No. 68976
The Eagle?
>> No. 68981
Like for every fandom, there's a kink meme.
>> No. 69011
File 129831522337.jpg - (270.75KB , 1080x1600 , I am number four poster.jpg )
John/Henri time now?
>> No. 69032
File 129832777836.png - (748.89KB , 604x508 , Paracute.png )
Anything with Plastic Man? Preferably Plas/Woozy? Please, god, please, it has to be somewhere.
>> No. 69036
File 129833598255.jpg - (24.45KB , 600x255 , ben-foster-mechanic.jpg )
I searched livejournal and I am coming up blank.

Anyone have any mechanic fic?
I really want steve/large other mechanic in coffee shop.
My size difference kink was going crazy.
>> No. 69083
Thank you, anon!
>> No. 69085
File 129839692477.jpg - (33.17KB , 428x276 , 310toyuma.jpg )
3:10 to Yuma plz plz plz no whammies
>> No. 69094
Would there be a good reaction to my starting a CanonGay thread?
>> No. 69096
Just finished this, and it's so so adorable. Really, thanks for the recommendation, it was just so great. I'm so very happy right now after all the nerd gay love. :3
>> No. 69137
...A Single Man?
>> No. 69146

I think it would be a good idea. I don't think there are a lot of big followings for many canon gay pairings besides RicStar or Billy/Teddy
>> No. 69153
I know I'd be happy to see it, but experience tells me that there's never alot of content for canon gay.

But again; I would be so happy to see some Northstar.
>> No. 69157
A CALVIN & HOBBS THREAD PLEASE? (Or maybe just a general 'RUINING YOUR CHILDHOOD' thread?)
>> No. 69158
File 129852116083.jpg - (136.51KB , 1024x768 , calvinandhobbesgay01.jpg )
A CALVIN & HOBBS THREAD PLEASE? (Or maybe just a general 'RUINING YOUR CHILDHOOD' thread?)
>> No. 69208
File 129853280252.gif - (166.83KB , 600x5800 , my ever changing friend.gif )
Maybe an "OH GOD MY CHILDHOOD" thread would work better.
>> No. 69226
I'm looking for some Regular Show porn between Mordecai and Rigby. Preferably with Rigby on top. Anyone has?
>> No. 69244

Check the "regular show" thread. Should be around this board somewhere
>> No. 69257
So I'm mosey-ing my way through Dead Space 2, and it may or may not already have some sort of suppliment, but, perhaps some Isaac/Stross stuff would be fantastic.
>> No. 69294
File 129866385321.jpg - (129.43KB , 317x628 , 1285542433259.jpg )
No words can express what I'm feeling right now. Nothing makes me sadder than Calvin & Hobbes porn.

(Don't take this the wrong way, I'm not judging anyone's kink, just expressing my deep feelings of dread and despair.)
>> No. 69301
Okay I'm not even halfway through Neverwhere and I already want the Marquis de Carabas to dominate Richard like WOAH.
>> No. 69354
Are you me? I've read Neverwhere a couple times, and I just finished reading it again today...and yeah, I've even watched the British miniseries of it, and I have NEVER shaken the feeling that Marquis and Richard had some massive UST going on that should have been acted upon at some point.

Damnit, now I have to go look on Netflix and see if I can still watch it on Instant Play.
>> No. 69355
I would willingly hide a body for Anon if it meant I could get a good Johnny Quid & Archie hookup in drawn form. But only JQ when he's older, like post-rehab at the end of the film, when he looks REALLY good and Archie hugs him . There is some decent fanfic of these two, but I'd like some drawfaggotry/photomanips to make my life better.
>> No. 69369
I tried to watch the tv show.
I was very unhappy with the Marquis' design. I prefer Pika-La-Cynique's design.
>> No. 69473
File 129887287091.jpg - (1.01MB , 1280x1980 , 0.jpg )
I see no Orc Stain porn.

Fix it.
>> No. 69496
File 129892799537.png - (908.18KB , 535x1598 , 1396231-sam_gideon_super.png )
An odd request /coq/

Any Sam Gideon from Vanquish?
>> No. 69521
lot of 3:10 to yuma stuff on LJ and AO3 have not seen many pics but have read great fic

also try the porn battle
round 6 I think is the furthest it goes back
>> No. 69536
fuck there was this really terrible one
that was like, chandler and joey talk about who's better at jerking off
chandler says he's better
joey says prove it (as you do)
then tehy go on a series of masturbations that turn into chandler bottoming
meanwhile, ross drunkenly rapes joshua, rachel's current boyfriend at the time of fic writing
he also gives joey a blowjob, at the same time
like i said, as you do
then pete (jon favreau) shows up
and they have all these orgies
i think phoebe and monica make out or something
ross ends up with rachel
and the trio of pete, joey and chandler break up because chandler and joey love each other more than they love pete.
the end
>> No. 69557
File 129905344280.png - (929.57KB , 913x718 , theshade.png )
hi, uh, i feel like shit for asking this, but is there anything of "the shade" ?
>> No. 69568
File 129908276387.jpg - (96.50KB , 1067x600 , Jamie & Carl.jpg )
Anything for Carl squared?
>> No. 69576
I feel so damn old on this board. People are posting cartoons of things I have never even heard of.

get off my lawn, in my day, walked up hill etcetera
>> No. 69586
I-I'm actually scared to look for this, for fear of what I may find but

Bugs and Daffy?

I hate me right now.
>> No. 69591
File 129912574029.jpg - (78.28KB , 522x658 , 601329 - Alex_Spastic Bugs_Bunny Daffy_Duck Elmer_.jpg )
Here ya go, brah.
>> No. 69592
File 129912628959.png - (7.03KB , 256x192 , 405661 - Bugs_Bunny Daffy_Duck Deus_Ex JC_Denton L.png )
>> No. 69602
Is there anything at all for Irredeemable (or Incorruptible)?
>> No. 69628
File 129918466189.png - (178.07KB , 608x256 , vlcsnap-2011-03-03-21h36m11s69.png )
The Good, the Bad, the Weird?
>> No. 69668
Any Wicked porn? Prefferably Frex/Turtle Heart, but I am also hoping for rule 63 Elphaba/Glinda. Or Boq.
>> No. 69681
I would go for any korean movie stuff

am I a bad person for wanting oldboy? Where are we going and why I am I in this hand basket?
>> No. 69720
File 129930501729.png - (334.99KB , 800x700 , tumblr_lfwid3LL8Q1qeg3kyo1_1280.png )
>> No. 69730
File 129931355482.jpg - (51.90KB , 700x262 , onsehyvinjanna.jpg )
So how about that Pasila, English-speaking world?

(The More You Know: http://www.youtube.com/user/ReksaR)
>> No. 69734
How is it possible that we STILL don't have a Social Network thread?
>> No. 69766
Well, is there enough content for one?
>> No. 69777
Dunno. ;_;

I've been reading Mark/Eduardo and Andrew/Jesse like a deranged person sice I saw the movie. There's a decent number of fanfics out there, but not nearly enough. It's a small, but awesome fandom. Definetely needs more art.

(I'm also trying to write my own Mark/Eduardo fic, but... but... you know.)
>> No. 69782
File 129937862088.jpg - (38.68KB , 407x522 , rogerdong.jpg )
Can we get some pervy Roger (from American Dad) stuff on here?
>> No. 69822
So after watching an unecessary amount of interviews, I've come to the obvious conclusion that Andrew Garfield is helplessly in love with Jesse Eisenberg. Usually, I don't just presume stuff like that about celebrities, especially celebrities that are apparently very heterosexual and have girlfriends, but come on. It's not even that I believe they're together, I just believe Andrew is really, really in love with Jesse, and that makes him giddy as a school girl.

So I want an specific sort of RPS where Andrew is, you know, madly in love with Jesse, but thinks it's a one-sided crush and decides to keep it shut. This being from Andrew's POV. Then there's lots of mangst and cuteness at the same time, and eventually a happy ending.

If this doesn't exist, any writerfag up to it?
>> No. 69827
File 129942665010.jpg - (490.78KB , 1778x2700 , PUNISHER ITB V.jpg )
Are you me?
"In the Blood" is like a tragic love story of the two.
>> No. 69863
File 129945803930.png - (132.88KB , 777x548 , punisherhenry4.png )
Holy shit. Sup, /coq/, you share my OTP.

I was the one who requested that picture from the lovely caketown and this >>62453 from the dear Edi over in the general Marvel thread.
>> No. 69877
Anything for Morel Orel? Obvious Papa Puppington and Coach
>> No. 69887
File 129948319467.jpg - (455.62KB , 512x1592 , MadHotPants.jpg )
I need some Madman like burning. He's so goddamn cute.
>> No. 69917
definitely thought this thread had gone completely over the line batshit into Punisher/Mark Zuckerberg for a hot second there
>> No. 69926
File 129959389048.jpg - (89.78KB , 800x699 , 469446 - John_Marston Red_Dead_Redemption.jpg )
Okay, so I finally got to try out Red Dead Redemption, with low standards in the expecting worthwhile characters department. Not only am I having a blast with this game, I love Marston like BURNING.

Naturally this means I need porn of him. Please tell me this isn't the only decent picture out there. I mean there isn't much to slash but I would just love some good old pinups of him or invisicocks or ANYTHING so I hope it exists.
>> No. 69950
File 129964109059.jpg - (121.83KB , 450x450 , 5835959.jpg )
>> No. 69952
File 129964141250.jpg - (102.33KB , 894x894 , 127969541934.jpg )
>> No. 69979
Now I... might really want this.

Alternative: Eduardo becomes bitter after Mark's betrayal and decides to lash out by becoming a superhero. A few years later, they meet again. Sex ensues. (Maybe Mark is even working for a villain or something! :D)
>> No. 70000
there is a fic where wardo is spiderman. But how does one become so bitter they get bit by a radioactive spider? HAHA oh you

wardo becomes spiderman after the lawsuit. He has to keep saving mark, that is balls.
>> No. 70005

That is all :)
>> No. 70028
Has anyone ever seen any actual good Clark/Lex Smallville art? All I ever see is manips which always make me a little uncomfortable (though if anyone has anything good, I'll take it) but I wish I had SOMETHING in my Smallville folder that is art instead of fiction.

Help me?
>> No. 70047
is there a da2 thread yet? cuz i dont see it (and wont make it due to no content)
thats my request anyway
>> No. 70056
File 129983117923.jpg - (85.58KB , 750x600 , da2___rivalry_by_catmonroe88-d37man7.jpg )
most of the fanart I've found for DA2 is with the person's FemHawke..so we might have to wait a bit on that.
>> No. 70059
File 129987060098.jpg - (67.97KB , 650x423 , Jay-and-silent-bob.jpg )
Okay guys, I'm looking for something very specific.
Jay/Silent Bob, snuggly cuddly romance fic, where they're totally married and everybody knows it but them, until the very end.
>> No. 70063
Uhhh...anything of Hatter or Mad March from Alice?
>> No. 70077
Do we have anything on I Luv Halloween? dat devil lad
>> No. 70098
Since there's a Beatles thread, but it's not getting much content, how about a musician thread? You guys think there would be enough content? (And oh God, can we please not get swarmed with MCR stuff. I love them, but jeesh, how about some variety?)
>> No. 70140
I can't remember if we have an LoTR thread or not. Fic reqs?
>> No. 70148
File 130006749029.jpg - (65.70KB , 500x331 , radiohead2.jpg )

Is it really bad that I want Radiohead stuff? Thom is too cute.
>> No. 70151
File 130007605159.jpg - (196.24KB , 646x1238 , i_luv_slash_by_roundarosie_png.jpg )
I haven't seen much art sadly but there is a LJ community http://community.livejournal.com/i_luv_slash/
I don't recall reading any particularly good fics but I haven't read any of them in a extremely long time so I guess it's worth checking out
>> No. 70162
File 130013400550.jpg - (105.44KB , 406x260 , iwannatakeyoutoagaybar.jpg )
Any early First Class stuff, or am I going to have to wait for the movie fandom to pick up?
>> No. 70167
Anyone else expecting an influx of Azael material?
>> No. 70179
File 130015756763.png - (209.97KB , 500x458 , tumblr_lhkem1C8HF1qa0gybo1_500.png )
Anyone know where I can find some more Dragon Age 2? Fic or at doesn't matter. This just happens to be my favorite pairing.
>> No. 70201
Maybe I'm alone, but Azazel/Beast?
>> No. 70251
Is there any fic of the @mayoremanuel saga? I'd love some Rahm/Axelrod/Carl OT3.
>> No. 70262
File 130032355455.jpg - (19.20KB , 719x430 , A-Clockwork-Orange-a-clockwork-orange-323590_719_4.jpg )
A Clockwork Orange anyone? I need this my life like you have no idea
>> No. 70279
Oh my god

Sort of want
>> No. 70286
There was a ridiculously awesome fic with Alex and Norman Bates from Psycho, called "Bed and Breakfast" or something like that, but I can't find it. Anyone?
>> No. 70312
Ooh have any fic recs of either? I can't find anything good
>> No. 70333
I NEVER take off my slash goggles. Honestly, I thought I was alone in wanting this so badly.
>> No. 70334
Anything for Gattaca? I can't've been the only one to see something between Eugene and Vincent/Jerome
>> No. 70347
I'm sure there isn't anything, but I'm asking anyway.
Jurassic Park, please? Fic, art, anything...
>> No. 70351
any Arbiter/Master Chief from Halo?
>> No. 70352
I know there's a tiny fandom out there for JP3 with Allen & his protege, but there isn't much in the way of art.

I would love it if somebody did JP1 porn with Ian Malcolm; that man was FABULOUS in that movie. "Slash porn fanart finds a way", lol.
>> No. 70370
I remember reading a REALLY good fic a long time ago, but now I can't find it anywhere. There wasn't much of a plot, as it happened during the movie, only by Jerome's POV, but it was simply great. I don't remember much about it, so it's not exactly to find. :(

Also, I second the notion. Gattaca is extremely slashy.
>> No. 70374
File 130057960238.jpg - (29.13KB , 540x432 , blue32.jpg )
Man, of course while rewatching this show (Red Dwarf), all I can think about is how much I still love Rimmer/Lister. I wonder, is there anything nowadays? I've lost everything (a small collection) I had on my old laptop, and my mourning could be eased by something non-shitty...

(If you've never watched it, I'd suggest taking a gander, as it's, personally, the funniest show I know. The whole series is on youtube. promoting show bluh bluh)
>> No. 70375
File 130057979186.png - (840.46KB , 617x877 , how do i completed drawings.png )

also have a scribble I did (for incentive?!)
this is the same anon as before btw in case it was not obvious
>> No. 70380


Rango. Any content for it?
>> No. 70385
File 130059576037.jpg - (192.89KB , 1280x947 , 624264 - Beans Priscilla Rango bad_bill local_shop.jpg )


There's this.
>> No. 70388
File 130060169841.jpg - (27.06KB , 296x438 , Paul_poster.jpg )
Christ guys, I just came back from watching this movie and I'm already ready for some interspecies lovin'. They were practically throwing the slash in you face.
>> No. 70391
Yes to Paul. But I think we won't be seeing any of this till it comes out to dvd.
>> No. 70402

I wish I wasn't curious.
>> No. 70458
File 130072512972.jpg - (409.75KB , 950x796 , 1300688089725.jpg )
Last one from me.
>> No. 70474
File 130073495361.jpg - (185.07KB , 1222x861 , Syberfox - HawkeAnders.jpg )
There's finally more Dragon Age porn surfacing. Should we start a thread, or still wait a bit?
>> No. 70476
Why not just a Bioware thread?
>> No. 70477
That would work, actually!
>> No. 70493
Anything of Chuck?
>> No. 70494

Let's get it started.
>> No. 70525
File 13008010019.png - (186.00KB , 490x336 , Jubell - Carl2.png )
It is hard anon, watching shows nobody has heard of. But I can't be the only one who wanted this.
>> No. 70558
File 130085522667.jpg - (152.89KB , 640x480 , 593363%20-%20Chuck_Greene%20Dead_Rising%20Dead_Ris.jpg )
I'll look and see if I have more anon but I haven't seen much out there.
>> No. 70560
File 130085952936.jpg - (129.37KB , 500x375 , 3760072081_568d79e31b.jpg )
I'm desperate for some good Mythbusters slash.
Grant/Tory, preferably, but Grant/Tory/Kari is also cool.
What little I can find is all Adam/Jamie, gen, completely terrible, or some combination thereof.

Any recs?
>> No. 70584
Is there anything for Community? Abed/Troy is legit as fuck.
>> No. 70585
Rewatched Eastern Promises. Got on the net and found out there is no Kirill/Nikolai drawn stuff.
I am disappoint.
>> No. 70625

hahaha! but yeah, i 2nd that. I am DYING for it. MICHAEL FASSBENDMEOVER YOU GUYS. AND JAMES MCAVOY.

I have been waiting a long time for the release of this movie purely for the porn that will come from it. DO NOT DISAPPOINT ME, /COQ/.
>> No. 70642
File 130102296714.jpg - (456.48KB , 1000x776 , 124657220668.jpg )
this is not particularly erotic but.. i'm looking for that pic where gabe from penny arcade is licking a computer screen
anyone have it?
this hotness in return
>> No. 70651
Magical Tooth Fairyyoutube thumb
>> No. 70668
slowpoking but is there any pearl harbor? Found an old VHS in a box and rewatched the movie for the first time in years with my slash-goggles firmly in place, need rafe/Danny like burning

No pic because I'm not in my own computer
>> No. 70723
File 130126472153.jpg - (41.86KB , 500x304 , tighty whities.jpg )
Holy shit I love you. I hadn't even thought of corrupting the cutie, but then I saw that pic - and somehow forgot about /coq/. Shit, this MUST exist.
>> No. 70732
http://manic-intent.livejournal.com has written 6 or 7 fics on Dragon Age 2 in the past two weeks or so
>> No. 70733
Err, I don't expect much since the fandom is oddly slow. Buuuut, Fringe anyone? Apparently Walter/William (young) doesn't exist anywhere in my searches, so anything you have would be much appreciated. It's practically canon.
>> No. 70746
File 130132108268.gif - (498.24KB , 210x135 , tumblr_l8vr8nUuI41qahhxwo1_250.gif )

>> No. 70762
File 130135703516.png - (213.37KB , 794x662 , tryingsohardtomakethatflynotlooklikeamangina.png )
Here's a little drawfag attempt.
>> No. 70782
How about Suite Life on Deck, Zack/Cody? I need some twincest
>> No. 70791

Glad this can be said now without it being pedophiliarific.
>> No. 70795
File 130140693745.png - (45.06KB , 251x303 , Lord Byron.png )
...can I get some Lord Byron fic in here?
Seriously. He at least deserves a mention for being the world's biggest slut.
>> No. 70798
File 130141181624.jpg - (16.67KB , 200x223 , shelley.jpg )
Seconded, also I'd request Percy Shelley and his wonderful girliness and massive boner for Keats in there somewhere
pic related, it's Percy's beautiful face
>> No. 70824

Lord, we were just studying these two in class. I got such a gay vibe, it was amazing.
>> No. 70833
They're so gay, their gayness TRANSCENDS TIME.
>> No. 70884
File 130162178373.jpg - (154.61KB , 680x500 , tumblrl2hanblptv1qbei2a.jpg )
The Pacific, preferably Sledge/Snafu. I've been to the kink meme, but I want to know if there is any art out there.

(I know they were mentioned in the history thread, but that's long dead, so I thought I'd ask for it here).
>> No. 70922
File 130169351647.png - (683.54KB , 854x453 , cyd_barron.png )
Went with this on /pco/'s request thread, but it might be better here. I'm requesting a pic of Cyd and Barron, two male Eliatropes from the Wakfu: Les Gardiens game. There's GoultardxTristepin and RemingtonxMaskemane pictures out there, but no Eliatrope yaoi. And I don't wanna consider Yugoxanyone, so...
>> No. 70926

If the picture wasn't enough, I stopped caring when I read "yaoi."
>> No. 70930

Oh, yes please. Just saw it today. Is there any content yet? Not really on-board with the interspecies lovin'. I will never not ship Simon Pegg/Nick Frost hardcore in everything they're in though.
>> No. 70969
Is there any porn for the iron giant?
>> No. 70976
I know it's been asked, but any Sym Bionic Titan?
Lance and Soloman would be amazing... Lance and Octus would be awesome, too.
But really, just anything. Especially if Lance has daddy issues.
>> No. 70979
File 130178864013.jpg - (76.64KB , 534x800 , gatsby.jpg )

>> No. 70995
File 130179937631.jpg - (67.88KB , 400x400 , The-Lincoln-Lawyer.jpg )
Trying to find content, not having a lot of luck.

Would prefer Haller/Levin or Haller/Minton but I guess that little bitch he defends is fine too.
>> No. 71000
File 130180779571.jpg - (152.64KB , 680x1024 , matthew-mcconaughey-shirtless-celebrity-hunks-680x.jpg )

That's better
>> No. 71006
I know the series is crap but what about...The Twilight Saga?

Good fic and art is so hard to find in this fandom.
>> No. 71010

I'm pretty sure the fans are too busy putting themselves into stories than writing slash. BUT I would kill for something with Carlisle.
>> No. 71060

I love you
>> No. 71065
Anything for Human Target? The fandom's not that big, so good stuff is hard to come by.
>> No. 71086
File 130193947217.jpg - (45.52KB , 480x224 , wonder-boys.jpg )
Anything for Wonder Boys? This couple is even canon!
>> No. 71087
t-top gear? .____.;;; please. pretty please.
>> No. 71131

this this this

is there fic anywhere? :<
>> No. 71152
This is all I got.
I remember there being more. I too was on the hunt for them after reading the book for class sometime back. XD
>> No. 71157
File 13020584163.jpg - (80.94KB , 360x267 , THIS-GUY-HE-MAH-NIGGA[1]_jpg_i(___).jpg )
Oh my, thanks so much! Does anyone else mind doing a quick drawing or fic?
>> No. 71165
File 130206775374.jpg - (78.48KB , 469x646 , tumblr_lj0whpVOie1qbof29o1_500.jpg )

-- or generic bandom, really (Fall Out Boy, The Cab, Cobra Starship, The Hush Sound, The Academy Is...). I could generate so much content for this shit but I dont want to jump on if there isn't anyone with me.
>> No. 71183

Did you try searching the internet?
>> No. 71212
File 130215213393.png - (238.42KB , 928x1050 , 1296864934169.png )
Oh god are you me.
I only have one picture, and I think this is the only picture that exists.
>> No. 71213
File 130215218468.png - (153.28KB , 576x576 , 1295672426834.png )
also another, and I'm all tapped out.
>> No. 71253
File 130222029157.png - (279.46KB , 1134x945 , Alwayscutewhenhetriestoswear.png )
And I love you, random Anonymous.
>> No. 71258
I will consider marrying the first person to find me Penn/Teller fic or art. It apparently does not exist anywhere.
>> No. 71262
File 130222625186.jpg - (103.92KB , 800x1019 , New_Penn_and_Teller_show_by_Shadowglove.jpg )
>> No. 71267

Oh fuck, everything about this is perfect. I heartily agree with that filename.
>> No. 71301
If anyone has any I Love You Phillip Morris ANYTHING, I will make them a life supply of brownies.
>> No. 71305
Well, a girl should keep her promises....What day works for you?
>> No. 71339
File 130234686134.png - (534.96KB , 650x1176 , dongsaeng - Reef and that evil totem.png )
Anything for Stoked?
>> No. 71371
File 130238997364.jpg - (142.99KB , 620x384 , punch-out-2-wii-sequel-wanted-by-developers-wallpa.jpg )
Please? D:

Paheal's full of shit.
>> No. 71435
Seconding this like burning, but didn't we have a thread for Punch-out a ages ago? Is it gone?
>> No. 71448
File 130247750227.jpg - (140.64KB , 450x255 , your-highness-suck-poison.jpg )
I know this movie came out like, yesterday, but how about Your Highness? Gay gay gay everywhere in that movie
>> No. 71531
File 130254943724.jpg - (53.88KB , 400x550 , 576084 - Glass_Joe Punch_Out.jpg )
i will contribute, and hope for a seperate thread. also, i will give my first, my second, and my thirdborn child, no questions asked, to any writefag who'll write smut with Glass Joe as a french maid...
>> No. 71553
Um, okay guys. This is a longshot, but have any of you ever read any of Tom Piccirilli's Necromancer/Self stories? My god, I don't even want fic (although fic would be awesome), I would really just kill for someone to squee with.

(If you haven't read them, you're so missing out. They're a collection of short stories about a witch known as Necromancer and his demonic familiar, Self, who go on ~adventures and save people and stuff. Self is the best thing since sliced bread and spends a lot of time licking his master's face and nuzzling with him and kissing him, and they fight a lot but Necromancer readily admits how much he loves Self and it's sort of wonderful. Also there's blood.)
>> No. 71640

This. This SO HARD. And some K.W. Jeter Fett. (ilu Karen but your Boba is just...no. no.)
>> No. 71655

Ha ha, oh wow. Fukken saved, who drew this?

It's really hard to find anyone who still draws Punch-Out stuff.
>> No. 71658
oh god

i wish
>> No. 71680
Is there any Hal Jordan/Guy Gardner?
>> No. 71727
Treasure Planet?
>> No. 71737
just saw Your Highness...

Fabious/Boremont? Anyone?
>> No. 71741
Just checking if anyone has any Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy content (preferably Ford/Arthur)
>> No. 71744
do you know if there's any scandinavia and the world content out there?
>> No. 71745

Just watch Hetalia. dohoho
>> No. 71826
File 130302813760.png - (281.36KB , 634x412 , Screen shot 2011-04-17 at 4_13_52 AM.png )
Okay, so who else thought that last episode was oddly cute?
>> No. 71840
Seconded for sure, but which version? I would take anything, but Mos Def / Martin Freeman would make my toes curl up with glee.
>> No. 71872
eh, not so crazy about Mos Def's Ford. I prefer my Fords ginger
>> No. 71917
Any mind-fucky Hyde/Jekyll out there? I can count the number of fics I've found on one hand, and for art I've found pretty much nothing. :(
>> No. 71983
Any decent True Blood porn at all? I specifically need some Eric in my life, but NOT with Godric (it's not that I don't like them together, it just seems to be the only slash ship in the fandom). I've seen lots of BAD fics and art, but I really wanted something good to celebrate the show coming back in June.

>> No. 71996
the only thing I could find was worth reading was an eric/jason series

also bonus eric/sam
>> No. 72002
Thank you. I've read the Sam/Eric one, but not the Eric/Jason series, so I'll check it out. Thanks, anon!
>> No. 72050
Lord of the Flies y/y/y?
>> No. 72057

>> No. 72067
Mortal Kombat anything. :| Preferably with Kurtis Stryker, but I'll even take Scorpion and his dead face.
>> No. 72083
File 130345618332.jpg - (73.64KB , 457x435 , 20071226_baratsandbereta.jpg )
barats and bereta...totally just wondering if there's any other there...
>> No. 72110
File 130349988214.png - (166.74KB , 306x330 , portal2.png )
I request Atlas/P-body from Portal 2. Don't care if anyone has said P-body's feminine. They're Brobots in my opinion.

Anything, /coq/?
>> No. 72128
File 130352649146.jpg - (85.90KB , 800x600 , df53b859e571dcf970a03c5487499e6e.jpg )
>> No. 72143
File 130355429433.jpg - (491.75KB , 720x1440 , wheatley_sketch_dump_by_missyzero-d3en00e.jpg )
I want gijinka Wheatley, myself... I want it a lot.
>> No. 72150
Holy fuck are you reading my mind? Agreed. Second this request...

Maybe him with Male!Chell? or solo...either one~
>> No. 72161
Solo and male!Chell both sound great. But Wheatley with gijinka Space Core would also be... kinda awesome.

Portal 2 - Personality Core 01 "Space Core"youtube thumb
>> No. 72163
File 130359407871.jpg - (16.48KB , 500x219 , sunshinepic9.jpg )
I was wondering this for a longer time now and finally found just the right place to ask.
Is there any content for Danny Boyle's movie "Sunshine"?
>> No. 72176
The entire time I played this section of Portal 2, I loved his ENTIRELY SEXUAL euphoria at puzzle solving. As well as his developed resistance and withdrawal/rage from that. Personality-wise, after his incorporation into the GlaDOS computer, he progressed from 'deflowered, innocent virgin' to 'psychopathic, vengeful sadist' real fast. Also, he's an idiot, which is hilarious.

I'm not sure exactly what can be done with a sphere - but I want porn of him. Bottom, top, Space Core, Rick, Companion Cube (?) ....whatever. I need it. :(
>> No. 72226
File 130370823898.jpg - (492.13KB , 877x777 , stupidsexyhumanwheatley.jpg )
>> No. 72228
File 130371128154.png - (70.74KB , 392x447 , jailbaitwheatley.png )
Drawfag here, might give some of these a shot. In the mean time, have some Wheatley
>> No. 72230
Internet, you have NEVER failed me.. fantastic stuff, I hope there's more where that came from :) If I had more time, I'd write some fic on this, but for now I'll just cast this out into the ether, in case anyone else wants to - Crackpot fan theory novel ahead:

Phase 1: Every AI at Aperture was based off a human personality. Cave recognized that the tech to transfer a mind into a robot would be simpler and cheaper than developing true AI, so as he died he dedicated entire wings of Aperture to creating human-powered robots. GlaDOS, the turrets, the cubes... each one of them was an employee of Aperture (or perhaps a hobo). This includes the personality spheres, who were picked for their most obvious personality traits (Rick, a rough-and-ready adventurer/volunteer; Fact Core, a savant with an encyclopedic knowledge of the world; Curiosity and Space Cores, children of employees... and Wheatley, a goddamned idiot who never had a good idea in his life.)

Phase 2 of crackpot theory: Rather than waste perfectly good human flesh, Aperture stored the leftover bodies in a facility deep underground... just in case, you know? Caroline, Cave, Wheatley, and everyone are all down there. Or at least, their empty bodies are. And GlaDOS learned/realized this when she reconnected with Caroline.

Phase 3: Rather than allow Wheatley the sweet release of floating endlessly through space, GlaDOS pulled him back through, and gave him a worse punishment - to be returned to his fleshy, weak, slow, mortal human body, and subjected to testing until he succumbs. Wheatley is forced back into his body, but has absolutely no memory of ever having been human. He's at once devastated at being weak and smelly, and ecstatic about having arms and legs and a whole torso all to himself (although he has no idea how to use any of them). But suddenly being human again is very disorienting - he can feel things with his skin, and taste things, and part of him feels funny and good when he touches it. And feels *really* good when he touches it more. And after he figures this out, he spends his time trying to get more of that particular high... from whoever's available.

>> No. 72233

Oh god, every bit of this. Excuse me while I just hnnngh a little over here
>> No. 72238
There are good people on the internet. Good. Good people... That last fic idea is going to be eating at my brain all night.
>> No. 72246
I'm reading Good Omens, and I remember seeing stuff about it here. Is anything still up?
>> No. 72247

>> No. 72253
File 130377138972.png - (169.12KB , 606x609 , wheatleymalechell.png )
Hell yeah, more from where this came from. Also that is an amazing fic idea, that seriously needs to happen.

Couldn't actually think of who to put here so I just went with Male!Chell. He was very last minute give him a break.
>> No. 72255
Ooh, I love that. Lip biting = YES. I like seeing everyone's idea of what he should look like. Would you consider giving the 'other' version of Wheatley a shot?

I'm going to keep mulling over my fic idea for a few days, I might get a chance to actually write it soon.
>> No. 72256
Glad you liked!
I am pretty much game for anything atm so sure! By 'other' version you mean this one right? >>72143 Because I am so okay with this.
>> No. 72257

I need so much Mortal Kombat, oh my god. TESTOSTERONE EVERYWHERE.
>> No. 72258
I love that version too, though I really meant evil, top Wheatley.
>> No. 72259
Ahhh /retardedsorry'boutthat TOTALLY ON THIS.
>> No. 72263

;-; please to the great slash lord above draw more wheatly porn with him as a human
>> No. 72318
File 130388876678.png - (587.60KB , 900x1167 , spoilers___solution_euphoria_by_ilusien-d3eu8em.png )

god yes, yes please. yes to everything.

I am a little embarrassed to be as into the idea of porn starring an anthropomorphized robot as I totally am, but fuck, Ihavetheweirdestbonerrightnow.jpeg

>> No. 72323

A kink meme didn't exist yet, so I sort of... Made one. http://portalkink.livejournal.com/

Should we make a portal thread outside of the request thread? There seems to be the interest.
>> No. 72335
can anyone point me to superman/lex luthor?
>> No. 72339

>> No. 72344
for the portal fapping:

incredibly inappropriate wheatley voiceover bits.


>> No. 72345

>> No. 72417
Referenced by that Homestuck John/Dave pic right?

Not complaining, but you might want to get creative when referencing poses. This here is like looking at the same image.
>> No. 72442
So, any Shameless US material? Ian/Anyone is acceptable, but I was really hoping for some Lip/Ian.

Sometimes the lack of gay incest is simply astounding, particularly when the show is so nice about it. I suppose there just isn't a very big fandom for this show, which is disappointing. Its really fucking great. And also Ian.
>> No. 72449
File 130412570634.png - (177.04KB , 530x338 , baman.png )
Has to exist somewhere. I swear it must.
>> No. 72513
File 130413250440.jpg - (54.55KB , 700x500 , DJmegatron - BAMAN BAMAN BAMAN.jpg )
>> No. 72540
Movieverse Thor anyone?
>> No. 72569
Oh God this! Some Thor/Loki

Fuck I would even taken comicverse! Loki/Doom, Loki/Balder/Thor Loki/Thor some fucking Loki/Donald Blake or Thor/Bill even!

Thor fandom don't get too much slash.
>> No. 72571
Anyone have the Cain Trilogy by Le Peruggine?
>> No. 72572
Anyone have the Cain Trilogy by Le Peruggine?
>> No. 72585
File 130427931542.png - (264.74KB , 492x555 , thor_and_loki_by_ladynorthstar-d3f7cfj.png )

Hum, this was all I could find. Hopefully there will be more material later, since it's still the first weekend andf it wasn't released in all of the countries yet. ;)

I'm totally in for some comic!verse stuff too!
>> No. 72587
Please say there's something for The Men Who Stare at Goats? Anything will doooo
>> No. 72676
Is there anything for Thor or Thor/Loki? Haven't been able to find anything online yet (though probably b/c the movie hasn't been released in the US yet?)
>> No. 72678
File 130445590965.gif - (464.06KB , 500x178 , tumblr_lkmwz5XsdP1qjfwjvo1_500.gif )
So, I think it's been requested before but... Starkid? Anything?
>> No. 72704
Any more House content recently?

I hear they might kill off Wilson, so let us savor his eyebrows for as long as we can.
>> No. 72734

http://norsekink.livejournal.com and http://thorslash.livejournal.com are up. There's a few pretty good Thor/Loki prompts in the kinkmeme but not too many fills yet.
>> No. 72770
File 130455878612.jpg - (8.11KB , 181x278 , waiting for godot.jpg )
I have decided this is the gayest play of all time.
Want slash. Even if it's gross, weird old man slash. Didi and Gogo are such an old married couple, it's not even funny.
>> No. 72773
Where's the Pirates of the Caribbean at?
>> No. 72776
Page 1, under 'age of sail'
>> No. 72778

...Tangled :I
>> No. 72781
File 130456534648.jpg - (173.86KB , 459x700 , iaminterestedinsubscrib.jpg )
Someone please tell me there is Alan/Jay porn out there.
>> No. 72786
I know there's gotta be Hook/Peter Pan somewhere.
>> No. 72798
Hnnng, where's this from?
>> No. 72809

JLA #47? I can't remember the exact issue, but it's from the JLA/JSA: Dark Things crossover that happened last year. It wasn't very well written, but with Alan getting possessed and deciding to tie up all of his friends it was pretty great fetish fuel.
>> No. 72833
I would kill for some
>> No. 73150

Hell yes, thirded. It's out there, but so far lacks quality and quantity.
Also, Fett/Dengar.
>> No. 73181
....soo... any content for endgame yet? Because Russian ginger chess champion, yesssss.
>> No. 73188
File 130538694868.png - (179.97KB , 632x264 , blazingsaddles1.png )
"Well Jim, since you are my guest and I am your host, what are your pleasures. What do you like to do?"

"Oh, I don't know. Play chess...screw."
>> No. 73208

Things I never knew I wanted till today: THIS.
>> No. 73226
File 130546077564.jpg - (65.32KB , 515x433 , mootkarp.jpg )

Please? This is all I can cop out at the moment and desperately want more art of this than I can produce.
>> No. 73245
File 130548809547.png - (335.75KB , 1024x1324 , 639572 - Gray Grey Ket-Ralus Paul alien.png )
Here is one, where is the rest?
>> No. 73264
File 130551083732.png - (282.52KB , 619x334 , Screen shot 2011-05-15 at 6_52_36 PM.png )
This is kind of an odd request but could someone do a little rule 34 on these two? They're from these videos:

"Jersey Shore" Gone Wilde, Part 1youtube thumb
"Jersey Shore" Gone Wilde, Part 2youtube thumb
"Jersey Shore" Gone Wilde, Part 3youtube thumb
"Jersey Shore" Gone Wilde, Part 4youtube thumb
Jersey Shore Gone Wilde Part 5.movyoutube thumb
>> No. 73295
Gene Wilder ANYTHING, please. We need this - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Producers, Blazing Saddles - as long as it's Gene Wilder!
>> No. 73313
Are general kink threads allowed here?

Sometimes I want something, but don't have a fandom that specifically caters to it, or I don't care what fandom the art is from as long as it pertains to that kink.
>> No. 73320
Hey is there anything out there for "water for elephants"?

I have a Christoph waltz obsession.
>> No. 73321
Maybe we should have a general Christoph Waltz-thread, now that the Inglorious Basterds-craze has died down? Water for the Elephants gave me a boner as well, even with both Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon all over it. Such is the power of Christoph Waltz.
>> No. 73354
You know, I actually thought Reese was fucking beautiful in that movie, like wow.
I think I might also have a thing for circus girl outfits? THEY SPARKLE AND MAKE COOL POSES.

But god so right about Robert Pattinson. Killing my boner with his one emotion face. When she started to fall in love with roberts character I was like WHY? DO YOU KNOW YOU ARE MARRIED TO CHRISTOPH WALTZ?
I can no loner watch love triangles in this day and age without saying "WHY AREN'T YOU GUYS A THREESOME? I DON'T UNDERSTAND! THEN EVERYONE IS HAPPY!"

Threesomes will fix everything.
>> No. 73356
Seconded. Love Christoph Waltz, not interested in uniforms, so some happy medium would be great.
>> No. 73374
File 130568519816.jpg - (0.96MB , 1600x2512 , 69.jpg )
Where is my Orc Stain porns
>> No. 73392
I hate Will Ferrell for being such a gigantic douche but every time I see him in something I want to see him naked. I DON'T KNOW WHY, please help?
>> No. 73413

seconding the X-Men request, do we have any content to get started on a thread early? I need to see some Fassbender/McAvoy like a fat kid needs cake.
>> No. 73519
After I first watched this movie, I spent AGES looking for decent Capa/Mace fic.

>> No. 73551
File 130600250765.gif - (494.99KB , 250x148 , tumblr_lkmcpcHMTp1qal7q4.gif )
Goona make a fool of myself and ask for some Whose Line is it Anyway.
>> No. 73555
Oh, anon, I used to ship them so hard. Their "Maltese Burger" kiss nearly gave me a heart attack. They really looked for any excuse.
>> No. 73566

Oh Stiles. Oh Mochrie. Should not want to want. But DO WANT.
>> No. 73569
File 130602988648.jpg - (97.58KB , 500x322 , d'awww.jpg )
I don't know if it's OK to ask here because technically one of the characters comes from an anime, although it's the whitest and most Westerboo anime ever, and looking at stills you wouldn't be able to tell it's Japanese. But is anyone willing to draw Garterbelt from Panty and Stocking making jailbait out of Kurt Hummel from Glee? I know Chris Colfer, the guy who plays Kurt, is like 21 years old or something in real life, but he gets my pedo jollies going like crazy.
>> No. 73572
Wait. What are you asking for?
>> No. 73573
File 130603518627.png - (196.05KB , 397x323 , dat jailbait.png )
Garterbelt/Kurt pr0n.
>> No. 73602
L.A. Noir

Please, just please.
>> No. 73604
File 130611787593.png - (216.25KB , 942x532 , Nine_toes.png )
Any borderlands stuff out there? Specifically psychos? Even more specifically nine toes? I have a thing for homicidal shirtless men with six packs and nipple spikes.
>> No. 73622
File 130616410080.jpg - (37.25KB , 500x214 , tumblr_llks75tcDw1qku726o1_500.jpg )
I might actually be the only weirdo looking for this, and I apologize, I know it's old.

ANYTHING to do with the Matrix!
>> No. 73627
File 130617194575.jpg - (275.42KB , 1680x1050 , witcher.jpg )
Witcher content? Of the Geralt variety?
>> No. 73680

am agreeing.
>> No. 73681
File 130622609646.jpg - (177.35KB , 646x681 , b731fcc749fe98f227577bbb6e5ae58c-d3grbli.jpg )

bit of Cole/Stefan content, anons~
>> No. 73686
File 130624853136.jpg - (260.75KB , 500x500 , tumblr_llm2orv49y1qggl13o1_500.jpg )

There's this, and some Brick/black!Mordecai on paheal. But that's all I've seen.
>> No. 73720
File 130629474814.png - (170.35KB , 400x583 , linka.png )
does anyone have a link to the EDM meme I know there is one but I can't seem to track it down
>> No. 73723
There needs to be more of this. Because I like seeing bad things happen to Neal.
>> No. 73728
File 130629974455.jpg - (37.31KB , 500x333 , Ludo-Band.jpg )
Ludo slash? C'mon there has to be some out there ;n;
>> No. 73738
File 130630574071.gif - (257.91KB , 320x240 , tumblr_lkx46sRJ7g1qhzq7e.gif )
Please. If anyone, spare them ;m;
(this gif isn't helping)
>> No. 73743

>> No. 73769

Oh my yes.

I need to see these two fucking in their squad car at your earliest possible convenience, internet.
>> No. 73863

you guys

i swear i will be so disappoint if there isn't enough fanfic to rival the Inception kink meme.
>> No. 73872
I'm going to hell. I'm going to hell because I just finished mainlining all of Phineas & Ferb on Netflix, and now I can't unsee the Buford/Baljeet pairing. Also, I am in desperate need of human!Perry, because I can only imagine the craziness of a P&F invention making Perry human and then he still has to fight Doofenschmirtz.

So the question now is: do I create a handbasket to ride to hell in for just myself, or are there others coming with me?
>> No. 73874
There's a Swamp Thing thread, but nothing for Game of Thrones? Why. WHY.
>> No. 73875
Anything related to SNL? PLEASE?

(But especially with Seth Meyers.)
>> No. 73889
Anything from Honest Hearts?
>> No. 73934

Seconding this so hard. I need some hot Westeros porn in my life.
>> No. 73961
too early for witcher 2 content?
>> No. 73979
File 130699996327.jpg - (20.68KB , 800x400 , IronGiantOMGLULZ.jpg )
I only have a canon screenshot.

LJ has a whole Hitchhiker's community for slash. I've seen book/radio, BBC, and movieverse on there. Although i'd like to destroy that movie 100x over.
>> No. 73988
File 130703875247.jpg - (486.28KB , 1100x1191 , 306678 - Dean_McCoppin Iron_Giant Kent_Mansley.jpg )
>> No. 73989
File 130703884914.jpg - (47.85KB , 808x506 , 627550 - Dean_McCoppin Iron_Giant Kent_Mansley mp3.jpg )
>> No. 73990
File 13070388793.jpg - (74.61KB , 455x498 , 563237 - Dean_McCoppin Iron_Giant Kent_Mansley.jpg )
>> No. 74018
There is a kinkmeme: http://xmen-firstkink.livejournal.com/
>> No. 74227
File 130729911066.jpg - (24.62KB , 480x298 , metalocalypse.jpg )
I'm pretty sure there's enough Metalocalypse slash out there for us to make a thread, yes?
>> No. 74239
Before you start, I think there already is one. Check more than the front page.
>> No. 74240
There definitely is. I would link it but I minimize threads I'm not interested in.
>> No. 74267
There just HAS to be more Solo/Fett Star Wars slash, anyone know anyplace for it besides the livejournal community?
>> No. 74348
I wasn't even aware of any in the LJ community. I must not have been looking hard enough. Do you have links?
>> No. 74383
Needs more high school lit!
Any George/Lennie from Of Mice and Men?
>> No. 74408
File 130756913097.png - (225.48KB , 447x366 , RED.png )
Anything about these two? I found very, very little on LJ and AO3.
>> No. 74414
This is the only one I know of. It's pretty PG as far as I know.
>> No. 74505
File 130765721243.jpg - (191.40KB , 1500x1500 , user10436_pic482_1298362143.jpg )
L.A Noire requested
>> No. 74507
Holy fuck, seconded.
>> No. 74544
>> No. 74551
File 130772563839.jpg - (73.69KB , 596x362 , 1307289537714.jpg )
Pretty please, give me some Adam Jensen!
>> No. 74556
Bit unrelated, but being from Detroit, I'm just tickled by this game. As if the city is even going to exist in 50 years. Let alone some huge futuristic city. The only thing we have to look forward too is RoboCop.
>> No. 74563

Yes it does need to happen, I'm playing it right now, and I just want to slap Cole's sweet butt..

And that Roy, his handsome smile yum

Dammit is there ever going to be content found!? As far as I know the game hasn't been released in Japan yet, about 30 days left? I guess we'll have to wait for the japs to play it.
>> No. 74564
I would dearly love to draw/write that without making it painfully OOC...
>> No. 74581
File 130777947936.jpg - (117.47KB , 800x401 , 667187437_cJnCT-L.jpg )
>> No. 74586
please for the love of god yes. (top Jacob would be hot)
>> No. 74597
Oi, still waiting for any Pirates material.
>> No. 74624
File 130786642022.jpg - (286.14KB , 1000x1000 , prince_gumball___marshall_lee_by_nevheera-d3gicjx.jpg )
Really, no Adventure Time? Not even with Prince Gumball and Marshal Lee?
>> No. 74628
File 130787505756.png - (221.21KB , 496x480 , tumblr_lmjpn6mvau1qk7nf6o1_500.png )
b/c bubblegum and marceline are canon lesbians then gumball and marshal lee are canon gay
>> No. 74738
So, internet, is there anything out revolving the 'Uncharted' series? It may be a stretch, I know, but I'm pretty sure any and every one would fuck Nathan six ways to Sunday.
>> No. 74787
File 130805118253.jpg - (43.65KB , 600x733 , WIP4__More_of_that_Shit_by_IHideHere.jpg )
So very true. I'm disappointed by the lack of Uncharted porn.
Especially Nathan related one!
>> No. 74788
File 130805131583.jpg - (149.24KB , 900x636 , 8282075.jpg )
>> No. 74789
File 130805142178.jpg - (267.01KB , 613x1234 , 11100357.jpg )
>> No. 74790
File 130805146973.jpg - (185.67KB , 500x357 , 11832233.jpg )
>> No. 74791
File 130805156237.jpg - (238.60KB , 640x654 , 13216146.jpg )
>> No. 74792
File 130805170571.jpg - (163.58KB , 450x535 , 17699674_p0.jpg )
>> No. 74793
File 130805176760.jpg - (219.94KB , 686x400 , 11185298.jpg )
>> No. 74794
File 130805189821.jpg - (191.26KB , 500x500 , 17699674_p2.jpg )
>> No. 74795
File 130805193535.jpg - (280.50KB , 600x766 , 11145388.jpg )
>> No. 74805

Bless you, anon. I'm surprised there's... so much Flynn and the warlord, I was expecting a boatload more of him and Nathan. Then again, loljapan?
>> No. 74819
Just so you amazing writers here know, there is a GoT Kinkmeme:


Focused only on current show canon, and with a lot of delicious slashy prompts. Unfortunately it does not get advertised very much, an fills are slow moving. There is another kinkmeme based on the book canon (http://robellion.livejournal.com/) but one could argue the show is infinitely slashier. Thought some people here would be interesting.
>> No. 74821
Fourthing L.A. Noire for the love of god please.
>> No. 74863
I've been looking everywhere (I must admit though my Google-fu isn't that great)but I can't find any Thor and Batman promotions. IS there such a thing?
>> No. 74890
Please, PLEASE do. Even an attempt? We need so much more of this. Someone has to start a mature livejournal community for this.

I'll even try writing one myself if you do! Though I must admit that I've only written a handful of fics, and, sadly, none of them smut. :(
>> No. 74903

Ah, it's a deal then!
And I do need to start using my LJ account for something.
>> No. 74904
File 130827661851.jpg - (3.14KB , 150x150 , Hal-9000.jpg )
Rewatched 2001: Space Odyssey and remembered the weirdest boner for HAL 9000. Any form of content at all?
>> No. 74905
On Encore? Cause my whole family and I just watched it. Fun times, bro.
>> No. 74981
File 130838177770.jpg - (365.18KB , 480x600 , lgy8w6r8x1qahplio1_500.jpg )
is there Mad Men porn out there? I hope so.
>> No. 74985
not that i know of, but i'm seconding
>> No. 75082
File 130845554695.gif - (2.64MB , 250x188 , 00zd0b74.gif )
I wish there was enough of this for eleven threads.
>> No. 75213
File 130861767946.jpg - (105.90KB , 300x346 , alpha_protocol_ps3_box.jpg )
I seriously doubt it since hardly anyone played it, but Alpha Protocol? the game itself has some pretty serious problems but the writing is sharp, there's a lot of memorable characters, and it's full of slash opportunities.
>> No. 75224
File 130862178874.png - (142.69KB , 380x206 , wouldyoufuckme.png )
Boredom is the first step on the road to relapse, so lets start some Jay/Silent Bob, /coq/ !!!
>> No. 75275
Anything for Dr Strangelove? I need it in my life. Especially Mandrake and General Ripper.
>> No. 75306
File 130873290689.png - (825.34KB , 845x759 , tumblr_ln6o52bKIp1qffz3to1_1280.png )
some jack/cole for my fellow la noire peeps

hits japan on july 7th so maybe we'll get some ameriboo content soon.
>> No. 75346
Anything for Twin Peaks? Please, I need it like burning. :c
>> No. 75351
major kong and his flight crew would be interesting as well
>> No. 75367
File 130884296346.jpg - (1.95MB , 2544x2078 , I__m_Sam_Bell__by_TheFridayThe13th.jpg )
Is there 'Moon'-stuff out there? Gerty/Sam would be nice
>> No. 75401
Anything of Tyki Mikk from Dgrayman? Pretty please?
>> No. 75403
Are you a wizard? Because I was just thinking about this, like, three days ago.
>> No. 75413
File 130892486663.jpg - (21.02KB , 460x276 , George-RR-Martin-A-Game-O-006.jpg )
Hi, Jon Snow is the hottest man I've ever laid eyes on. Loras a close second. Then there's Jaime, Lancel, the list goes on. Since the only OTP is LorasxRenly, who cares if it's canon or not. But fuck. This has GOT to be done.
>> No. 75423


man, i remember the writefags.
>> No. 75447
Are you a bookfag? Because after the fourth book, I kind of started to ship Jaime/Loras.
>> No. 75451
There's a kinkmeme up for it, previously posted here by a kind anon:

>> No. 75460
For some reason,I really want some Spiderman/Wolverine.
>> No. 75466
It definitely exists, at least in fic form. This is one of my faves:

Found here with some other good X-men shit:
>> No. 75496
File 130907504875.jpg - (90.79KB , 700x518 , BenBrowderandMichaelShanks-again.jpg )
I'm not the only one who wants a regular Stargate thread, am I? I don't have any material, otherwise I'd start one.

Personally, I'm partial to Daniel/Cameron. I know O'Neill/Daniel is probably the most popular ship in the series, but come on, look at these two. They're adorable.
>> No. 75509
I look at that and all I can see is Daniel Jackson and John Crichton.
>> No. 75552
File 130915623760.jpg - (176.93KB , 550x719 , buFURH1qlu7a7o1_1280.jpg )
l.a. noire kink memeeeeeeee


writefag with me, fellow fedora fetishists
>> No. 75600
>> No. 75601
I've ran out of things to watch. Can I have some slashy movie and tv recs?
>> No. 75612
A list of what you've already seen and sub-genres that you like would be helpful if you want recs.
>> No. 75617
Ah! Sorry. D: Looking for things with fairly good content.
Genres: Comedies and Action but open to anything.
Already Seen: I've been through the most of the active threads on the board here and haven't found anything new to me.
>> No. 75641
Looking for explicit gay or just UST?
Comedy, have you seen I Love You, Philip Morris?
Oz is an old show, but damn, it's good if you like prison action/drama. Gay won't happen until second or third season.
>> No. 75642
File 130936308250.jpg - (240.04KB , 792x1152 , 2011-04-18-21p24.jpg )
Now that there is an alternate future in Dr. McNinja, and Sean "Dark Smoke Puncher" and Gordito are all grown up...I can't find anything for either of them rule-34-wise, and it makes me sad.

I never wanted to see it when they were kids, but with the storyline where they're adults, my slash goggles just sort of stuck to my face and now I can't unsee it.
>> No. 75658
I loved Oz! I actually started watching after seeing it on the last request thread. XD
I'll try UST first.
>> No. 75720
Ugh, i hated Cameron. It didn't help that the whole show became completely different and foreign to me after his arrival. Everyone else became pod people. (Well, they started becoming pod people towards the end of s4, but at least still recognizable.) I don't know how true fans that have been with it from the beginning can like those last seasons, or believe Daniel's heart isn't Jack's.
>> No. 75754
File 130958510658.jpg - (208.84KB , 923x687 , Lenny-Squiggy-laverne-and-shirley-17172874-923-687.jpg )
This is kind of weird, but Lenny and Squiggy, please?
Come on, it might as well be canon.
>> No. 75755
File 130958815559.png - (87.81KB , 294x240 , vlcsnap-2010-09-18-14h53m48s200.png )
How about some Alvin Show styled Alvin/Dave? Or just Dave, either one.
>> No. 75788
File 130964197829.jpg - (79.33KB , 805x1068 , jerryralph.jpg )
I feel weird for even asking this, but, cartoon version Jerry Lewis from "Will the Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down" for more info see Jerry Lewis cartoonyoutube thumb

I only have content that I've drawn, and that's only this picture.
>> No. 75789

>>I feel weird for even asking this

Given that the anon in front of you requested Alvin/Dave porn...don't feel weird, anon. Don't feel weird at all. (Sorry I don't have anything for either of you.)
>> No. 75863
File 130965836821.png - (9.81KB , 333x429 , 1306525573407.png )
>> No. 75864
File 130965927730.png - (136.89KB , 400x283 , tumblr_lnp50uRN2o1qhpj74o1_400.png )
Generation Kill.
Please oh please, there's got to be some.
>> No. 75884
File 130968816817.gif - (452.18KB , 240x136 , spooningwithspoony.gif )
So... That Guy With the Glasses. Anything good?

While watching Suburban Knights, I came to the somewhat unsettling realization that I'm terribly attracted to a few of them. I went looking for porn and found a good bit... but most of it is horrifyingly bad. Last night, I actually had a nightmare about the TGWTG kink meme. Got anything good, /coq/? I don't want to go sifting back through LJs. My mind can't take much more.
>> No. 75929
Moby Dick - Enter Queequegyoutube thumb

>> No. 76017
File 130982476938.png - (120.36KB , 332x546 , dtgjdfkdtx.png )
Requesting Lackadaisy for trawl purposes.
Comic is here:
Preferably Zib x Freckle or Wick x Rocky (Either way really).
And yes, I've seen the 2 previous fanfics on the archive board.
Also, thank you in advance for however you can help.
>> No. 76022
File 130983168585.jpg - (21.60KB , 400x269 , anthony_reddragon.jpg )
Anything good for Red Dragon?
>> No. 76028
Hnnngh second.
>> No. 76059
I've been looking for some Batman/Jim Gordon for years and didn't find any. Have you guys some nice arts/fics ?
Also, a Batman thread would be nice.
>> No. 76061
Make sure to check the board first before requesting anything.
>> No. 76089
File 130993811812.jpg - (59.69KB , 358x318 , 2008-09-06-GhostbustersPhotographC10102485.jpg )
>> No. 76090
File 130993937812.jpg - (847.38KB , 889x1212 , GHOSTBUSTERS_Theater_of_Pain_by_speedking.jpg )
>> No. 76093
>> No. 76118
I would love some of this
>> No. 76134
File 131001205787.png - (19.14KB , 100x100 , anni_abstract2.png )
(Awesome icons.)

(I recommend 'Come as you are')

(lots of nicely written fan-fiction.)

(Screencaps but you'll have to join the community to see)

P.S. Icon shown is by anni_abstract on LJ
>> No. 76189
If anyone's still interested in a Disney thread, or can give me some freaking FROLLO, I would love you forever.
>> No. 76194
File 131008613279.jpg - (20.20KB , 525x201 , vikmordlove.jpg )
Bumping this
>> No. 76216


And you should def read this:
>> No. 76227
You are a magnificent bastard for posting this; there is so much win!
>> No. 76252
witcher content?
>> No. 76261
File 131026520119.jpg - (49.11KB , 600x337 , old_friends_fighting.jpg )
Any Sinbad and Proteus?
>> No. 76311
File 131034401665.jpg - (19.33KB , 279x350 , Wild Wild West.jpg )
Been in a Wild Wild West fit, any fic recs/arts to share?
Movie/series, I'll take anything !
>> No. 76341
File 131040207215.jpg - (334.30KB , 612x792 , 1296370707141.jpg )
My external crashed, taking all my old Crane/Riddler promotions with it. Could people help me out?
>> No. 76427
>> No. 76431
File 13106489523.jpg - (275.63KB , 800x1024 , Inglorious_Basterds_by_chilli_villi.jpg )
speaking of Inglourious Basterds, I can't find those threads anymore.

>> No. 76441
File 131067045359.jpg - (349.50KB , 1800x2700 , 2009_dead_snow_010.jpg )

Requesting some Nazi zombies, pref some Colonel Herzog from Dead Snow /Död Snö. With his soldiers or raping some humans, anything.
>> No. 76495
I once read an Inglourious Basterds fic a while ao that was Aldo/Landa, sorta. Landa had to live with Raine and be kept under surveillance or something? I can barely remember it but I suddenly really want to read it again, so if someone could find it for me, I'd love you forever.
>> No. 76505
Is there possibly anything for Shadow of the Damned?
>> No. 76506
Is there possibly anything for Shadows of the Damned?
>> No. 76509
File 131079706490.jpg - (26.18KB , 320x398 , fight-club.jpg )
Any decent Fight Club fic recs?
I know I'm like a decade late but I'm only dredging up shit at FF, and I couldn't find a kink meme on LJ.
>> No. 76554
Any fic/art for Reed Richards/Dr Doom? I've read everything listed here: http://doomfans.livejournal.com/563.html but want more. Non-ultimate comicsverse preferred, but I'm not picky.
>> No. 76641
File 131121864776.png - (451.24KB , 486x576 , topisdocbottomisthirlwell.png )
It's a bit of a stretch, but...

Could anyone possibly draw J.G. Thirlwell and Doc Hammer just bro'ing it up? It could be romantic, if you prefer it that way, but it's just something I always wanted to see happen.

I'd be so grateful for it. Picture for reference.
>> No. 76651
Fear 3? I feel awful requesting incest, but I'm already going to hell.
>> No. 76731
File 131136308519.jpg - (140.78KB , 900x563 , MGDMT_desktop_by_Coelasquid.jpg )
would anyone hate me if I requested MGDMT?
>> No. 76756
File 131140589540.jpg - (46.27KB , 1024x768 , j-robert-oppenheimer.jpg )
J. Robert Oppenheimer. Please. I can not find this anywhere and I need it. I'm on a road trip through the southwest doing the Atomic Tourism thing and I need some Oppenheimer porn.
>> No. 76836
File 131144259121.gif - (4.85MB , 258x254 , AlexanderSkarsgard.gif )

A really good rec list, a lot of Brad/Nate. Although some of the authors do go into Ray/Brad or Ray/Walt
>> No. 76843
i certainly wouldn't mind although i have nothing to add. Coelasquid is a fellow +4channer, you could probably just go ask them.
>> No. 76897
She's quite literally one of the nicest people I've ever met. It definitely wouldn't hurt to ask!
>> No. 76914
File 131158600628.jpg - (197.03KB , 871x722 , tumblr_log9qhG1QB1qli197o1_1280.jpg )
Have a thing, broski.
>> No. 76965
File 131164531796.jpg - (24.05KB , 225x335 , Jonathan-franzen-freedom.jpg )
Why is there NO slash for Franzen's Freedom? It's a decent and well known novel with so much gay it's dripping into my pussy.

Richard/Walter basically ships itself.

>> No. 77010
Anything for Captain America and Red Skull? Preferably movie!verse cuz hnnngh dat Hugo Weaving.
>> No. 77057
File 131200166288.jpg - (151.19KB , 1280x721 , derishushmcfry.jpg )
Just recently got turned on to those Back to The Future telltale games. Reignighted my love for the series.

Can someone offer me some good fic recs or a decent kinkmeme? I'm pretty desperate for content here.
>> No. 77061
And there was me thinking I was the only sick bastard looking for something with Red Skulll/Schmidt.
Seconding this.
>> No. 77062
Also accepting Joey/Johnattan and other assorted pairings.
>> No. 77115
File 131225577452.jpg - (28.88KB , 600x400 , 0729-theculture-movies-cowboys-aliens_full_600.jpg )
Any Cowboys and Aliens? I'd take anything.
>> No. 77116
File 13122558903.jpg - (49.23KB , 580x859 , cowboys and aliens.jpg )
Just came back from seeing this and while I know its early, I was hoping I wasn't the only one wanting this?
>> No. 77117
He has the nicest ass I've ever seen on a guy. The chaps just accentuate it.
>> No. 77119
wow someone beat me to it.

are there any writefags out there interested in thsi?

>> No. 77130
File 131235045482.gif - (2.43MB , 500x281 , 34ox011.gif )
Anyone have recs for Derek/Jackson from MTV's Teen Wolf? Or want to write/draw/discuss? It's like the fandom exploded with Derek/Stiles but it's not appealing to me. The pair's marking and submission moments are too good. (I already know about the kinkmeme on LJ.)
>> No. 77131
File 131237249256.jpg - (13.68KB , 310x235 , Top Cat.jpg )
Anyone have a catboy version of Top Cat?
>> No. 77144
I am terrifyingly fine with this. Thought I was done surprising myself on the internet after CatDog and Regular Show and other shit, but there you go. Seconding...
>> No. 77234
CatDog? How does that....better yet forget I asked.
>> No. 77254
Red Skull and Dr. Zola...Zola is like Red's little pet.
>> No. 77259
>> No. 77379
File 131277809432.jpg - (27.38KB , 433x288 , gw433.jpg )
>> No. 77381
Oh my god

You crazy for this one, anon
>> No. 77392
I never watched this show but this gif makes me want.
>> No. 77414
File 131286637277.png - (327.53KB , 700x467 , Case_West_Chuck_and_Frank.png )
Does it exist?

At all?
>> No. 77429
File 131292985556.jpg - (23.09KB , 610x321 , badasssss.jpg )
Come on, it's canon now there has to be something!
>> No. 77437



These are all I've ever found; the second one seems dead, but it might be worth watching. I hear there are a few other fics floating around somewhere, at least one of which was supposedly deleted. Other than that, I got nothin. I'm seconding your request though, because hot damn there needs to be more slash for this series!
>> No. 77505
File 13131032725.png - (72.48KB , 346x700 , tumblr_lpmtm0Vrnc1qem9f2o1_500.png )
This was all I could find on tumblarg
>> No. 77586
File 131329911839.jpg - (316.63KB , 1024x1598 , Scan10608.jpg )
I'm sorry, Eric Powell.
But I can't unsee it.
>> No. 77630
File 131335670517.jpg - (46.80KB , 629x434 , ngm & evillunch - Mhhmmn Yes AWESOME.jpg )
I thought I was the only one. Dat panel in Chinatown where Goon strokes Frankie's cheek, man.
Here, some of the few nice stuff in Ygallery.
>> No. 77631
File 131335673091.jpg - (78.01KB , 399x668 , maikulnaim - The Goon and his Franky.jpg )
>> No. 77641
File 131337826081.jpg - (416.96KB , 1280x1024 , eliot.jpg )
so my dad was watching Leverage on demand and Eliot kicked the crap out of some dude at the very end of the episode. (I think it may be quite common but I don't watch it enough yet to know)
ALL I KNOW IS NOW I WANT TO DEFILE ELLIOT IN HORRIBLY PORNISH WAYS. whump is super desired, but anything Eliot in general would m ake my heart sing? D:
>> No. 77647
Really? I thought it was pretty slashy... So I'm alone?

What about that whole paragraph about how Richard getsa hard on when he sees Walter?
>> No. 77682
Yes that's exactly what I thought when I saw that panel. Just..."augh, their bromance is so true" ;_;
When I have time I want to draw more of this shit. Hopefully when the movie is released (it better be) there'll be an influx of slash, I hope.
>> No. 77683
File 131352140140.jpg - (506.95KB , 745x864 , C2 - Carl & Jamie.jpg )
Still looking for more Carl 2 slash
>> No. 77721
File 13136233682.jpg - (422.68KB , 851x1280 , christopher-meloni-as-det-elliot-stabler-in-law-an.jpg )

I've read a few with Dr. Huang, but it doesn't satisfy me, mostly because I'm not attracted to Wong in any way.

What I really want is Elliot/OMC or a crossover with ANY other attractive male character in the history of television, and it doesn't even have to make sense. It could also be Elliot/Chris Keller lol.

>> No. 77725
File 131363931085.jpg - (33.69KB , 600x200 , 30-minutes-or-less-movie-image-jesse-eisenberg-azi.jpg )
Yes? Movie was super cute!
>> No. 77750
Dear lord, there was so much gay in that movie.
>> No. 77760
Someone has already asked for Adventure Time and I'm seconding it. Specifically Marshal Lee/Prince Gumball because all I have found is on Paheal. I'm about to scour the rest of the internet for it (specifically fic if i can) and if anyone has anything they could post I would be very grateful.
>> No. 77777
File 131385265111.png - (421.85KB , 507x650 , too large.png )
The person who drew this doesn't want to post it so I have taken the liberty of providing it
>> No. 77780
thank you very much for posting it!
>> No. 77782
So where's all the Fright Night stuff at?
>> No. 77789
File 131388491868.gif - (4.44MB , 410x720 , frightnight1.gif )
I've found more than a few gifs of GothTennant on tumblr, but no fics or fanart yet.
>> No. 77791

Saw this last night. Patiently waiting. We're all in the Jerry/Peter camp right?
>> No. 77793
Any daddycest WHATSOEVER outside of the SPN and HP fandoms?

It's just that I feel like I've read every father/son fanfic worth reading in those fandoms, and now I just really need something else. Age difference doesn't matter much to me, although I'm not really into shota, mostly because it's usually so badly written and shitty. But if there's anything good, I'm ready to give it a try.

Father/Son is my fetish and I cannot lie.

Oh, and original fiction is fine too. I know this is not the right place for that, but I'm just so desperate.
>> No. 77798
I would be happy with anything, tbph.

I know there was a bit of this with the Kick-Ass fandom, though I can't link you to any right now. But try looking there?
>> No. 77897
just got back from seeing this myself and /I need this in my life/.
>> No. 77903
This, this would be very acceptable.
>> No. 77906
File 131441770929.jpg - (42.32KB , 500x212 , gatesjobs.jpg )
You guys...is it already too soon?
>> No. 77915
File 131442881152.gif - (106.00KB , 500x500 , two best friends play america.gif )
Is there anything out there involving the "Two Best Friend Play ___" guys? I'm kind of leaning toward terribad fanfiction and cute art.

Also, got the gif from Supuru's:
>> No. 77942
i wonder what their reactions would be
>> No. 77952
the witcher 1 or 2, geralt and company?
>> No. 77956
File 131450785832.png - (1.15MB , 1680x1050 , deus_ex_wall_adam12.png )
>> No. 77959
just finished the game a couple of hours ago, and yes yes yes!

sarif can come too.
>> No. 77986
Aliens AND cowboys and not a fic yet? Unbelievable. District 9 had fics the FIRST night it came out, hell I think we had an entire thread for it that night. Where my Xeno-lovers at?!
>> No. 77996

Sarif can stay home, but i approve JensenxPritchard
>> No. 78020
File 131473932418.png - (863.28KB , 614x959 , OH.png )
I WAS JUST COMING TO REQUEST THIS. A game where a protagonist's handsomeness is constantly acknowledged? YESS.
>> No. 78066
File 131486421858.jpg - (53.20KB , 700x394 , stefonkiss.jpg )
Any of SNL's Stefon?
>> No. 78070

No art, but one fic. Stefon is sadly not as tweaked out and crazy as he should be, but it should suffice.

>> No. 78079
Still more than I had before, thank you Fang!
>> No. 78092
File 131500134175.png - (760.68KB , 900x651 , you__d_be_a_wonderful_king__got_by_bittersweet_gin.png )
Any game of thrones slash?
>> No. 78109
File 131504162634.jpg - (231.08KB , 600x600 , jensenpritch.jpg )

Someone just answered our prayers.
>> No. 78119
>> No. 78122
Jensen/Haas my OTP
>> No. 78124
Yes! I thought I was the only one who shipped them.
>> No. 78145
I would love some Game of Thrones slash, yes, thank-you.
>> No. 78156
Oh god yes. Want. Especially any of Littlefinger. That would be amazing.
>> No. 78175
File 131522965619.jpg - (19.62KB , 380x275 , 2009-10-27-87.jpg )
We had a Warrior U thread at some point so I know there's content. I hadn't saved any, could somebody post what they have?
>> No. 78203
File 131528611220.jpg - (40.41KB , 590x350 , deus-ex-human-revolution.jpg )
How about Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Adam Jensen?

He's a pretty cool guy, slaps hoes into their coma and doesn't afraid of anything.
>> No. 78268
File 131536219063.jpg - (313.39KB , 1920x1200 , deus-ex--human-revolution-wallpapers_25924_1920x12.jpg )
God yes seconding this so badly, I just beat the game today. Sadly all I have is this wallpaper.
>> No. 78290
>>78268 here

I found a kink meme! Sadly no one has made any prompts yet
>> No. 78291
I need some Good Omens up in this bitch
>> No. 78315

>> No. 78371

How did I miss this? Double+ request! Maybe if we keep quietly mentioning it , the universe will birth someone destined to grow up to draw Lovecraft porn. We will be old by then, but are lives shall be fulfilled and we may finally pass into oblivion.

That's my gameplan, anyway. Because so far the closest thing I have to porn is that picture of him trying to smile. Which I think would probably count as porn in Lovecraft's mind.

>> No. 78409
Anything for... Friends?

Joey/Ross, Joey/Chandler, Ross/Chandler, anything.
>> No. 78421
My image folder desperately lacks Doctor Who pron. Someone please help me.
>> No. 78425
@#$%! Seriously? its on page 1! 1!!! I'm not even going to give you the link. you don't deserve porn.
>> No. 78449
File 131580792796.png - (134.49KB , 500x500 , giantbomb.png )
I can't be the only one interested in this.
>> No. 78455
God, you're not! But I have that sad, crushing feeling that none of it exists or EVER will exist. Which is a shame, considering that I'd totally love some Brad/Vinny.
>> No. 78539
Suits. Please?
>> No. 78548
Liam and Raffie?
>> No. 78610
Is there enough content for a Deus Ex thread yet?
>> No. 78612
Anything from I'm in the Band? Seriously, bunch of grown men rockstar guys shacking up with a teenage boy? I thought people would be all over this.
>> No. 78630
I dunno, but I'd certainly support one.
>> No. 78682
File 131672754430.png - (522.15KB , 653x480 , Slash fodder at its finest.png )
General childhood thread, anyone?
>> No. 78686
Fear 3? heh. Come on, fettel is so sexy.
>> No. 78709
Weird request, but here goes.

I'm not into twincest, but I've seen a lot of crossover crackship drawings of characters who LOOK like they could be twins making out. Can we have a thread of those? Or just crossover ships?
>> No. 78731
File 131691261442.jpg - (177.79KB , 800x572 , 21238491.jpg )
Of them together?

See >>70558

Though, there is quite a bit of Chuck/Leon with poor Chuck usually bottoming.
>> No. 78783
Borgias? Borgias anyone? Cesare/Micheletto is insanely fucked up and hot. That whipping scene got me so moist I almost felt bad.
>> No. 78784
Yes! That scene was crazy good, along with the "if you plucked out one eye I'd still long to serve you with the other" one and of course all the latently homoerotic sword play and the ~I want your trust/baby you already have it~ shit. I would die for content!!

The Borgias scene - Cesare whips Michelettoyoutube thumb
>> No. 78785
Personally the scene under this weird bridge got me way harder than whipping but to each.
AO3 has some. [http://archiveofourown.org/tags/Cesare%20Borgia*s*Micheletto/works] but overall it's disappointing how no mass fangirl salivation happened. I feel so alone...
>> No. 78791
I am looking for a certain picture from this one artist; G(something)M(something) I can't remember off hand, it was spanish I think. They drew what possibly is the only slash art of the show Three Delivery. Sadly, they moved to a new account and deleted their old work.

This person also drew a fair amount of Scooby Doo slash and D&D slash.
>> No. 78820
File 131729929223.gif - (444.76KB , 500x252 , aaaaaggghhh can i keep you.gif )
shipping goggles are always on

me and my long suffering best friend did some rp before the trailer dropped and goddamn

so excited for the porn of this
>> No. 78841
File 131732618245.jpg - (492.40KB , 800x530 , 5a02cdb55ddf20e6.jpg )
Well don't suppose you guys have any Boba/Han?
>> No. 78846
File 131735199496.jpg - (409.00KB , 600x1581 , TedRalphCarwash.jpg )
Any Ted and Ralph?

Also possibly a new request thread? Though I admit I will miss the Venom/Batman picture.
>> No. 78884
File 131759016347.jpg - (90.43KB , 900x350 , key_art_breaking_bad.jpg )
Breaking Bad?
Any fics?
>> No. 78962
File 131777989833.png - (112.82KB , 500x684 , tedandralph.png )

And thank you for turning this very American anon on to them. They're just... so... fucking... adorable. I desperately need some sort of fic fix and can't find a good one anywhere. So, thank you but damn you. This is frustrating. In fact, all of it is frustrating. JUST KISS DAMMIT!
>> No. 79008
Oh crap

Dunno if this counts, but can we get some League of Legends in here?
(if it does, then requesting Jarvan/Talon)
>> No. 79010
>> No. 79011
File 131791083055.jpg - (552.35KB , 1604x1100 , gargomon.jpg )
Didn't notice this last time I came here so I figure I'll ask.

Does anyone have the newest 4 images from reardeliveries?
>> No. 79027
Second. I thought I was alone.
>> No. 79071
Is it paid content? Because that's not okay.

Also, this thread is at 1000+ posts. Should we get a new one?
>> No. 79078
File 131801322130.jpg - (37.73KB , 720x479 , 1317500615577.jpg )
Please. I will birth your babies. Just, please.
>> No. 79106
Okay seriously though

Pirates of Silicon Valley trended on Twitter and still I burn
>> No. 79111
File 131803086068.png - (693.04KB , 1024x768 , PnFPxDWhenIAwoke.png )
Phineas and Ferb thread?
>> No. 79112
File 13180310023.jpg - (84.89KB , 722x544 , SCIENCE.jpg )
I'd like some Five Fists of Science pron.
They might have royally screwed Bertha 'I'M A PACIFIST' Von Suttner, but Twain and Tesla were perfect. And the bromance- oh, the bromance
>> No. 79157
File 131813049368.jpg - (119.46KB , 576x854 , real_steel-3.jpg )
Well I just saw this and loved it. Anyone else see it? Anyone else digging human/robot love...?
>> No. 79272
I went to see what the fuss was about and oh my god it is amazing.
>> No. 79293
File 131831064031.jpg - (32.50KB , 533x307 , fastshowtedandralph.jpg )
SO DID I, and god damn you guys weren't kidding when you said how adorable and sexually/emotionally frustrating they are. By the way, do you guys know the artist who drew >>78846 and
? Because I need more Ted and Ralph in my life.
>> No. 79299
File 131832487617.jpg - (223.67KB , 500x712 , 0001bf3b.jpg )
It's by tubbsen on the Ted and Ralph LJ comm. Speaking of the LJ comm, it contains the only semi-decent fic I've found so far. It's multichaptered and set to private, so you have to join to view it. It was worth it just to get some sort of imaginary closure though. I ended up watching just about everything YouTube had to offer. But I accidentally ended with this one: http://youtu.be/52PwyO2wuPs
FFFFF... My heart.
>> No. 79301
>> No. 79302
File 131835340721.jpg - (20.45KB , 362x204 , mitchellandwebb_sirdigby.jpg )
odd request but.... any Sir Digby Chicken Caeser?
Sir digby chicken caesar 1x01youtube thumb
Sir Digby Chicken Caesar 5(S2E3)youtube thumb
>> No. 79313
I'm glad I got so many people hooked on the series, hahaha! And thanks for the mention of the fic in that community, I wouldn't have known about it otherwise.
>> No. 79315
File 131839744268.png - (1.05MB , 450x600 , fin_n_harv.png )
if theres any content, please post it.
>> No. 79325
File 131842492662.jpg - (221.94KB , 640x480 , Hot_and_Hevvin_by_KColeman.jpg )
There's a thread for that a few pages down. Don't think it has any content, but it /is/ there.
>> No. 79327
File 131842700387.jpg - (125.23KB , 900x729 , wu___hevvin_x_darren_by_trinity_shauni-d3fd4gk.jpg )
And there I go misspeaking. It seems to have been deleted.
>> No. 79342
File 131846199670.jpg - (87.58KB , 1084x870 , correction.jpg )
I might as well dump my art
>> No. 79343
File 131846206948.jpg - (39.73KB , 548x488 , correction2.jpg )
>> No. 79344
File 131846216214.jpg - (36.56KB , 574x422 , correction4.jpg )
>> No. 79346
File 131846245160.jpg - (28.81KB , 479x382 , finnharv.jpg )
>> No. 79348
File 13184626115.jpg - (323.45KB , 956x1190 , yum.jpg )
and with this I conclude my warrior-u dump
>> No. 79349
File 131846273259.jpg - (257.83KB , 900x1897 , warrior_u_by_trinity_shauni-d3cbl9u.jpg )
You know with all this content we would've had enough for a thread. Alas.
>> No. 79350
File 131846279083.png - (335.04KB , 649x464 , warrior_u__rhodri_x_finn_by_cloud_kitsune-d411ntk.png )
and another, cause I have it.
>> No. 79377
File 131854592220.png - (219.55KB , 500x375 , bwoc2.png )
Nostalgia hit me hard and I started rewatching Big Wolf On Campus. I had apparently overlooked all the innuendo and ridiculous levels of slashiness during the tender years of my youth.

Corny Youtube fanvid to indicate ridiculous levels of slashiness: http://youtu.be/_MUEgMMAxdw

I don't suppose anyone has any recs or art, anything? There's a fair bit of content out there for it, but I'm finding myself wading through a lot of meh.
>> No. 79382
File 131856739986.jpg - (118.51KB , 1280x1024 , 128366431120.jpg )
Clone High anyone?
>> No. 79409

I would also like this. Sheldon is just adorable.
>> No. 79439
File 131882713671.jpg - (90.10KB , 500x460 , 1969373-tony_chu3.jpg )

There's nothing on AO3, nothing on ff.net. It's hard to track on Tumblr ("Chew" is too common, and Tony Chu is also the name of some hack photographer). I despair. Are there any communities out there for Chew fans?
>> No. 79457
File 131891738947.jpg - (271.27KB , 1600x1200 , star_wars_the_force_unleashed__4-normal.jpg )
Any Starkiller out there?
>> No. 79573
File 131897928994.jpg - (264.94KB , 720x615 , tumblr_lse3u0i9Ir1qlu7a7o1_1280.jpg )
Gears of War anybody? I've not been able to find any good sort of content for this. I'm really looking for Cole/Baird or Carmine/Baird, but I'll take anything really.
>> No. 79584
I'd love to see some Gears of war stuff too, but involving the locusts.
>> No. 79609
File 131904063812.jpg - (102.82KB , 517x755 , Person_of_Interest_TV_Series-257818085-large.jpg )
Anything for "Person of Interest"?
>> No. 79613
My god yes pleasseeeee ! Finch and Reese mmm. Lionel and Reese is actually pretty hot too though.
>> No. 79616
File 131905564476.jpg - (77.20KB , 760x535 , episode-2-shane-rick.jpg )
This. Oh, this.
>> No. 79625
File 131906967170.jpg - (201.74KB , 1024x576 , to_the_end____by_sidjedi-d4b593n.jpg )
I have some Gears stuff, maybe enough for a thread. Make thread y/n?
>> No. 79626
File 131907704412.jpg - (112.51KB , 500x278 , 5284289932_b2e14db59a.jpg )

I'm with you on this search. Where are all the Marty/Young!Doc. Brown fics hiding, man?
>> No. 79662
Im a a blind bat with no ears without delicious so coq - will you help me?
I have a craving for some Resident Evil fics/arts but the thing is I don't want Birkin in it. At all if possible.

Some pointless but fun, fun, fun Chris/Wesker? Some random Leon/Krauser? Where do I find it?

And yes. I am straight out of ao3 and google turned up not much at all.

cpq... som porn. please?
>> No. 79665
File 131921085530.jpg - (410.27KB , 749x633 , the_power_of_love_by_doraya-d4710o2.jpg )
>> No. 79666
File 131921094145.jpg - (298.49KB , 639x632 , practically_comatosed_by_doraya-d45yy8s.jpg )
>> No. 79667
File 131921099938.jpg - (312.68KB , 542x932 , i__ll_take_my_chances_by_doraya-d47w8no (1).jpg )
>> No. 79670
Has anyone some BBC Casanova stuff ? (fic or art) I can't find any.
>> No. 79711
File 131930797769.jpg - (129.44KB , 480x270 , justcause2e3_2.jpg )
Any Just Cause?
>> No. 79714
I'd kill for some Daryl. Anything, really.
>> No. 79735
You and me both. I like him with Glenn. There's one fic out there worth reading. No art to speak of.
Seems hopelessness of decaying reality does not inspire porn. Go figure.
>> No. 79796
Holy shit, my childhood.
I think I also need this.
>> No. 79812
Not much to offer, but I made a couple of fanvids recently:

The second one is really more a string of clips than a fanvid. Gayest kid's show I've ever seen. Still haven't found a really enjoyable fic though... which upsets me.
>> No. 79835
File 131985392480.jpg - (43.48KB , 500x623 , Jake and Amir2.jpg )
Jake and Amir. or is it just me?
>> No. 79837
File 131991785376.png - (210.36KB , 498x329 , grimm.png )
I am going to jump on this extremely early. Anyone think they might develop an interest in Nick Burkhardt/Eddie Monroe from that new show “Grimm?”
>> No. 79839
I would kill for some fic. I loved this show as a kid. I mean, how many shows had both of the Coreys and an episode where they fight "Duke Nukem"?
>> No. 79860
Is there by any chance Merlin material (or a thread)?
>> No. 79865
Can has Psych? Please? D:
>> No. 79878
Here's some fic recs
>> No. 79879
Thanks, but I'd given those a look already. Didn't really do it for me. Caroline Crane's stuff seems to be on everyone's rec lists, but it just puts me to sleep for some reason.

On a completely unrelated note: Anyone watch the new Misfits tonight? I think I might rather like Rudy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all that repressed homosexuality and nonstop talk of anal sex goes somewhere.
>> No. 79887
File 132010006363.png - (730.17KB , 719x540 , adam12.png )
So... Adam-12. I know there's a couple of fics over at Archive of Our Own, but is there anything else out there?
>> No. 79892
File 132010305768.jpg - (320.20KB , 709x871 , trivially_true_by_oly_rrr-d3com3t.jpg )
Trivially True by Oly-RRR would be a nice thing.

Cuddle-ish instead of pornographic.

McFael/Keener would be more then appreciated.

Link for reference http://oly-rrr.deviantart.com/gallery/687001
>> No. 79914
File 132022112444.jpg - (66.31KB , 480x600 , Ben-Lewis-Headshot-LR.jpg )
Just saw Love Never Dies today (unfortunately with my slash googles stuck in place), and now I really want some Phantom/Raoul.

I feel horrible for requesting this though, considering the ending and all. Bluh.

Pic related; the dude who played the Phantom.
>> No. 79924
1970's Adam-12?
>> No. 80054
How about J'onn J'onnzz and Bruce Wayne? (especially from JL series. Such chemistry!!!)
>> No. 80087
File 132039520998.jpg - (223.49KB , 527x562 , tumblr_ltu68j6iue1qjitat.jpg )
I think this is the only thing that exists at the moment.

But damn do I want more character development and episodes so I can justify writing Reese/Finch with some plot.
>> No. 80088
File 132039876697.jpg - (174.75KB , 1280x1970 , adam_12_slash__re_up_by_georgshadow-d3c1ihf.jpg )
>> No. 80089
File 13203989755.jpg - (117.67KB , 900x1165 , training_officer_joke_by_georgshadow-d43ncqw.jpg )
Here you go! ALL the slash fanart of Adam-12 on the internet.
>> No. 80103
This may be a stupid question but: Do we have a Disney general thread here?
>> No. 80133
File 132050288958.jpg - (98.61KB , 758x718 , EPIC pink hug.jpg )
Any art?
>> No. 80142
File 132052581327.jpg - (40.67KB , 550x366 , THE-WALKING-DEAD-Bloodletting-Season-2-Episode-2-1.jpg )
OH GOD....Pleeeessssseeee?
>> No. 80386

Oh god. Please, anything with these two.
>> No. 80387
Uncharted. Sully/Nate?

I had a strange dream tonight about a strange crossover, Ezio from AC and Nate. It was hot though!
>> No. 80388
File 132065812839.jpg - (20.49KB , 600x339 , tintin_01.jpg )
How about some Tintin?
>> No. 80400
File 132071670492.jpg - (62.72KB , 500x609 , otp.jpg )
Sooo I saw Midnight In Paris
And I read A Movable Feast...
...and now I really want Fitzgerald/Hemingway porn.
Don't judge me
>> No. 80401
Possibly of interest to you is the funny little history/literature factoid:

Fitzgerald and Hemingway were incredibly close friends. So close, in fact, that Zelda, Fitzgerald's wife, accused them of being lovers. To prove otherwise, Fitzgerald promptly slept with a