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File 128566499555.jpg - (37.41KB , 220x300 , 122783823214.jpg )
58223 No. 58223
Figured I'd get this up now so it's nice and early.

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>> No. 58313
WE NEED BATMAN. And all his sidekicks, villains and peripheral characters.
>> No. 58317
So we had a promise of an anon uploading a copy of Go Down, Aaron last thread. Any chance of that still happening? I'd really like to read it.

And general /r/ for Nazis, Inglorious Basterds, Schindler's List and The Pianist.
>> No. 58321
I suggest a WWII general thread.

>Go Down, Aaron
This thing must be the holy grail of porno from all the requests I've seen here and elsewhere.
>> No. 58329

Someone started posting scans of it on TF2chan a while back, but they've apparently vanished without ever finishing the scandump.
>> No. 58340
One letter- /y/. Go down, Aaron was posted in it entreaty like 2 months ago. All of /y/ was on their knees! I thought it was archived(but I can't find it) and I know an /rs/ was made (but I can't find it) Someone from /y/ has to have it (I am now kicking my self for not saving it)
>> No. 58359

I found the original download link, hooray!

Here you are: http://www.mediafire.com/?iqfyjublyd0jmq0
>> No. 58375
Thank you so much, anon. I'll be in my bunk--cheers!
>> No. 58380
Hmmm Well I would LOVE to see some Ghost Rider.
>> No. 58426
So Wildstorm is finally being absorbed by DC. You know what this means, right?
It means that Superman and Batman could possibly meet Apollo and Midnighter.
And I don't know about anyone else, but I need this in my life. So give me PORN, Anon, while I wait for it.
SxBxAxM plz
>> No. 58443
Hi /coq/. Since I don't think this quite belongs in the JLI thread, can we have some Jaime/Scarab here? I'll send puppies and cookies
>> No. 58445

Considering Jaime's currently part of the JLI, I think he can go in the JLI Thread. Pretty sure nobody's going to come after you with torches and pitchforks if he shows up in there.
>> No. 58447

This'd be me being overly cautious and easily embarassed again. Moving the request now
>> No. 58470
File 128583603316.jpg - (126.33KB , 900x1185 , And_I_Will_Miss_You_by_Lascarus.jpg )
I can't help it- I'm in love with the book. Any "Night Angel Trlogy" fanfction or fanarts out there? Durzo/Kylar much appreciated
>> No. 58472
File 128584060061.jpg - (171.49KB , 700x955 , 500263 - Crossover DC Daimon_Hellstrom Kid_Devil M.jpg )
>> No. 58484

Rob/Nikki human interpretation slash. Does it exist...?
>> No. 58499

SBAM! This is my new favourite acronym.
>> No. 58502
File 128588315066.jpg - (187.46KB , 605x689 , whatagreatnightforanicdic.jpg )
all sunny and no clouds!
>> No. 58505
i've realized i wrote night instead of day in the picture title

it makes me laugh even more
>> No. 58520
Thank you anon! Let me know if you find any more
>> No. 58569
File 128595033731.jpg - (72.71KB , 480x276 , franzkafka.jpg )
Can we get some /lit/ up in here
specifically authors

pic related and delicious
>> No. 58573
Catch 22

there must be some

also this:>>58569
so much
>> No. 58653
File 128603262488.jpg - (125.12KB , 575x270 , MarstonVSRaynor.jpg )
/r/ both Red Dead Redemption and Starcraft.

Because John Marston is clearly Jim Raynor's ancient ancestor.
>> No. 58657
>> No. 58668
File 128605461842.jpg - (27.98KB , 620x414 , photo_10_hires_6.jpg )
I want THE LOSERS shit. Right now.

I also want The Expendables. Or From Paris With Love: Reese and Waxx. I want some testosterone-laden fucking from action-packed movies. Gun sex is a ++++++
>> No. 58683

I'm probably going to drawfag this myself
Kafka and Fitzgerald are my favourite writers...

Promise something by tomorrow!
>> No. 58684

And Catch-22 too if I get around to it. Which characters would you like?
>> No. 58691

>> No. 58702
Yossarian and the Chaplain! I've been wanting that since Anthony Perkins played the Chaplain and a bit before..
>> No. 58705
Yossarian/pretty much anything including planes
you're awesome you know that?
>> No. 58711
Anyone have any stuff for AVPM? More specifically, Quirrel/Voldemort?
>> No. 58729
File 128613301085.jpg - (37.80KB , 500x337 , socialnetwork.jpg )
Please Jesus tell me there is somewhere on the internet where I can read the thrilling details of the doomed love triangle between Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Parker, and Justin Timberlake
>> No. 58744
Rule 34 on Doctor Mcninja

>> No. 58789
I just saw Catch Me if You Can again.

Abignale/Handratty plz.
>> No. 58800
Because I just realized I wanted it when I was posting in The Venture Bros. /co/ thread:

Shoreleave and Henchman 21. I don't care if it's during their imprisonment by Zero, a hook-up after they escape, whatever, I just want it to happen. And preferably with 24 in the background commentating and 21 trying valiantly to ignore it.
>> No. 58819

Absolutely nothing.
>> No. 58823
File 12862229145.jpg - (263.85KB , 700x817 , im sorry mr kafka.jpg )

Weekend was booked so I only made a little Joseph K/Kafka... I'll clean this up and make it look better


Working on these, though you'll have to forgive my lateness...
>> No. 58861
File 128624706871.jpg - (290.96KB , 700x783 , im really sorry mr kafka.jpg )

Here we are. Sorry for the places I got lazy.
Working on some Catch-22, will deliver in the next few days or so.
>> No. 58871
File 128626151881.jpg - (19.71KB , 250x296 , Lovecraft3.jpg )

Can I just say how much this makes my life?

Picture related, it's Lovecraft. Look, he's trying to smile! Just for you!
>> No. 58891
File 128630746639.jpg - (12.89KB , 338x420 , Franz-Kafka.jpg )
Franz Kafka offers you his best slightly discomforting smile of gratitude.
I offer you an offer to bear my children.

You must now decide which is creepier.
>> No. 59090
File 128655943881.jpg - (55.74KB , 600x360 , 19appaloosa_xlarge1.jpg )
Anyway have any Appaloosa, aka Broes Before Hoes in the Wild Wild West? Because I mean really, that movie was twice the gay western that Brokeback Mountain was.
>> No. 59091
Please tell me I wasn't the only one who saw The Social Network and was waiting for Eduardo and Mark to have really frustrated sex...
>> No. 59095
File 128656714120.jpg - (39.75KB , 416x600 , tumblr_l7skc2kxaO1qdufa0o1_500.jpg )
Jack/Ianto from Torchwood. Just a Torchwood thread in general, PLEASE. I know there's enough content, but enough interest?
>> No. 59099
File 128657637936.jpg - (57.74KB , 500x807 , catchX - Mac of Punch Out.jpg )
So apparently there is a Punch-Out fandom out there somewhere, and it contains some good artists. Unfortunately though, my Y!Gal-, dA- and Google-fu are weak.

Please help me find more. D:
>> No. 59101
File 128657651621.png - (1.17MB , 1300x1535 , Punch_Out__Civilian_Clothing_by_karniz.png )
I did not find anything else remotely porny that didn't make me cringe.

Sorry, /coq/.
>> No. 59103
Someone on /coq/ (I hope it wasn't you) wrote a fic once and posted about two pictures. The fic started really good but they didn't continue.
>> No. 59142
File 128664712658.png - (1.34MB , 1300x1655 , 0b7dd3b1296ab35dae595fb955b6d5dc.png )

It was me, sorry. ._. I'll have to finish that fic sometime.
>> No. 59144
Oh, hell yes. Where did this go? I think there are maybe two or three fic at Fanfiction.net, mostly or all Glass Joe/Von Kaiser, but they're sort of sub-par. Works when you don't have anything else.
>> No. 59162
Can I request for someone to make a webcomic kink meme?
I would make one, but I can't mod anything while my computer is broken for the unforseeable future.
>> No. 59163
File 128666109774.png - (188.92KB , 640x360 , Little_Mac_vs__Cloud_by_haikuninja.png )

Sorry, but can I just ask how many of us there actually are who are interested in this? Because I'm pretty sure the Punch-Out fandom consists of about three people. Can you prove me wrong, Anon?
>> No. 59200
Pencil me in for the fourth. I haven't seen any either, though.
>> No. 59202
So, five so far? I'm all for it, i'm sure we've had threads based on much less than that.
>> No. 59209

I'll try to finish that rapefic at some point, then.
>> No. 59212
File 128673806053.jpg - (42.37KB , 486x646 , 12759679107.jpg )
A Gorillaz-thread would be nice~
>> No. 59222
I would be all over this should it happen.
>> No. 59291
>> No. 59327
I know some /co/mrades were asking for some Shakespeare porn.

Found Romeo/Mercutio:
>> No. 59357

Oddly enough, I just started rereading R&J today. Thank you, kind anon.
>> No. 59399
File 128703338737.jpg - (14.05KB , 232x267 , JamesNesbittJekyll.jpg )
Jekyll. I want some porn of Mr. Sexy Pants.
>> No. 59432
Any Colbert/Stewart, perhaps some Conan? Or some decent fic recs?
>> No. 59453
File 128710485155.jpg - (417.32KB , 600x600 , TDS__Banana_and_Dress_by_humon.jpg )
I don't have any fic recs, unfortunately. :(
>> No. 59454
File 128710493380.png - (123.15KB , 417x311 , colbertxstewartotp.png )
I do have Jon gazing at Stephen adoringly while Stephen stares manfully off into the distance, though.
>> No. 59458
First, I'd like to third the catch-22 request.
Second, can we bring back the Lackadaisy material? I remember pictures on the old forum.
>> No. 59459
File 128711729492.jpg - (76.79KB , 700x747 , jonstephen01.jpg )
>> No. 59460
File 128711731257.jpg - (81.40KB , 800x659 , jonstephen02.jpg )
>> No. 59490
Try this LJ comm : http://community.livejournal.com/fakenews_fanfic/
And this one : http://community.livejournal.com/tds_rps/

I can also rec you some of my favorite fics, but they're all about the comedians themselves, not their...on-screen persona. I don't know if that's what you're looking for.
Anyway, there you go: http://community.livejournal.com/fakenews_fanfic/596110.html#cutid1
>> No. 59532
File 128720597678.png - (218.96KB , 553x543 , MichiroChan - HenryIndy.png )
This is the only picture I've ever found that isn't utter crap. /coq/, can you help me out? Fic recs welcome as well. Doesn't have to be this pairing - in fact I'm not a fan of incest.
>> No. 59546
Even if you don't like Henry/Indy, read this. Right now. You're welcome.
1: http://www.slashfic.co.uk/INDY%20ONE.htm
2: http://www.slashfic.co.uk/INDY%20TWO.htm
3: http://www.slashfic.co.uk/INDY%20THREE.htm
4: http://www.slashfic.co.uk/INDY%20FOUR.htm
5: http://www.slashfic.co.uk/INDY%20FIVE.htm
6: http://www.slashfic.co.uk/INDY%20SIX.htm
>> No. 59547
Any Octus and Lance stuff yet?
>> No. 59552
File 128725653174.jpg - (207.59KB , 602x330 , beinghuman2.jpg )
/coq/ I plead with you,

PLEASE tell me if there is any Being Human pron out there!

Cuz seriously, George and John /need/ to be together, like whoa.
>> No. 59557
Fics. I haven't seen Being Human so I haven't read them, but the author is A+
>> No. 59593
I'm in the mood for some Origins!Verse Victor Creed/Wade Wilson.
Any gems I should know about?
>> No. 59606
File 128731495680.png - (1.35MB , 681x685 , being human.png )
Goddamn. Didn't even know I wanted it until you said something. I fucking love George.
>> No. 59610
Um, Red perhaps?
>> No. 59612
File 128734999716.png - (215.55KB , 528x792 , chew_by_jisuk-d2zroso.png )
I would give my tits for anything Chew related. Tell me I'm not the only one and that I just can't find anything because I'm incompetent, oh please.
>> No. 59622
File 128735930049.jpg - (30.12KB , 720x530 , imjuststadinghereinmyorangesweater.jpg )
Any good Rammstein art/fics? There must be!
>> No. 59623
File 128736092688.jpg - (8.49KB , 295x319 , ls2.jpg )
The Big Bang Theory.it's sad there isn't more of Doctor Sheldon Cooper out there.
>> No. 59632
File 128736728923.jpg - (67.71KB , 640x480 , rammstein2.jpg )
THIS!! I didn't realize how much I wanted this until now.
>> No. 59666
Chew! I love that series, though I admit I never really though of it fannishly (if that makes sense).

But now that you mention it, now I'm thinking of what happens when cibopaths taste... yeah. Um. I may feel like drawing something this week, do you have any requests? :x Not sure if I can translate the style well enough, but I can try!
>> No. 59671

Hahah, I see everything fannishly. The first thing I did when I finished all current issues was SEARCH THE INTERNET, whoops. I have a soft spot for Chu/Colby though god I'd love some Savoy/Chu hatesex+cibopath sex NOT EVEN GONNA LIE and you are a goddess/god for even considering drawing something omg
>> No. 59684
yeah, one would think the bara drawfags would have been all over this from episode 1.
>> No. 59726
That was... really bad.
>> No. 59732
File 128745205934.jpg - (621.47KB , 1038x1600 , 24m86iw.jpg )
So, I know there's a JLE/JLI thread for Booster & Ted, which is hot, but can we get some Guy love. Specifically Guy & Kyle. I swear those two recently have been so cute together I can't get enough of them. I mean Guy going all rage because of Kyle dying was just too awesome.
>> No. 59750
Green Lantern thread, you silly billy
>> No. 59770
File 128752720339.jpg - (201.48KB , 600x832 , Jack___n_Daniel_by_loonylucifer.jpg )
Hey guys, have we had a Stargate thread yet?

I could really go for some good O'Neill/Daniel. Any one?
>> No. 59791
File 128755399194.png - (261.07KB , 347x458 , Screen shot 2010-10-20 at 1_56_20 AM.png )
fittingly absurd: anything of marcel duchamp. he is ridiculously fine.
>> No. 59800
File 128758133452.jpg - (218.45KB , 620x1006 , JavaJive - Ugly Am - Dude Pound That.jpg )
is there no love for Ugly Americans? This show has a lot of potential
>> No. 59801
If we can convince Coelasquid to do something for this, it would be practically cannon.

>> No. 59807

Yes all over. I love this series to bits and pieces. Delectable bits and pieces. The concept of a cibopath is one of the most interesting things I've heard of in a while, yes,

But really, some Chu/Colby. That would be fantastic.
>> No. 59841
It's okay, anon, I want it too. Preferably, Dr. McNinja with his clone?
>> No. 59842
Doesn't Till Lindemann have a wife and children?
>> No. 59885
It is illegal for men to kiss affectionately because it means they are cheating on their wives.
>> No. 59915
Thanks for that, smartass. I would think most women would mind if their husband kissed anyone besides them, male or female.
Anyway, it's not even important, I was just wondering.
>> No. 59916
Kissing is a lot less sexual in Europe
>> No. 59940
File 128765659068.png - (150.40KB , 791x426 , 1287628215945.png )
>> No. 59951
"my own clone"
aka yes
>> No. 59962
File 128769242825.jpg - (11.15KB , 388x167 , mozart_salieri.jpg )
This film is so full of fabulous foe-yay.

Does it exist, /coq/?
>> No. 59964
File 128769258741.jpg - (534.12KB , 1200x964 , rowen - Visions of Sugarplums.jpg )
Holy crap I was just about to request this in the history porn thread.

That being said, The Sandman. How is this so hard to find? I have found nothing. Nothing!
>> No. 60000
oh How I still second this so hard.
>> No. 60100
File 128782050224.jpg - (72.01KB , 960x658 , farscape_scorpiusxcrichton.jpg )
I know there's content out there for this, I know there is.

I just haven't found any yet. ;_;
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