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216658 No. 216658
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>> No. 216663
>Hey guys did you know Sonic Unleashed's Japanese name was Sonic World Adventure?

>Why am I bringing that up? Well here's Sonic 256's variant cover.

Truth be told Unleashed got a short tie-in at one point, but I wouldn't say it precludes the changes for an actual adaptation.
>> No. 216666
Heh, maybe everything is getting re-adapted (or rectonned to have been part of the canon, like Colors). Can't wait to see them reference the Sonic Spinball adaptation. :)
>> No. 216671
I wonder if we will see Dulcy in this brave new world or does she really have a place in this comic anymore?
>> No. 216673
IIRC, Ian had some interest in bringing her back, but was waiting for a good plotline to do so in. He didn't want to just throw her back in the comic.

Since it seems that SatAM characters are still in, it's likely Dulcy is still around, too. Perhaps she'll show up more now that he can write her as non-hax without having to come up with a reason for the change.
>> No. 216676
>Implying the world isn't straightened out
>> No. 216686
Let's not.
>> No. 216699
Agreed. Dulcy has never once been enjoyable
>> No. 216713
So SEGA bought Atlus I guess.
>> No. 216715
Archie Persona comic is go?
>> No. 216723
Seeing that Sega nearly haven't bothered with bringing their more niche JP games to the west over the past years(especially their handheld offerings), this news if of great concern.

Also what's going to happen with Atlus USA?
>> No. 216726
So, on /co/ an interesting thought was brought up.

Did Eggman lie about his past?

We already know Eggman is a liar. Because either way you slice it, he lied about his identity. If we take Bollers' canon in place, he lied to Robotnik Prime about being a different Robotnik than Robo-Robotnik. If we take Ian's canon, he lied to Sonic about being the same Robotnik as Robo-Robotnik.

But could the lie go further? Did Eggman actually succeed in defeating his Sonic? I mean if he could nuke himself and successfully rebuild, why didn't he try that in the prime verse?

Could add an interesting part to his character, how he's trying to ride on the coattails of a powerful multiversal threat like Robo-Robotnik, but is in reality a failure and always will be a failure?
>> No. 216729
Well, if we take it as boasting and shooting the bull it certainly makes seeing him as less of an eternally evil monster way more plausible.
>> No. 216731

Massive downsizes with potential outright closure depending on how little SEGA wishes to localize.


It's possible but I have a feeling in New Mobius it might end up being a moot point anyways if they take the opportunity to change his background, and it looks like they may.
>> No. 216732
Put your trip back on, Mavrick.
>> No. 216733
You first, Heatnix
>> No. 216734
There'd be little point to it. The world Eggman was from only existed to be destroyed by him. I could see it if you wanted to make Eggman less of a monster, but to do that you'd have to retcon out events we've seen him do (and in that case, why not just retcon the whole event out anyway?)
>> No. 216736
Did Garth show up in the New 52 yet?
>> No. 216741
everything is retconned, anyway
>> No. 216748
1. Not everyone shares that opinion
2. Loads of fun can be had seeing a skilled writer redeem a problematic character. And it's not like the book's able to do that with Penders' problematic characters any more...
>> No. 216749
Looking at the Pirate arc, it seems only Mobius Prime was changed
>> No. 216750

There's still the other problematic characters by other authors.

>> No. 216751
Dr. Pedro Astil.
Astil is Spanish for "Shaft".
Pedro is Spanish for " Who's the cat that won't cop out, When there's danger all about?"
>> No. 216753
I'm still a bit confused as to why Plant Man was able to survive the pulse... anything with an electrical field should be screwed up. Tons of electric "noise" and possible damage to circuits as a result. Doesn't he run on electricity?
>> No. 216755
Why does coating make robots immune?
Because science.
>> No. 216756

Battle Network logic, Wood > Elec.
>> No. 216757
Which comes down to the Classical Chinese Elements, as opposed to the Classical Greek Elements that we tend to learn about over here--instead of Fire, Water, Earth and Air, they have Fire, Earth, Water, Metal, and Wood. Electricity is considered part of Earth in that system, and Wood is considered to trump Earth.
>> No. 216758
Therefore, to defeat Ra Moon, we should throw a rock at him.
>> No. 216759
He didn't avoid it totally. You can see him getting affected before, and I think they say something like "weathered the worst of it." Meaning he got fried but not totally messed up like all the others. This is a magic alien EMP we're talking about keep in mind. It's obviously not affecting all things equally.
>> No. 216760
And we will. We'll just call him Mega Man.
>> No. 216762
Organic life produces electric fields too. It's just that the EMP interference effect is more severe on what we consider "electronics," not that it completely fries anything that contains any charge.

My takeaway is that Plant Man's "backup systems" are at least partly organic. Biotech would survive an EMP discharge with less trauma than conventional circuitry.
>> No. 216763
And we will. We'll just call him Mega Man.
>> No. 216764
I get that reference.

I get that one too.
>> No. 216766
Haha! ...You were waiting for that one, weren't you?
>> No. 216767
Gotta strike while the iron's hot. Wokka wokka!
>> No. 216769
You know...this just occurred to me.

Mega Man was always really heavy on the fan participation, even if the Western fans didn't get to participate as much as Japanese fans.
Why doesn't the comic's fan section push that a little bit more?
I know that sounds a bit dumb, since there's already a fan art and letters section, but what about things like asking kids who their favorite robot masters or characters are?

I mean, I guess the answer is obviously something like "We'd run out of questions pretty fast!" or "We don't have time to deal with something like that.", but I feel like something that more actively asks for kids to contribute and focuses their attention beyond asking them to send letters or art if they come up with an idea themselves just seems like a very "Mega Man" kind of thing. Maybe it's just because I relate the series to old gaming magazines, though.
>> No. 216770
There was a fanart contest already and apparently few people realized it was happening.
>> No. 216771
File 137964466269.jpg - (15.48KB , 442x322 , iseewhat.jpg )
>> No. 216772
File 137964666042.jpg - (299.90KB , 950x1200 , 1379642872388.jpg )
gotta love that official Sega Merch

you can tell by the branding on the hip
>> No. 216773
>Sexy Tails
oh god
>> No. 216774
>> No. 216776
AHAHAHAHAHA! It's that time of the year again.

But I wonder how could Dulcy be redeemed other than revamping her character design?
>> No. 216777
No crap backstory, no abusive spouse, no bullshit inconsistent powers, no magical plot convenient dragon rules....
>> No. 216778
and there is a sonic as well.
>> No. 216779
File 137968312626.png - (68.34KB , 336x252 , Respectable Scientist Considers Solution to Robot .png )
"Doctor Light, Doctor Light! Wily escaped prison and is attacking the city with his eight robot masters! What are we going to do?!"

>> No. 216786
I am suddenly reminded of Gen14 Interactive from the 90's. That was fun but it was killer on the author and artist
>> No. 216789
Yeah, basically.

Asking kids to design a robot master for the background shots in the comic later on or something like that would be great, but it would probably be too many legal hoops to jump through and too much stress on the writers and artists.
And adults would try to win anyway.
>> No. 216790
Subscribers are starting to get Sonic 253 http://board.sonicstadium.org/topic/6-archies-sonic-the-hedgehog/?p=760989
>> No. 216791
Man, the book is REALLY scrubbing away every last hint of KP, right down to nomenclature.
>> No. 216792
So Diesel's gone from existence, huh? Not surprised.
>> No. 216794

He was insisting the Dark Egg Legion was derivative of his works so can't say I'm surprised they chose to change it. Why risk anything at this point?
>> No. 216795
So is the Egg Army still composed of cyborgs? Because I really, REALLY hope that it is.
>> No. 216796
Has the new Life with Archie come out yet?
I'm worried my subscription has gotten lost in the system again.
>> No. 216797

Axel's arms don't look organic.

Judging by his name and the off roader I guess the Efrikan chapter is going to keep the road warriors stuff Diesel and his bears would have. Without being mired in potentially being a Penders idea.
>> No. 216798

This scrub-down is depressing but understandable. Legion's a better name than Army, but... it's just not worth the risk when dealing with someone like that. Or trying to avoid dealing with them.
>> No. 216799
The biker Bears were Penders, believe it or not. There was a scene where the Brotherhood were watching Knuckles fighting them behind the scenes
>> No. 216800
Looks like armor to me. I'm assuming the worst. May as well, it's been paying off in spades.
>> No. 216801
Cyborg underlings of Eggman weren't even a Penders thing. It was a Bollers thing. And before you go "Oh, they won't even remotely reference things from pre-160 that weren't written by Penders either", 253 has Rotor flash back to the beginning of Issue 25, and Rotor giving Tails the Sea Fox in the Triple Trouble special. They're almost exact copies of the original panels.
>> No. 216802
I'm pretty sick of your shit at this point.
Do you have to do this on every Sonic thread on every website?
>> No. 216803
Oh please. His fucking horns are made of metal.
>> No. 216804
The Egg Army is made up of cyborgs.
>> No. 216805
>You post on other websites, right? I know who you are!

Swing and a miss. I've been pretty upbeat until recently, but the naysayers kept turning out to be right. Just joining the team on a winning streak, Anon.

But those cyborg underlings of Eggman were derived from cyborgs Ken created. Even had the name for a while. It's enough of a thread that someone very determined and very sad could follow up on it.

And I would recommend not drawing attention to times the book references stories written by Ken. We don't know the particulars of the settlement, but it looks like there's a good chance that Archie isn't meant to be doing that, so it's liable to be a mistake that could get someone in trouble.
>> No. 216806
File 137972320796.jpg - (24.33KB , 159x254 , Myth Busted.jpg )
>The Egg Army is made up of cyborgs.

Glad to be wrong!
>> No. 216807
Ian confirmed in the post right above you that they're still cyborgs.

>"But those cyborg underlings of Eggman were derived from cyborgs Ken created. Even had the name for a while."
First cyborg underlings of Eggman were the dingos, actually. Ken made the dingos, but Bollers was the one who turned them into cyborgs under Eggman's command. Either way, point is that Ian's already confirmed they're cyborgs anyway.

The naysayers were saying nothing before Worlds Collide would matter at all anymore, and that the cyborgs would be gone, and that there'd be no more OCs at all, and that Archie wouldn't be able to reprint anything pre-Ian anymore. I've found that it's better to just not assume at all because neither side has been any more correct than the other. Ian's been thowing surprises at us.
>> No. 216808
>Ian confirmed in the post right above you that they're still cyborgs.

I conceded in the post right above you that I was wrong.
(Ian's post wasn't showing up when I made mine. Neither was mine until a little while after I made it. The site is sometimes a bit slow to show posts)
>> No. 216809
>"Ian's post wasn't showing up when I made mine. Neither was mine until a little while after I made it. The site is sometimes a bit slow to show posts"
Ugh, yeah. Realized that right after posting. Sorry about that.
>> No. 216810
So is it true that the new base of operations is going to be the new fancy ship instead of Freedom HQ?

That seems awfully... authoritarian.

I mean, a high tech flying global justice force is a bit more sinister than the old Knothole clubhouse.
>> No. 216811

Only if they enforce order as opposed to just breaking Eggman's toys. Besides, even the Avengers have the Quinjet.
>> No. 216812

I think it's less an authoritarian thing and more it lets Ian more easily write them going to other places, since they're no longer tied down to a certain spot.
>> No. 216813
It's just Freedom HQ but flying, isn't it? That doesn't seem really authoritarian, especially when it's bright fun colors and probably doesn't have much in terms of weaponry.
>> No. 216815

And the Helicarrier. Well, I guess that's more a SHIELD thing, but they still use it.
>> No. 216818

Hopefully it won't crash as often as the Quinjet.

Who am I kidding, it'll crash as much as the Tornado does in the comic.
>> No. 216820
So, Rotor is the captain?

What does that mean? Does he replace Tails/Ant as the pilot or Sally as the leader?
>> No. 216821
I have a feeling that was directed at me.

That was not me. I posted about my concern on Bumbleking and nowhere else.
>> No. 216822
Speaking of which. I think its strange that Eggman still has an army. I was hoping we'd be getting more Game Eggman in that he doesn't have an empire, but wants to rule the world to build Eggmanland
>> No. 216825
It wasn't.
>> No. 216826
It's an easy way to have little villains and minions. I guess if they're gonna keep the Acorn Kingdom, they might as well keep some of the Eggman Empire too.
>> No. 216829
Another easy way to have villains and minions is to just have villains and minions without an empire
>> No. 216830
Too bad there's never, ever been any non-Eggman Empire affiliated villains and antagonists.
>> No. 216835
I'm not saying that other villains are bad? They should definitely be around too. But you can have Eggman trying to take over the world and also having a foothold in it: it makes for a nice and quick way to introduce guys like Lord Hood or Beauregard, without forcing them to stand on the same level as those like Naugus, Scourge or Iron Queen. With the Eggman Empire army, it's good just to make some "boss" type bad guys.
>> No. 216843
I'm assuming it makes him a stationary kind of pilot/captain, in that he's piloting around this massive airshippy homebase thing. While tails would be more adventury/fighter pilot type guy.

I'm ok with Rotor turning into Cid Highwind.
>> No. 216844
Complete with grawlix?
>> No. 216848
File 137984450262.jpg - (155.85KB , 590x862 , rtrchh.jpg )
Grawlix is ok, but let's leave out the wife beating.
>> No. 216849
I much prefer it with Robotnik ruling a huge chunk of the world, his underbosses having petty feuds with one another while plotting to overthrow him, and various other parties (some good, some evil) clashing with one another while the heroes try to fix the big mess.

Comic books where the villain is just TRYING to conquer the world are a dime a dozen, it's rare you find one where he's most of the way there. And given that he's ruling a vast but unruly empire, he can suffer big defeats from Sonic over and over without it putting that big a dent in his standing as a villain. The fact that off-panel his underlings are still conquering and ruling over so much of the planet is a good way to keep his violin-cred solid.
>> No. 216857
File 137988173758.jpg - (475.96KB , 1019x1489 , 001.jpg )
>> No. 216858
Ian doesn't know what to do with her
>> No. 216859
Really, I don't think anybody ever did.
>> No. 216862
Though he did talk about dragons.
>> No. 216865
I didn't know what to do as she was. Past tense.
>> No. 216866
File 137989068032.jpg - (75.92KB , 696x414 , WhereAreMyDragons.jpg )

I call "shenanigans" on the assumption that she's an unreasonably tough character to make cool. She was a clumsy young dragon and now she's a somewhat older dragon. Emphasis on dragon.

The bit with her being a dragon means that most of the work of making her cool is already done. The book is poorer for its severe dragon shortage.
>> No. 216867
File 137989191594.jpg - (23.61KB , 460x200 , dragonheart2.jpg )
She's the character so bad she manages to make dragons look uncool. Unfortunately, just being a dragon is not actually a free pass for quality or cool. It is entirely too easy for dragons to be shitty.
>> No. 216869
File 13798931488.jpg - (75.93KB , 441x408 , 1358032952662.jpg )

How ominous.
>> No. 216871
Dragons have never been automatically cool.

Also not sold on the Flying Fortress idea. I actually liked only seeing sonic and a few friends on patrol, not the whole crew. Also seems very toyetic. Next we'll see the turtle wagon, and the batcopter
>> No. 216872
Dragons have never been automatically cool.

Also not sold on the Flying Fortress idea. I actually liked only seeing sonic and a few friends on patrol, not the whole crew. Also seems very toyetic. Next we'll see the turtle wagon, and the batcopter
>> No. 216873
File 137989543483.png - (105.98KB , 300x300 , that name.png )
>> No. 216874
File 137989603034.png - (85.16KB , 300x239 , DAT BUGGY.png )
>Not wanting the Sonic Buggy

If it's good enough for Spider-Man, it's good enough for Sonic.
>> No. 216875
They already had Freedom HQ, and that didn't mean they had to all go out together. I'm thinking it's more like a mobile base than an active vehicle, otherwise they wouldn't need the Tornado.
>> No. 216876

Sure they have. It's just a matter of whether points wind up deducted as a result of being less cool.
>> No. 216881
Dulcy is now a more anthropomorphic character and the leader of a juvenile gang.
>> No. 216884
In retrospect, that came across far more ominously than intended.

That was supposed to be cryptically hopeful.
>> No. 216887
File 137992722537.jpg - (3.30MB , 2987x1130 , countdown_to_chaos_by_anubithefrog-d6nhp3x.jpg )
>> No. 216890
Oooh, so you've changed her for the better. Interesting
>> No. 216891
So Sally has red eyelids huh.
>> No. 216895
Well, they used to be like the darker part of her fur anyway....
>> No. 216896
Not what I said, either. Don't apply absolutes to her in any way right now.
>> No. 216897
Preeetty sure all Ian meant (and I might be wrong) was that the book had muddied the waters with Dulcy's people, her family, her abusive boyfriend, her twisty backstory, etc.

Soft reboot makes it easier to streamline, excise problematic elements, and introduce new twists that can be treated as always having been there in the new timeline. Doesn't mean it'll happen, just that things are easier in some respects now.

That's what I took from it at any rate.
>> No. 216899
Yeah, nothing in this comic is set in stone. I wouldn't be surprised if Countdown to Chaos gets canned halfway through at this point
>> No. 216902
File 137997266430.png - (63.30KB , 179x223 , 1357270107993.png )

You're such a ray of sunshine.
>> No. 216909
The more I see it, the more I can dig Sally's back stripe.
>> No. 216910

Ian, I don't really know how to ask this but... Finitevus and Mogul? Do I have anything to look forward to?
>> No. 216915
File 13800032051.jpg - (38.01KB , 554x554 , Keep Reading And Youll Find Out.jpg )
"You're just gonna have to read to find out." - What Ian said when asked "what's going to happen with ____ and _____" in at least three interviews I can think of off the top of my head.
>> No. 216921

Sally got back?
>> No. 216922
Sally got back?
>> No. 216930
Going off some snooping I've done and stuff I've heard, it sounds like Penders wasn't the only one who was going after Archie for some money...
>> No. 216931
Share your insider scoops with us home dawg!
Unless, you know.
You're talking about how Shaw wants compensation for his art.
>> No. 216932
I don't know what that anon's talking about, but I found this post by LBD_Nytetrayn on another forum.


>Just in case I need to clarify-- I don't know anything for sure, but I do know Penders was not the only shark smelling blood in the water, if you know what I mean.

Not looking good for any pre-Ian Archie characters.
>> No. 216933

That might be referring to Scott Shaw who wants royalty rights for his art in reprints.

If other writers want royalty rights for their characters being in new works though, then yeah you can kiss them goodbye.
>> No. 216934
He said that in regards to Bollers being a witness for Penders.
>> No. 216935
He said that in regards to Bollers being a witness for Penders.
>> No. 216936

Hey, I'm not looking for a spoiler hand-out apart from just if they can come back but I don't know if Ian could answer that given it might be considered him speaking about the settlement. So, I'm just asking if there is something to look forward to, not what that something might be. I'm just gonna be super bummed if we lose two great villains, is all.
>> No. 216937
Being called to testify is not the same thing as trying to get royalties yourself.
>> No. 216938
And yet, I think that Bollers cooperating with Penders on this shows that there is a very good chance of he was going to try to get royalties as well. LBD pretty much indicated this as well.

Archie and SEGA's lawyers would not want to go through this mess again. Any Archie-original characters made before #160 are not likely to be seen again.
>> No. 216939
A lot of people don't seem to realize that part of a lawyer's job is making sure lawsuits don't happen to begin with. It doesn't matter if Bollers was going to pursue royalties or not. All that would matter to the lawyers is making sure what happened with Penders doesn't happen again, and that would include telling the Sonic team to not use all of these characters anymore.
>> No. 216940
There's a far greater chance that any other writers who want their royalties would be a bit more forward than Penders was in his quest to get his character rights. They want money either way, and the best way to go about that is to try and haggle out terms first and sue if you can't get what you want. Things like a single lump payment or royalties only for reprints during their duration on the book could be haggled out, despite not being overly likely.

What I'm saying is there are always alternatives in situations like these. We just witnessed a case where the goal wasn't royalties, but pride (and possibly money through the creation of new content later on, but that's not the point).

It could be a settlement thing.
It could also be a part of being told to shut up until everyone upstairs is absolutely sure what they want to do going forward.
It could also be a gag from the upper echelons for the sake of not making the current re-introduction arc(s) less valuable for readers. If they just TELL you what the new status quo is, there's less incentive to buy.

There's a lot of possibilities, but no matter what happens we aren't actually going to "know" for quite some time. Possibly even over a year. I mean, people are going to just say after this event ends "Welp, I guess that means we'll never get anyone else ever again", that's certain, and they may have good reason to say it, but we won't get official word for some time.
>> No. 216941
LDB is basically saying something we already knew. This isn't like, Archie insider info.
>> No. 216942
That is one hell of a leap in logic.
>> No. 216943
Shaw was also one of Penders' witnesses, and we know he's looking for royalties. How is that a leap in logic at all?
>> No. 216944
Because Shaw outright said he was. Bollers never said any such thing. When you're called to testify, you testify. You can refuse if you really want to, but a court can still order you in, so it's not a good idea to unless you have an actual reason.

This. LBD knows no more than any of us do.
>> No. 216945
Because being willing to testify doesn't mean you share the same motivations. Being willing to testify for Gary Friedrich or Jack Kirby's work on Cap, for example, doesn't mean you're necessarily looking to sue Marvel yourself.
Shaw has made it pretty public that he wants to be compensated.
Bollers hasn't really said jack about that kind of thing.

You're assuming he wants to sue Archie based on the fact that someone who is just as casual of an observer as us thinks that maybe the fact that this guy is willing to testify MIGHT mean he would want that. You can't use LBD as a source for why this makes sense or not, it's just blind speculation from some guy. "LBD indicated" is not a valid reason to assume that.

What we're left with is "I think he wants this because he was willing to testify", which is sketchy logic at best.
>> No. 216946
I was not aware that we knew everything Bollers said in his testimony, or that he was forced to share everything he might have been thinking of doing regardless of what he was asked. Might I have a link?
>> No. 216947
Are you missing the point on purpose or something? If Bollers ever said he's aiming for royalties, none of us know it. He might be, yes, but saying he is would be a complete and total guess. The point is that him testifying doesn't mean a damn thing. >>216945 put it best.
>> No. 216948
Oh my fucking god.
Are you really going to just be a contrarian asshole now?

Nobody said "Bollers doesn't want royalties."
They said "Testifying in a court case about character rights does not mean someone wants royalties, that is a leap in logic." You are literally playing mental hopscotch here. We went from "Bollers testified for Penders, and LBD thinks that could be bad. This means Bollers probably wants royalties." to "That's a big leap" to "Well, but Shaw wants royalties, so Bollers probably does to."

None of these things actually work as proper deductive reasoning. We're grouping interests together in ways that don't necessarily make sense and confusing people working together with people having the same end goals. And even beyond that, Penders wasn't looking for royalties, so why would Bollers testifying for him mean he wants royalties? Why does Shaw wanting royalties while testifying for Penders mean that Bollers automatically wants them or is willing to act on said desire? For what reason are we assuming that these two people must have the same motive for not refusing the opportunity to testify?

We're basically just shouting what we personally want to hear without actually putting logic into it. Bollers may or may not want royalties, but we have no reason to assume he does any more now than he did eight years ago or that he wants to act on that desire, assuming he even has it at all.
>> No. 216949
>Penders wasn't looking for royalties

Uh... yes, he was. It wasn't just the rights for his stuff he was after. He also wanted royalties for all of the reprints and issues of Sonic that Archie had used his stuff in since he left.
>> No. 216951
He said stuff like that after Archie had sued him. He also said things like he would never allow Archie to republish his work and a bunch of other contradicting things. During that time he wasn't exactly consistent.

What we do know (or at least what we can piece together from what he's said before and after the fact) is that original intent on getting the copyrights was not to get royalty money, it was to make his new book and to sue EA/Sega. He got sued by Archie for trying to copyright the characters. From what information we have, this is how things went down. It may have been different in reality, but...well yeah.
>> No. 216952
The thing I like most about this new Mobius is that Kaminski will not be able to do as many plugs anymore.

The thing I like least is that Ian is probably have to retread a lot of old ground in visiting and re-introducing (kind of) certain locations like Avalon, which is most likely just Mercia but with a new name.
>> No. 216953
>The thing I like most about this new Mobius is that Kaminski will not be able to do as many plugs anymore.

Oh you poor soul you really believe that, don't you?
>> No. 216954
It'll probably also have some Black Knight elements mixed in, which would be interesting.
>> No. 216955

>The thing I like most about this new Mobius is that Kaminski will not be able to do as many plugs anymore.

Why do you think some characters are remembering parts of the old continuity?

They won't be able to drop names but they'll still be able to reference events vaguely and drop a plug for the archives "for more information".
>> No. 216956
According to #253 spoilers, their new memories are slowly erasing their old ones.

So that won't be a problem for long.
>> No. 216957
Oh, wow. Wasn't expecting to see my name of all names brought up here.

Just to clarify: As others have said, I don't know any more than any of you guys do. I seemed to recall reading via TSSZ (yes, I know their reputation, but isn't that where 95% of the info we have on this whole thing came from?) that there were other creatives from Sonic's past who were at least keeping a keen eye on what Penders was doing with Archie.

Here's the stuff I remember:



Actually, I thought there had been more, but with others joining the fold, it's not hard to imagine that Archie may not want to take their chances with the characters of others.

But, that's just my opinion. We could still see others coming back; my initial statement was in response to the notion that a character is "safe" just because they didn't come from Penders, due to the above factors. Nothing more, nothing less.
>> No. 216958
Thanks for the clarification, LBD.
>> No. 216959
So Sonic The Hedgehog: Chain of Memories?
>> No. 216960
Which is going to end up with the most convenient mishmash possible for the comic after the event ends.

No reason in even going around and GIVING everyone memories if they don't keep some of them.
>> No. 216961
You think that this is an "event" with an ending?

>> No. 216962
>No reason in even going around and GIVING everyone memories if they don't keep some of them.

Except to make them somewhat as lost as the reader, and ease the transition into the new comic universe.
>> No. 216963
Honestly, and I'm talking out of my ass here, I don't see Bollers trying to pull a Penders.

I don't see ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND pulling a Penders. Ken committed career suicide. Bollers isn't exactly a hot ticket at the moment, but he's not going to scupper his entire writing career to try to get the rights to Mina Mongoose or whatever.

Trying to get some compensation when your work is reprinted is a VERY different matter from what Ken did.
>> No. 216964
Also: after getting all of their memories back, the FFs are probably going to choose to keep the world as it is after realizing what a nightmare things had become in the regular one--and thereby make the last 30 issues or so SOMEWHAT of a coherent story.
>> No. 216966
Except that would only necessitate Sonic and Eggman having old world memories. Heck, you could do that without the subplot of getting everyone their memories back via Nicole. There's no good reason to dedicate four issues to getting memories back if nothing is staying at all, and there's no reason to do all this if we're keeping nothing. At the VERY least this whole thing has the purpose of referencing reprints.
>> No. 216967
It's literally a four part event story.
This is their push into the new version of the comic that's going to end with a big bang (most likely Dark Gaia). Just like every other big old event in the book, though, it's obviously going to flow into the next arc.
>> No. 216968
Aye but it's like revisiting level tropes in Sonic games: you can do them in new exciting ways! It's not quite the same as what they were doing with the Wolf Pack stories, with the same basic shtick dragged out every year or so.
>> No. 216969
I very much disagree. Not every big arc in comics is an "event."
>> No. 216971
Agh, don't remind me of the Wolf Pack. I'm still disappointed that we'll never learn what the deal with the Ancient Onyx was.
>> No. 216972
You know, with all the hearsay and speculation and uncertainty, why has nobody tried to contact any of the former writers and ask how they feel about this/if they would ever try to claim the characters they made? There's a lot of people who act like it's a certainty that all the characters from pre-160 are done for, but why has nobody even made an attempt to talk to the old writers if they believe that?
>> No. 216973

Yes lets throw rocks at the bees nest, what could possibly go wrong?
>> No. 216974
Because >>216938

What the past writers are doing actually doesn't really matter. What SEGA and Archie's lawyers think is best for their clients to avoid any future legal hassle does.
>> No. 216975
Well, what COULD go wrong?

If we're so sure Archie is writing them out, what could it hurt? If we ask them and they say they want their rights nothing changes, Archie would have found out eventually (possibly with a lawsuit). If they say no, we have a good reason to believe Archie can work shit out with the characters they created.

Why not do it.
>> No. 216976
Shit I meant to link to >>216939 not that other stupid post
>> No. 216977

Do you have any contact info for them? I mean, only reason anyone had/has any idea what Ken is doing is because he's got a forum.
>> No. 216978
Bollers has a twitter.


I feel like someone like Mike Gallagher shouldn't be too hard to find, either.
>> No. 216980

If that's the case, then why the fuck not.
You're saying that their lawyers' minds are made up anyway, so there's no good reason not to do it.
>> No. 216986
File 138008716591.jpg - (26.66KB , 478x380 , I DARE YOU MUTHERFUCKA.jpg )
>> No. 216990
>Why not?
Because I don't trust you guys to do it in a way that doesn't rub people the wrong way, and I'd prefer not to bother the dude with this petty bullshit?
>> No. 216999
Oh hey these guys remember nothing,
Now Nicole Zaps them and they remember everything!
Now they remember nothing again!

Seems like a waste of 5 months if you ask me.
>> No. 217000
File 138012114177.jpg - (57.65KB , 720x960 , Sonic Spoiler.jpg )
speaking of twitter

why aren't we talking about this?
>> No. 217002
Okay, let's dis
>> No. 217003
new penciler?
>> No. 217004
Because it's random panels of Sonic running and Tails flying? And there might be a robot!

>> No. 217007
Sonic Universe 63's title is partially seen, but "The Gr____" is pretty vague.
>> No. 217008
He's clearly doing some kind of drop-kick.
>> No. 217013
File 13801928251.jpg - (156.80KB , 584x785 , lwa32a.jpg )
This book needs to be all Earth V, all the time. It's just WAAAY more interesting than Earth B.
>> No. 217018
So is Archie better off with Veronica or Betty?
>> No. 217019
File 138023750747.jpg - (160.70KB , 612x816 , Img_3253.jpg )
Well, there was that time Archie and Veronica got divorced.
But now Archie is on the verge of having an affair because of Betty being an overachiever that never has time for him.
>> No. 217020
The world would be a better place if he was single, let's just put it like that.
>> No. 217024
So Bates said something on his DA that he probably shouldn't have.

Sally is now a cyborg like Monkey Khan.
>> No. 217026
Preeeeetty sure he was trolling.
>> No. 217027
File 138025966826.gif - (1.30MB , 512x288 , 1379508218278.gif )
That's pretty out there, so I think we should probably get confirmation from more than just Bates before assuming it's true (it'd be way too easy for that to be a misfire.) That definitely seems like the kind of twist you wouldn't want to just throw out there without context...
>> No. 217029
Ditto. He basically responded to someone going "Sally's not a robot any more?" with "oh no, she totally is. She just doesn't look like it. You know, like Monkey Khan!"

The Trolling is strong in this one...
>> No. 217031
There's a new development in the world of communication!

It's Called JOKES!
>> No. 217042
File 138045077323.jpg - (329.50KB , 586x900 , a632_600.jpg )
Oh brother.

Now I'm wondering what would happen if Archie married Valerie. Would they end up in a open relationship?
>> No. 217052
Finally got #252. Loved seeing Big do a spindash.

Also interesting to see that they retconned the actual Sonic Adventure adaptation, but not surprising.
>> No. 217054
So the Chaos being counted down to is that Chaos?
>> No. 217055
Why would you ever want to reference the actual Sonic Adventure adaptation?

The borders of reality would crumble and Riverdale would be reset to a state where Josie and the Pussycats was never incorporated into Archie canon.
Poor guy.
>> No. 217056

Even if they wanted to for whatever reason changing it is for the better since it writes out Mysterious Cat Country entirely.
>> No. 217057
They referenced the fact that the Archie Sonic Adventure adaptation was totally different from the actual game, to be more specific.
>> No. 217061
>Hating on Queen Hathor

I bet you wear jorts. And the ugly ugly socks of a common road-sweeper.

Ugly designs, very fun society.
>> No. 217062

I don't mind the characters or the concepts, it's that it's a Penders concept that makes it being written out now a change for the better.
>> No. 217102
That Veronica has seen some shit.
>> No. 217105
EVERY Veronica has seen some shit.
>> No. 217106
Hey so Sonic is in Super Smash Bros. 4 by the way.

So Worlds Collide 2: Collide Harder is a thing I guess.
>> No. 217109
All we need is a good stage editor and we can recreate the fight between Sonic and Mega Man in the beginning of WC.
>> No. 217125
>I think all the people that are saying "HOLY SHIT LOOK AT ALL THE MONEY IT'S MADE IN THE FIRST DAY" haven't watched a Kickstarter before. The first day is never indicative of what it's going to do for most of those 31 days. It'll definitely get funded but most of those stretch goals are a long ways off.

Mighty No.9 raised $4,031,550. Every stretch goal made to the point where they started making up new ideas by just throwing crap at a wall for inspiration.
>> No. 217134
File 138072380686.jpg - (167.65KB , 500x324 , Sonic Boom.jpg )
Prepare for character design bawwing.

Watch them not be voiced by their game cast and we'll get another shift, downgrading Roger Craig Smith to whatever Schmuck they have for this show.
>> No. 217135
Wait its CG? Well fuck that
>> No. 217137
>That Knuckles
What's going o-
>It looks semi-prehistoric
I have a bad feeling.
>> No. 217138

The epic return of Sonic the Boghog.

Joking aside, shouldn't subscribers have gotten Mega Man 30 by now? Is it being delayed this month too?
>> No. 217139
Meh, as long its atlest Pac-man (but hoping for TMNT) levels off fun time, I dont really care about the look.
Now it not having a sense of speed on the other hand. That could sink it.
Also is it just me or is Sonic WEARING something?
Becauses thats about fucking time!
>> No. 217142
Was something else delayed by a month?
>> No. 217143
Mega Man 29 was delayed by two weeks, not a month.

28 came out late July / early August for them. 29 arrived in early or mid September. We can expect 30 in early or mid October.
>> No. 217179
File 138080078762.jpg - (266.37KB , 792x1224 , rolllilith_lorez_by_ryanjampole-d6p0yz6[1].jpg )
Uh... Ryan?
>> No. 217180
File 138081799128.jpg - (793.41KB , 948x1438 , megaman34var-x-raw-art-1jpg-883dfd_948w[1].jpg )

> "Where's Mega Man X?"

>The answer is in Mega Man #34, which will hit in February 2014. Starting in that issue, Archie will begin exploring the X universe with a back-up feature in the pages of the regular Mega Man comic.
>> No. 217181
>Both franchises haven't seen a new game in some time and both characters are basically alone and unloved.
>Combination character is asking for their game(s) to be played.

Nothing wrong here.
Dash's character designer drew porn and nobody cared until he drew porn of Roll, no need to get in a tizzy about a slightly suggestive joke picture.
>> No. 217182
It's part of a series of Roll dressing up for Halloween. Don't overthink it.

Besides, MMX! About time!
>> No. 217184
New thread >>217183
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