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File 13780687041.png - (924.76KB , 618x950 , megaman29.png )
215781 No. 215781
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>> No. 215785
As I was saying I wonder if spite will force Capcom's hand into trying to make a new competitor Megaman...then again I wonder if they'd see trying to compete with a game that needs a kickstarter as a show of weakness.
>> No. 215786
File 137806977716.jpg - (48.29KB , 224x257 , 1322543185630.jpg )
As I was saying in the other thread, it makes sense as a fan to still be jaded after a few cancellations, but if you've convinced yourself that MegaMan in Smash Bros, the Comic series and even the Worlds Collide crossover are dismissable as "Not Capcom" then you've officially lost sight of the entire franchise. These things are not done behind their back, hoping they won't notice. Capcom is involving themselves in all of these projects pretty heavily and that deserves recognition.

Don't let your disappointment turn into misinformed nerdrage.
>> No. 215787

Brett corrected people who accidentally reported him saying such a vague statement as "We're working on a Mega Man game" last year http://www.rockman-corner.com/2013/03/new-mega-man-game-in-development.html

They ain't got shit in the works man and shitting out another 8-bit game at this point would just make them look laughable. Especially in a world where we've got 8 bit fan games and doujin clones coming out of every orifice these days.
>> No. 215788

You never announce a game before its at least 70% content complete. Legends 3 was the exception. They're no doubt working on something, but won't make a formal announcement until the danger of cancellation is extremely minimal.
>> No. 215789
Theres way too many of you here who think that Video Games and Comics are run by highschool drama standards. Do you have any idea how many late nights of back and forth work it takes from both a publisher and a developer just to get to the GDD stage of preproduction? You honestly believe that a studio would purposely destroy their strongest brand and lose hundreds of thousands of dollars out of something as trivial as spite? Let alone at all?

Guys. You're fans and you're upset. That makes sense. But don't pretend that Professional Game Development works the same way as a 9th Grade breakup. The real world doesn't work that way.

Can we talk about comics now?
>> No. 215790
Oh sure, Capcom of the US can make things that make COJ money all day every day The comic was a COA project at its core. With the restructuring, we're going to have to see if it survives the next licensing period

as for Smash Bros, Sakuai and Namco are doing all the work.
>> No. 215791
You're talking in a world where the company so out of touch with its fans decided to post a "fine guide to sushi dining from its hack of a CEO mere days after the MML3 cancellation bomb was dropped.
>> No. 215792
>There's way too many of you here who think that Video Games and Comics are run by highschool drama standards.
Where the fuck have you been since the 90s? Both industries are well known for astounding amounts of pettiness and unprofessional conduct.

>You honestly believe that a studio would purposely destroy their strongest brand and lose hundreds of thousands of dollars out of something as trivial as spite?
Capcom would never kill Street Fighter.
>> No. 215793

But such a vague statement "Hey we're working on A Mega Man game" really isn't an official game announcement and he categorically denied even something as vague as that and even forced reporters to correct it. They've got nothing man.
>> No. 215794
>You honestly believe that a studio would purposely destroy their strongest brand and lose hundreds of thousands of dollars out of something as trivial as spite? Let alone at all?

Square Enix is willing to let Dragon Quest die in America despite every well-advertised game in the series in the last decade selling over 1M copies. Their former CEO also made business decisions based on fortune telling.

Yuji Naka threatened to leave Sega and take all of his shit with him over a matter of pride.

Namco Bandai basically tells Gotanda to go fuck himself to this very day.

Video game companies are filled with some of the pettiest motherfuckers in business.
>> No. 215795

On the subject of SEGA don't forget how much SoJ was upset SoA was doing so much better than them back in the 16 bit era.

Let's not forget they didn't even bother to give SoA a working Sega CD and made them have to reverse engineer the damn thing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sega_CD
>> No. 215797
File 13780793194.jpg - (311.65KB , 792x612 , rings1234_roslyn_krantz_at_the_beach.jpg )
It's ridiculously hot.

The weather is too.
>> No. 215799
That's cute, nice to see fanart of her.
>> No. 215802
>Theres way too many of you here who think that Video Games and Comics are run by highschool drama standards.

Have you not seen all the shit Marvel and DC have pulled the past couple years, and how writers and artists have responded to those things (hint: It's usually really catty)? Or habout all the drama that apparently happens with Penders? Or how much BS Capcom has pulled the past five-ten years? Like, it may not be High School level drama, but it's pretty damn close.

Also, as someone else pointed out, Street Fighter is their strongest series right now and they still treat people, like Yoshinori Ono, like shit. They forced the dude to continue working through a damn heart attack. They treat the people for them very badly, hence why Inafune left, and Shinji Mikami before them.

I know the Legends 3 thing was supposed to be an experiment in openly showing the gaming world at large what the process is like to get a game made, and that most games don't make it past the stage it was cancelled at, and so that's left a lot of fans really upset. I get that, so i'm not so pissed, but after Inafune left they cancelled any project that was remotely Megaman (Like Megaman Universe) and don't really have concrete plans to continue the series on their own, aside from licencing the character around.

So, maybe they haven't completely killed the franchise, but they're not going to go out of their way to do anything with it at this point.

Though Inafune is making a spiritual successor that's being Kickstarted right now (Mighty No. 9), which seems to be going well since it started yesterday and has achieved $675K of their $900K goal, and still have another thirty days. They'll also probably get most, if not all, their stretch goals.
>> No. 215803

Well, Japanese companies anyway.

But yeah there's a long history of Japanese game companies thinking only of glorious Nippon, to the obvious detriment of the overall profit. I doubt CoJ remembers that CoA exists as more than a skeleton crew on most days.
>> No. 215804

I think all the people that are saying "HOLY SHIT LOOK AT ALL THE MONEY IT'S MADE IN THE FIRST DAY" haven't watched a Kickstarter before. The first day is never indicative of what it's going to do for most of those 31 days. It'll definitely get funded but most of those stretch goals are a long ways off.
>> No. 215805
Here's the link for those that don't want to go through the last thread to find it:

It's 2/3 funded.
>> No. 215806
Megaman gets in double trouble since its also seen as a "kiddie" game and given the angle Capcom as been going they would run from the stigma of such a title as if it had the plague.
>> No. 215809
>Theres way too many of you here who think that Video Games and Comics are run by highschool drama standards.
Video games are a multi-billion dollar, worldwide industry, bigger than movies, and yet most companies live or die on a single game with only a few dozen bucking this trend, either because they've bought the rest, their games print money, or they're Valve.

Hell, Fish or whatever, the creator of Fez, cancelled Fez II because he got in a pissing match with video game "journalists" on Twitter and apparently lost.

The publisher this thread is about recently went through a guy actually filing suit for ORIGINAL CHARACTERS DO NOT STEAL and may have come out on top, plus their co-Presidents just sued each other.

Yeah. I think there's a light of high school drama in both industries, mainly at the top.
>> No. 215812
>Well, Japanese companies anyway.

But it's really not. EA pulls this shit a lot, so does Activision, and like every week there's seems to be some new controversy of someone big in the game industry doing/saying something completely stupid.


Granted, that's true, but I feel like established names/companies tend to do better overall, and I wouldn't be surprised if this one meets it's first stretch goal by the end of the week with the fanbase Megaman has.
>> No. 215815
>Hell, Fish or whatever, the creator of Fez, cancelled Fez II because he got in a pissing match with video game "journalists" on Twitter and apparently lost.
That guy was not the head of a multi-million dollar business, though. Indies being volatile isn't as ridiculous as CEOs being volatile.

Honestly, though, I think the statements of these decisions being made for petty reasons are based on guesses from uninformed fans rather than any actually documented cases. Publicly traded companies seriously cannot get away with that sort of childishness because their stock holders can sue them for it.
>> No. 215817
Almost funded.

Honestly with Capcom it just feels like they dick people around. Bad Box Art Megaman would have been hilarious if they hadn't just cancelled all their projects.

Hell they propped up a fan game as their anniversary thing.

The comic has been great but the most Capcom does is hand them the license.
>> No. 215819
>Fanart of Krantz

>> No. 215823
File 137813529220.gif - (971.85KB , 500x281 , tumblr_mro89aGvQn1s159djo2_500.gif )
AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAND FUNDED! Eat all the dicks Capcom.
>> No. 215825
File 137813548235.gif - (955.98KB , 500x281 , tumblr_mro89aGvQn1s159djo1_500.gif )
>> No. 215827
Well they stand a chance to obtain the stretch goal
>> No. 215828
File 137813761048.gif - (1.25MB , 1000x649 , Mighty_9_origins.gif )
[HD] The Protomen - The Will Of Oneyoutube thumb

And as he lives,
There is no evil,
That will stand...

And he will finish,
What was started,
>> No. 215829
And hopefully, beating Homestuck in the process (HS kickstarter managed to get 2 million).
>> No. 215830
Has anything actually happened with that?
>> No. 215831
There was a "megahiatus" on may, that Hussie supposedly dedicated on the development of the game. But aside that, no news available.
>> No. 215832
They're not guesses.
>> No. 215841
He said at the time that game development would only start when the comic ended
>> No. 215845
The Megahiatus was about getting his work for the game out of the way so that the dev team could be finishing its shit, since Homestuck ended up taking longer to wrap up than he thought. So it's in the works now. But it is believed that the game will come out pretty much at the same time Homestuck itself ends.
>> No. 215846
>when the comic ended
HAHAHAHAHAHA. So the game will never be, then.
>> No. 215868
The comic will probably be finished before this time next year.
>> No. 215899
File 137821515454.png - (217.22KB , 616x246 , cunt destroyer.png )
Not too late to get in on this action, anon!
>> No. 215901

Called it!
>> No. 215902
File 137821922757.jpg - (135.61KB , 500x593 , tumblr_mshaass2tk1rbwk5uo1_500.jpg )
Yer startin' to look a little wrong buddy.
>> No. 215904
I just hope they don't fall into the same problems that Double Fine has had with development after their Kickstarter.
>> No. 215906

Most of that is Schafer being fucking terrible with budgeting money.
>> No. 215907
This seems to be an epidemic in the game dev industry, though, so I've no expectation that comcept will fare any better.
>> No. 215908
Funded no.9, now to wait til 2015 to play it. Hopefully Amerikrog will eb out before then
>> No. 215913
There is a good gameoverthinker episode about that:
Heh, knew I could sit back on this one too~
Because hey, dude got fame and shit.
Fuckers posting Fry memes everywhere, it was great.
>> No. 215936
I'm thinking of doing an informative series to get people into the Sonic comics. I know it seems silly, what with the new 252 and all, but it might be interesting to explain to people the whole "two robotniks" thing.

I was thinking of doing something from an in-universe explanation, completely informative, not really trying to be funny or anything, and probably will be audio only. Because I like browsing stuff while I got youtube videos on in the background.
>> No. 215938
Capcom holds pathetic grudges.

>> No. 215939

Does it seem like a good idea for a show? Am I wasting my time? Should I add something to it? Opinions? What?
>> No. 215945
alright found you, man I wish plus 4chan had an extension
>> No. 215946
Alright I found you after our discussion from 4chan, man I wish plus had an X extension for faster posting and the such
>> No. 215949
Before I continue, I just want to say that yes I am Mavrickindigo. I wanted to come to you guys about this project of mine because you give it to me straight and I really appreciate that.

Anyway this is a little "test run" I did. I'm planning on doing a little series just introducing the oddities of the Archie canon to people who are outside the main fanbase of it. I was thinking of making it audio only, but please tell me what you think about what I have so far. This is a rough read, and as such isn't as fine tuned or as clean as a finished product. I made this as a sort of test to show to people to see if I'm on the right track


>> No. 215951
what I like
you seem to do your research, Eggman's original designs, and even name change from Japan to Eggman
mentioning different incarnations such as games, cartoons, and comics
mentioning other dimensions and the such
you may want to hit on alternate universes in more detail in other episodes, as they are important in some issues
metioning the robo-robotnik as well as the change from robotnik to eggman in the comics

What I dislike
there are no visuals, you don't have to picture yourself but you can use pictures in a youtube video or even video rips to show your explanation
this is not necessary but issue reference may be helpful for people wanting to read

You do have a good voice on you and this will work out for you when making the series, you may want to try and get a charisma going, though this is a trial run and you are still working on it. Overall you explain nicely and this can be a good introduction to the History of Sonic Comics by Archie to the general audience.
You may want to point out silly parts, such as the Bem in general. I mean it was only created for an excuse to turn Eggman human and later to be a non existent threat to Mobius
>> No. 215955
File 137827230743.png - (338.00KB , 1024x938 , it_s_in_your_hands_now__by_duodynamo-d6koqr7.png )

Damn straight I am. It's not slowing down nearly as much as I thought it would. If it keeps going at this pace it'll get all the stretch goals in 30 days no problem.

Big if, though.
>> No. 215957
What I don't quite get is all the excitement for the possibility of a console version. I haven't plugged in a console in like seven years and it's been the best gaming of my life, these guys need to get on the trolley.

Also maybe it would be wise to shuttle all discussion of Mighty No. 9 to a dedicated thread on /cog/.
>> No. 215958
File 137827306735.png - (1.36MB , 1400x740 , 13564651325.png )
Most people do indeed play video games on their consoles. New Mega Man's starting to ship now, isn't it?
>> No. 215965
Thanks for the suggestions!

I'm not going to be able to do images myself, because I only have access to WIndows Live Movie Maker, and I can't seem to make it do anything with images that I want and my funds are currently going all toward the Mighty No. 9. I would love to find someone who could cobble together a video for me sometime if anyone wants to help before I get funds again for a good video program.
>> No. 215980
I don't have nor need a gaming rig. I do everything on my ps3 or ipod
>> No. 215981
File 137834100886.png - (1.94MB , 1280x2104 , Megaman - Might no_ 9 cross over.png )
I am hoping we get to console release of Mighty No. 9 I want to play it on my PS3
>> No. 215982
I am going to wait until Capcom rehires Mr. Inafune and makes a legitimate Megaman game, and not a Megaman game with the serial numbers filed off. Because I am confident this is going to happen.
>> No. 215983
Who's to say Mr. Inafune would return?
>> No. 215984
Inafune wouldn't lower himself to working for them again.
>> No. 215985

He offered to continue working with them when he left years ago.

The fact nothing came of it should tell you what Capcom thought of the idea.
>> No. 215987
They wouldn't use Megaman in anything if there wasn't something coming. And if Capcom sucks so bad, why play Smash 4? Why read the comics? It's still Capcom, even if a third party makes it.
>> No. 215988
>They wouldn't use Megaman in anything if there wasn't something coming.
I don't understand your logic there. Nintendo still uses Ness and Lucas, and there probably won't be any new Mother games ever, unless you count spiritual successors like Undertale.
>> No. 215989

Merchandise is a free pass to basically print money since Capcom has to do little to no work making it, using that as a justification for them seeing the series as anything more is flimsy at best.
>> No. 215990
We're not having this discussion again. Nevermind. Forget it.
>> No. 215992
I really don't see your logic at all here. I can't make any connections.
He left Capcom because it sucks working for Capcom. Unless that's changed, and it hasn't, then he's not coming back. That they're continuing to license Mega Man doesn't mean they're making games for him, and it doesn't mean Inafune is coming back.
>> No. 215993
If it ran on logic (which sadly, it doesn't) merchandise would only come out timed around a thing to go with it, like a game or a movie or so on.

It used to be like that. Now, it's not.
>> No. 215994
File 137835405450.jpg - (189.08KB , 672x900 , 2989194838957994386f55b65bef70c8.jpg )
Hey, if it did we wouldn't really be having this thread.
>> No. 216003
>Comic based on games made by good capcom and not shitty corporate asshole current Crapcom
>Video game made by Sakurai who treats beloved franchises with the utmost respect

How the hell do you consider that "still Capcom"
>> No. 216005

Too late! The can of worms has been genie'd out of the bottle in Pandora's open box!
>> No. 216023

Sakurai doesn't go to other companies to get their characters in Smash. It takes a lot from the other side to make it work, and theres a considerable amount of co-operation and asset sharing/approval to make it work. That's how games work, that's how comics work, that's how movies work.

Speaking of comics, this thread is about comics. Lets talk about comics.
>> No. 216025

In the case of Mega Man he did actually because of how much he was requested back when Brawl was still in production, it came up in the early interviews for Smash 4.

Snake and Sonic were pushed by their respective companies though so you're 2/3's right.
>> No. 216026
I thought Sonic was a huge "Scratch your back" thing between Nintendo and SEGA. My understanding is that the fan interest in having Sonic added to the game was so completely overwhelming that someone at Nintendo/HAL talked to someone at SegaSammy and it eventually worked its way up that SEGA would let Nintendo use Sonic in Brawl IF Nintendo would license their characters to Sega (which they did, leading to Sonic & Mario at the Olympics.)
>> No. 216038
It was sort of a complicated thing by the end, as far as I recall both companies were pushing for it but they also wanted to negotiate special terms.
>> No. 216040
I doubt that was the case

Sonic is such an obviously tacked-on character, it's not funny. Not to mention the game was delayed right around the time he was announced.
>> No. 216071
So does guarding the Master Emerald matter anymore in the new continuity, or is it more of a hobby like in the games?
>> No. 216075

We have insufficient information at this time to make a call one way or the other.
>> No. 216076
You didn't hear it from me, but my dad works for Sega and he says the Master Emerald's going to be destroyed and Knuckles will be reworked as Sonic's grouchy butler. It'll be the first time we get to see Sonic's new home, so we expect readers to be very interested.
>> No. 216078
depends if this new continuity has jackasses lusting after its power.

Concerning the game continuity, I have no idea why eggman doesn't always obtain the master emerald at the start of all his schemes, its probably the one thing in the whole series which can neutralize the power of the chaos emeralds. It could be his answer to super sonic.
>> No. 216082
Didn't he pretty much try to do exactly that in Sonic Adventure 2, only for Knuckles to break the thing so he couldn't get it?
>> No. 216083
It's okay to blow up now because it is no longer keeping an ancient evil sealed inside it.
>> No. 216094
I'd imagine his thinking goes something like:

1) Found a big ass emerald on the island I just crash landed on. Tried to tap its unfathomable power. Lost my Death Egg and crashed in the ocean.

2) Shattered the thing to release Chaos. Tried to tap its unfathomable power. Lost my Egg Carrier II and crashed in the ocean.

3) Tried to steal it a third time to keep the fuzzies from ruing my plans. It got shattered, wasting my time, and plans were still ruined. (Also, prototype of unfathomable power nearly crashed us into the ocean)

Final analysis: screw it.

Not canon answer
>> No. 216099
I'd also think it's better for Eggman's health to have Knuckles only kind of mad at him for trying to take over the world than instead of flung into full blown 'zerker rage over his precious emerald being taken again.

The less he can piss off the superpowered animals while trying to take over the world, the better.
>> No. 216123
Except that damn hedgehog! No punches pulled.
>> No. 216226
File 137869880796.png - (12.94KB , 1299x170 , itsjustanamethoughreally.png )
So guys what do you think King Acorn's new first name is going to be?
>> No. 216227
>> No. 216229
>> No. 216231
Mack Samillion Acorn.
>> No. 216232
I would lose my shit if this was the case.
>> No. 216235
"It was my grandmother's maiden name. Deeply respected family in Old Mobius, the Samillions."
>> No. 216244
Not only would that be a fun punch, but it would also lead to stories where old war buddies could show up and go "Hey, King Mack, how ya doin'?"
>> No. 216261
King Acorn, Alias: The Maxx
>> No. 216264
Sally and her royal parent, the Mack Daddy?
>> No. 216295
So MM29 comes out tomorrow and yet there's no preview.
>> No. 216300

Only a handful of subscribers have it as well so maybe they thought it was ok to wait this time or something.

There are reports of subscribers starting to get Sonic Universe 56 though.
>> No. 216302
Except that its not out in stores until next week.
>> No. 216303
Except that its not out in stores until next week.
>> No. 216304

The original solicitation says tomorrow unless Newsrama made a mistake I'm not aware of it changing http://www.newsarama.com/17819-mega-man-sonic-comics-have-big-plans-post-crossover.html
>> No. 216306
It's not anywhere on the shipping list for this week.
>> No. 216307

Well then I guess it was delayed a week for some reason since the original solicitation.

Wonder why.
>> No. 216308
Regardless of when Mega Man 29 ends up coming out for sure you can have preview pages now! http://www.destructoid.com/mega-man-29-sample-pages-and-miniature-anime-conventions-261563.phtml
>> No. 216309

It is however listed on Comixology's list of releases tomorrow http://www.3millionyears.co.uk/2013/09/comixology-new-releases-for-the-week-of-september-9th-2013/
>> No. 216310
Comixology's release schedule isn't too reliable. I've learned that in the past.
>> No. 216314
Once upon a time I tried making a theme song for our favorite Ixis wizard.
But it sucked.

Sometime later, I made another one.
And now I just found it while going through the stash of my own songs.
So I figured, "this actually isn't so bad, unlike the previous one why not share it"?

>> No. 216325
File 137887222348.png - (321.43KB , 416x636 , 1373885742033.png )
>Get MM 29 and SU 56 on same day

For once, shipping didn't screw me.

Still haven't gotten STH 252 though
>> No. 216327
Any MM spoilers you can give us
>> No. 216328
Same thing happened to me, it's weird as hell. The two issues, I got 252. It's all good stuff, I like the new artist, he's sort of odd on the Robot Masters but he does really great overall.
>> No. 216329

I think there's a reasonable possibility shipment of Mega Man 29 is in general delayed not just in stores like people have been speculating today with it's absence in shipping lists this week. It'd explain why the subscribers got it a week later than normal but Sonic Universe 56 at the normal time. Perhaps there was some complication in printing the issue.

Regardless for those wanting Sonic Universe 56 info feel free to check it out here, I can't be bothered to cross post it this time http://board.sonicstadium.org/topic/6-archies-sonic-the-hedgehog/?p=755543
>> No. 216333
Mega Man #29 Get I suppose

Rock wakes up in a tube filled with liquid in a wrecked Light Labs. It's revealed that it has been two weeks since the worldwide blackout and it took Doctor Light and Doctor Pedro Astil that long to develop the coating that now protects Rock from the EM wave. Unfortunately, Roll is too damaged to use the coating on her so she's stuck in a eventually fatal coma. Mega Man asks what and where he needs to go to fix this. Doctor Pedro offers the only lead they have: the powerful EM field discovered around the Lanfront Ruins. Pedro had been part of an expedition to investigate the ruins that arose from the Amazon Rainforest four years ago. It ended in tragedy when the EM field knocked out their helicopters. The unnaturally large field and "malevolent" vibe from it makes it a prime suspect for the blackout.

To support Mega Man, they revive Rush, Cut Man, Bomb Man, and Guts Man. Light reveals that before Break Man left, he gave Light the data that helped him develop the coating. The team leaves in Light's old project plane and the doctors and Plant Man stay to expand the coating to try to revive more Robot Masters.

Meanwhile, Break Man is finally able to get back to the Lanfront Ruins but is immediately attacked by Ra Moon. Before it can escalate though, a ragged Wily leads Break Man away to a safe location inside the pyramid. He explains Ra Moon's betrayal and that it hasn't made any effort to actively kill him for unknown reasons. Wily tells Break Man to stay as his bodyguard while he finishes his Ultimate Robot Master: Ra Thor. Mega Man's team arrives at the forest but their plane is quickly shot down by one of Ra Moon's patrols consisting of Flash Man, Bubble Man, Metal Man, and Heat Man. The battle is going badly against the more weapon-based Robot Masters so Mega Man concocts a plan that involves assigning the others specific targets.

>> No. 216341
Okay, so can someone explain to me why Shadow get the title of "Ultimate Lifeform"?

From what I've observed abilities wise he's got
- Doesn't age
- Immune to sickness, like the common cold or hedgehog AIDS
- Good at Chaos Control (with gem)

He's not even super fast he uses rocket boots.
>> No. 216347
So you know he's immortal, and yet you question why he's the Ultimate Lifeform?
>> No. 216349
So is Gaia, Dark Gaia, Perfect Chaos, etc., etc
>> No. 216352
Man, there are real life jellyfish that are biologically immortal.
>> No. 216353
What do you need explained? Gerald's point was to make something immune to the basic "flaws" of life. Shadow's body, on its own, will never wear out or succumb to degrading. He won't grow old and wither, he won't get sick and die. Gerald was hoping that once he had that going, it would help him figure out how to apply such abilities to other people (like how in X-men, Wolvering being infected by a virus killing others forced the creation of a vaccine because his healing ability eventually forced the antibodies needed to be created).

Life eventually degrades and falls apart. Gerald made a being that doesn't follow that rule. So how is that not an "ultimate lifeform?"
>> No. 216354
Interesting. I wonder if Break Man decided to help Light out of guilt over what happened to Roll.
>> No. 216355
Don't forget that he can also cause localized distortions in space-time and, essentially, throw lightening. And that's without a Chaos Emerald.
>> No. 216357
They don't really count as normal life forms.
>> No. 216358
Flatworms can do that, they aren't ultimate lifeforms.

And considering that NIDs/an infinitely large amount of horrible diseases still exist I guess Gerald Robotnik was wrong anyway... though that may be as much to do with Shadow deciding to play superhero instead of helping the world through medical advances like he was supposed to.
>> No. 216359
>"Flatworms can do that, they aren't ultimate lifeforms."

For a moment I misread the number and thought you were replying to Ian's post about Shadow distorting space-time and throwing lightning.
>> No. 216360
I guess it comes down to which super powers you personally value the most that constitutes the ultimate lifeform.
Some people might think eternal youth is the best, other people might think psychic abilities are the best, other people might think being the fastest thing alive makes you the ultimate lifeform. There really is no right answer.
>> No. 216363
Are flatworms as biologically complicated as a human?
>> No. 216387
Creepy ghost elder god immortal =/= "I am a dude who can not get older" immortal.

Which is why we have scientists in secret labs shouting "inject it into his veins" while they experiment with flatworm DNA like phazon was going out of style.
No, they aren't.
>> No. 216398
to be honest at the point where you're creating life the difference between creating a flatworm and a human is miniscule

the difficulty is creating life itself

humans share 70% of their DNA with slugs you know
>> No. 216400

Please cite your claim that he can't get hedgehog aids
>> No. 216405
Question for research

Has Blaze ever interacted with Knuckles?
>> No. 216407

Don't think so unless you want to get really pedantic and count things like the sports games.
>> No. 216425
Sonic Rush Part 16 - Talk to Knuckles (Blaze)youtube thumb

How can you forget the part of the game where Knuckles more or less says he's resigned to letting Sonic be the guardian of the Chaos Emeralds?

Or the part where Knuckles thinks Blaze is just a thief and Amy holds him back and tells him what actually went down?
>> No. 216427
Wait, what happened to Knuckles in that first one?
>> No. 216428
Really bad localization, I'd wager.
>> No. 216435
It is too early in the morning for me to google "do hedgehogs have AIDS".
>> No. 216456
>IAN: "Okay, so, in SU#50 we have Metal Sonic version seven-point..."
>SEGA: "There is only one Metal Sonic. Ever."
>IAN: "...oh. And all the other times you let him get blown up... never mind."
>SEGA: "And this "Shard" guy. A Metal Sonic? Because there's only one - -"
>IAN: "NOPE! He's a Mecha Sonic! Totally different. Yeeeeeeah..."
>SEGA: "Oh. Okay then. You don't have to cut him from the book."

Freaking SEGA
>> No. 216459

You should have probably specified that was something Ian posted, otherwise people will think you're crazy.
>> No. 216467
So Ian, does this mean you'll actually be keeping the current Metal Sonic around and using him as a character?
>> No. 216469
No offense meant, but Ian acts like they're a bit unreasonable when nearly every example we've ever been given makes sense and only needs to be treaded lightly around to appease everybody. There's probably been worse that they don't talk about, but yeah.
>> No. 216470
If it is, a link would be extremely helpful.

>Metal Sonic becomes a highly interesting character
>SEGA says fuck you
Why the fuck can't we just have nice things. Can't SEGA just take the royalty check and increased exposure of Sonic and be hands off unless it becomes tortoise porn or something? Hopefully Ian will be able to make the SU#50 Metal the "real" Metal... but probably not because Metal Sonic can't have personality. :/

Or are they afraid of the comic becoming far superior to the games in terms of plot? Because that happened a long time ago.

In fact, SEGA should let Ian write a Sonic game.
>> No. 216471
It was changed to appease people. At the same time, it IS slightly unreasonable for them to complain about things happening when they allowed it to happen in the past without batting an eye.
>> No. 216473
Metal Sonic wasn't stopped from becoming a highly interesting character though? SU50 is what redeemed him, and that was after dealing with Sega. Shard is what they don't want Metal Sonic to be, and that's the right decision. They want Metal Sonic to be Metal Sonic, the restrictions aren't that different from any other Sega character.
>> No. 216475

The conversation starts here http://bumbleking.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=356733#p356733

He also goes we don't even know half of the verbal gymnastics he's having to do after people brought up what this means for Captain Metal.
>> No. 216476
It's pretty pedantic on Sega's part in my opinion. Not only has their own games recycled Metal Sonics like trash cans, but Shard's main name wasn't even Metal Sonic, it was Shard, so there really couldn't be any brand confusion if that's what they're worried about.

I'm not sure I would say highly interesting character. More like he became a real threat again.

I'd reserve interesting for when then finally use him for a plot deeper than "hunt down X today".
>> No. 216477
File 137904279736.jpg - (387.46KB , 656x1024 , 238 original printing.jpg )

While his name wasn't Metal Sonic he was called A Metal Sonic in his first appearance. That might have been enough to turn a few heads at SEGA I guess, pretty sure every subsequent time he was called a Mecha Sonic.
>> No. 216479
They haven't recycled Metal Sonic like a trash can in the games, and they're fine with Shard as long as he's Mecha Sonic instead of Metal. They don't want Shard to be Metal Sonic. That's not so unreasonable.
>> No. 216480
I don't think the point is that Shard isn't "Metal Sonic" but that they don't want it implied that there are multiple "Metal Sonics." It doesn't have anything to do with Shard's personality.
>> No. 216482
No, it really is a silly thing for SEGA to get in a fuss over. When common-sense ends getting called reasonable ends too. But whatever, if they're satisfied with Mecha then their silly mandates boil down to three letters, nothing the readers have to care about.
>> No. 216486
It sounds like SEGA is trying to make everyone in the comic that is based on a game character to be as true to their game self as possible. If that's so, Metal Sonic can't have any personality. Also, I thought part of SU#50 was that Metal Sonic could still blow up, but it's consciousness would be transferred to the next one in line instead of a cold boot. Unless SEGA allows it to be blown up now and then, that is out, too.
>> No. 216487
Man, you guys really have never read anything by a licensor who really WAS unreasonable, have you?

Metal Sonic has a character and brand in the games. They want that to be reflected in the comics. As simple as that.
>> No. 216488
Is Sonic 4 canon?
>> No. 216489
How about we have Ken and Warren write a Sonic Universe Arc for good measure?

They've done a terrible job of that so far to want to do that now
>> No. 216490
>They've done a terrible job of that so far to want to do that now
Even if that were true, so what? That line of thinking is frankly ridiculous. "They did it wrong until now, they can't start doing it right!"

But it isn't true. There's ONE game where they altered Metal Sonic's persona- Heroes. Every single other appearance gives us a mute lethal robot that we're told is a big deal, even if he has a tendency to be destroyed by walls.

Metal Sonic is possibly the most coherent character of the games.
>> No. 216491
>They've done a terrible job of that so far to want to do that now
Even if that were true, so what? That line of thinking is frankly ridiculous. "They did it wrong until now, they can't start doing it right!"

But it isn't true. There's ONE game where they altered Metal Sonic's persona- Heroes. Every single other appearance gives us a mute lethal robot that we're told is a big deal, even if he has a tendency to be destroyed by walls.

Metal Sonic is possibly the most coherent character of the games.
>> No. 216493
Man, I don't know.

We need to think about the franchise we're talking about here.
This is the franchise where there's been mass robot confusion for decades. "This guy is Metal Sonic, this other guy is also a Metal Sonic, but he's called Mecha Sonic. Wasn't that guy in the comics who is just robotized Sonic Mecha Sonic? No, the S3K robot is Mecha Sonic. Wait, Silver Sonic is actually Mecha Sonic in Japan!"
This is the franchise where nobody can figure out if Knuckles is supposed to be Jamaican, Australian, or who cares.
This is the franchise where there are fans who will swear by a 20 year old cartoon being the best version of the franchise ever.
This is the franchise where people hate the antagonist's "new" design that's been around for over a decade.
This is the franchise where people refuse to call the antagonist "Eggman" to this very day.

While the comic is a limited pool, it's still possible to affect the community through it. If Shard remains relevant for years to come, it could be problematic calling him "a" Metal Sonic.

Metal is probably one of the most iconic characters Sega has in the franchise. He's understood despite not saying very many words. He's a robot that exists entirely to best Sonic and he holds a nasty grudge. Even his themes spell it out for you (VS, What I'm Made of, Never Let It Go). It doesn't preclude him from being able to be part of a comedic scene or to do things that aren't sinister, but he's defined in a very solid way. They portrayed him as speaking in one game, but ever since they've flipped him back to silence and only talking in text to try and preserve his "feel" as a character.

He's the definitive robot Sonic, the one and only that comes back again and again, not a new model or a freshened up paint job. In fact, the only time we've seen another iteration of him that wasn't a crazy transformation like a rocketship or a metal dragon monster was when a robot that was built in the future and very blatantly pushed as being another robot based upon him fought him in a spin off game.
He's one of the few robots in the series marked as just being himself. He's not a series and he doesn't have a ton of copies, Metal is just Metal. This is absolutely essential to Sega marketing him, which they've been very eager to do over the last few years. He becomes more valuable by being the one and only, THE Sonic Doppelganger, THE perpetual menace. If he becomes an easily replaced line of robots you can't sell him as well. What's the point of selling someone Metal Sonic DLC, for example? If there's just as many Metal Sonics as Eggman can make you may as well just sell customers Egg Pawn DLC.

Sega won't mind you using Metal Sonic parts to create a new character, or have the core of an old Sonic doppelganger robot inside a new Sonic robot. Those are as valid as time clones and ghosts in comic books. They're separate enough to not be a big deal. The problem comes from calling them "a" Metal Sonic when that is a definitive name for a definitive character. Sonic has enough semantic problems as it is (muh mobius) and Sega has a hard enough job telling people that Metal Sonic is just one robot. They don't need more issues down the road.
>> No. 216495
B u l l s h i t.

Metal Sonic constantly doesn't speak because Metal Sonic has practically exclusively appeared as an actual CHARACTER in games where NOBODY speaks.

This "definitive" personality you guys are talking about is based of the classic series (and Sonic 4), where he flip flops between being cheeky/sonic-like (through body language) or having as much personality as any other generic sub-boss.

In the modern games Metal Sonic was an bloody alternate costume for Sonic Adventures 1 & 2, didn't even get to be part of story mode in Rivals 1 and just didn't show up in most of the other games.

So from the modern series we can only draw Metal Sonic's personalty from three games. Sonic Heroes, Sonic Rivals 2 and, ugh, Sonic Free Riders.

In Heroes he's well.... you know how he is.
In Rivals 2 he can talk in typical robot speech, is obedient to Eggman and lacks a personality until the ending when he rips a Chaos emerald out of his chest destroying himself so Shadow can warp them out of Chaotic Inferno Zone.
In Free Riders Metal can't talk at all, and was undermining Eggman the whole time.

So much for him being a consistent character.

>He's not a series and he doesn't have a ton of copies,
Metal Sonic 3.0 cannot be written out of history

>This is absolutely essential to Sega marketing him
It didn't hurt Shadows popularity any when there were questions raised about if he was the real one or just one of thousands of androids Eggman created.
>> No. 216501
Speaking of SEGA shennanigans, I am really ready for them to stop relying on Sonic for like 90% of its games and IPs at this point. Remember the days of the Saturn and Dreamcast where Sonic was just one horse in the stable?
>> No. 216503
Are they allowed to make games without Sonic in them?
>> No. 216508
So when are previews for the covers of #256 and SU 59 coming out?

I can hardly wait to see them, what do you think the next universe arc is gonna be? Maybe it'll finally be that ending to Sonic Underground.
>> No. 216509

Earliest is today the usual is Saturday or Sunday, sometimes solicits can take an extra week though.


Since they ended up having a shortage of money a few years back they pretty much flat out said the only properties they're continuing are Sonic, Football Manager and Total War. So short of licensing their old stuff to someone else they probably ain't coming back any time soon sadly.
>> No. 216510
Are you saying you want a Conan-esque Golden Axe comic? Or Ian doing a Vectorman comic?

God I miss Skies of Arcadia.
>> No. 216511
I'd be all over those in a heartbeat. Hell, I'd pay SEGA to let me do something with Skies of Arcadia.
>> No. 216512
I would also add Shinobi, Phantasy Star, Ecco, House of the Dead and Altered Beast as comics I'd like.

So they aren't doing another Virtua Fighter.
>> No. 216513
Metal Sonic 3.0 wasn't Eggman's. There's only one Metal Sonic. Hell, why do you think in Sonic 4 they go out of their way to have Eggman revive the robot instead of just building another one? Because they want to build him up as the legitimate rival and enforcer, instead of a mass line of robots. He's in Free Riders, Generations, Sonic 4... they've been pushing him hard lately, so it's only natural they'd be more interested in how he's portrayed in the comics. And they're pretty much right in how that portrayal should be.

Sega's still making other games, they're just focusing on Sonic more than the others because of financial troubles. He's one of the core franchises, and the one who reliably makes the biggest bank. They're not going to stop making Sonic games.
>> No. 216514
Oh, it was made by Nega Eggman, BIG difference!!

Haha, except it was still called Metal Sonic 3.0 and still made by an Eggman. Do you think the average fan even understands the difference?

In any possible way 3.0 proves this mandate dumb, not that the audience even would care if there were other Metal Sonics around (this whole conversation reminds me of Yoshi), Shard is a small time rule breaker in comparison.
>> No. 216516
>Metal Sonic has practically exclusively appeared as an actual CHARACTER in games where NOBODY speaks.
>Various spin offs
>Adventure 2 multiplayer

Heroes was his first big breakout moment in a 3D Sonic. He had a voice there. He has never vocalized since. That's not a coincidence.

>This "definitive" personality you guys are talking about is based of the classic series (and Sonic 4), where he flip flops between being cheeky/sonic-like (through body language) or having as much personality as any other generic sub-boss.
And this continues in all games and merchandising sans Heroes.
See a pattern yet?

>In Rivals 2 he can talk in typical robot speech
The dialogue early on actually indicates everything that isn't spoken by Eggman is displayed as text. It doesn't explain how, so we could assume it's a hologram or something, but that's not the point. Notice again that he never vocalizes.

>So much for him being a consistent character.
You mean about him being the cold, ruthless quiet guy who will do anything to defeat Sonic? Because the only actual contradiction there is, once again, Heroes, where he talks a lot. He's willing to betray his master if it means defeating Sonic, but aside from that he's loyal and sterile. It's pretty consistent. More consistent than Shadow, Amy, or Knuckles, anyway.

>Metal Sonic 3.0 cannot be written out of history
Did you skip
>the only time we've seen another iteration of him that wasn't a crazy transformation like a rocketship or a metal dragon monster was when a robot that was built in the future and very blatantly pushed as being another robot based upon him fought him in a spin off game
or were you just unable to understand the reference? 3.0 is explicitly NOT Metal in any way, he's a new model based on him from the far future and was only featured in one game before being dumped.

>It didn't hurt Shadows popularity any when there were questions raised about if he was the real one or just one of thousands of androids Eggman created.
It was a very unpopular development and led to one of the most hated games in the franchise. You're also confusing intentionally introducing a "AM I REAL" plot point where there are a bunch of fake versions of a character with creating multiple versions of the same character that are actually legitimate.
>> No. 216517
I'd love to see more of SEGA's properties brought back into the fold, even if it's just some sort of SEGA version of ShiftyLook for the time being.

As for Metal Sonic, you guys are leaving out the Mario & Sonic games. Yeah, you can argue whether or not they're canon, but that's not really the point; it's about how he's portrayed there as a part of the "message" he conveys as an IP in the franchise.

This is just my interpretation, but Metal Sonic there seemed singular. He seemed like Eggman's pet project, rather than a drone, at least to me.
>> No. 216522
If they can tell the difference between Nega and Eggman, they can tell the difference between 3.0 and Metal Sonic. 3.0 is just Nega's version of a Metal Sonic, but he's not one of a mass produced line of Eggman-brand Metals.
>> No. 216523
Actually Nintendo did go to Sega orginially for Sonic in brawl. Sega rejected them but later changed their mind at the last minute which result in brawl's delay.

At least according to the history of sonic book by udon.
>> No. 216524
With the costs of making games today it'll be a long time before sega is in a position to make good games that aren't sonic. Plus they've let go a lot of their top talents over the years.

But there is always camoes in spin offs.
>> No. 216525

I could really go for a Sumo-made SEGA version of Super Smash Bros.
>> No. 216527
>all the developers are sumos
>> No. 216528
Vectorman isn't fully owned by sega. It's why the ps2 reboot failed. Also why he wasn't in the first sega and sonic racing
>> No. 216529
Wasn't there a fourth IP? I thought they had cut it down to four, not three.

>licensing their old stuff
>imagining Monolith Soft (Xenoblade Chronicles, Xenosaga, Baiten Katos) making a game set in the Skies of Arcadia universe
>Pirate map on the Wii U Gamepad
>Ship-to-Ship battles have ship diagrams on the Gamepad
>Major Solo fights with optional WiiMote Plus support
>with Ian writing an adaptation or even the game itself
I... uh... uh... I... I'll be in my bunk...

Come to think of it, Skies of Arcadia and Xenoblade Chronicles could easily be in the same universe...

>the most hated games in the franchise
I actually hate Heroes more than I hate Shadow.

>make good games that aren't sonic
Hell, they're still having trouble making good games that are Sonic, but at least they've been seriously improving over the last few entries...
>> No. 216531
>Wasn't there a fourth IP? I thought they had cut it down to four, not three.
There's a new Phantasy Star game being made by tri-Ace, so that might be what you're thinking of. I'm not sure if that means Sega licensed it to them or sold it to them though.
>> No. 216532

Thanks Gearbox.
>> No. 216533
I always thought SEGA's IPs would work really well together. A lot of them can potentially take place in the same city (Streets of Rage, Jet Set Radio, Comix Zone - at least where Sketch lives, Crazy Taxi, OutRun, Afterburner and G.U.N. can mesh the same military entity), Sonic's Islands can be off coast near where Ecco's pod originates, Skies of Arcadia, Panzer Dragoon and Golden Axe can be the whole "Another Time/Another Place" deals. Vectorman is off in the future, no reason that can't fit. Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone, ToJam and Earl can all be different planets within the same galaxy (Special Stages in Sonic can be portals to the Fantasy Zone).

All you gotta do is call it the City of Ages and you're done.
>> No. 216535
I'm still surprised that SEGA hasn't tried to make a SEGA Smash Brothers. A lot of their properties don't lend themselves to a prominent character like Nintendo's do, but there's still a lot of potential in there.
>> No. 216536

Well, they're throwing them all together for racing and tennis, so...
>> No. 216538
A lot of those of conflicting tones.


It'd work better than the bald scowls guy marathon the Sony smash was
>> No. 216540
Oh god Panzer Dragoon its been forever. The first games I had for the PC was a Dragoon game and Virtua Fighter Remix.
>> No. 216547
I don't care for the Wii U as it is (and I was a big Wii fan), but I still think the Gamepad has untold potential when it comes to RPGs, especially if they can stop being braindead and get the functionality for a second one working (four would be better, but I doubt the Wii U could handle that). Plus, Monolith Soft seems to be mostly focused on Nintendo now, and Skies of Arcadia got a nice port to the Gamecube, so it seems like a good home.
>> No. 216548
Blah blah blah more sega-apologists crap valiantly defending every stupid move the company makes despite all reason. It's worthless arguing with you guys you'll rationalize anything.
>> No. 216552
File 137913822929.jpg - (95.97KB , 944x712 , wheredoyouthinkweare.jpg )

Did...did anyone say something like? Who are you talking to?

Where do you think we are?
>> No. 216553
i'm talking about sega could mandate sonic only talk out of his butthole and some of you would call is sane and reasonable
>> No. 216554
Team Dark Arc YES
>> No. 216556
Hey Ian, if your not slammed could you write a little something set in whatever sega game you'd like to write for?
>> No. 216558
Wait, I thought the Dark Comet was destroyed by the ARC cannon in the game universe, does this mean the Xorda still happened in this timeline?

Is this connected to the CDtC Arc?
>> No. 216559
>Metal Sonic 3.0 cannot be written out of history

Have you not read 252? Anything can be written out of history.

Captain Metal, like the Egg o War, is an abberation of the new timeline
>> No. 216560
Sonic 256 and Universe 59 solictations, not posting covers since this thread will be dead soon and they'd make a good OP image, http://bumbleking.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=7042&view=unread#unread

Sonic 256

Sonic The Hedgehog #256 Regular Cover Comic Book is an Urban Collector pre-order. It's the dramatic conclusion to the epic 'Countdown to Chaos' saga! In Part Four, it's a race against time as the countdown reaches its thrilling end! Metal Sonic is out to kill Sally and the Death Egg II has launched-things are not going well for our true blue hero! Can he and Tails get to the Aquatic Ruins Zone in time to save the day? And what horrifying discovery awaits Dr. Eggman? You definitely won't want to miss this earth-shattering climax of the storyline that shook the Sonic comic books to the core! Featuring the final adjoining cover in the series from artist Ben Bates, and a special 'end of the world' variant cover from Tracy Yardley!

Universe 59
Sonic Universe #59 Regular Cover Comic Book is an Urban Collector pre-order. Brand New Story Arc! Jump aboard the action as we begin the 'Shadow Fall' saga! Team Dark is sent into the deep, dark depths of space to stop the approach of the Black Comet! It hasn't even been fifty years! The Black Comet is home to an evil, violent race of aliens known as The Black Arms, but the Black Arms were defeated months ago - so who are these new alien invaders inhabiting the comet sent to consume the earth? And what sinister new villain awaits Shadow in its depths? You cannot miss this gritty, alien-blasting new storyline with art from Jamal Peppers, and cover art from Tracy Yardley! Plus a killer Shadow variant cover from T. Rex!
>> No. 216562
>I have no argument so everyone who disagrees with me is an apologist.

This is why we can't have nice things.
>> No. 216568
I forgot how dumb the Black Arms looked. Looking GREAT OTHERWISE.
>> No. 216569
>GUN soldiers wielding real weapons

When did this happen?
>> No. 216570
That's pretty much always been their thing. Their mechs are shitty, and they have more realistic guns and vehicles. They still fire yellow pellet things, but they're the "normal" army trying to keep up with the crazy world.
>> No. 216575
Am I the only one bothered that the four-issue arcs start on an odd number now?

And I haven't my SU or MM for this month yet. Q_Q Of course, I live in Boulder, and our city has been underwater for a few days, so that likely plays in...
>> No. 216579
...now? First arc started on #1, second on #5, third on #9...
>> No. 216582

Perhaps he meant doesn't start on a number that is 1 higher than a number divisible by 4. Which is a really petty thing to complain about.

Mega Man 33 Solicitation is out as well now,

The critically acclaimed Mega Man series continues with the dramatic, action-packed epilogue to the 'Blackout: The Curse of Ra Moon' storyline in, 'Unplugged'! The battle against the sinister alien being known as Ra Moon has ended, and Mega Man's final fate remains in doubt! With major repairs looming, and Rock's future as a super fighting robot in question, Dr. Light must work to restore our hero to his former glory. This may be a job that even Dr. Light can't handle, but at least he's got some help from his trusty pal Dr. Wily. Wait! Why on earth is the evil scientist helping to save the Blue Bomber? And how far will Dr. Wily go to remain free? Featuring cover art from Brent McCarthy and a special variant cover from Mega Man artist supreme Patrick 'SPAZ' Spaziante!
>> No. 216584
>does this mean the Xorda still happened in this timeline?

No, since these new alien invaders are the reason for their absence. Plus their clock was pushed back so its another retcon.

What I want to know is why the workaround of the Black Arms?
>> No. 216585

Because Shadow the Hedgehog already happened Ian said as much here http://bumbleking.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=357271#p357271

"Concerning the solicits: these fell under the rare occurrence where things weren't 100% nailed down before the solicits were sent in. Diamond Distributors wants the solicits way in advance. So somewhere along the way, I guess some signals got crossed.

So just a few clarifying points:
- no Aquatic Ruin Zone (the rest is on target)
- "Shadow the Hedgehog" has happened. A lot has already happened.
- The Last Story is the single most solidly canon aspect of the game, and that's what I'm working off of. I would very much like to go back and tell the comic's version of the game. There's a lot I want to get back to.
- No Black Doom
- Yes, Black Arms
- Yes, it's a Black Comet

As for the rest, I leave it to your wild speculation."
>> No. 216586
>Yes, Black Arms
>Yes, it's a Black Comet

So revenge is the name of the game? I suppose nothing says they couldn't make another Black Comet.
>> No. 216589
Well, it has to be A black comet, since the original one is dust.
>> No. 216593
Yes, that's what I meant. And yes, it is quite petty.
>> No. 216632
File 137929086977.jpg - (55.94KB , 300x461 , sonic256variant.jpg )
Hey guys did you know Sonic Unleashed's Japanese name was Sonic World Adventure?

Why am I bringing that up? Well here's Sonic 256's variant cover.
>> No. 216641
>Sonic Colors Happened
>the game that came out before it hasn't

Well there goes the easy way of assessing what happened and what hadn't happened.
>> No. 216642
Or maybe this is just another game-sequel, like Shadow Fall.
>> No. 216652
So this is going to be a thing?
Sonic and Tails fought the Tails doll before
now they're going to remember Sonic Unleashed as well?
>> No. 216654

Probably will keep being a thing until the new world is more straightened out.
>> No. 216657
We. Don't. Know. There are lots of possibilities. Calm your tits.
>> No. 216659
New thread >>216658
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